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I found this lip balm to be pretty decent. Though the level of moisture isn't consistent between different scents. 

I had melon and summer fruits? The melon was good but summer fruits the formula seemed like soft and I found myself reapplying a lot more. 

I also found you have to be careful how you store them. I had a mint scented one that when I opened it, it melted and stuck to the top cover. I couldn't get the product out anymore, had to use my finger to apply. 

That was one of the reasons why I stopped purchasing these. I didn't want another mishap of the product melting and getting stuck to the top cover. 

They're good and if on sale, worth trying, but I've certainly found better lip balms.

I bought a value set from Sephora that contained this chubby stick. 

It's pretty decently moisturizing and for certain shades can actually be quite pigmented. I keep this in my bag as it's a lip product I can apply on without having to look in the mirror for. 

There's not scent and doesn't taste like anything, which I like.

I would say they're worth purchasing to try when they were $19 CAD. They're $21 CAD now, which isn't a huge jump in price as other lip products. But it's enough for me to not care as much to try other shades. 

If they're on sale, or a value set is released, they're more worth trying. 


Since I use the BHA Blackhead Power Liquid Toner in the night routine, I don't use the cream daily. I use it once a week or when my skin is feeling rough. By morning, I notice a huge change in how smooth my skin feels. The cream is pretty thick and as it claims, very moisturizing. It also smells like tea tree. I checked out the ingredients list and it's the last one listed. So I like using it when I have acne. Especially when the acne has popped and healing, to help get rid of any dead skin.


I wish the packaging was better. I would have preferred a regular plastic squeeze tube vs tubes made out of tin. You basically have to buy a particular product that squeezes the cream out. I've tried rolling it free hand and I usually also end up busting the tin and cream oozes out.


While I certainly like using the product, once I'm finished I don't think this'll be something I'll run out to repurchase. I only use it once a week and whenever I'm not using it, my skin doesn't miss it. If I see it on sale, I think I'll repurchase. 

I really enjoy this mask. 

I don't think it'll sit well for the summer, but with the winter, my skin is really dry. So it's basically perfect. 

A little goes a long way and it doesn't feel tacky or feel really thick on my skin. 

I also noticed that within a couple weeks of using this, my skin became so soft. Usually by this point in the Winter season, I'm already using horse oil creams or face oils because my skin is just so dry! But so far, just using this cream has been enough. 

It's not scented at all which is a huge plus. 

I'm loving this product and will definitely repurchase for winter use. 

This was the first luxury lipstick I had every purchased. At the time, I bought it purely because of the packaging. Doesn't it look gorgeous!?

I purchased a more nude shade which I really liked. It had a strong sent of... papaya? But luckily it doesn't taste of anything.

I love the consistency. It glides on really easily. But the lipstick itself isn't long lasting or anything. It has the same wear time as any other lipstick. It's fine though, because it doesn't advertise as being long wearing. 

Even though it's an 'oil-in-stick' it's not a good substitute for lip balm.

Though be careful and keep in in cool area. I've noticed on hot summers the product melts a bit. 

Overall, I love YSL and I would definitely repurchase this. There are other shades I definitely want to try. 

Taken from the Nature Republic website:

“Fresh Green Tea 80 Cream uses fresh green tea leaves that can soothe, moisturize and most importantly, maintain skin health by healing impurities, slow down aging signs, as well as acting as an antioxidant that can reduce puffiness and dark circles”


The packaging isn’t anything to write home about. I know Nature Republic focuses on the ingredients, which is the most important thing, so I’m fine with the plain packaging.

It didn’t come with a spatula which I wish they did. Since I’m using it myself and I use it in the morning after I wash my face, I don’t mind using my fingers, but I would still prefer a spatula for hygienic purposes.


The product is a gel consistency. Important to note, that it doesn’t smell anything like green tea at all. Actually at first I was really put off by the scent. It has an earthy scent to it.

For the actual product, it’s thicker than most gel creams I’ve used so it did a decent job in moisturizing my skin. My skin didn’t feel dried out by midday or anything. But sooth irritated skin and heal impurities? Garbage. I have a few acne scars from hormonal acne and they’re still pretty apparent. I’ve been using this cream every morning since mid-October and I didn’t find it helped heal my blemishes faster or anything.

Overall Thoughts

I like that the cream is moisturizing. It’s great for the summer, but not thick enough to moisturize for the winter. It’s not an effected blemish reducing cream at all.

Honestly, there isn’t much else to say about this product. I would use this for the summer but set it aside during the winter. I would not repurchase this. I’m actually already trying to figure out what other cream I want to use next after this.


**Amabie provided this product to me complimentary in exchange for my honest review. My opinion is my own and in no way influenced.

From the Claire brand, I’ve only tried their Guerrison horse oil. I’ve never tried any of their Cloud Nine products. They mainly focus on whitening which isn’t really what I prioritize for my skin.

The Blanc De White Serum offers a number of different things:

·         - Whitening & wrinkle free – effective whitening anti-wrinkle to improve skin lustre

·         - Synergy effect – Even more effective when used together with cloud nine whitening cream

·         - Deeply collapse melanin, whitening & improve your skin

·         - Contains various natural organic ingredients to nourish your skin. Keeps 12 hours of bright & moisturizing skin

I mean, they’re claiming it does a lot of stuff. My expectations have increased tenfold.


The packaging while it certainly looks nice, feels rather cheap. I like that it’s a pump, but I don’t like the mouth of the pump the product comes out of. I feel like the product dispenses weirdly because of it. I’m probably nitpicking because it’s not terrible, but just something that bothers me.


The thing that surprised me the most about this product is that even though it is advertised as a serum, the consistency isn’t like it at all. If anything, it’s thick like a lotion. It would be better to market this as a cream.

I wish my camera could do the serum justice but in person, you can see that it has a pearlescent sheen. Once applied onto the skin, it doesn’t leave a white cast (thank goodness!) but actually provides a nice glow.

Since the product is on the thicker side, it does provide a decent amount of moisture. But since it’s technically a ‘serum’ it’s not enough to wear on its own. Definitely not its claim of 12 hours’ worth, that’s for sure.

I wouldn’t say it provides any long term whitening benefits. It does brighten/whiten the skin after initial application though. I found that my skin tone looked a little more even as well.

Overall thoughts

I enjoyed using this product and I liked how it helped brighten my skin. But I don’t think it makes that big of a difference for my skin to miss it once it’s gone.

It’s nice to have, but I won’t be rushing out to buy it once it’s gone. I would say it’s worth trying once. If you like skin whitening products and you’re worried about possible white cast, this would be a good option to use.


**Amabie provided this product to me complimentary in exchange for my honest review. My opinion is my own and in no way influenced. 

I’ve always wanted to try Etude House lip products. Their packaging is always cute and on point.

Pudding lip tint is something new I’ve never heard of. As described on the Etude House website,

Soft pudding tint that melts lips with its sweet, soft embrace” Melts my lips with its sweet soft embrace?? I am intrigued.

The packaging is super cute. This is what I mean when I said Etude House packaging is always on point. Look at the container! The cute little pudding! It even came with a little spatula (not pictured). Unfortunately, the spatula was garbage.



The shade I received was PK01 Grapefruit. And it smells just like grapefruit! Now, if you’re like me and you don’t like flavoured lip products, you don’t have to worry. Though it smells fruity and delicious, it has no flavour. The consistency is just like pudding. It jiggles and wiggles like it.

I initially tried applying this tint with the spatula provided. As I mentioned above it was garbage. I felt like it didn’t pick up enough of the product or it would pick up too much. Applying with the fingers is better, but as it is a tint it does leave a stain. Brush is the best applicator. Without it, the application is very patchy.

Honestly, this is about as good as it gets for my review for the product. I like the shade, it’s a very bright coral-just like grapefruit flesh but I dislike everything else about the product.

It is absolutely necessary to exfoliate the lips before wearing this product. It sticks to any and all dry skin on the lips. Usually I apply lip balm before my lip products. I like to use it as a lip primer, but this time around, because this is a lip tint the product warms to the skin and ‘melts’ absorbing into the lips. The tint ends up being sheer so applying straight onto the lips and applying lip balm after is what I recommend.

The photo on the top is the tint on my lips right after I exfoliated my lips. I found that when the pudding tint when applied on my lips ‘melted’ as it advertised. The product became moist and absorbed into my lips. From there I felt and you can tell my lips look a little prune like.

The photo below is after I applied Rosebud salve. Though the shade is sheerer and less pigmented, my lips look and felt more hydrated. Sadly, even after I exfoliated my lips, the tint still stuck to some remaining dead skin and it sunk into the lines of my lips as well.

The lip tint concept is cute but it’s too much trouble to make the product look decent on my lips. Patchy and it flakes. Overall not a great lip tint.


I received this product complimentary from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. My opinion is my own and 100%  honest.  

This has to have been my least favourite lip patch I've ever tried. 

Since it's gel, it's very slippery. Don't expect to be able to sit upright when you want to use this. It doesn't stay on properly unless I'm laying down. 

Besides that, the actual essence was mediocre. I found my lips became dry at least an hour after and it was like I did nothing to my lips. It's very short in terms of hydration. 

I would not use this again. I'd rather stick with lip balm.

Why have I never used Hyaluronic Acid masks before? They’re amazing!

While this isn’t the first Etude House mask I have ever used, it is certainly one of the better ones.

The mask material is advertised to be 0.2mm which allows the skin to breathe comfortably. The mask certainly is very thin. I had some trouble unwrapping the mask. But it was soaked in essence.

The fit wasn’t too bad. Just slightly big on me. The material hung over my nose a tiny bit. I didn’t like how the mask didn’t have any cuts on the side, so the fit was a little more uneven.

There was a slight scent but it wasn’t as bad as the Rilakkuma mask.

It felt incredibly soothing on my skin. I removed it after 20 minutes. My nose area was the first to dry up first. Once I removed the mask, there was a lot of left over essence on my skin.

It did try a little tacky, but not nearly as bad as other masks I have tried. My skin felt very much moisturized. Any sort of dry patches I had were gone by the next day. My skin looked a lot brighter as well.

Compared to the Rilakkuma mask, I liked that one more with how it felt on my skin and it wasn’t sticky or tacky at all. But this one is still really good. Easier to get ahold of as well. On the Etude House website, they’re $1.30 USD each. Definitely worth trying.


*Amabie sent me this product for review purposes. My opinion is my own and 100% honest

This mask is from a Taiwanese brand. I'm not actually sure what it's called. 

Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask. Supposed to help brighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. 

The mask material was super thick. But it didn't feel like a luxurious thick mask. It was sort of like a cheap cotton. I wasn't a fan of the material too much. I found the fit wasn't too great. The slits of the mask didn't really mold onto the sides of my face too well. 

The forehead of the mask was also too big as a lot of excess was sticking out. While the mouth hole shape was fine the eye holes were not. They settle into the corners of my eyes which made the mask really uncomfortable. 

The essence was also very thin. Consistency basically like water. There was also a lot of it leftover in the package.

The scent also wasn't great. It wasn't too strong but it sort of smelled like wet naps to me. Similar to the KFC wet wipes. 

Once I removed the mask, my skin felt amazing. Since the essence was on the thin end, the essence didn't try tacky at all. Even though i was thin, it was still incredibly hydrating. My skin felt very plump afterwards. I didn't have to put on any moisturizer afterwards. The next day my skin looked a lot brighter and felt softer as well. 


Overall, I really enjoyed using this mask. Besides the crappy fit and mask material, I loved it. I would definitely use this again. 

*Amabie sent me this product for review purposes. My opinion is my own and 100% honest. 

Another sticky mask, which as you know, I don't love.


The mask took soo long to fully absorb and become unsticky. It may be better to use during the winter when I would appreciate the moisturizing properties. But for the summer, not pleasant. 

No immediate results, but the morning of my skin looked brighter. I still prefer the Mediheal N.M.F aquaring mask. 

While this is moisturizing, the stickiness ultimately will have me not returning to this mask again.

It's definitely different compared to any other mask I've used. the mask material is typical cotton but the essence is a really thick gel. There was also so much left over. I applied some to my significant other (which he hated) and the rest on my legs and arms. 

When I removed the mask there was still a lot of left over essence which my skin didn't absorb so it sat on my face. When it began to dry up, it made my face super sticky; which I hate! I hate!!! It was the same for my arms and legs as well. At the time I basically decided I hated the mask. 

Until this morning. This is where I'm conflicted. My face looks a little brighter, looks plump and feels softer. But ultimately, I will not try this again. It's not worth suffering through the stickiness. I have used other masks that offer the exact same results. 

It says it's a skin gel mask but not as gel like as I imagined it to be. Not slippery at all. On the other hand it fits on my face like a glove. There is quite a lot of essence as well. 

Though I do find the edge of the mask does dry up fairly quickly. I also find once the product is fully absorbed into my skin it feels quite sticky, which I'm not a fan of.

Aside from that, my skin feels and looks great after. Would definitely buy another box if I see them.

It's not too bad. It's recommended to apply a thick layer to properly peel it off. It's clear with some micro-sparkles in it. But on the skin you don't notice the sparkles at all.

My face felt a little tighter after. My pores and blackheads basically remained the same as well. It didn't really pull out too many blackheads or whiteheads.

I still enjoy using it; peeling things off my face is so satisfying!! But it wasn't a huge winner for me. My blackheads are always tough to get rid of. Even biore strips don't really work on me. Still worth a try. I got this on ebay for about $7 cad with free shipping.

So this mask is good to use when you have pimples. Which is perfect cause I have another pimple on my chin). The masks are the same fit. I really don't like how small the eye holes are. 
The mask is soaked in essence and I kept it on for 40 min or so. It didn't really dry out as quickly compared to the timetox. Impressive! 
My face felt pretty good after and not sticky!! 👍👍
My pimple is basically gone now but I did use a few other acne products. 
Overall pretty good mask. I did end up purchase another box. While this is a good product, I would not rely on this alone to combat acne.

The material is super thin and fit/sticks to the face really well. 
This mask contains cactus fruit extract which is supposed to have a lot of vitamin c. Vitamin C benefits include: even skin tone, revitalize skin’s surface, improve hydration, and anti-wrinkle properties.

When I first took the mask out of the package, it was drenched in essence and immediately started dripping. The scent was also strong and was a very mature scent. The essence consistency was thin and runny. On my skin though it felt quite nice. The green tea one was too strong for my skin as it really stung. Luckily the cactus mask was not the same. I could keep it on for a full 20 minutes.

When I removed the mask my face felt very moisturized. A huge plus was that it didn't dry tacky! My face looked brighter and felt softer as well.

Though it is worth mentioning that the scent lingered for a while. But overall I really liked the results! Brighter, plump and hydrated skin. The scent could be better, but it is worth a try! Thumbs up from me! 

At first I thought this wasn't going to be worth purchasing. I found it far too expensive. But I have to say, it does make a great difference when I'm applying makeup. It's a little time consuming, but my foundation and concealer look flawless. 

The only downside is that it gets dirty and have to clean it often. I've also tried the dupes. They are just as good. I actually just buy the dupes now because they're cheaper and do just as good of a job. 

Whenever I want my makeup to look flawless, I use the beauty blender. It's definitely worth trying.

This was the first toner I had ever tried. At first I loved it. Did womyers for my skin. It was less oily and heled remove any extra dirt that remained on my skin. 

Then winter rolled around and it became too strong for my skin. It started to sting and dried out my skin (excluding my tzone). 

I think it's better for the summer. The smell of alcohol is pretty strong as well. 

I ended up buying two 500 ml bottles when I was in love with this toner. I'll try to use it up but after I will not repurchase.  

This mask wasnt as effective on me as it was for others. 

There's no major scent. It comes with a spatula which makes it easier to apply. But definitely have to work fast because it begins to bubble almost immediately when it touches the skin. 

I've tested out leaving it on for 5 minutes and even 20 minutes. It's just as difficult to wash off no matter how long the mask is left on. 

That's the one thing I don't like about this mask. I recommend doing this mask before showering so it can be rinsed off then. 

It's not too drying but my pores and black heads didn't seem much different. My skin didn't feel much softer either. 

It's a fun mask but I don't plan on repurchasing when I'm finished. 

I loved this lip balm. I used it strictly during the winter because it is really thick. 

I like the menthol scent and feel as well. It's really thick so I wore it at my night lip balm. It really helps with soothing the lips. 

The only complaint is that the scent goes off pretty quickly. I had half a tube left but after  year the scent didn't smell the same so I threw it out. 

This was my first facial spray I tried.  It's not too bad. It's great for sensitive skin. Don't have to worry about harsh ingredients. 

This is great for a hot day to cool down with. Since it's in an aerosol can, the mist stays cool. 

The only thing is sometimes the spray can be too strong and the must isn't even. Aside from that it's really nice. I bough the smaller bottle to keep in my handbag. Worth carrying around on a hot day. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this product. 

I noticed my skin was brighter a couple of days after using this. I've incorporated this into my night routine. 

Not only is my skin brighter but it also has a nice glow as well. 

The scent isn't too strong or anything. But it does dry very sticky, which I'm not a fan of. Once I continue with the rest of my skincare, the stickiness disappears. 

Overall, I'm in love with this product. My skin looks amazing as of late, and it's because of this serum. I will repurchase for sure. 


I purchased a box of 10 of these a while back. 

The mask material is super thin. It's folded up fairly small so it is a little difficult to unwrap. There were a few times I thought I was going to rip it. 

The mask is also drenched in essence. But the fit could be better.  There are no slits in the mask so we can modify the fit. I find the eye and mouth holes too small as well. 

But the essence is pretty good. My skin feels nice and it helps combat my acne. 

I would consider purchasing this again

The face shop has a good variety of masks. When they're on sale they're worth trying. 

But... that's about it. They're good, but they're not great. I've found plenty of other masks that I've since prefered over the face shop. 

Since the face shop has become so easily accessible,  they're worth buying to try out. But they're no longer my go to masks. 

They're decent, but I've found better.  

This was actually the first mask I had ever tried. The scent smells like candied apples. It's amazing.  

Also soaked in essence. The mask fit isn't too bad. Very similar to mediheal. It is a very thin mask as well. 

Most importantly it didn't dry tacky. My skin felt soft. No immediate results until the next day. 

My beauty diary has a huge variety of masks for a decent price. I would repurchase this for sure.

I got a deluxe sample of this from a memebox I ordered and it lasts a longtime! A little goes a long way. 

The colour is a little too cool for me but I still enjoy wearing it. My friends that try it also really love this tint. It rubs off a bit but it still lasts for a decent amount of time. I would definitely be interested in trying different colours from tony moly. 

Lastly the scent is amazing! Smells really fruity!

I had the old version. 

The scent is quite strong, very floral. At first I really enjoyed this product. If I was too lazy,  this would be my one step mask. 

It was good for spring or fall weather, but come winter it still wasn't strong enough. I have combination skin. So my t-zone, really oily. My cheeks, are dry like crazy. I found even after I applied this, I needed to apply another layer before bed. So for my skin, better for fall. When it works, it's super hydrating. 

Firstry, the gel smelled amazing. It had a me beads so it was like sort of like a double exfoliant.

I really enjoyed using this. The peel worked immediately and dead skin came off easily as well. 

It wasn't drying on the skin or anything. I would definitely repurchase this. 

While I liked the coverage (I used N23) I found the cushion shade was too light and dewy. dewy is in, but I have really oily skin. It may look good at first but after an hour I look super oily. 

The scent was a little like roses. It's a shame about the shade. The cushion was pretty good regardless. Just didn't work with my skin tone and type. 

Though I do have oily skin, it's only on my t-zone. My cheeks are fairly dry. 

I found this did a pretty good job in keeping my face moisturized. I use this at night. While it is a little heavy, I don't mind it. It has anti-wrinkling properties, which is one of the main reasons why I purchased this line. My skin has become a lot more moisturized since I incorporated this into my night time routine.  


BHA products will cause the skin to break out as it is purging the skin. My skin didn't break out too badly because I had already incorporated the COSRX - BHA blackhead power liquid. 

This was the first Makgeolli mask I tried. It's pretty good. Felt good on my skin and the fit of the mask was pretty good too. 

There was no immediate effects when I removed the mask, but the next day my face looked brighter. I've since found another Makgeolli mask I prefer, but this one is still a good one to try. 

This does a pretty decent job in removing makeup. I don't wear waterproof makeup so I can't comment on how well it removes that. I still had to double cleanse but it's not bad. Since it's oil based, my skin doesn't feel dry and stripped of moisture after the wash. 

It's supposed to help brighten the skin as well. Never really noticed a difference in that.  

It's pretty good and decently priced as well. I think it's worth a try. 

So far, I've been thoroughly impressed with all the masks I've used from papa recipe. 

The black honey mask is very similar to the original honey mask. Same light honey scent. The material is a little different. Still cotton. Had a black paper film the protect the mask- which the original didn't have. The fit was pretty decent as well. I found the nose flap too big and it hung over my nose. The mouth hole was far too small. I had to purse my lips for entire time. It felt amazing on my skin as well. 

When I removed it, my skin felt really hydrated. Most importantly it wasn't sticky and nor did it dry tacky. 

I'm in love with the masks. 100% would buy again. I actually want to try all the papa recipe products now. 

What is there not to like about this mask?

It smells amazing, fit wells and feels great. It doesn't feel sticky nor does it dry tacky. I love this mask.  

I haven't tested this out, but apparently it is so natural, that if you lick the mask it actually tastes like honey. 

I will definitely repurchase this.

The gel patch does a fairly decent job in moisturizing my lips. I would still prefer a a lip exfoliant to get rid of any dead skin. 

You also can't move around or even sit up while wearing this. It's nice but something I'll purchase again.

I only use this when I'm wearing more makeup. 

But this balm is great. It immediately melts upon the touch. It does an amazing job in removing my makeup. 

I still cleanse with a toner after. 

Overall a really great product. I would repurchase this again as well. 

This has become my holy grail exfoliant. I only use it once or twice a month. 

The product is very thick and it recommends thinning it out with water or serum. I apply it on my face and leave it for 15-20min. Then scrub/rinse the product off.

Afterwards my skin feels incredibly soft. My skin doesn't feel dried out after the rinse either. 

My makeup goes on and looks way better as well. This scrub is amazing and I can see why so many people like it. Definitely will repurchase. 

The only complaint is that I wish it came with a spatula. 

I've been using this every night and I really enjoy it. It's recommended to apply and leave it for at least 15 min before adding the rest of our skincare. 

The first few weeks I tried this my skin purged so I did end up getting a little more acne. Don't worry that's normal. 

My skin feels softer, I don't have to use strong exfoliates as much because of this toner. It does a fairly decent job with getting rid of my blackheads. I still have them, but they're not as prominent. 

A little goes a long way as well. I've been using this every night since May, and I've only used up 1/3 of the bottle. Definitely worth the price. I will repurchase for sure.  

I really enjoy using this. Currently I'm using it as a body moisturizer and it does such an amazing job. 

Importantly, it doesn't leave my skin feeling tacky or anything. 

It won't be moisturizing enough for the winter months, but for summer, it's great. Soothing and refreshing. 

The only reason I gave this 4/5 stars is that the tub makes it rather unhygenic. I'd rather a squeeze tube. It's not that big of a deal since I'm just using it on myself. Squeeze bottle would make this more travel friendly though. 

This does a fairly decent job in removing makeup. I do have to double cleanse after as not everything is removed. I don't wear waterproof makeup so I can't comment on the effectiveness for that. 

I don't really notice my skin looking brighter after using this though. And as the others have mentioned, the cleanser is pretty heavily scented. I've used it enough where it doesn't bother me anymore, but I was taken aback by the scent when I first used it. 

I won't repurchase anytime soon because I'd rather test out other oil cleansers. 

I'm kind of conflicted with this product. 

It's definitely interesting and fun. There aren't a lot of products out there that bubble/foam up. 

There were a few cons I found when I used this product

1. I used the brightening citrus mask so it smelled like citrus dish soap. 

2. Didn't cover the forehead. Why??

3. This mask stung!! I couldn't keep it on for more than 10 minutes. I have heard both sides, stung for some people and not for others. 

BUT my face looked ridiculously brighter the next day. I would say the after effects lasted a couple days even. 

While the mask is fun to use, it stung my face which I didn't quite like. But I can't deny the product works. If you have sensitive skin, probably best to stay away from this. 

I'm currently really enjoying this lip balm. It's fairly long lasting even though the coat I apply is really thin. If I don't eat or drink I lasts a good couple of hours. 

Naturally, the scent is amazing. I would say it smells really good initially and then after it becomes more apparent the scent is artificial. 

The only thing is that I have to really 'dig' for the product. It's a hard balm and you have to melt it a bit with the warmth of your finger. It becomes a little easier to apply, but I'm constantly redipping my finger for more product. 

Overall, I still really like it and I would definitley repurchase again. I was almost set on buy a couple more for backup after the first few uses of this. 

The lip tint is really fun to use. Leave the product on for 10 min, peel off and you're left with a tint that lasts for majority of the day.

But that's basically all I liked about it. Unfortunatley, it wasn't a home run product for me. 

While the tint does last a long time, there were far too many cons for me to ever want to consider purchasing the product again. 

The application was uneven and the tip of the applictor was too small as well. Which made applying the product really difficult. Not to mention the taste... is horrendous. 

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