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  • Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino/Carribean
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Brown

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  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: Brazil
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Oil-Free, Paraben-Free, Peptides, Sulfate Free, Organic, Retinoid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Mineral, Vegan, Tree Oil, Glycerin, Aloe, Gluten-Free
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

I enjoyed using this mask which was sent to me by Amabie. After using the mask, my skin is very purified and more clear. I recommend it. I will give 4 stars because it has sulfate, it could be better without the sulfate. ;)

I WISH I COULD HAVE MORE!!! That's so far the best sheet mask I've ever used. It's very good because all the masks I've tried before didn't stay on my face (because I have beard and it's hard for a sheet mask to stay). But this mask has 2 pairs of hole that can be lifted to the ears, so it doesn't fall!!!


It has a lot of essence left. :) Smells good and does a great job!

A very good mask. Unfortunately I've received a 35mL sample... I really enjoyed it! Makes the skin slightly more hydrated and helps to heal pimples. 

I recommend it. :)

It's a good face scrub for sensitive skin. Very gentle and cheap. :)

It's an amazing treatment for acne and blemishes. It has a gel-cream consistency and absorbs 100%. It hydrates the skin and helps to control the oil. It has whitening proprieties because it has two kinds of BHA plus niacinamide. I highly recommend it for combination to oily skin.

Effaclar Mat was one of my first moisturizers*. It has a gel-cream consistency and dries very fast on skin. It reduces your pores up to 76%, if I am not mistaken (it is like a primer). It does not hydrate your skin if you have dehydrated oily skin. But if your skin is hydrated but very oily, you must go for it! 

*really, it doesn't hydrate the skin, it is only useful to keep oil away and blur your pores.

I didn't like this cleanser at all. It has a creamy texture and you can make foam with it. I found it very boring. It didn't clean my face very well, and I didn't like the sensation afterwards. It might be good for dry skin.

A must have for oily skin! It is very thin and it has a wonderful finish. I don't have fair tone skin but this one doesn't bother me with whitecast. It has green tea extract, which helps your skin not to oxidate and get that dark ugly looking. The best thing is now Innisfree has a 3 times bigger version. Highly recommend! 

A good face cleanser. It was such a good experience using this one. It was C02, that makes me feel like my face is being massaged. 

I recommend it for oily and combination skin. :)

Ok... This was my first Asian cosmetic... It was such a disappointing one! I was very unlucky because I just bought the new version (10 in 1) instead the previous one (7 in 1) which I read reviews about. The new version (10 in 1) has too many alcohol, it makes my skin clean but afterward, the oil come even more strong. Making it look very shiny and dehydrated... Please, don not use this toner. You will spend your money just to get your skin worse... 

AMAZING! It is more a gel than a cream. It is very hydrating. The scent is something I can't recognize what... It is a bit weird. lol It is not too good to apply a lot, a bit is just enough, otherwise your skin will not absorb everything. No residue after application. I am already thinking about a repurchase, maybe. I am really enjoying it.

Very good snail essence. One pump is enough to cover entire face. It is very hydrating, it makes my skin very soft. I think it will last me a long time, cause I tend to use it more than 3 times a day. It is not sticky, my skin absorbs it very well! I think I found my snail HG product!

AMAZING SERUM! It was my first vitamin C serum. I really enjoyed it! Really helped me with some dark spots and did a great job exfoliating my skin. One bottle, using every night, lasted me ONE YEAR! I highly recommend it!

Very good essence! A little goes a long way, two or three drops are enough to cover entire face. It is very light, suitable to every skin type. It is colorless and it has no scent. Very soothing! 

It is not very moisturizing for me, my skin is weird lately, seems to be very thirsty... Dry skin will need something else.

It was my first sleeping pack and I really loved it! The suction pump is really nice, never saw something like this before, I was able to use every single drop of the product thanks to the pump design.
The product has a silicone texture (Dimethicone as third ingredient) and a lovely feeling on the skin. ❤ One nice thing I've noticed was: when my skin pH was low (I used to use a 3.5 pH product before), I could use 4 layers of this because it melts when it touches an acidic pH skin! However, when I didn't apply the cosmetic with low pH before, I couldn't apply four layers. Only one was possible (it wasn't absorbed without an acidic pH skin).
In the morning, my face was brighter and slightly more moisturized. I didn't see any wrinkles reduction because I don't have wrinkles (yet).
It didn't break me out and I didn't find it heavy for my combination skin. But some friends who tried samples told me they found it heavy.
It lasted me one year even using 4 layers some nights.
👍🏽 I recommend it! Apart from the anti-wrinkles function (repeating: I didn't notice wrinkle reduction because I don't have. It doesn't mean it does not reduce wrinkles), it does what it says.
❌ Be aware, if you have oily skin, that clogs easily, this one may not be a good choice.

The toner comes in a bottle with 200mL, and it will last a LONG time! It is very watery, really, like water (I love watery consistence). It is very concentrated (89% of green tea extract). It does help to control excess sebum, but it is not very strong in that. It works SO MUCH BETTER as a moisturizer toner. The sebum control effect might last 2 hours, nothing extraordinary.
The only thing I complain: the scent! It is a bit strong. Medium to strong I can say. But it doesn’t irritate my nose or anything else. But I’d prefer something with a light scent. Apart from that, I am really enjoying its proprieties. Even if the oil control doesn’t last too much, it is a very good moisturizer for oily skins! There is another version made for normal to dry skin, if I am not mistaken…
Well, that is it! It is a really amazing product to hydrate oily to combination skin. I recommend it! 😀

I think everybody knows this popular cream! haha


I already repurchased it! :P It smells so good, leaves my skin very moisturized. Very concentrated in ginseng and many other ingredients.

It feels a bit heavy, so in the day I use it only around my eyes and in the night, all over my face.


A very good anti-aging cream! :D

This serum is really good. I had an accident with a face mask, which gave me 3 pimples and one of them left a dark spot. This serum helped me a lot fadding this spot.

It is very light, smells awesome, absorbs really fast. It has a lot of korean herbs, that rejuvenates skin exhausted from heat. It also supplies energy and moisture to skin, without stickiness. It helps, also, to enhance circulation and resilience.


I would repurchase it! :D 

Red pine’s powerful anti-aging effect
DAA is an anti-aging and skin-strengthening ingredient found in very small quantities in red pine. It energizes your skin and continuously defends it against signs of aging.

Instantly absorbs and penetrates into the skin to hydrate
The fine particles of the toner allow instant absorption into the skin upon application and leave it hydrated and smooth.


Well, this anti-aging toner is AWESOME! I will never stop using it. It worths every penny! It is very concentrated, I don't like to call it a toner, I would preffer the word 'ampoule', but Sulwhasoo says it is a toner, so...

It is an almost white liquid, penetrates really, really deep into skin! It takes maybe 5 minutes to be completely penetrated. It leaves a humidity sensation and super moisturized. I have combination skin and it doesn't bother me. After 5 minutes, my skin gets a wonderful glow! <3

I am in love. And the scent of it? AMAZING!!!

I recomend it!!! Thanks, Sulwhasoo, for this awesome toner.



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