HI! Mich is the name, Asian Skincare is my game, particularly sheetmasks. I love to read, study, blog, and relax while I sheet mask, and Hence the name sheetmasklady.

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  • Ethnicity: South Asian, Pacific Islander
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Chestnut

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  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: United States
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Peptides, Organic, Retinoid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Mineral, Vegan, Tree Oil, Glycerin, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

Natto is rich in vitamins and so it is great for our skin and bones. It's made from fermented soybeans, so it is great for anti-aging and is great for people with combination skin, like me. This Natto Sheet mask from My Scheming is one of my top "Will repurchase again" products on my list. Natto moisturizes the dry areas of the skin and decreases oiliness in oilier areas, and this mask does just that. Natto is one of my favorite anti-aging ingredients, but it does have a funky smell. Most people would not like the smell, and the essence in the mask does have a bit of a Natto smell (could be stronger for people who are not used to the smell of fermented things). I quite like that natto-y scent. So, once you open the pack, you smell the natto, and you will also see that the mask is dripping with watery, sort of milky, essence. The material, as usual with all regular My scheming masks, it is cotton and thin, which is great for letting the skin breathe and for absorption in to skin. It is a very hydrating, which also gives my skin that "I just used my clarisonic" glow (not sure if anyone else gets that, though). My oil t-zone seems to be less oily through out the night, and my cheeks are not so dry patchy. I use this mask with my skincare, and it is such a great booster for my essences and serums. My mother also loves this m asks, but the results with her is more visible because she has more mature skin, and she lives in an area where it snows from November till march. She doesn't mind the smell either, and loves this mask much more than me. She also likes to bring these masks with her when she travels, so the packaging is the perfect size for it.

My mother and I rate this a 4 out 5 

This is one of my favorite cleansers because I use this in conjunction with other ingredients, such as green tea leaves, vitamin C powder, and serums. I love the smell. It's a nice lemony clean scent, nothing like [house] cleaning products, but more like a light sparkling lemon scent. It's refreshing. I have combination skin, but this has not dried out my skin, since my skin leans more towards oily. I love how it brightens my skin, too. It looks even brighter when I use this with vitamin c serums, or vitamin c powder. This comes with a big spatula to make scooping out the product easier, and it's more sanitary. The jar it comes with seems small, but when you open it, you will see that there is A LOT of the cleanser. Speaking of the cleanser itself, the consistency reminds me of greek yogurt. Not the soft creamy kind, but curd-like and soft. When using the cleanser, you only need very little; about the size of your nail on your pinky. Sometimes, I use less than that and my face (after an oil cleanse) is still clean. I love how my skin feels after using this, and how my toner is absorbed into my skin better. 

I love this cleanser, but I do recommend this to people who have oily, or oily combination skin. This may not work for people with dry skin, or sensitive skin. The good thing is there are two other kinds of this cleanser, the adlay (for dry skin), and green tea (combination skin).

I also recommend using a hydrating toner if you have combination dry skin.

As someone who always uses sheet masks, this one gradually showed results. The first time I used this sheet mask, I saw a bit of brightening, but nothing amazing. The more you use this mask, though, the more you will see better results. This is a great sheet mask to use for first time maskers. 

I read that this is a steam-activated charcoal pore mask that opens up the pores.  That this mask is for clearing the pores, exfoliation, and it is suppose to remove blackheads. It does open up the pores, and exfoliates really well. It does have little beads in it, which is the exfoliating part of the mask. Be careful when scrubbing on your skin, as it is warm, so it can feel uncomfortable (again when used for the first time).

It's very warm if you use a thick layer on your skin, and for first time users, it can be overwhelmingly warm. I was surprised at how warm it can get. A thin layer is better when you are using this product for the first few times. You kind of get used to the warmth after several uses. I don't mind it so much anymore. 

I like to use this when my skin is feeling a little rough, and is in need of brightening. I do love using this in conjunction with the Original Pore Pack, which is very cooling to the skin. There are times though, when I use this and then follow it with a toner, essence, and the rest of my skincare. I include a brightening mask just after my serums, and then after 20-30 minutes, my night cream goes on my face. By the time I use a sheet mask, the essences and serums I had patted into my skin has already been absorbed. I love how my skin feel the next day. 

Now, washing this off I try to use lukewarm water, but I can't help it. I use tap water somtimes, just to cool off my skin. And even with out the rest of my skincare, my face feels very soft and smooth. My black heads? Well, it doesn't all of it out, but most of it has gone after scrubbing. My pores look smaller because it isn't so congested anymore, too.

Despite my deviating from the "Hot & Cool" duo, it really does work better with the Original Pore Pack.

My rating is 4.5 out of 5

First things first, when you apply lipstick,  especially lip gloss and lip tints, always do a lip scrub first and apply a thin layer of lip balm, or lip treatment (like the Hanalei Lip Treatment). This makes lip gloss, lip tint, and matte lippies less drying and will not go into the creases of your lips. This will also give your lips a more supple look.

Anyway, the Peripera's ink moist are lip tints that will last for hours, and even when the layers of color has been cleansed off, there is still that stain that stays on your lips for another 24 hours. Now, if you swatch this, like I did in my photo below, you will have a bright pink line stain for a good day or so, but will eventually wash off (in baths, showers and washing dishes). In that sense, I like calling this, despite the watery consistency, Peripera INK STAIN, rather than moist. Don't get me wrong, it is moist, it stays moist for a good hour or two, so fair warning, try not to touch your lips or drink directly into a cup/glass/tumbler (you know what I mean). As I mentioned, some of the color is difficult to wash off completely, and even more difficult to wash off your skin.

As for the color, it super pigmented and will stay so as long as you do not eat anything oily and hot. Though, some of the color does come off when you eat ice cream, but not enough to notice. When I do eat something, like ramen, a lot of the layered color does come off, but the stain remains. I keep another color for darker gradient look, when that happens, which usually only happens once in a day. Mostly after a meal. 

Going back to my photo below, the first is the top view of the bottle and you can see how short the wand is, so application is easier for me as I have smaller hands. The second photo is the semi-side view of the bottle, and the the wand. You can see how thin and how long the applicator is. The last photo are the swatches, and you can also see how small the bottle is compared to my small hands, which look weirdly large in this photo. Also, the first swatch is one layer has been dabbed with my finger, like you would if you wanted a gradient lip color, and the second swatch has two layers and dried a tad longer than the first. It also stayed moist (with a bit of shine) more than the first, as I did not dab this into my skin.

So with that being said, I know a lot of people are not comfortable with lip color staining their lips for more than 24 hours, and have given this a 4 or less rating, but I like this lip product. I like using this when I go to parties at night, so that tne next day that left over stain looks more natural. A plus in my opinions, because I can take a morning selfie and say "I woke up like this". Ha!

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actual rating is 4.5 out of 5

It's a pricey product, but it's not as pricey as the others in the market. It works EVEN BETTER when used with the truth creme vitamin c, cleanser, and youth oil. I still took off a half heart because I found that my skin looked a tad yellowy after using this for a few months. Just a little. It's not noticeable, until I ran out and used another brand that had vitamin c and collagen, as well. Don't get the wrong idea, this stuff works wonders. My skin was bright and lovely, but the price and the taaaaad yellowing of the skin when used alone made me take off 0.5 points.

I do love this product, though. I didn't break out or have any kind of skin irritations, and it even helped with my acne.

It smells like honey! I love honey, although I wish it didn't have that slight chemical smell after I take a shower. Cleans my skin well and the smell of honey does linger for about, almost an hour. It lathers a lot, but it doesn't feel too rich and thick. It doesn't do much for my skin dry during the winter, but I don't mind using this during the summer. It's not my go to shower gels, but I do like it.

My hubs uses this, and always reaches for this, especially during the summer. He over sweats, and always has a problem with keeping his pits dry. Poor thing, but with Mitchum Smart Soild Clinical Performance his sweating is more controlled. He tells me that the deodorant actually lasts long, and unlike his previous deodorant, he doesn't smell his sweat on him. I've tried this deodorant as well, and I must say that the odor control is also great with this product. It doesn't feel too powdery and feels very comfortable to wear. No stickiness, no medicinal smell, no irritations. 

We give it a 5 out of 5.

I also wrote a review on this Peripera Ink Moist. It was pretty long, but I will have to make this one short and straight to the point.

-The packaging is cute and small, easily fits in the pocket of your purse
-Twist it properly to close, or it will twist open and leak
-The consistency is a bit thick, like pen ink, but not as sticky on the lips  -- on the hands though, it is just as sticky and will stain things if you are not careful
-The smell reminds me of oranges with a hint of flowers
-The color is beautiful, makes my lips look lush and full
-It lasts for the most part of the day, unless you eat something hot and oily, in which case touch ups are most likely unnecessary
-Difficult to wash all of it off, but I don't mind 

I love this lip ink. It's become one of my favorites to use. I give it a 5 out of 5.

I've posted a picture of if on instagram, check it out. Here -- >
  and a short video here -- >

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I have really dry lips, and I used to have this in my bag to help sooth and smooth them out. I'm not sure what happened, it feels like the formula for this product has changed? or maybe I just happen to buy the one bad batch? Not sure, because the last time I used this my lips felt greasy instead. Anyway, maybe it was a bad batch. This is still one of the most moisturizing lip balm/salves I have ever tried, which is why I still give it a 4 out out of 5. And did I mention that it smells good, too? It just doesn't have a taste is all. 

So for anyone who see this, give it try. I recommend.

Actual rating is 4.5

I love this lotion! I use it in my pm skincare, and sometimes in the am. My favorite part if using it just before my night time moisturizer, to give it a little boost. My skin is plump, supple and healthy looking. I love how it makes my skin soft, as well. It is light and doesn't really have a scent. The only thing I do not like is that it makes my skin shiny if I use it in the morning. The oilier parts of the my face get shinier, I mean. Other than that, I recommend this to anyone who wants to rewind time with their skin. It will definitely help with boosting your skincare products!

This is one of my favorite sunscreens ever! My mother loves the entire line, and had recommended this particular product to me, since I don't stay out in the sun for hours on end. It is very gentle on the skin, indeed. It does leave a slightly white cast, but I don't mind. My makeup will cover up it anyway. I don't break out when I use this sunscreen, and I love how my skin feels afterwards. Washing it off is easier than the original counterpart (the NON-gentle with SPF45+). It is pricey, but I promise this will not let you and your skin down. I definitely recommend this product!

What's better than Dove? An Asian version of it. Seriously, this is one of the best and most affordable luxurious things in the market. It smells so clean and fresh. It cleans the body, and makes it feeeeel soooo soffft

I had said that the Black Sugar wash off mask was 5 out of 5, right? THIS stuff, however, I want to give a 10! I love everything about this facial scrub. The smell is amazing. The consistency is goopy, and the sugar grains are not clumped together, and they're probably smaller because of the honey. I love how relaxed I get during the 10-15 wait time. When I was scrub my face, the sugar grains just melts into my skin. I only need the tiniest amount of water to help with the scrubbing. My skin looks smooth, and feel soft. They honey just give my skin that super lovely glow. My PM skincare also seems to just absorb into my skin better, too. I love this wash off mask!

I'm not sure what is going on with this product. It's either a hit or a miss. I have heard many good reviews and many bad reviews, mine will start out good, and then bad.

The good - First week or so of using this, my skin seemed to react nicely to it. No irritation. Absorbed into my skin well. No pimples. 

The bad - after the second week, I started to see tiny white heads that eventually turned into pimples. 

Maybe it was the alcohol in the product, as my skin has a love/hate relationship with that ingredient. Maybe it was the formulation in that bottle, like I got the bad batch of the ampoule. I'm not sure. All I know I am reluctant to repurchase this product.

In the picture above, it is the bottle with the pink on the bottom. I believe this is the Hada Labo milky emulsion, or whitening milky emulsion. Someone correct me if I am wrong. I had this and tried it, and it is very moisturizing. It makes my skin soft, and smooth. I do like the Gokujyun better than this, but I love the way this doesn't make my skin shiny. It absorbs into my skin well and fast, which is great for the summer. During the winter, I think I need more hydration and moisture than the what this product gives me. Still, I love what Hada Labo brings to Asian Beauty game, and I love how this made my skin feel soft. 

My skin did not respond well to this oil. Although it was very moisturizing and the drier patches on my cheek did not flake, the rest of my face started to break out. 

This is a great to use as a second cleanse, and it's good for all skin types. I used this back when I wore no make up and sunscreen. During those days, I had really bad acne. Purity by Philosophy was one of the few cleansers that really helped my skin. It didn't irritate me, and I did not break out. The only thing is that, I do have combination skin, so I can only use this on certain times of the year, and in certain places. For example, when winter set in, this wasn't enough for me. My dry patches felt drier and tight, so I had to use a really hydrating toner. It also does not remove all your makeup, especially eye makeup, and even with a clarisonic. Using this during the winter with the mia clarisonic, to take off my makeup, is what made me get little pimples again. After that, I stopped using this product.

I recently received a small bottle of this product again, but I used it during the summer. In Texas. Where it is HOT. I would like to include that this does not bubble or foam, so it's great for sensitive skin.

So other than that one negative, I had mentioned, this is still a good cleanser. I'd buy it again, but not anytime soon.

This has four different kinds of powders, which are categorized as dry, normal/combination, oily, and sensitive skin rice enzyme powders. I bought the travel sized bottles and tried them the Gentle, Classic, and Deep Polished Rice Enzyme Powder. 

GENTLE for dry skin - This is definitely a gentle powder great for dry skin. I reminded me of confectionery sugar consistency, when not activated by water. The powder is more soft to the touch, and has less bubbles. It looks more like a frothy kind of bubbles. When water is added, the powder feels lighter and you can definitely tell that the licorice ingredient is there. I still feel like I need more cleansing, so this was definitely not for me. During the summer anyway. 4.5/5

CLASSIC for normal/combo skin - This is for my skin. I love this one. There a tad bit more bubbles, and the scent definitely reminds me of rice. I found that if I don't add the right amount of water to my palm, the powder seems a tad abrasive, but still exfoliates quite wonderfully, and gave my skin a pearly glow. 5/5

DEEP for Oily skin - The powder wasn't like the other two, and looked like green tea. This had houttuynia Cordata Extract, or Dokudami, which fights bacteria, removes free radicals, and reduces inflammation. I wanted to love this, but I can only like it. Hehe. It was good for the oilier parts of my skin, but it dried out the rest of my face. So yes, this is definitely just for oily skin. 4/5


This is one of those physical facial scrubs that make you go, "OH WOW! Is that my skin?"

The smell of the scrub is wonderful, I sometimes want to eat it. The dead skin cells on my face are gone, and the sugar gives my skin some nutrition. For people with dry skin, I suggest adding a bit of water to make it less abrasive, and easier to spread on the skin. This is also very sticky, so the use of warm water is always best. I also suggest to run warm, if you can't use hot, water in the sink for about 5 minutes to let all the sugar sticky stuff melt away. It also helps with ants. I have read that people started seeing ants in their bathroom, but running warm to hot water in the sink really helps with that. Anyway, Yes, I am serious when I said this make you say "OH WOW". Skinfood's black sugar wash off mask is one that will exfoliate your skin, and give it a nice smooth, little glow.

This is one of my faves, and it's affordable. I gave this one a 5 out 5!

The first time this cleanser came out, I wanted to try it. It didn't really smell strongly of cucumbers back then, so I wonder why it does now. Did they add more cucumber like fragrances, or is it something in the formula itself? I don't know. It is, however, gentle to the skin. I guess that "good for sensitive skin" description is why they gave it a more cucumber smell. I do like the smell of cucumbers, but in this product, it can get overwhelming. Anyway, back to the scent, it leaves a weird one after washing. Speaking of washing, it doesn't take off makeup. Maybe a little bit of makeup, but not all. I know this is just a cleanser and it isn't exactly used for makeup removal,  but even on days when I only have sunscreen, my skin feels like it needs more cleansing. I do however, use this as a morning cleanse.  The texture is almost watery, which tells me that this has A LOT of water in it, and that water is most like the first ingredient. In the ingredient list, it doesn't have parabens, but I'm not scared of parabens. It's not a bad product, but I wouldn't repurchase this product.

Check out my blog for more reviews.

The variety of masks is great! There are so many to choose from, and almost every basic skin problem. Only problem is, these do not work as well as the other sheet masks I have tried. I have all, except the bamboo, red ginseng, and green tea. Maybe those are the real good ones? I'm not sure. The only two I have a 4 out of 5 stars on was the Mung Bean and the cucumber. The scent of denatured alcohol and how many of the masks had essences that dripped so much from the mask, it was disappointing. I broke out from at least three of the masks, and the others just didn't seem to give my skin anything beneficial. It makes me feel bad because THEFACESHOP is one of the first few kbeauty brands I used to shop in. Anyway, all in all, I give THEFACESHOP Real Nature sheet mask series a 2 out of 5.

Check out my blog to read more on these masks.

This is my favorite peel, scrub, which ever you want to call it. I love the light fragrance, as well as the texture. It looks and feels almost like confectionery sugar, but in yellow. You don't need to add a lot of water if you use it less than the recommended dose, which is measured out for you when you pour it out. The powder automatically stops when you have the amount you need. Honestly, I use only half that amount, and my skin still feel smooth and soft. I feel like the dead skin cells on my face are gone. I also get the occasional acne, most are hormonal, but with this Enzyme Peel I do not break out at all. 

My favorite ingredient in this product is the papain, which is great at removing dead skin cell, and giving the skin a brighter complexion. Papain is used a lot in the Philippines in their papaya soaps, which is why many of my Filipino friends who live there have such clear skin. Yes, Papain is found in papaya; mainly in green unripe papayas.

When you add water to this, it starts to foam a up, and becomes thick when you lather it. It feels so luxurious and relaxing. For me, when a skincare product makes me feel relaxed, does it's job and I have fun using it - then it is already a 4. The Amorepacific (one of my favorite Korean Brands) Treatment Enzyme Peel is a 5 out of 5 for me.

A cleansing water that cleans, gives a mild exfoliation, and hydrates your skin? Yes, please. These are just the few qualities that this cleansing water has, despite it having alcohol denatured in the ingredients. My skin does not work well with alcohol denatured, but the Beauty Water? My skin loves it. I never break out and I never had any sort of negative reaction to this product. I have very few Holy Status skincare products, and this is one of them.

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Although my skin was a bit hydrated, I did not see any shiny results. This does have Denatured Alcohol in it, which is an ingredient that does not always work well my combination skin. My skin becomes oily combination in the summer, and having used this mask in the summer, the oilier parts on my face felt a bit. My skin still felt like it needed something more, and the after a while, my cheeks (the drier parts of my face) felt dry. Not just a tad dry, just dry. The other good thing about this mask is that it did not make my skin break out because of the denatured alcohol.

I give this a 2 out of 5.

I love Camellia anything because I have always had great results, but this mask did not meet some of my expectations. It is really hydrating, but the redness I had on my skin were still there. Although, the mask fit was almost perfect on me. Still, after using Dear Packer's Camellia sheet mask (I probably said the name wrong), I had expected this mask to be like or almost like it, and this a "5 ouf 5"  kind of results.

It didn't fail at all, it was a good mask, but I still give it a 3 out of 5 in rating.

More details on this mask is on my blog:

I love the material tha Innisfree uses for the It's real squeeze sheet masks, they're so light and holds so much essence. Though, there is still a lot of left over essence in the packaging, whatever is on the mask itself will give you enough hydration your skin will need, and more. This mask ad helped a big pimple calm down and reduce in size when I used it the night before. I only used the mask, and a moisturizer afterwards to see what kind of effects it would have on me, and I ended up loving it! I rate this sheet mask a 5 out of 5!

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Tea Tree has always been great for acne, and this sheet mask does very well in reducing redness, and size of pimples. It's not exactly super moisturizing, but it focuses more on mattifying the skin and clears the pores to get rid of the bacteria in it. It has definitely reduced the size of my pimples when I have break outs, and it has helped my skin return to its pre-breakout phase. The material of this mask is also great. It is soft and dripping with watery essence, which is good because it absorbs more quickly in to the skin and it is not sticky. I give this mask a 4.5 out of 5!

More details on the Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Tea Tree Mask on my blog

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Camellia is Japanese is called Tsubaki; roughly translating to "Japanese Rose". The color for the Tsubaki, like the color of the pack, is red. I don't think I mentioned in my blog about the material of this mask, which was slightly thick. The scent on this mask was just divine. It really reminded me of my time in Japan, which to me were the good old days. It made me feel very relaxed. As for the effects, it is WONDERFUL. My skin was moisturized, it felt smooth, and it felt great. This is still my favorite Camellia sheet mask. I have yet to find another mask like this, and did I mention that this is affordable?

For more details on my review on this mask visit the link below:

Innisfree's It's Real Squeeze Green tea sheet mask is one of those masks that you have to try before trying any other green tea sheet masks.  The mask is a good fit for my face, though there is a bit of excess, and it's hydrating. My sun dried face was quenched and soothed. It also smells nice, but the scent isn't really noticable unless you really sniff the pack. Seriously, though, I would give this a 4.5 if I could, but there isn't any half points on here. 

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I love using the My Scheming sheet masks, and they never disappoint me, until now. I do love that this mask is hydrating, but for Camellia Japonica as the main ingredient, as I was expecting a bit more. I've tried sheet masks that are just the same, but with more omph. I rate this a shiny 3 out of 5.

For a full review on the My Scheming Camellia Japonica Hydrating Mask, check out my blog:

This mask gives me a glow like no other. The redness of my skin was gone, and the little bumps of pimples I had the next day had diminished. My favorite part was waking up this morning feeling like I didn't spend 4 hours baking in the sun. This face mask has got to be one of my faves! Super 5 out of 5 rating!

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This product cleans off almost all of my makeup, and it is very gentle on the dry areas of my skin. This is especially great to use in the winter, but maybe ok for occasional use when summer arrives. I have oily-combination skin, and this works well with my oily parts. I would recommend to use a foaming cleanser after this, espeically if yor have oily or oily-combination skin. I gave this a 5 because I really like this product, and because I can't use cleansing balms during the winter.

It's one of those days when you think a sheet mask can help your skin, hoping that it will reduce the redness of your little pimples, and help clear out your pores, but, alas, this was not one of them. Maybe it was me? I will try this another time, and see if my mind can be swayed for the better.  My skin was well hydrated, and so, I gave it mercy, giving it 3 stars out of 5. I had high hopes for this mask, as I love the brand My Scheming, but this is one I am disappointed in.

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OMG! this has got to be my fave so far in My scheming sheet masks. Extra hydrating and hyaluronic acid, just plumps up the skin. It works and blend well other serums, too. 5 out of 5!

For more details on this product review, visit my blog:


This sheet mask does great for troubled skin. When I say troubled, I meant like sudden flare ups. I tried this twice, and the first time I used it, my skin was hydrated, but there was not enough "oomph", and my large pimple that I had for a while only shrank a little. The second time I tried this, I woke up with a bunch of little red pimples from the night before, and it did great! But because it didn't really shrink my large pimple, the first time I used it, I give this a 4 out of 5 stars.

For a full review, please check out my blog:


I had been suffering from side effects of another product that had turned my skin a skin tone not known to me, with irritations to boot, but I used this sheet mask twice a week for just one week. In such a short time and I had my skin color back and the redness and irritation disappeared. I love this stuff! If you want a brighter skin tone, then this is for you! I give this a full 5 out of 5!

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