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My last review for the products Amabie kindly sent to me!


This was an oil cleanser and I typically love Japanese oil cleansers. However this was too thick for me. I didn't like how it felt while I tried taking my makeup off. It becomes thicker and harder to massage over my skin. And it takes some effort to rinse off.


In terms of how it works, I think it does take makeup off well. But my face feels very dry afterwards.


My mom on the other hand is LOVING this! She started sneakily using this and one day caved and told me it's been cleaning her makeup off super well.

I was given this product for review thanks to Amabie!

I'm no stranger to the EXO lip balms, I have Sehun's. So when Amabie sent over another one I was pretty happy! I received the Xiumin lip balm which is in a pink shade and is the cherry one. It smells so good! It's nothing overwhelming but very subtle. 

Honestly, this was a bit too pink for my liking. BUT that's because I don't typically wear or like pink lip products. However I think anyone who likes pink shades would enjoy this. It's a very subtle pink, especially if you only use 1 coat. The color doesn't get too much darker if you add my coats. But it will change a few shades darker, slightly.

In terms of moisture, I would say those who have extremely chapped lips should not depend on this product alone. I didn't feel like this helped my chapped lips (same with my Sehun one).

Thanks again Amabie for sending me this!

Naruko has seriously become one of my favorite skincare brands! Today's Naruko review is their snail mask.

I'm not the biggest snail fan. Snail creams, snail masks, snail cleansers. I've had mixed results with snail products and generally am hesitant to venture into the snail realm. But I was recommended this mask for my acne and acne scars, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

MASK FIT: I had to rip the eyes (which seems to be a common issue I have with Taiwanese masks) and mouth areas. The mask doesn't adhere as well as other masks, which I think is a result of the essence. I kept feeling the part on my forehead moving slowly down and kept having to pull it up.

SCENT: Smells like baby powder/oil and fabric softner! It's not overwhelming and I found it very calming.

ESSENCE: This essence is a bit tacky and stringy. When I took the mask out of the package, you could see strands of the essence being pulled from the package! Due to its tacky and slimy nature, it made the mask slide down my face.

TIME: This mask is one I'd say to actually keep on for the recommended amount of time. After 20 minutes the mask becomes uncomfortable and I noticed that I actually had to apply some essence from the package onto my forehead and chin. So I'd say keep it on at max. 20 mins.

RESULTS: I'd say this gets a thumbs up. Usually if my skin doesn't like snail, it'll immediately start to itch. But my face was loving this mask. I liked how hydrating this mask was, which was shocking to me! I'll update how my skin feels and looks in the morning :)


Update - Happy to say that I didn't have any negative reactions to this mask! And some of my blemishes were definitely calmed down! Definitely a thumbs up :)

This was my 1st Lovermore mask and what a great introduction to the brand! This mask was incredible! The mask comes completely saturated in essence and is in between 2 plastic coverings. I accidentally kept the blue part on and realized once I took the mask off that I could take it off!

MASK FIT: This mask fit wasn't amazing around the eyes and mouth. I had to tear the eye part to make it bigger. I also had to do that with the mouth area and fold a lot of the mask. I did like how well this mask adhered to my face! No slipping and moving with this mask!

SCENT: This mask smells AMAZING! Like freshly baked cookies that just came out of the oven. YUMMMMMMM!

ESSENCE: I was a bit bummed that there wasn't much essence leftover in the package. But that's nothing too major since the mask is saturated in essence.

TIME: This mask lasted me about 30 minutes before signs of drying appeared.

RESULTS: My face felt so smooth after using this mask! I've had some really bad attacks of blemishes the last few days and this mask didn't irritate any of them and was gentle enough on them. Just like the package says, my skin looked healthier and livelier  :)

I definitely plan on buying a box of these. Maybe 5!

This morning I decided to try this Aritaum bamboo mask. The description on the package claims that the mask is a "Hydrating bamboo mask that soothes and moisturizes dry skin". My skin has been on the dry side with the changing of seasons so this mask seemed great.

I think I set my standards for Aritaum masks high because of their mugwort mask. And that's probably why I was left unimpressed with this bamboo one.

Don't get me wrong, the mask was good. But it  stayed at that. There wasn't anything too amazing for me. It showed signs of dryness after 15 minutes around the cheekbones. And there wasn't much essence leftover compared to some of their other masks.

My face looked okay and I didn't have any negative reactions to it . I've tried other more hydrating masks before, so I probably won't repurchase this mask again. 

I am becoming a big AM Piggy Head mask fan. This mask was amazing. There is still not much information on this brand or their masks, and the only site that seems to have any information on the mask is Beautibi. And the masks do not provide much English on the package.

Beautibi states that this mask "firmly locks in moisture with hyaluronic acid, keeping skin soft and supple. Lavender extract soothes skin, chamomile extract repairs the skin and aids in conditioning and strengthening skin carrier. Marine collagen increase firmness in skin and helps to increase elasticity while tightening pores" (Beautibi website).

This mask doesn't have any strong scent. It does smell like some mixtures of teas, but it's a very calming scent, which is probably a result of the chamomile and lavender ingredients! The mask fit is really good as well, thanks to the slits on the mask. I'm a fan of these slits because you can really get a good fit from the mask and don't have to fold over parts of the mask, and it avoids a lot of buckling too! The mask itself is also really comfortable and soft! Because the mask is saturated in essence (it's always dripping when I remove it from the package), I'm able to keep it on for 30+ minutes! Oh, and there is an amazing amount of essence leftover. My photo doesn't do it justice!

I found that this mask does everything it claims to do. First, my skin is always let feeling extremely soft and looks softer after use. Second, my skin is always soothed! I'm currently battling some harsh hormonal acne and this mask helped calm them down and didn't irritate any of them. Third, my pores do look tighter whenever I use this. It makes me want to try this mask before applying makeup to see how it covers my pores then.

I would definitely recommend this mask to anyone with sensitive skin!

In my quest to try out Cosrx products, a few people commented that I should try the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch. I was definitely skeptical of these patches. They claim to heal acne and blemishes while also preventing future breakouts. It just sounded to good to be true. But, to my surprise, they actually worked! 
Each pack comes with 24 patches that vary in size. On a clean and dry face, place one patch over your blemish or trouble spot. Then after 8-12 hours, you can replace it.

Before I praise this product, I just want to say one thing. For me, this product didn't work on cystic acne. I had 1 and thought that the patch would help calm it down or reduce in size. However, I saw no difference. So just wanted to state that before I continued.

Now to the praise! I absolutely love these patches. Because I'm purging, I'm getting a lot of breakouts on my forehead and chin. And I've been using these on the blemishes I think are the worst. This patch has helped so much! I'll put one over my blemish (typically one I've "picked" at) and in the morning the patch would have a white dot on it, meaning it basically sucked all the crap out if my blemish. And my blemish would heal nicely with no scar left afterwards!

This patch is great for those who have a tendency to "pick" at their blemishes. Just make sure that you put it on clean and dry skin! It won't work if there are products on the blemish. 
I think by the time I finish this set I'll consider it a holy grail product!

Recently my lips have become really chapped and no amount of chapstick has helped. So when my mom's good friend came back from Korea and gave this to us I was beyond excited.

I absolutely LOVE this product. At first glance, it looks small. It really is. However I have a feeling it's going to take me a while to finish! The first time I used this I wasn't aware of how easily it spread so I used what I thought to be a small amount. Yea, it was WAY too much. A little, and I mean a little, goes A LONG WAY!

I definitely recommend using this right before you sleep. This product is sticky and if you decide to snack or drink with this on it could all around your mouth or on cups.

Result wise I'm really happy! This mask claims to leave you lips smooth and supple, and my lips definitely felt that way! After a few days of using it, my lips aren't cracking. I'm able to put lip products on without my lips chipping away at the poor product. I definitely think this is worth a try if you suffer from chapped lips. Actually I would just recommend it to everyone!

My only complaint is the smell. Before I even removed the safety cover I could smell the mask. It has that cherry medicine smell. That super thick, sugary, medicinal smell. And it's just not pleasant.  Thankfully it goes away once you apply it to your lips.

I haven't delved into exfoliators as much as I have with other skincare products. I've always been hesitant because of how sensitive my skin is. But since my mom had received 2 of the Neogen Bio Peels, I've been slowly using them. Today's review will be on the Lemon Bio Peel.

The Bio Peel "promotes visibly clearer, smoother & brighter skin" as well as making it more luminous. I mean, that right there is every description of how I want my skin to be! There are 30 exfoliating pads which are saturated with ingredients such as Niacinamide, Lemon, Lemongrass, Orange, Mulberry and Papaya Extracts. The pads are 2 sided, one being rougher (the gauze) and the other being softer. I typically use the gauze side for about 3-4 minutes and switch to the softer side for a minute. I repeat this 1-2 more times (try to get the most out of it). And once I'm done, I rinse my face with lukewarm water.

I definitely see why the Bio Peel is raved about on Sokoglam! I was a little skeptical at first, but this product definitely delivered! It gave me such great results and only after 4 uses. The pad is super gentle but still provides such a satisfying exfoliating experience. My skin always feels softer and smoother after I use it, especially on the sides of my nose and cheeks. The product hasn't irritated my skin either, which for me is the biggest plus! I can also use it over my blemishes without having them flare up. And the product smells amazing, like lemons were freshly squeezed into the jar! I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone! I feel like all skin type could benefit from it.

Seeing how much I loved this product, I definitely would be open to try other Neogen products!

This mask was a star. I was actually nervous about this mask since Syn-ake is a bit strong for my skin (I've had negative reactions from other Syn-ake products) and the goal of the mask seems better suited for older skin. But after reading the description, they included ingredients that are good for sensitive skin such as centella! The mask comes in 2 pieces, top and bottom. The top part fit amazingly. The bottom piece, not so much. It would not lay flat on my face and kept buckling. But the worst part about it was that it was constantly slipping. I had to lay down to avoid it from moving around but even then the part above my lips would always end up on top of it. But pushing that aside, the mask was really good! I did experience some small tingling around my eyes, which I assume is because the skin is thinner there. The tingling wasn't uncomfortable or anything but it was present. I kept the mask on for about 30 minutes. When I took it off my skin looked brighter! And I was happy to see that the mask didn't aggravate any of my blemishes and it did not cause me any negative reactions! I think this mask is definitely worth trying! It makes me curious about the others in the line!

This mask was a toss up for me. The mask itself was really good! The mask fit was really good and it was comfortable. There was no slipping or moving of the mask once it was on my face. There was leftover essence in the package. And my skin looked and felt amazing after I took the mask off! My face looked brighter! I'm not sure if it did much on the "anti-shine" aspect since I used this at night with other products. OH, and I had no negative reactions to this mask! The one, and biggest, reason why I'm iffy on this mask is the smell. The smell of the mask was pretty strong. I'm not one who is sensitive towards smells but this one got to me. The 1st time I used it, I was able to make it through 40 minutes without the smell bothering me too much. When I tried using it a 2nd time, I was just so overwhelmed that I put the mask back into the package, put it in a ziplock, and put it in my mom's bathroom. I'm not even sure how to explain the scent. I wouldn't recommend this mask to anyone who is sensitive to scents. However, if you can handle strong scents then definitely give this mask a shot because like I said, the mask itself was really effective!

My holy grail mask and my go-to mask! Before purchasing my 1st mugwort mask, I had no clue what kind of benefits it had. Having done some googling, I found that it is high in Vitamin E and is great for inflammation. And in all honesty, during my 1st trip to Aritaum I kind of just grabbed 1 of each of their Fresh Power Essence masks. I never expected to love this one as much as I did, and still do. I typically reach for this mask when I'm not looking for any specific "goal" or am too tired to sit and sift through my masks to find one. I think this is a great "go-to" mask because it's not heavy, leaves my skin feeling and looking amazing, is extremely soothing, and does not irritate my skin or my blemishes! And at the store it's only $1.50! There is leftover essence that I'll put over the mask for an even more saturated mask or wait until the next morning to use. When I'm asked why I like the mask (further), I can't ever fully describe why I like it. It's pretty odd since I'm able to talk about other masks pretty easily. But there is just something about this mask that just works really well with me. And I have no plans of ever abandoning it! Every time I'm at Aritaum I pick up more even though I know I have plenty at home! I would totally recommend this mask to anyone who has sensitive skin, blemishes, or anyone who is looking for a new mask to try! ACTUALLY I'd just recommend this mask to everyone because that's how great it is!

This was the first mask I had tried from Botanic Farm and it was also my first cherry blossom mask. The mask description includes a lot of attractive words such as hydration, nourishes, reduce skin irritation, calming, and restoring. However this mask fell very short and was nothing more than average.

Let me start by saying that the mask did have a few positive points:

1. Leftover essence

2. No strong scent

3. Didn't irritate my skin

That's about it for the positive side. This mask only lasted me for 15 minutes, the bare minimum amount of time! I know masks say 10 - 20 minutes or give estimates, but most masks usually stay wet with essence for far longer than the given time. But this mask was basically dry by the 20 minute mark. And my skin looked no different than it did prior to using the mask. I was really expecting it to do some of the things it promised but my skin just looked oily from the essence.

The mask retails for $2.20 which I think is too expensive for the quality of it. I've tried $1 masks that are far better than this.

I would not recommend this to anyone and would rather steer them to their (Botanic Farm) hydro gel masks which I'll review soon!


1. Soft: I love how soft the actual mask sheet is! Is that a common characteristic of Taiwanese masks? Cause the AM Piggy Head masks were super soft as well!

2. Fit: This mask fit my face pretty well! The mask has multiple slits in it which helps it fit your face better. But I did have to tear the eyes a little since they were a tad too small. And this mask adhered very well!

3. Essence: The mask is completely saturated with essence and has at least a palmful leftover! There was enough essence in the mask that it lasted me about 35 minutes before any dryness started to occur.

4. Scent: I'm not sure what edelweiss smells like, but this mask scent reminds me of lavender and baby powder! It's a really soothing smell and could easily put you to sleep! It may be a little strong for those who are sensitive to smells though.

5. Results: Glowing, brighter, and soothed skin! No sticky feeling afterwards either, so all those who prefer non-sticky results, this may be a good mask for you to try!

6. No Negative Reaction!

No dislikes here!
I've actually been testing this alongside the bitter melon mask and I prefer this mask over the bitter melon one!


(I actually gave this mask 4.5 hearts, but there are no half points on Amabie so I had to give it 4)

There isn't too much information on this mask but I remember Yin Yin telling me this mask was good for people with sensitive skin. I was able to find on Beautibi that this mask is good for soothing skin, skin repair, evening skin tone, and good for those with oily skin. Having said that, I'm just going to list what I liked and disliked about this mask


1. Tons of Essence: This mask was literally dripping with essence. When I took this mask out essence dripped onto my floor! Talk about saturated! There was a lot of essence left inside the package as well. I was able to use half to completely drench my mask and applied the rest after I took the mask off.

2. Mask Fit/Adhesion: I love that this mask has many slits. I find that masks with slits fit better on my face. And I don't have as many bumps and wrinkles in the mask. It also stayed on my face really well! No budging even when I was laughing and munching on gummies.

3. Mask Texture: Super thin and felt like a 2nd skin. It was a really comfortable mask!

4. No Strong Scent: I don't even think there was a scent to this mask. And if there was then it was really subtle.

5. Good Results: My skin was GLOWING and looked radiant! I was skeptical of it the 1st time, but when I saw the same results the 2nd time I knew this was going to be a keeper! 
6. No Negative Reaction: That is always a plus in my book!

I only have 2 small complaints about this mask. The first that the plastic sometimes gets stuck so it's easy to accidentally tear the mask. And second the eye area is really pretty small for me and the essence sometimes gets into my eye. But this is an easy fix and I just make a few tears in the mask to fold up.

Other than those small complaints, this mask is great and definitely set the bar high for me on Taiwanese masks!

I am reviewing just the sample size of this product!

Product Details: "Offers 10 services to your deserving skin. It brightens complexion, fights wrinkles, boosts elasticity, absorbs into skin quickly, improves skin tone, smooths out texture, hydrates, softens, nourishes, and protects"

I think Botanic Farm products work really well with my skin because this was another hit product for me! I've been using this for about a week and a half and already love it!

I found that for me, this product works best with cotton pads. I use about 5 to 6 drops on a cotton pad and swipe it all over my face.

This essence is gentle enough for my sensitive skin and hasn't irritated any of my blemishes! It's also working great alongside my trusty Iope Bio Intensive Essence!

The product description makes a big claim with 10 outcomes for those who use it. But, it really does pull through with them! I've already noticed many of these in less than 2 weeks! Especially softens/smoother texture, improvement of skin tone, and brightened complexion.

Soften/Smoother Texture: If only I could let you all touch my face cause it's definitely softer! I'm not at that baby butt soft level, but my face is actually beginning to feel like a peach (even with my blemishes)!

Skin Tone: I also feel like this has helped improve some of my newer acne scars! My recent attack of hormonal acne left me a lot of scars on my cheek. After using this first essence daily, I noticed that some of those scars have gotten significantly better and has made my overall skin tone a lot more even!

Brighter Complexion: I didn't think it was possible to achieve brighter skin since I started using the Iope Bio Intensive Essence. But this bumped the brightness of my skin another notch! I see the most difference around my cheek bones and forehead.

If I'm already seeing positive results with the sample, I'm curious how my face would look like after using the full size!


My first review on my Instagram was this Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Cream. I didn't actually talk about the product so I decided to an updated review since I'm always asked why I love this cream so much.

Initially I was only interested in this product because EXO was endorsing it. I mean, if it weren't for them I probably would have stepped fully into the Korean skincare game!

The Super Aqua Max cream comes in 3 types: Oily (blue), Combination (green), and Dry (pink). Having used the oily and combination creams, I can say that I prefer the combination cream.

One of the main ingredients in this product is untouched Hawaiian Kona deep seawater! NR claims that this ingredient is clean and full of deep sea ingredients. That's probably why it provides so much hydration/moisture! I wouldn't necessarily call this a "cream" in the traditional sense. The texture is more like a cross between a gel and a cream (not as thick as a cream). It's a very lightweight product that absorbs very well into the skin, however I do still prefer to use this at night. I find that it doesn't mesh well with my makeup (it may vary for everyone since we all don't use the same makeup!). Every time I use this cream (which is every night for over a year), my skin feels hydrated, smooth, and bouncy! I have extremely sensitive skin and this product has never given me a negative reaction or caused me to break out. I also like how easily this product spreads across my face. Most of the time I used about a nickel size amount. But on days that my skin is on the dry side, I'll use about a quarter size amount.

I know many people are sensitive to smells and strong fragrances, but this product you don't need to worry about. The scent is a very calming, non overwhelming one. It smells very clean and fresh!

ALSO the jar is GORGEOUS! The cap of the jar is like a water drop and the jar itself is ombre. As you use the product, the ombre becomes more noticeable. I find it difficult to throw out when I'm finished because I feel like it's too pretty to be "trash". 

This is the 1 product that I ALWAYS recommend to people. I've gotten my mom, grandma, best friend, multiple other friends, their parents, and followers hooked on this cream! It's definitely a holy grail product and I don't think I'll ever find anything that tops it (I'm on my 6th jar and still going strong!)!!

I bought this at Forever 21 because I was curious about It's Skin masks. It was $2 which isn't bad since you're not having to pay for shipping! However I can't really say much about this mask unfortunately. It was pretty lackluster. There wasn't anything outstanding about this mask or anything that made me feel motivated to give it a positive review. My face looked no different than it did before the mask.

Don't get me wrong it isn't a bad mask. But it also isn't the best I've tried.

I don't see myself recommending this mask to anyone.

Product Detail:
"Calming sheet mask that provides moisture and nutrients to sensitive, irritated skin... Madecassoside ingredients and centella extracts provide skin-calming effect and vitality"

I think i just found my new favorite mask. I have so much to say so I'm just going to start!

1. Packaging: I loved how simple the packaging was! For some reason it reminded me of American Apparel.

2. Adhered AMAZINGLY: This mask was like a 2nd skin! Even when I talked or smiled, the mask didn't budge and I didn't have to reshape it like other ones.

3. Fit: Hands down the best fitting mask I've ever used! I didn't have a single buckle or fold! It was cool cause the mask allows you to manipulate it to fit your face.

4. Essence: I rarely point out mask essences, but I really liked this mask"s essence. It smelled really nice (calming, not overwhelming at all), it was thin but still felt very hydrating, and there was a lot of it leftover in the package!

5. Results: Just like the mask states, this mask was super calming and soothing to my skin. I've been recovering from some hormonal acne and this mask really helped with some of the irritation I've been having. My face looks and feels a lot smoother!

6. No Reaction: This mask did not irritate my skin and did not cause me to break out!

Nothing bad to say here~

You all know how I love the Aritaum Mugwort masks. Those are my HG everyday masks. And this masks is now going to be added to that list. Yes, this is a HOLY GRAIL mask!

Side note - seeing how this mask was amazing for my skin, I really wanted to try the Cicaherb Restore serum and cream. But unfortunately I can't find them for sale anywhere 😭 the webshop doesn't sell it to the US and the US website doesn't sell the line.

This is actually my first time purchasing and using a Holika Holika product. I had seen various posts and reviews on their Pig Nose products. So when I saw these nose strips at Zion Market I knew I needed to try them!

Unfortunately, I was disappointed in these nose strips. The 1st time I used it, I had some issues putting it on and got the top a little wet. Unlike other strips that still work when damp, this nose strip no longer worked. It was small amount of water too! So the corner of it was ultimately out of commission. I made sure not to get the top wet after that but this strip just didn't need to work well/stick on my skin.

The results weren't good either. I only saw  about 3-4 sebaceous filaments pulled out with every use. I mean, my nose has plenty that can be pulled out! Again, these strips didn't seem to stick onto my skin as well as others that I've tried.

I'm being very generous with my score because it did pull out something. However I do not plan on purchasing these again and probably won't finish the rest of the strips.

I never knew how amazing my hair could feel until I switched to the Ryo Hair Strengthener shampoo! I've always used American shampoo and never thought that they were doing anything wrong to my hair. But my hair was always frizzy and looked dry, regardless of what brand I used. However after I made the switch, WOW! WOW! WOW! My hair looked completely different and new. Frizz? NOPE! My hair hasn't been nearly as frizzy as before. Now, my hair falls so nicely! My waves are more prominent than before! And it also doesn't look damaged anymore! The change in my hair was immediately after the 1st use. Even my mom uses it and saw a difference in her hair! 

However, I must warn everyone that this shampoo has a very strong scent. It's very medicinal smelling. At first it can be overwhelming and potentially a turn off. However, I noticed that every time I used it I got more and more used to the scent. Now I don't even notice it! But even if it did bother me, I wouldn't stop using it because my hair has never looked and felt better!

The shampoo can be pricey depending on where you buy it. This one runs for $15. But the Aritaum store sells a box for $35 that includes 3 large shampoos and 1 small rinse. I was able to switch out one of the shampoos for a large rinse instead! It's a really good deal!


This ampoule contains 50% Proplis extraxt and 20% multi vitamins! All the ingredients are listed on the Glow Recipe website, and they're pretty impressive (witch hazel extract and rose extract caught my attention). The ampoule promises to "revitalize skin, helping to even tone, smooth texture and improve dullness". The description is everything I need right now.

What I liked:
1. No strong smell
2. The product itself it thin which allows for easier application. It's easy to spread and you don't need to use too much.
3.. Helped brighten and smooth the areas I used it in! I was actually pretty surprised by how well and quick this worked!
4. The dropper! I'm a fan of droppers because they're more sanitary.

What I disliked:
1. It is small for the price

This sleeping pack promises to "produce constant moisture and nutrients" as well as "make your skin lively the next day". Now straight to what I loved!

1. I love the smell of the sleeping pack! It has that distinct Super Aqua Max smell that's very comforting and soothing to me.

2. I love how thin the product is. Because I normally layer on other skincare products before this, having a thinner sleeping pack is actually really nice. It doesn't weigh you down or feel thick and heavy on your skin. It feels like it further locks in all the previous products  I used.

3. I love how my face feels afterwards. Although I use this alongside other products, it adds that extra moisture and hydration. There definitely is a difference between when I use this (2-3 times a week) and when I don't.

4. There is so much product! I use about a nickel to quarter size amount and that's PLENTY to spread evenly around my face. And because you don't need to use a lot, this will last for a while!

No negative things to say here! Another amazing product from Nature Republic!

 the 3 steps includes one strip to help open your pores, the actual pore strip, and a nose patch to "close" your pores back up (I can't think of a better word than close). You keep the 1st step on for 15-20 minutes, the 2nd strip for 10-15 minutes, and the patch for however long you'd like.

I'll admit, I didn't have high hopes for this because the normal Holika Holiks pig nose strips didn't work for me (I have a review written for it but never posted it. Let me know if you want me to post it). But I'm happy tl say that I only have positive things to say about this 3 step kit!

All the steps worked, and that right now is incredible. I've noticed that whenever there are multiple steps or multiple products, there's always 1 that is less than perfect or unsatisfactory. However, all 3 steps were amazing. The first step had a slight burning sensation, but maybe that was to help open my pores? It wasn't an irritating burning though and didn't cause me to react negatively either. The 2nd step seemed to be the regular Pig Nose sticker, but this time it actually pulled a decent amount of sebaceous filaments out of my nose! The 3rd step was kind of messy and a little confusing to me. It came with 3 sheets. I didn't realize that the only one needed was the one in the middle and actually used the patch and the part on top of it 😅 but hey, still got the job done! The patch is pretty slimey and kind of feels like a slug. But it felt really nice after the 2 steps, and I kept it on for almost an hour!

This morning my nose looks peachy and a lot happier! So I definitely would buy these again. I have a 3 step kit from The Face Shop that I'll be trying soon as well. It'll be interesting to see how they compare to this Holika Holika one.

PRODUCT: Nature Republic Polynesia Lagoon Water Hydro Skin 
Today I bring you the NR Hydro Skin (the name is too long for me to want to type out again) review. I wasn't able to find a description of the product besides the fact that it is a toner. So I'll just be talking about the things I like and disliked about this product.

1. The smell! The Polynesia Lagoon Water line smells divine. Every product from this line smells amazing, like citrus with some floral undertones. It's a very tropical smelling product, which is to be expected with a name like Polynesia Lagoon Water!

2. It's lightweight! Because this product absorbs quickly into the skin, I find myself using it more during the day before I apply my sunscreen. It's been great during the hot days here in San Diego!

3. It spreads easily! Yet another product that doesn't require a lot to spread evenly! I just need about a nickel size to cover my face evenly.

4. I haven't had any breakouts from this and that's always a huge plus in my book!

1. Toner? I wouldn't really consider this a toner. I feel like it's slightly thicker than a toner (or what I believe to be a toner). Yes my dislike is super simple. But I feel like using toner is a bit misleading.

2. I haven't really seen any results that are mind blowing.

3. It has alcohol. Now this isn't too big of an issue for me, but I know there are some people who are sensitive to it. So rather than a dislike, maybe this is more of a warning for others.

I'm pretty happy with the Hydro Skin! I feel like the more I use it, the more I'll like it too 😁 this was pretty short but I wanted to give you all a review since I haven't done one in a while. I promise to bring you even more thorough reviews in the future!

SIZE: 180 ml
PRICE: I can't remember exactly how much I paid but I know it was around $14
WHERE TO PURCHASE: Hallyumart (~$15)

PRODUCT: Holika Holika Tomato Firming Juicy Mask Sheet

I was actually planning on using this sheet mask for a versus but I fell in LOVE with it and felt that I needed to talk about it. This is the 1st Holika Holika mask that I've tried so I was a bit nervous, as I am with all new masks.

When I took the mask out, the 1st thing I noticed was fragrance. The scent was strong but thankfully as time went on it started to smell oddly like jelly (a mix of cherry and grape jelly, please someone tell me they thought the same....😅). The mask fit was amazing and horrible. It was great from my nose up and was a mess from below my nose. But I was able to fold the mask neatly and didn't have any embedded lines when I took it off. I kept the mask on for about 25 and was pretty impressed that certain parts of the mask (chin, jaw, forehead) were still very moist with essence!

I didn't notice too much after I took the mask off but when I woke up this morning my face looked amazing! Although the mask focuses on firming, I felt like it did better brightening up my skin. That doesn't mean it didn't firm my skin, it just wasn't as apparent as the brightening. And, the most important part, I had no reaction to this mask! It didn't irritate any of my blemishes and it didn't give me any new bumps.

Thanks to skinnandtonic, I may have another mask to add to my list of favorites. I have a few more tomato masks to use, but best believe I'm going to be buying some more of these Holika Holika ones!

SIZE: 20ml
PRICE: I received this from skinnandtonic (thank you again!)
WHERE TO PURCHASE: Beauteque ($2), Chocchocusa ($2), Koreadepart (5 for $4.50)

PRODUCT: I'm Sorry For My Skin Revitalizing Mask

I had high expectations for this mask since everyone on IG has complimented it and loved it. And let me tell you, THE HYPE IS REAL!


1. The essence/gel: LOVED IT! The essence/gel was so nice and soothing. And there was so much of it! This mask was extremely saturated and still had a good palmful of essence/gel leftover.

2. Mask fit: Besides the areas by my mouth, ths mask fit my face very well. This may be due to the gel, but in areas where masks usually buckle or lift up, this mask actually clung on!

3. Time: I got sidetracked by youtube (Monsta X of course) and accidently kept the mask on for a hour! But to my surprise the mask was still wet with essence/gel. The only areas that were slightly dry was under my nose and the tip of my nose.

4. Results: AMAZING! My face felt so soft this morning and surprisingly some of my redder blemishes have calmed down. My face feels a bit firmer as well, which is always nice. And I didn't have any negative reactions from it!


1. Shifting: I felt like the mask shifted around my face a bit. Not too much, but I probably wouldn't walk around or do anything with this mask on.


1. Scent: For me the scent of this mask was strong. But, I think I paid more attention to it because I had a headache all day. I'll see how the smell is when I review the rest!

PRODUCT: Mamonde Anti-Trouble Toner

My holy grail toner for years was Clinique's 3 Step Clarifying Lotion. But I wanted to make the transition to Korean toners which resulted in trying a few mediocre toners that never stood out to me (I may have been blinded by a few thinking I liked them, but came to the realization I didn't). When I went to Aritaum I picked this up on a whim, having never tried the brand before or knowing how their products work for my skin.

This toner contains ingredients such as Salicylic acid ("exfoliates thick dead skin cells and creates smooth skin") and teatree ("soothes rough skin...takes care of skin troubles"), which has become a serious favorite and necessity in my routine. What a turn around from a few months ago, right?

And I'm happy to announce that this is my new favorite toner! I use this everyday, at night and sometimes in the morning as well. I've been applying this with a cotton pad but I think it would work just as well with my hands. The scent isn't overpowering or overwhelming. It does have that tea tree smell but it's very calming and relaxing!

I feel like this toner works really well with my skin and doesn't strip my face of all moisture and still leaves my face feeling clean. It doesn't irritate my blemishes and it hasn't given me any new ones. At times, I feel like it also has helped calm a few smaller blemishes.

I definitely plan on repurchasing this once I run out, probably before that actually. I'll probably be addicted to this for a while!

SIZE: 200ml
PRICE: I purchased this for ~$16
WHERE TO PURCHASE: Amazon (~$22), Koreadepart ($12), Jolse ($17)

PRODUCT: Nature Republic Tea Tree Real Fresh Nature Mask

I've been really into tea tree products and have been on a quest to try as many as possible. So during my last trip to Nature Republic I made sure to buy 1 of these. The mask description drew me in, stating "soothes the uneven, blemished skin tone, while the soft mask sheet smooths and softens the skin as it closely adheres.


The mask was extremely saturated in essence! I was actually shocked by how much essence was in the package. When I opened it, some even spilled out onto my hand. After taking the mask out, I had at least a palm full of essence left. Because of how saturated the mask was, I was able to keep it on for over 45 mins (I got distracted by my phone and was recovering from a hour + Just Dance session 😅). Considering how wet the mask was after, I could've easily kept it on for longer!


I was pretty happy with the mask fit. One thing this mask did well was adhere to my face. Once it was on, it was ON. No slipping, no pulling. Compared to the blueberry one, this fit my face a lot better and only required me to fold it over in 2 areas.


Now I'm not one who dislikes a sticky after feeling from masks. But this mask was a bit too much, even for me. Usually I layer my skincare products after masks, but this one was so thick/sticky that I opted just for my NR Super Aqua Max Cream.


But having said that, my face felt amazing the next morning! I kid you not, the mask stayed true to the description! My face looked a lot smoother than the night before. A few of my smaller, red blemishes, had reduced in redness. And to my surprise, it actually helped a few of my dry spots, bringing moisture to them! However I'm not sure if it's the effect of the ingredients or just how thick the essence was. But either way, I'll take it!


I've now tried 2 masks from this line, 1 that wasn't my favorite and this one that I really enjoyed. I would repurchase this mask, and wouldn't oppose to trying other masks from this line. There are a few I'm curious about and may pick them up on my next trip!


SIZE: 30ml

PRICE: I purchased this at NR for $3

WHERE TO PURCHASE: Nature Republic Online Store ($3)

PRODUCT: Welcos Jeju Natural Volcanic Mask 

You know the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? Well I found the pot of gold at Marshalls, of all places, in the form of face masks. Along with a few others, I bought this box of Welcos masks, a brand I had never heard of, had never seen, and had never tried.


I had no expectations for this mask and to be honest, was only drawn in by the price (10 masks for $6 is a steal)! However, to my surprise, I fell in love with it! Yes, love. I love this mask!



1. For all those sensitive to scents, this mask may be a good one to try. Although there is a scent to it, as with most masks, it's by no means overwhelming. It actually smells like a clay pack!


2. This mask stays moist for quite a while. I've kept it on, the 3 times, for about 35-45 minutes.


3. I actually really enjoyed the lack of stickiness from this mask. I'm not gonna lie, I like feeling sticky after using a mask (anyone else out there?). But this mask is far from that. Instead, the essence absorbs into the skin very well and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. It actually feels as if you just applied a thicker toner or serum!


4. I really appreciate attention to small details which is why I like the actual mask. There are various slits on the mask to get the best fit for everyone and it makes applying the mask easier! And it also adhered to my face really well!



1. Half point reduction comes from the eye flaps on the mask. I'm just not a fan of eye flaps



I did reduce half a point because I didn't really see any amazing, mind blowing results. However it did good job soothing my blemishes (NOT get rid of them). Now you may be wondering "you didn't see amazing results? Then why are you giving a good score?". Well, to put it simply, I just loved it. It kind of just clicked well with my skin! As mentioned earlier, I had no expectations for this Welco mask but was really impressed. It may be a stretch to say this, but I think this will be a good "go-to" mask for me.


SIZE: 20 ml

PRICE: I purchased this in a box of 10 for $6

WHERE TO PURCHASE: Marshalls ($6), unfortunately I can't find any online at the moment

PRODUCT: Iope Bio Intensive Essence

No introduction because I have a lot to say! So straight to the review!

This essence is a lightweight, watery consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin (about 10ish seconds). It comes with special cotton pads which Iope suggests you use. Initially I used them and really liked them. But with the consistency of the essence, I prefer pouring the product in my hands and patting it on. I've seen similar results using both methods, so might as well use the less waste worthy way! The product also suggests using 3ml of the essence, which is marked on the bottle, but I feel like that's too much. I just pour what I think is enough to get my face covered and then some. And for all my sensitive noses, this has NO scent! It just smells like water, so you're good to go!

Now this essence promises brighter and smoother skin thanks to their developed Bio-Redox which is "a mixture of anti-oxidant bio-enzymes". The essence contains 93.7% Bio-Redox that "quickly re-conditions and revitalizes skin for brighter skin full of vitality". That's all promised in as little as 3 day. A stretch? Nope, not at all! When I was using the sample I noticed results almost immediately. Having used the trial and full size everyday, I definitely feel like my skin is brighter. I've tried a few brightening products that have had temporary results, very surface level. However this product I feel is changing my skin, deep deep deep.

The texture of my face is also a lot smoother. Again, I'm noticing this as a long term effect! That smoothness is even with my blemishes! It isn't clearing my face of blemishes (the product claims to eventually do so), but my blemishes and the skin around them is not as rough. And product hasn't irritated my skin/blemishes at any time! It's gentle and yet, really effective!


FINAL THOUGHTS 🍑 This essence has become a staple in my skincare routine and I can't go a day without it! That is why I am deeming this a holy grail product! And, I may even put it at the same level as my HG #1 NR Super Aqua Max Watery Cream!


SIZE: 168ml

PRICE: I purchased this for $50

WHERE TO PURCHASE: Aritaum (~$65), Yesstyle (~$65)



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