About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Brown

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Makeup addict
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Canada
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Paraben-Free, Vitamin C
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

I received the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Brightening trial kit from Amabie in exchange for my honest review.  The day and night creams are my favorite from this set. The day cream felt really moisturizing and had a good amount of SPF which I like a lot, the night cream was also nice and moisturizing. The serum was kind of thick for my liking and had a strong smell. The toner and face wash were nothing special to me.

I received this from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. I've been living in Taiwan for a really long time and it's hot & humid here. I use a feminine wash from Summer's Eve every day so it was nice to try something different and kind of have an idea what to expect. This is quite a pricey item and I feel like it lives up to its price! It has mint which leaves you feeling very fresh and cool, I loved this! Didn't find the smell too overpowering and it didn't irritate my skin. Overall really loved it and if I had the budget for it I'd definitely buy it!

I like that this setting spray only sprays out a little bit of liquid I've noticed that most of them spray out way too much and it's hard for it to dry. My makeup lasts much longer with this spray. Like it a lot!

I've used tons of different kinds of mascara but nothing has really wowed me until I found this one. This mascara makes me look like I have fake lashes on, it gives me both volume and length! It also doesn't smudge and lasts for a long time. My most favorite part is that it's a drugstore product!! Definitely repurchasing!

This is my first primer with 'tone control' it is a pale yellow color so it covers up any discoloration or spots. It feels so soft and covers my red spots on my face. I feel like it makes my makeup last longer on my face and I'm really loving it! Side note the packaging is adorbs! It does smell like banana but it's not that strong and goes away soon after you apply it.

These are definitely my 'holy grail' face masks I just love everything about them! The fit is perfect and the essence absorbs really well into my skin. Left my skin feeling so soft  ! I will keep repurchasing and trying different flavors. This smells pretty strong of orange but it's not unpleasant.

This lipstick is basically like a liquid lipstick that dries down to a matte finish. I mostly use liquid lipsticks so for me this was perfect, but I really dont like the wand, it's shaped funny so you can't get a good grip on it and its too small. The color i got is "Deep Plum" but the name is kind of deceiving as it is actually more of a corally/orange color. It's pretty comfortable on the lips and lasts a good amount of time.

I was really excited for this mask, its a volcanic mud mask which is supposed to help with oily skin and pores. The mask had a very nice scent and spread pretty OK even though its quite thick. I left it on for 15-20 mins and went to wash it off, one downside is that it was very difficult to wash off, I used a wash cloth and even washed it off in the shower and still had to rub a lot. My skin definitely felt smoother after but i'm not sure its worth the hassle.

This moisturizer has a thick gel consistency with a cooling feeling. Goes on really well but does take some time to absorb into the skin as it is quite a thick gel. It feels very moisturizing but for me I have combination/oily skin and i feel this is too thick for me but would be great for more dry/normal skin types.

This claims to help control oil and I have combination skin so wanted to give it a go. It's very foamy and you really just need one pump for your whole face. The foam is very creamy and feels really good on your face, and after you wash it off it leaves your face feeling really clean and soft which I love! One of the main attractions to this face wash is that you can buy refills for a cheaper price which i think is awesome! As to the oil controlling part, I haven't seen any huge difference which is kind of a bummer but I will still use it because I think it's a good face wash. I has kind of a citrus scent like oranges.

This mask fit funny, it was too big in the nose-mouth area and some of the serum got into my eyes and burned a bit. It seemed to also have an excess amount of liquid. My face did feel softer the next day so that's a plus. 

This mask was really tricky at first, the sheet is very thin so it is wrapped in blue plastic which at first I didn't notice and put it all on my face. After realizing it i took it off and it fit much better, the 'serum' was just enough and had a nice scent. My skin afterwards felt very moisturized and soft.

This interesting 3D type mask fits my face like a glove! The fit is almost a bit tight which i think which makes the essence absorb really well into the skin. This sheet is extra "wet" with lots of essence and has a slight cooling/tingling feeling which I love! Overall really love this mask and would definitely try the others as well. 

Love this concealer! Not only is it affordable it comes with a lot of product in the tube. It blends really well and doesn't make my under eye crease, at the same time it doesn't look cakey. I would definitely repurchase.

I was at first cautious of getting a bar soap for my face as it is usually pretty drying but I've seen some good reviews on this one and saw it on sale at the shop and decided to give it a try. It's made primarily of natural products and is supposed to remove makeup, clean your pores, etc. After using it for awhile I've noticed it does remove makeup and leaves my skin feeling super soft and clean. The smell is also really nice and it foams up a lot on your face. So far really liking it!

Who doesn't love cherry chapstick?! Not only is it very moisturizing and soothing for chapped lips that i get all the time, it has menthal that gives a cooling feeling for your lips. I love the cherry flavor as well! 

This toner makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated! I bought the lotion from the same line first and absolutely loved it so I decided to pick up the toner. It isn't astringent like most toners, this one makes your skin so moist and works perfectly with the lotion. Its also super affordable, bought it for only $99 NTD and it comes in a big bottle.

I bought this because I wanted a foundation that was more lightweight but after trying it a few times not only was it way too light but after just a few minutes the foundation started separting and looked terrible! I was very disappointed and even tried using it again with a different primer and it was the same.

Removes all your makeup (even waterproof) and is very gentle, it doesn't bother my skin as my skin is very sensitive. Good substitute for Bioderma which is very pricy. Definitely recommend this product!

A friend recommended this lipstick to me and I decided to try it. They have a pretty wide selection of colors and extremely cheap. It has a the liquid lipstick on one side (matte) and the other side is a gloss if matte lipstick isn't your thing. These last a super long time on your lips without smudging or anything and it's not a very drying formula either. Some of the best lipsticks i've tried so far.

I was looking for a pore primer like the Porefessional (by Benefit Cosmetics) and I was checking around for something good and affordable and I saw something about this on Youtube so I decided to try it out. Not only is it affordable but it really does cover your pores, its the same consistency as the Porefessional but for 1/3 of the price. Love it!

This face moisturizer is amazing! Perfect for the summer time when its hot but you need to keep your face hydrated, the consistency is very liquidy so it absorbs fast into the skin and makes your skin feel incredibly soft. I've been looking for the right moisturizer for awhile and this one is great!



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