About Me

General Information

  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Sensitive
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Brown

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Professional: Skincare
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Fragrance Free, Natural
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

My Beauty Diary is a product that I've been loving since high school 

Their sheet masks are always so moisturizing and they always come up with new concepts and products. These products will improve each time they come out and they really improve my skin condition. 

I would always use the product on my knees and neck too!

This product didn't really do any of its claims 

It didn't really hide my pores but it also didn't break me out 

I feel like their best product is their makeup remover...

This is probably the best drugstore brand lipsticks you'll ever find! 
Every quality that makes a lipstick a good product is all apparent! 
The color payoff is really great and it lasts forever. Best thing about is that it's very moisturizing so your lips won't loook chapped and dry. 

You can also use this makeup lipstick for other purposes! It works really well if you use it to conceal your dark circles! 

This product has good color payoff. I don't need to apply chapstick to get my lips moisturized. But the color doesn't last long and it becomes sticky (like you can feel the product on your lips). I've actually been using the product as a stick blusher which works pretty well XD

This is my favorite lipstick when I was still a student. The price is low and it's moisturizing on the lips. The shape of the bullet is also designed for an easy, smooth application. 

There are also many color choices. But it doens't last that long. This doens't bother me though because I LOVE IT! I'm willing to take it with me and re-apply as needed. 

This liquid eyeliner is so-so for me. I have too many other eyeliner brands that I love which could easily replace this one. I almost feel nothing special about the performance of this eyeliner. My eye lids are really dry so I never have issues with smudging. But in terms of how easy it is & the softness of the tip I only give it 2 hearts. 

I never thought that The face shop will have such a great eyebrow pencil! So sad I didn't get to know this product better before!!! 


- The product is retractable/the pencil hardness is just right/ the angle on the product makes it easier for precise application. 
- The other side of the brush is also very useful, the pencil itself has a very soft consistency so everything blends really well together 

The angled pencil will become dull aftertime 

Overall this is a great product, very good for beginners! I definitely recommend and I'll repurchase too!

When this product first came out I was really attracted by the packaging and it's also the first ever BB cushion that's made by Taiwan. Overall the packaging, the puff, and the coverage is all OK. But I feel like it's a very mediocre product and I'm not really amazed by anything. Other brands could probably do a better job? 

The product gives a glowy finish but it's not really long lasting. I used the product and throughout the day it gave me a weird grey cast on my face. So I've just been using it as a product that I have when I need to touch up my makeup. 

I've used up tons of this face wash since middle school~ super great✨ No additives great for my sensitive skin and does not irritate my skin. 

I don't think this does anything, it's not bad or great, and my skin feels dry and tight after I used it, so this face wash is not for me. 😢

This is my favourite primer✨ Can't live without it💕 I love Korean dewy look, I read alot of reviews about this product, super amazed after I tried it👍During winter I usually apply a thin layer on my super dry skin, then put on cushion foundation or blusher, at last I have a glowing dewy look💖 During summer I will just apply this primer on the highlighting areas, then put on foundation for a more matte look✨ I'm thinking about purchasing their foundations or other primers.

While I was shopping for a color correcting toner, this oil control primer was on discount so I bought one to try, surprisingly it's great💖 (I've already used up 2 bottles) I have whiter skin but because of my allergies my skin looks abit dull, this primer helps to give me a brighter look. Also it helps to set my makeup better during summer✨ (Apply an additional foundation with this primer it gives me a nice dewy look)

Visee is now my new favourite brand💕 Their blushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows are all great✨ I have drier skin, so the blushes I used to have is hard to blend 🙊 But after I tried this Visee RD1 I had no problem at all, easy to use and doesn't make my face too red😽😽

I can see the amazing results on my face by just using their testers~! The essence stablizes then improves the face condition. I have nothing negative to say about this products except it's expensive, I will buy a bunch during annual sales! 

I would always buy this toner❤️ It's my favourite when I was in middle school, then I got really busy so I gave it to my boyfriend, surprisingly he loves it and finished several bottles. It great for dry skin like my boyfriends, he also has problems with acnes blemishes. This toner helps to sooth the skin✨ You should use essence afterwards. 



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