23 year old Asian beauty fanatic. I enjoy Kbeauty, subscription boxes, books, and planning. Sheet masking and gaming make me smile. I review things - a lot. Check out my blog ( or find me on IG or Twitter: @skincaremochi.

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General Information

  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White, Hispanic/Latino/Carribean
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Brown

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: United States
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Paraben-Free, Peptides, Sulfate Free, Retinoid, Vitamin C, Tree Oil, Glycerin, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

The Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer contains white tea, soy proteins, and algae extracts and is broad spectrum SPF30, claiming to offer superior sun protection without an annoying white cast. The lightweight, nourishing formula promises to protect against premature aging and promote healthy, smooth, and soft skin. Aside from the assortment of UVA/UVB filters, this moisturizer does have some notable ingredients, including vitamin E (tocopherol acetate), Lupine Protein extracts, an assortment of plant extracts and fragrant oils, and more soy protein to help smooth, soften, and maintain skin bouncy-ness. The scent is very "Banana Boat", if you catch my drift - it smells exactly like those sunscreens your parents used to slather on you at the beach when you were a kid. It's very, very strong, and it lingers. Boy, does it linger. For hours. Scentsitive peeps, you might not like this one - I'm not at all sensitive to fragrances in my skincare, and even I get a headache after wearing this for a few hours. Blech.

How it worked for me:
 As far as hybrid sunscreens/moisturizers go, I don't normally use them. Especially not ones that are less than SPF50, because ya girl is vampirically pale and I need all the UV protection I can get. I did manage to try this one out on a few cloudier/rainy days, and it's...just okay. The texture is nice and smooth, but I find that it does leave a bit of a greasy film behind that I wasn't a fan of, although it did sink in after about 10 minutes. It's quite hydrating and leaves a matte finish, but I found that my skin (particularly my t-zone) got a bit oilier faster than it normally does while wearing this, and somewhere in the middle of the day I realized most of my makeup just sort of...rubbed off. I've heard that this moisturizer/sunscreen can be used as a primer, but to be honest it makes a piss poor primer and I feel lied to (would someone really do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?!). Just kidding, it's not that bad, but I'd be lying to you if I said it helped keep my makeup in place. I think the Essential Daily Moisturizer would be good for someone who doesn't always wear makeup and just wants a moisturizer and sunscreen in one to speed up their morning routine, since, for most skin types, I think this would be moisturizing enough on its own. The product does what it claims and has a very elegant formula that is comfortable to wear, but it isn't a high enough SPF for my personal comfort, and the scent combined with the $55 price tag is going to make me have to pass on this one. In the words of Simon Cowell: "It's a no from me". 

 The first product I was sent is one I desperately needed - a new cleanser! I've gotten bored with my usual cleansers, and the term "cleansing milk" really intrigued me. This cleanser is infused with soy milk, whole oat, and white tea, and promises to wash away dirt, impurities, and makeup in one gentle step. It also claims to be suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, since it's sulfate and soap-free. It's chock full of blue lotus extract, which is an antioxidant powerhouse with anti-inflammatory benefits to combat free radical damage, as well as white tea to rejuvenate the skin. Also thrown in to the mix is soy milk extracts rich in amino acids that help maintain skin elasticity, and whole oat, which calms and soothes sensitive skin.

The cleanser comes in a 150ml tube with a plastic cap. It has a milky, emulsion-like consistency that's very creamy. It doesn't foam up like normal cleansers, so it necessary to take extra care to rinse it off properly after use, since it can be a bit difficult to wash away due to the lack of soap/sulfates. I find that I have to rinse two or three times to really get everything off, especially if I use an oil cleanser before hand (which I prefer to do due to sunscreen/makeup use). I really don't find that this cleanser does a great job of removing my makeup on its own, so using an oil cleanser first is imperative. 

How it worked for me: As far as performance, I really enjoyed the milky, lather-less weirdness that was this cleanser; I've been trying my darnedest to avoid harsh cleansers lately (due to a recent excursion with a way-too-harsh retinoid serum), and I often opt to just cleanse with micellar water or just plain water in place of a foaming cleanser. I found this cleanser to be quite gentle - it did a good job of cleansing my face and getting rid of daily dirt/grime buildup (including sunscreen), but on makeup days, I definitely needed an oil cleanser to break up the bulk of my foundation/eyeliner/mascara in order to get my face truly clean. 
The super-gentle formula worked well with my red, irritated skin, and I didn't experience any breakouts during the past month of using this cleanser. I can say that it definitely cleansed well without leaving my skin feeling overly tight or dry, in fact my skin feels incredibly soothed and soft after use. One issue I do have with this cleanser is that it still does leave my face a bit tight if I don't immediately follow up with an FTE or a toner, but as I stated previously, it isn't overwhelmingly drying. As far as soothing redness and irritation, i would say it does a fair job, but nothing miraculous. Overall, this is a really solid, middle-of-the-road cleanser; it works without any crazy bells and whistles.  Unfortunately, I already have a few favorite cleansers  that are much cheaper and offer similar benefits, so originally I was going to say that I wouldn't repurchase this one, but I was pretty impressed with the gentle formula and the fact that it's soap and sulfate free, so I might purchase this one again myself. Maybe. Maybe not. I'm on the fence. 

 Also included in Amabie's Purlisse review package was the Daily Lip Nourisher lip treatment, one that's already a favorite of mine! This advanced lip nourisher is enriched with mango and shea butters, jojoba and rice bran oils, and vitamin E to richly hydrate and seal in moisture. The formula is petroleum-free, which according to Purlisse helps keep lips hydrated for longer in comparison to petroleum-based lip balms. Mango seed butter contains vitamins A, C, and E and is highly nourishing and healing, and shea butter is highly moisturizing (and is one of my favorite moisturizers, especially for overnight treatments/sleep packs!). Jojoba oil provides anti-inflammatory benefits and soothes chapped lips, and rice bran oil hydrates while protecting lips from harmful UV rays. Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E) again makes an appearance to help condition lips and leave them feeling soft and supple. Overall, this seems like a nice, hydrating lip product chock full of emollients and soothing, protective ingredients. But how did it perform?

How it worked for me: This Daily Lip Nourisher is probably one of my favorite products to help keep chapped lips at bay - I have extremely dry lips that always require chapstick, lip treatments...something to keep them from cracking, and I normally reach for my trusty Burt's Bee's or Blistex favorites. Both of those options have been replaced by this miraculous little white tube. The balm is a light yellow, opaque gel with a smooth, buttery texture that glides onto the lips easily. It doesn't sit on top of your lips, but sinks in effortlessly and makes them soft, supple, and healthy looking. It has a tapered tip for an applicator, which makes application a breeze (no fingers in jars!). Whenever I use this, my lips feel so nourished and hydrated, even in winter when my skin is at its driest. The only downside I have to mention is the price point: $16 for 0.38 ounces of product is pretty steep. However, if money is no object (or you just really want to have smooth, soft lips like I do), this lip treatment is a solid option that I would highly recommend.

The last product I received from Amabie was a pack of 6 Blue Lotus + White Tea sheet masks. These natural fiber masks are infused with Blue Lotus, White Tea, and restorative Asian botanicals to deliver antioxidants and minerals to your skin. This powerful blend fights free radicals and improves skin texture while White Mulberry brightens and Anise helps firm skin, leaving you with a healthy, beautiful, and youthful-looking complexion.

This mask is a thicker, yet still soft and flexible, cotton with slits near the chin for a better fit. It's soaked with a moderate amount of thin, clear essence with a delicate scent that's slightly milky and floral. I absolutely love the smell, it's soothing and not overwhelming in the slightest (unlike the moisturizer/sunscreen, ha!). At first I was a bit nervous, since boy, did this mask tingle; it felt very cooling and tingly for about 5 minutes after I first put it on, making me think that maybe it was going to be too harsh for my skin. I'm glad I stuck it out though, because it subsided soon and just felt very soothing/relaxing for the rest of the time I had it on. I kept it on for about 20 minutes or so, and the mask was still pretty damp, so I probably could have gotten another 20 minutes of wear time out of it at least. 

How it worked for me: As far as results go, I have to give this one two big thumbs up! This mask made my skin look and feel incredible - very soft, bouncy, and firm, and my skin stayed hydrated and very chok chok for the rest of the day. I love to use these in the morning, since they leave behind a matte but healthy glow, and perfectly prep my skin for makeup. Although they're a bit pricey at $8 a piece, I would definitely consider purchasing more in the future.

The last product I received from Amabie was the HD pressed powder, which is pretty much the same as the loose powder, just pressed into a compact for portability. This is the lightest shade if I'm not mistaken (F10), and like the loose powder it works fine for my extra pale skin. It's packaged in a beautiful shiny 16g case, with a built in double mirror and a sponge for application. I almost never use the sponges that come in compacts (I prefer using brushes), but I have used the included sponge to touch up here and there and it works fine. This stuff can easily look cake-y if you go crazy with applying, so a light hand is essential here.  The HD pressed powder has the same coverage/consistency as the loose powder, and blends into the skin very easily. It's perfect as a finishing powder, or can even be worn on its own if you're just looking to even out your skin tone a bit. I love that there's a little platform for the makeup sponge to sit on, so it's not just sitting on top of the powder all day. There's a lot of little perks with FlyUp's packaging that I love; you can tell a lot of foresight went into the design, and usability is a huge factor in whether or not I enjoy a product and would consider purchasing it again. 

FlyUp is slaying me with this packaging. This is their HD loose powder. It comes is a sturdy, reinforced 11g container with a glittery, gem-shaped lid. Inside is also probably the cutest little puff ever! It's much too tiny to use in my opinion, but it's definitely adorable (look at the little bow!). I'm obsessed.  The powder itself is not quite translucent, so it does give a tiny bit of coverage and it evens out skin a bit as well. I use a large powder brush to apply loose powders, and a little goes a long way with this one! This is another new favorite, as it helps control oil/sebum production throughout the day and keeps my face matte but still glowy and healthy looking. Looooove.

I received quite a few makeup goodies from the Taiwanese beauty brand FlyUp. FlyUp is ECOCERT Certified and uses French technology, and we all know how amazing French cosmetics are. Plus, who doesn't love free makeup? Especially such beautifully packaged makeup! Count me in. This is a priming makeup base that's supposed to help your makeup go on smoothly and flawlessly. It comes in a sturdy, reflective 30ml container that I believe is some sort of heavy duty plastic; it definitely has some weight to it, and you can tell it's higher quality. The makeup base provides whitening, anti-aging, and moisturizing benefits all in one, instantly brightening the complexion and protecting skin against UVA/UVB rays and pollution. What I adore about this makeup base (aside from the gorgeous, sturdy packaging and easy to dispense pump), is that it's slightly tinted, and subtly corrects imperfections such as uneven skin tone, dullness, and fine lines. I could easily wear this makeup base alone (and I've done so many times!), and it will even out the redness in my cheeks and keep my skin slightly more moisturized while preventing oiliness throughout the day. I don't wear a full face every day, and most days when I'm not at work I don't wear makeup at all, so this is a great "your-skin-but-better" product. I love how smooth and flawless this base goes on! It does a good job of filling in fine lines, and smooths over my pores really nicely. This is probably one of the best primers I've ever tried in terms of color correction and smoothing. Definitely a win!

This is for the FLYUP HD Liquid Foundation: How gorgeous is this packaging?! This HD foundation comes in a very sturdy, shiny plastic 30ml pump container, much like the makeup base. It comes in a wide variety of shades to suit most skin tones, and claims to remain invisible all day, both on screen and in real life. I love the fact that the bottle is see-through on the side, in order to show you how much product you have left (I think every foundation should have that, don't you think?). I received the shade F20, which is apparently the lightest shade they carry. As an EPP (extremely pale person) who ranks a type 1 on the Fitzpatrick scale, I could immediately tell that this was too dark for me. A tad disappointing, but nothing a white foundation mixer won't cure. I don't have a foundation mixer currently, but I did consistently wear the foundation all day around the house, and it survived boughts of weekend cleaning, meal prepping, and home work outs, so I can attest to its staying power and wearability. 
This foundation applies like a dream, and it doesn't even look like I have anything on my skin at all! I love western makeup, but I'm sure we can all agree that it can be a bit difficult to find a good coverage foundation that doesn't look like a mask; this one is very buildable depending on how much coverage you need, and smooths out fine lines without settling into pores. It works well enough without the makeup base, but I do prefer the duo when they're used together; my skin looks incredible all day. It's not super matte to the point where it clings to dry patches, but it isn't so dewy that my face looks like an oil slick halfway through the day. It's the perfect balance for my combination skin. It's really only a tiiiiny bit darker than my skin tone, so with just a dab of foundation mixer it will match me perfectly. I could always wait until summer to wear it, but I'm impatient and want this on my face everyday. It's that good.


I really enjoyed using the Seoulmamas Revitalizing Mask! This mask is designed to hydrate and soften skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, and brighten dark spots/pigmentation. 💆🏻💕 It contains a bunch of good-for-your-skin ingredients such as caviar extract (anti-aging), hyaluronic acid (moisture), apple and wild cherry extracts (antioxidants and brightening), and chamomile (soothing and evening skin tone). It comes in the cutest paper-y packaging, which is different from the usual plastic. 🎀 The mask itself is made from 100% bamboo material and fits like a dream, clinging to every contour of my face. It's a bit on the small side though, and my face isn't particularly large. 😶 There is tons of clear, watery, sweet smelling essence with a bit of slip to it soaked into the mask sheet, and the essence smells floral to me, with a hint of alcohol. Looking at the ingredients list, I didn't expect much from this mask since after the main water/glycerin/dipropylene glycol base, the next couple ingredients are alcohol and butylene glycol. Meh. Surprisingly, I actually loved this mask! 💖 The adherence was great, and I was able to keep this mask on for almost an hour before it started lifting up around the edges. After taking it off, my skin felt so hydrated and moisturized, and my face looked so radiant and glowy! Definite #glowup happening here. 💆🏻✨✨ The essence did leave a bit of a tacky finish, and took some time to sink in. Overall, pretty impressed! These go for about $8 individually, or can be purchased as a pack of 5 for $35.

I got to try this Meg Cosmetics Two Step Jelly Mask free for review, and I absolutely fell in love! This is a two step mask; step 1 is an AHA peeling swab (kind of like a big q-tip) which promises to effectively draw out unwanted dead skin cells and blackheads and soothe the complexion. 💆🏻 Step 2 is a jelly mask, which contains natural extracts that provide calming, firming, and moisturizing results. The sheet mask portion fits surprisingly well. The eye holes are a bit too small, but otherwise the thin, stretchy material fits every contour of my face perfectly. 💃🏻 The AHA peeling swab was soaked in an astringent liquid. Most of the liquid was in the bottom of the packet, which was fine since the big cotton swab was cute, but not absolutely essential to applying the peel. The sheet mask portion was filled with TONS of thick, jelly essence. I had enough to apply to my neck/décolletage, arms, and legs. 💦 The AHA peeling swab smelled a bit astringent but nothing overwhelming, and the sheet mask had a light, fresh floral scent. Notable ingredients include jasmine tea extract, pomegranate extract, damask rose extract, and lotus flower extract. 🌸 This mask utilizes something called AMF, or Artificial Moisturizing Factor, which is a new artificial hydration element designed by Ultru (the makers of the famous I'm Sorry For My Skin jelly masks), and is supposed to keep skin moisturized for 120 hours. 💦💧💦💧 The AHA peeling swab was quick and painless, just a few swipes over each area of my face. I kept the mask portion on for over an hour (and it was still dripping wet 😱), and afterwards my skin felt so incredibly smooth and moisturized, and my pores looked less defined. 💆🏻 My skin was also slightly brighter as well, and a few blemishes were pushed to the surface (I suspect due to the AHA peel). Although this mask was sent to me for free, I'm very pleased with the results, and for $5 a pop, I think they're definitely worth using on a regular basis to refresh and renew your skin. 💆🏻💖💫 

Not a huge fan of the Cosrx Mela14 White Ampule. I've used this for 6 months straight, 2x a day now trying very hard to make it work, but I haven't been impressed. 👎🏻 The brightening effects are minimal at best, and I think it contributed to some cystic acne along my jawline. 💢 The formula is also very thick and doesn't always sink in well, often leaving my skin feeling tacky and sticky. I'm probably going to chuck the last of it, or use it on my body to see if *maybe* it could help with some scarring. Definitely not the best whitening/brightening ampoule I've tried.

I really enjoyed using this Cosrx Propolis Light Ampule! I bought this all the way back in 2015, and I've only now just almost finished it. It's not the best propolis ampoule I've tried, but it isn't terrible, either. 💁🏻 It has a light, easily absorbable texture that leaves behind a slightly sticky finish for a bit before sinking in completely. It doesn't leave my skin as dewy as the LJH propolis ampoule, but I can actually appreciate that on the days where I want my skin to be a bit more matte. I do feel like it's helped with some scarring/PIH, and it does make my skin look a bit more healthy/glowy, so I would consider it an inexpensive but still effective product, and the lighter texture might be better for those with oilier skin types who aren't looking for a lot of "glow". I might repurchase this one in the future, but it didn't really wow me.

This mask contains nutrient-rich aloe extract to moisturize and soothe skin. Aloe contains wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce skin inflammation and help treat acne. The fit is kind of on the small side, and the mask itself is made of a thin white cotton material with slits for a better fit. There's a moderate amount of clear, watery essence with not much left over in the packet. The essence has a typical clean mask scent, and didn't really smell like aloe. My skin absolutely loves aloe, so it was no surprise that I liked this mask a lot more than some of the other Dermals I've tried. It was very moisturizing, and my skin felt smooth and hydrated, and a lot of the redness in my cheeks was gone. It's not the worst Dermal mask I've tried, anyway. I would use it if it were gifted to me, but I don't think I'll go out and buy this one. 

This mask contains green tea extract to moisturize and firm skin, as well as calm and soothe redness. The fit is kind of on the small side. Made of a thin white cotton material with slits for a better fit. There's a moderate amount of clear, watery essence. Not much left over in the packet. It has a typical clean mask scent. This mask did what t claimed, which was calm redness and hydrate my skin, and make it look and feel a bit more firm as well. Honestly though, I wasn't blown away. I wouldn't repurchase this one; there are much better green tea masks out there for about the same price.  

I really enjoyed using the Shray Skincare Queen Bee Honey Infused, Redness Soothing, Acne-treating mask. Queen Bee is used for acne-prone skin. Honey extract, a natural antibacterial, is abundant in vitamins and amino acids to calm inflammation and reduce redness. Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract is a pore tightener and helps control sebum production. Centella Asiatica Extract nourishes skin and quickens the healing process by increasing blood circulation and boosting cellular metabolism. This mask also contains a favorite ingredient of mine, which is pomegranate extract. Pomegranate Extract is an incredible anti-oxidant and is often used in skincare for its astringent properties. This mask contains a pretty ample amount of thin, watery, sweet smelling essence, with about 1/2 a teaspoon left over in the packet. I love masks that come with extra essence, since I like to extend my routine down to my neck, and use any leftover essence on my chest/décolletage. I kept this on for about 40 minutes or so, and when I took it off, my skin felt incredibly hydrated, plump, and soft. It definitely helped with the redness that often plagues my cheeks as well, and the few blemishes that had cropped up along my jawline a few days before were greatly reduced in appearance. I loved the glowy radiance this mask provided, and my skin was redness/irritation-free for an entire 48 hours after use. This mask definitely exceeded my expectations!

This mask contains royal jelly extract to provide nutrition to tired and troubled skin. Also contains vitamin E and collagen to make skin healthy and bright. The fit is kind of on the small side. It's made of a thin white cotton material with slits for a better fit. 💆🏻 There's a moderate amount of clear, watery essence, and not much left over in the packet. 💧 It has a typical clean mask scent. I'm always on board to slather royal jelly all over my face, so I was pretty excited to use this. 🙌🏻 Unfortunately, this mask only contains 1% royal jelly and 0.2% collagen, which is laughably sad. That being said, it wasn't bad. It hydrated nicely and made my skin soft. Pretty much all Dermal masks are mostly water/glycerin/butylene glycol, so you can't expect much beyond basic hydration. I probably wouldn't repurchase. I wouldn't turn my nose up at it if it were gifted to me, but I wouldn't pay money out of my own pocket for it, either.

The Dermal Charcoal Collagen Essence Mask is one of my favorite Dermal masks! It contains charcoal extract which helps cleanse and purify the skin. The fit is kind of on the small side, and the mask is made of a thin white cotton material with slits for a better fit. 💆🏻 There is a moderate amount of clear, watery essence, and not much left over in the packet. 💧 It has a typical clean mask scent. This is one of the best Dermal masks I've tried.  Most charcoal masks I've used have been black, and strangely this one was white. 🤔 It didn't make it any less effective though! My skin felt very soft, hydrated, and clean afterward. This is a perfect "morning mask" because it cleans and softens skin while leaving a matte finish, so makeup glides on like a dream. ☁️ My skin felt "reset" if that makes sense. 👍🏻 This mask is one of the very few Dermals I would RP. For the price, this is definitely a mask I would like to use often. 💸

The My Beauty Diary Arbutin Brightening Mask is one of my favorites!  🎀 This mask contains arbutin as a star ingredient to help brighten skin. ✨✨✨ Arbutin is a pretty controversial ingredient (it is a glycosylated hydroquinone (thus a more natural, safer alternative to the hydroquinone that was popular in recent years as a skin-lightening agent) that inhibits the action of tyrosinase, which controls the production of melanin (or what's responsible for skin's pigmentation). Unlike its cousin hydroquinone, arbutin isn't cancerous - while hydroquinone works by killing the cells that produce pigmentation and melanin, arbutin inhibits the enzymes that stimulate these pigment-producing cells, offering similar benefits to hydroquinone without the toxicity or nasty side effects. The more you know! 🔬Many people aren't a fan of arbutin for obvious reasons, but I find it helps brighten my already pale skin while lightening PIH. This is an older MBD mask, so the fit is much smaller on my face, not quite reaching my ears and the eye holes are a bit small/close together. There's lots of thin, watery essence soaked into the mask, with about 3/4 tbsp left in the packet. 💧It has a clean, typical "mask" scent. 👃🏻 MBD's arbutin masks are some of my personal favorites - they hydrate well and work fantastically to brighten my skin and fade acne scars. ✔️ If you have skin that scars easily/issues with hyperpigmentation, definitely give these masks a try!

I really enjoyed using the Skin79 panda honey elasticity mask pack! 🐼🍯 This is a character mask made from a thinner, stretchier cotton than most character masks I've tried. 🙌🏻 It has slits for a better fit, but I still found it to be a bit big for my face. There's lots of milky, sweet smelling essence with a bit of slip to it, with about 3/4 of a tbsp left in the packet. This mask has a heavy, delicious honey scent. It doesn't linger and I cant smell it while on. 👃🏻 Overall, I really loved this mask! It made my skin super glowy and helped with redness and dry patches. Not bad for a character mask. I'd totally repurchase this one!


How cute is this snail hello kitty mask?? This mask contains filtered snail mucin to facilitate cell regeneration and help repair and hydrate dry, damaged skin. 💧 It also contains hyaluronic acid, chamomile extract, and witch hazel to calm and soothe skin. It's a thick, papery cotton mask. The eye holes are a bit too close together but fits well otherwise, although it doesn't cling to skin very well. There's a moderate amount of clear, watery essence soaked into the mask, and not much left over in the packet. It has a fresh, clean, nondescript. Typical "mask" scent, if that makes sense. 👃🏻 After the last Hello Kitty mask I used almost burned my face off 😾 I was pretty afraid to use another one, but the main ingredient in this mask is snail so I prayed to the snail-y skincare gods that this mask would be soothing and calming and not set my face on fire. 🔥 Luckily, my skin liked this one much more! This mask felt very cool and tingly while on. I kept it on for about 25 minutes (after which is dried up and would no longer adhere to my face), and afterwards my skin felt moisturized and soft, and a lot of the redness in my cheeks went away. Repurchase? Hmm. I didn't really like the thick, papery material and the fact that it dried out so quickly, but the effects were quite nice. Unfortunately at $3 or so a mask, it just doesn't seem worth it to me when there are cheaper masks out there that can yield the same results.

I really enjoyed using the Skinfood Gold Caviar Nutrition Mask Sheet! This mask contains Russian caviar and gold extract to make your skin feel lustrous and "elastic" (?). Also contains Coenzyme Q-10 to provide moisture and anti-aging benefits. The thick, clingy cotton mask came in 2 parts like some hydrogels. I thought the mask was a bit small (it didn't reach under my chin or all the way to my ears) but I surprisingly liked the thick, soft cotton that conformed to my face like a dream. ☁️ There was tons of slightly viscous, clear essence soaked into the mask, and maybe half a tsp left over in the packet. The essence smelled overwhelmingly like lotion. I could still smell it while on. I originally didn't want to use this mask for some reason. I think I've had some poor experiences with Skinfood sheet masks in the past, so I fully expected this to be irritating or just downright unimpressive. Turns out, I actually really enjoyed it! I kept this mask on for almost an hour, and when I took it off it was still really wet. 💧 Despite the cloying, cheap lotion scent, this delivered a pretty good dose of moisture. Unfortunately, I don't feel like it did much else. 😏 Repurchase? Meh. I usually like my sheet masks to pack more of a punch, and while this was great for moisturizing my combo skin, I wish it had some brightening or redness reducing effects to make me really fall in love with it. I won't be repurchasing this one in a hurry.

I really enjoyed using the Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask - Manuka Honey. This sheet mask claims to deliver moisture to dry, lackluster skin. Contains honey extract, which act as an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, and works well for acne-prone skin. ⭐️ Honey is an awesome moisturizer with both humectant and occlusive properties, so I was really excited to try this mask out! It also contains a Jeju green complex consisting of green tea, tangerine, cactus, camellia leaves, and orchids to keep skin healthy. This is a triple-layered cotton mask with slits around the chin for a better fit. I love Innisfree masks because the fit is always great. As far as Essence goes, there's lots of drippy, sweet-smelling essence. Not much left over in the packet. It has a slightly sweet, natural honey scent that is unfortunately overpowered by the smell of alcohol. My skin adores honey, so I held this mask to pretty high standards. Fortunately, it didn't disappoint! This mask lasted about 30 minutes on my skin, and afterwards my face felt soothed, nourished, and hydrated. 💧 My skin was also dewy and radiant, and I didn't need to use my usual heavier moisturizer to keep my skin feeling supple and hydrated all day. This mask did what it claimed to do, and while it wasn't mind blowing, I was satisfied enough with the results to consider repurchasing. 

The Tony Moly Aloe Moisturizing Mask Sheet Is one of my favorite sheet masks for moisture/hydration. 💦

🌱 Effects: This is a 3-layer pulp sheet mask filled with aloe extract and an enriched water base to moisturize and hydrate skin. Like all of the masks in the I'm Real line, this one contains no parabens, talc, benzophenone, or triethanolamine. ❌

🌱 Fit: Typical cotton mask with slots for a better fit. A little gaping around the nose, but otherwise fits fine. 👍

🌱 Essence: Lots of watery, clear essence.  1/2 tsp left in the packet. 💧

🌱 Scent: Light, fresh aloe scent. Slightly boozy, since these masks do contain alcohol.

🌱 Results: Aloe is one of my favorite skincare ingredients! Great for moisturizing/hydrating, reducing redness, combatting acne, and a ton of other awesome things. This mask lasted quite a while (~45 min) and left my skin very moisturized/hydrated, radiant, and plump. Definitely one of my favorites from Tony Moly, and one I'll have no problem purchasing again.

Using the Berrisom Oops! Soda Bubble Mask Aqua Fruit (Wash-Off) was definitely an interesting experience!

🍑 Effects: This wash-off mask deeply cleanses and hydrates, and is meant to soothe and nourish skin while removing blackheads/dead skin buildup. 💪 It contains 10,000ppm each of grapefruit and peach extracts to moisturize and leave skin supple and radiant. Also contains centella asiatica to repair damaged and aging skin, as well as aloe vera extract to hydrate and soothe.

🍑 Fit: Super thin cotton mask, starfish-shaped, so covers everything but my forehead, which is weird but w/e. 🤔 Zero clinginess, so I had to lay down to keep the mask from sliding off my face.

🍑 Essence: Tons of drippy, slightly viscous clear essence that foams up when in contact with the air. ☁️

🍑 Scent: Smells just like strawberry/fruity soda! 🍓🍇🍒🍍

🍑 Results: This mask contains carbonated water, which is what makes it foam up and is supposed to cleanse and soften skin while stimulating micro-circulation. I honestly thought this mask was super gimmicky, and I didn't like how nothing covered my forehead ❓❓and how it kept sliding down my face even when I was reclined, but when I took it off my skin was actually pretty soft and felt cleaner and a bit brighter. ✨ My skin has thankfully been blackhead-free for awhile now, so I can't attest to its blackhead-removing capabilities. Overall, it was fun, but not super exciting.

The Annie's Way Grapeseed Anti-Wrinkle Mask has quickly become one of my favorite sheet masks!

🍇 Effects: This mask is specially formulated for those with concerns of aging and dry skin.

🍇 Fit: Silk mask, clinginess is 👌, the nose is a bit short and the eye area a bit big, but otherwise it's a great fit! Comes with a pearl backing and slits for a better fit.

🍇 Essence: Lots of thin, watery essence with a bit of slip to it. Not much left over in the packet.

🍇 Scent: This smells like grape kool-aid!!! I love the scent, and it was a pleasant surprise since I did not expect it.

🍇 Results: Any time a mask has "anti-wrinkle" on the packaging, I expect it to be very heavy. This one wasn't! 👍 It moisturized for sure, but it plumped up fine lines and made my skin look glowy and healthy without leaving behind a sticky, tacky feeling. 👌 I've been loving masks that leave my skin radiant but matte, so I definitely have to pick up more of these! 5️⃣ out of 5️⃣ for my combination, dehydrated skin.

🍇 Repurchase: Definitely!

I really enjoyed using this super cute Mediheal x Line Friends IPI Lightmax Ampoule Mask!

▪️ Effects: Helps control the melanin formation and makes skin bright and radiant. ✨Contains vitamin C and arbutin for brightening dull skin.

▪️ Fit: Very thin cotton, slightly small for my face, since I had to stretch the mask out a bit around my mouth to fit.

▪️ Essence: Lots of thin, watery essence, with about a teaspoon left over in the packet. 💧

▪️ Scent: Clean, smells amazing. 💖 I love when masks smell super clean/fresh!

▪️ Results: I kept this mask on for almost an hour 👍 and afterwards my skin felt brighter, more plump, and more moisturized. 💦 I was surprised at how luminous my skin looked after, and a lot of my redness was diminished. I would definitely repurchase this mask! 💖 My skin loves arbutin, and the packaging is so adorable. 4.5/5!

How cute is this piggy mask?? 🐷🐽💕 I really enjoyed using this Tony Moly Pure Farm Pig Collagen Hydrogel Mask. 🐽

▪️ Effects: This mask contains collagen extracted from pig skin to moisturize and improve elasticity. One of the weirder mask ingredients I've used tbh 🐷

▪️ Fit: 2-piece mask, fits surprisingly well, most areas are covered, eye holes are a good size and it actually covers my entire nose! 👌

▪️ Essence: Tons of watery, slightly tacky essence. 💦

▪️ Scent: Unscented. 👃🏻

▪️ Results: I didn't have high hopes for this mask for some reason, but I was really surprised at how much I liked it! While it didn't help with redness or irritation, it deeply moisturized and my skin was very firm/plump after, and the fine lines around my nose/mouth and the stubborn one on my forehead were almost invisible. 👍 The essence dried shinier than I'd like for daytime use, so I'm glad I used this at night. TM really pulled through this time! 🤗 I'm pretty sure I got this as a freebie awhile ago, so I don't know where to get it or how much it costs, but I'm going to research it because I'd totally repurchase this one. 

Biggest disappointment. 👎👎👎 I purchased a 5 pack of these Banila Co Miss Flower & Mr. Honey hydrogels, and it's taken me almost a year to get through them, and that's with also giving some away. I LOATHE these masks. They just don't work for my skin whatsoever - the fit is poor (lots of gaping around my nose/mouth), the essence feels sticky and thick but somehow dry and I hate how it feels on my hands/skin (imagine how the sound of nails on a chalkboard or touching styrofoam feels for some people - that's how the essence feels to me. It just makes me cringe, I have no idea why I have such a visceral reaction to it 😳). I don't find them to be very moisturizing, and they actually exacerbate redness/irritation, while making my face feel tacky and gross. I know this is an unpopular opinion since many people love these masks, but they're a 0️⃣ out of 5️⃣ for me. Actually, like a -10 out of 5. I want to buy all of the Miss Flower & Mr. Honey hydrogels and throw them off of a cliff. 😂😂

I really enjoyed using the Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask in Acai Berry. 🍇

▫️ Effects: Contains acai berry extract to brighten and clear skin ✨as well as Innisfree's signature Jeju green complex consisting of green tea, tangerine, cactus, camellia leaves, and orchids.

▫️ Fit: Papery cotton mask. The fit is actually really decent on this one, with only a little gaping around the nose (I have a small nose though, so I think it would fit others just fine. 👃🏻)

▫️ Essence: Opaque, slightly viscous essence.

▫️ Scent: Boozy and fruity. Doesn't linger while on. 🍇

▫️ Results: I kept this mask on for about 35 minutes, and afterwards my skin did look very bright, and was very moisturized as well. 😍 The essence was slightly tackle at first, but dried down after about 10 min. I'm usually not *super* impressed with the masks from this line, but I really liked this one and would definitely repurchase! 

These masks are amazing! Each mask is comprised of rich gold and Asian botanicals to provide long-lasting moisture retention, remove impurities, and revitalize and re-energize skin. ✨ Step 1 is a moisturizing and nourishing gold gel, which activates cell renewal and rejuvenates skin. Step 2 is an active collagen powder, which boosts skin's moisture retention and promotes collagen production. ✨ These masks are a bit messy (i.e., drippy as fuck) but the results are always astounding. I kept this one on for an hour tonight, and after mixing steps 1 and 2, applying the mask, and letting it set/become rubbery, I chilled for about an hour and when I took it off, my skin was so glowy and moisturized, my redness was completely GONE, and I was left with radiant, perfectly even-toned, and moisturized skin. ✨ These masks break the bank so hard for a poor college student like myself, but I haven't tried a better modeling mask and the opportunity to relax and pamper my skin is well worth the occasional $20 splurge. I wish I could use these every day. ✨ 

This was a pretty standard cotton mask, a bit small as it ended about 2 inches from my ears and had pretty small eye/mouth holes, and didn't completely cover my nose. It came with a good amount of clear, slightly viscous essence left over in the packet. ✨ I was super excited to try this one out, as I've recently run out of my beloved vitamin c serum, but still need my daily dose of brightening/PIH-fading goodness. It lasted about 40 minutes before starting to peel up at the edges, and I did see noticeable brightening effects when I took it off! ✨ I could see this mask really fading acne scars/PIH when used in combination with the Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence that I've recently fallen in love with. 4/5 for this one, since the fit is less than desired. 

The D'ran Wonder Snail Treatment Cream is one of my favorite moisturizers! This cream contains 10% snail secretion filtrate and silkworm cocoon extract, and is supposed to help diminish scar tissue, enhance the skins barrier, and help restore radiance and moisture. This cream is also great for soothing redness and improving skin texture, which I find to be 100% true (I suffer from redness around my cheeks/nose area). It also contains niacinamide (as the 7th ingredient) for brightening/whitening. It has a clean, fresh, floral scent and sinks in quickly, leaving behind a semi-matte finish. This cream offers subtle brightening, and for improving skin texture and reducing redness, this cream blows every other cream I have out of the park so far. 

This mask is a clear, firm jelly that has a clean, fresh scent that isn't at all overwhelming. The included spatula made it super easy to spread a thick-ish layer of the mask on to my face, and I wound up only using about a third of the packet. After waiting the suggested 30 minutes, I used the spatula to scrape off whatever was remaining, although my skin seemed to have absorbed most of it. I then rinsed my face with lukewarm water for a few minutes to make sure I got rid of all the remaining residue. I was actually incredibly pleased with the results of this mask! Unlike regular sheet masks, there was no sticky/shiny reside left behind afterwards, and my skin was smooth and soft, albeit not as moisturized as I would have hoped. I definitely had to go in afterwards with my moisturizer and facial oil, but my guess is that this mask was more about delivering moisture to be absorbed by the skin, rather than adding a layer of moisture on top. This jelly mask washed away clean and didn't leave my skin overly greasy, which often happens if I'm not careful about how many moisturizing products I use. My skin prefers a lot of light layers of hydration as opposed to a few heavy layers of emollients, and this mask delivered enough hydration to plump up my skin without making it feel weighed down. I can see this working really well for those with oily to normal skin types. The only downside would be that this mask takes a bit more time and effort than a traditional sheet mask; the 30 minute wait time and extra rinsing afterward makes it a bit more inconvenient to use, especially if you're lazy/pressed for time (which I often am). While I think many might find it not hydrating enough on its own, it was the perfect dose of moisture for my combination skin and helped eliminate a lot of the redness in my cheeks. Next time I think I'll put it in the fridge to use on a really hot, muggy day for an extra refreshing boost of moisture! For morning maskers or those looking for a quick skincare boost before an important event, this mask will definitely do the trick! 

A professional 3-step brightening system made with 25% vitamin C concentrate reverse dullness, uneven skin tone, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This was admittedly the most fun part of the box, because I got to sample three different OH products that I've never tried before. The treatment sleeve contains three numbered pods, The first step is the Truth Sugar Glow Polishing mask, which is a sugar scrub treatment enriched with sugar, honey, and pomegranate seed powder to buff away dull, dead skin. The sugar crystals in this were humongous, which was off putting at first as I prefer more gentle scrubs, but it buffed away dead skin nicely and left my face surprisingly soft (I say surprisingly because I tried not to move it around my face much, since I was afraid of overexfoliation). It also smelled delicious, just like sugar and citrus! The instructions said to leave it on for 5-10 minutes, and I left it on for 5. The second step was the Truth 25% Vitamin C Concentrate, which is a kind of wash-off mask that you're supposed to leave on the skin for 2-3 minutes. It dries down slightly, and is followed by step three without washing it off. It was a thick, tan colored mask that had the same citrus-y smell that OH products tend to have. It was very calming and cooling at first, and tingled slightly, especially around my nose area. This is NOT removeable with water alone; I actually had to use a bit of cleansing balm to remove it from my hands as it was very heavy and greasy feeling. The third and final step in the treatment is the Pure Truth Melting Cleanser, which you're supposed to rub into the skin on top of step 2, and then gently remove after 10-15 minutes with the professional cleansing sponge. This was a thick, neon-orange colored jelly that warmed up slightly upon application and performed some kind of magic that allowed the vitamin C concentrate to rinse away clean. I left this on for about 10 minutes, because once again, I feared overexfoliation. I'm glad I removed it after only 10 minutes, because the warming, tingling sensation crossed the threshold into "slightly uncomfortable", and the area around my nose started burning. After removing, my skin was slightly redder than what I'm comfortable with, but I'm fairly certain it was due to the high concentration of vitamin C from the previous step. The redness died down a few minutes later and my skin was incredibly soft and supple.

This is a high potency serum that's formulated with a proprietary 5-source vitamin C complex to help brighten, boost collagen, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It's enriched with green tea extract and sodium hyaluronate and is oil free, as well as paraben, sulfate, and phthalate free. It has a light, citrus-y scent and is light orange in color. While I do notice subtle brightening when using this 2x a day, I don't quite think I would pay almost $50 for the full sized bottle. Another thing that turns me off is the fact that this serum is orange; most vitamin C serums turn orange when oxidized, and the fact that they made the serum orange could easily hide oxidation, so I would have no idea when the product is no longer effective. A small design flaw, but admittedly a deal breaker for me. I really like the serum, but I need to be able to tell when my vitamin C serum has kicked the bucket.

This oil-free moisturizer has a lightweight, whipped texture that aims to relieve dryness, dark spots, and uneven texture and skin tone. It's infused with fruit acids to gently exfoliate, and pea extract, sugar, and vitamin C work together to fade dark spots and even skin tone. It also contains licorice for brightening and chamomile to calm skin. It apparently can be used as a base for makeup application, but I haven't used it as such yet. It's a very creamy moisturizer that goes on thick but sinks in quickly and leaves my skin incredibly soft. Like, so soft it feels unreal. This is one of the moisturizers I reach for the most, despite my love for Asian moisturizers!

The Tosowoong Pink Essence Tone-Up Cushion comes with 15g or 0.52 fl oz of product, and arrived in a sturdy, very cute pastel pink casing. It can be applied either before or after foundation, and is supposed to provide brightening and anti-wrinkle benefits while protecting skin from the sun's harmful rays and providing intense, soothing moisture. This cushion contains 55% damask rose-based essence for moisture and hydration. It also contains niacinamide for brightening and ceramides for moisture. There are some other pretty notable ingredients in here, such as caviar extract, silkworm cocoon extract, aloe barbidensis leaf juice, shea butter, beeswax, royal jelly, natto...the list goes on. I love it when my makeup also works to better my skin, (or at least doesn't actively harm it) instead of just momentarily enhancing its appearance or acting as a cover up. The formula is very sheer, and provides just the right amount of glow without looking too shimmery or over the top. Unlike a lot of highlighters, this one doesn't just sit on top of the skin, but sinks in a bit, making it look very natural. It also smells just like strawberry candy! I absolutely adore the scent, and wish all my compacts smelled like this one. It's also very blendable; I apply it with the sponge applicator, and then if I need to, blend out a bit with my fingers, but the sponge generally does a pretty good job on its own.  The cushion stays in place throughout the day; even in the hot summer heat, I don't notice it looking greasy or melting down my cheeks, which is usually a big issue for me. It actually is quite moisturizing, and helps with the dry patches that I tend to get on my cheeks/chin. I use this as you would a normal highlight; a few pats on my cheekbones, forehead, nose, and chin works wonders to give me that sought after, dewy glow without weighing down my skin.

This has to be one of my favorite facial creams! This cream is formulated with a ton of great ingredients, and is a wonderful, buttery consistency that works wonders for my dry cheeks. It has the same pleasant, slightly floral scent as the essence from this line, and although the cream itself is super thick, it applies so smoothly and sinks in quickly. It gives my skin the same slip that the essence does, but in addition to that, my skin is silky, velvety smooth after applying, and has a subtle, beautiful glow. One caveat for me when it comes to this cream is that this is best for nighttime application when it comes to my combination/dry skin; when I wear it during the daytime, it tends to not sink in completely (that could be the result of layering 2-3 essences/serums underneath it, though). However, when applied at night, I wake up with plumped, brightened, glowing skin. I think this would definitely be well-suited to drier skin types, as the rich, buttery texture really locks in a layer of moisture to the skin. I haven't yet tried this out in the winter time, but I suspect it will work a bit better for me when the weather becomes colder/drier. Overall, I'm very pleased with the results, and while $30 for 50ml could be considered pretty steep in price, it's definitely worth shelling out a bit more for brighter, buttery soft skin that glows from the inside out. 

I have purchased so many of these Statement Skin highlighters from So Susan Cosmetics over the years, and I absolutely love them! An instant remedy to lifeless, lackluster complexions, it adds a glow of radiance to your skin. It's made with a chiseled head to cover large areas of the face, or target pinpoint ones (like the cupid's bow) without using a brush. It's formulated with organic chia seed to help keep skin softly hydrated and silk peptide to promote skin suppleness and elasticity. I love my Statement Skins, the chiseled head is actually incredibly useful, and they give my skin a subtle, radiant glow. One of my favorite makeup products!

A creamy stick illuminator that you blend onto cheekbones and brow bones to instantly bring out the luminosity of your skin. It can also be used as a light, neutral eye shadow. This is one of my favorite, everyday highlighters - it has a subtle, glow-from-within effect that makes my skin look dewy and radiant. It's also perfect for inner corners, and does work nicely as a natural-looking eye shadow to help my eyes look awake and rejuvenated.

A soft focus cream blush with Wrinkle Relief Complex. It's oil-free texture ensures long-term wear, and provides an airy, ethereal glow. This subtle, orange blush is powdered with a proprietary Wrinkle Relief Complex, containing a blend of 55% Argireline and 45% Matrixyl 3000. These two peptides work synergistically to restore and maintain the skin's youthful appearance for short and long-term improvement in the appearance of wrinkles. I like this blush because being so fair skinned, I already have a natural pinkness to my skin, so it's nice to have my cheeks be anything but pink. It's incredibly subtle, matte, and very buildable, and gives a warm, summery glow to my cheeks.

This Daiso charcoal peel-off mask is the much cheaper cousin of the Elizavecca Hell Pore Mask. It contains activated oak tree charcoal, which has so many benefits. Charcoal is a lifesaver for those with oily skin and overactive sebaceous glands (such as myself). Dirt/impurities bind to the activated charcoal on a cellular level, and the charcoal will pull these impurities to the surface of the skin, allowing them to be washed away and thus diminishing the appearance of blackheads/sebaceous filaments. It also does the same with oil, which is incredibly helpful for those with oily skin. Activated charcoal can also help those who suffer from acne; the slightly abrasive nature of charcoal can provide just the right level of exfoliation needed to clear out any oil/sebum that is stuck in pores, effectively preventing/discouraging breakouts. This mask has a bit of a thicker consistency than the Hell Pore mask, and as a result, takes a bit longer to dry. Contrary to the Hell Pore, a thick layer is needed in order to yield the desired yanking of blackheads and SFs. The scent of this mask is a bit more pleasant (smells clean, rather than like dirt), and dries more quickly than the Elizavecca mask. This one also hurt a lot more during removal, and let's just say I'm glad I didn't get any near my eyebrows! Despite the mask being a pain (literally!) to remove, I noticed more of a difference in the amount of gunk that was removed from my skin. I was able to pull more blackheads and sebaceous filaments, but there was a trade-off: my skin was a bit red/irritated afterwards. Overall, I didn't see too much of a difference in my pores/the amount of blackheads and sebaceous filaments in my skin, so I don't think I'd repurchase this again in the future.

The Elizavecca Hell Pore Clean Up Mask is a peel off mask that essentially removes blackheads/sebaceous filaments/other such skin impurities within one use. It contains 4% Charcoal Extract, as well as Camellia Flower and Caragana Sinica, which help to control excessive sebum while supplying nutrition to keep skin smooth and healthy looking. Using this mask is very pleasant; it has a relaxing, cooling effect and it's very easy to spread. Gripe #1: the first time I used this mask, I applied it in a thin-ish layer all over my face, and I feel like I used up a third of the tube in one go. And at $11 a tube, I wish I hadn't. The good news is, I tried it again with a very, very thin layer, and it seemed to yield similar results, so my advice is to use a light hand with this, or you'll soon find yourself out $11 with an empty tube in your hands. The product dispenses easily from the tube, and I applied it by squeezing a dollop onto the back of my hand and then using my fingers to apply it evenly to my face. I didn't much like how it smelled at first - kind of a boozy scent with undertones of clay/dirt - but the scent dissipates after a minute or two. I then waited about 30 minutes for it to dry (I put on a pretty thick layer), and the mask came off all in one piece. Performance wise? Meh. I enjoyed the results, but they weren't what I expected, nor were they what was advertised. This mask didn't pick up many of my blackheads/sebaceous filaments unfortunately; they were still stubbornly stuck in my nose when I peeled everything off (hence, no gross-yet-satisfying after photo). What it did do was remove pretty much all of my baby hairs on my cheeks/upper lip area, and it left my face feeling incredible soft and my skin tone looked a bit brighter! While I'm disappointed that I still haven't found a miracle cure-all for my strawberry nose, this mask did do wonders cleaning up dead skin and brightening my complexion, so I won't completely knock it. Will I repurchase? Maybe. Dead skin buildup can make for a dull complexion and impede product absorption, so I might keep this on hand just to get rid of dead skin/flakes. I suggest perhaps steaming your face or laying a warm, hot towel on your skin before hand might relax pores a bit, making this mask more effective. 


I really enjoyed using the Bonvivant Madecassoside + Mugwort Botanical Mask Pack! Bonvivant masks are super affordable, and super effective! My skin adores them, and they usually fall somewhere in the $1-2 range as far as pricing. 💸 While there are other, cheaper masks out there (I also occasionally use Dermal and MJCare masks), my favorite money-saving masks are these Bonvivant ones! 🌿 This one contains madecassoside extract to soothe and protect skin, and mugwort extract to restore stressed and sensitive skin. This mask is also enriched with Mulberry, Fig, Pomegranate, and Ginkgo Nut to naturally protect and revitalize skin. 🌿 This mask had a great fit, some areas around the nose left uncovered, but overall no complaints. It came saturated with drippy, watery essence, and lots of it! I had enough to use on my arms/neck/décolletage Afterwards, skin felt smooth, soothed, and redness was diminished. Mugwort is one of my fave ingredients, since it helps relieve irritation/redness so well. My face felt very hydrated/plump after. Repurchase? Definitely! 4️⃣ out of 5️⃣ for this one. 👍 I received this mask free for review. 

Dermal masks aren't super exciting, but they do offer a nice dose of hydration for a daily masker like myself (not everyday can be a Sulwhasoo day!). 💧 This masks was made of a thicker cotton and the fit wasn't the best, but eh. It was soaked with a clear, unscented essence and lasted about 25 minutes before drying out, and afterward my skin felt nicely hydrated and plump, but that was the extent of this mask's effects. Would I repurchase? I don't think so. What with Bonvivant masks being only a dollar, I think I'm switching my money-saver masks to those and the Tony Moly I'm Real masks. 💸

The Sulwhasoo Innerise Complete Mask is formulated with a Yeongsil complex to target early signs of aging, comprised of fermented Baby Brier Fruit (Flower Dew), Polygonatum Officinale and Korean Red Ginseng Saponin, all of which firm and fortify skin. 🌸 This is a super thin, VERY fragile biocellulose mask that comes in between two backings, and whoever packaged my mask twisted it before shoving it into the packaging, so unfolding it was not very fun. 😂 The fit was nice and snug and had great coverage. Each mask takes 14 days to make due to the fermentation process. 🌱 It's funny because this mask used to be way too heavy for my skin when I lived in Miami; it would leave me with an oily film on my skin that just wouldn't sink in. Now that I live in super-dry Colorado ❄️, the essence sunk in beautifully and my skin looked radiant and glowy instead of dull and tacky/sticky. ✨ I would definitely repurchase these masks as a once-in-a-while skin treat. 

One of my favorite FTEs is the Nature Republic The First Essence. 🌿 I never used to really put any stock into first treatment essences, because I was already layering on a bunch of hydrating products and I've always been about the idea that "less is more" when it comes to my finnicky skin. Plus, every FTE that I'd tried in the past left my skin splotchy, congested, and irritated, and I just concluded that my skin hated fermented ingredients and decided to make do without them. 😔 However, this first essence by Nature Republic is light and hydrating, and has made my skin look radiant and healthier without weighing it down and making it look splotchy or irritated. 🙌🏻 It has a light, almost unnoticeable fragrance and sinks in quickly, and is definitely worth the extra step to boost hydration, especially for someone who cleanses their skin twice daily like I do. 👍🏻 For those who had bad luck with the SKll and Missha FTEs, it's definitely worth it to give Nature Republic a try. ✨

The Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel is a soothing multi-purpose gel made with 92% aloe vera to promote healthier skin and hydration. This little miracle gel has so many uses; you can use it as a face/body moisturizer, after shaving to soothe nicks and prevent ingrown hairs, as a hair treatment, you can leave it on as a face mask... the possibilities are endless. Definitely one of my favorite multi-purpose products, and one that I'll always repurchase!

This Pony Effect Favorite Fluid Lip Tint that I received to review is so gorgeous! 💄 "Romantic Breath" is a your-lips-but-better shade of light pink that goes on smoothly and looks super natural! It has a fuzzy doe foot applicator and smells just like fresh melon to me. 🍈 There is a bit of transfer after applying, and it feels a bit more like a gloss than a tint, but it leaves your lips feeling hydrated instead of dry like with a lot of other lip tints.

I was gifted this lovely 1004 Lab Nave Fondente foaming cleanser for review purposes. ✨ After using this cleanser 2x a day for quite awhile, I can safely say that it works pretty nicely! It has a light, floral scent and a creamy consistency that lathers well with a konjac sponge/face brush. I unfortunately lost my pH test strips in the move, but I've heard through the K-Beauty grapevine that this cleansing has a whopping pH of 10 👀 so for those who are on the low-pH cleanser train, you may what to patch test this first with a small area of skin. I found it to be juuuust on the border of "just fine" and "a little too drying", but although my skin feels a bit tight after using this, it's nothing insane and I think someone with oilier skin than I would enjoy it even more!

I received these Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Natural Cleansing Cloths a week back, and I've been using them to cleanse my face in the morning & sometimes in the evening right after I get home. 💦 They're organic & cruelty-free 🐰, and contain a bunch of good-for-your-skin ingredients such as jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and citrus essential oils and are free of parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances. 🌷 I was really excited about receiving these because they claim to keep your moisture barrier balanced by being non-stripping, but I didn't really find that to be the case. 😔 My skin felt dry and lackluster after using these, and the sheets are on the smaller side & aren't very well-saturated. 🌵 On the plus side, they do smell very yummy and citrusy!

I really loved the Blithe Blue Zone Marine Intensive Mask Sea Cucumber. 🌊 This mask is everything I could ever want in a mask. Seriously, I don't know what dark magic is in this tiny little mask packet, but my skin is so incredibly soft after using this! 😍 Maybe these just play really well with my skin specifically, who knows, but I'm definitely getting moar. It came with a pretty good amount of essence, and the fit was good, if not a little short on the sides. I only kept it on for 15 minutes, but I was left with softer, brighter skin. ✨ They need to sell the essence from this mask in a huge bottle that I can use every day forever. 

I'm in love with the Rivercowe DD Dust Defense cushion! 😻 It exactly matches my skin tone, which is hard to do when it comes to Korean cushions as most are too dark. It also has decent enough coverage that I don't need much concealer, which is great because I'm all about cutting down steps in my makeup routine. 💃🏻💃🏻 My only gripe is that the formula is a little dry, so it likes to settle into the fine lines around my nose/mouth, but that's probably just because my skin has been dry as a desert lately. It's also whitening, anti-wrinkle, and has SPF50+! 🎉

I really loved masking with the 5Ildongan bio-cellulose ginseng mask that I received in a past Pink Seoul box. 🌱 This mask is a really interesting type of hydrogel, it stays put very well so I was able to walk around and do things with no problem. ✊🏻 It has a very light herby ginseng scent, and a moderate amount of essence, not dripping (which I prefer to overly-saturated masks). The fit was a little big for my face though, and I kept almost trying to eat the part under my nose. 😂 When I took it off I was left with incredibly soft, radiant skin. Definitely a great find!

I really enjoyed masking with the SNP Diamond Brightening Ampoule Mask 💎💎 that I received in a past Pink Seoul box! ✨ I generally love SNP masks because they usually agree so well with my skin. This one had a ton of essence in the packet, and left my skin moisturized and slightly brighter (mostly nicely hydrated/glowy!). The fit was a little small and didn't quite reach my ears, but the essence sunk in quickly and my skin felt soft and looked lovely all day after. 😻

I really enjoyed using the Skin Ceramic Donkey Milk Celluminator Mask Pack that I received in a past Mishibox. 🐴 This mask has a clean, milky scent with lots of thick essence soaked into the mask and in the packet.💧The mask is very soft and pliable, and was folded up and didn't come with any backing so it was a bit difficult at first to put on. It's also very long, and extended well under my chin and to my hairline, but is a little short on the sides. I had to lay down while masking with this because so much essence! 💦 The mask left my face slightly sticky after removal, but after it sunk in my face was softer and I noticed diminished redness.

I received the Skinfood Beauty in a Food Rice Mask in a past Pink Seoul box, and I was excited to try it because it's supposed to soothe and brighten skin. Right out of the packet, I was a little bothered by the scent, which is very perfumey and a little powdery. 😬 I'm not usually bothered by scents in my skincare, but for some reason this gave me a bit of a headache, although it dissipated quickly. The mask was very saturated with a creamy, white essence, and the fit is standard, if a little narrow (I think I have a wide face though 😄). It's a soft, pliable material that was folded up in the packet with no backing and adhered well to my face. 👍🏻 I kept this one on for about 45 minutes, and after taking it off my skin was softer and more matte, but I didn't notice much brightening or redness reduction going on. One thing that bothered me about this mask was that it made my face slightly itchy, both during application and afterwards.

I really enjoyed masking with the Secret Key Starting Treatment Essential Mask. ✨ I absolutely love the Secret Key Starting Treatment essence, so I was really excited to try this mask out! This mask came dripping with essence, with about a teaspoon left over in the packet. It has an indiscernible, barely-there scent (no ferment smell) and promises to brighten skin tone and reduce fine lines/wrinkles. ✨ The mask is cotton and came folded up with no plastic backing. It has slits all around for a better fit, but it was still a bit small for me. I kept this mask on for about an hour, and it was still slightly moist when I took it off. 👍🏻 It tingled a bit when I first applied it, but stopped after a few minutes. I definitely noticed a lot of my redness disappear, and my pores seemed to look smaller as well. 💖 My skin felt very moisturized and soft afterward, and I'll definitely be looking to purchase more of these in the future to help with enlarged pores/redness. 🙌🏻

I enjoyed using the Whamisa Organic Flowers and Aloe Vera mask. 🌸🌱 I'm just going to say that I love Whamisa products in general, but I HATE the fit of this mask. It kept sliding all over my face, was so delicate that anytime I tried to adjust it, it would tear, and it barely covered my face, with areas around my nose, mouth, chin, and cheeks exposed. 1/5 for the fit, It's like a weird jello-y hydrogel material. It was practically scentless, with a bit of essence left over in the packet. I kept this on for about 35 minutes because I just couldn't stand having to keep readjusting it. 😐 When I took it off my skin was smooth and looked a bit more radiant, but the results weren't impressive enough for the annoyance I had to deal with when wearing this mask. 😅 The Whamisa hydrogels are also pretty pricey at about $9 a pop, and I think there are cheaper masks out there that offer the same effects. 3.5/5 for this one, womp womp. 

The Tosowoong Pure Propolis Mask is one of my favorite go-to sheet masks. 🐝🍯 It has a light propolis scent (think, a very light honey smell) and fits my face perfectly. It's a cotton mask that comes folded up with no plastic backing, and has just the right amount of essence (not soaking wet, but not dry either) that sinks in well and doesn't leave my face sticky. ✨ These usually last me around 45 minutes, and they leave my skin glowing and soft. 💕 

I really enjoyed using the Ciracle From Jeju Camellia Flower Anti-Wrinkle Mask. ✨ It's a light pink colored cotton mask that has a faint, pleasant floral scent. 🌸 Fit was small on the sides, but it more than made up for the less-than-stellar fit by leaving my incredibly soft and a bit more plump and hydrated. 👍🏻 I don't think it had a huge effect on fine lines/wrinkles, but hey. It's a sheet mask, not a miracle worker. 😄

I love using the Tony Moly I'm Real Rice Mask Sheet for clear skin. 🍚 I love the I'm Real mask series; my skin agrees with almost all of them, the fit is a bit on the bigger side (which I prefer), and they come with a good amount of essence soaked into the cotton. 💧 This mask had a very milky, clean scent. Rice water has moisturizing, antioxidant, and healing properties, and this mask left my skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. ✨ I kept it in for about 45 minutes and was no sticky/tacky feeling after. 🙌🏻

I really enjoyed using the Dermal Snail Collagen Essence Mask. 🐌✨ Dermal masks have been a staple in my routine for a while, they're cheap and effective at moisturizing/hydrating. 💧 This mask was made of cotton that was a bit on the stiffer side, and had slits for a better fit. 👍🏻 It came with a moderate amount of essence, and held up for about 35 minutes before it started getting hard/dry. ⌛️ It had a very light, clean, almost nonexistent scent and left my skin feeling properly hydrated, as most Dermal masks do. 💦 The fit is on the bigger side, so it reached my ears and covered my chin and forehead well, but the nose flap was a bit small. 🌟 It wasn't the best-fitting, most long-lasting mask, but for $0.60 a pop, I ain't complaining. 🙃

I was provided this Charcoal Purifying Gel Cleanser by Derma E for free in exchange for an honest review. Cleansers are one skincare product that I just can't settle on. Whenever I think I find the perfect cleanser for my skin, they're always a ton more lined up that I just *have* to try. 😅 derma e is an all natural, vegan, environmentally-friendly brand of skin care that focuses on the antioxidant theory of aging. 🌟 All of derma e's products are fragrance-free, paraben/phtalate-free, GMO-free, non-comedogenic, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, and are void of mineral oil and dyes. 🐰 This pH-balanced cleanser is formulated with Kimarine Wakame 🌿, which is a potassium- and magnesium-rich marine algae proven to protect skin against environmental pollutants, Bladderwack 🌿, an antioxidant-rich, mineral-rich seaweed known for its water-binding properties that supports healthy hydration, and activated charcoal ⚫️, which absorbs impurities and helps remove toxins from the skin's surface. I've been using this cleanser twice a day for about 2 weeks, and I'm happy to say that it removes dirt, sebum, and oil well without drying out my skin at all, and I've noticed a decrease in blackheads/congestion, which I'll contribute to the activated charcoal. 🙌🏻 Overall, pretty solid cleanser! I'm definitely impressed with its gentle cleansing power and all natural ingredients list, I'll be repurchasing this one for sure once it runs out! Even though it's marketed towards normal to oily skin, I feel like this would be gentle enough even for those with drier skin types. 👍🏻 

Tony Moly I'm Real Mask in Tea Tree. 🌿 one of my favorite Tony Moly masks, it's super soothing and the herby, tea tree scent is incredibly relaxing. 😌 I love reaching for these masks when my skin is rebelling, either from overzealous acid abuse (currently 😬) or when I'm experiencing congested skin/hormonal breakouts. ✨ Cotton mask, fit is average, lots of essence in the packet, and leaves my skin feeling soothed and hydrated. 💕 Definitely a forever repurchase for me!

The Innisfree It's Real Blackberry Squeeze mask smells faintly like blackberries (yum!) and hydrates well. It's a cotton mask with a moderate amount of thick, white essence in the packet (I mention this because I know a lot of you like to decant extra essence/use it in other parts of your body, although I don't bother to). The fit is average, if not a little small on the sides, and afterward made my skin look really dewy and moisturized. I didn't expect much out of this mask, so I was pleasantly surprised by the results. 👍🏻

I really loved the I'm Sorry For My Skin Sheet Masks that I received ✨ These masks are meant to help repair your skin, whether it be damage from smoking, stress, unhealthy eating, etc. 🚬☠🍔🍕 I received the "Relaxing" mask. It's a cotton/mesh type mask filled with tons of thick, gloopy essence that I used on my neck/arms since there was so much left over! 💦 The mask has a clean, relaxing scent, and adheres well. Now I don't get to say this often, but I am honestly amazed by the effect this mask had on my skin! It left a glowy finish that was not shiny or tacky, and the redness that usually plagues my cheeks was almost nil. 😍✨💕 I am definitely purchasing more of these when they're finished!

I really enjoy using the Illi Fresh Moisture Sun Cream. ☀️ It's SPF50/PA+++ and has a fresh, almost citrusy scent. 🍊 It goes on very smoothly and isn't drying at all - it's actually incredibly moisturizing! It gives my skin a dewy glow that lasts well throughout the day. 🌟 It takes a bit to sink in though; I asked my boyfriend after applying it whether I was crossing the border between "dewy-looking" and "greasy", and he said I just looked like I was a bit "hot" that day. 😂 Nice cover boyfriend, but we all know what that means. I find that if you wait about 15 minutes for it to sink in though, makeup application is much easier and your skin will look healthy and glowy rather than oily. I have combination-dry skin for reference, so YMMV!

I really enjoyed using the Leaders Wrinkle-Tox Skin Clinic Mask. ✨ Some combination of school/job hunting stress/introducing acids into my routine again has left my skin parched and purging, so even more frequent sheet masking is underway! I love all of the Leader's masks that I've tried - good fit, thin cotton material that adheres well & fits almost like a second skin, and lots of essence soaked into the mask itself. 💦 This one had a faint, almost imperceptibly clean scent and I kept it on about 45 minutes. I used some #hadalabo Gokujyun lotion first to pull in extra moisture, and my skin was incredibly hydrated after. 🌟 I didn't notice any wrinkle reduction, but then again I didn't expect any from a one-time-use mask.

The #Kocostar Foot Therapy Exfoliant Wrap is made with exfoliating AHAs (glycolic acid and lactic acid), and it's supposed to slough off old skin to leave your feet looking healthy and baby soft. ☁️ Years of walking everywhere (before my drivin' days) and wearing sandals year-round (it's hot in Miami, let me live) have led me to have...less than desirable foot conditions. About a week after using this though, my skin starting peeling off like lizard skin 🐉 and I was left with incredibly soft feet (it got rid of A LOT of dead skin - the skin underneath was actually pink and sensitive to the touch, since it was newer and healthier). About 4 weeks ago I used a similar foot treatment by Tony Moly, and while it was indeed effective, it in no way compared to the effectiveness of this Kocostar mask. 🙌🏻 These are available for around $9 at Soko Glam and $10 at Memebox, so they're a little pricey, but it was definitely worth shedding off years and years of dead skin from my feet. 👍🏻 I've also been using Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid on my feet with some socks on over night to continue to exfoliation process and keep my feet nice and soft. 🌟

I really enjoyed using the Etude House I Need You Coenzyme Q10 mask. ✨ The mask was soaked in a lotion-y, white essence with about a teaspoon left over in the packet, and smelled faintly like baby. 👶🏻 Fit was on the larger side with small eye/mouth holes, and it claims to firm and tighten skin. ✨ I didn't notice too much tightening/firming going on, unfortunately. My face was very moisturized/supple afterward, but I was really hoping for some skin-firming action. 😏 These also contain alcohol as a heads up for those who are sensitive to it, but I find that my skin can appreciate alcohol in small amounts. ✨ Apparently this line is being discontinued, which is unfortunate because I wanted to try a few more of these. 😿

The Papa Recipe Bombee honey mask that I recently picked up from Memebox has quickly become one of my favorite masks! 🍯🐝 Upon opening the package, the first thing I noticed is that there is tons of thin, clear essence inside, and THE SCENT. Holy 💩, this mask smells so amazing; it has a light, sweet honey scent that makes me never want to take it off. ❤️ I think I spent 5 minutes just holding it up to my nose, smelling it. 😄 It's made of a very thin, clingy material that fits like a second skin, and it had more than enough essence left over for me to use on my neck/décolletage. 👍🏻 I kept it on for about 45 minutes, and it still wasn't thoroughly dry when I took it off. 💦 Results? My skin felt very plump and hydrated, glowy even. ✨ I expected a shinier finish, but it left my skin matte with no sticky residue left behind. The hype is real, folks. This mask's a keeper. 🍯

🌸 There were 5 different types of masks, the blue is marine collagen, red is snail, pink is pearl, green is horse fat (mayu), and tan is vitamin c. ✨ After using them all consecutively throughout the week, I have to say they're pretty solid masks. 🌟They all have a similar floral scent and thin tencel texture. 🌸 The fit was pretty good on these for me; they were a bit short on the sides but otherwise fit my face perfectly. 👍🏻 The masks stayed wet for about 45 minutes, and my face felt nicely hydrated afterward. I didn't notice too much of a difference between them in terms of effects. Very solid masks. 

On the other hand, I've really been loving the tea tree gel that came with the set! 🌿 It's a slippery, lightweight gel that sinks in quickly and makes my skin feel calm and hydrated. 💧 I've been using it as an extra layer of light hydration during the day, and it's very light and perfect for warmer summer days. ☀️ I've also noticed it's helped calm some redness in my cheeks.

The Nature Republic collagen BB cream is SPF25/PA++ and is made with plant based collagen, supposedly to make skin more firm/supple.🌱 It's almost 4 hours in, and it's still looking oil-free even with the ☀️ beating down relentlessly. I'm surprised by how light it feels on my skin, while still evening out my skin tone and providing a natural finish. ✨ It's also light enough for my pale 👻 skin, which is always a win when it comes to Korean BB creams! After about 8 hours I could tell it needed to be touched up a bit, but I was pretty surprised at how long it lasted, even in the hot summer sun!

Bella Luce Skin Layering Master BB Cream, sent to me for review. ✨ I received this a short while ago and have been using it in place of my usual MUFE foundation, and I've been absolutely loving it! It claims to even and brighten skin tone. 💕 It  has such a creamy, lightweight formula that you can barely feel on your skin once it's applied, and has a barely noticeable, fresh scent that smells faintly like sunscreen to me. It looked a little dark when I first squeezed it from the tube, but it fit my NC10-15 skin perfectly. 👍🏻 It's SPF50+/PA+++ and contains Titanium Dioxide, Octinoxate,  Octyl Salicylate, 4-Methylbenzylidene Camphor, and Tinosorb S as sun protective ingredients, so both physical and chemical UVA/UVB protection. 🌤 It also has some lovely ingredients such as Niacinamide, Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Camellia Japonica Flower extract, which are listed on the side of the box. 🌟 I absolutely love the wear of this BB cream, it goes on like a dream and doesn't settle into the fine lines/pores on my face, and matches my skin tone perfectly. Asian BB creams/foundations are usually a gamble for me since I'm so fair-skinned, so I'm glad I wound up falling in love with this one! 💖 

I really enjoyed using the Tea Party Jasmine Calming Mask Sheet. 🍵✨ My skin seems to love Banila Co. products, and this mask was no exception! It had a light, flowery scent and was made of a thin, flexible mesh cotton. 🌸 The fit was really good, with nearly no gaps/spaces left uncovered. This mask was dripping with essence with a ton left over in the packet, and was still wet when I took it off 45 minutes later. ⏱ Afterward, my skin felt very soothed and hydrated, and slightly brighter. 💦✨ The packaging on these masks is absolutely gorgeous, so of course I'm going to have to go out and buy all the "flavors". 😅 I received this mask courtesy of Beauteque free for review.

✨ NO:HJ Superfood Broccoli Mask ✨  I was crossing my fingers that this would be a mask I would like. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about! My skin absolutely loved this mask, and looked calm and moisturized afterwards, with a matte finish and a healthy, subtle glow. ✨ These masks contain broccoli extract (250mg) and honey extract (850mg) that really help with moisturizing and repairing/protecting the skin from sun damage (broccoli contains sulforaphane, which when applied topically, can boost cell's defenses against UV rays). ✨ The material was a thin, gelatinous tencel material that adhered really well. The fit was good (even the nose flap fit well!), lots of essence, and it made my skin happy, which is all I ask for in a sheetmask. ✨

I really loved using the Silky Creamy Donkey Steam Cream Mask Pack. 🐴🍼 ✨ This mask had a ton of thick, white lotion-like essence and was made of a thick cotton with slits for a better fit. Most of the essence wasn't soaked up by the mask (I think the cotton may have been too thick), so I had to apply the essence out of the packet first and then apply the mask to seal it in. 🍼 Unfortunately, the fit of the mask was pretty awkward and the thick cotton didn't adhere well, and dried out very quickly. 🍼 It lasted maybe 15-20 minutes, and although the fit was poor and the mask pretty dry, the essence itself sunk in quickly and made my skin feel incredibly soft and moisturized. 🍼 While this didn't really work as a mask, I would totally purchase the essence lotion if they sold it as a separate product. 🍼 It definitely helped repair some of the redness and dullness that was caused by me falling asleep with foundation on. 😬 I just wish it had lasted longer!

I received this Etude House Wonder Pore Black Mask Sheet from Beauteque for review purposes. 🎀 This mask claims to deeply cleanse skin while refining and minimizing the appearance of pores. ⚫️ The mask came soaked with a thin, clear essence and the fit was almost perfect and adhered well. ⚫️ It was very refreshing to use, and stayed wet for about 30 minutes. ⚫️ Noted effects were slight diminished appearance of pores (yay!) and a hydrated, matte finish. ⚫️ Have you check out Beauteque yet? You can find over 500+ masks in their online store at, including this one! ⚫️✨

I received this beautiful burnt sienna-colored Agapan lipstain from Agapan for review. 💄✨ I really, really hate the feeling of heavy lip products (looking at you, Lime Crime velvetines), but this one is so light and goes on so easily! 💄 It's incredibly pigmented, and the packaging is adorable and very high quality. 💄 It dries down to a beautiful, soft matte and although it does transfer a bit if you aren't careful, it's not too sticky and doesn't require much touching up throughout the day since it stays put relatively well. 💄 This is such a gorgeous color that I think would be flattering for a wide range of skin tones, and it's definitely not a lip color I already own. 💄 It does get a little sticky if you apply it too heavily, though. 

Mediheal Cacao ADE Mask. 🍫✨🍫✨ I love that this mask smells like chocolate! The scent is very faint but I can still detect it. 🍫💕 This mask is supposed to purify the skin, with cacao and coffee extract for sebum control and pore tightening. 🍫 The mask is made of a tencel material and was soaked with a clear, thin essence. 🍫 I kept it on for about 30 minutes, and it made my skin feel very soft and moisturized, although I didn't see too much "pore refining" going on. 🍫

I received this DCL Skincare Detoxifying Clay Mask for review. I love the sleek black packaging and the fact that it dispenses from a tube, which means I won't be transferring any bacteria to the product by sticking my fingers in it. ✨ This mask was extremely thick and a darkish blue color (which is a first!) that I thought was fun. ✨ I applied a thin layer and started a timer for 10 minutes, per the directions on the packaging. ✨ It felt very relaxing and cooling when applied, but soon the cooling sensation escalated to icy-cold, throbbing pain (!) so I had to remove it at the 5 minute mark. ✨ My skin was very soft and clean afterwards, but very red and irritated (there was actually a line around my face from where I applied the mask that was angry and red. 😔 My face also felt tight and dry afterwards. I think this would be a better mask for someone with an oilier skin type than myself, but I couldn't with good faith recommend it to anyone who has dry/sensitive skin. ✨ Such a shame too, because I needed a new clay mask!

Skinfood Everyday Yogurt Facial Mask Sheet. 🍨 Skinfood products tend to be a hit or miss for me, so I wasn't sure what to expect from this one! The mask was a thicker, textured cotton that was soaked with a creamy, white essence. 🍨 It claims to moisturize and rejuvenate skin. I didn't really like the fit of this mask, it had a hard time adhering to my skin and was a bit short in the sides. 👎 It also had an almost synthetically sweet scent, although that didn't bother me as much as I'm not sensitive to scents in my skincare. 🍨 It lasted about 20 minutes, and it made my skin feel softer and more moisturized, and my skin looked a bit clearer. 🍨 Not the best mask I've tried, but not bad either. I probably wouldn't repurchase though. 🍨

I really enjoy using the Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. I tried this mask quite awhile ago and it resulted in dry, red, itchy skin, but I decided to give this one another chance because I think I may have left it on too long the first time. 😬 As it turns out, the 15 minutes I left it on before was entirely too much for my skin; this time around I applied a thin layer and left it on my skin for about 5-7 minutes, and it washed off SO much easier and made my skin look clean, clear, and soft instead of stripped and dry. 🙌 Turns out, I just left it on too long. 😅 I can understand why everyone raves about this now; it left my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. I honestly went from hating this product to putting it on my repurchase list, which rarely happens. 

Received these Ultrue I'm Sorry For My Skin mud sheet masks for review. ✨ These were really fun! These two-piece masks felt very cool and refreshing when applied, and lasted a lot longer than I expected (I kept them on about 30 minutes, or until my face couldn't move from how much it dried down. ✨ I am so impressed with the results of these masks! I really enjoyed the green mud soothing mask, but both left my skin feeling clean and soft. They came off easily and didn't leave much behind (and I thankfully didn't lose any eyebrow hairs). ✨ They can be a bit drying, but I just wiped off whatever residue was left with some cleansing water and continued with my normal routine, and my skin looked and felt amazing. ✨ I would definitely repurchase more of these in the future; clay masks can be messy and inconvenient, and these masks are perfect for those looking for a quick, painless alternative to mud masking. ✨

#1004lab Acai Berry 90 Protecting Ampoule. 🍒🍓🍇 I love the packaging on this! So apothecary. 🎀 This ampoule is made with organic ingredients and claims to moisturize skin while providing anti-wrinkling and antioxidant benefits. It contains niacinamide as well to brighten skin. ✨ I've noticed that it does offer some brightening, and it provides an adequate amount of moisture and sinks in very quickly with no irritation/tingling. ✨ It has a sweet, acidic berry scent that smells so good, but isn't overwhelming, IMO. This has been such a pleasure to use and I would definitely consider repurchasing!

I really enjoyed using the It's Real Squeeze Mask (Bamboo). This bamboo mask is infused with a nice herb complex with bamboo extract as the star ingredient, rich in anti-oxidants to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles/fine lines and slow the process of aging. 🌱 I like Innisfree masks in that they're simple, cheap, and contain natural ingredients, great for everyday masking purposes. This one was no different - my skin felt soothed and refreshed afterward, and while I didn't see much difference in the fine lines on my face, one application isn't enough to work miracles and I don't fault Innisfree for that. 🌱 Overall, it's a nice mask, great fit, nice soft cotton material with a decent amount of essence. It has a nice fresh scent to it that smells a bit boozy, but these masks have alcohol high up on the ingredients list, so that's not surprising. This mask was nothing to call home about, but my skin was moisturized, refreshed, and happy all for <$1, so I'm not complaining. 👍

I was really intrigued by this Blithe Soothing & Healing Green Tea Splash Mask 🍵 when I saw discovered it through Glow Recipe; you mix a little bit with water and pat it into your skin, and it's supposed to help with oil control and pore appearance. 🍵 I decided that I was far too lazy to fill up a basin with water, so I followed Glow Recipe's in-shower directions. I used about a capful of product and patted it into my skin, and then rinsed with some water. 🍵 It smells very strongly of tea tree, so if you're sensitive to scents, proceed with caution! I didn't think this was going to do much for me, but to my surprise my skin did feel a bit more clean and exfoliated, and a bit smoother as well! My only complaint is the price - this goes for about $45 for 200ml at Sephora and @glowrecipe, and it's not much cheaper elsewhere. 🍵 A fun alternative to sheet masking, but I think I'll avoid purchasing unless I can find it on sale. I'll definitely continue to use the whole bottle though, as I did like the results.

I absolutely loved using this Dr. Bootoo Age Control Multi Vita Mask. ✨ I haven't seen many people talking about this mask, but it's glorious! This masks claims to moisturize and nourish skin. It has a short ingredients list full of hydrating  and moisturizing ingredients such as snail secrete filtrate, honey, and hyaluronic acid, and the fit is amazing! ✨ It also adheres really well, and I was able to walk around and do things, which I'm coming to appreciate more and more from sheet masks. ✨ This mask was soaked with a ton of essence with about a tablespoon left over in the packet, and it was still wet when I removed it after 30 minutes. ✨ My skin was so soft and radiant afterward! I would love to get my hands on more of these, they really made my skin look radiant and glowing. ✨ 

This is the Lavender Petal L Tank Gel Relaxing Care System mask. It's a 2-part process, a hydrogel sheet mask and an ampoule. 💜 The 2-part hydrogel fit nicely, and actually covered my nose. It wasn't as soaking wet on as it felt out of the packet, probably because my skin soon soaked up all the essence. 💜 The mask itself had a bunch of herb-y looking pieces imbedded in the mask as well. It contains a bunch of plant extracts, including lavender flower extract, anise fruit extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, and houttuynia cordata leaf extract, to name a few. 💜 The mask was almost completely dry when I removed it, and it left little residue behind for me to pat in on my skin, so I applied the ampoule that was included and continued with the rest of my routine. Afterwards, my skin was relaxed and very hydrated. 💜 I would definitely repurchase this one!

Using the Fillerina Dermo Cosmetic Filler Treatment Kit was such an interesting experience. 💉 These kits retail for over $100, so my expectations were high, to put it lightly. ✨ This is a 14-day, 2-step treatment, designed to correct early-onset, fine-to-moderate wrinkles and expression lines. I've always had expression lines around my eyes (and one stubborn one forming on my forehead) so I was excited to see what effects this kit would have in reducing their appearance. ✨ Step 1 is a gel filler, a blend of 6 hyaluronic acids designed to penetrate skin's lower layers to provide consistent hydration and immediate line plumping effects. 💦 You pull 1ml from the bottle with the sterile syringe that's included, and trace the areas you want to plump up, anywhere on your cheeks, lips, forehead, chin, or neck. Wait 10 minutes, ⏱ and then massage it into your skin. Following that is step 2, which is a nourishing film containing ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil, vitamin E, shea butter, and salicylic acid designed to lock in moisture and create a weightless barrier to prevent dehydration and fortify the skin's barrier. 💪 1ml extracted with the syringe, and massaged into face and neck. ✨ This was so much fun to apply! 💉 The Fillerina gel in step 1 is very thick, and created a tingly, almost burning sensation that kind of worried me at first but didn't irritate my skin, thankfully. Step 2 had a lot of slip and definitely felt like a film, but left my skin feeling plump and soft as a cloud. ☁️ I did have a little trouble pulling step 2 into the syringe since the cream was so thick. ✨ I noticed the biggest difference in my lips - the lines definitely diminished and my lips looked more full! 💋 Some lines around my eyes/mouth area also looked diminished. Overall, this was a fun experience, but I don't feel like the results were significant enough to warrant the $100+ price tag. 

I really enjoyed using the Nabique Ocean Deep Sea O Tank Power Cell Moisturizing Mask! 💦  This mask was made from a very thin cotton that fit like a second skin (you could barely tell it was on!) and was completely soaked with essence. 💦 It also adhered really well, and I was able to walk around without having to readjust. It had kind of a funky scent that's hard to describe (@mh_koreanbeauty I saw that you used this mask, what do you think?) but it was barely noticeable. 💦 It came with a step 2 Water Solution Cream Plus, that's good enough for 2 uses but I just used it on my neck and chest. 💦 The moisture from this mask is unreal! My skin feels so plump and hydrated 6 hours later, I'm impressed! It also calmed a bit of redness in my cheeks. I've really been loving these 2-part masks, I think I need to pick up more. 💦

SOC 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask (Syn-ake)  Benefits: Firming & Soothing. This is my first experience with a 3-D mask, so I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, the fit was less that stellar. I kept getting poked in the eyes, and the chin part had a hard time adhering. I actually had to cut it with some scissors to get it to lie flat. 🐍 It was made of a thicker, paper-y cotton material and was moderately soaked with essence. 🐍 I only kept it on for about 15 minutes because the fit and material were uncomfortable. Afterwards my skin did feel soothed, but I didn't notice much firming. 🐍 Not the best mask I've tried, but it was definitely an interesting experience! Unfortunately I don't think I'll be repurchasing this one.

the Springful 24k Gold Ampoule Mask is a typical hydrogel mask with pretty gold sparkles in the material. It contains a golden flower complex (a ton of flower extracts) to promote a firmer, more youthful looking complexion. ✨ It has an impressive ingredients list, such as sodium hyaluronate, calendula, rapeseed, and evening primrose flower extract, to name a few. ✨ The fit was standard; it didn't cling that well so I had to sit back and relax instead of my usual moving around while masking. ✨ I left it on for 25 minutes, and there was very little essence left over to rub into my skin. ✨ Afterward my skin was glowing and radiant, but a little sticky, and my pores seemed to be more pronounced than usual. 🤔 I won't be repurchasing this one.

I really enjoyed using the Mirum Fresh Fruit Green Tea mask. It was made of a thicker cotton, and the essence smelled very much like the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum. 🌱 A bit fragrant, but not too overbearing. It lasted about 25 minutes. Although I didn't expect much from the thick material and low price point (these go for around $1 or less), it left my skin surprisingly soft and hydrated. 💦 You can get this very one for free if you place an order on! 🎈 They have a whole section of freebies you can choose from if you place an order over $25, so go check them out! ✨

I really love the Soo Ae Deep Sea Water Collagen Essence mask! This mask is so full of essence and feels amazing pulled from the fridge after chilling it for 15 min. It's made of a textured, stretchy cotton material. The clinginess is good and the fit is almost perfect. 🎈 I left this mask on for about 35 minutes, and afterwards my skin was felt so hydrated and rejuvenated. It dried down to a semi-matte finish, so I think these would be perfect for morning mask sessions! If you're interested in trying these out, Target carries a pack of 5 for $15, and Walmart sells them 2 for $5.🎈 

The Purpletale 5 Steps to Lovely Skin Complete Facial Solution was so fun to use! This is a skin treatment that comes with 5 steps:

💜 Step 1: facial cleanser.

💜 Step 2: ampoule.

💜 Step 3: sheet mask.

💜 Step 4: facial cream.

💜 Step 5: neck cream.

Step one is a rich, creamy facial cleanser. It didn't look like much coming out of the packet, but it lathered up like crazy! I didn't test the pH (although now I wish I had), but it didn't leave my face feeling squeaky clean, so that's a good sign. 💜

Step two is an ampoule; there was more than enough for my face and neck, and it sunk in quickly. It had a light, clean scent that I found very pleasant. 💜

Step three is the sheet mask portion, a very thin, 2-part hydrogel that fit like a second skin. The two parts didn't quite meet in the middle, but then again I have a larger face. I kept it on for about 15 minutes, since by that time it started to dry up and stick to my skin. 💜

Step four is a thick, white facial cream; same scent as the ampoule, and sunk in quickly, making my skin feel baby soft. 💜

Step five is the neck cream. It had a more "serious" smell than the facial cream and ampoule, if that makes sense, but still smelled pleasant and wasn't overbearing. It didn't sink in as quickly as the facial cream, but still made my neck feel very moisturized.

Overall, this was a fun experience! I adore the cleanser; if Purpletale sells it, I'm going to need to buy the full size! 💜 I'm also interested in the concept of neck creams; I normally extend my routine down to my neck anyway (no one wants a turkey neck when they're older), so I'm wondering how much difference a neck cream will make. The only thing I was let down on was the sheet mask; I feel like the fit could have been better, and maybe a thicker material may have lasted longer so my skin could reap the benefits of the sheet mask more. 

I really enjoyed using the I'm Real Pomegranate Mask Sheet. I love the I'm Real series, and this particular mask is a favorite. It claims to firm skin and enhance elasticity. It comes with a ton of essence and the slitted, cotton material fits my face well. ❤️ Bonus: it has the loveliest, light pomegranate smell. Like most other masks in this line, my face is radiant and incredibly moisturized. ❤️ No doubt this was created for more mature skin types, but I think everyone could benefit from the moisture and radiance this mask provided to my tired, stressed skin. 

Inreally enjoyed using the L'Affair 3-Step Skin Renewal Mask. ✨ The sheet mask comes with 3 steps:

💖 Step 1: Facial Cleanser.

💖 Step 2: Ampoule.

💖 Step 3: Sheet Mask.

The facial cleanser is of the creamy, foaming variety. ☁️ It was a bit drying for my skin, but I'm not too worried about that since it's not like I'll be using it daily.

The ampoule is supposed to be applied before the sheet mask; it has a thick, gel-like consistency (so thicker than your average ampoule) but sinks in quickly and made my skin immediately feel softer.

The sheet mask is the real winner here; it's made of a thin, tencel like material that adheres well and fits my face perfectly. 💕 It comes with a ton of essence! Enough for my face, neck/chest, and arms. I was able to keep it on for 45 minutes ⌚️ and my face felt incredibly hydrated and rejuvenated. It contains houttuynia cordata, centella asiatica, licorice root, rice, soybean, and byeongpul extract to soothe, moisturize, and brighten the skin. 🌸 This is my first experience with a L'Affair mask, and I'm really impressed. 👍 I would definitely repurchase. 

I really love using the Loveisderma VC+ Whitening Gelly Mask. ✨ This mask contains brightening ingredients such as VC-IP (a lipid-soluble, moisture-retaining form of vitamin C), vitamin B3, niacinamide, white mulberry extract, and Oryza Sativa Lees (AKA rice bran) extract for overall skin clarity. It's suited for all skin types. ✨ The formula is a thick gel consistency and spreads evenly over skin, feeling cool and refreshing (I'm thinking I might stick this in the fridge for future use!). ✨ Directions say to leave on for 20-30 min, and then remove excess with a spatula/rinse off the rest. A spatula is definitely recommended as it helps a lot with the removal process. ✨ Afterwards, my skin felt so soft and refreshed, and looked a little brighter as well. I'm definitely going to continue using this in the morning, as it makes a perfectly smooth, matte starting base for makeup application. I'd definitely repurchase this again when I run out!

i really enjoyed using this When Snow Magic mask that I picked up from Sephora! This is a biocellulose mask with gentle ingredients such as chamomile, aloe, ginseng, and a bunch of other plant extracts for calm, soothed skin. 🌿 It also contains niacinamide for brightening. I was incredibly impressed with how easy this mask was to work with; it was packaged between 2 plastic sheets and adhered very well without slipping or sliding around my face. 🌿 I was able to keep it on for over 30 minutes, and my face felt plump, hydrated, and a little brighter. 🌿 Used in combination with other brightening products, I think this mask could really help make skin look more radiant and glowy. 🌿 Is it worth the $7 that Sephora sells it for? Eh. I think there are less expensive brightening masks out there that can do what this one does, but the effects were noticeable and my skin does look radiant and soft. Possible repurchase, if I can find it on sale. 🌿

My latest adored sunscreen! I've been wearing this sunscreen under makeup (usually a bb cream or my beloved #makeupforever foundation) and a full routine for a few weeks. I love the way it applies - it's a thin, very spreadable formula, and contains SPF50, which is important to me as I live very high up (about 6,035 mi above sea level, to be exact) so the sun's rays are no joke here. ☀️☀️☀️ It provides both physical and chemical sun protection properties, and protects against both UVA/UVB radiation. 🌤 It has a typical light, clean sunscreen scent and is slightly tinted, so it helps even the complexion and diminish redness. 🌤 It has a few nice, nourishing ingredients such as olive leaf extract, macadamia seed oil, green tea, and vitamin E, so it feels slightly hydrating without delivering that heavy, greasy feel that so many sunscreens have. It also doesn't sit on top of my skin, but blends in nicely and leaves a non-shiny finish that works well under makeup. I also find myself reaching for my blotting papers a lot less when I'm wearing this sunscreen, which is a major plus. 🌤 My favorite part about this though, is that it's tinted juuuust enough to even out redness for me to get away without wearing makeup, which I love. 🌤 Ill definitely be repurchasing this sunscreen when I run out!

A nice scrubby wash-off mask that contains mineral-enriched Brazilian black sugar. It's self-heating to help remove whiteheads and stubborn blackheads. I use this often on my face, but it does exfoliate nicely and it emulsifies to wash away clean. I also normally use this as a body scrub, and it works beautifully on feet too! My skin always looks so bright and feels so smooth whenever I use it. I'll probably always repurchase this sweet smelling, scrubby exfoliator. 

The My Scheming Rose Dew Moisturizing Mask is one of my absolute favorites! I love My Scheming masks in general, but this one leaves my skin so smooth, hydrated, and soft. The fit is absolutely perfect, and it comes with a ton of extra essence. 🌹 It has a beautiful light rose scent that made me not want to take it off, even after 30 min of wear. These are definitely a staple now in my routine. 

I really enjoyed using the Karuna Hydrating+ Face Mask that I picked up in the Soko to Tokyo set from Sephora. ✨ This mask is formulated for dry, dull, dehydrated skin and claims to replenish skin's moisture barrier, improve elasticity, and improve hydration by 40% after just one use. It's made of a thinner cotton material and has slits for a better fit, with a ton (28ml) of essence both soaked into the mask and left over in the packet. 🙌 It also smells like gingerbread cookies to me, which was unexpected but I love it. I kept it on for about 40 minutes, and afterward my skin felt very hydrated and glowy. The essence sunk in quickly and left behind a matte finish, which I'm partial to. ✨ These retail for about $8 each on the Sephora website. I would definitely repurchase these as an occasional skin treat. 💛 

I enjoyed using this Petitfee Dry Foot Essence Pack. 👍 While the booties were a bit too small for my size 9 feet, this foot mask otherwise delivered what it promised, which was moisturized, baby soft feet. I kept this foot mask on for about and hour and a half, and afterwards my feet were much less dry and felt very soft. Unfortunately, the effects were very short-lived, since by the next day, my feet were back to feeling normal/slightly dry. This mask was a fun experience, but I don't think that I would repurchase it since the effects were so temporary. 

The Ceramide & Ginseng 3D Ampoule Mask from The Face Shop is a 3D mask (with a chin strap-type thing!) so needless to say, I was pretty weary when opening this up and didn't expect it to fit my face. Lo and behold, the fit was weird. 😅 I have extremely tiny features (nose, chin, etc) and a forehead that doesn't protrude much, so the areas where it was "3D" kind of didn't really fit snugly. It's supposed to offer deep hydration and nutrients to your skin, and the main reason I was drawn to this one is due to the red ginseng; I love the healing and calming properties of ginseng in my skincare, so of course I had to snatch this up! ✨ It comes with a small ampoule packet that is supposed to be applied before the mask. The ampoule is more like a thin gel type moisturizer, and is good enough for 2-3 uses. 😱 Despite the awkward fit, the thick cotton mask stayed wet a surprising amount of time (about 40 minutes) and I didn't notice the weird fit after awhile. Afterwards, my skin was soft and hydrated, and it calmed a bit of my redness. Beauteque sells this mask for around $4 if memory serves me correctly (I'm having a hard time finding it in their shop, maybe it's out of stock?) and you can find it there along with over 500 other masks! This is a maybe repurchase, if I could find it on sale. It fit me better than the other 3D mask I tried, and the results were pleasant, but nothing spectacular.

I received a bunch of these Luke Charcoal Cleansing Pore Strips in a past Jolse order, and they're just okay. ✨ I'll usually soak a cotton square in a bit of the Cosrx bha blackhead power liquid for about 10 minutes to help get any blackheads/sebaceous filaments nice and loose/ease the entire painful process, and then apply the nose strip making sure it's really wet and pressed into every contour of my nose. I then wait ⌚️ 10 minutes or so, and gently and very slowly remove the pore strip (normally I yank it off like a band-aid, but that sucks for pores, and I don't need my pores to get any more stretched out 😬). Behold! This was the result. Tons of those little sebaceous buggers. 😷 I was so shocked! I knew my nose was bad, but 😱! There are still a few left behind, but I wasn't expecting miracles. I'm going to go clay mask now and continue doing this pore treatment 1-2x a week depending on how my skin feels to see if I can get rid of them all. 💪 I used to be so against pore strips, but honestly, my strawberry nose was starting to bother me and it actually looks much better now - the bf even commented on how clear my nose looks! I've actually gotten comments on how "cute my nose freckles are" 😐 (I don't have freckles) so I'm happy to finally see some improvement!

This is the EGF Essence Mask from MJ care, a super affordable brand that I stumbled upon once while browsing Amazon; these masks have been a part of my routine for years, simply because they're cheap and they moisturize well. 💦 MJ Care masks are made by a Korean-based company called MiJin Cosmetics, and are super popular in Japan. This mask contains EGF, also known as epidermal growth factor, which improves skin's immunological defense and promotes cell turnover for younger looking, radiant skin. ✨ I used this one after clay masking and destroying my poor nose with pore strips, and it worked very well at moisturizing and soothing my skin. 👍 The fit is on the larger side, and the mask is made of a thicker cotton and was absolutely dripping with essence! It lasted a surprising amount of time, and left my face feeling hydrated and soothed. 😌 These cost about $0.86 shipped from Korea, but you can find them on Amazon too - I got an assorted pack of 10 for about $8 on Amazon, which averages out to about $0.80 each. 😍 I would definitely recommend these to my friends who are new to sheet masks or Kbeauty in general - great masks for not a lot of 💸, and if you have Amazon Prime, you can get them within 2 days. 

I really enjoyed using the Nabique Vitamin V-Tank Gel Mask. This mask is a thicker, textured hydrogel that comes in 2 pieces. The fit is nice, no complaints. It does like to slide around though, so I'm laying down while using it. I love the way this mask smells! It has a juicy tangerine scent 🍊 and it feels surprisingly dry once applied. Everything's in Korean so I'm not too sure what the effects are supposed to be, but it does contain some fruit extracts, green tea extract, and licorice root, so I'm guessing soothing/brightening. 🍋 🍵 Since the mask felt dry on the outside from the beginning, I didn't really know when to take it off, so I just left it on for 40 minutes.  It left behind a matte finish, and my face felt refreshed and rejuvenated, although it didn't calm my redness as much as I'd hoped. The ampoule step had the same sweet tangerine scent as the mask, and sunk in quickly. It contains niacinamide high up on the ingredients list, so I'm hoping for some brightening. ✨ I don't know how much this one costs, but I do know it'll be up on soon! 👍 Possible repurchase, since I like the way my face feels after, and my skin could use the nutrients. 🍊🍋🌿

I loved using the Mediheal x Line Friends PDF AC Dressing Ampoule Mask! 🐤This is a medicated face mask that claims to help soothe irritated, troubled skin and minimize redness. The material is a thin cotton soaked with tons of essence infused with Centella Asiatica, AC solution, Triclosan, Salicylic Acid, and Adenosine. 🐤 It has a slightly medicinal scent to it that's almost vinegary, but it doesn't linger and isn't overbearing. 🐤 This mask lasted for so long (about an hour) and when I took it off, I saw a noticeable difference in my skin! Overall, my skin was soft, smooth, and even, and a few red spots from recently picked-at blemishes were less noticeable. 🐤 Definite repurchase,  Memebox has them in stock for $3 each. 

i really enjoyed using the Illi Mugwort Calming Sheet Mask. 🌿 This mask is a thicker, papery cotton mask that's moderately soaked with essence. It has a very hanbang-y, herby scent to it that lingers a bit while on. 🌿 This mask contains soothing ingredients such as mugwort extract, mushroom extract, and Korean ginseng to soothe, hydrate, and brighten skin. 🌿 The mask wasn't overly saturated, and it had a hard time lying flat in my face due to its papery texture, but otherwise it fit my face well. The eye/mouth holes were a good size, but the nose portion could have extended more. 🌿 I like this mask a lot despite the material being meh; my skin looked very soothed and hydrated afterward. Memebox has these stocked on their website for $4; possible repurchase if I can find it on sale. 🌿

I'm loving this Bonvivant Mint + Tea Tree Botanical Mask pack! 🌿 I picked this one up from Memebox for about $2. This mask is meant for pore tightening and sebum control. It's made of a 100% botanical fiber sheet that fits like a second skin, and contains peppermint leaf water as a main ingredient instead of regular purified water. It also contains:

🌿 Tea Tree Oil to alleviate troubled skin and flaking

🌿 Allantoin to calm stressed skin

🌿 Birch Sap to balance water-oil levels

🌿 Hyaluronic Acid to lock in moisture

🌿 Trehalose to prevent moisture loss

This mask had a ton of thin, watery essence, and the fit was nearly perfect! The mask tingled a bit when first applied, but it was a pleasant feeling that faded quickly but still felt refreshing and cool. It has a light minty scent that I don't find overwhelming, but if you're sensitive to scents it might be a bit much for you. 🌿 I really enjoyed the texture of this mask, it was very clingy and didn't slide around at all. I kept it on for about 25 minutes, and the results were incredible! My skin felt so smooth and refreshed, and I actually saw a noticeable difference in the size of my pores!! I would definitely repurchase this one, probably in bulk too, because I've never come across a skincare product that actually reduced the appearance of my pores before! 🌿

I really love the Prelab Soothing Skin Energy mask! 🌿 This mask is made from 100% natural plant fiber, making it highly absorbent. 🌿 I contains propolis extract, tea tree oil, aloe vera, and sea water to help calm and soothe irritated skin. I've been on a tea tree kick lately, and my skin has never been clearer! 🌿 This mask comes folded up in a little square inside the packaging. It was super juicy, and saturated with a ton of light, clean-scented essence. The mask was a little drippy when I put it on, so I decided to lay back and chill while wearing this one. 🌿 The fit is average, and the thin, stretchy material fits like a second skin. This mask stayed wet a pretty long time, and was incredibly soothing and refreshing to wear. 🌿 Afterwards, my skin felt so soothed, hydrated, and refreshed! I would definitely repurchase, since it's been a few hours and my skin still looks and feels amazing. I think this mask would be perfect after a hot summer day! I picked this one up at Memebox for $2. 🌿 

Vitamin C 🍊 is one of my favorite skincare ingredients - it helps brighten skin, fade hyperpigmentation and acne scars, and contains potent antioxidant benefits to help intercept any skincare problems before they even pop up. 🍊  I normally use a vitamin C serum once a day (lately it's the Nufountain Vitamin C + Ferulic Acid serum), and I like to supplement with the Wishtrend C20 Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask, which is supposed to be used after the Pure Vitamin C21.5 serum, or any vitamin C serum to enhance the brightening, moisturizing, and anti-aging effects. 🍊 It contains 11% sea buckthorn fruit extract and 10.5% green tea leaf extract, hence the 21.5 in the name. Sea buckthorn fruit naturally contains vitamin C, so the mask doesn't contain the unstable ascorbic acid, and thus doesn't need to be refrigerated. 🍊 This mask is made of a thin cotton that's saturated with a ton of thin, very drippy essence. The fit is a bit short on the sides for me, but overall it's an okay fit. I usually keep this mask on for around 45 minutes, and the results are always amazing! 🍊 My skin always looks so much brighter and more even-toned, and any redness in my cheeks or from blemishes is reduced significantly. My skin looks glowy and radiant afterward, so I would say that this mask definitely enhances the effects of my Nufountain serum. I love that I can utilize any vitamin C serum with this mask, and don't necessarily have to use the OST21.5 serum, since it didn't agree with my skin. I will definitely repurchase more of these, and recommend them if you have stubborn PIH  or just want an overall brighter, more even skin tone. 🍊 You can purchase these for $2.50 each at Wishtrend, or you can get a 10+1 deal for $21.70. 

I really love this Ginseng Milk Lotion sample that I received from a recent Sephora order. ✨ Ginseng root has been used for centuries in Korea because of its smoothing and moisturizing properties. This lotion is runnier than I thought it was going to be (I don't really know what I expected tbh) but I spilled like half the bottle when I first opened it. 😅 It has a soft, milky texture and a prominent, floral scent to it. 🌸 I love how soft this makes my skin feel! Like a cloud. ☁️☁️ My skin also felt much more plump/firm immediately after applying and throughout the day. I'll definitely be using this on its own during warmer months, and will probably use it underneath another moisturizer during winter. I'm really surprised at how much I like this, and would totally repurchase! You can find the full size (6.4oz) at Sephora for $39 and on the Erborian website for $35.

I really enjoyed using this Pony Effect Luminous Boosting Mask Pack! This mask is designed to prep your skin prior to makeup: even out texture, brighten skin tone, and nourish the skin all in one go. The packaging is so fancy, and the mask comes with a pearl backing. ✨ This mask is made of bamboo fiber, and contains Lotus Flower water to revitalize skin, vitamin C to calm and brighten the complexion, and an herbal complex including Lavender, Lemonbalm, Oregano, Geranuim, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus Mint, and Peppermint. ✨ The fit is okay, actually a bit small for my face (and I have small features) and it has a light, almost imperceptible clean scent. I kept it on for about 30 minutes, and afterwards my skin was very hydrated and smooth! ✨ My makeup did cling to my skin better throughout the day, even after walking/sweating a ton. It also made my skin very glowy, although I didn't notice much brightening/redness reduction. For a primer mask though, this worked out fabulously! ✨ Possible repurchase, as these are nice to have on hand before an event to make your makeup look flawless, but not super necessary for my routine. I purchased this one at Memebox for about $3. ✨

The Skin & Lab Red Serum comes in a sturdy 40ml glass bottle with a dropper to dispense the serum. The texture reminds me of a typical serum; a bit thicker than water with a little slip to it, and leaves a slightly tacky finish. It retails for about $40 on the Wishtrend website. When I first received this little serum, I actually sort of glanced it over and decided that eh, maybe one day I would work this into my routine, so it kind of took up a permanent spot on my dresser for a month or so until I decided to give it a try. Fortunately, it turned out to be better than expected! Application is pretty painless; I use this nightly after applying all of my other essences, and then lock it in with a moisturizer or sleeping pack. It has a bit of an oily texture to it and feels a bit sticky once applied, so I like to use it at night since I don't usually have time in the morning to wait for it to sink in. The scent is one of my favorite things about this serum, it smells lightly fruity and floral, like berries mixed with a hint of jasmine. The scent dissipates quickly and doesn't linger, so I don't think it would be bothersome for most people. This definitely needs to be applied near the end of your routine, right before your moisturizer, as the oilier consistency makes it hard for other products applied after it to absorb properly. After about 2 months of using this serum every night, I have to say it's done an impressive job of delivering moisture to my skin and brightening my skint tone. During the time that I've been using this serum, I was taking a break from using my usual vitamin C serum, and I noticed that my skin still looked bright and my PIH/acne scarring looked lighter as well. I know that many people have had mixed results with this serum; some love it, some don't see any results beyond basic moisture. I suppose I was one of the lucky ones, because my skin feels pretty plump/firm and moisturized since I've incorporated this into my routine. I would definitely recommend this to those who have combination/dry skin, who are looking for something that can brighten skin almost as well as a vitamin C serum (maybe for those whose skin can't handle concentrated vitamin C), or for those just looking for plumper/more moisturized skin. Would I repurchase? It's likely! I find that my skin works best when I use vitamin C every other day, so I think this would be a great serum to use on the days in-between when I want to give my skin a bit of a breather, but still add a bit of glow to my complexion. 

The Loveisderma Premium Biocellulose Deep Hydrating masks are my favorite mask treatment for when I want to treat myself! ❤️ These retail for about $9 each, and are meant to soothe, refresh, hydrate, and strengthen skin. They're made from a thin, biocellulose fiber and come soaked with a ton of essence. I love using these to relax, since I can keep them on for over an hour and my skin always looks incredible; very hydrated and firm. ❤️ It's definitely a "splurge" mask, but worth picking up and trying. 

I really enjoyed using this Aloe Vera & Vitamin E mask from My Scheming.✨ My Scheming masks are a Taiwanese brand under the same umbrella as My Beauty Diary masks, so you know they're going to be good! This one has Aloe Barbidensis Flower Extract and Cucumber Extract to help hydrate and nourish skin. ✨ This mask is a thin cotton, pliable and very saturated with a ton of thin, watery essence. I kept this one on a little bit longer than I normally do (almost an hour) until it dried up, because my skin (and I) have been stressed and I have been VERY BAD about drinking water this week, so I wanted my skin to soak up as much hydration as possible. ✨ This mask left behind a nicely hydrated, matte finish and my skin definitely looked more refreshed/rejuvenated. I really love these masks, they're very affordable and always work wonders for my skin. 

The My Scheming Honey Hydrating Silk Mask that is one of my favorite hydrating masks. 🍯 This one contains honey and milk extract to soothe, nourish, and hydrate skin. It comes packaged with a pearl backing and is made of a thin, clingy silk material that fits like a second skin. 🍯 It has a delicious, milky honey scent that is light and pleasant. It came with a ton of essence, and lasted about an hour, leaving my skin feeling soothed, brightened, and hydrated. 🍯 This mask is so gentle and effective, and I think it would be perfect for those with combination-dry skin.

I love these Intracell 24k Gold Therapy Masks from NO;HJ! They're made a slightly pliable, fabric-like cotton material and have a decent amount of essence. These masks contain interesting ingredients such as colloidal gold, lavender extract, licorice extract, honey extract, snail secretion filtrate, silk amino acid extract, and milk and pearl extracts, to name a few. 💦 The intended effects are to moisturize skin, as well as enhance brightness and elasticity. I was disappointed to note that after only 15 minutes the mask started lifting around my mouth/chin area, and at the 25 minute mark the mask was completely dry. My skin did look incredible afterwards, nicely hydrated and matte, and a bit firmer/brighter as well. I also noticed that some of the redness I'm my cheeks was diminished, and it made my pores almost invisible! These masks have some pretty stellar ingredients and are definitely skincaretainment, but I was disappointed in what could have been a great masking experience cut short. I think if the mask were made of a thinner material, it wouldn't have dried out as quickly. Repurchase? I might, as I enjoyed the effects but I know I've used masks that offered the same effects for less money 💸. I'd still recommend these for those looking for a hydrating, brightening mask that's a ton of fun to use.

I've been loving The Body Shop Intensely Revitalizing Sleeping Cream from their Oils of Life line, and I wake up with happy, glowing skin every morning. ☀️ I love the scent (it's smells kind of spicy/herby/hanbang-y to me) and the gel-like texture manages to feel light, but still lock in moisture throughout the night. 💧 There's nothing negative that I can really say about this cream, other than the fact that it may too light for those with drier skin. This cream is 100% vegan, and retails for about $40. 

I really enjoy using the Skinfood Wildberry Milk Cleansing Foam (Moist). 🍓 I've been using this cleanser for a couple weeks now, and although it's high pH level (8.5 per my calculations) initially put me off, I've discovered through experience that my skin isn't all that sensitive to higher pH levels in skincare, so my experience with this has been much more positive than I'd initially anticipated. 🍓 This cleanser contains wildberry extract to help prevent cell aging and free radical damage, and milk protein to moisturize, soothe, and restore dry, rough skin. It has a thick, creamy consistency that I enjoy, and smells like a berry smoothie! 🍓 It leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped, and I haven't noticed any new breakouts from it. It also seems to remove makeup well. 🍓 Overall, it's really pleasurable to use! This cleanser retails for about $11 on the @kbeautycollection website, and about $8 when purchased directly from Skinfood. 🍓

I really enjoyed using the Illi Camellia Nourishing/Intensive Moisture Mask. 🌸 This mask is made of a thicker cotton fabric material and is absolutely drenched with a white, milky essence. 💧 It has such a yummy smell (kind of floral, kind of coconut-y) which isn't too overpowering. I kept this one on for about 50 minutes, and my skin was very moisturized without being tacky/feeling weighed down. I think this is my favorite Illi mask that I've tried, and I would definitely repurchase! Perfect for wintertime when the weather is drier, or for those with dry skin. ❄️

I've had great experiences with Illi masks in the past, so I had high hopes for this one. Unfortunately, I was let down pretty hard. The mask itself was made of a thicker, weirdly rough cotton material that was dry in a lot of places and didn't have a ton of essence. The fit also left something to be desired; the nose part was longer but there were gaps in some areas around my nose/mouth. It also has a quite heavy, floral scent. 🌸 I kept this on for all of 15 minutes before it started nearly falling off of my face from drying up so quickly, and I don't feel like it provided much moisture at all. What a strange experience. 👀 I definitely won't be repurchasing this one!

I really like the Milky Dress Trill Beige Coffee Cushion! I was disappointed that it didn't smell like coffee, but aside from that I'm pretty pleased with it! ☕️ It's semi-matte and about medium coverage, and covers up redness really well. It's also the perfect shade for me (I've been getting so lucky with cushions lately!) and gives my skin a nice dewy glow. I think I'll save this for when the weather gets a bit drier, since I tested it out yesterday and it was swelteringly hot outside 😰 and it became a little melty looking. I was quite literally running around all day in the heat though (8+ hours) so I think under normal conditions, this cushion would have held up nicely. So far, I'm pretty impressed with it! 4️⃣ out of 5️⃣, definitely worth checking out if you have combination-dry skin and are looking for a cushion that leaves a dewy finish. ☕️

I really enjoyed using the Hey! Pinkgo Girl Papain Brightening and Exfoliating Mask. This mask is supposed to brighten skin and offer mild exfoliation. ✨ This mask was super thin and had a ton of equally thin, watery essence. It tingles a bit when first applied, but that died down after a minute or two. It had a light, floral scent 🌸 and lasted about 35 minutes before drying up (probably because it was so thin) and it left my skin feeling incredibly smooth and a bit brighter as well. 4️⃣ out of 5️⃣, because it brightened and exfoliated well without irritating my skin, and, you know, papayas.

The CLIV Revitalizing C Corrector Ampoule Mask is made of a really pretty, gold foil  fabric-like material. ✨ It comes with two steps, step 1 being a generous amount of a thick, gel-like ampoule, and step 2 being the 2-part gold mask. Both the ampoule and mask smelled a bit like my vitamin C serum, and the two parts fit my face relatively well. ✨ I kept this one on for about 35 minutes (and felt like a particularly snazzy C-3PO the entire time) and my face looked nicely hydrated, plump, smooth, and bright. Would I repurchase? I'm going to say that yes, I would, since after days of not sheet masking and doing only bare-bones routines, my skin looks good as new, like the past 3 days of hormonal outbreaks and dry, stress-induced dullness never happened. ✨ These masks retail on the Cupidrop website for about $10. A little steep price wise, but I think these are worth using for those occasional days when your skin needs a lil' something extra. ✨

The Max Hyaluronic Formula Ampoule Mask has the same pretty gold foil/fabric-like material, and contains some yummy ingredients such as rice, centella, aloe, peppermint, and eucalyptus extracts to deliver a maximum amount of moisture. 💦 I really like the huge amount of ampoule and the concept of the mask itself, since it's supposed to lock in moisture and prevent it from evaporating. I just slather it all on (even though there's definitely enough for 2-3 uses) and after about 30 minutes, my skin feels super plump, hydrated, and refreshed, although it left a bit of a tacky finish. 💦 These masks are a great way to restore some vitality/glow to my stressed, lackluster skin. ✨

The Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask from The Body Shop contains balancing and revitalizing ginseng, moisturizing rice extract from China, and softening sesame seed oil from Nicaragua, meant to soften and brighten skin while evening skin tone. 🌾 The mask is thick and scrubby and has a clean, herby, ginseng scent. 💛 I absolutely loved the effects of this mask! I kept it on for about 20 minutes, and my skin was incredibly soft and bright after! ✨ It feels very cool once applied and had a strong tingle that eventually faded, so I almost panicked and took it off but thankfully didn't, because my skin was at least 2 shades brighter, and my pores looked smaller as well! ⭐️ I also massaged my face gently before taking it off for some mild exfoliation, which helped loosen a lot of dead skin flakes. I would definitely repurchase this one when I run out.

The Body Shop Amazonian Açaí Energizing Radiance Mask is a 100% vegan, exfoliating gel mask that contains açaí berry, guarana seed extract, and babassu oil to invigorate skin and promote a refined, clearer, and healthier looking complexion. ✨ I have to say that I love the way this mask smells! It smells just like wildberry jam, I seriously couldn't stop smelling it. 👃🏻 It has a nice thick consistency and spreads easily, and gives a pretty serious tingling sensation upon application. Unfortunately, this mask was a bit too hardcore for my skin, and my face was very red and a bit dry after using. 😔 It's a shame, because it smells so so good, and I think it would be a great exfoliator for someone with hardier skin than myself, but I don't think I'll use it again or RP. I'm giving this one 2️⃣ out of 5️⃣, but I really do think that for the average person, this would be a super fun and effective exfoliating mask.

The Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask. 🐝🍯 has a thick, gooey texture (exactly like honey!) and smells like honey too, except it's a bit medicinal. 🌿 I like medicinal scents though, so it isn't an issue for me, but the scent is really strong (typical of The Body Shop products) so those who don't like scented skincare, I would pass on this one. This mask contains Community Trade honey from Ethiopia, Community Trade marula oil from Namibia, and Community Trade olive oil from Italy to replenish, restore, and hydrate skin. 💧 This mask was fairly easy to apply due to its thick consistency, and I found I didn't need much to cover my whole face. I kept it on for about 30 minutes, and after removing it, my skin felt incredibly hydrated, soothed, and calm. A lot of my redness was diminished, and some angry red spots all but disappeared. 🙌🏻 

I really loved using The Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask! I'd heard good things about this mask prior to trying it out, and I wasn't disappointed! It has a beautiful fresh rose scent and pieces of real rose petal in the mask. 🌹 It also contains Chilean Rosehip Oil and Community Trade Aloe Vera from Mexico. 🌱 It has a less viscous consistency than the other The Body Shop masks that I've tried so far, but it also didn't tingle as much either, which my finicky skin is happy about. 👍🏻 It was so soothing and refreshing to use! I put on a thick layer and left it on for about 30 minutes, and afterward my skin was incredibly soft, plump, and hydrated. Definitely one of my favorites from #thebodyshop! 🌹 I've tried out other rose masks before (most recently the Fresh rose mask) and I'm happy to report that this one impressed me much more! Which is great, because this costs about $20 less than the Fresh one, and is more hydrating as well.

The Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask is 100% vegan, beautifying mud-textured exfoliating mask contains bamboo charcoal 🌱 from the Himalayan foothills, community trade tea tree oil 🌿 from Kenya, and green tea 🍵 leaves from Japan to deeply cleanse and purify the skin to reveal a healthy-looking, youthful glow. ✨ The texture of this mask was super thick/chunky and interestingly had what looked like sticks/leaves in it. 😶 It smelled fresh, clean, and earthy, and was easy to apply with a brush (I just used a makeup brush, cause ain't nobody got time to pay $15 for a "mask brush" 😂). It started tingling immediately and I thought "oh no, here we go", but it faded quickly (to my relief) and I kept it on for about 10 minutes. ⏲ Unfortunately, it was a pain in the butt to remove (I had to lay a warm, hot washcloth on my face to dislodge the mask that had hardened so much I couldn't move my face), so I wasn't a fan of the extra mess and the extra tugging I had to do on my skin. Other than that though, I was very impressed with the results! My skin was incredibly smooth, soft, and glowing afterward. ✨ I don't know that I'd repurchase unless I could get it on sale, since I feel like there are a lot of cheaper clay masks out there that could definitely hold their own against this one, but I am pretty impressed with the results of this and will enjoy using it up! 💧 You can pick these masks up individually at The Body Shop for about $28 each.

It isn't often that a product reaches HG status for me (especially not sunscreens!), but I've completely fallen in love with the Klairs Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion! I can't say enough amazing things about this product; it's non-greasy, soaks in beautifully, plays well with makeup, and doesn't dry my skin/break me out. ☀️ It has a hydrating aspect to it that those with dry skin will appreciate, but not enough to be troublesome for those with oily skin. My office is right in the mountains, and it gets HOT and very sunny since the sun is so close (I'm about 6,000 miles above sea level), and even being outside for lengths at a time, I don't get sunburned whatsoever while wearing this. My only gripe is that the tube is so tiny (only 50ml), and each tube costs $20 😭 but I have seriously found my favorite sunscreen, and I'm not exaggerating. I don't even know if I want to check out other sunscreens anymore, because this one just plays with my skin so perfectly, and it has a light blue tint that brightens up my skin tone and masks some of my redness to boot. I actually look forward to putting on sunscreen now, whereas before it was kind of an annoying extra step in an already lengthy routine. If you have an extra $20 to invest, you should totally pick this one up, as it works amazingly for my combination skin and the formula is just so, so elegant. 👑

Another favorite mask of mine is the My Beauty Diary Black Rose Brightening Black Mask. This mask contains essence extracted from black roses 🌹 of the Netherlands, and is infused with a hyaluronic acid/yeast compound 💧 to nourish and refine, as well as lemon and pineapple extracts to soften and rejuvenate skin. 🍋🍍 I really love the thin, pliable black material of this mask; the fit was excellent, and it even had a strap to adhere under my jawline to make for an even better fit. ✔️ It had a beautiful rose scent that wasn't overbearing, and was soaked with a ton of thin, watery essence. I kept this mask on until it dried out (about 50 minutes) and afterward my skin felt incredibly soft and looked brighter/more hydrated as well. ✨ I'll definitely be repurchasing this mask when I get the chance! 

I really enjoyed using the Mango Reviving Mask from L'Herboflore. 🌴 I've been missing the tropical-ness of Miami, so I thought this mask was appropriate. 😄 This is a papery thin mask that is soaked with a ton of thin, watery essence. It has a sweet scent, I think I can detect mango if I believe hard enough 😂 but the scent is very, very faint. Boo, I was hoping for much more mango. 👎 I kept this one on for about a little less than an hour, and afterwards my skin felt nicely hydrated and matte. I don't know that I'd repurchase, because it wasn't anything mind-blowing, but I did enjoy using it and would use it again if it was gifted to me or something. 😁

The Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack is one of my all time favorite masks. 🐌🐝 There are a lot of people that are 50-50 on Benton products, but their snail bee essence and masks always help calm and hydrate my skin and diminish any redness. Instead of water, these masks contain Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water and Snail Secretion Filtrate to hydrate and soothe, and Bee Venom, EGF, Adenosine, and Arbutin for soothing and brightening. ✨ These are great everyday-masking type masks, and while I don't always reach for them, they always have my back when my skin is feeling irritated/troubled. 👍

This 2-step facial mask kit is supposed to help improve elasticity and make skin more firm. The Collagen Resurgence Ampoule contains hydrolyzed collagen and  plant stem cell extracts to deliver nutrition to dull skin. The Supreme Gold Foil mask prevents the ampoule from evaporating, and is soaked with a ton of essence of its own. I've recently reintroduced acids into my routine after months of not using them, so understandably my skin is purging and looks rough, bumpy, and dull. I'm happy to say that this mask helped make my skin feel smooth, firm, and moisturized, and gave some life back to my dull skin. 💧 I would definitely repurchase these, and they sell the ampoules separately as well, so those may go on my wishlist. 

This mask is supposed to provide vitalizing energy to tired skin. It's formulated with antioxidant-rich broccoli extracts to protect skin from environmental stressors and reverse the drying effect of air pollution and UV rays. 💚 Made of a thin stretchy cotton, this mask came with a ton of thin, watery essence in the packet and soaked into the mask, and had slits for a better fit. I kept this one on for about 45 minutes, and my skin looked hydrated, smooth and bright, although it didn't do much for redness. 4️⃣ out of 5️⃣, definite repurchase!

I really love the My Scheming Hot Spring Water Moisturizing Mask! This mask makes my skin feel so plump and hydrated. Made with hot spring water, this mask promises to fully moisturize skin and strengthen and support elasticity. 💧 It has a light, clean scent with a ton of essence, and it fits like a dream. 💙 I kept this on for about 45 minutes, and it left behind a matte yet radiant finish. 4️⃣ out of 5️⃣, and a definite repurchase for me!

The Coconut Gel Brightening Recovery Mask is one of my all time favorites! 🌴 These masks are a forever repurchase for me and always make my skin feel refreshed and revitalized. ✨ The mask is made of a very thin, clingy biocellulose material soaked with naturally fermented coconut gel. This mask usually lasts me quite awhile (30-45 minutes) and it clings to my skin well, so I can be up and about while wearing it. The fit is very good as well. Overall, this is one of my favorite Leaders masks and a great mask to use when my skin is looking dull and needs a pick-me-up.

This mask contains red rose to nourish and hydrate skin, black rose to rejuvenate and repair skin, and white rose to brighten and illuminate skin. 🌹 I don't know why I haven't purchased the full size of at least one of these jelly masks, because they're awesome! This rose one smells lightly rosy/floral and feels great when chilled. 💨 At first these seemed like a bit much for just a single use, but you have to apply a thicker layer so that you can scrape it off after the 15-30 min wait time is up. ⏲ These don't dry down much, so I use a spatula to scrape off whatever is left, and then rinse with lukewarm water. Afterwards, my skin felt nicely hydrated, brightened, and refreshed. You can purchase these single-use 35ml sachets for about $3, and the full sized 250ml tub for $23 on This rose one is a definite purchase for me! 🌹


This mask contains gold kiwi extract, which has tons of vitamins and nutrients to nourish the skin. It also claims to remove dead skin cells and revitalize skin by providing moisture. 💧  This one smelled just like real kiwis! I couldn't stop sniffing it. 😂 It was made of a thicker cotton material but still came with a ton of essence. The fit was average, and the mask itself stayed wet for about 30 minutes. ⏲ Afterwards, my skin looked incredibly soothed and soft, and my pores were less noticeable as well. I'd RP, because I really enjoyed the effects, and my skin didn't feel overly greasy or irritated afterward. 👍

The Freeset Donkey Milk Healing Skin Gel Mask Pack from Soo Ae is one of my favorite masks! 🐴 This is a hybrid hydrogel/sheet mask that is meant to soothe, repair, and heal troubled/damaged/acneic skin. It contains a huge list of sweet botanical extracts as well as donkey milk to soothe and moisturize skin. 🐴 These last quite a long time (around 45 minutes) and they leave my skin feeling brightened and moisturized, and any redness/irritation from blemishes is instantly soothed/reduced. 🐴 These masks rank 5️⃣ out of 5️⃣ for me, and I'll buy them until I die. Or until they're discontinued. Whichever comes first.

The Annie's Way Arbutin+Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask is one of my absolute favorite wash-off masks! ✨ This wash-off mask is meant to whiten, brighten, moisturize, and minimize fine lines, leaving skin radiant. Apparently this is great for "dark" and dry skin? 😅 (something must have been lost in translation - maybe they mean dull skin?). As always, I'm super impressed with these jelly masks! I left this one on for about 30 minutes (or until it started to dry down) and my skin looked so bright afterward! ✨ I'm definitely going to be repurchasing the full size as soon as I get the chance. You can buy this in a single-use packet on for about $3, and the full size (250ml) for about $18. ✨

I really enjoyed masking with the Tosowoong Deep Sea Water Mask. 🌊 I purchased this at Memebox for about $1. With deep sea water as a main ingredient, this mask promises to nourish, firm, and soften the skin, as well as provide some anti-aging benefits. The fit was standard, and the mask came with a good amount of essence (maybe a tsp left over in the packet). 🌊 I kept this one on for about 35 minutes, and afterward my skin was plump, smooth, calm, and a lot of redness/irritation was diminished (I used this after a pretty harsh cell renewal wash-off mask). 🌊 I'm very pleased with how my skin looked after, and for $1-2, I would definitely stock up on a few of these.

I really enjoyed using the Mugwort Astringent + Pore Care Mask from Manefit. 🌿 This is a microfiber sheet mask that promises to clear pores and hydrate to achieve radiant skin. ✨ Mugwort Extract naturally contains salicylic acid to gently exfoliate and clear pores while simultaneously soothing sensitive skin. 💧 It also contains Houttuynia Cordata and Centella Asiatica extracts, both of which my skin loves. This mask fit my face perfectly (don't you love when that happens?) and was soaked with a ton of essence, so it lasted well over 30 minutes. ⏲ It had a practically imperceptible, clean scent. My skin looks so radiant and feet afterward, and I'm happy to report that my pores do look smaller! 🌿 I would definitely repurchase this mask in the future.

I really enjoyed using the L'Herboflore Perfume Lotus Balancing Hydromask. This is a soft, delicate cotton fiber mask soaked with a ton of lightly perfumed floral essence. The scent isn't overbearing, despite "perfume" being in its name. The fit is average, with slits along the sides for adjustment. I kept this mask on for about 30 minutes, and afterwards my skin felt nicely hydrated and soothed, and the essence dried to a matte finish. This wasn't an extraordinary mask by any means, but I did enjoy the scent and the matte yet hydrated finish it left behind, so I miiiiight repurchase because it was an enjoyable experience.

I really enjoyed using this SNP POP Troubled Skin Care Essence Mask. 🌿 This mask is for troubled skin, and it contains some great ingredients such as:

🔸 Grapefruit and Papaya Extracts

🔸 Rosemary Extract

🔸 Willow Bark Extract

🔸 Licorice Extract

🔸 Centella Asiatica Extract

This thin, stretchy cotton mask came with a ton of essence, and the fit was phenomenal (as are most SNP masks). 👍 I kept this one on for about 30 minutes, and afterwards my face felt incredibly clean and refreshed, and very soothed! The astringent properties of this mask made my skin feel very clean and I think this would be a great mask to use once or twice a week to maintain clear skin. ✨ I really loved the effects (and the packaging is super cute) so I hope I can pick up some more soon!

I really enjoyed using the Bonvivant Botanical Mellow Clay Mask set! 

🔹 Mint Tea Tree Mask (Blue) - Treats troubled/oily skin by removing dead skin cells and absorbing excess sebum. I used this on my forehead area, because that's where I get oily the most.

🔹Jeju Volcanic Mask (Grey) - For pore care. I used this on my nose and chin, because that's where I get the most clogged pores/blackheads.

🔹 Hawaiian Pink Calamine Mask (Pink) - Calms and relieves red, dry, and flaky skin. I used this on my cheeks, since I suffer from redness/dry skin the most in that area.

All three of these masks have quickly become favorites of mine. They all left my skin incredibly soft, soothed, and my pores looked almost nonexistent! I kept these masks on for about 15 minutes, and they washed off easily. Very impressed. 👏🏻

I loved this mask! Generally My Scheming masks are my favorite, and what I reach for the most (aren't Taiwanese masks the 💣?). This mask was made of a super thin cotton and came with a foil backing (which I actually used this time bc I tend to rip these masks if I'm not careful). There was a ton of thin, watery essence soaked into the mask and about a teaspoon left in the packet. 💧 The fit was nearly perfect. 👌🏻 This mask lasted forever and a day (over an hour according to my guesstimate) and afterwards my skin was soft, soothed, and redness was diminished. 🐌 This one dried to a slightly tacky finish. Overall, this was another win for me! 4️⃣ out of 5️⃣

I wasn't too impressed with the Peach Sake Pore Essence Mask Sheet from Skinfood. I expected this to be a hydrogel for some reason but it was made of a stretchy, porous cotton material. It had a light, artificial peach scent and was moderately soaked with essence. The fit was pretty good, and the forehead part was HUGE on me, so it'll probably be way big on most people. I kept this mask on for about 20 minutes and I found that while it did shrink my pores a bit, it did sting a little and the effects weren't as amazing as some other pore masks that I've tried. 3/5 for this one, I probably wouldn't repurchase as it was pretty unremarkable. 

I received the Powerproof Super Slim Eyeliner pencil from The Saem for review, and while I don't normally like pencils (I have oily lids and look like a raccoon at the end of the day when I use most pencil liners), this one managed to stay relatively in place, and I didn't need to touch it up at all throughout the day. It's a drier formula so it's very easy to work with, and is great for tight lining and wearing on lower lids since it's pretty much smudge-proof. (It lasted really well on my oily, watery bottom lids after ~6 hours of wear!). I also wore it under some Stila liquid liner, and it helped that stay on better as well. I'm very surprised (in a good way) at the quality of this eyeliner, and would 100% repurchase.

I loved using this cute little Skin 79 strawberry girl mask! This was actually a super cute character mask. I didn't have time to take a photo, but it looked pretty much like the packaging.  This has a ton of essence and adhered surprisingly well for for a character mask. I was hoping it would smell like strawberries, but it unfortunately didn't smell like much. This mask is enriched with strawberry extract which effectively brightens and detoxifies skin for a fairer and more even complexion. This left my skin smooth and soft, but I didn't really see any brightening or evening of my skin tone unfortunately. I probably won't be repurchasing this one, but it was fun to try! I think I received this as a freebie from a previous order, but you can pick this one up from Memebox for about $2 if you're interested in trying it out!


This mask contains collagen as a main ingredient to firm up skin and provide moisture and nourishment. 💧 It's a well-known scientific fact that collagen molecules are too large to penetrate and firm the skin topically, but collagen masks are usually a good source of moisture for me, so I'll roll with it. The fit was okay (you can check out how it looks in my most recent story!), although the eye holes were a bit small, and the material was stiff. 🐯 I kept it on for about 20 minutes, as it started to dry and lift up by then. I don't feel like this mask provided a ton of moisture, but it did make my skin feel bouncy and soft, so I think this mask would be great for those with oilier skin types. It was a fun mask though, and super cute! 

I really enjoyed masking with the #SexyLook Snow White Whitening Black Mask. 🍎 I was so excited because I'm a huge Disney fangirl, it's kind of disgusting; I love everything Disney and can sing most of the songs by heart. But I digress. The mask is a black mask made of a very thin, stretchy cotton and positively soaked with essence. 💦💦 It had a typical nondescript mask scent and the fit was good, although the nose area was a bit big. 👃🏻 It stayed wet a long time (about an hour) and when I took it off, my skin looked very radiant and bright, and was incredibly soft! Definitely a RP for me. I want to try all of them - there's also Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle! ✨

This Liar Beautiful Girl Pore Solution Mask Pack is probably one of my favorite masks. 💧 It's a 3-step black mask that comes with a cleanser for step 1, an ampoule for step 2, and a mask for step 3. ✔️ I didn't bother checking the pH of the cleanser because I don't really care, since it's only going on my face this once, but it didn't dry me out. Step 2 is a slightly viscous ampoule, and the step 3 mask came with a TON of essence. I kept the mask on for like 12 years (okay, probably like an hour, but it felt like it lasted forever and was still damp when I removed it!!) and my skin felt so soft and firm and my pores were nearly nonexistent! 😱 I'm definitely going to go out and buy like a thousand of these masks, because I've never used a product that shrunk my pores so effectively! ❤️ I don't do this often, but I'm giving this mask a 5️⃣ out of 5️⃣, because my mind is blown by how effective this mask was!

I really love the Sweet Glam Tint Glow in Fuschia Purple! The formula on this is super creamy and very delicately pigmented, and shows up a bit darker on my lips than it does in the swatch above. 💄 It's incredibly moisturizing and gives my lips the perfect pop of color, and is perfect for everyday wear. 💋 My lips get dried out super easily, so I'm ecstatic that I've found a lip product that's so moisturizing but not too loud, so I can get away with wearing it at work. Definitely pick this up if you get the chance! You can also check out my review for this on IG @skincaremochi.

The Koelf Bulgarian Rose hydrogel mask 🌹 was an interesting experience! It contains a very short ingredients list, including ruby powder and damask rose water to keep skin youthful, healthy, and moisturized. I've heard such amazing things about this mask, so I was pretty intrigued. The mask itself has good coverage (it doesn't adhere to the sides of my nose, but aside from that it's standard) and it has the most luxurious rose scent. 🌹 I kept it on for quite a long time (over an hour!), and although my skin was soft and it was very refreshing to wear, I wasn't really wowed by the effects; my skin wasn't any more bright/moisturized, and it did nothing for reducing redness, so I probably wouldn't repurchase. Check out my review for this mask on IG as well! @skincaremochi

I really enjoyed using the Guerisson 9 Complex Horse Oil Hydrogel Gold Mask. 🐴✨ This mask features premium horse oil and gold powder extract, both of which promote elasticity and softer skin and deliver a healthy amount of moisture/nourishment to give skin a youthful, healthy glow. 💧 The mask is made of a very thin hydrogel material that comes in two parts. The fit of this mask was the most annoying part for me - it didn't cling very well and the eye and mouth holes were so small, which is saying something because I have really small features. It had a faint, clean scent that was barely noticeable. This mask lasted surprisingly long for a hydrogel (about 45 minutes), and afterward my skin was brighter and much more firm, and my pores looked smaller as well! 🎉 I was fully prepared for this mask to be too heavy for my combination skin, but it moisturized without being too heavy and left behind a clean, matte finish. ✨ I only wish it would have done something to diminish redness, as that's one of my main skin concerns aside from large pores/PIH. I would definitely repurchase this mask though, despite the uncomfortable fit, because my skin felt so bouncy and firm when I took it off! ✨ 

I loved the Zoo Park Brightening Lamb Mask 🐑! I love how thin and clingy the material is. Most character masks have a rough texture to them and have a hard time adhering properly (at least in my experience, which is why I don't buy them often except for entertainment purposes), but this mask was soft, pliable, and clung to my skin fairly well. 👍 It also lasted a decent amount of time (about 30+ min) and left my face feeling very soft, hydrated, and bright. ✨ The material was a bit thinner than the last character mask that I tried from The Saem, and I liked the results of this one better as well. I would totally repurchase because I did actually see some brightening effects, and well, it's super cute. 🎀 Check out my review on IG as well, @skincaremochi!

Ahh, the Peripera Peri's Ink is so cute, and has such a gorgeous color payoff! I was sent this cute lil' lippie c/o Amabie Beauty, and I've been loving how pigmented and feminine it looks! It last a full 8 hours on my lips, and leaves them stained a pretty, vibrant pink, even after it starts to fade. It also doesn't leave my lips dry like a lot of other lip stains do. It looks much more wearable on my lips (not as bright) so I can get away with wearing it at work, too. I also love that it's moisturizing and lasts quite a long time even with eating/drinking, so reapplication is not something I have to worry about. I hope I can try more shades soon! 

The Dear Packer Jeju Cactus Mask is meant for moisturizing irritated skin. The mask itself is made of the same clingy cotton as the the other masks in this line, and is soaked with a lot of drippy essence. The scent is the same delicate floral as the others. I didn't actually think this one was too drippy, and it stayed hydrated for quite awhile (I took it off after 50 mins). This one was okay; it was lightly hydrating but I didn't notice much else in terms of effects. Possible repurchase, if I can find it for $1 or less, otherwise, it's nothing special.

This mask is the Dear Packer Jeju Camellia Flower mask, meant to nourish the skin and provide some brightening/anti-wrinkle benefits. It contains camellia oil, which is rich in Omega 9 Linoleic Fatty Acids, as well as vitamins A, B, D, and E. It also contains niacinamide for brightening. One thing that is interesting about this mask is that it's molecular weight is very similar to that of skin, so the essence is more readily absorbed.
The mask itself is made of a clingy cotton, and is soaked with a ton of milky essence. The scent is so good - I think this is one of the best smelling masks I've ever worn! The fit is excellent, no complaints. I kept this mask on for about 45 minutes, and afterwards my skin felt incredibly nourished and moisturized, and I noticed my skin looked a little more plump/even. I would definitely RP this one, it was such a treat to use, and it made my skin so even-textured and soft!

One of my favorite Dear Packer masks! This mask is meant to nourish and deeply moisturize very dry skin. The mask itself is made of the same clingy cotton as the Camellia mask from this line, and is similarly soaked with a lot of essence. The scent is a bit lighter, but still slightly floral. I kept this mask on for about 45 minutes, and afterwards my skin felt so moisturized and soft! I think I liked this one even more than the Camellia mask, as I felt the moisturizing effects lasted longer. I would definitely RP; my combination/dry skin felt moisturized but not weighed down at all, and the essence sunk in completely without making my skin feel oily/congested.

This is a medicated face mask that claims to help soothe irritated, troubled skin and minimize redness. The material is a thin cotton soaked with tons of essence infused with Centella Asiatica, AC solution, Triclosan, Salicylic Acid, and Adenosine. It has a slightly medicinal scent to it that's almost vinegary, but it doesn't linger and isn't overbearing. This mask lasted for so long (about an hour) and when I took it off, I saw a noticeable difference in my skin! Overall, my skin was soft, smooth, and even, and a few red spots from recently picked-at blemishes were less noticeable. Definite repurchase!

I really enjoyed using the E Tabnk Micro Sheet Mask from the company Nabique! This is 2-part mask with a sheet mask for step 1, and a cream moisturizer for step 2. The sheet mask is made of a thicker plush, silky cotton and is hella loaded with a thick, lotion-like essence. I don't think I've actually ever used a sheet mask with so much essence before! The fit of the mask is good, and it clings to my skin well. The essence-lotion has your typical lotion-y scent.
I kept this mask on for about an hour, and even though the lotion was thick and sticky, it absorbed completely after a minute or two to reveal smooth, plump, hydrated skin. I almost didn't want to use the step 2 cream because I thought it would be too much, but I woke up the next morning with hydrated, firmed skin.
I would definitely repurchase this mask, although I'd use it at night since the lotion leaves a bit of a tacky finish.

I’m really impressed by the Skin & Lab Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay facial mask!
This mask contains Canadian colloidal clay (30,000ppm) to remove toxins and impurities in pores, tea tree leaf for acne prevention, and avena satiba oatmeal to eliminate surface debris and moisturize.
Many people have warned me (and I've read many reviews that say this) to apply a super thin layer at first, because this mask is INTENSE. They were not wrong. I decided to apply a thick layer to my nose for 10 minutes first to see how my skin handles it, and it BURNED! I powered through it though, and my nose area looked nice and clean, and my pores did look smaller. Since the burning does subside after a few minutes and I didn't notice any irritation, I decided to apply a VERY thin layer to my entire t-zone (my cheeks are delicate, so I haven't subjected them to this particular torture yet). It didn't burn as badly, and I was actually impressed with the results! I left it on for about 15 minutes, and my skin felt very smooth and my pores weren't as pronounced.
The trick is to apply this very thinly, to avoid the cooling, burning feeling (unless you like that kinda thing) and your skin will look soothed and clear. I'll probably stick to using this on my t-zone, because that's where I have the most clogged pores/sebaceous filaments. Overall, I'm pretty impressed, and would definitely consider repurchasing when this tub runs out. I purchased this from Memebox for about $18.

The Illi Total Aging Care Orchid Intense Hydration sheet mask is one of my new favorites! A lot of people love these masks, some think they're meh, so I was excited to try this one out and come to a verdict. For reference, I have combination/dry skin that leans towards dry, so I'm hoping the claim of "intense hydration" will deliver! This 2-piece mask came in the prettiest packaging and is made of a plush, silky cotton that feels very luxurious. There was a moderate amount of essence that had a light, clean scent (not too flowery or overbearing). I love the fit of this mask - the two pieces come together and overlap each other like a bandaid, so it'll fit a wide range of faces.
Ginseng, orchid, and pine mushroom extract are the star ingredients here. Ginseng has anti-aging benefits, and orchid helps restore radiance and has soothing antioxidant properties. Pine mushroom extract contains lightening agents to help reduce PIH/even out skin tone. One thing I didn't like about this mask is that I feel like the thicker material caused it to dry out faster (after about 10 minutes it was already lifting up around my chin), but that's really the only negative. My skin did feel nicely hydrated and soothed afterward, and had a pretty glow to it! Plus, no sticky/tacky feel and a nice matte finish. These go for around $4 USD at Memebox, but I would probably either use a buying service and purchase directly from Korea, or wait until these are on sale, because while this mask is nice, it isn't quite *$4 nice*. Although, I am a sucker for luxurious packaging, and the effects were quite nice!

The I'm A. Helper line is a relatively new line of products (toner, essence, and spot treatment) from the brand Skinmiso, and since there are no reviews on this product that I've seen, I was nervous/excited to test it out. The I'm A. Helper Essence is designed with Kalopanax Septemlobus Extract that is supposed to treat acne, and contains other ingredients such as kava kava, centella asiatica, tea tree, and aloe extracts to restore moisture to the skin while controlling sebum production and strengthening the skin barrier to prevent acne on a cellular level.
I don't have a ton of acne (maybe 1-3 spots a month, usually hormonal), but I do have issues with pores and my skin's texture is not as smooth as I'd like it to be, so I was hoping this would help give me smoother, more hydrated skin while keeping spots away. I was worried that this would be drying/irritating since alcohol is the second ingredient, but I didn't notice any ill effects. I did notice that I had less blemishes crop up when I used this, and while it didn't do much for my pores or redness, I didn't really expect it to. It did provide a nice layer of moisture on my skin, but I didn't notice a huge difference in the texture of my skin either.
Overall, this essence was pretty okay, it provided an extra layer of hydration and did take care of some bumps, but I didn't really see a remarkable difference in my skin after using this for a few weeks. If you do suffer from acne (unlike myself) the combination of alcohol and soothing ingredients might be exactly what your skin needs, so as always, YMMV. This is listed for $24 for 70ml on the Cupidrop website, and $25 on Wishtrend.

I really like the Mediheal Cacao ADE Mask. It actually smells just like chocolate! The scent is very faint but I can still detect it. This mask is supposed to purify the skin, with cacao and coffee extract for sebum control and pore tightening. The mask is made of a tencel material and was soaked with a clear, thin essence. I kept it on for about 30 minutes, and it made my skin feel very soft and moisturized, although I didn't see too much "pore refining" going on. Overall, a really solid, moisturizing mask.

I absolutely love this Setting the Scene Treatment Essence from Purple Tale! I immediately fell in love with Purple Tale products, because I'm a sucker for cute whimsical all-in-one type products, and they are all of that!
1. This is meant to be used as either an FTE or essence; I've used it as both and believe the duo-function works nicely as either. I also love to use this when I'm in a hurry or can't do a full routine, as it acts as both a first treatment and essence step.
2. Has a light consistency with a little slip to it, but sinks in quickly.
3. Smells pretty and floral, although the scent is light and not overwhelming.
4. Loaded with ginseng, peptide complexes, adenosine, and niacinamide, it helps hydrate, brighten, and soothe skin.
5. Comes in a 130ml bottle, and a little goes a long way! I predict this bottle will last me a super long time.
Using this as an FTE and as an essence twice a day, I have noticed that it does give my skin a healthy glow; since using it, but skin looks less dull and dry, especially around my cheeks/u-zone. One major perk that this has for me is redness control; I have light rosacea on my cheeks that comes and goes, and this has helped quite a bit with diminishing the redness. It even helped with some redness on the back of my hand which you can actually see in the photo! I would definitely repurchase this. I love that it is moisturizing enough to be used as both a first treatment essence and as an extra layer of hydration, and I mean, it's cute. And it makes me happy when I look at it. I'm actually really impressed with how this has evened out the texture of my skin and has helped diminish redness, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new essence.

This SRB Stabilized Rice Bran Ezyme Powder Wash is one of my favorite cleansers! It’s a powder cleanser that contains nourishing Oryza Sative (Rice) Bran Extract to brighten the skin by effectively removing dead skin/buildup. I'm going to go through the points quickly:
1. Low pH of 5-5.5. Awesome for those who prefer low pH cleansers, and gentle enough for those with sensitive skin!
2. Not as grainy/rough as the Tosowoong powder cleanser, although it's less foamy and more creamy.
3. Smells like rice crispies cereal! It has a milky rice scent that I found incredibly soothing.
4. Makes a creamy, bubbly lather that washes away dirt/grime with ease.
5. Doesn't remove makeup too well, so you'll have to use a makeup remover/micellar water/oil cleanser first.
6. Leaves my skin feeling so buttery soft! Also provides minimal brightness that I've noticed over time.
7. Perfect for travel! The tiny bottle is super convenient and mess-free.
I have absolutely fallen in love with this cleanser, and have been reaching for it far more than my previous favorite, the Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash. I love how gentle it is on my skin while still being effective enough to remove the layers of dirt, sebum, and buildup that settle on my face throughout the day. The fact that it doesn't remove makeup too well doesn't bother me, as I make it a point to always oil cleanse. I would definitely repurchase this again, and again, and again.

Is there any better feeling than slapping a sheet mask onto overheated, heat irritated skin? I was super excited about the Super Aqua Abalone Essence mask from Tosowoong after a day in the sun, but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.
It’s made of a thin, stretchy cotton soaked with a ton of essence, and has a nice, clean, slightly floral scent to it. The fit was great, no complaints, and it felt super soothing going on, and lasted for around 45 minutes in my heavily AC-ed room. The essence contains abalone extract (1000ppm) and marine collagen to soak up excess sebum and balance skin's moisture levels. After removing this mask, my skin felt pretty sticky and not as moisturized as I'd hoped. It lightly hydrated my skin, but nothing beyond that, and the tacky feeling is a deal-breaker. I was kind of disappointed in this one, and will not repurchase.

The Oozoo Illumination Face Injection Mask was an interesting experience, to say the least. This mask is made of a slippery, clingy cotton with a mesh backing and the fit is pretty much perfect for my face, except the nose flap is a little short. It's main ingredient, Phellinus Linteus extract, is a mushroom known for its antioxidant effects similar to vitamin C and anti-tumor properties.

I'm struggling to figure it what to say about this, because honestly, it's kind of meh. The essence has a thick, powdery feel to it, that I could still feel sitting on top of my skin long after I took the mask off. The nose flap dried within a minute of me applying the mask (and my nose ain't that dry, now), and it dried strangely patchy, the forehead/nose area dried way before the rest of the mask, leaving it almost glued to my skin in some places by the time I was finished. Afterwards, my skin was hydrated, but that's about it. No "illumination" going on here, no healthy glow, nothing to really make me say "wow!".

I'm kind of disappointed, because for all the showy packaging and recent hype on social media, this mask didn't do much more for me than my cheap Dermal/MJ Care masks do. I purchased this at for $5, and honestly, it isn't worth that much to me. It's cute, but just a gimmick for me, since the results of the mask were less than stellar.

The Ceramide & Red Ginseng mask from The Face Shop was an interesting experience! This is a 3D mask (with a chin strap-type thing!) so needless to say, I was pretty weary when opening this up and didn't expect it to fit my face. Lo and behold, the fit was weird. I have extremely tiny features (nose, chin, etc) and a forehead that doesn't protrude much, so the areas where it was "3D" kind of didn't really fit snugly.

It's supposed to offer deep hydration and nutrients to your skin, and the main reason I was drawn to this one is due to the red ginseng; I love the healing and calming properties of ginseng in my skincare, so of course I had to snatch this up! It comes with a small ampoule packet that is supposed to be applied before the mask. The ampoule is more like a thin gel type moisturizer, and is good enough for 2-3 uses.
Despite the awkward fit, the thick cotton mask stayed wet a surprising amount of time (about 40 minutes) and I didn't notice the weird fit after awhile. Afterwards, my skin was soft and hydrated, and it calmed a bit of my redness. This is a maybe RP, if I could find it on sale. It fit me better than the other 3D masks I’ve tried, and the results were pleasant, but nothing spectacular.


I really like this Snow Toning Cream! It's an all-in-one whitening, moisturizing makeup base. It has a very light, whipped texture and smells a bit lemon-y. It immediately makes your skin look brighter (if you're already white, I'm guessing) and it absorbs quickly and has a finish that isn't sticky or greasy. It plays well enough with makeup, and contains a bunch of nutrients such as licorice extract and vitamin C to help brighten skin while reducing the appearance of pores. While this did nothing for my monstrous pores, it did make my skin tone appear more uniform and less red/splotchy, so I think this would be an amazing product for those who deal with redness!

This Where is Pore? mask set from Caolion was an interesting experience! After checking out a few reviews for this online, I was a bit worried that this would cause my sensitive skin to have a reaction, but I was nonetheless excited because my pores are huge monsters on my face and this mask has some great ingredients (chamomile, rosemary, olive, and camellia extract, to name a few). This product is supposed to clarify skin by controlling oil, minimizing pores, and gently exfoliating skin. The first "Blackhead Steam Pore" pack is self-heating and has an interesting warming sensation that's kind of tingly, but pleasant. The second step has a fresh, clean scent and is REALLY tingly, and cold. I almost got scared and wiped it off, but I stuck it out because I'm stubborn. Thankfully I survived, and while my skin did feel clean and refreshed, I didn't notice much pore-minimizing action. Maybe I will after a few uses! On the plus side, it did amazingly well at controlling oil, and the gentle exfoliation provided by the Blackhead Steam Pore pack gave my dull skin the boost it needed. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend applying this in a very thin layer, only 1-2 times a week, just to be safe, but it's definitely worth checking out thanks to all those awesome ingredients! 

This is one of my favorite sheet masks! I love the I'm Real mask series; my skin agrees with almost all of them, the fit is a bit on the bigger side (which I prefer), and they come with a good amount of essence soaked into the cotton. This mask had a very milky, clean scent. Rice water has moisturizing, antioxidant, and healing properties, and this mask left my skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. I kept it in for about 45 minutes and was no sticky/tacky feeling after. I would definitely recommend this for those with dry skin.

This is a really solid, gentle, pH balanced cleanser! It claims to be gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin types, and is hypoallergenic and free of alcohol, parabens, and artificial colors. It contains a handful of pretty sweet ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, licorice root extract, tea tree, and olive oil to keep skin balanced and moisturized. It also uses sodium lauroyl sarcosinate as a detergent/surfactant in lieu of the ever-stripping sodium lauryl sulfate.

The cleanser comes in a 100ml pump container, and dispenses a pretty good amount of foam in one pump. One pump is definitely enough for my entire face, as the foam doesn't turn liquid-y once dispensed (meaning it maintains its nice, fluffy cloud form). The foam is nice a lightweight, and is non-irritating and non-exfoliating, so great for sensitive skin. The tea tree extract is great for those with acne-prone skin, and the aloe vera extract and hyaluronic acid works wonders for moisturizing and soothing skin. The scent is slightly medicinal/herby, but very light and doesn't bother me at all. I do not recommend using this as a first cleanser though, since it doesn't completely remove waterproof makeup on its own.

One of the things I absolutely love about this cleanser is how gentle and moisturizing it is! After rinsing it off my face with lukewarm water, my skin feels smooth, soft, and moisturized, and not tight or dry at all, which is definitely a winner in my book! I'm constantly combating dry skin after moving to Colorado, and this cleanser really helps keep my skin from looking flaky and feeling dry and lackluster. Normally I rush to apply a first essence/toner after cleansing since my skin will be tight and dry within the 5 minutes it takes for me to get dressed, but this cleanser allows or a little more wiggle room, meaning I can sit around and do whatever for 10-15 minutes if I wanted to without my skin feeling extremely tight/dry.

Overall, I'm really impressed with this cleanser! It's incredibly gentle and suits all skin types, and doesn't irritate my skin or make it feel dry afterwards. I also love that it's hypoallergenic and free of artificial ingredients, and I feel confident using it on my face, knowing that it isn't hurting my skin in any way. I would definitely recommend this to those with both dry, sensitive skin and oily, acne-prone skin, as I have noticed my pores looking a bit clearer and breakouts have been at a minimum since I've started using this twice daily.

This bubble clay mask from Elizavecca is one of my favorite masks! It's definitely entertaining, and the bubbles really lift dirt and sebum from your pores, leaving your skin clean and soft. I apply a thin layer and leave it on my skin for about 7-10 minutes, and it washes off so easy and makes my skin look clean, clear, and soft, and not stripped or dry. I can understand why everyone raves about this; it really makes a difference in my skin and the amount of blackheads/sebaceous filaments I have. This is definitly a repurchase for me!

This Gram Ban Ban mask pack is so fun! Ban Ban means "half and half". It's a 2-part clay mask, the green part is supposed to be used on the t-zone to control oil, and contains green tea extract, lemon balm, apple mint extract, and volcanic ash. The orange part is for the u-zone, or the cheeks/chin area, and contains awesomely hydrating ingredients such as sweet almond oil and pumpkin extract to tighten pores and leave skin silky smooth. Directions are to leave it on for 15-20 minutes. The green part dried down and tightened quickly, and felt cool and tingly. The orange part was slightly grainy and didn't dry down. I've seen a lot of mixed reviews for this, but I really enjoyed it! My pores did look a lot smaller afterwards, and my skin was soft, smooth, and less red. This is definitely a mask I would consider repurchasing; it was gentle enough for my reactive skin and didn't exacerbate redness or cause irritation. 

The 5 Steps to Lovely Skin Complete Facial Solution was so fun to use! This is a skin treatment that comes with 5 steps: 

Step 1: facial cleanser.
Step 2: ampoule.
Step 3: sheet mask.
Step 4: facial cream.
Step 5: neck cream.

Step one is a rich, creamy facial cleanser. It didn't look like much coming out of the packet, but it lathered up like crazy! I didn't test the pH (although now I wish I had), but it didn't leave my face feeling squeaky clean, so that's a good sign. 

Step two is an ampoule; there was more than enough for my face and neck, and it sunk in quickly. It had a light, clean scent that I found very pleasant. 
Step three is the sheet mask portion, a very thin, 2-part hydrogel that fit like a second skin. The two parts didn't quite meet in the middle, but then again I have a larger face. I kept it on for about 15 minutes, since by that time it started to dry up and stick to my skin. 

Step four is a thick, white facial cream; same scent as the ampoule, and sunk in quickly, making my skin feel baby soft. 

Step five is the neck cream. It had a more "serious" smell than the facial cream and ampoule, if that makes sense, but still smelled pleasant and wasn't overbearing. It didn't sink in as quickly as the facial cream, but still made my neck feel very moisturized.

Overall, this was a fun experience! I adore the cleanser, I'm going to need to buy the full size! I'm also interested in the concept of neck creams; I normally extend my routine down to my neck anyway (no one wants a turkey neck when they're older), so I'm wondering how much difference a neck cream will make. The only thing I was let down on was the sheet mask; I feel like the fit could have been better, and maybe a thicker material may have lasted longer so my skin could reap the benefits of the sheet mask more. 

I love this ampoule! It's like liquid gold in a bottle. My skin absolutely LOVES this stuff. It has a very light propolis/honey-like scent and sinks in quickly upon application, leaving my skin glowing and healthy. It contains 50% propolis extract for brightening, hydration, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects. This ampoule does wonders for evening out my skin tone and making my skin bouncy and soft. My skin is truly radiant and I have that ever-sought-after "glow" when I use it regularly. I usually mix a few drops into whatever moisturizer I'm using, and it completely absorbs without leaving my skin sticky or tacky. It has a hefty price tag of almost $40 for 15ml, but this has been a staple in my routine for over a year now because it's works so well for my skin. I've tried other propolis ampoules, and they just don't compare. Highly recommended!



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