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  • Beauty Interest: Other - non-beauty
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: Taiwan

This body wash has a light milk scent which I like, my skin feels smooth when I use this. But I think it feels abit greasy like there's residue left, maybe some people find that nourishing. 

This shampoo isn't too strong on the cooling effect compared to other shampoos, but does a great job, my hair can fell refreshed for quite a long time, I would say this is worthed. 

I sweat very easily, sleep late at night and have dandruff problems. This shampoo can get rid of my dandruffs and oil in my hair all at once, it's great and I highly recommend it. 

My face gets oily easily, so it's not very easy to clean, it takes time to deeply cleanse all the oil from my face. I suggest not to use this face wash everyday, this should be used after you cleanse your face, it shrinks your pores and cleanse your face. 

My face gets oily easily because I exercise regularly, so I have a very high standard for facewashes, I want those that can clean my face but does not dry out my face too. This face wash does not dry out my face, but I still have some grease residue on my face after wash. I suggest people with less oily face to use this. 

I thought it was great at first, my hair tends to get oily easily and I sweat alot, this shampoo gives me a cool feeling and cleanses all the dirt. But after I got used to it, it doesn't feel as cool as before. 



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