Hello! I am a sfx and beauty makeup artist. I am half Korean and half white and live in the US. My mom started me off with skincare at a very young age, so it was only natural that I became obsessed with all the beauty! I review on instagram as well as on my blog site and am in the process of transitioning to youtube. 

I really enjoyed using the Berrisom Lip Tints. I had never used a peel off lip tint before and was curious to see how it would work and last. It's a little hard to apply because the product is a bit thick, but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. After getting an even coat on my lips, I waited for the product to dry. One tip I would have is not to press your lips together because the product will stick if it isn't dry enough. Also try to get a nice and even coat on the lips because it will be easier to peel off after drying. I put the product evenly and a bit thick, so I had a easy time peeling this off. The color of the stain was great! It was bright and pigmented and I didn't have any residue when I did a kiss test. I left the product on all day and also went to sleep with it on and was surprised that the color stayed on in the morning when I awoke. I give this product 4 stars and not 5 only because it is a little difficult to apply and also because it takes some time for it to dry, but I really loved the pigmentation and the staying power of this lip tint.



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