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Everytime I wear heavy makeup this is my go to makeup remover, it's mild but cleanses perfectly at the same time. 

This is great to clear my acnes. I apply on my face for 10-15minutes then wash it off, the acnes will start popping out, then use a nose strip to pull out all the acnes. 

Burtsbees' products are all very natural, this lipbalm has a light honey scent and very nourishing, it doesn't have any chemical smell. 

This mask comes in two pieces, it's full of snail essence and smooths out my skin. It's really cheap if you buy it during discount. 

This towelette is so convenient, I would bring this with me when I'm travelling or have a special event, it's light and cleanse really fast. 

This mask has it's special texture which make it stick on my face, it's really thin and clear so all the essence can soak into my skin. 

TT‘s facemask is so good! Members from the PPT forum also recommended this brand. The mask is so full of essence, you can also apply the extract on other parts of your body, so worth it.

This face wash is great, it's cheap for this huge amount. It does not irritate my skin and the bubble are really thick, I have really clean face after using this. 

I dyed and permed my hair so it's very damaged, that's why I have to use the kind of shampoo for my condition, this shampoo does make my hair smooth but there's nothing special about it, pretty normal. 

This is like hot oil shampoo, lathers easily , it nourishes and sooths my hair. Recommend everyone to use! 

The shampoo lathers up pretty easily, Pantene's products are all great. My hair became smooth and doesn't knot easily.

This is a great product, after a long term use my skin got whitened. But it has an alcohol smell and it's quite expensive, students can't afford it. 

Hada-Labo always gave me a great impression, I think it's one the most worthy product in the drugstore. This toner is really great, just need to apply a little and pat it on my face, it soaks in really fast, and tightens my skin. 

What I like about this is I can just apply it and go to bed, it gives me moisturized skin the next morning. It's also great to use during summer. 

I got one sheet in an event, my skin became very moisturized and soft after using it. No wonder this brand is so popular, worth it! 

I think Beauty Diary's face mask are all the same, nothing great, use it from time to time. I don't really expect any amazing effect, the good thing about this is that it's really cheap.  

I use to have the blue bottle in the picture which has whitening effect, the white bottle is a moisturizer. They both are really good, Hada-Labo's lotions are great, I like it. 

This is a great product, I would apply this before bed when my skin condition is not well and the next day it'll get better. It helps with my acnes and swelling, even though it's abit expensive, this is still a great product!  

I apply a thick layer before bed to have moisturizing lips the next day, I think it's too oily for daily use but perfect to use at night.

It's very cheap in Japan. The texture and the smell is different than other lip balms, it has a oil scent. It contains oilve oil thats why it's very nourishing.

I read about this product in the internet then decided to purchase it, it's very good, doesn't leave residue on my skin. Very refreshing to use during summer. 

Great product and it's cheap too! I bought this for only 75NT during discount. If you're not dealing with heavy makeup this is pretty good. 

Gatsby has all kinds of wax products, this is the only one I bought but I gave it to someone else. It's too sticky for me, makes my hair into a big lump, hard to do styling.

I have curly hair, so my hair is really frizzy and messy when I wake up in the morning. I would apply some hair oil to make it smoother. But don't put too much or you will have oily hair for the whole day.

Pantene's hair masque is cheap and useful, I usually apply the masque when my hair is badly damaged. My hair ends became better. 

It's quite good, my hair looks full and fluffy. It's better to use during summer, my hair doesn't get oily for the whole day. 



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