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  • Ethnicity: African/Black/Caribbean
  • Skin Tone: Dark
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Curly
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Nigeria
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

Last nights mask was Red Ginseng Deep Power Ringer mask pack by Elizavecca. This mask is meant to be nourishing, wrinkle improvement and improve skin tone. The mask fabric is quite thin and stretchy and fits really well and was very comfortable to wear and no dripping. The essence is slightly viscous and clear and has that strong earthy ginseng smell I love. I left in on for 40 minutes and it still showed no signs of drying. It was very moisturising and made my skin really soft and very bright but left an oily sticky finish which wasn't a problem as I've come to expect this from ginseng masks and i used it right before bed time so win win. Really lovely mask but might be too much for oily skin types. I received this product from the brand in exchange for my honest opinion.

Spoiler alert this mask is 💣💣💣 It is a three step mask. Elizavecca pore solution super elastic mask pack for whitening and improvement of wrinkles contains nourishing essence, glutathione, EGF and gold birds nest extract to help restore skin's pore care and elasticity. First step is the face wash which was really creamy and soft, had a nice fresh scent and felt comfortable on my skin, foamed really well and, afterwards there was no dryness. Second step is the serum which was gel like, also had a light fresh scent, absorbed easily despite the generous amount I used and left my face smooth and soft. The third step is a black sheet mask. Black masks are infused with charcoal to draw out impurities from the pores, the fabric is soft with lots of lightly scented, juicy watery essence and no dripping. I had this on for 40 minutes and when I took it off I was completely taken by surprise! Honestly I always think of elizavecca as gimmicky but this mask... wow... if you look properly at my skin in the video you can see a nice glow at the end (sorry I forgot to take a selfie). It made my skin so smooth and not just to the touch but visually also, I never notice my pores but this made pores, scars, bumps look like they had been smoothened out. And the glow... it didn't disappear, I kept glancing in the mirror and admiring my skin. This three step mask was perfect and I didn't need any more products after. The effects lasted till the next morning And well into the afternoon. I would definitely buy this again. Ermmm about the video... I haven't gone mad I've just always wanted to be a ninja. This product was sent to me by @elizavecca_ for review. The review is my honest opinion

When I think of Elizavecca I think of skincaretainment and efficacy. And this product definitely has the brands signature fun factor stamped all over it. This is the Kangsi pack infused with 24k gold powder extract to promote smooth radiant skin. It claims to balance the skins natural hydration levels to keep the skin at its healthiest and produce visible results after just one use. Notable ingredients are * Gold slows down collagen depletion, increases skins elasticity, lightens skin complexion, improves blood circulation and can calm acne inflammation * lavender which has antiseptic and anti fungal properties. It helps to regulate sebum, balance oil production and speed up wound healing. * Contains various berries and berries have anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties. * Propolis speeds up wound healing, it is also anti bacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic and anti inflammatory. * Licorice is used for brightening and also an anti irritant. * Adenosine is a molecule that is the main source of energy for cellular functions and is capable of boosting levels of proteins e.g collagen. * Also contains rosemary, thyme, ceramides and hydrolysed collagen. * Use 2-3 times a week. The product comes in a tube, squeeze out enough to spread over the face, it has a pleasant soapy smell that's not over powering and has a thick gel consistency. Starts out as a nice golden colour but a few seconds later starts turning white and by the end of the recommended 20 minutes it's completely dry and white. It doesn't feel tight or uncomfortable I actually forget I have it on. I can move my facial muscles and make funny faces. It's really easy to wash unlike the carbonated piggy clay mask. This leaves my face really smooth and soft and very noticeably brightened. I don't have a problem with visible pores so I didn't notice them. For the whole day my face remains smooth, soft and soothed. I wore make up and my face did not get as oily as it usually does after long hours. I think this delivered great results! Watch my low quality video 🙈 (bear with me I'm still learning). @elizavecca_

Ofcourse I have to talk about my snail boo Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. My one true love ❤❤❤ ( hope Mr Seoul.fleur isn't reading this)

This product claims "to protect skin from moisture loss to keep skin smooth and healthy without use of heavy oils". It's an essence but the texture is viscous so where does this fit in the routine? I usually follow the thick to thin rule so after my thinner layers I.e FTE, Toner and watery essence.

The packaging is simple and clean, the pump is very thoughtful and hygienic and so good that it gets every last bit of product at the bottom, you know how annoying it is when you get to the bottom of a bottle you can clearly see there's product left but can't reach it!

The ingredient list is very minimal with main ingredient at the top
* Snail secretion filterate 96% known for its skin repairing properties and also increases the skin's ability to hold water (humectant ). It also has anti microbial and anti oxidant properties.
* Sodium hyaluronate is a well known humectant that helps the skin attract moisture and can hold upto 1000x it's weight in water.
* Panthenol an alcohol form of Vit B5 that has humectant properties and also ability to stimulate growth of fibroblasts, these are cells that are responsible for making the extra cellular matrix and collagen.
Swipe to see full ingredient list

Instructions say to apply heavily on cheeks and light on the forehead. For under eye tap as if playing piano (I never could co ordinate my fingers to play the piano) I have read that due to the delicate nature of under eye, to use the weakest finger to tap which is the ring finger.

Other than a bit of skincaretainment (swipe to see) this is not an exciting product BUT in my humble opinion Cosrx definitely snailed this product. It doesn't lighten scars, or brighten skin or prevent acne I use other products for what's the point you ask? Well this product brings such comfort once it touches my skin, it banishes any dryness, calms any irritations and makes my breakouts less painful (my forehead can attest to that). (Continue in comments)

  • Whamisa is a brand that uses certified organic ingredients and focuses on double fermentation to break down ingredients in order to increase concentration of nutrients and anti oxidants, thereby enhancing penetration into skin layers for maximum benefits. 
    This toner comes in a sturdy frosted glass bottle with beautiful floral etchings that adds to the luxury of this product. 
    A hydrating toner that's slightly thicker than water, with a nice slip that goes on smoothly and absorbs completely without stickiness or residue.

    I use this in my toner step but due to the texture and fermented goodness, can be used as a first treatment essence or essence. Sometimes I use it as all of the above (tip: this is great for seven skin method if your skin is feeling dry or just needs a little pampering) 
    The first ingredient is aloe leaf extract and water is excluded from the formula so it's safe to assume your skin is getting maximum fermented TLC. Other ingredients include extracts of, chrysanthemum, rice, cucumber, lactobacillus, broccoli, aloe, green tea, dandelion, lotus, peony, galactomyces and licorice. Seriously who wouldn't want this making sweet love to their skin? Plus all these have been proven to have soothing nourishing, anti inflammatory properties and can stimulate growth and repair.

    These come together to give it a gorgeous earthy, flowery, scent with lemon grass standing out for me, that always uplifts my mood. Sometimes I open the bottle just to sniff it... Although a small bottle of 120 ML, it lasts many months because the texture and incredible list of concentrated, fermented extracts means a little goes a long way, I only need to use 3 or 4 drops for my whole face. 
    I think all skin types and people interested in organic products will benefit from this products. It is also nice to use even on the hottest afternoon for deep,light and lasting hydration. Continue in comments...
  • seoul.fleurThis is an amazing product that brings joy into my routine. If you are not sensitive to any of the extracts or alcohol and you love soft, bouncy, chok chok skin, then this is definitely worth a try.

his is the Papa Recipe Bombee Whitening Honey mask that contains diamond powder, and glutathione to nourish and smooth the skin thereby making your skin vibrant, bright and crystal clear. 💎Glutathione Is a powerful anti oxidant produced naturally in body that prevents cellular damage caused by free radicals and also used in skin care as a safe skin lightning ingredient. 💎Niacinamide is third on the ingredients list, and finally the other ingredients appear in the middle of the list after various fillers. These ingredients include sodium hyaluronate, honey extract, propolis extract, royal jelly extract, diamond powder, glutathione, licorice root extract, green tea extract, finger extract, and grapefruit extract. 💎The essence was slightly viscous and clear, and had that signature papa recipe sweet honey smell. And there was lots of it left to rehydrate the mask because I didn't want to take it off. 💎the sheet material was thin with a plastic backing that fit well except for the tiny mouth hole which makes me pucker my lips. 💎 there's no way I will use this mask for 20 mins so I left it on for an hour. When I took it off, the essence absorbed after patting and left a slightly tacky finish. My skin was soft, smooth and plump but I wasn't really impressed with the whitening claim and at this point I was thinking this was a bit of a dud... 💎I'm glad I waited though because when I woke up this morning and washed my face and looked in the mirror... wow... my face was whiter and shining bright like a diamond 💎( come on you knew that song was coming 🙃) Didn't last the whole day ofcourse but I'm glad this papa recipe mask turned out to be just as good as the original!

 I'm using papa recipe bombee black honey mask pack. Main ingredients include propolis and Manuka extracts, also royal jelly extract, ceramics and licorice root extract.

The black fabric is soft but the mouth hole is too small and the fit is a bit too small for my face. 
The essence is thin and watery and has that signature papa recipe sweet smell that lingers while masking and after I've taken it off. Yummmm🍯

This dries down to a matte finish and leaves my face hydrated and visibly brighter. I'm glad I used this tonight I'd almost forgotten how good this mask is.

I'm using Arbutin intense brightening mask by Naruko. I've used this before so I i knew it would be perfect for day masking. 
This mask is intended to brighten, soothe, and hydrate to restore healthy and translucent complexion.

Noteable ingredients include: Aloe leaf juice, Niacinamide, Daisy flower extract, white Mulberry extract, Sodium hyaluronate, Arbutin, and ceramides (swipe for full list)

The mask fabric is a thick cotton that comes with a plastic backing for easier application.

It fits really well with slits for adjustment, it just looks bunched up because I'm not used to applying a mask while recording. The essence is thin and watery with no discernible smell.

I used this mask for 30 mins, it felt soothing and a little bit tingly. when I took it off it was still damp. There was a little brightening, the essence absorbed quickly without any tackiness to leave a smooth matte finish. My face feels refreshed and smooth hours later. This makes it a nice day mask and an affordable everyday mask.

 I've recently started using this light weight sherbet cream by @skinfactory_official and I'm really enjoying it.
Like the name says it's a sherbet like cream, really light, feels cool and watery when it goes on which is perfect for hot days, absorbs immediately, and smells light and sweet 🍭. The product claims to be an all in one moisturising cream for whitening and wrinkle improvement. Formulated with Hawaiian water, pearl extracts, niacinamide, adenosine, sage leaf extract, centella asiatica. It has an impressive list of ingredients, Swipe to see full ingredients lists.

Although I can't verify the whitening or anti wrinkle claim, this is a pleasure to use even on the hottest days due to the fresh light weight, cool watery texture. 
I received this product from @skinfactory_official In exchange for my honest reviews

Dr Jart Dermask Micro Jet Brightening solution is a microbfiber sheet mask. It's on the thick side but fits great and hugs my face, although a bit short on the forehead.

The essence is a light creamy texture with herbal orange scent? I think... Main ingredients are Glutathione which is a potent anti oxidant tri-peptide molecule that's evens skin tone and brightens discoloration. Niacinamide +bisabolol brightens skin and lightens complexion.

I had this on for fourty mins but could have kept on longer. There was a slight tingling that wasn't unpleasant. My skin looks lighter, there's an obvious line where the mask covered and where it didn't. I'm surprised the creamy essence absorbed completely with no residue to a matte finish. My face looks nice and glowy.

This is leaders insolution coconut water gel Luminous mask with 30% coconut water and Sea buckthorn berry extract. Other notable ingredients include Niacinamide, chamomile extract, sugar maple extract.

It's a bio cellulose sheet that has double plastic backing to make it easy to apply. Initial slipping but body heat warmed it and it fit snugly after and the fit was perfect. Lots of juicy, sweet smelling, clear syrupy essence with no dripping. 
The luminous claim is no joke... when I took it off my face had a nice glow and felt really soft and the texture looked visibly smoother and brighter and looked moisturized but not greasy. 
To think in the beginning I didn't like this mask material and now I want more of them! I'd love some suggestions on other leaders masks I should try.

I've been hoarding these masks since last last year but it has a little bit of purple in it so here goes. This is the Arbutin + lithospermum essence mask. Lithospermum has been used for centuries in Japan for its healing, anti inflammatory and anti septic properties. Arbutin is used as a skin lightening agent it inhibits tyrosinase and prevents the formation of melanin. This mask was a thick cotton fabric. The fit was good with Lots of slits for adjustment and flaps for the eyes. The essence was clear and syrupy and strong fruity smell. The mask started drying after about 20 minutes. I left it on for thirty minutes. My face was hydrated and a little brighter. It was an okay mask the package is more impressive than the actual mask

I'm using L'herboflore Rose Water Refining Hydromask.

To think i almost didn't get this mask! This is one of the most relaxing masks I've used. 
Ingredients include Aloe lead extract, Cucumber fruit extract, Rose flower water and Hyaluronic acid. The fabric is a soft thin cotton and the fit was perfect. 
Lots of thin watery essence... the smell... this is what a rose product should smell like (eyeing you Body Shop rose mask). At first when i opened it I thought the smell was non existent cause it was so faint. But when I put it on the light floral scent kept wafting towards my nose and made using this mask such a relaxing experience m. The smell didn't fade for the hour I had it on. I really didn't want to take this off.

Results... my face was so soothed, felt cool to the touch, was visibly brighter and had a nice healthy glow. This mask makes me see what the hype is about this brand and I can't wait to use more variety.

This is the skinfactory 2 step night solution. Consists of a cleansing pad and ampoule.

Main ingredients are : Hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, adenosine, oat kernel extract, lotus extract, liquorice extract, green tea extract, tomato extract, allantoin, resveratrol, urea, and arginine. 
The cleansing pad has a creamy essence with the embossed side for exfoliation and a smooth side to pat in the essence. The ampoule was clear with no discernible scent and absorbed easily. 
After using this my face feels smooth and hydrated with no stickiness. I didn't get any adverse reaction from using this which is always a plus. I think this is convenient for lazy days, quick routine or traveling. 
This was provided to me by @skinfactory_offical In exchange for my honest review. Thank you for the opportunity

 adore this Berrisom water bomb jelly mask -whitening. Contains orange and peach and smells citrusy and absolutely delicious! Niacinamide is fourth on the ingredient list.

It is drenched in lots of delicious smelling jelly essence that thickens when you put in the fridge and feels extremely cool and soothing when on and not too heavy. The fabric is gauze like, extremely soft and comfortable to wear and fits really well. 
I had this on for forty minutes and when I took it off it was still damp. The essence takes a few minutes to absorb and leaves a very slight tacky finish. But this mask really brightens! It leaves my skin looking very clear and my skin is really soft and moisturised. This is probably to heavy for daytime use on a hot afternoon but such a lovely mask.

 I've chosen Etude House smoothening and firming snail mask.

This was a soft cotton fabric that was comfortable to wear, mouth hole was too small for me. Essence was a thin milky lotion with a light fresh scent. I had it on for 30 mins, took a few minutes for the essence to fully absorb and left my face a little brighter and moisturised.

Manyo factory Bifidalacto wrap mask 10X because hydrogels make me happy and this mask contains pumpkin and pumpkin leaves are vegetables... also contains kelp (brown algae). This is an anti ageing and brightening mask containing pumpkin seed extract that gently exfoliates skin, to improve skin texture. Kelp extract is moisturising and anti inflammatory. 
This is a two piece hydrogel mask, clear essence with light floral scent. The hydrogel is very comfortable to wear no slipping or sliding. Although a bit short on the forehead but feels very cool while on.

I only kept it on for 30 minutes as I find that hydrogels ball up when they dry. This left my face noticeably brighter silky smooth and hydrated. Although there was still pilling but this was a very pleasant masking experience.

The Body Shop Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask is made with Acai berry extract from Brazil. Acai berry is rich in antioxidants and is said to have 33 times more antioxidant power than red wine and grapes, it also has anti inflammatory properties.

Guarana seed extract from Brazil. Guarana has antioxidant and anti bacterial effects due to the high caffeine concentration. It contains twice the amount of caffeine found in coffee beans. Used in skin care for its anti aging, toning and astringent properties and also as treatment for cellulite 
Community trade organic babbasu oil from Brazil. Babbasu oil gotten from palm trees has a cooling effect on skin, has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties and also a high amount of Vitamin E. 
This mask smells sweet like berries/berry juice. Has bits of what I suppose is crushed berries that makes it gritty, feels really soothing, washes off easy and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and looking brighter and healthy.

SainTFengel is a Taiwanese brand whose inspiration is from the legend of a Scottish prince that never aged, swipe to read the full story. @stbf_stbf 🤴🏽This is the Essence warming gel masque, a rinse free gel formula to be used as the last step in the routine with 3D micro circulation transmission technology to increase penetration of skincare ingredients. Active ingredients are Scutellaria baicalensis root for soothing and hydration. Morus alba root (white mulberry) for brightening and reducing the appearance of skin discolouration. Glycyrrhiza Glabra root (licorice) for brightening and soothing. Artemisia capillaris (Mugwort) for anti inflammatory properties. Zizyphus jujuba fruit (Chinese/Korean date) which is used as anti bacterial, anti acne and anti irritant. 🤴🏽I found this product to be a light watery gel texture. That felt cool upon application and spread easily. 🤴🏽It has a very light barely noticeable floral scent. I think it's supposed to warm up but I've never felt any warming sensation while using this. It doesn't fully absorb and leaves a tacky finish that I can feel sticking to the pillow. For me this doesn't detract from it though as it makes my skin extremely soft I keep touching my cheeks while I'm sleeping. 🤴🏽I can't say I've seen any brightening but I find it to be soothing, perfect texture for the warm weather the product probably gets wiped on my pillow but my face is usually very smooth in the morning. Thank you @amabiebeauty @amabiebeauty for picking me as an #amabiealist and the opportunity to try another wonderful product and a brand I haven't heard of.

This I think is called Sun moon lake Am pigs sister 😂 this name gets me every time ( correct me if I've got it wrong). Black tea ☕️☕️☕️ This mask has lavender extract, chamomile extract, contains Methylisothiazolinone.

Typical Taiwanese mask sheet, very thin, fit was great, lots of thin watery essence with no discernable scent, no dripping.

Kept on for 30 mins and it was still damp. Face is hydrated and a little brighter, left a matte finish with slight piling.

 i'm using the 
@aeriaskinmask Rejuvenating & Firming Eye Mask. I wish this mask was black I would have worn red lipstick and a cat suit... maybe hold a whip 🤔... actually swipe to see a lego figure of me as cat woman holding a whip (the cutest gift I ever got ❤) This mask was soaked it lots of thin watery essence and the fabric was very soft and comfortable to wear.

I had it on for about fourty minutes. Although currently I have no issues with my eye area there was noticeable brightening as the area was lighter than the rest of my face and felt soothed and hydrated. What surprised me was true to its firming claims the area actually felt tighter of course the effects didn't last but that's ok. I think this is a really good mask and I love the shape. 
This mask was provided to me by @amabiebeauty @shopamabie as part of their #amabiealist in exchange for my honest review. Thank you I loved it!

ve been waiting to try this mask CYLAB triple hyaluronic acid intensive moisturizing repaing top luxury mask. This is a taiwanese brand that I've just recently become aware of they have two more varieties listed on the back... This mask smells so yummy sweet and fruity.

The essence is thin but not runny.

The fabric is one of thinnest I've used, but it held the essence well as there wasn't any dripping. It had a plastic backing for support which made it easy to unfold. It is extremely soft and the fit was perfect 👌🏾. I really didn't want to take this off but I did after fourty minutes. My face looked brighter, felt hydrated, really really smooth and soft. It didn't moisturise though and dried down to a matte finish, i think dry skin people will definitely need additional layers. I didn't need to pat because the essence absorbed very quickly also there was no pilling. i would like to try the other varieties and i think this would be a great afternoon mask.

These are not easy to find but @amabiebeauty will stock these once they start selling products and I will be first in line because I need more. 
I received this mask from @amabiebeauty@makeupinasia as part of #amabiealist for my honest review. 

This is a mask for the nose, the fabric is really soft. There's lots of essence that has a minty scent. It is intensely cooling and lasts upto an hour. After removing it my nose feels really smooth and looks clearer.

This is such a nice change from the nose strips you rip off that always makes me clench my teeth and sneeze does anybody else sneeze when they rip it off?This was very gentle and soothing and a more pleasant experience. 

 I'm using the @aeriaskinmaskintensive hydrating mask that's intended to deeply hydrate, soothe and refresh. 🌹Made with 100% natural organic cotton suitable for all skin types but especially for dry skin. Formulated with edelwiss extract which has anti oxidants to help protect skin and organic rose flower water to hydrate and soothe. 🌹The mask fabric was really soft and soaked in lots of clear watery essence that had a pleasant light flowery smell. Lots of essence left over.. The mask was quite big, covered all areas and even covered half my ears. I used this mask for 30 mins but could have left it on for longer. 🌹True to its claims, the result was really hydrated skin that felt really soothed and soft. The essence absorbed quickly and left matte smooth skin. This mask did what it claimed and did it really well. I would recommend this for all skin types and also for day time masking.

This was provided to me by @amabiebeauty @shopamabie as part of the #amabiealist in exchange for my honest opinions.

This is #thebodyshop British rose fresh plumping mask made with real rose petals that promises to quench with moisture, soothe and tone skin. 
Contains real rose petals, rose hip oil, and community trade aloe Vera. These ingredients sound so good and are supposed to have calming, soothing, and anti inflammatory effects. But rose flower powder is 9th on the ingredient list and other main ingredients further in the list.

I leave this in the fridge and the cold jelly feels really soothing on my face and after rinsing my face does feel really refreshed, smooth and cool to the touch and looks brightened.

What I totally dislike about this mask is the smell... it smells too strong and too sweet. The parfum/fragrance is really over powering and I can smell it while it's on my face and is usually the reason i wash it off and it lingers for longer than I want after rinsing. Such a shame as I usually love anything with roses. @myskincarechronicles I was inspired by one of your pictures 😉

Everything on this mask is Korean, but on the website it says it's meant to whiten, nourish and moisturise. The mask is made of natural tencel fibre, the essence contains oils and extracts of 18 types of flowers and has a light floral scent, to me it smelled like jasmine which was quite nice. After 30 minutes my face was hydrated and brighter. 

The lovemore rosa hybrida whitening mask had a faint flowery smell, had double backing to support the thin silk sheet which surprisingly didn't have any slits but fit well except for the nose flap that was too narrow for my nose and too long. I left in on for thirty minutes and there was a bit of brightening and hydration. This mask was pleasant enough but didn't really stand out... mean while I haven't read a book in ages I was supposed to read last night but fell asleep, this will be my weekend reading I love reading African authors and tea ofcourse... lots and lots of tea 

I've never really known what sake smells like until now. This Love more wine yeast whitening mask definitely has a strong sake smell. This was a very thin mask with double backing for support. It Fit really well and was very comfortable I would have forgotten I was wearing it but for the sake smell. I used this before going out for lunch and since there was lots of extra essence I rubbed on my neck and chest without thinking thank God though the funky smell doesn't linger I would have spent the afternoon smelling like a brewery. This is a good mask if you're in a hurry as it dries fast. It left my face hydrated and whitened.

I've read so much about #whamisa lately I'm excited to finally try the hydrogel mask (I'm always excited to use any hydrogel tbh) so here's my two cents on this mask. Organic flowers and aloe Vera fermented hydrogel mask with lactobacillus It's a two piece hydrogel mask that comes with tray like packaging. Lots of juicy essence... I don't remember if the essence was clear when I got it but when I used it was was a light golden colour and I chalked it up to the hot weather as the expiry date is 2018 and I didn't get any adverse reaction from it. Update the essence is supposed to be that colour. The mask is extremely thin and slippery and a bit tricky to put on, slides a little the first few minutes but body heat makes it snug after a while. The lower part is ok but the upper bit is way too short. This mask smells so fresh and citrusy I absolutely love the smell. It reminds of the whamisa toner. It feels incredibly cooling I wanted to wear it as long as possibly but left it on for 40 mins When I took it off my skin was very glowy, looked really nourished and moisturized. Felt so soft and bouncy. I didn't see any whitening though and there was slight piling after afterwards but that didn't bother me. I really like this mask and wish my skin looked like this all the time!

Esfolio honey essence mask my second esfolio mask and I've liked both. Soft cellulose fabric that was a little small for my face, and like the milk one has a sweet smell plus strong ginseng scent that I really like. Syrupy essence soaking wet but not drippy

High on the list are honey extract, panax ginseng root extract, and portulaca oleracea extract... an annual succulent also known as pigweed famous in traditional Korean medicine used to treat infection and relieve irritated skin also to make skin look younger.

I had it on for fourty mins and it was still pretty damp when it came off so I used it for neck masking. Left my face hydrated, soft, smooth and extremely bright. Just a little bit sticky which isn't an issue and disappeared after a while anyway. I Really like this one 👍🏾

 L'herboflore black pearl whitening mask. 
Pretty package and unexpectedly huge.

Sheet fabric is a thin papery texture that fits well with slits to adjust. And nose slit... I will never understand why some masks have nose slits.

Essence is thin and drippy with lots left over and I think smelled vaguely like glue.

Mask was really soaked and lasted upto 40 mins and still not dry when I took it off.

Left my face hydrated, smooth and matte also much brighter and some spots looked lighter. 
This mask didn't wow me but will be a nice day time mask. I've read some better reviews of masks from this brand so I'll be trying others soon. Have a good weekend ❤ 

used this lovemore snail mucin and hydrating mask. The fabric was thicker than what I'm used to from lovemore but was soft and fit well. It was very juicy with lots of extra essence, lasted about 40 mins and left my face hydrated, very soft and smooth and really brightened, essence absorbed immediately after removing with no tackiness. By the way so satisfying when you get grits and I think using the cleansing oil as opposed to my usual olive oil made a huge difference.

Recently got this #Neogen real fresh cleaning stick GREEN TEA from #Testerkorea and turns out it's not the latest version. The latest version has pink flowers on the box.Used it a couple of times so first impressions...The product info says the ph is 5.5-6, contains green tea leaves and 13 natural oils, with coconut oil at the top of the list.

There's bits of crushed tea leaves that's slightly gritty and after every use it dries up and doesn't become mushy for very mild exfoliation I guess but wouldn't replace my physical exfoliants. 
It has a mild pleasant flowery smell, and decent amount of foam. I find that the water and foam don't drip too much down the tube. I haven't used it on makeup, with oil cleanser it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean but alone I think there's a slight tight feeling on my face. Unlike the miracle rose cleansing stick it didn't sting as bad when it got in my eye, so far I like it but i don't think it will replace my love for sum 37 miracle rose cleansing stick but It will also be handy to throw in gym bag or for travel. 

Mediheal I.P.I light max hydro nude gel mask. 
This is a hydrogel mask that has a fresh scent and is drenched in lots of essence. 
It comes in two parts one for the upper face and the other for the lower face and has double plastic backing that is supposed to make it easy for application but doesn't because every single mask in the box is sloppily folded. The two parts have been folded together so it's very tricky separating it.

The fit was meh... mouth hole was too big and lower part didn't adhere to my chin. 
i had this on for almost an hour and when I took it off my face was hydrated and almost ghostly white. That only lasted a couple of mins but i did enjoy the smoothness of my face.

Relaxing... I'm in love with jelly masks... and the packaging for this mask is so beautiful!

 this time I got the #heimishallcleanbalm by #heimishas a first step oil cleanser I actually enjoy washing my face and Like products that make me look forward to cleansing. I've used this a couple of times now and really like it, I love the texture and the smell (I enjoy massaging my face with this) and the pretty jar and it's huge so should last ages but probably won't stop me from buying more now that I've discovered the joy of double cleansing. 

Last nights mask was #Myscheming L-acorbic acid whitening mask. 
Noteable ingredients include niacinamide, Job's tears, Collagen, licorice, cucumber extract, the acsorboc acid was quite low on the list though. 
The fabric was medium thick but soft and the essence was thin with a generic smell. Lots of leftover essence to rehydrate the mask. 
I had it on for upto an hour when I took off my face was even and bright, felt cool and hydrated with a matte finish. It's nice basic mask 

I went with collagen booster firming mask by #Naruko This was a medium thick fabric dripping in lots of watery essence that had a nice perfume scent. The fit was good for my face and lasted about 45 mins. It was very cooling which felt nice and left my face soothed,hydrated and it felt a bit softer but I didn't feel any firming. The essence absorbed quickly after a few pats and dried to a matte non sticky finish. This is a nice mask after a hot day because of cooling, just a basic, mask didn't blow my mind probably wouldn't repurchase but pretty packaging. Funny there's no collagen in the ingredients list or maybe I missed it 🤔

This mask kept popping up as a 2016 favourite so of course I had to get it and try it out. Egg cream mask by @toocoolforschool... it's a thin milky essence with a perfumey scent and the mask is the softest micro fibre sheet, this is probably the softest sheet mask I've ever used. 
I had it on for an hour the softness of this mask made it feel so soothing and when I took it off... wow... my face was extremely soft and skin felt plumped seriously my face was really really soft! And there was a glow that made my skin look so healthy...not that oily finish that makes you think you're glowing until you step outside and realise you're shinning like a greaseball this was an "i eat vegetables, drink lots of water and sleep 10 hours a day" glow 😁. and my skin was still soft and looked really good the next morning. i think this mask is a must try i will definitely try the other varieries. 

This Leaders insolution coconut water mask ac and pore care is my second time with a biocellulose mask and it's texture has really grown on me.

It is made with natural fermented coconut juice and contains witch hazel and eucalyptus leaf extract.

I like this mask sheet a lot, it fits really well and really sticks to my face and feels really soothing. There's lots of essence but no dripping, It smells sweet like rum and leaves my face moisturised and soft like I've really pampered my skin. 

This is a very mild exfoliating gel that smells like apple juice... yum... unlike my missha peeling gel this has a smoother texture.

I apply on clean dry face and leave for a few minutes then rub gently, the product then balls up and serves as a gentle scrub... sometimes the balled up product is clear and sometimes it's darker so I like to think it's taken off some dirt or dead skin ...I'm really not sure but it's mild exfoliation and my skin feels smooth and looks clearer after. I use this twice a week to keep my skin looking clear and so far I've never had a problem with over exfoliation.

This is a nice mist that contains snail mucin. It sprays a fine mist and it smells sweat infact I suspect it attracts flies on hot days. I find it a little bit sticky also, it moisturises a little bit but I didn't find it to be refreshing so I use it to set my makeup for a dewy finish, I've discovered that's the best use for it. Overall it's an ok product, doesn't really do much but won't break the bank and it comes in a big aerosol can which is not convenient to carry around but lasts a long time.

Product information says it contains peppermint oil, pearl powder, silk powder and cucumber extract. It is an off putting thick brown serum that smells citrusy and herbally... quite a nice smell I think. it's meant to be for oily T-zone and nose but i only apply it on my nose and the area beside my nose. i have noticed that my nose is less shiny during the day but what excites me more is that the huge pores that beside my nose are less visible. Now I've read that pore size cannot magically open and close so I'm surprised that this has made them less visible. I think this a definite must try for people with oily t-zone or large pores.

This cleanser has rich creamy texture that foams nicely into a rich creamy lather that makes washing your face an enjoyable experience. 

It contains extracts of corn, chamomile, green tea, papaya, potatoe and red ginseng and also natural oils and kaolin gives it a smooth creamy texture and also a lovely citrusy/herbal scent. There's also very fine herbal bits that don't do much exfoliation but come together to make this face wash a joy to use.

This cleanser does not leave my face feeling tight or dry instead my face looks brighter and feels soft and smooth after using this.

I've never tried a 3D mask so this was one I was looking forward to. This mask contains grain extracts like Mung beans extract, rice extract, and soybean extract to make skin elastic and moisturised.

This is possibly the worst fitting mask I've ever used, I couldn't figure out how to unfold it and ended up ripping it. It just would not stay flat due to the shape, it had a noticeable fragrance that wasn't unpleasant but bordered on heavy. The fabric was soaked in essence and didn't drip on my chest which was good, it was slightly cooling but I kept getting distracted by how uncomfortable the thick material felt against my face so I kept it on for only 20 mins... when I took it off it was still damp and with a little patting as instructed on the pack the essence absorbed and left a slightly tacky finish that disappeared after some minutes. At that point I wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised to see my skin looked slightly brighter and moisturised. 

This mask was provided to me by amabie as part of their absweethearts programme in exchange for my honest review.

Like most taiwanese masks this mask material is very thin and drenched in essence, the essence smells deliciously like grape fruit juice... yum. ingredients include grape fruit extract, niacinamide and aloe vera extract.

The mask is a bit on the small side but it lasts almost an hour and when i take it off my face is ghostly white, smooth and hydrated with a matte but not tacky finish. After a few minutes the ghostly paleness reduces to matte bright finish i think people with oily skin would really enjoy this for oil control.

This is a very thin mask that comes with plastic backing so its easy to apply but because it"s very thin can rip easily so you have to be extra careful.

Note able ingredients include aloe leaf juice, citrus leaf extract, pineapple fruit extract, hydrolized yeast protein, panax ginseng root extract and apple fruit extract.

There's a lot of essence left in the packet and the sheet is dripping with essence also. this mask lasts up to an hour, its extremely cooling and smells nice. After taking it off my dull skin looks brighter and wonderfully hydrated.

This is a hydro gel lip mask that's supposed to reduce fine lines around the lips, plump and moisturise the lips. Noteable ingredients include jasmine extract, fig fruit extract, royal jelly extract, honey extract and niacinamide.

It's a light pink color and smells sweet, and the texture is like a hydro gel face mask. it feels cool and soothing when placed on the lips and its wide enough to cover the lips and surrounding area. The fit is great and its easy to apply, it was snug with no air bubbles. I left in on for one hour and it was still moist when i took it off.

I used this because the weather is dry now and my lips were feeling dry and when i took it off my lips felt nourished and moisturised, they did not look more plump though. i couldn't talk while it was on and don't make the mistake of licking your lips immediately after as it tastes horrible. i was happy with the mask as it's cheap and there's lots of flavours to choose from.


This line of tosowoong masks smell really good and this is no exception. this mask has a delicious honey smell that lingers while the mask is on and it makes using this mask such a pleasant experience.

The sheet fabric is very thick and not very soft and there's permanent indentation where the fabric was folded which prevents it from staying completely flat on my face. There's lots of essence though, enough to re hydrate the mask or use on other areas of the body. after taking off my skin looks plump, soft, soothed and hydrated. This is a solid affordable mask and I've bought it several times.

This was a very thin silk mask sheet that comes with two plastic backings, its drenched in essence but not drippy. The fit is good and there's no obvious scent, it dries quicker than most masks though so i only had it on for 20 mins. my face felt hydrated and there was a little brightening too. It left my face smooth with no stickiness. i would use this again it' a good everyday mask.

This is a bio cellulose mask with Coconut water and squalane. This is the first bio cellulose mask i've used and at first I was weirded out because it's a rubbery texture that was a bit difficult to unfold and position well on my face, but after a few minutes my body temperature activated the fabric and it moulded very nicely to my face and the fit ended up being perfect.

Fresh out the packet it smells sweet and surprisingly cooling despite the fact that it wasn't dripping in essence. I had this on for almost an hour before it started feeling a little to tight because the fabric was shrinking. The result was a bit under whelming my face looked and felt moisturised and a little to greasy. i did enjoy the bio cellulose material though and i will be trying other masks from this line.

This face wash claims to give you clear problem free skin, formulated with Neem and Tumeric.


Its a green gel texture with a light fresh fragrance, I find this texture to be very cooling and soothing it doesn't foam too much since it says on the tube there's no SLES in the product. I couldn't verify the PH but the first thing I noticed after washing my face was the lack of tightness, my face felt very clean and soft without that tightness you get when a cleanser is too harsh and stripping, and every time I wash my face with it, my face feels smooth and looks clearer.


I couldn't verify the acne fighting claim because I don't have acne but my sister does so I got her to use this with me. she has oily acne prone skin and right off she fell in love with this cleanser. she says it makes her skin soft and its not drying and she loves the smell and texture. After two weeks of testing this product without using anything else except moisturiser her acne has significantly reduced there's the odd two or three but they're not all over her face like before and her face looks clearer. we will definitely repurchase this cleanser.


This was provided to me by Amabie in exchange for my honest review. opinions expressed and based on personal experience.


Well this mask was fun... The illustrations on these masks though 😂 really funny. So for 30 minutes i morphed into a badass super hero babe 😐I've been noticing my under eye area lately so it was nice to use a mask that targets the area. The fabric was very soft with lots of essence but not drippy. It was very cooling and when I took it off the area looked brighter than the lower half of my face and felt hydrated, i love the bat man shaped sheet design and took lots of selfies with it. i've repurchased and gifted it out and everybody loves it. 

this mask was not as jelly textured as the Annie's way mask it was more of a thick gel. i apply a thick layer and leave on for thirty minutes. i usually leave it in the fridge so that when i put it on its feels very cool for a few minutes. this is also difficult to wash off so its easier to use a spatula to scrape it off first before washing. there is a little bit of brightening and a little soothing but nothing exciting. when you buy a box it still comes in satchets which is a bit inconvenient as i usually cant use up one satchet at once and im also  not crazy about the scraping with a spatula. 

This mask was as with all my scheming masks was drenched in essence. i like that the eye hole was small so that my under eye got some TLC also. it was a thin fabric and the fit was perfect for my face.

Right out the packet you notice the mentholated smell and when you put it on there's an intense cooling, minty, tingling sensation that to be honest might be too much for some people but i really liked, also i think some one suffering from a breakout or after a long hot day might enjoy this mask. when i took it off my face was so smooth, matte and soothed. i would definitely repurchase this one

This mask is  thick, black and glossy and has a faint fragrance. you get it on ebay for less than five dollars. apply a thick layer and let it dry. i apply it all over my face and its slightly cooling as it dries, it doesn't take too long tp dry.

you have to peel of gently as it can be slightly painful and because it also pulls out the soft baby hairs on the face. its also good for peeling off any dry flakes. but the pain is worth it because you can see the hairs and other gunk on the black strip that has been pulled out of the pores. and my face does feel smoother and looks clearer espcially my nose. i do this only once a week though so as not to irritate my skin. this will be useful for people with lots of sebacious filaments on their nose. i would definitely re pupurchase this

This comes in a pretty bottle with a golden rose flower design on it, the ingredient list is pretty short and like most first treatment essence has galactomyces filterate as the main ingredient (94%) other ingredients include niacinamide, glycerine, grapefruit seed extract, rose water and adenosine.

This is very watery and the dispensing hole is a bit too wide so i always end up splashing out too much. i also expected it to smell yeasty or atleast a bit rosy but it doesn't which makes me wonder about the concentration of the above mentioned ingredients. instead it smells faintly chemically or like some sort of mild solvent.

its not a bad essence though as it absorbs within seconds to leave the skin smooth and hydrated. my subsequent toner also absorbs easily after this. The only thing this has done for me is provide initial hydration after cleansing and nothing more. its an ok product but i would not re purchase it.

This is my first oil cleanser which I got sample satchets of and got to test a couple of times.

I apply a few drops on dry face and massage gently, in the mornings I notice it balls up products I've put on the night before and by the time I'm done massaging there's so much balled up product it's really quite satisfying and hopefully part of that gunk is from my pores too.

it has a pleasant fragrance... that light perfumey smell i associate with innisfree products. I hardly wear makeup and hardly any water proof ones and I find this this is ok for taking them off and also dissolving my sunscreen. It's really light and emulsifies too but I use a second cleanser as follow up. I do think that my skins feels softer and looks clearer after using this oil cleanser.

This is an ampoule that is supposed to shorten your routine by serving as toner, essence and moisturiser. It features snail secretion filterate, glycerin, niacinamide, butylene glycol, adenosine, aloe Vera leaf extract and green tea extract.

It claims to enhance skin whitening, wrinkle care, skin firming, and moisturising. Codsna analysis shows some ingredients to be acne triggers.

It comes in a 250 ml tub and seriously this thing is huge! There's a spatula which is handy for scooping up product. It's a slightly viscous transparent texture not as sticky as the cosrx snail essence. It's quite heavily perfumed which I'm not crazy about.

i have used this for quite some time now, I've used it on my face, I mixed some with my body cream, face cream, used it for modelling masking and decanted some for family members and there's still quite a bit of product left so it's definitely good value for money.

But other than moisturising I see no proof to support the whitening or firming claims. I don't have wrinkles yet so can't confirm the wrinkle care claims either and i don't think I will repurchase because the heavy fragrance  really bothers me. 


My scheming snail essence hydrating mask is the first mask by my scheming that's dissapointing. The essence was very watery it dripped all over 👎🏾, the fabric was really thin👍🏾 but didn't hold much essence so i put it on and poured the essence on my face lol. Nose flap was too long so i folded it because I didn't want to suffocate and when I took it off there was no discernible difference and a slightly tacky feel on my face. I did not enjoy this mask.

This mask has a viscous clear essence and becomes gel like when it's been in the fridge. The sheet material is a thin mesh like fabric and the fit is great. It has a perfumey smell that lingers. I use this mask for 40 mins and it's intensely cooling/tingly almost to an uncomfortable degree and after a while it starts feeling a bit clammy, I don't find this mask to be refreshing.

when I take it off I don't have to pat because there is no left over essence on my face,  I like to think evertything sank into my skin. My face feels hydrated and moisturised without being oily or sticky and there's noticeable brightening and soothing. When I wake up in the morning my complexion is still even and clear. I've used a pack of ten and the results have been consistent.

This foot mask has instructions and was pretty straight forward to use. It came with two socks/booties already pre soaked with essence, i slipped them on and left for an hour. I like that there was a flap to secure it so that I could relax without fear that some of the essence would leak. The essence felt very soothing on my feet and when I took it off and washed, my feet felt very refreshed. 


It took about 3 days for my feet to start peeling but once it started they're was so much shedding I had to wear socks to prevent a trail of dead skin following me about. I tend to have dark skin on my feet so I really like that even the top of my feet shed at the end of seven days to reveal lighter skin on top and smoother softer skin on the soles of my feet. I would definitely reepurchase this or try other brands. 

In addition to lavender extract other noteable ingredients are chamomile extract, algae extract, collagen, and aloe barbadensis.

This mask fit really well the eye holes were tiny so my under eye got some loving too. it was drenched in essence, thick comfy fabric, felt so soothing but sadly it didn't smell like lavender 🙁


I took it off after about 40 mins my and my skin felt so soothed and hydrated and noticeably brighter. Another good one from my scheming 😍 

This is a black mask that's supposed to absorb excess oil and prevent acne. The fabric was soft and fit well, It was extremely cooling, smelled like tea trea and and lasted up to an hour.

Afterwards there was a little bit  of brightening and skin felt soothed i was expecting the blemish I had to dry up by next morning but it hadn't. also after a few mins of taking it off, when i touched my face i could feel the product balling up. It was a pleasant mask  although the snail one from Naruko does a better job in my opinion 😊 

This is the only peeling gel I've ever used so I don't have any comparisons but it's a good sized bottle and it has lasted a long time because I only use it sometimes once a week. i apply on clean dry face and leave for a few minutes then rub gently, the product then balls up and serves as a scrub... sometimes the balled up product is clear and sometimes it's darker so I like to think it's taken off some dirt or dead skin ...I'm really not sure but it's mild exfoliation and my skin feels smooth after. 

This was the first treatment essence I used. I splash a generous amount in my palms and pat it on. The good part is it lasts a very long time and provides hydration. Unfortunately I haven't missed it or repurchased because I didn't see any difference in my skin. I didn't get the fte glow people rave about and didn't see any other visible benefits from using this.

I've been using this for months now and there's definitely been a significant reduction on the amount of breakouts I get. I do get the occasional break out but they disappear quicker than they used to. It's also quite hydrating and absorbs easily. I will definitely keep this in my routine and keep using a couple of times a week.

This is a great sleeping pack that I reach for most nights. It has a light fresh smell and it's really light weight texture. A little goes a long way, it has tiny beads that dissolve once you massage it on to your skin.  

Noteable ingredients include green tea extract, niacinamide, orchid extract, tangerine peel extract, and grapefruit extract. 


After applying it you can really feel how much softer and moisturized the skin is. And in the morning the skin is still soft and brighter. 

This mask Contains white clay and chrysanthemum extract. It's a gorgeous creamy texture unlike any clay mask I've ever used. It had a subtle soapy/herbal scent that made me want to keep sniffing it.


it was extremely gentle and soothing and extremely light weight so much so that I almost forgot I had it on my face. It didn't harden or constrict on my face which was great and washing it off was extremely easy. Afterwards my face didn't feel dry instead it felt nourised and my skin was bouncy and clearer. I didn't see any whitening as the mask claims but I'm ok with that because this mask is just so nice.

This is a first treatment essence used as the first step after cleansing.  It's main ingredient is fermented whole lotus flower and other notable ingredients are niacinamide, saccromyces ferment and surprisingly lots of alcohol...

It has a light flowery smell that doesn't linger, It's a watery formula thats slightly thicker than water but absorbs quickly without any stickiness to leave the skin feeling hydrated and soft. It's not a mind blowing product but it does an ok job and I find myself reaching for it quite often especially on hot afternoons as it is also quite cooling.

This mask had the thick, soft and comfortable sheet fabric I associate with this line of masks. It fit well except for the eye holes that were to large, and although it was drenched in essence it didn't stick to my face for too long. It had a generic smell and slightly thick, syrupy transparent essence.


Notable ingredients include potato pulp extract, sodium hyaluronate, rose water, witch hazel extract, natto gum and allantoin.


i had this mask on for 30 mins before it started to feel heavy and a bit uncomfortable. When I took it off, it took a bit of patting for the essence to sink in. There was a little brightening and it left a slight sticky finish that dissapeared after I used an emulsion. I think the results of this   mask was more notable the morning after though when I woke up to smooth even skin. This is a nice mask for everyday use.


This mask was provided to me for free for review purposes by amabie as part of their ABsweetherts program. This review is based on my personal experience and all opinions expressed are my own

This is one of my favourite sleeping masks. It's a clear light weight jelly texture that smells soothingly minty. It absorbs fast and feels very soothing, It calms down any break outs I have and stops them from progressing, and I wake up to clear non greasy skin. My sister is acne prone also and absolutely loves this for blemish control and oil control.

I really like this mask. It has an impressive ingredients list of brightening moisturizing and healing ingredients.


I think the package is unnecessarily big though but very easy to rip open, the sheet is protected by an orange backing which is good because it is such a weird fabric... it's very thin and fragile and can be easily stretched out of shape, the fit is awful but because it's drencehed in lots of essence and also because of the texture of the material it sticks really nicely and after a few minutes moulds completely to the face, it feels almost like a very thin bio cellulose mask but even softer and more comfortable.


The smell of the thin milky essence is divine, a bit citrusy and fresh. And feels very cooling and refreshing on the face. The mask lasts more than 40 mins before parts of it starts to dry out. When i took off my skin appeared brighter because it was so glowy and moisturized, I really liked that it wasn't sticky, I only applied a light emulsion after and I kept touching my skin because it was so bouncy and soft and the results lasted well into the next day. This is a fantastic mask in my opinion.

This is a hydrogel mask and the best mask that has ever touched my face. It's made from fermented ingredients and smells AMAZING! The hydrogel sheet is extremely thin and comfortable and unbelievably cooling. There's extra essence left in the pack to pat onto your face and after 30 mins my face is the softest and smoothest it has ever been. My skin is soothed and calmed and glowy. It expires quickly it has a short shelf life and can be hard to get hold of because it sells out fast but it is so worth the hassle because this mask is amazing! Also it's quiet affordable for such a great hydrogel mask

To be honest there's nothing really exciting about a toner other than hydration. But I absolutely love this little bottle of joy. It's made with fermented flowers and It smells refreshingly like lemon grass. It's watery but hydrates and moisturises really well you can immediately see how well skin is moisturised upon application. It's a bit pricey though but works well for my normal/combination skin.

This mask fabric was a light brown colour and really soft and thin, the fit was great and eye holes were small so that it covered my under eye area. It didn't smell medicinal though instead it smelled faintly perfumey which is unfortunate as I like medicinal herbal scents. My skin is left soft and bouncy but a little to oily for my liking. I think this mask would be great for dry skin types though.

Ingredients for this mask include galactomyces ferment filterate, honey extract and propolis extract. The fabric is very thin and absolutely drenched in essence, because it's so thin though i wish it comes with plastic backings to help with application, it's really hard to open the sheet and apply and so I ripped it. You also have to be careful so it doesn't stretch out and loose its shape by the way the fit is not so great. But the good thing is it really adheres to the face so that compensates for the awful fit. I used this mask for more than an hour and when I took it off it still hadn't dried. And my face felt so hydrated and cool and my skin really was bouncy. I definitely need more of this mask

I think the packaging is so adorable and it smells so strongly of ginseng I absolutely love the smell of ginseng. This mask left my face really sticky though and it was so uncomfortable I had to wash it off. But even after washing off my face felt really smooth  and soft but I did not enjoy the stickiness

This mask is slimey and I was sad to discover it's not snail goo but it's as a result of algin but I do enjoy the skincaretainmet. It smells very strong... to me it smells a bit sulphuric, not unpleasant to me but might be for some people. The sheet material is thick but it fits me ok, I think because it's so think it doesn't adhere well to my chin. There's very intense tingling while it's on which i quiet like maybe because I usually use this mask when I have a breakout or when i feel a pimple forming so it feels like it's actually working on them. When I take it off my face is ghost white and extremely matte... not dry though just matte and my face feels so smooth and soothed. I love this mask I give it four stars not five because of the fit and thickeners of the fabric.

I really wanted to like this overnight mask after so many positive reviews but to me it's too heavy and sticky and just forms an unpleasant film on my face. I really dislike the smell I've read that it doesn't have any smell but to me it does, I'm just not sure what the smell reminds me of. I've tried using it as a wash off mask also but still find it to be unpleasant and I see no brightening or softening effect whether as overnight mask or wash off mask. 

I buy this in sample satches as this is way cheaper than buying the bottle... it's quite pricey but if i ever get the chance I will splurge on a bottle because this product is awesome. It smells amazing and once applied absorbs super fast. Skin feels smooth and soft and no stickiness. What I love about this the most is the way my skin looks so healthy and glowy. I haven't found a product that gives a glow like this I think this is a must for anyone that can afford it

This mask is not for hot weather or oily skin. First time I used this mask I thought it was so heavy, it made my face really oily and I broke out the next day. But fast forward a few months, the weather is now colder and drier and my skins needs have changed. Even though I don't like the smell, I find the creamy texture really soothing I folded the eye flaps under my eye and used as an eye patch. My skin felt really nourished, looked pearly and actually glowed. My skin looked amazing well into the next day.

This is an average sleeping pack. It smells really perfumey and some people might not like that. The texture is not too thick and it's not greasy either so it absorbs quickly and doesn't make my face greasy. I do like that it's cool when it goes on and feels quiet soothing. My face looks brighter when I wash it off the next morning.

This makes my nose smooth but I never see any blackheads on the strip when I take it off, and pulling it off is very unpleasant and makes me sneeze. But my sister loves it though so I guess it depends on the individual...

I adore this mask. I love the fit, I love how thin the fabric is and it fits my face perfectly. I absolutely love the smell and the fact I can smell it the duration of the mask session. It's a great sensory experience and I find it very soothing. There's left over essence to apply on other parts of my body. I use it for an hour. When I take it off my face is slightly sticky but not unpleasant and the stickiness dissapears after a while. I love it so much I bought two packs so I don't run out.

I applied a thick layer and left it on for thirty mins and it was extremely cooling. This would be great to use after a day in the sun as it really soothes the skin. Afterwards my face is a little bit brighter and very soft. It's a little hard to wash off even after scraping with a spatula. What I really disliked was the process of scraping my face with a spatula, I ended up with a few red patches on my face so people with sensitive skin should probably just wipe it off then wash off. I would probably repurchase this or try other versions as I enjoyed the cooling effect.


i received this mask free from amabie as part of their ABsweethearts programme in exchange for my honest review. This review is based on my experience and opinions expressed are mine.

I bought a pack of these and used it once and it didn't make much of an impression other than the fact it was really greasy. So imagine my surprise when I used it a second time and fell in love with it. I put it in the fridge before use so everything was really soothing.


It's a three step mask with essence, mask, and eye cream. The essence is thick and gel like and soothing and there was a lot. The mask fabric was gauze like but extremely soft and thin and it was big so it curved under my chin and covered my forehead, and the mask essence was thick almost jelly like also and was cool on my face. The eye cream smelled like jasmine and I used it 2 more times. 

This lasted more than an hour and when I took it was my face was shinning and looked like a giant grease ball and was slightly sticky. The stickiness dissapeared but the greasiness remained I used an emulsion after and was happy to see that the product didn't pile up. What really impressed me was how soft and smooth and calm my face was. I kept touching my face while I was sleeping and when I was up my face was still soft and glowy. I give this five stars because despite the unpleasant oiliness results were pretty fantastic . 


This black mask was extremely soft like suede and fit my face really well. The essence was thin and milky and had that yeasty/barley smell i associate with raw Job's tears and I absolutely love. It was extremely cooling almost tingly. I left this mask on for an hour and when I took it off my face was very pale and felt really soothed soft and matte. When I woke up the next morning my face was still very bright. I love this mask

Jelly fish is such a weird ingredient for skin care which is why I had to try this mask. It's a soft black fabric that fit well, the smell was generic, it stayed damp for about forty mins and when I took it off my face was ghostly white and matte which was surprising for a moisturising mask. But my skin did feel hydrated and soothed and when i woke up the next morning my skin was still bright. I really like this mask

Noteable ingredients for this mask include Niacinamide, royal jelly extract and aloe barbadensis. It's a thick soft fabric that fit well but the eye holes were a bit too wide, and clear jelly like essence, there was so much extra essence that I rubbed on my chest arms and hands. This mask is extremely soothing it lasted more than an hour and when I took it off my face was soft and soothed. My only problem as with the brightening one is the stickiness but it dissapeared after I used face cream. I woke up the next morning to dried up blemishes very soft and bright skin.

This mask is absolutely drenched in a jelly like essence. I use some of the excess essence to prep my face before placing the sheet on my face and I can leave it on for upto an hour. The fabric is really soft and fits well and it smells really lovely... like oranges. It does feel sticky afterwards, and even after ten minutes and much patting it still feels sticky. The stickiness reduces after I use some face cream though. This mask is really soothing and my skin feels soft, bouncy and really hydrated. And the next morning my skin looks glorious. My only problem is the stickiness but i really enjoy this mask.

This comes in a sturdy basic white transparent bottle with a stopper that's angled so you have better control on the amount of product that is dispensed. The essence inside is thin and watery and slightly oily and slippery with no discernible scent. 


The star ingredients are 97% galactomyces ferment filterate and 2% Niacinamide. I've used this for six weeks now with one week interval. I have normal skin so I only use 4 drops after my toner, I use it morning and night and I can use it even on hot days because it's very light weight, doesn't feel oily or sticky. It goes on smoothly and sinks in quickly after a few pats and instantly my skin feels softer, hydrated and smoother. The liquid feels slippery but it doesn't feel oily on skin... I'm assuming the sodium hyaluronate might have something to do with this as the ingredient list doesn't mention any oil.


Over the course of a few weeks I've noticed that my skin has stopped looking dull, feels softer and smoother and I wake up every morning to bright glowing skin. My skin doesn't dry after washing even when I forget to moisturise, and the acne scars don't darken as much as they used too. I didn't use this for a week and I noticed that my skin looked very dull during the break. I think this essence has played a major role in repairing my skin my only problem with it is it has a short shelf life... you should only keep it for six months after opening. I will definitely repurchase this😊

This comes in a 50 ML sturdy glass bottle. The bottle is very pretty with a lovely purple and pink colour and a glass dropper that reaches all the way to the bottom making it easy to reach product even when it's almost finished. I was able to reach every last drop.  The product is a yellowish colour that's slightly viscous and I think smells vaguely like glue.


It has a long and impressive ingredients list such as bifida ferment, niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate and so on. It glides on very smoothly because the liquid is slippery and absorbs super fast, at first it feels tacky but that dissapears quickly. I've used this on and off for almost a year so this lasts a long time.


But unfortunately even though there's isn't supposed to be any triggers I still get pimples that appear on my cheek while I'm using it and they stop appearing when I stop using this. This has happened several times So despite the fact that I do see some brightening when using this which tells me the serum is doing what it's supposed to do I have to stop using it as it breaks me out and has no noticeable effect on subsequent scars.  Other than a little brightening I see no other note able results from Using this. 

I bought this out of curiosity... as that was the first time i had heard of pressed serum. Pressed serum is a combination of serum and moisturiser the selling point being it's supposed to shorten your routine.


It's made up of 60 percent chaga mushrooms and the rest is fermented oils. It's a weird, thick, brown coloured gelatinous/custardy serum/cream.  That comes with a spatula which makes it easier to scoop. I scoop a pea sized amount and rub on and it's surprising how smoothly it glides on and it feels very cool on my face. It leaves my face feeling hydrated and cool and no stickiness and I can actually use this in the afternoon. Most people say it's odourless but to me it has a light fresh smell that I like.


This is quite a pricey product and I've used it for about two months with no discernible effect on my skin. it definitely doesn't feel firmer as the product claims and other than cooling upon application I see no other results so I would not repurchase. Also I like applying serum and face cream separately. Although I can see how this would be appealing for travelling to avoid spilling or carrying multiple products.

This is my least favourite Naruko mask. The sheet material is thick but soft and it fits my face ok. It has that signature raw Job's tears smell, i think it smells like yeast i quite like the smell. I bought a pack of ten and used it enough times to form a strong opinion and that opinion is that this mask does not do what it claims to do. It does not   Brighten and it does not minimise pores.

This like most Korean toners is a hydrating toner it's supposed to hydrate your skin and prep it for the next step of your skincare routine and help subsequent products absorb faster.


The softfull booskin toner is meant for oily/combination skin. It's a thin milky watery liquid. You shake the bottle to dispense a few drops then pat it in, it absorbs fast and leaves a satiny soft finish. Ingredients include rose of Jericho, witch hazel extract, cotton extract and artichoke leaf.


The bottle is huge I've been using it for 7 months now and I've still got quite a bit of product in the bottle. The smell might bother some people but personally I love it, it's a femenine, soft flowery smell that lingers and I find very soothing. 

I'm currently on my third tube of this cleanser. I love that it's low ph, it cleans amazingly well and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. It's a solid cleanser which makes it really convenient for travel. It contains Rose oil, rose petals and fermented rose ingredients.


Have I mentioned the smell? Gosh this cleanser smells so gorgeous like I'm washing my face with actual roses, and there's tiny bits of rose petals in the stick! My preferred method of use is to wet my face and rub the stick on my face,then lather using my hands. This stick lasts me about 3 months and it's a bit pricey but in my opinion it's well worth the money to wash my face with roses 😊

This mask smells like real cucumber! And I could smell it the whole time I had it on. I found the smell so soothing, the sheet was very thick but so soft almost like thick soft tissue so it was very comfortable and didn't scratch my face. The fit was great also it hugged my face which was surprising for such a thick material but the eye holes were a bit too wide for my liking.

Notable ingredients include cucumber extract, sodium hyaluronate, rose water, hydrolysed collagen, witch hazel, natto gum and allantoin. These are ingredients known to hydrate, sooth, and nourish. 

After reading the ingredient list I was curious to see how it performs and it lived up to my expectations. I had it on for 40 mins and it was very cooling like the feeling of putting raw cucumber on my face and it was still damp when I took it off, my face was brighter and hydrated and felt soothed and cooled. The essence didn't sink in immediately so I patted it and it left a sticky finish that dissapeared after I rubbed my night cream.  The brighteness disappeared though after a few minutes but the next morning when I woke up my skin looked so even and smooth and the blemish on my chin had dried up. So I give this mask 5 stars for delivering on results and sustaining those results hours later.

This mask was provided to me for free for review purposes by amabie as part of their ABsweetherts program. This review is based on my personal experience and all opinions expressed are my own

This mask is quite pricey so I bought the sample packs. But after using it I won't mind buying a full sized one becuse this mask is amazing. I'm always slow applying it though and the foam forms faster than I can apply, I personally love the bubbles and the pleasant tingling it feels like a soft white cloud. This product is not just gimmicks though because it works amazingly well. After washing off my face looks so bright,soft and smooth. It also washes off much easier than the elizavecca bubble mask and less messy.

This is a thick honey coloured peel off mask that smells gorgeously of ginseng. I absolutely love ginseng and the smell of sulwhasoo products. It's very cooling when applied and dries fast so beware and apply quickly!


At first I couldn't see any effect and thought this product was a dud. But I figured out you need to apply a thick layer. I leave it on for about fifteen minutes or when it's suffiently dry then peel it off. This is the most gentle peel off mask I've used and it leaves my skin moisturised and with that nice glow I've come to associate with sulwhasoo products.

This product comes in a huge 700 ML tub! The product is in a thick plastic bag which you tie up and store in the tub to keep it airtight. I mix it with water or rose water and form a thick paste to apply all over my face including my lips after applying toner and serum. You have to be careful if it's too watery it will drip all all over even your eye ( a mistake I've made once ). It's pretty easy to peel off and doesn't pull out any hairs or eyebrows. It's incredibly cooling and soothing and when I take it off my skin is brighter smoother, softer and moisturised even my lips are softer and moisturised. I give this product 5 stars for great performance and great value for money.

This creamy mask smells deliciously of fresh ginger with a hint of ginseng. It has an impressive ingredient list that includes glycerin, camellia sinesis leaf extract (green tea extract), panax ginseng root extract, licorice root extract, mulberry root extract and sodium hyaluronate to name a few. I use a tiny bit as the last step in my skincare routine. It absorbs quickly, doesn't feel heavy or sticky and feels a little bit cooling. I use it 3 times a week and I always notice the glow my skin gets well into the next day. It doesn't lighten any scars or pigmention but my skin definitely looks smoother and more radiant after use, also my under eye has been looking less dry while Im using this. This product is definitely one I won't run out of. 

This product comes in a chic heavy beautiful glass bottle, that has a pump, with a beautiful design on the cap and holds 130 ML of product. It's a light creamy emulsion that smells amazing! It's made with fermented ingredients it's free from artificial ingredients. I use two pumps and it glides on so smoothly and instantly your skin becomes softer. It also absorbs super fast and skin feels hydrated but not oily it's light enough to use as daytime lotion also on hot days. This lasts so long that it makes the price worth it.

I absolutely love this mask! The smell was un expected its smells gorgeously citrusy and fresh. The granules are too large and a bit rough though so i only use it once a week. I leave it on for about ten minutes then wash it off and my skin is very smooth and soft after

This was the first mask by sexy look I tried and I was so happy with the results I've purchased a few more since then. It's supposed to be a moisturizing mask but it left my face super bright,smooth,cooled and matte. It lasted almost an hour, It had a generic mask smell but the fabric was really soft and cushiony and the fit was perfect when I woke up the morning after using this my face was still matte and bright.

This was the first mask by sexy look I tried and I was so happy with the results I've purchased a few more since then. It's supposed to be a moisturizing mask but it left my face super bright,smooth,cooled and matte. It lasted almost an hour, It had a generic mask smell but the fabric was really soft and cushiony and the fit was perfect when I woke up the morning after using this my face was still matte and bright.

This product contains 74% snail mucin. It has a watery gel texture so for snail beginners or people that are put off by slimey texture this is a good choice. It's very thin and lightweight i use as daytime moisturizer and also as the last step in my routine after face oil. I can't say I've noticed any spectacular results from it but I leave it in the fridge and always look forward to rubbing this cool gel on my face. It's a 45 ml bottle but lasts longer than you would think and it's very cheap. I love this gel and I always have extras so I don't run out. The packaging is cute too😊

This is a perfectly good product it does exactly what it's supposed to do. Helps to keep skin hydrated but I was sad to stop using it because I discovered it was the cause of the comedones I was getting on my forehead. I stopped using it and my forehead cleared immediately. But seeing as I had an extra bottle I decided to find other uses for it so I use it on my body and it leaves my skin so silky soft and also apply on my hair and lo and behold my hair has been looking thicker and healthy! It's an excellent multi purpose product!

I find this serum to be very sticky but i can live with that becuse I've seen visible progress in my scars fading and reduction in hyper pigmentation within two weeks of use  unlike the c21.5 which didn't do any thing for my skin. It doesn't oxidize as quickly as the c21.5, it's cheaper and only tingles when there's a problem with my skin e.g over exfoliation. I use it at after cleasnsing with a low ph cleanser before my BHA. I can't attest to increase in collagen production or filling up wrinkles because I don't have any yet but this is a good serum for the price I only took off one star because of the stickiness

This mask contains arbutin, camellia leaf extract and pear extract to name just a few. I love the cute packaging and the cute character in the mask. The fabric is comfortable and the mask lasts more than 30 mins. This mask is a favourite as it always makes my skin brighter and calms any breakout I'm battling...another win for mediheal 

I think this is a called a 3D mask... it has a strap under the chin to hook up to the ear and another one attached to the face mask to hook up to your ear so that the mask stays in place. Although the fabric is thicker than what I'm used to, and slightly uncomfortable, it was drenched in essence, the straps secured it to my face and my neck got some pampering also which is great! It tingled though even an hour after taking it off my face was still tingling! But on the plus side my face looked so bright felt so soft and soothed and despite the tingling there was no adverse reaction

This is a very stringy product so you know it's actually snail mucin. I have to give it a few minutes for it to sink in then it gives my face a nice glow and also skin feels soft. It's also very affordable and lasts a long time I've been using two pumps everyday for six months now and I can probably use what's left for another four months. But I find it too moisturising so I only use it at night and I don't think it has helped in healing or scar reduction or preventing breakout thats why I've given it 3 stars. I will probably repurchase it again though for the skin softening and hydration benefits

This emulsion contains 7 super seeds with licorice, rice yeast extract and niacinamide as noteable ingredients. It has a refreshing light scent and thin silky texture that absorbs quickly leaving your face matte but hydrated. It's great for oily skin and a great moisturiser for hot weather. After almost two months of use I can see a difference in my skin texture and reduction in hyperpigmentation from acne scars. The only problem is that it's a bit hard to find. But this is a great product 

this is a low ph cleanser with a very affordable price tag. It cleanses really well without leaving the skin feeling too stripped or dry. I love the tea tree smell and the gel texture. I use it most mornings it doesn't foam too much which is okay by me. I will definitely repurchase this product

After reading so many great reviews I quickly got my wallet out and bought this. Yes the packaging is cute yes it smells delicious I was so ready to love this product, unfortunately after a couple of uses I gave up. It was really greasy, didn't absorb well and made me breakout. I'm waiting for the drier months though when my skin will be needing heavy moisturizers  to give it another try

Goodal waterest lasting water oil is an oil that doesn't feel like oil. It's thicker than water with "micro ionised" particles, has a faint flowery smell that doesn't linger. This product has a smooth slip and disappears completely after application without leaving any shiny finish. Noteable ingredients include niacinamide and licorice root extract. I love this oil/serum. I shake it before each use and two pumps is usually enough to deliver an instant dose of light weight hydration that leaves my skin feeling soft and calm even in hot weather. I would definitely repurchase this

This masks main ingredient is snail secretion filterte and red ginseng water. The fabric is thick with a lovely light pink colour. It holds a lot of watery easence that drips which i just rub on my neck and chest. I can't detect any smell. It feels like a soaked soft cushion hugging my face my only problem is that it's a bit short so doesn't cover my forehead. It lasts for up to forty minutes and when i take it off my face feels so cool and hydrated. The packaging is really cute I would definitely repurchase and  give out as gifts.

I use this mask when i want to de gunk my pores with a gentle clay mask. It has a jelly like consistency but foams up upon application. It comes with a spatula which makes it easy to scoop and apply. Apply and spread quickly though as the delightful bubbles form quickly! It delights the kid in me the way the bubbles tickle. It's a pain to rinse off though you will need lots of water so I usually apply it around shower time so I wash it in the shower. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. The packaging is very  cute too

As a dark skinned African woman it's very important to me for a suncreen to be light enough to wear during the hot all year weather, have high spf protection and not leave a white cast. The Biore UV Aqua rich watery essence comes in a 50g tube and has an spf rating of 50+, PA++++, a thin milky texture with faint citrus smell. It glides on smoothly, absorbs after a few seconds leaving a dewy finish, and because it doesn't leave a white cast I can wear it alone. But for those who don't like the dewy look you'll be happy to know it plays well as a base for powder and foundation. It's not water proof though so i re apply after a few hours. I really like this sunscreen but it contains alcohol and citrus extracts so those Sensitive to these ingredients might have to find something more suitable but overall this is a pleasant product to use.



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