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  • Skin Tone: Olive
  • Skin Type: Combination
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  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Black

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  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: United States
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Paraben-Free, Peptides, Retinoid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C
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Directions: After cleansing, spread the cream over entire face and gently massage. Apply the cream generously to dry areas of your face. Recommend for day and night use.

This gel cream is a miracle. Like the other products in this line, it’s made with 27 natural and herbal ingredients as well as pearl powders.   It literally applies like silk and you can feel it deeply penetrate and hydrate the skin to enhance the skin’s elasticity and moisture. The formula significantly restores and improves the skin surface upon application. It soothes and hydrates and plumps the skin to help achieve a youthful glowing appearance.

It’s gentle enough to be used as a day cream, gives my skin just enough luminousity under a tinted sunscreen or a bb cream, yet also rich enough to be used as a night time moisturizer. The lavender oil adds a comforting scent to this moisturizer. I absolutely adore this product, and have love including Kyo-no-yuki cleanse and moisturizer into my beauty routine!

Directions: After face wash, leave your face wet. Put a cherry-size amount of cream onto your palms and spread the cream evenly on the face. Gently massage your face, then rinse off using lukewarm water. For best result, leave it on for some time as a mask before washing it off.

This massage cream is actually Kyo-no-yuki’s first product and remains one of their best sellers. This was my favourite product. The ingredient lists include salt (can see the tiny little grains), honey, algae extract and natural clay.  The salt helps to strip away the dead skin cells and other impurities, while herbal ingredients help to leave the skin hydrated, clear and toned. The salt dissolves quickly with a little bit of water and massaging on my face. It really is a gentle physical exfoliator, which I like. I have also tried leaving it on as a mask for 15-20 minutes. Upon rinsing off, my skin appears less dull, and is soft and supple to touch.

Directions: Gentle rub the soap with wet hands. Add 2-3 drops of water and allow the foam to mix with air to produce denser foam. Spread the foam over the entire face and gently massage for 20-30 seconds before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

This is a gentle yet effective soap bar infused with herbs to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and dextoxify. It features a soft and foaming lather that dissolves dirt, excess oil and other impurities while leaving the skin soft and supple. The herbal extract comes together to hydrate, balance and nourish the skin. Honey, ginkgo biloba leaf extract and soybean seed extract promote firmness and elasticitiy, and binds moisture to the skin to leave skin looking bright, clean and refreshed.  My skin does not feel stripped the products melts into a foamy lather and rinses clean, balancing my skin and gave me a glow and just the right amount of moisture.  I'ver never tried a soap facial cleanser before and I am so pleasantly impressed!

This is an all natural formula containing 27 natural herbs and 8 plant oils and vit E that create a very good cleansing option for any skin type.   You can see in the picture that the texture is so fluid almost like water, but oily enough to remove any kind of makeup, oil, and sunscreen quickly and without a residue and it rinses so surprisingly well.  My skin is left feeling soft and comforted, not greasy or slick. Unlike some oil, this does not turn into a milky emulsion, it just remains smooth and easy to massage onto the face. It has a hint of lavender oil that helps me feel relaxed after a long day.

Pearls are prized for their ability to condition and perfect the skin: it contains an antioxidant that boosts the efficacy of superoxide dismutase, one of the strongest antioxidant enzymes in the body.  It contains signal proteins that stimulate the regeneration of collagen and is rich in amino acids and minerals such as calcium.  It provides anti-inflammatory, stimulating, moisturizing and detoxifying properties and is one of the great secretes of the most beautiful women of the Orient.


This pearl mask is simply divine.  I could not believe how effective it calmed the redness in my skin.  It left my skin feeling silky, matte, soft and soothed.  It somehow diffuses imperfections and adds a shine-free luminosity.  I used this in the morning, and it really perfects and brightens my skin.  I’m definitely looking forward to adding more pearl based masks into my routine!

Price $29.90/35 mL Amazon


Product Claim: contains 28,000mg (concentration level of 80%) of snail filtrates, which are known to have outstanding repairing properties for rough and dry skin; high-moisturizing essence…promote anti-aging benefits to the skin and brightens the skin



Review: My affair with snail secretions continues really with any Tony Moly snail products.  Honestly initially given mixed reviews, I did not expect to love it as much as I do.  It is now one of my favorite products.  I have combination skin but with addition of a retin-A to my skin care routine, my skin becomes dry and flaky at times and I have been reaching for this product whenever my skin feels parched.  The ingredients are very minimal and thus not irritating.  Like many other snail essences, it has a clear gel-like or ‘slimy’ texture.  It feels super light on my face and spreads easily.  However, I do try to apply just a very thin layer as it leaves a sticky residue feel behind which takes a few minutes to absorb.  Regardless, this product has become one of the standout products in my routine.  It somehow hydrates, brightens, clears, reduces inflammation and lightens discoloration all at once.  It really builds for an intense hydration that makes my skin soft, supple and healthier looking.  

One of the first oil cleanser I used because I was hesitant about just using any oil to clean my already oily face.  I figured I couldn't go wrong with an expensive product, and I was not disappointed.  The packaging is translucent and very minimalistic.  The texture is thin and lightweight.  It has a light fragrance that is unique and luxurious. This is amazing for my skin despite containing mineral oil.  It doesn't cause clogging of my pores.  Performance wise, it removes everything easily and I don't need to massage for too long either.   It's also very gentle on the eye area.  A quick rinse and towel pat dry, my face feels so refreshingly clean, soft and supple.  I absolutely love this product but the downside is that it's so expensive and it's not always readily available.  If you have sensitive skin and have never used an oil cleanser, this is a great light weight product that shouldn't cause any unforeseen side effects or irritation.  

If you are looking for an affordable and effective oil cleanser, don't look any further!  This cleanser completely dissolves all traces of dirt and cosmetics—even waterproof mascara and eyeliner.  It washes off easily with no grease or residue.  At the same time it does not strip of my skin of its natural oil and leaves it feeling hydrated, cleansed and nourished!  I love how clean my skin feels after, and have not experienced any irritation or clogging of my pores despite it being made with olive oil. This has become such an essential product in my routine.  It's also great for those days when I'm feeling lazy and just want a quick wash.  Definitely a repurchase.    

Product Claims: The technology is a T-sonic power that gently exfoliate dead skin cells, unclog pores of makeup residue and remove 99.5% of dirt and oil…also improves absorption of your favorite skincare product.  The Luna 2 also has advanced anti-aging skincare, uses lower-frequency pulsation to visibly reduce lines and wrinkles


The advantages are well know such as its silicone brush head that does not need to be replaced, easy to clean, and has amazing battery life and power.  It’s not a real brush, but rather these smooth silicon heads and definitely makes it more gentle on the skin.  I agree with all of the above!  There is a timer or pulse every 15 seconds so you can move to cleaning the next part of the face.  There is also a customizable intensity of the vibration adjustable to skin condition.  The full clean is two minute, which feels long but when you know to expect baby soft skin at the end of it, just relax and enjoy! Some people have noticed results immediately.  For me, it was about four or five days later, that’s when I started to notice that my skin is more even-toned, balanced, so soft and much healthier.  I thought I had a good effective skin care routine already including double cleanse, daily mild exfoliation with AHAs, and weekly physical scrub exfoliations.  But the Luna2 takes skin cleansing to a next level.  This is seriously a great effective product.

Slight negatives: I can’t comment on the ergonomics of the design but it did take me about five uses to really get used to holding this device in my hand and get use to the vibration of it.  It works wonders for cleansing but I cannot vouch for the anti-aging benefits as luckily, I don’t have too many lines and wrinkles yet.  However many reviewers are less than impressed about the anti-aging results.

I would highly recommend downloading pdf of directions from the FOREO websites to really maximize your use of this device.

Shiseido has been one of my favorite brand in my twenties.  They actually have a lot of different lines of product for different age and skin concerns.  I received this as a GWP and will definitely repurchase this in full size.  I think this is great for someone in their thirties, to use to prevent the development of fine lines.

Price: ~$90 USD

Product Claims: extend the look of youth with newly re-formulated Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream.  Patent-pending Bio-Revitalizing Complex reinforces skin's elastic fibres, the key to promoting skin's resilience and firmness.  Prevent the first stages of line formation with this richly textured, ultra-hydrating formulation.   

My review: I used this as a night cream.  The texture is thick yet creamy, but my skin absorbs it soo quickly!  It provided just the right amount of hydration for my skin without leaving any residue or cause breakouts.  It is a light peach color and has no added fragrance, which is a plus.  With regular use, my skin is super soft and smooth, feels dewy and fully moisturized until the morning.  In terms of reducing fine lines, it will take a few months of regular usage, so definitely an incentive for me to get the full size.  I'm just so happy that I have found another hydrating cream with good ingredients that suits my skin and renews my skin at night time!


Price: 2.50 (USD, Walmart)


Main ingredients: hydrolyzed collagen, pomegranate extract, snail secretion filtrate and trehalose


Product claims: 'production of new skin... restore skin moisture' 

Review: I've been slowly adding 'snail' product in my routine and my skin so far is loving it.  This particular mask is different in that the essence is not a watery essence but rather a little on the thicker side, best way to describe it is a snail-like gooey texture.  I'm not picky on texture so I massaged the excess essence on my face and laid the mask on top.  It helps the mask adhere tightly to the face. There was so much moisture and I can feel it as my skin absorbs it.  After I remove the mask, all the gooey essence are gone, leaving a slight sticky sensation that went away in ten to fifteen minutes.  My skin? really soft, supple, smooth and hydrated!  Will totally repurchase.  Another fabulous find at Walmart 

I had been looking for a peel off mask to use on a weekly basis to help with pore cleansing.  So I decided to try Atomy Evening Care Peel Off Mask.  This product does contain alcohol, but it claims to be for normal or sensitive skin. 

Price: $16-20 (Amazon, Kblossom Las Vegas)

jade powder and amethyst powder - improves skin circulation
portulaca extract - calms skin 
glycine - hydrates skin
How I use it: After cleaning my face, I apply an even layer to cover the entire face.  Wait for 15-20 minutes, gently peel off and wash off residue.  I then pat lightly with cold water to close the pores and follow by my basic skin care products.  
Review: The texture of this mask resembles a soft moisturizing cream.  You don't need much to cover the entire face.  The application and the peeling is easy.  However if the mask is applied too thin, it's harder to peel off; and if too thick, it takes longer for it dry.  Unlike some peel-off mask, this one doesn't make my face feel tight while it dries.  It has minimal fragrance.  Once I peel it off, I can feel a gentle exfoliation as the mask clears the pores and remove excessive oil, and dead skin.  I don't know how, but the mask did not strip the moisture out of my skin, so I was so pleasantly surprised that my face is actually left hydrated, clean and fresh, and not drying at all.  Even after an hour, my t-zone area which tends to be oily remained matte.  It really does a good job of cleaning my pores and act as a non-abrasive exfoliators.  My skin feels soft and more taut and looks brighter and smoother.  I would definitely consider repurchase this, and would love to try their Evening Care 4 Set with foam and deep cleanser, peeling gel and mask.   

This mask is formulated with bamboo charcoal, white china clay, and lecithin – ingredients which Origin claims are able to clear out clogged pores, absorb toxins, and dissolve all impurities.  I use this mask once a week to help completely purge my pores.  I will usually take a hot shower or apply a warm, damp towel to my face for a few minutes to gently open pores; then apply mask in an even layer and let dry.  My skin would feel noticeably tighter as the mask would dry and harden.   It takes some time and serious rubbing to rinse it off completely with warm water.   With consistent usage, I did not notice any purging and this kept some hormonal breakouts at bay.  My face feels soft, and oil production seem to be decreased.  if you’re plagued with clogged pores, excessive oil, or acne, then this mask is definitely worth a try.

Product Claims: Intense Repair Live Snail Hydro Gel Mask contains astonishing filtered liquid of snail mucus that is a source of boosting vitality. Fully replenishes skin with its ample moisture to solidify skin's hydration barrier. In addition, a plant extract called Ceramium kondoi protects the exasperated skin against the external damage by supplying the necessary nutrition to skin.

Review:  I love hydrogel mask but usually save them to use for special occasions.  The calming, cooling effect is intensified by the gel consistency.  I always leave my mask for as long as possible, and this one was good on my face for 45 minutes.  I took it off and immediately my husband even commented how baby smooth my face felt.  I patted the remaining essence and went to bed.  No sticky feeling, the products gets absorbed quick.  I woke up to the most dewy, calm and smooth skin I think I've ever had. One of my main skin concerns is a lot of redness and this mask toned that down immediately.  I would recommend keeping this one in the refrigerator, and be ready to wake up in the morning with a soft and refreshed face. I would repurchase even at $8/mask, and again saving it for use before special events!

Price: $16.99 Amazon

Product Claims: Gold tea ferment snail extract gives moisturized and healthy lip care. Mild on sensitive skin. SPF13 protects lip from sun.

Review: I have very dry lips, and have gone through so many lip balms, chap sticks and lip moisturizers, et al.  It's ridiculous!  I love a bold lip color but I don't wear it often because of my dry chapped lips...that is...until I started using this TonyMoly Snail Lip Stick.  I apply this in the morning and night after my skincare regimen.  It's colorless.  It feels a bit thick when first applied but absorbs quickly and leaves my lips feeling and looking soft.  My lipstick color stays for a long time when I use this as a base.  The scent is wonderful and the packaging is very chic.   Definitely would repurchase.  

Price: $65/0.5oz

Key Ingredients: Matrixyl 3000 helps to prevent lines and wrinkles while firming the skin; Haloxyl decreases dark circles and puffiness; Sea Silk restores brightness and hydrates the eye area.


The eyelid skin is the thinnest and most sensitive, and I love finding a good product that provides a little extra TLC. It comes with a plastic pump dispenser, and one pump usually dispense just enough products for both eyes, without excess. The packaging overall does not justify the luxury price.  Pur-lisse claims that the eye cream addresses multiple concerns, ‘4-1 including against wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness, while hydrating, brighten and lifting the delicate eye area.’ My main eye concerns are dark shadows and occasional puffiness from lack of sleep. I usually look for an eye cream that has a richer consistency, so this one is different compared to what I’m used to. The serum has a cooling gel texture, which makes me feel like I was adding a great deal of hydration to the eye area, definitely a plus. It has no discernible scent, sinks in quickly, and provides a subtle luminous finish.  It does not dry out or irritate the eye, nor leaves a greasy sheen. This does seem to give consistent results in that the skin around my eyes is firmer and softer. Overall, it hydrates the skin around the eyes, and really works well as a must-have to wake up tired and puffy eyes on sleepy mornings. For some reason, I still like to stick to eye creams that are richer in consistency than this. If you are looking for a light and gentle product for quick hydration and brightening, this may be the product for you!

Price: $55/1.7oz

Key Ingredients: French marine plants including algae (retain moisture and promote skin radiance), white-tea (soothing, anti-bacterial), and blue-lotus extracts (antioxidants); glycerine and stearic acid (moisturize), Vit E (prevent premature aging), hyaluronic acid


The product comes in a squeeze bottle, which I have a love-and-hate relationship. I always feel that a lot of products are wasted at the end because difficulty of getting it out of the tube. Set aside the packaging, the moisturizer has a texture of a milky lotion. It glides on the face like a gel but it provides long lasting hydration like a really good cream moisturizer without the heaviness!  The scent is somewhere between floral and aquatic.  I have sensitive skin and it has not caused any irritation. It gives my skin an immediate glow and leaves my skin feeling really soothed, and balanced without being over-saturated, which is perfect for hot tropical weather.  I enjoy using this product because it also contains antioxidants, which are so important for someone my age living in hot sunny weather where I need protection from free radicals of UV rays. Overall I feel that Pur-Lisse delivers on its promises, and that this is an effective hydrating moisturizer with a blend of soothing and collagen-boosting antioxidants that provide a balancing nourishment for sensitive skin.  

The Creme Shop Ultra Moisturizing Jojoba Oil Mask: This is one of their holiday limited edition.  I may have purchased it mainly for cuteness but upon review, jojoba oil is actually pretty fabulous for the skin.  It's structurally similar to the oil produced by our own skin so it's well tolerated for many skin types.  It forms a protective layer and help to seal in moisture and helps regulate sebum production.  It also has anti-inflammatory effect too.  This mask is not a character mask other than the adorable packaging. Like most masks, this is essence soaked and last for a good half an hour.  Slightly more oily feel but I'm just starting to love incorporating facial oils in my routine.  It's hydrating, and left a dewiness on my skin after.  I massaged the rest onto my face and neck and went to bed without any additional moisturizer.  This morning, my face just felt hydrated, soft and supple.  Available at @thecremeshop and Marshalls.  

Price: $8 or $36/6

Product Claims

"natural fiber mask infused with Blue Lotus, White Tea and restorative Asian botanicals delivers antioxidants and minerals to your skin...age-defying, nourishing, renewing, and intensely moisturizing"



Blue lotus - cleanses and purifies, antioxidant rich that calms skin and boosts radiance while detoxifying 

White tea - Antioxidant compound that defends skin from stress, cellular damage 

White mulberry - brightening

Anise - Firming


This mask is a quick fix for dull skin.  Purlisse has two different masks, one is with seaweed and one with white tea.  I love chilling my mask in the fridge, and the coolness help sooth any irritated skin or puffy eyes. Their website also suggest warming the mask for a warm steamed facial experience.  The mask is silky soft, and feels comforting on the skin.  This mask intensely nourishes and hydrates my skin, leaving it soft, vibrant and with healthy glow.  There is a mild sticky feel of the product on my skin after.  However I went to bed immediately after and it was gone in the morning, and it left my skin even, dewy and brightened.  

Price $60/100mL

Product claims: Boost skin recovery and replenishment while you sleep...lightweight, overnight mask is formulated with a potent blend of Asian botanicals that deliver maximum hydration to your skin while fortifying its protective barrier.

Notable ingredients and effects:

5-hydra complex: bamboo water sap, aqua Sponge Complex, ginger-root extract and nine essential amino acids

Repair and defend: magnesium, copper, zinc and calcium, which assist in replenishing the skin’s natural resilience against stress

My review:

This sleep mask truly makes you feel the difference between a regular night time moisturizer and a sleep mask.  In addition to immediate hydrating effect, I see the additional benefit of dewy, smooth and firmer skin compared to what a a regular night cream would do, and even compared to Laneige.  It applies like a creamy white, smooth cooling gel, and immediately replenish the skin of its moisture.  The result is even more overwhelming the next morning.   I only use this two to three times a week after a long day or a late night.   But the next morning, I can always count on it to help revive a dull, tired looking skin, giving it a invigorated glow, despite lack of sleep.  The scent is not overwhelming.  From the packaging, to its soft and silky texture, it's a night time luxury!  Despite the price, this will last up to six month if use just two to three times each week.  As I get older, I will likely transition this to their Time Response Skin Renewal Sleep Masque with more anti-aging benefits.

Price: $24/70mL

Notable ingredients and effects:

'sleepscent' - one of the biggest negatives mentioned in many reviews is the strong scent; according to Laneige, it's actually a aroma-therapeutic scent due to orange fruit flower, rose, ylang ylang and sandalwood, with a relaxation effect on the mind and body to help promote deep sleep. If you are picky on scent, this may not be the one for you.

'sleep moisture' - it contains several water-binding agents to help skin retain its moisture, including hydro Ion Mineral Water, glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate

"sleeptox' - evening primrose root extract, quinoa seed extract and Hunza apricot extracts; help to purify, dexotify and revitalize skin with

My review:
This was my introduction into the sleep mask world. The texture is aqueous gel-cream like, with a light bluish color. It comes in a 70ml bottle with a clear spatula. It's super light weight and not sticky, and absorbs almost immediately after application. It's not-greasy, and I'm always amazed at the difference of my skin the next morning, soft and supple, glowing and healthy, I almost wish I can leave my skin as is to go to work. It's affordable, agrees with my sensitive skin, and does everything I would expect a sleep mask would do to revitalize my skin so it looks brighter and refreshed in the morning.

Price: $10 @memebox_usa  

Product claims:

'Packed with Charcoal extract, it digs out blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, and just about any impurity caught in its way. It also gently nourishes skin with ingredients like Camellia, leaving your face baby soft and luminous'


Key ingredients: 

Charcoal Powder, Camellia Japonica Flower Extract



Directions is to apply a thin layer to face after a cleansed face.  I'd recommend just to apply to t-zone area and where larger pores are.  I also apply it to my chin.  Avoid hair eating areas.  It hardens in a 10 minutes and is ready to peel.  It hurts a tad bit when peeling (more than pore strips) and left my face slightly red, which resolved quickly.  I don't have a lot of blackhead but it does helps to clear any impurities and dead skin, leaving the peeled areas smoother, and pores smaller.  Overall I recommend this products if you have large pores.  Once a week is a great way for a good "pore stripping'  

Price: $60/48g


Product Claims:

“for all skin types”

“a fine-velvety cream that contains 60 Eastern and Western natural botanical extracts which nourishes, repairs and strengthens the skin…stimulate collagen production, boost elasticity and firmness..”



Antiaging: Vit A palmitate, Glycine soja, palmitoyl tripeptide-5, ginseng, soybean

Brightening: Taiwanese rose extract, vitamin B3, B5, C and E, peony root, job’s tear, mulberry

Hydration: Shea butter, sodium hyaluronate, wheat bran protein, rose, sakura



Apply a dime size onto fingertip and massage onto face.



This cream is so super thick!  I warm it up in my hand to soften it and press it onto my skin.  Regardless, it is not easy to spread because it is so heavy!  I feel that I need a lot to cover my entire my face.  However, once tapped onto my face, it seriously provided a boost of hydration.  My skin instantly feels supple and firmer.  It maintained the moisture of my skin throughout the day.   I feel that I’m giving my skin a host of nutrients!  I do not have too many fine lines or wrinkles yet to assess the antiaging effect  I think this would be a great product for those with dry skin, or winter time.

Price: $39.90 at Naruko Boutique


Product Claims:

“powerful intensive-repair whitening complex, make skin look radiant and clear”

“Repair damaged skin, reduce age spots, even out skin tone and delivers a more vibrant complexion”



Brightening: arbutin, niacinamide, Vit C

Plant Extract with Brightening properties: licorice root, horse chestnut, gingseng extract



Shake well, apply half a bottle after cleansing.  Use daily and for all skin types.



One thing I noticed about Naruko is their HUGE host of ingredients, over 60!  This is designed to be a 14-day treatment.  The products are individually packaged, each containing enough essence for morning and night use.  It’s a light, slightly milky essence, that spreads and absorbs easy.  No stickness left behind.  It provided a little extra bit of hydration, but still need to be followed by a serum or moisturizer.  I had no adverse or irritation to it, which is a plus.  I used this as a brightening product exclusively for two weeks.  I have a slight pink and patchy redness tone to my skin which are improved.  The texture of my skin remained the same.  The occasional brown spots are a tad shade lighter.  Like most brightening product, I’d imagine this will need to be used for long periods of time to get better results.  Overall, definitely provided some effect in brightening.  

Price: $21/container at Tony Moly Stores


Product Claims:

"Delivers instant brightening, massaging and skin clearing mask effects."



-  Tomato extract: detox properties for clearer skin

-  Lemon extract: accelerate collagen synthesis, whitening, antioxidant, astringent

-  Baicha extract: anti-inflammatory, skin whitening

-  Houstonia extract: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, antiallergenic, whitening, activate and clear skin tone



Apply on a dry face after cleaning, massage and leave for 5-10 minutes and then rinse with luke warm water.  Safe to use 2-3 times per week



It's a yogurt-like creamy texture, that applies with a cooling sensation.  I had one irritated area on my face, and this stung upon application, so recommend to avoid area of sensitivity. It contains micro pearls for gentle exfoliation.  The scent is pretty heavy, so those who are sensitive to fragrance may not tolerate it well.  It provided a temporary brightening and glow of the skin, and my face felt clear, supple and hydrated.  I'm able to leave the house makeup free, with just a bit of spf.  I'm a sucker for all things brightening so I enjoyed using this.  50:50 repurchase

Price: $90/1oz


Product Claim: “refreshing, hydrating gel that resurfaces dull, congested skin by gently lifting dead skin cells away, revealing an even-toned and radiant complexion”



AHAs: 12% Glycolic acid and lactic acid

BHA: 1% salicylic acid

Antioxidant: green tea, bearberry, horse chestnut, cactus, grape 

AHAs help to exfoliate dead skin cells, and salicylic acid penetrate the pores to help with pore reduction and minimizing blemishes



Gel-like texture, fragrance free, that layers easily under other products without leaving any residue behind.  Mild tingling upon first use, and settles quickly.  The pump is easy to use, and dispenses the right amount of product for a full face application.  My face has been using to 10% glycolic acid in ZO Glycogent every night for many years now, because I truly believe the addition of glycolic acid at night has allowed me to wake up with a clear, smoother and blemish free complexion.  However, this strong combination of AHA and BHA may not be suitable for daily use in someone who has sensitive skin.  At times it was a little bit drying so I do need to add lots of moisture after.  At $90/1oz, it is an investment but it sure does live up the hype.   

Another sample to full-size purchase: Snowise EX Brightening Serum


Price: $200/1.7oz


Product Claims:

“Brightening serum that rejuvenates skin exhausted from the heat and UV light for a translucent complexion”

“white ginseng saponin suppresses formation of melanin…prevent skin from forming dark spot…carefully maintaining healthy skin”



Multiple plant extracts

“Whitening properties” - licorice root, Albiflora Root, Honey, Hydrolyzed Ginseng saponin, Lilium Candidum

“Anti-oxidant and antiaging properties” – Ginseng, Ginko Biloba, Honey, Paeonia albiflora root



The product was a clear and light serum, with a herbal scent, not overbearing.  It feels cool on the skin and spread quickly with no residue.  I use it after my actives (Vit C and AHA), it provides enough hydration to lock in previous actives and prepares your skin to boost further products.  It has not caused any irritation or redness on my sensitive skin.  I have noticed my skin becoming slightly fairer, and radiant and even tone.  A whitening serum is a must in my routine for treatment of existing pigmentation and to prevent future brown spots. 



The only downside is the price.  This is certainly a big investment, however I never would use ‘radiance’ to describe my skin prior to this product.  Certainly pigmentations are improving without any obvious additional ones forming.  Prices are comparative to my other favourite, Tatcha Radiant Brightening Serum ($185/1.7oz), and Amore Pacific Luminous Effect Brightening Serum $240/1oz (have not tried this)


What are your favorite whitening serums?

Tatcha got me into powder cleanser with their Polished Rice Enzyme Powder, and this has been my second cleanse for many month.  What's the craze in powder cleanser? Much GENTLE DAILY exfoliation!  In case if Tatcha ever discontinue this product (please DON'T), I always look for a backup.

I tried a sample of AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel and had to purchase the full size.  


Product Claims:

AP: "highly effective, botanical-based brightening exfoliator made without harsh ingredients.  Natural papaya enzymes work to eliminate dry, dull surface cells and toxins to reveal a soft and smooth complexion."

Tatcha: "A water-activated enzyme powder exfoliant and cleanser of rice bran, papaya and our anti-aging HADASEI-3™ Complex. Reveals skin's natural gleam"



AP: $60/2.5oz

Tatcha: $65/2.1oz, this lasted for about 5 months



AP: yellow, slightly finer grain, very little product needed to produce A LOT of foam; mild floral scent

Tatcha: pearl white, a little coarse grain than AP, so more physical exfoliation felt on face, very little foam action; rice bran scent



AP: 1/4 tsp, add water and mix into thick paste, gentle massage and leave for 30-40s to let the 'enzyme peel' do its job, and rinse

Tatcha: same as above, but double the amount of product is needed



Both contains papaya, Both contains papaya, rich in Vit A, C, E and K and contains papain, a natural exfoliant that helps to unclog pores and minimize acne and pimple.  Vit C fights off free radicals that damages skin and has brightening properties, Vit A is a natural exfoliant (retin-A), and papain enzyme that helps to exfoliate, unclog pores and minimize acne and pimple. for overall antiaging, skin lightening, exfoliating and skin repair benefits.  


Effect on my face:

Comparable results!  Both are easy to rinse off with no residue.  My skin feels so soft and smooth, and no joke, immediate brightening noted!  I have tended to stay away from physical exfoliant because of sensitive skin, these two are gentle to use daily!  I get occasional breakouts, but now they are way rare and far in between.  I'm so happy that application of BB cream or coverage goes on a much smoother canvas!  



AP: less product needed, so may will last me longer; too much powder dispensed each time! Trying to stretch this one out

Tatcha: slight more physical exfoliation felt; four different powder for each skin type, need double the amount of product for little foam action


Have you tried powder enzyme cleanse?  

Other options: H2Oplus Elements Fresh Powder Exfoliator, Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash, Boscia Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder







Aeria Skin, a company based in Taiwan who currently sells eye masks and face masks for brightening, anti-aging and hydration.  Their masks are stated to be 'safe' - free from Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, Gluten, Sulfates, Synthetic Dye & Fragrance, Alcohol.  Ingredients are organic and botanical, 95% natural that's suitable for all skin types.  This particular mask is 'Age-defining' mask, that contains Peptamide® 6 firms to improves skin elasticity and fine lines, lavender essential oil that helps to soothe skin, and organic Swiss Alpine Willowherb and White Horehound blend to deeply tone, cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. 

Service: Amazon Prime, so it arrived within 2 business days in good condition

Packaging: Directions and Ingredients are in English, always a plus!

Application: Super soft, 100% cotton sheet, the fit is a little big on my face but it adheres well, and I can easily adjust to fit 

Essence: Serious saturation of essence, with lots left over at the end to massage onto my face and neck

Results: Although it's difficulty to assess reduction of fine lines after one use, but overall this mask does what it claims to do.  My skin is left soft and much more even toned.  It also seemed to sooth some redness and irritation.  I usually have dry patches around my mouth which are now hydrated, and overall my skin feels supple and hydrated for the rest of the evening.

Overall Impression: great quality mask, simple but elegant packaging, makes for a great gift Price: $25/5 masks 

Thus is not a sheetmask but it is full of minerals and essential organic elements from the Dead Sea.  This has been compared to GlamGlow mud mask in many reviews at a fraction of the cost! 

The ingredients are designed to deep clean, remove oil and dirt, decrease pore size and tighten the skin.  It nourishes the skin with essential minerals, improves hydration and texture. 

Ingredients: Filtered and purified natural Dead Sea mud, glycerin, almond oil, jojoba oil, natural extract,aloe vera, natural aromatic oils.

How to use: apply after cleansed skin for 15-20 minutes then rinse with warm water.  I will usually follow with a sleep mask.  After the first application, my skin felt so clean, supple and refreshed.  It give a natural glow.  It may be a bit dry so this is recommended for normal to oily skin.  May be used once to twice a week. 

I love honey in my face.  ! It's nutrient rich for the body and the face.  I am not always happy with The Face Shop mask in terms of fitting and this one is again big and laid on my face in all the wrong places.  However it did the job of hydrating and brightening my face.

95% fermented goodness and the remaining 5% include powerful ingredients like niacinamide for brightening and anti-aging, and sodium hyaluronate and glycerin for hydration.  I use it like a first essence after my actives (Vit C and Glycolic acid).  It helps other products to absorb easily and effectively.  It claims to be an advanced antioxidant that helps to soften, smooth and enhance lustre of the skin and provide it with glow and transparency.  I am planning to purchase full size to test this out.  It's fairly affordable compare to other first essences. ($18-20 for 100mL)

This is a water soluble foam lotion cleanser, that's gentle on the skin and cleanse thoroughly, a small amount goes a long way with lots of foaming action.  I use this when my skin is in a dry condition and needs a cleanser that won't strip it of moisture.  

Shiseido Ibuki line are designed for anti-aging in the 20s.  Ingredients contains lamium album flower extract (hydration), trehelose, glycerine and dimethicone (moisturize and protects from environmental damage), and citrus junos seed extract (boost collagen).  The cleanser is refreshing and the moisturizer seriously make my skin hold onto moisture, almost like a sleep mask but in a lightweight creamy texture, without feeling greasy.  I'm really loving using this line when my skin's in a drier state.  

I'm always looking for products to help improve hydration of my skin.  This was advertised to be a moisturizing serum with organic Jeju green tea and green tea seeds, rich in amino acids and minerals that hydrate your skin from deep within.  I apply this right after washing my skin to help with locking in the moisture.  It makes my skin feel smooth to touch, ready for other products.  Overall a good serum for sensitive skin and skin hydration but I prefer if my serum can provide with other benefits such as brightening and whitening.   

This is a fabulous exfoliating and hydrating mask.  How I use it: After cleansing, I mix with a bit of water and gently massage onto damp skin.  After 10-15 minutes, I rinse with lukewarm water.  The black sugar granules provides gentle physical exfoliation of old skin cells leaving my face with a glow, without causing irritation.  I would consider using this two to three times a week for a good exfoliation. 

  It claims to 'purify pores, remove oil and tighten pores,' and it did just that! I left t on for about thirty minutes and it was still pretty soaked.  The essence is thin and gets absorbed easily.  It had a gentle herbal scent and feels cool and tingling when initially applied.  Left my face clear, less red and pores minimized.  No irritation on my sensitive skin is always a plus.  Downside: a little pricier mask at $44 for five masks @Sephora. 

The star ingredient in this is bifida ferment Lysate, yes, more fermented goodness, along with Retinol, which is the only scientifically proven anti-aging ingredient.  Additionally there are many other botanical plant extract, all work together to help rejuvenate and refreshen the skin.  I used it nightly as a replacement of a prescription retina-A, which had been causing me some flaking and irritation.  This product keeps my face hydrated without drying, irritation or redness.  It’s a relatively thin serum that gets absorbed easily.  The packaging is simply divine and luxurious.  At $80 for 100mL bottle, I hear it is a great alternative to the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum.  Anyone tried both to compare?  

I'm new to 'donkey milk' and skin care.  But this is actually an ancient skin care secretes that is full of vitamins and nutrients to repair and replenish the skin.  This mask is a hydrogel like consistent that adheres like a second skin.  I left it on for twenty minutes and seriously can feel all the essence goodness that gets absorbed into my face.  Immediatley after removal as well as the next morning, my skin was smooth and brightened.  I am now a huge hydrogel mask addict.  The fit and adherence is just so much better than regular cotton sheetmasks.  

Before I moved to a sunny island, this moisturizer with spf 16 was good enough. Now I need more protection. However, this product has been recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective broad spectrum sunscreen. It's lightweight, applies and absorbs like a moisturizer and not a sunscreen. No white cast and no grease.


Overall, when using their foam cleanser, balancing lotion and this emulsion/moisturizer, these products have improved my skin in terms of overall texture and tone. It works well with my sensitive skin, and I truly believe this collection is a great value for the products, and for those with mild skin discoloration and pigmentation concerns. Shieseido has so many other collections, I can always count on them to carry products to address my changing and unfortunately aging skin care concerns. 

This is a lightweight lotion that that hydrates the skin. For those with dry skin or cold winter times, you probably still need a moisturizer to follow. It gives a light luminous complexion.  It works well when used with their cleanser as well as moisturizer to follow to create a glow and dewy appearance to the face

I had tried the Shiseido White Lucent 3 steps, a great introduction to this collection. Shieseido is always known for being on top of latest cosmetic advancement and technology, this one contains the "PROAPPROACHX2 technology to visibly correct and resist spots for luminous, translucent skin." I believe this refers to a Shiseido patent ingredients of m-Tranexamic acid and 4MSK, which are whitening ingredient that prevent formulation of melanin, and help with skin discoloration due to photodamage and aging. I had transitioned from their Ibuki collection as I became more concerned about pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Brightening Cleansing Foam


This is a super gentle, foam like cleanser that effectively clears the skin of impurities while maintain moisture. The smell is a heavenly light floral scent.  My face feels clean without feeling stripped dry.  There is no feeling of residue left behind.  The skin is left clean for absorption of other skin care products.  I use it together with their lotion and moisturizer with spf.  

Having learned about this from a SOKOGLAM blog that can add a natural glow to the skin, I had to give the Erborian’s Dong Baek Camellia Essence a try.   The packaging is sleek, and a pretty pink!  Erborian is new to me.  Their products are Korean herb inspired, blending Korean and French inspired luxury skin care.    This product contains camellia, coconut, argan and grapeseed oil, supply a combination of nutrient goodness including antioxidant, Vit A, C, D & E, as well as omega 3, 6, 9 and oleic acid.  They help to nourish and soften the skin.  This may explain the texture, which resembles a facial oil rather than an essence, that's lightweight and easily gets absorbed.  It has a gentle floral scent.   I have combination skin, so at time I feel this alone is enough without moisturizer.  Apply a light BB cream coverage overtop is smooth, and really help to give a glow and dewy finish without being greasy.  

As a loyal Origins customer before I got hooked onto a good korean skin care, I get an email every once in a while about new products and gift with purchase.   I received a generous sample tube of their Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash.  I use it on the weekend in lieu of a double cleanse as I usually let my face breath free of makeup.   It works so well for me that I forget I have combination skin!  It handles the dry patches and oily T-zones at the same time, leaving my skin feeling clean and hydrated.  I don't experience any redness or irritation, no residue feeling either.  It's a great mild but effective cleanser for sensitive face.  Would repurchase!

Leaders Cosmetics has Korea's best-selling dermatologically tested masks.  The Aloe Soothing contains organic aloe leaf extract that helps to tighten and sooth skin, and moisture is locked in with cactus extract.  This left my skin calm, brighter and hydrated.  Worth repurchasing!

Due to irritated skin, I've backed off on many products this week and have been using sheetmasks for soothing and hydration.  Leaders Cosmetics has Korea's best-selling dermatologically tested masks, and is super popular on IG.  The Tea Tree mask contains organic birch, olive and hazelnut extract, which helps to heal and sooth damaged skin, and the olive oil locks in the moisture.  This is exactly what my skin needed this week!

I love SkinFood masks, and I love ginseng.  It has antioxidant, anti-aging and anti-cancer properties. It stimulates skin metabolism, increases production of collagen in the dermis, making skin firmer, more elastic and toned thus diminishes wrinkles and fine lines.   It is rich in vitamin and minerals which are good for overall skin health, complexion and improves dark eye circles.  According to SkinFood’s website, this mask is meant to give you a ‘pure, luminous complexion.”  The mask is SOAKED with a slightly yellowish and translucent essence, with a mild ginseng smell.  The texture of mask is soft and a perfect fit for my skin.  My skin easily absorbed the product and felt smooth, hydrated and radiant after. 


My skin has been wreaking havoc from too much sun exposure last weekend.  I'm pretty sure I've got a polymorphic light reaction or a sun rash.  It looks as ugly as as it sounds.  This mask is meant to be used on sensitive skin and compromised skin after laser or chemical peel.  It's the way the mask is designed that makes it specials. It's made out of biocellulose so it tends to adhere to skin more snug than some paper or cotton counterpart and don't allow ingredients to evaporate as quickly.  It's really just impregnated with water, but the material allows it to release heat reducing water on skin for treatment.   Interesting fact: biocellulose is made by bacteria that ferment glucose and then release cellulose, which are collected, purified and made into mask.  It was a fabulous fit on my irritated face.  It provided an immediate cooling effect that was very comforting and lasted for the 20 minutes while it was on.   The heat sensation on my skin was soothed and relieved.  I really liked it!  I got this as a sample through their other purchases.  $120 for six mask sheet would prevent me from repurchasing, sadly.  

  • Same triple power ingredient as their serum and moisturizer.  I used this a few times only mainly because I live in Hawai‘i, where it's sunny all the time!  I need a little more than sun protection than spf 20.  Regardless, it’s a light formulation and apply and absorbs easy.  For those who lives in less sunny places, this would be a great daily spf that is non-greasy and can easily apply makeup after.  

  • Luxury moisturizer with triple action (1) hyaluronic acid help to fill and smooth wrinkles, (2) Pro-Xylane help to strength skin, and (3) LHA helps to even skin surface and tone.  For the time-being, I use this after double cleanse, vit c serum of my choice, and L’Oreal Triple Power Facial Serum.  It keeps my skin super hydrated.  A great moisturizer for day or night at an affordable price, $24.99 for 1.7oz. 

  • Luxury, lightweight serum works on both the skin’s surface and deeper by combining hyaluronic acid with Pro-Xylane, an exclusive anti-aging ingredient by L’Oreal Paris Laboratories.  Triple action (1) HA help to fill and smooth wrinkles, (2) Pro-Xylane help to strength skin, and (3) LHA helps to even skin surface and tone.  I use this after my usual routine of double cleanse with Tatcha, and a Vit C serum.   First of all, it did not break me out, so it is suitable for sensitive skin.  The application is more ‘lotion’ rather than serum, but it absorbs quickly without appearing greasy.  After one week, my skin texture feels smoother and supple.  I’m most concerned about uneven skin tone and blotchy redness.  Although the product is not specific at addressing redness, I've certainly noticed improvement in overall texture and tone.  Will continue to use for long term effect.  

 I received the White Seed and Blanclouding products in a travel size after a purchase from #thefaceshopofficial.  The BlanClouding line features the star ingredient “Swiss Cloud Flower', which has a role in beloved 'whitening' of the skin.    I used the White Seed cleanser, Toner and lotion, followed by the Blanclouding serum and moisturizer.  Together it gave my skin a little boost of hydration but for someone with dry skin, these products may not be enough.  Overall 'whitening effect' after a few weeks of use?  Minimal, but it certainly improved my skin tone and reduced redness.  

 I received the White Seed and Blanclouding products in a travel size after a purchase from The Face Shop.  The White Seed products feature ingredients including white lupine seed extract and daisy flower extract. The BlanClouding line features the star ingredient “Swiss Cloud Flower'. These ingredients all have a role in beloved 'whitening' of the skin.  The foam cleanser is one of the best non-oil cleanser for makeup removal, and it did not strip skin dry.  The Toner is my favorite product.  It's gentle, leaves my skin soft and healthy, preparing for next steps.  The lotion is creamy but very thin, like an emulsion.  The texture is just lovely and left my skin soft, but not yet moisturized enough.  I then applied the Blanclouding serum and moisturizer.  Together it gave my skin a little boost of hydration but for someone with dry skin, these products may not be enough.  Overall 'whitening effect' after a few weeks of use?  Minimal, but it certainly improved my skin tone and reduced redness.  The White Seed essence wasn't included in this travel size but that's suppose to be the most popular product containing hexylresorcinol, 1000 X more powerful than Vit C for whitening.  I may have to do another faceshop haul for this well raved essence.

Co-Q10 is an enzyme produced naturally in the human body.  It helps with biological function of neutralizing free radicals and keeps the cell and skin healthy.  Remember, sheet mask effect are usually temporarily.  Long lasting results will require these ingredients used in your daily skin care. 

I've used a lot of The Face Shop Masks before.  This line of Essential Masksheet does not seem to sit as well on my face.  It's large, and a very thin but somewhat rigid material, that tend to move around easily.  It is soaked in essence, and will last about 20 minutes, and it becomes very dry.  I then rub the remainder essence from packaging on my face.  It does the job of moisturizing and firming, but unfortunately a poor fit for me.

This is an ultra convenient and economical way to give yourself a mini-facial!  Key ingredients for this sheet mask are: Propolis Extract - Anti-bacterial, soothing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory and Bee Venom - Potent combination of amino acids, enzymes and peptides - this "it" ingredient is known to help with skin appearance and provide a gentle plumping effect.  This mask smells like honey.  After taking it off, my skin felt tighter, clearer and brighter.  It also feels plump because of the hydration effect.  I have used this both first thing in the morning, and it really facilitate application of makeup, and before bedtime for pampering.  The hydration effect would last for a day depending on condition of skin/skin type.  I have a few of their other masks as well, snail, ginseng.  Can't wait to try them all.

Love product alert: I use the Tatcha 4-step combination skin ritual: I love the simplicity and less is more approach to effective skin care.  Their packaging is exquisitely beautiful and luxurious.  One work to describe this moisturizer: silky! It's slightly thicker than a serum but less so than most moisturizers.  The scent is a light floral, gives you almost a spa-like experience.  This product is pure magic when used as a last step in the morning.  It immediately brightens and improves the complexion.  My skin is incredibly smooth and makeup can be easily applied after for a beautiful flawless finish.    This is truly a wonderful product for anyone who wants to see and feel the instant difference in the tone and texture of their skin.


I am in love with Tatcha.  Their product are what made me transition to Asian skin care.   I love that they incorporate a combination of active ingredients and botanical extracts, bridging natural and eastern skin care philosophies into the aesthetics of western people.  I use their combination ritual including camellia oil cleanse, rice enzyme powder, deep brightening serum and  rich silk moisturizer cream.  The key ingredients in this serum are the anti-aging HADASEI-3 Complex (red algae, green tea and rice bran) and brightening extracts including Jujube and Licorice Root.  I'm always looking for skin brightening products that can bring me one step closer to achieve that flawless complexion of Asian models/actress/singers, and this one works wonders!  Family and friends have told me my face appears 'lighter.'  It has a lightweight consistency and potent concentration of active ingredients.  It smells nice and absorbs into the skin effortlessly  This is really a great way to target and prevent dark spots daily, and improve overall skin radiance. 

Aging in Asians often shows around the eye first so I'm always looking for an age-defying eye cream to prevent wrinkles and lines!  This contains green tea, pomegranate and Korean red ginseng, a combination of ingredients that helps to fight free radicals.  The cream itself is a little bit on the thicker side.  It has a gentle herbal scent, if you like ginseng smell, I find it relaxing. I apply day and night for a few days and have noticed the skin around my eye to be slightly brightened, less dark circles and less puffy.  I am really loving this product, and would love to continue to use.  The product does have a hefty price tag, $114 USD for 0.8 fl.oz.  However, I do believe that some luxury skin care, as long as they are effective, are totally worth the investment in the long run!

I've been meaning to try this product for some time now, given its fabulous reviews, a Soko Glam Beauty Award Winner and one of Missha best-seller.  I've used SK-II in the past and heard this is a great more affordable alternative.  Instead of Pitera, this is a highly concentrated essential essence with 80% fermented yeast (Saccharomyces and Bifida). It's meant to be used first step after cleansing, apply either with hands or cotton pad. It claims to provide 8 benefits of soothing, smoothing, balancing sebum level, moisturizing, improving skin tone, firming, wrinkle repairing and boosting.  I like that there are both Korean and English descriptions. It comes in a 130mL bottle (~25USD), with shelve-life ~ 9 months after opening.  It’s a liquid form, runny and lightweight. It's translucent just like water. It has a faint scent of yeast, similar to SK-II but very mild.  I simply love using essences. I have combination skin, with dry patches on certain areas of my cheeks. I always love to have a moist boost product in my skincare routine! This product is very lightweight, absorbs quickly and is non sticky. I didn’t notice any major visible changes in my skin within the first 2-3 weeks. The essence didn’t irritate me though, that's always a plus! After using this essence for 5 weeks I did notice some improvements. It made my skin feel extra moist, no dry flakes at all, made it soft and reduced my redness a little bit.  I will continue to use for a few months, as it's just an extra boost of hydration for my skin. 


innisfreeofficial recipe pack - Sea weed 10ml (2.50 USD). One capsule was good for two uses for me.  It contains tiny granules for exfoliation.  Key ingredient is seaweed which contains minerals and nutrients, which promote skin vitality and complexions.  It warms up on your skin, which was soothing.  The scent is a bit strong of the ocean.  Leave on for 15 minutes and after washing off, skin is left refreshed, squeaky clean, soft and supple.  Sensitive skin tested.  Also available in aloe, canola honey, bija/tea tree, red kiwi and volcanic cluster. 

explored Boscia product because of it's a total preservative-free and botanically based skin care lines.  This cleansing gel contains green tea (full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits), hydragea leaf (clears and minimize pores), and protection with botanical amino acid that support skin's moisture barrier.  I use one to two pumps with my clarisonic brush and it does wonders for my skin.  It removes makeup easy, and my face feels clean, refreshed and moisturized after.  I have very sensitive skin, and this has not clogged my pores or caused any new acne.  It's a great cleanser for all skin types, and I would recommend this even to those who may have sensitive skin.  

The key ingredient in this mask is resveratrol, a potent antioxidant found in skin's of grapes and in red wine.  This ingredient became a famous antiaging ingredient after being pioneered by Caudalie 20 years ago.  The mask is suppose to help with skin hydration and brightening.

The mask fits really well, drenched in essence with plenty left in the packaging, was soothing on the face and even after removal.  Skin is left soft and supple for the day. 

I love going bare and let my face breath on the weekends. Fan of #innisfree no sebum mineral powder, I had to try their 'blur' version which is a little tinted.  It does the same amazing job as keeping my tzone nice and matte throughout the day, with an added benefit of ever so mild coverage, enough for mild redness and uneven tone, beautiful natural look.  There's a buy 1+1 deals on @innisfreeofficial website, ladies! This is the time to try!

I apply this to my t-zone areas daily and it keeps my pore minimized.  No sting, no irritation, gentle enough to use everyday.  I'm loving the samples of Cosxr and will definitely buy full size products

Great daily sunscreen to use under makeup. No white cast, applies easy and absorbs fast, suitable for sensitive skin and oil or combination skin 

I've been using the OFFECTS Exoliating Polish, pioneered by Dr. Zein Obagi, an internationally renowned dermatologist.  This is a wonderful multi-tasking exfoliating polish, infused with natural minerals from the Dead Sea, and contains vitamins A, C, C-Ester, and E.  It provides the benefit of microdermabrasion while delivering anti-oxidant to protect, renew and condition the skin.  The crystals are magnesium crystals which are used in professional dermatological treatment.  It's super fine grain so it has not caused any irritation on my sensitive skin.  My skin is left squeaky clean, soft and refreshed, ready to absorb all the goodness of my evening skin care products. 

I have been using this product nightly after cleanse.  Fermentation describes a process whereby foods are soaked in salt water, allowing the growth of good bacteria.  Good bacteria generates lactic acids and creates B-vitamins, probiotics, Omega-3 fatty acids and beneficial enzymes, making food more nutrient-dense than in its unfermented state. Similar process is applied to fermented skin care products and it's suspected the yeast breaks down the active ingredients into smaller particles, resulting in nutrients, antioxidants,  minerals and actives that are far more rapidly absorbed by the skin.  Fermentation seems to superboost skin care products, thus more potent, and effective.  I tried the ASIS Hyaluronic Acid Essential Toner, ingredient include lactobacillus, and absolutely loved it.  Packaging less than impressive though.  It has a gentle floral scent, and applies as a light toner that's not sticky and gentle for sensitive skin.  Used right after cleansing, it provides a great boost of hydration, preparing your face for the following steps.  My skin is loving this.  Do you have any fermented products in your skincare routine

I'm new to sleep masks and this is the first one I'm trying.  Having used lots of Origins product in the past and love their natural ingredients that's suitable for my very sensitive skin.  This mask does not disappoint.  It applies like a slightly thick moisturizer, with every so light avocado scent.  It keeps your skin super duper hydrated until morning.

Full Stay 24hr CC V203 Natural Beige SPF+ 50 PA ++ easy to use, compact form, dispenses just right amount for full face application, great coverage and sun protection, 'natural beige' provides a healthy lightening and brightening of my face.

3stepmaskpack this is one of the best fitted mask I tried in terms of size.  It's a black cotton mask that adheres and conforms to my face nicely.  Pores are definitely minimized and my face was super duper hydrated.  One of the better fitted mask for my 'smallish' face

I am in love with the Brightening serum BB.  This is formulated with white ginseng, which brightens skin and white cloud grass, which protects skin from light and heat.  I tried ‘natural beige’. I wasn’t really sure to apply it as a serum or as a bb cream.  In the end, I used this as the last step of my morning skin routine.  It has a silky texture, glides on smooth, and set almost immediately like a serum.  With a pea size amount, my skin is dewy but not greasy, and it brightened my skin and gives just enough coverage for redness, discoloration and uneven skin tone.  It helped to minimize pores and gives a translucent appearance to skin and SPF 50 coverage. The stay power is pretty impressive after a ten hr day of work. $60 US for 1.01 oz, fairly comparable price for a luxury spf, and it has all the goodness of a brightening product! Have you tried this before?  

I’ve jumped on the double cleanse bandwagon with their Kyoto Cleanse.  Camellia cleansing oil is the first step.  It’s exceptionally lightweight (zero grease) and packed with nutrients of camellia (vitamins A, B, D and E and oleic acid), and melts away makeup.  Wash away with a splash of warm water, and follow by the rice enzyme powder (3 strength: gentle, classic and deep), made with the HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex (rice bran, green tea and red algae extracts). This product is activated by water and produces a paste.  This emulsifies and easily rinses clean without any effort or residue.  It contains the faintest trace of lovely rice powder fragrance.  I’m left with skin that’s purified, brightened and baby soft.  Do you use the double cleanse?  What are your favorite products? 

I love fermented skin care.  let me tell you why! Fermentation is a process whereby foods are soaked in salt water, allowing the growth of good bacteria.  Good bacteria generates lactic acids and creates B-vitamins, probiotics, Omega-3 fatty acids and beneficial enzymes, making food more nutrient-dense than in its unfermented state. Similar process is applied to fermented skin care products and it's suspected the yeast breaks down the active ingredients into smaller particles, resulting in nutrients, antioxidants,  minerals and actives that are far more rapidly absorbed by the skin.  Fermentation seems to superboost skin care products, thus more potent, and effective.  I tried the ASIS Hyaluronic Acid Essential.   It has a gentle floral scent, and applies as a hin essence that's not sticky and gentle for sensitive skin.  Used right after cleansing, it provides a great boost of hydration, preparing your face for the following steps.  My skin is loving this.  Do you have any fermented products in your skincare routine? 

This refreshing essence mask sheet contains lettuce and cucumber extracts rich in minerals, vitamins and moisture.  It also contains hyaluronic acid that provides skin with hydration and tautness.  This mask is slightly over-sized, but drenched with water essence.  I left this on for 30 minutes and it was still pretty soaked at removal.  My skin was soft and super moisturized with essence, which was absorbed over the next 10-15 minutes.  I woke up the next day with a glow on my skin, and it appears healthy and hydrated.  



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