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Greasiness is like a violation in cosmetics, this toner brightens my skin and not oily at all, gives me a freshness when I put on makeup. 

The smell is very natural and refreshing, it's lightweight and great for people with oily hair. 

The cute design makes people want ot purchase, it's very easy to carry around when you're out. Very effective too, especially during winter. 

It's very important to have a puff cleanser. Buy a cleanser for your puffs, it's better for your skin.

I recommend this product for people who likes lighter makeup, this bottle can do all the work, very moisturizing. So worthed.

This is Chanel's another compact foundation, it contains SPF, give people with sensitive an extra choice, one bottle two effects!

Chanel's foundation is pretty famous, the color is very natural. It's expensive but worthed, you would love it. 

I seldom use bronzers but this one is great, great to contour some areas, if you are looking for a lighter makeup style, this is it. 

This texture is thicker than other regular primer, its good and affordable. Great to use on party events. 

This is the second bronzer I recommend, great for people with dark skin so you won't have dull look anymore. 

Now more and more people are starting to brush their brows, and there are more brands and products. I personally recommend this one, the color is more natural and does not wear off easily. 

This primer is better for people with oily skin, it's moisturizing and lightweight, a great choice to use and protect your skin. 

I bought this as a gift for my my gf, she loved it, then I bought another 2-3 bottles, if you're a dude with long hair this is good too.

This lipbalm I bought is very useful and smells great. It also doesn't taste weird. Great for people with sensitive skin. 



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