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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Blond

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  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Ingredient Preference: Paraben-Free
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For some reason I thought this Annie's Way Arbutin and Hyaluronic Acid mask was a sheet mask. Imagine my surprise when I opened it to find a pouch of clear liquid. I had to double check the packaging with the adorable Korean nun on it to confirm yes, this is a jelly mask. Slow on the uptake, I proceeded with vigour as I had never tried the brand nor a jelly mask before: EXCITING. In addition to brightening, this mask aims to moisturise, minimise fine lines, and purify your pores.
You apply this generously to your face leaving a thick layer of the jelly on it to sit for about 10 minutes. You then scrape it off and rinse with water. Most of the mask had dried by the scraping phrase so I think I didn't put enough on. When I rinsed with water it re-jellified the jelly so I ended up scrubbing it off like a regularly mask. Total failure? Nope, it brightened my complexion a bit immediately and then I woke up with even brighter skin. Success!
I still had plenty of jelly left in the pouch so I think you could get about 3 or more applications out of one package. While it doesn't brighten my complexion as much as My Scheming masks, I still think it's a great product that leaves skin happy.
This mask was sent to me by Amabie in exchange for an honest review.

I bought this compact on a whim with a generous gift card and I am so glad I did now. Even though it comes in two shades, I wouldn't use it to hide blemishes as it's quite translucent. Its true power is for oily t zone touch ups. It also has a very light scent which makes you feel like a delicate lady when you powder your nose. Plus, when you pull the cute compact out of your purse you'll have all your friends gagging on the cuteness and coveting your powder compact, which is an added bonus. As with many powders, it's not equipped for long-time wear and will lose it's coverage over time - otherwise it's perfect!

This line of products had me in love upon the first application. Like the serum, the emulsion helps mattify my face after applying layers of products that normally leave me with a shiny face. It smells so good: like fresh peaches, when you apply it but the smell disappears soon afterwards so you don't smell like a big peach all day. I also feel like this emulsion, in combination with the serum, has contributed to clearing up my skin. This has quickly made itself an essential feature in my daytime routine for my combo skin that gets oily in the t zone. I've been using it in the winter and in combination with a cream afterwards, it hasn't dried out my face. I only wish they had a sunscreen in this line!

This product does just what it says it will do so I can't fault it.  When I need to physically exfoliate and want to KNOW that the product is really scraping those dead skin cells off, I reach for this. You can feel the sugar crystals but they don't hurt when you rub them against your face.  With that said, I usually give my face a good spray with thermal water (you can also use toner) before I apply this to help get it to spread since it's so thick.  Like really thick. You could open this up and hold it upside down and nothing will fall out. This stuff is really great for dry weather when you notice dry flaky skin on your cheeks and nose.

I can't fault this toner. It's a ph balancer so I use it before applying actives or vitamin c serum. It's not harsh on my skin and I find the spray bottle feature really really handy!

I got this tint in a subscription box but was surprised by how much I like it. I have the red which comes out as a berry red on my lips. Somehow it makes my very thin lips look bigger, which I like. It is very watery so I'll usually apply a few layers until I get the desired effect. It also doesn't taste bad if you get any in your mouth! Since it stains, it lasts longer than lipstick but not as long as the berrisom tints but manages to hold up well while eating but not necessarily drinking.

I think these lip tints are great! I've got pale Irish skin and red lipstick tends to look best on me so I was wary about colour choices. I got virgin red and, to try something different, coral. The red works the best as it's quite dark. The coral on my lips comes out like a faint purply pink. I know a lot of people hate the taste of these but I don't mind them - the coral actually has a peach flavour if you manage to get some in your mouth. I put a thick layer on and keep my mouth open while I wait for it to dry - you can't use these in a rush. Once I think it's dry I'll open my mouth wide and if the colour starts peeling, I will peel the rest off with my fingers.  My favourite aspect of these lip peels is that the colour stays on all day, and throughout eating and drinking. What I don't like is there doesn't seem to be that much product in the tube so I think they will run out quickly.

This essence is fantastic! I've used tea tree oil and have an emulsion with it as well but they don't clear up my skin as well as this essence. It both clears up acne and prevents new breakouts. I noticed results almost immediately so it is now HG status. The essence is thin and clear and soaks in quickly. The jar is designed with a squeegee to wipe extra essence off the dropper so you won't waste any. I use about three drops to cover my whole face. I can't recommend this product enough!

First of all, this smells so good you'll want to eat it. However, I know some people don't want to smell like strawberry shortcake for the 10 minutes that they wear this mask so I could not recommend it for them. After I wash this mask off my skin is so soft and is significantly less red and blotchy. I like wearing it while eating my breakfast as part of my quick AM routine because then I can slap on some sunscreen and go if I am in a rush.

This is my favourite sleeping pack, I can't fault it. It keeps my skin so moisturised with only a small layer as the last part of my skincare routine. When I wake up my skin is baby soft.  It has no discernible scent and is a very light cream. It has never irritated my skin, caused breakouts, or left me oily.

I use this primarily as a setting powder so I am nice and matte after applying my make-up. I'll also use it by itself to control shine and sebum and it works for hours.  I love the light minty scent it has and it feels so nice when you apply it on your skin.

I got many samples of this when shopping at Holika Holika and as soon as they run out I will buy more as they are great! I love the smell of these - it's hard to describe, a clean, dessert soap scent possibly. I also like that you can seen what peels off and it doesn't hurt or get red and irritated afterwards.

This isn't my number one snail product but I think it's a great thing to have on hand and is great for people just getting started with Asian beauty products. While it helps some people with acne or fading pigmentation I find it the most useful with 'recovering' or healing open wounds. My skin is so much less irritated when I apply this gel after shaving particularly in the bikini area. I've also found that it works well as an occlusive for me - my skin seems to soak in oils better when I apply this gel over it.

Unlike most sleeping packs, I would not recommend this product for keeping your skin moisturised overnight. There are much better sleeping packs out there for that purpose.  However, where this product excels for me is in whitening/brightening.  I have slight rosacea which makes my cheeks and nose blotchy and when I apply this at night I will wake up looking significantly less red and blotchy.  After applying a moisturising cream or emulsion I will spread it over my whole face or sometimes just the blotchy parts of it and *boom* a more even-toned face in the morning.

When my skin is looking problematic or I need the reassurance of some gentle exfoliation I grab this toner. The smell bothers some people as it's stronger than more AB products, but for me, it smells like grapefruit which just reminds me of citric astringents goodness. It feels a bit sticky when you first apply it but after some gentle taps this feeling goes away. I don't think you could use this as a replacement for a full-on AHA like what CosRx puts out, but if you were looking for something less intense, that you could swiftly follow with another product (rather than wait 20 minutes) this would be a good option.

While this definitely moisturises I wouldn't recommend it. The packing is super cute and gimmicky (who doesn't love some bubble tea) but it makes the product difficult to use.  You use the long spoon to get some of the balls at the bottom of the cup and then you're supposed to pop them and mix them with the cream.  Getting them out of the bottom gets the spoon all greasy with the rest of the cream and it generally makes a big mess. There is nothing exceptional about the cream although it does keep your face moisturised. 

I got a sample of this cleanser and really liked it so bought a full sized tube. First of all, a little goes a long way so I think it will probably last forever. There is a light but not overwhelming clean citrus scent and you can feel just a little bit of grit in the cream which helps to gently exfoliate.  My face feels clean and not stripped when I use it, and it's not drying on my combo skin, however I would probably be cautious if you have dry skin as I feel like it doesn't help retain moisture like other cleansers.



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