I'm pretty new to the AB community but hopefully becoming wiser the more products I review!

I'm suffering from agoraphobia at the moment and through I'm learning to spend time on taking care of myself.

And if it has Gudetama on it, I want it :)

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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Oily
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Color Treated

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  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Ingredient Preference: Hyaluronic Acid, Oil-Free, Paraben-Free, Sulfate Free, Salicylic Acid, Tree Oil, Aloe
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I've been using this every morning for 3 weeks. It contains Crithmum Maritimum Callus Culture Filtrate and claims to help anti aging and reduce wrinkles.

The serum doesn't have any scent and is quite thick although doesn't feel it on my face. I only need one drop for my whole face and it absorbs pretty quickly. My biggest gripe is with the packaging... the pipette is very temperamental. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I haven't noticed much improvement with regards to wrinkles but it's possibly something that improves over time. Having said that, it's a decent serum. My skin feels soft and makeup applies well after but it hasn't vanished dry patches. I'll continue using but it's not outstanding enough for me to repurchase.
Thanks @amabiebeauty for sending my this to review 

First off, THE SCENT IS HEAVENLY. I couldn't work out what it is (apparently it's apples?) but I love it.

The mask comes on a pearl backing paper which is just as well because this material is super thin. Because of this, it really clings to the contours of my face and is almost a perfect fit (slightly too big on chin but is easily folded)

It was drenched in essence, I had it dripping down my neck, and there was about a tablespoon left in the packet. I wore the mask for about 30 mins and it was still pretty damp. The remaining essence absorbed into my skin, leaving a mostly matte finish.

I didn't notice much brightening but my face felt so hydrated and soft and stayed that way for the whole day. I hope they become more easily available to buy online, I need more in my stash...

Thanks @amabiebeauty for sending me this to review

The material is nice and thick and clings to the contours of my nose, the fit is perfect. More importantly, IT LOOKS AMAZING!

It had a vague scent (not strong at all) and felt cool on my eyes. After 25 mins the mask was quite dry. The effects were immediate: reduced puffiness and my skin looked hydrated. Definitely something to keep on hand for those "bleurgh" days!

Thanks again for @amabiebeauty for sending me this to review 

The mask is on a pearl backing sheet so application was easy and while the overal size was quite large on me, the cut outs were perfect.

It has a really pleasant scent, I can't put my finger on it but it was fresh and the material was thickish.

I had it on for 30 mins and it was mostly dry. My skin immediately looks brighter and feels smooth and hydrated. It did dry a little tacky but by morning my skin was matte and super soft.

Thanks again to 
@amabiebeauty for sending me this mask to review     

I was pretty excited to try this one  because although I knew it was "invisible" I didn't realise it was so literal - ITS INCREDIBLE! The salmon caviar extract and collagen claim to deeply moisturise the skin countering signs of aging and fine lines.


 The first thing I noticed when I opened the pack was the scent, it is quite perfumed. It's not unpleasant but it's there. The mask itself comes with a pearl backing which definitely made application easier however it was still quite fiddly what with the amount of essence and the delicate nature of the mask. 


The fit is phenomenal! When I first put it on I thought it was too small but because the material is so pliable it was easy to stretch over the contours of my face and, once in place, was like a second skin. There was about half a teaspoon of essence left in the packet.


I left it on for roughly 30 mins by which time it was pretty dry. It took about 5 mins to full absorb into my skin leaving it matte and soft (perfect before makeup). Overall my my skin looks brighter with a more even tone.


It's literally a miracle cream! I always get an angry rash beard the day after epilating, masking and other snail creams work to a point but I needed something to take away the redness and reduce the bumps... THIS IS THE GEL TO DO ALL THAT.


I used it immediately after, then a couple of nights and mornings after. The redness reduced straight away! The bumps were significantly fewer the day after! By the second day my skin was completely clear! This is my new holy grail for any kind of skin irritation. Love love love ❤❤❤

This jelly mask is a clear thick gel that claims to be whitening (alpha-arbutin), moisturising (sodium hyaluronate) and can minimise fine lines. It's recommended for oily, dry or prematurely aging skin.


The jelly itself is a clear and quick thick gel although it feels light on the skin. There's no scent and comes with a spatula for easy application. I applied a thin layer (they suggest 0.3mm thickness) all over my face and left it for 30 mins, then used the spatula to scrape from the outside of my face inwards. This helps exfoliate any clogged pores that the mask has softened. Once the majority of the mask is off, I rinsed my face.


I've used this mask 4 times and while I haven't noticed a massive difference in my fine lines, my face is immediately brighter and feels deeply cleaned.

This mask is part of the Secret Garden range and claims to be anti aging and improves rough skin over time which is perfect for me right now (hello 30's)


The black mask material is incredibly soft yet thick and stretchy which means there's no tenting around my nose and it adheres like a second skin. The fit is quite wide so it covers my whole face and comes with pearl paper backing making application super easy. The scent is lightly floral and there was about a teaspoon of essence left in the packet.


After 25 mins I removed the mask and it was still pretty wet. I patted in the essence which absorbed perfectly with no tackiness within a couple of minutes leaving a great smooth base for makeup. My skin looks brighter and softer with reduced redness immediately.


I really enjoyed this mask and fully intend on purchasing the whole range :)


(I was sent this product for the purposes of reviewing)


I was gifted this by Elizavecca in exchange for an honest review :)


This pack comes with a spatula which is just as well since the texture is INCREDIBLY sticky. It's quite a thick cream but it feels surprisingly light once it's on the skin and not greasy at all. It's worth noting a little goes a loooooong way - this tub will last forever!


This mask isn't specifically a sleeping pack but that's how I find it works best for me. Due to the high snail mucus filtrate (80%), it does leave my skin lightly tacky so not great to use in the morning. I've used it nightly for about 2 weeks and I really like it!


By the morning my skin is soft and even toned with no sign of oiliness.  If you're a fan of snail products, I recommend trying this out :)

Firstly, this smells heavenly - really pleasant  strawberry yoghurt scent which isn't overly sweet and sickly.


The fit was just OK for me, a little on the large side but that maybe my overtly round face. It also has pearl backing sheet which made application easy.


I didn't have a lot of essence left in the packet but after reading other reviews, this may just be bad luck. There was only a couple a drops for my neck.


After 40 mins, the mask is still damp. My skin looks brighter and dries with no stickiness. When I woke up this morning my skin was still bright, soft and oil free.


The fit of this mask is perfect! I'm pretty sure it's the best I've tried. It has a light lavender scent, it's not overpowering but it is there during the wear time.


This mask is drenched in watery essence and there was a tonne left in the packet (enough for me to spill it on myself yet still have more than enough for neck and décolletage)


I wore it for 40 mins and it was still pretty wet when I removed it. After, my skin looks brighter and softer but more than that, I felt pampered and relaxed - I REALLY ENJOYED THIS MASK!


The essence left on my face took about 5 minutes to absorb with no stickiness. Due to the lavender oil, my face dried down matte so I think this would be perfect for use in the morning before makeup as a base. I'll be stocking up on more of there ASAP!

I love this... I LOVE THIS!!!! The smell is divine which isn't surprising since it's pretty much strawberry jam. The strawberry seeds and black sugar make a perfect exfoliater.


That in itself is enough for me to love this product. What I wasn't expecting is upon washing off after 15 mins, my skin feels amazing! Soft, clean and no tightness whatsoever.


My only issue is I want a much much much bigger pot because I never want to run out of this stuff!!!

I was sent this mask by Elizavecca in exchange for my honest opinion :)


This mask is saturated in essence and has a strong ginseng scent, it's not unpleasant at all and faded was the mask was on.


The masks fit wasn't too great, it's very large all over with big eye holes and was so drenched in essence, it dropped down my neck. I wore it for 35 mins and was still wet when I removed it.


The biggest problem for me was how tacky the essence left my skin. I used a sleeping mask after but I still felt sticky. My skin looked slightly brighter after but there was still redness. Unfortunately the pros didn't outweigh the cons :(


This mask is pretty good. It has a paper backing sheet which made it easy to apply and the fit was ok - the eyes were quite small and the lower half is on the large side for me.


There was no scent to the essence and no essence left in the pack once I removed the mask. Having said that, the mask itself was drenched! For the first 10 minutes it was dripping down my neck!


After 30 minutes I took it off and my skin was much brighter with reduced redness. I patted in the excess essence but it did leave a tacky/sticky residue. In the morning my skin was still bright and the stickiness had gone :)

I bought this mask purely based on the hype! I've tried one snail sheet mask before and wasn't impressed but I decided to try another going off reviews I'd read.


The mask is made of thick material and is a pale pink colour due to the red ginseng water in the essence. The fit was pretty good for me, the eyes are quite small tho so perhaps not so good for everyone. There isn't a discernible scent.


I left the mask on for 35 minutes and it was mostly dry. I attempted to pat in the excess essence but was left with a sticky residue. This is what put me off trying snail mucin masks originally HOWEVER it wasn't an awful feeling.


My skin was left plump and hydrated and the morning after was even better! I have oily skin but this morning my skin was matte but not dry as well as plump. So despite not really liking the tacky after-mask feeling, the results made it absolutely worth it :)


I was sent this by Amabie in exchange for my honest review and I really enjoyed it!


Its the first time I'd tried a 3D mask with a chin strap and I was kinda dubious about how it could fit but it was so comfortable. The only place it didn't fit perfectly was the sides of my nose but that's to be expected since it is stretched across that area.


It contains white peony and collagen and theres no really scent to the watery essence. There was more than enough left in the packet for neck/décolletage/shoulders


I left it on for 40 minutes and it was mostly dry when I took it off. Once I patted the excess essence into my skin my skin was left soft and bright with no tackiness.


I still had a little red around blemishes which is why I didn't give full mark but I'd still recommend this mask because it does provide radiance and brightening like it claims

This bundle contains 8 Everyday Bouncy facial masks, 8 Melt Me Softly nose strips and 1 Monthly New Feet foot exfoliation mask.


There is nothing NOTHING I do not like about this bundle! The face masks fit really well and have LOADS of essence on them. I wore it for 40 mins and my skin was left brighter and plump.


The nose strips are essence strips with lemon and herbs used to draw out all the nasties without ripping them out of your pores like with 3 step nose strips. It definitely tingled while I had it on for 15 mins but nothing super uncomfortable. I then wiped off all the nasties with a cotton bud and my nose was left clear and minimised pores.


The monthly foot masks were what I was most curious about as I'd never used anything like them before. I'd seen some horror stories where people feet were super sore after the skin peeled severely but these were so gentle. I left them on for 1 hr then rinsed and after 5 days I noticed slight peeling on my feet. They definitely looked gross for a couple of days but once most of the peeling was done they felt baby soft and that's not even an exaggeration! Definitely something I'm going to incorporate my skin care.


I plan on having a back up bundle at all times - THAT IS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! With its amazing products and beautiful packaging, what else could a lover ask for?!



I was kindly sent this by Amabie in exchange for my honest review :)


Matte Liquid Lips are definitely a favourite of mine and although this is far from a colour I would pick for myself (Chiffon Coral) I quite like the formula.


On application, the Lip Manicure is very pigmented but quite streaky. I had the best results by using my finger to dab the product on my lips. You do lose some of the pigment by doing this but you get an even coverage more like a tint. Like a tint, this liquid lip is long lasting like they claim, and dries down quickly to a matte that's not too drying.


It feels really comfortable to wear and is transfer proof. The wand could do with being a little longer but I also really like the cute packaging similar to a nail polish.


I would probably repurchase this myself although in a darker colour :)

This is my first experience with My Beauty Diary and I'm impressed :)


The mask has a backing sheet so the application is super easy. The fit is a little off though - it doesn't sit too flat around my nose and the lower half of the mask is too big but after a few folds, it was fine.


The essence is watery and has a mild fresh scent. There was enough left in the packet for neck, décolletage and shoulders. I left the mask on for about 30 mins, by which time it was mostly dry.


The essence left on my face took about 5 mins to absorb in but once it had, there was no stickiness or tackiness. After use my skin texture is a lot smoother and plump. Even a few frown lines are less noticeable!


Very happy with the results and I'll definitely repurchase :)

This is the first Tony Moly mask I've tried and I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype...I don't think it did :(


The fit was good and it adhered well. It has a milky essence with enough left in the pack for neck, décolletage and shoulders.


I kept it on comfortably for 40 mins and it was still wet when I removed it. It's difficult to tell what it did to my skin because I was so blindsided by how sticky it left my skin. It was a super unpleasant feeling of tackiness even after I applied the rest of my skincare.


Probably won't repurchase due to that reason alone :(

This is the second Naruko mask I've tried and I'm really impressed. The mask itself is well fitting and easy to apply with the pearl paper backing sheet.


The essence is watery and has quite a strong scent of, surprisingly, bitter melon! I personally liked the scent but it might be unpleasant for people sensitive to strong scents.


Once the mask was on, it did lightly tingle my skin, nothing uncomfortable though. I kept it on for 40 mins and it hadn't dried completely down.


Immediately after, my skin looked brighter and any blemishes were less red. Once the essence had been absorbed, my skin was so soft with no stickiness whatsoever AND THE NEXT DAY my skin was soft, smooth and oil free! Definitely lives up to the claims :)

I really enjoyed this mask! It has a pearl paper backing sheet which makes the application really easy and the fit is pretty good. Between my nose and mouth is a little bug but I've yet to find a mask that fits me there.


The mask is soaked in essence which has a pleasant fresh smell. I wore it for 40 mins. Once I removed it there was still a lot of essence to pat it but that dried down within 10 mins without ANY stickiness. 


This mask claims to regulate and balance oil secretion, tighten pores, remove dull & rough skin. My pores were definitely less visable and any redness in my skin was gone. My skin did feel a bit tight and dry but a sleeping mask sorted that out. 


Obviously I needed this with Halloween coming up! The packaging is super cute!


This is the first sleeping pack I've tried and I'm pretty impressed. The scent is really refreshing but not something that lingers. The consistency isn't a thick as I expected although that just means it absorbs into the skin quicker without stickiness. The vitamin A and beta-carotene from the pumpkin help provide a soft skin surface.


In the morning my skin is soft, moisturised and any redness has gone. It's not a miracle potion (hence only 4/5 and not full marks) but it's really pleasant to use and soothes any irritated skin or blemishes. 

I use this once or twice a week alongside the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam.


A little really does go a long way and it's not as severe as some scrubs I've used in the past. Depending on preference the less water added, the thicker the foam. Like the pore cleanser, it makes the skin squeaky clean but without any tightness or dry patches. My pores feel cleaner and my face feels smoother after using this so it's become a staple is my routine :)

I bought this along with the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam as a transition from my western glycolic facial cleanser and I'm so happy I did!


I was initially quite concerned because it has got a high pH but this is perfect for my oily skin. It's claims of deeply cleansing pores and gently exfoliating are true! I use it daily and haven't experienced any breakouts or bad reactions.


It leaves my skin squeaky clean which isn't the best feeling but it doesn't dry my skin or make it feel tight. 

I chose this mask to calm down an angry red rash I had and thought the soothing properties in green tea as well as the milk protein and aloe vera in this mask would help.


The mask itself is quite small (there's a good 2cm between the edge of the mask and the curve of my jaw) although the eye, nose and mouth holes fit perfectly. I didn't find there was a lot of essence left in the packet and the mask dried after about 20 mins. It has a pleasant but not overpowering scent.


The results were really good. All the redness from my rash had disappeared and it soothed my angry skin perfectly. There wasn't a lot of residual essence on my face but what was left quickly absorbed without any stickiness.


I will repurchase and keep a stash of these in case I get angry skin again!

These came as a pack of 5 and are packaged with a backing sheet which made the application really easy. The fit itself was very good although the eyeholes were quite small.


It adhered well and I had it on for about 40 mins but even then it was only dry under my nose, other than that it was still wet with the thickish essence. I patted the remainder into my skin and within a few minutes it was absorbed.


The essence itself contains edelweiss extract for soothing, nourishing and moisturising the skin as well as fighting aging AND nicotonic acid to increase skin vitality and even out skin tone. This really lives up to the claims and my skin looked brighter and my skin tone was even.


I really enjoyed this mask and the results matched the claims. I definitely recommend!

I bought these in the hopes of improving the couple of wrinkles under my eye and helping me feel more awake on those "urgh" days AND THEY REALLY WORK!!!


These are gel masks that go just under the eye and curve up to reach crows feet. Because they're gel, they're quite delicate to get out but once they're on, they're easy to position. 


The masks contain collagen to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and smooth out the skin around the eye. They feel really cooling to have on and I left them on for 20 minutes. Because of the essence and gel material, they easily adhere to the skin and I was able to go about my business without the falling off.


Although the result wasn't drastic, there was definitely an improve to my skin and the fine lines appeared plumped up. My eyes felt less tired and overall I just looked more awake. I plan to use these twice a week for a more long term improvement.


I will 100% repurchase!

I'll be honest and admit I initially bought this for the Gudetama design...BUT THEN it became a makeup staple because it's so good.


I use this after my BB cream and it mattifies and fills my pores like nothing I've ever used before! The puff makes it a really easy and even application, and it leaves my skin so smooth and soft. Even on days I'm not wearing makeup, I'll still use this for sebum and oil control.


I'd recommend this for everyone but especially if you have oily skin. It sets my make up and I only have to top it up once at the most during the day. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

These are the sort of products I like having around but don't use all that often. If you suffer from small blemishes, these probably won't have much effect. However if you get occasional hormonal spots, this may help.


They come in a 16 sticker pack: 8 large patches and 8 medium patches. You apply them to cleansed skin and leave on for 8 - 12 hours, so I leave them on overnight if I notice a spot trying to break through.


I don't feel like the patches stop the spot from emerging but it seems to make them appear and go quicker. The patches themselves contain tea tree leaf oil so it keeps the site clean and dries it up.


They're handy for angry spots, they stop more bacteria getting in but don't expect them to make it disappear. I do like these patches but there are probably more effective spot patches available.

This was one of the first Korean beauty products I ever tried and it's still a go to mask for me.


Since my main problem is my nose and cheek pores, I only use this across that area. It's a nice thick texture and really easy to apply. It has a very light scent which I can't quite pinpoint but it smells pleasant and "clean".


After cleansing, I apply it to a dry face and leave for 10 - 15 minutes (it's usually dry by then) and rinse of with luke warm water. I do this once or twice a week.


Although the results aren't immediate and drastic, I've definitely noticed a tightening in my pores over the months I've been using it and it leaves my face soft and smooth. I'd recommend this as a light treatment for large pores.

I bought these as a 13 mask set for £10 so they're definitely value for money. That being said, they are not as effective as some of the other brands I've tried.


The fit of the mask is far too big for me but they're generally soaked in enough essence for the mask to be malleable and stick to my face through out, with what's left in the packet for my neck and chest. I usually keep the mask on for about 45 minutes and pat in the residual essence.


As for claims of brightening/moisturising/firming, they're not so noticeable. My skin does feel hydrated the morning after but nothing more. 


Overall I did enjoy these masks, they smell really nice and there is an odd few that stand out (pomegranate was my favourite). If you're looking for a specialised treatment, these probably aren't for you but if you want something cheap and cheerful, it's worth giving these a go.

I've been on a mission to clear up and minimise my blocked pores around my nose area and thought the Etude House Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam would be a good place to start.


I applied a small amount to my face with a wet face brush. It does what it says and becomes a thick foam but it's very severe. I don't have sensitive skin but this did make my skin red. It left my skin squeaky clean which isn't comfortable at all however I felt like it did clear my pores.


I now use it daily but only on my nose and it has made a difference to my pores.

This is one of Elizavecca's cult products and, having oily skin with areas of blocked pores, I wanted to try it out.


The mask itself is grey (it contains 4% charcoal) and quite thick with a "clean" scent but easy to apply. After cleansing, I applied a thin layer all over my face except for the usual eyes, nose and mouth and left it to dry for 15 - 20 minutes. 


It dried completely within the 20 minutes and I peeled the mask off painlessly from my chin upwards. This way gets the best results. Once off, I could see the mask had removed quite a few sebaceous filaments and a couple of white head (along with a whole bunch of facial hair!) I then rinsed my face with lukewarm water.


My skin felt incredibly clean and soft afterwards but it did leave my cheeks a little red for a few minutes, which is very unusual for me as I don't have sensitive skin. Since then I mainly use the mask on my trouble areas like my nose and chin unless I want a deep clean. I use the mask on my nose and chin weekly and I've not had any kind of "reaction" since.


Although this may not be the most effective pore mask on the market it's definitely a good one to try out!

I've never tried nose pore strips before so when I decided to give it a go, I went with Holika Holika Pig-nose clear 3-Step kit because I'd seen a lot of on YouTube.

I have a couple of large pores on my nose and use quite a few products to minimise them so I wasn't expecting a great deal from the kit. 

The first step is to prep your pores for the extraction. You keep the strip on for 15 - 20 minutes. It felt like an intense tingling sensation and when I removed it, it really did seem to draw out the sebaceous filaments.

Next you apply the nose strip to wet skin. This will dry in 10 - 15 mins and it is then ready to remove. This was the step I was expecting to sting HOWEVER it didn't hurt whatsoever. I'd say the first step was more uncomfortable. The strip itself removed a few whiteheads and sebaceous filaments but no blackheads.

The last step is to close pores back up and soothe the skin.


Overall, I'm really happy with the result and I'll be repurchasing. Although it didn't remove EVERY blocked pore, it was definitely an improvement and my nose felt so much smoother. This is a treatment I'll do every 3 - 4 weeks as I exfoliate and use pore masks throughout the week, this is more of a deep treatment.

I've been using the Elizavecca Witch Piggy Hell Pore Control serum every morning for about a week, after the Milky Piggy Hell Pore Cleanup AHA Fruit Toner. Two drops from the pipette is enough to cover my face and neck and this absorbs REALLY quickly. 

This doesn't have a scent at all and is nice and thick in texture however doesn't feel heavy on the skin. In fact, it doesn't feel like I've got anything on at all.

After only a week I've noticed a massive change in the texture of my skin. My pores are noticeably smaller, especially on my nose which is my problem area. It's so soft and not so oily, even in the morning. I feel like the rest of my skincare absorbs much faster now as a result AND my makeup has a smoother finish. 


This was my first product from Elizavecca and I'll definitely be repurchasing!

The Elizavecca Hell Pore Cleanup AHA Fruit Toner is the first AHA toner I've used (although I already have glycolic acid facewash/overnight mask/exfoliate in my skincare routine) and when I first used it, it did tingle quite a bit. This is normal when you initially use it and has since completely subsided unless I have spots.

The smell is a bit hit and miss for some people and it is pretty strong but I really like it. It's definitely fruity and quite sweet. It does absorb quickly though so the scent doesn't linger.

I use it along with the Hell Pore Control serum and after only a week I've noticed a massive change in the texture of my skin. My pores are noticeably smaller, especially on my nose which is my problem area. My skin has become so soft and not so oily, even in the morning. I feel like the rest of my skincare absorbs much faster now as a result AND my makeup has a smoother finish.

Along with the Hell Pore Control serum, I'll definitely be repurchasing!



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