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  • Ethnicity: South Asian
  • Skin Tone: Olive
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Black

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  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Sulfate Free, Retinoid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

I was sent this CY LAB Crithmum Maritimum Callus Culture Filtrate Repairing Essence (phew, long name!) from @amabiebeauty and I’m sure you’ve heard how amazing this has been for many here on IG but I thought I’d chip in my with thoughts on this
💚The serum comes in a 30ml green bottle and is dispensed through a dropper. Quite a few of us moaned about the dropper the lovely Amabie Team actually made a youtube video to show us mongs how to use it! Basically, the dropper needs to be tilted at 45 degree angle to dispense the serum
💚To me it is odourless and once dispensed it feels quite thick and sticky. However, it absorbs beautifully on your skin within 30 seconds, leaving no residue and my skin. I can usually layer other serums and moisturiser with piling whatsoever
💚The serum claims to be repairing. The star of the show is Crithmum Maritimum Callus Culture Filtrate, a sea fennel culture which is aid to have skin lightening and would healing properties. It also contains Coenzyme A and Lecithin which function as skin conditioners
💚Immediately after the first use, I noticed how my skin felt incredibly smooth and hydrated and I attributed this to the skin softeners
💚The real question is how it performed over time. I have been consistently using this in my routine for about 6 weeks and my skin is so more radiant, softer and significantly less red.Coincidentally, my breakouts have been a less frequent occurrence since incorporating this in my routine.I do not have significant wrinkles but there are some slightly noticeable frown lines on my forehead which now appear smoothed
💚I find this serum so nourishing and I hope this becomes available soon because of all you lovely people need to experience this amazing serum! I would not hesitate to repurchase this, in fact I need to get my hands on some more!

Big thanks to 
@amabiebeauty for sending me this for review 💋    

I      I have to admit my under eye area is one I neglect very often 🙊👀 and mama ain't getting younger! Thanks to @amabiebeauty I got to try this @aeriaskinmask eye mask! Read my full review at I enjoyed using this but I think I would need regular usage of a product like this to actually notice the effects 💕Btw @amabiebeautyare celebrating their first birthday! They are such a fantastic, responsive team so sending you all my love guys, keep up with the fab work 😘😘

CY LAB was a completely unknown Taiwanese brand to me and one of my skincare resolutions this year was to venture out of my comfort zone of K beauty/J sunscreen and explore other Asian beauty products and the lovely ladies at @amabiebeauty must have heard my wishes and sent me a bunch of Taiwanese products to try out! So thank you so much! I tried their Triple Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Moisturising Repair Mask. A few of you have already hailed this one of your favourites 💚and I certainly can see why! The scent is absolutely DIVINE! Can anyone describe it? I can't quite figure out what it is but is lovely. My skin felt amazingly moisturised after. I hope these become more readily available soon because I need to stock up! Also, I see that they have an Arbutin whitening mask which looks so very interesting! @amabiebeauty I need it in my life asap!

I got to finally try the Cosrx one after using the Naruko and Benton sheet masks (which unfortunately did nothing for me)
🐌 The packaging is quite atypical of the brand, it's actually quite fun!
🐌This mask claims to restore your skin's elasticity, moisturize and provide deep nourishment
🐌There are some seriously sexy ingredients in this, obviously snail secretion filtrate, red ginseng water, some good moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin and sodium hyaluronate and allatoin famed for its anti-inflammatory properties
🐌The sheet mask is marketed as being 100% rayon which is gentle and provides full coverage and is infused with camellia oil which apparently gives it its characteristic salmon colour
🐌No particular smell
🐌The sheet mask is super super saturated and the essence is sticky, but no where as gooey as the naruko one
🐌There isn't much leftover essence (which is never a problem for me)
🐌I like the fit but I'm not sure what added benefit rayon adds.It feel very soft and adheres well on my skin
🐌I only left it on for 15 minutes but I think you could push 20. On removal it felt quite sticky so this is not a day time mask for me
🐌Hmm, now for my thoughts on this. I'm not going to lie, I'm not wowed. Yes my skin felt smoother but I see no brightening. Then again it isn't intended to be a brightening mask. I really wanted to love this because's cosrx! I think it's fine for a bit of hydration but I much much prefer using my CosRX essence
🐌I would not repurchase, probably because all I really want at the moment is mask that delivers a brightening effect. (Ok please, nobody shoot me!)

👀The Dinoplatz line stems from acollaboration between New York-based architect and painter Hatori Sando and the mascara comes in a box which is actually a model of the Empire State Building, too cute. I will hoard this forever!
👀The originality of this mascara is the personalized brush which allows you to control the brush size and you can thus pick between voluminous lashes or long, curly lash simply by adjusting the dial
👀How was my experience of this mascara? I think this is an awesome mascara. I found that when the wand was short I could create high volume and with the wand extended to a longer length my eyelashes were visibly lengthened. It stayed on pretty much put for 6 hours + without smudging
👀The only thing I disliked is that it’s quite a wet mascara, and remains so for a while so if I sneeze when I put this one, it transfers to my upper lid. (aah, first world problems..)
👀I got this on eBay for $15. Meh, I think it’s a bit pricey so I’m on the look out for another one soon. It’s not HG but it’s pretty damn awesome!

Pardon my ignorance but until yesterday I had no idea what Job’s Tears were. Anyway, it’s kind of grain apparently but what an odd name…So I was quite unimpressed with the last Naruko sheet mask I tried (the famous Snail one) but this mask was frequently mentioned in the Reddit post about the Best 3 sheet masks so naturally I had to try.I was really lucky and bid for these Naruko Raw Job’s Tears Supercritical CO2 Pore Minimizing and Brightening masks on ebay and got a pack of 10 for 8.00, I love a bargain me. The packaging is very no nonsense but so shiny to photograph (how do you guys do it?) This mask claims to brighten, balance, hydrate, improve dullness and minimize pores.It contains red and white Job’s tears extract, yeast, various floral extract. The smell is definitely yeasty, but not unpleasant. The material was really thin, felt lovely on and I absolutely loved the fit. As with many Taiwanese sheet masks, it comes with plastic sheet over the actual mask to facilitate the unfolding of the mask and to prevent tearing. Beware, this mask is super saturated with very thin essence and lots of it left over too!It was also a bit runny, which I didn’t expect.I left this on for 25 minutes, it was still very moist so I could have left it on longer but I just wanted to get on with the rest of my routine.OMG you guys, this truly truly is an amazing sheet mask! I was very dubious about the pore minimizing effect but they really were reduced, especially on my cheeks. I had a bit of redness all around which significantly reduced and my complexon looked so bright! I don’t see much moisturization but I can live with that. Especially liked the fact that it didn’t leave a sticky residue, as many sheet masks do. For that reason I only ever do sheet masks at night but this is a good one for daytime masking.Would totally repurchase this!Have you tried the other lines and which ones are your favourite?


he packaging is just the cutest which is why I bought it in the first place. Claim: Free yourself of skin troubles. By controlling sebum and oil secretion, peppermint oil combats acne to reveal clear skin.Firstly we can talk about the smell, it’s deliciously pepperminty. It’s quite a strong smell but actually fades quite quickly. Quite high on the list of ingredients is alcohol which is why it felt uncomfortably cold when I first put it on. The material was quite good and I was really pleased with the fit. The sheet mask was drenched in clear essence. I kept it for about 20 minutes and noticed that it got quite dry very quickly. So key ingredients are alcohol (which isn’t necessarily a problem) but it made the mask VERY cold and not especially moisturizing. Other notable ingredients are peppermint oil, cocoa extract and Centella Asiatica extract, all known for treating acne. Is this product really effective? Well, I wasn’t expecting any miracles in all honesty. I don’t think you can just make spots disappear but the angry pimples seemed to have calmed down slightly, at least temporarily because by morning they were in top form again. I wasn’t a fan of how cold this was so an ideal summer mask and it provided no moisture at all. I didn’t notice any difference in the redness in my skin. Would I repurchase this again, probably not. I have 4 left, which I will keep to use when those pesky spots come by again but not something I’m itching to repurchase.

I’ve heard lots about the benefits of hydrogel masks so obviously when ! spotted a pack of 5 of these Koelf Ruby Bulgarian Rose masks in the reduced section of TK Maxx (£8 for 5, bargain!), I had to give them a new home! A lot has been said about hydrogel’s superior adhesion and their general awesomeness so had to check it out for myself. Also I love rose, give me anything rose and I’m in love! I really liked the packaging, a very pretty metallic pink  This mask claims to brighten dull darkened skin and offer smoothness and dewiness. Lots of lovely ingredients in this, notably rose water, ruby powder (fancy!!) and camellia leaf extract. The smell is gorgeous, not at all synthetic rose but rather a lovely natural scent. so soothing! So from my understanding hydrogel masks come in two parts and hence the fit should be near enough perfect. This mask was a rubbery pink one with little flecks of gold. It felt quite lovely on my skin but the material itself felt incredibly dry, with no much essence at all. Hence, it didn’t seem to adhere to my skin especially around my nose and it kept lifting off around my jaw area. Err, wasn’t impressed! I left it on for 45 minutes but had to stay very still for that amount of time. There was a ton of essence left in the packet and annoyed at the substandard fit, I slathered it all on my face. I have to say the best part for me was this essence because my skin definitely looked brighter and smoother. Plus the smell is amazing bonus.This morning I woke up with really glowy skin and I’ve had real troubles with my skin this week. Perhaps I need to put the essence on first then apply the mask? Not sure i’d repurchase this one again but I’m really keen to explore more sheet masks!

I’m all about that snail life. The more gooey, the better I say. So naturally I was excited about trying the Naruko Snail Essence Intense Hydra Repair mask. Snails, Taiwanese in origin, packaging on point, I was determined to love this. I bought this from a very reliable seller on eBay directly from Taiwan for £14.00 for a box of 10. Yes the packaging, oh it’s pretttttyyyy. First of all it’s a beautiful shade of pink  and has this giant snail illustration. It’s so intricate and inside the snail is a little snail city landscape. Can anyone see the snail crane? Seriously, I’m totally in love with the packaging and attention to detail. This mask claims to replenish moisture and repair damage skin. Ingredients: of course, Snail Secretion filtrate but not as high on the list as one would think..algin (which is seaweed and a common gelling agent), snow fungus (a beauty enhancing medicinal mushroom), sodium hyaluronate, aloe extract, calendula extract. Welllll, consider yourself warned, this mask is slippery AF. The smell is slightly floral, no other way to describe it. Fit was good and I kept it on 45 minutes. Meh, the only thing was it started to tingle as soon as I put it on. i didn’t remove it because I kept telling myself ‘the tingle is good, the tingle is good, your spots will disappear, you will look like freakin Eva Mendes!!!’ And nope,  I don’t think this mask was especially amazing. My skin looked slightly red if anything. I am quite disappointed that the awesome gooeyness comes from algae rather than snail. I assume maybe I am sensitive to something in the mask (algae? snow fungus?) It’s not snail because I use snail stuff all the time. Would I repurchase? Well I have a box of these so willing to give these another go but probably not. Quest for the perfect snail sheet mask continues

I’ve only ever heard amazing things about this Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack. I purchases this from @wishtrend during their Black Friday Sale because many people have called this their HG sheet mask so naturally I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I already use their essence (which frankly I find rather underwhelming) and their steam cream (surprisingly this is a big favourite with both me and the mister so repurchase will be required soon. Naturally after nobuyjanuary) The packaging is pretty no frills but not everything is about pretty things. Although I’m fickle like that, I want my sheet masks to look pretty. Sorry). Right, so the claims are pretty huge. This sheet mask is meant to do everything: skin soothing, wrinkle improvement, brightening…Ingredients: No water in this sheet mask, instead it contains Camellia Sinensis Leaf water. Of course it contains Snail Secretion Filtrate (hmm snail goo) Bee Venom, EGF, aloe extract, azelaic extract Bacilus Ferment, azelaic acid so lots of stuff for this masks which claims to do it all! The smell is somewhat strange…I can’t describe it but I don’t especially like it. The mask is made from cotton and felt comfortable enough. What really surprised me what how dry the mask felt when I first got it out of the packet. I’m not sure if this was a faulty one and I have 9 more to test out so we shall see. But umm im not impressed. The fit was ok. You can actually cover your eyes with this but I normally read or watch something while I sheet mask so I didn’t. I could only leave it on for about 12 minutes because it started to feel extremely drying. I did see some essence left over. Overall I have to say I was so disappointed. Just goes to show what works so well for some people may not for you.  This sheet mask is clearly not a moiturising one and I was well aware of this and I just wanted to see if this was soothing and cooling enough for me to use when I have breakouts. I have 3 spots on my face and it did nothing to calm them down and my skin felt just as irritated as before. I don’t have many wrinkles so I cant comment on the wrinkle improvement claims and I think there is minimal brightening with this.  Maybe this is a sheet mask I need to persevere with over a period of time before I actually make a decision .Would I repurchase? Meh I have 9 to use up so unless I see some major improvement when I use them more regularly I probably won’t. I really wanted to love this sheet mask but I just can’t. 

Like a lot people I suffer from real FOMO so when I kept seeing this Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask on IG I was super intrigued. But not necessarily in a good way because it instantly conjured up images of Creme Eggs. I don’t know if you get Creme Eggs in the US or anywhere else in the word but they are best sellers in the UK usually from January to Easter and are basically milk chocolate shells housing white and yellow fondant mimicking albumen and yolk of a chicken egg. Sounds delicious? Ugh not to me, since I was a child I have already been repulsed this is (although I LOVE real eggs) Anyway, I digress. But everyone has these masks it seems and when I saw a lone one for £3.50 in TK Maxx, I went ahead and bought it . The packaging is very cute and I love the lovely pastel yellow colour There are 3 different kinds but this aims to deliver hydration, radiance and nourish rough skin Ingredients: amongst other egg yolk extract and coconut extract This sheet mask is made from microfibre sheet and is probably the most amazingly soft sheet mask I have ever used The smell is absolutely divine and the sheet mask was soaked with lots of milky essence which felt immediately nice on my skin. I was so impressed with the fit, it clung to my skin really well and stayed there for 45 minutes. I used the excess essence on my arms and legs. I am assigning this mask HG status! My skin was incredibly dry before using it and after it felt moisturised and soothed my irritated skin. I looked visibly brighter and the next morning my skin is still plump. I am in love! Would I repurchase this again? Would I ever!! In fact, I’m going to hunt some down as we speak. Have you tried the other two and are they just as good?

I hated this! it is a well loved BB cream but probably because of my skin tone (NC35) I could not find a good match. The darkest one  (can't remember the name) looked so ashy on me. The texture was fine but it just wasn't the right colour I now use the Klairs Illuminating BB cream and seriously it is a life changer for me!

This is my holy grail concelear! I used it under my eyes, i use it to conceal spots and the shade NC35 is an exact match for my skin. I have used this forever, probably for the last 10 years and i am totally in love!

So I absolutely adore my multi step skincare routine, I love all my hydrating layers, lotions and maybe an occlusive but sometimes i just have red, angry skin, it feels sore, is irritated and just plain hurts! Sometimes beauty does lie in simplicity and it's in times like the above that i rely on my cicaplast baum. It contains Vitamin B5, glycerin ,shea butter and their famous thermal spring water.  It has a wonderfully antibacterial effect so i tend to use it when i have spots too. I just lather it on and go to sleep and waked up to soothed skin. Because sometimes it's just what you need, you know?

Unlike Korean and Japanese sunscreens, this french one does not contain a high percentage of alcohol and hence is not easily absorbed by my skin. However I don't see much of a white cast and my makeup usually applies quite well after. I tend to reserve this for the wintery month when I find my usual Biore one too drying but definitely one to try if your skin is on the dry side. 

This is a great moisturiser/primer which works especially well for me during the wintery months. In summer, i think it would get too heavy. This is just so wonderfully moisturising and nourishing and i will always keep it in my stash

I was looking for a balm cleanser for the first part of my nightly cleansing routine. I do love oil cleansers but I wanted something I could take on my travels without worrying about spillages. I was thinking about the cleanser but overwhelmingly I was recommended this one and I do not regret it one bit. First let's talk about the packaging, it is just gorgeous! The colours are so soothing and pretty. 

It comes with a little spatula which allows you to be very hygienic and not dip your dirty fingers in the pot. The smell is gorgeous, wonderfully herbal and a bit of an aromatherapy experience. I really look forward to coming home to take off my son with it. I don't wear makeup daily but `i find that it removes makeup very well.This is my HG balm cleanser and it will be a forever repurchase. 

This miracle product does not just target blackheads ( I mean, i don't really know because I don't especially get blackheads) but mostly closed comedones which I get every so often. This is natural BHA, betaine Salicylate which is milder. 

Literally I feel that this stuff dissolves all the goo from my pores and I totally rely on this to keep my skin nice and clear!

This is a mild but effective 7% AHA. I truly love this product. I have never tried Western Acids but I can safely say that my skin has definitely improved since introducing acids in my skincare. I was really apprehensive because..hello acids on your skin, whaaaat? Acids provide chemical exfoliation, shedding the top layer of skin to reveal smoooooth lovely skin underneath. What I like about Korean acids is that they are mild especially if you're new to acids. I use this maybe 2-3 times/week, usually at night and I always wake up to very smooth and bright skin. It contains glycolic acid but also niacin amide and sodium hyaluronate so this explains the brightening effect. I have used this particular one for about 3 months and I can safely say that this product works so well in improving skin texture. 

Hmm I like this but I caved and bought the Cosrx snail mucin which I love even more! This one is fine, maybe a bit pricy and I'm not sure it's as healing as the cosrx one.  certainly prefer my snail serum more sticky this one isn't too sticky. I'm trying to use it up but I don't think I would repurchase

I love this! I bought this together with the FTE as a whim but I was very pleased with this. It's  sticky liquid which absorbs quite fast, way to sticky for me to use in the morning. But if I use it at night, my skin is noticeably brighter and moisturized come morning. It is quite rich and I have not repurchased because I have other serums I need to use but I totally will one day

I bought this from TkMaxx for £12.99, mostly because I got a bit excited when I saw a kbeauty item in an actual shop. Believe it or not, this is super rare in the UK

It comes with a little spatula, making it extremely hygienic because nobody wants little germs on their skin. Nice idea I suppose but I’ve already lost it

The smell is very…well…it smells of Vitamin C I suppose, very much like the well-loved OST Vit C serum. Does it really contain 21% ascorbic acid, that I don’t know
The texture is quite sticky and maybe a bit runny once it sits on your face for the recommended 15-20 minutes. I did get that weird Vit C taste in my mouth, perhaps I should have avoided my mouth area
I got a slightly tingly feeling on application, not unpleasant and certainly not a burning sensation. Like a tingle of excitement, because of course this is going to fade my PIH!
I kept it on for 15 minutes. Apparently this can be used as sleeping mask. I wouldn’t do that personally, it was really sticky, my hair kept sticking to my face. I couldn’t imagine sleeping with this on
Now on to the results! I had some redness which seem to fade after using this and my face felt quite soft. Maybe slightly tight after so i had to use a sheet mask. However today I woke up and my skin looked really glory so I’m very pleased with the results. So much so that as I’m writing this review, I’ve slapped on some more now in hopes of waking up tomorrow looking like Blake Lively

I wouldn't really call this a mask, more an exfoliator. I love the smell of it, like sugar and lemon pancakes and I've been known to lick it while it's on. I would never use it on a dry face as I find the granules wayyy too harsh on my skin. However if you wet your face slightly and massage in the granules it's an extremely nice exfoliator and leaves my skin feeling very smooth after. I don't keep it on for the recommended 10 minutes because I cant see any real benefit.

This dry oil can be used in so many years. Before I embraced the Korean routine and all I wanted was some moisture, I would slap this on my face and be done with it. Since then I have discovered many uses. So its a dry oil and smells amazing! It smells very...expensive! I love this on my hair..i use it on my body to give it a sheen and finally I sometimes use this as the last step in my routine, as an occlusive to seal everything it. It lasts ages and I totally recommend

I have used Maybelline mascaras since forever! I love the classic pink and green one but I am happy to test out all others. This is a great mascara, so affordable and great result. Performs better than more expensive ones in my opinion! Go buy it now

This mask, oh I am lost for words! It is a favourite for many people and as usual I am always dubious about hyped products. But this is amazing! I adore honey in products so I am totally in love with the smell, it's sweet it's comforting. The masks fits like a dream and comes with a backing. I felt it was a bit tricky to put on but once it was on it was fine. I kept it on for 40 minutes but I felt it would have been fine for longer. I kept getting whiffs of the amazing honey smell. There was loads of essence which I liberally slathered on after. The results: this mask is wonderfully moisturising, my skin felt so plump and smooth after. This one is a winner!!

i really like this. I am late to the game when it comes to eyeshadow palettes and still think this is an expensive product. However i can tell this will last ages, its good quality, the colours are so beautiful .

I really like this sunscreen. Hailed HG by many, I have to agree. I was concerned about the alcohol having an effect on my skin but it seems fine. The smell is sort of lemony and its really easy to apply makeup after. My one concern is that it is drying for me in winter but for people with oily skin and for general summer usage, i think its perfect!

This is a huge favourite in the AB community and I can totally see why. Initially when I used it, it tingled a little but nothing uncomfortable. I have been holding off writing a review until I used it for about 8 weeks and I can confidently say now that I love it and the brightening effect is totally visible. Yes its a sticky product and I would not dare use it during the day. Also sunscreen is a must if you are using any sort of acid! Yes it oxidises and needs to be stored in the fridge but this works! My skin is noticeably brighter. I don't think it has any particular effect on pimples but it certainly is fading my PIH (albeit slowly) and perking up my complexion. I would totally repurchase 

I don't especially like any of the Tony Moly sheet masks, the fit is fine, the smell is pleasant enough but I don't like how the sheet masks feels on my skin.I didnt see any particular difference in my skin. I would not repurchase this

This is a good product, basically it's a water spray so don't go expecting miracles. I use it in various ways, to refresh my skin during the day, sometimes in the morning instead of using a cleanser, as a makeup setting sprays. It's extremely handy to have. 

This is a great little cleanser from a well loved brand. I don't love this a much as my Korean cleansers but it works well, it's gentle and my skin does not feel tight after using it. 

Love love this mask! I actually use this an an overnight mask and I especially love it in winter. It's extremely soothing, gets rid of redness and if i use it overnight I will always wake up with great skin. Certainly not one to use in summer in my opinion as it is extremely rich. 

These are as good as everyone raves on about! You need this in your life for that pimple emergency! It will suck out the nasty stuff and the pimple will reduce in size. The redness disappears too and major disaster averted!

Ugh people! avoid this! This was a very unplanned purchase and I hate wasting stuff but i will never use this on my skin. Although it smells really divine, the low pH is totally damaging from my skin and I get that really tight feeling that I hate. Certainly avoid if you have dry skin

This is the greatest cleanser ever! HG status for me. I never knew much about the pH of cleansers but I can vouch for much less irritated skin since starting to use this. I initially thought that the faint tea tree smell would bug me but as a fervent hater of tea tree smells, I can safely say that i barely notice the smell. Just the lovely sensation when your skin feels cleansed but not stripped!BTW, it can  also be used in evenings.

It feels really quite slimy and stringy on application but melts really well into your skin after massaging it. i tend to use one pump which is perfectly sufficient to cover my whole face. My face feels so nice and smooth after and it really does help in fading my old scars. I'll never be without it!

Whilst I really enjoyed this product (so did my bf, he was sad to see the empty tube) I would not been keen on purchasing this again because of the high pH of 9. Until very recently i was not bothered by pH but since discovering the importance of low pH cleansers and actually noticing the difference in my skin, i will stick to the low pH ones, Sadly, i will be avoiding this!




 This is the original micellar water solution and possibly the best ( I have tried several brands but i always keen coming back to this!) What can I say, it removes makeup beautifully, is non irritating and i sometimes use it when I don't feel like splashing water on my face. The only thing I would suggest is using a mist after just to remove the residue. I will definitely be using this for a long time!



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