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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Blond

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: Morocco
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Paraben-Free, Organic, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Tree Oil, Glycerin, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

This is my HG toner. after introducing it in my skincare routine, I started noticing how my skin became softer and how the other products became more effective (I stopped using toners for more than a year after my skin reacting badly to almost every toner I've tried). The only con I find is that it's a little pricey (although it's absolutely worth it), so make sure to buy it included in sets instead of buying it alone.

This is a great moisturiser with people with dry sensitive skin since it has a great ingredient list. despite being a cream it doesn't leave a greasy residue and absorbs quite quickly, it also helps getting rid of dry patches during winter (I sometimes use a thicker layer on my dry patches and leave it for 10-15 min and then wash is off with lukewarm water)

For a more in depth review check my blogpost:

I really love this product. I have used the clean it zero one before which I like as well but this one is waay better since it tends to remove my makeup better than the banila co one (I had to massage for about a minute to remove some stubborn liptints, but a few seconds only to take off the other makeup products I used), it has a great natural smell (no added fragrance) and has a great ingredient list. 

For a more in depth review:

This palette is awesome for people who like natural makeup, are new to contouring and don't wanna end p with chocolate bars across their cheeks since this palette isn't as pigmented as urban decay or other western brands' contouring palettes, but is is enough to sculpt your face and gives it the right amount of shades and highlights. The tri-color contouring/shading has one grayish brown color and two warmer shades (but still, they aren't orangey) which makes it perfect to mix to get the right shade for you. the highlighter isn't gritty at all which makes it perfect for everyday look. The three powders are easily blendable and the brush that comes with it is pretty decent and you can actually use it if you are travelling instead of bringing an extra brush.

for swatches and a full in depth review, visit my blog:

I love how it glides smoothly on the lips and adds a little of moisture instead of drying them out, I also like how pigmented it is, so a little goes a long way. The only thing that I don't like about it is that it isn't transfer proof, and it fades in the center of the lips after eating a fatty dish. but over all, I love it and would absolutely buy more shades of it.

For a full review, check my blog:

Disclaimer: This product was kindly sent to me by Amabié for reviewing purposes. Opinions expressed here are 100% honest.


Description and claims:

- Strong water-proof  
- No transferring color.
- Vivid colors
- 12 hours lasting
- Fashionable colors 
- High moisturizing natural oils keep lips wet inside.


Volume: 3.6g

Packaging: The packaging is really cute but it isn't practical. the applicator needs to be longer, it's really short and makes the application harder.

Fragrance: It has a sweet candy-like smell

Texture: It's sooooo smooth it feels as if you are applying butter on your lips, but after few seconds it dries out which is a really good thing imo. So if you wanna blend it out (for gradient lips for example) you need to be really quick. Also, it doesn't dry out your lips nor does it emphasize dry patches.

Color: I got Warm Peach, and it's a gorgeous vibrant pink peach color that makes your face look brighter. it's a personal favorite (It's close enough to the color in the hand swatch)

Pigmentation: It is really pigmented, one layer is highly enough, but if you wanna layer it, you better be quick about it otherwise you'll end up taking the product off once it's dry instead of layering it. also, don't smack your lips together before it dries otherwise you won't have an even application and it would dry out weirdly

Finish: it dries out into a velvety smooth finish (it kinda looks chalky sometimes if the application is messy or uneven). One thing I need to point out, make sure to spread it out with the tip of your fingers since the applicator doesn't apply the products evenly and once it's dry it leaves traces and applicator strikes, which isn't really pretty.

Long lasting ability: Once it's dry, it doesn't budge or smudge, it's kiss-proof  it can last up to 8 hours if you don't eat nor drink anything, but after eating fatty food, it fades in the center (mainly the bottom lip in my case) but doesn't crack like other liquid lipsticks do. You can also find tiny pinkish flakes in your teeth if you have that bad habit of licking your lips. When you drink water, make sure not to touch your lips since it kinda dissolves the product and it becomes easy to smudge and transfer (so it might transfer to your cup etc)

Would I repurchase it? I don't really know. maybe if they make the applicator longer and the application more even so I won't have to stain my fingers in the process.

Packaging: the packaging is gorgeous, it was the reason I wanted to get it to be honest.

Scent: typical bb cream scent, fades seconds after application

undertone: yellow

Shades: comes only in two shades: V201 and V203, the V203 is lighter than the average 23 shade we know, so pay attention if you have a dark skin tone (I'm somewhere between NC15 and NC20, and it was little dark for me, but not as dark as the other 23.. I couldn't take it on camera)

Finish: Matte finish, which is rarely found in korean cushions ( I'm not a huge fan of dewy finish so I absolutely loved this one). even though it has a matte finish it was somewhat moisturizing and didn't dry my dehydrated skin out, but if you have a dry skin with dry patches you might need to exfoliate your skin before applying this since it clings to them (it does,'t emphasize them like some other cushions I've tried but.. you get my point)

Coverage: it has a medium coverage that can be built up to kinda full coverage. it might cake up thought if you have extremely dry skin with lots of flaky patches

lasting power: (NB that I have a dehydrated skin and I tend to touch my face a lot) it lasted for about 7-8 hours before starting to disappear, and by the 9th hours, most of it was already gone

oil control: I tested it on my sister's face (she has an oily skin) and it did a decent job controlling oil for about 5 hours and a half before the oil finally won the battle (as always). it doesn't transfert when you blot.

bottom line: it's a decent cc cushion with a gorgeous packaging. it's not the best one I've tried but it's nice nonetheless.

for a more indepth review (with more pics and all that jazz, and of course more reviews) check my blog: . any feedback is highly appreciated ♥

this is what I call a holy grail.

After using it, my skin feels smooth and soft, and since I keep it in the fridge, it cools and refreshes my skin.

I use it on my whole body as a moisturizer, face and eye mask, sunburn treatment, after shaving gel and hair mask.

It can be used in different ways, for example:

- As a face mask: apply a thick layer on your face and leave it for 15min and then wash it off, if you have enough time leave it until it's fully absorbed. It soothes the skin, reduce the redness and the inflamed acne.

- As an eye mask: apply a think layer on your eyes and leave it for 15 min and then wash it off. It soothes tired eyes, reduce the redness and puffiness. 

- After shaving gel: right after shaving/waxing to soothe the skin and reduce the redness, and prevent the ingrown hair, and heals the inflamed ones, it also speeds up wounds healing.

- Sunburn treatment: apply it on the skin to soothe and refresh the skin. Can also be used on superficial burns caused by the oven ...

- Hair mask: after washing and drying your hair, use it as a mask to strenghten and moisturize your hair. It also prevents hair loss, refines the curls and destroy the excessive dead cells in the scalp.

- Body moisturizer / lotion: use it on your whole body after the shower, or after a tiring day outside in the hot weather to cool down your skin and refresh it.

and there are many more ways to use it. suit yourself :P

when I first opened this cleanser, the first thing that I fell in love with was the scent, It might be too artificial for you are ur skin might be sensitive to fragrances but it absolutely was a plus for me.


as for the actual product, this cleanser does a great job washing off the impurities as claimed, without stripping the skin from its natural moisture nor making it feel squeaky clean. it also claims that it washes off the makeup, but it didn't stay true to its claims since it left some makeup residues on my skin after using it, but it doesn't  really bother me since I use a cleansing oil to remove my makeup.


for a more in depth review, check my blog here:


This serum is a bit thicker and stickier than the other serums, and takes a longer time to be absorbed, but still, my skin absolutely loved it. my skin becomes really crazy during spring and gets easily irritated, but this serum helped equilibrating it, calmed it down and sped up my pimples' healing process.

for a more in depth review, check my blog post here:


When I first applied it, I expected it to be a little harsh or rough on my skin but it surprisingly wasn't wasn't, that's why I sometimes use it without adding water or toner (whenever I wanna feeeel the scrubbing xD). The sugar granules make a good job exfoliating the skin without irritating it, and promoting the blood circulation.

I let it on my face for about 15min and I noticed that it melted a little bit. After washing it off, my skin felt really smooth and radiant, without that useless tight or dry feeling. I like it.

Although putting them on my eyes felt really good and refreshing, there was no magic effects. My dark circles are still dark, a little bit lighter but still there (I wasn't expecting too much actually so I wasn't disappointed), so if you are looking for something that erases your dark circles instantly (which is almost impossible) this product isn't made for you.

In the other hand, those patches made the skin around my eyes really smooth and healthy looking, and somehow relieved my itchy eyes, so I liked it.

After trying many products of the I'm real line, I was in love with that line and had really high expectations about it but, I was disappointed.

This toner is somehow hydrating and my skin felt radiant after the first usage, but before I could enjoy it more, It broke my out and my skin became all red... I think I'm allergic to something in it (most likely alcohol.. but not really sure)

if you aren't sensitive to any of the ingredients though, this toner might be really good for you. (check the full ingredient list and a more in depth review here :

 I left my lips without moisture nor exfoliation for more than 10 hours, to show you how bad their condition is (due to the bad weather and my fever), and after applying the lipbalm, my lips were clearly moisturised (as u can see in the pictures) , and after 3 days of regular usage, my lips became considerably healthier.

the only down side to it is that you should stick your fingers inside (I stick my lips since they aren't that big, and rotate the lipbalm to the right then left once, and I'm done xD) which isn't hygienic.

This cream feels so lightweight even though it is so rich. It does a good job moisturising my skin without feeling too greasy. It is refreshing and soothing and is absorbed quickly into the skin.

The skin around my eyebrows became so dry and patchy during winter (which is really annoying), and this cream was like my savior! 

another good thing about this moisturiser is that it helps speeding up the healing process of pimples, which is always a plus.

I've been using this bb cream for over 5 years now and I still love it, in fact, it is still one of my fav bb creams. it has a semi matte finish, doesn't dry my skin out nor make it overly oily after hours of having it on. another thing I like about it is that it's available in many shades, which would be a plus for darker people (i personally use 21 and 13). The only thing I don't really like about it is that grayish tone to it when you first apply it, but fortunately after less than an hour it oxidizes to fit your skin tone. for more reviews, check my blog:

when I was applying it, I felt some areas of my skin stinging, and I was like omg no I'm gonna end up with a red puffy face once I wash it off, but I somehow ended up convincing myself to keep it on since what's done is done right? and that I would probably find a helpful product among the million ones I already have, and I'm glad I kept it. My face feels reaaaaaaaaaaaaally soft and clean, looks less tired and somehow more radiant, and most of all, my teeeeeny tiiny blackheads that refuse to leave my nose are finally gone (well there are 3 or 4 stubborn ones left but most of them are gone), my barely visible pores are tighter as well. for more, check my blog :

I bought this bb cream after hesitating for ages and now I regret not buying it earlier. unlike many other bb creams on the market, this one is water based (and my skin needs extra hydration), when I first knew that it has a matte finish I was afraid it would dry my skin up and would look awful on my dehydrated skin but I was totally wrong, it slides easily on the skin and gives an awesome look without overly accentuating dry patches. For a more in depth review, check my blog here : or my IG post here:

When I bought this bb cream, I was really Excited to try it. it has a nice scent and texture, and the N02 shade suits my skin tone perfectly, but once I applied it, I was utterly disappointed. It is extremely patchy, accentuates dry patches I didn't even know I had and sits in my fine lines and barely noticeable pores to make them more obvious.. Check either my blog ( or my IG post ( for a more detailed review.



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