About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Other - non-beauty
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Natural, Oil-Free, Mineral, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

I think face masks from Japan are generally more thick. This one does not fit my face well and it's not super moisturizing. I feel like it's not effective. 

The face mask is not too thin it's refreshing, my skin became clear and bright without feeling greasy. It's pretty cheap, recommend it to people who is on budget.

This is a savior if you have damaged hair, squeeze a huge amount after you wash your hair and apply it for about 1 minute. Then after you blow dry you will have nice smooth soft hair, it's cheap and great! 

This mask is sold in drug stores, the price is reasonable and I love the texture. It keeps my skin refreshed and I think it whitened my skin a little bit.

This cream is cheap and the scent comforts me, it's absorbing so I use it during winter when my skin is dry. Definitely my go to product for smooth and white skin. It's worth every penny. 

This natural lipbalm contains olive oil and has no additives. I don't like the smell but it nourishes my lips, covers my lip wrinkles and not expensive. 

I highly recommend this sunscreen, the texture is just like water but it's super absorbing and has high SPF. Great to use during summer but you have to re-apply oftenly. 

The texture is thick and sticky so it's not refreshing, and it does not absorb well and the effect is not obvious.

This is a balance toner, it's refreshing and I usually use it to sooth my skin from the sun. I would use more to sooth my acnes. 

You should use this after toner before essence. It contains primera, I think this is too greasy to use alone, if you use it with moisturizing toners it'll help to sooth little pimple and huge pores. It's expensive but I still recommend it. 

I highly recommend this nose peeling mask, but it's abit more expensive in Taiwan. It's really cleansing, everytime I peel off all the blackheads on my nose I feel really satisfied. It has 3 steps : 1:Exfoliate 2:Cleanse 3:Tighten pores. It's very important to tighten your pores after cleasing. I love this design, so worthed. 

The texture is refreshing, absorbing with a great comforting scent. It makes my hands soft and smooth. The price is affordable, recommend this to people who has rough hand skin. 

After long term use, I think my skin became more firm, bright and soft. I do think this is too nourishing for me, it's better to use it during winter or for people with drier skin. 

This hair oil is designed for damaged perm or dye hair. The texture is very oily and nourishing, it calms my frizzy hair and makes it more shiny. The light scent also calms me. I recommend this for people with damaged hair who seeks for treatment.

What's special about this shampoo is the scent stays on my hair for a long time. The scent is still on my hair after the whole night and until the end of next day. It's very refreshing and my hair does not get greasy easily, it also gives my hair a nice shine with a smooth soft touch. 

When I get tanned by the sun, it's very hard for me to turn white again, so I focus on both moisturizing and whitening. This mask is mild and fits perfect on my face, and my face definitely became brighter

When it comes to lipcare, lipbalm is not enough. This jelly lipmask is filled with essence so it helps to keep my lips moisturized and keeps my lips red.

I have very dry lips, so I always keep my lipbalm with me. This lipbalm is so cute, I love the sweet peach scent. It's very nourishing! Great to have. 

This lipstick is so cute and great to use. It also nourishes my lips so it won't go dry and it's cheap. You can have lovely and nourishing lips all at once, so worthed. 

The powder lathers into fine bubbles with water, the wash is very mild, not only it cleanses my skin it also whitens my face. The price is affordable.

My T area get oily very easily, sometimes blemishes stuffed in my skin and turns into acnes. That's why cleansing is very important to me, this face mask wash is very cleansing, I let it rest on my face for 15 minutes befroe wash and all the dirt in my face are gone. My skin became clean and clear which is very comfortable. 

This is my secret weapon for summer, your skin might get fragile because of the flaring sun, I usually apply a thick layer for 5-10 minutes then wash it off. It gives me clear and hydrated skin. 

This essence helps to get rid of imflammtion of your acnes, remember to shake the bottle before use for all the texture to mix well. Apply the essence after your daily skincare routine with a Q-tip and your acnes will me better the next day 

The lotion is refreshing and very absorbing, I have sensitive skin so I'm very picky with lotions, I only use refreshing ones. This is great for sensitive combination skin! 

This is basically a toner, I get acnes and oily T area easily because I have sensitive combination skin, that's why I have to use this. The toner is refreshing, when I got exposed under hot sun or work late, I would use this toner to sooth my skin, it helps to redeuce the oil and acne on my skin. And it's affordable!!!!! If you have sensitive skin you should consider this one. 

This essence is very refreshing, the texture is very absorbing and it hydrates my skin. It helps to improve my combination sensitive skin. 

I would apply the mask and let it rest for 10 minutes then wash it off. It hydrates and whitening my face because the mask contains rice extract, my face becomes white and clear everytime I use it. Great to just during summer, sooths and whitens my skin. 

The color is natural and sets very well, the texture is easy to blend but I have oily T area so I smudges abit in the evening. I think this is better for people with dry skin. 

Soak the cotton pad with the makeup remover and rest it on your eyes or lips for 10~30 second then you can clean the makeup very easily. This product is refreshing, mild and very cleansing. The price is also affordable, I recommend it. 

This is a blackhead nose peel, it has a light green tea scent and it's mild. The peel helps to clean my blackheads, the price is cheap and great, I highly recommend it. 

I highly recommend this brow gel because the color is similar to my hair. The color is very natural, easy to use and it was long lasting, I recommend it. 

It's very cleansing and gives me white skin. I have sensitive combination skin so my cheeks feels abit dry after wash, I would only use this during summer when my face gets oily. 

This product should be used after toner, it helps to repair your skin and makes your skin easier to absorb skincare products. I used it and think it's great, my skin condition has improved. But the price is abit high. 

This lotion is available in drug stores, it helps to calm my skin for a short period of time. It's not very oil blotting or whitening. 

I highly recommend this hand cream, it's very absorbing and nourishes my hands. The texture is not greasy or sticky, it's rose scent makes me relax. After long term use, you will get soft smooth hands. 

My face feels dry everytime I use this, it's not very effective and leaves residue on my face so I have to use a towel to get it off. I do not recommend it. 

I highly recommend this essence, it's not cheap but its so great. The eesence can help to reduce acnes and lighten dark spots, and my skin became brighter after long term use. 

This is a repairing facemask, the thin sheet sticks on my face very well. The essence can lighten the scars and shrink my pores effectively, it's not cheap but worthed. 

When I use it as a spray, it feels very comfortable and it's oil blotting. But when I apply it on a cotton pad it irritates my skin, too harsh for my sensitive skin. 

I have acne problem because of my combination sensitive skin, so I try to avoid using lotions. This lotion is not very refreshing but it's very oil blotting, when I have acnes I'll apply a thick layer and the next day my acnes have greatly reduce ( Pair it with Tea tree oil will be more effective) And this lotion also lightens the scars on my face, very worthed. 

This is a cleansing towelette, it has a nice tea tree scent, it does the job and very convenient. But my skin feels abit irritated, maybe it's because of my sensitive skin. 

The moisturizing spray is full of mineral agents, you can use it with your makeup on and have to worry about smudging. It helps to moisturizing my skin and make it easier for me to re-apply my makeup. After long term use it can change your water balance on your skin and reduce the oiliness 

I have combination sensitive skin, so I get acnes really easily, but this tea tree oil is amazing, calms and cools down the acnes on my skin, and the oil is very absorbing, I can see me acnes reduces alot the next day 

This is a gel texture toner, it's very easy to blend and absorbing. So moisturizing especially during winter, I have hydrated skin all day. It has gold flaske in the texture, gives my skin nice glow and shine. 

It's a clear gel texture, it's very cooling and comfortable, helps to sooth my eye area, lighten my fine lines and dark circles. I highly recommend it, but it doesn't stay on my skin very well sometimes. 

This is a essence and lotion combined skincare product, Im using the No.3, it's very lightweight and moisturizing. Calms my skin and the texture absorbs very quickly, it can also help to lighten my dark spots. 

This is a reparing toner, when I have blmishes or redness I would use this with a cotton pad immediately, it helps to sooth my skin, great for sensitive skin too. 

I've used so many different face masks, but they don't really have any effect. This face mask is full of essence, it makes my skin very smooth, and gives me a natural glow the next day just like I'm putting on makeup. And it does not irritate my sensitive skin, very comfortable. 

I have very dry lips, so I need lipbalm with me 24/7, this lipbalm is very nourishing, apply at night and have moisturized lips the next day, I highly recommend it. 

Because of my combination sensitive skin, I've used alot of different cleansing products. I highly recommend this face wash powder, add some water then it will lather into thick soft bubbles, it's very comfortable and cleansing, does not make my skin tight, so great. 

This is a healthy toner face mask, you can use it everyday. It helps to moisturize and sooth your skin, but it does not stay on my face very well, and it's not cheap. 

This is a healthy toner face mask, you can use it everyday. It helps to moisturize and sooth your skin, but it does not stay on my face very well, and it's not cheap. 

This lotion is so special, I use it before toner, it help the toner to absorb better. The texture is very refreshing, after using for one week, my skin condition greatly improved. 

I use this with a face mask, it's great gives me glowing skin. 

I usually drip the essence on a cotton pad and apply it to my face, very effective, it gives me bright clear skin. 

This is the first time I bought this from the drug store, it's very oil controling , great for girls who first start to learn about makeup. 

Great for every skin type, the texture is refreshing and absorbing, easy to carry with me, I can get moisturized anytime. 

It's very moisturizing and easy to blend, but the downside is I have to re-apply many times. 

Because of it's expensive price, I'm very careful with the amount everytime. It's absorbing, and I use this with medicine for my acnes, they get better the next day. 

This BB cream gives me good even color payoff, but maybe because I have combination skin, it starts to smudge after 1-2hours. 

I think it cleanses very well, but it makes my cheeks very tight, maybe it's not for combination skin. 

I have sensitive combination skin so I get acnes easily, after trying this product I don't think it's for me. 

Super hydrating and oil blotting, also it sooths my skin. It's lightweight and absorbing I highly recommend it, the price is abit high though. 



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