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  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Color Treated

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: United States
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Paraben-Free, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Glycerin, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

The Soothing Hydra Solution sheet mask is one of my favorites from @drjart 💧I used up my last box, but it is definitely a repurchase for me!

As with all other masks from the brand, I absolutely love the fit of this one. The mask is made of fine cellulose fiber, so it is flexible and just feels like a second skin.

This contained aloe vera, bamboo, licorice and ginger root extract - so it is calming, hydrating and very effective! It isn't dripping with essence because it is more of a light gel consistency - which I appreciate because there's no mess. It does have a medicinal scent - something I attribute to the Thyme oil - but I love that old lady smell so it doesn't bother me much.


I thought that this sheet mask was going to be the same as the Dr. Jart Soothing Hydra Solution - but it is so much better.


As with all Dr. Jart masks, this has a great fit and is flexible enough to fit most face shapes! With the cold weather drying my skin out, I really needed an extra boost of hydration. It has always been hard finding hydrating and moisturizing products that don't leave an oily film - but this is amazing! At the end of the 25 minutes I had it on, all the essence was absorbed into my skin instead of leaving tackiness. Definitely one of my new favorites!

Olivarrier is a South Korean cosmetics company that recently launched in September 2016. The brand's mission is to brings skincare back to basics and do without unnecessary ingredients and complications, which shows in their products and packaging - simple and minimalistic but highly effective.




This mask is free of chemical preservatives (paraben and phenoxyethanol), fragrance and coloring agents - making it gentle and great for sensitive skin. An impressive list of natural ingredients make this mask stand out from the rest!


🌿 Creamy Mud Texture

 Unlike most clay masks, which tend to be thick and "clay-ish" (I'm sorry I honestly don't know how else to describe it lol), this one is CREAMY without being heavy. This makes it much more moisturizing than the typical clay mask, and you won't have to worry about drying out your skin if you leave it on for too long.


🌿 Cranberry Seeds

This works as an exfoliant for the mask and further ups its purifying game to remove dead skin cells. Still very gentle and not harsh on the skin.


🌿 Amazonian White Clay

The main ingredient in this mask (listed as Kaolin) works to purify the skin and rid pores of excess sebum and impurities. It also brightens and tightens, and who can get enough of that?!


🌿 Oils

Olive and Avocado oils give the mask the creamy texture and work to moisturize the skin and keep it that way!

The only thing stopping me from giving this a 5-star rating is the powdery feeling on my skin after washing the mask off. It probably is a good thing and I'm being unappreciative, but I had to put on a sheet mask after to make myself feel better. I was so shocked by how bright my skin looked after I washed off the mask - definitely a keeper!

The change in weather is really messing up my skin mojo, and I had dry, itchy patches around my nostrils that were driving me crazy! I decided to try this hydrogel mask out to hopefully calm my skin down. Here was my experience:



This hydrogel mask is jam packed with natural ingredients that are pumped with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. 🔸 Harpagophytum procumbens (Devil's Claw)

🔸 Centella Asiatica

🔸 Willow bark water

🔸 Olive leaf extract

🔸 Licorice root extract

🔸Ginger root extract



This hydrogel mask comes in two pieces. Each piece is soaked in essence and snuggled between a semi-transparent film and a white film. Removing the first film, and then applying the mask on the face before removing the white film made for a much smoother application.



The fit of the mask was quite stiff upon application, but I managed to smooth it out during the 20 minutes I had it on. It was almost like the longer I had it on, the better it fit, as if it was fusing into my skin - MAGIC 🌟🌟🌟



I removed the mask after 20 minutes of heaven, although I probably could have left it on for much longer. The dry patches on my face had calmed down tremendously, and the essence didn't leave a sticky, tacky feeling.





I typically am not a huge fan of hydrogel masks - insane, I know - but this I can make an exception for. The natural ingredients combined with the soothing hydrogel was a magical experience that left my skin and me relaxed and very happy.

This review features the popular cult product - Yuri Pibu Artichoke Power Essence. Containing 60% of artichoke leaf extract, this product claims to hydrate, nourish and tighten the skin, improve elasticity, and reduce the appearance of large pores.


Despite the impressive list of ingredients, my experience with this product was - to my utter disappointment - underwhelming. I think it did a wonderful job hydrating my skin, but not any more than any other product in my routine. I also noticed no change in the appearance of my giant pores. It didn't cause breakouts or harm my skin in any way, but at a price point of $38, I expected much more. Am I a beauty brat? 😔



+ Hydrating

+ Smells heavenly



- Heavy for oily skin

- Pricey $38

- Underwhelming performance


Hi everyone, here's a short review of one of the product samples I received in my September Birchbox - the VASANTI BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator.

This is an exfoliating cleanser enriched with Papaya, micro-crystals and aloe vera. It was designed to mimic professional microdermabrasion treatments that utilize fine crystals to buff and polish the skin by removing the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells (Huffington Post, 2015).



This formula contains papaya enzyme that is rich in antioxidants and has incredible skin brightening properties. This reduces pigmentation and evens out uneven skin tone. Papaya enzyme also accelerates the shedding of dead skin cells, making it a great exfoliant.



These fine crystals are what sets this exfoliate apart from most scrubs. I love myself a super grainy scrub, which is why I was so obsessed with the SkinFood black sugar mask, but these micro-crystals do such a fantastic job without being as harsh on the skin. I can almost feel the little guys entering my pores and getting all the gunk out!


Aloe Vera

This ingredient, along with coconut and panthenol work as gentle cleansers that balance out the harshness from the crystals. These ingredients soften and further moisturize the skin.


The only thing stopping me from giving this a 5-star rating is the possible irritation that you may get from the micro-crystals. I have to be quite gentle with this exfoliator to make sure I don't harm my skin. But I got immediate results only after one use - baby soft and brighter skin.


Check out my Instagram @skincarewithk for a video of the product in action!

Keep on glowing,


LEADERS Daily Wonders What Happened Last Night Radiance Revitalizing Mask


The Daily Wonders series features 7 powerful, "spa-in-a-sheet" masks designed to completely transform your skin in only 15 minutes. These babies are loaded with a whole bottle of serum - and it shows!


+ Witch Hazel, Ginseng and Mugwort (artemisia) extract revitalize and soothe the most sensitive skin types. 


+ The essence on this bad boy is almost JELLY-like. Which I LOVE because it feels just that much more powerful. Also, the essence doesn't evaporate as easily as watery essences, so you end up being able to leave this on for quite a while.


+ This isn't the thinnest of sheet mask materials, but the jelly-like serum makes it feel like a cross between a cotton sheet and a gel mask, which is something that I intensified by leaving it in the fridge.


+ The scent of this mask was very subtle and pleasant. I can't stand overpowering scents - so this worked out perfectly!


My skin is immediately rejuvenated and looks much more refreshed than it has in a week. Brightened, plumped and hydrated - I'm a happy girl!


NOTE: Personally, I take sheet masks off after a maximum of 20 minutes, and then transfer it to my neck. I try not to leave sheet masks on for too long because A) My skin might start to lose moisture and B) I am impatient AF.


Check out my Instagram page for more reviews and useful tips! @skincarewithk


Keep on glowing,



I was pleasantly surprised by this TONYMOLY I'm Real Anti-Aging Pumpkin Mask Sheet. I have had some experiences with this line that were less than ideal, but this one might just be one of my all time faves.
🌿The fit was just right for me and the mask adhered to my face very well.
🌿This baby was SOAKED and dripping with essence, which always makes me very happy, especially since I have been looking more into neck care. This left my skin feeling very hydrated, and gave me a nice, healthy glow.
🌿The only downside about this was the price tag. I got it from Ulta for $3.75 which is much more than I'd like to pay for a sheet mask - yes, I am VERY cheap 😂 
For more, check out my Instagram @skincarewithk

I wasn't planning on writing a review for this, but seeing the current reviews it had - I just had to butt in!


This is by far one of my best skincare purchases. It is no secret the amazing things that Vitamin C (L-Ascorbid acid) does for your skin. This is a fantastic serum, particularly for those with SENSITIVE skin. It is also perfect for those who have never used Ascorbic acid in their routines before and want to introduce their skin to it. The 5% ascorbic acid in this product means it is much milder than the popular OST C20 serum, and might not make as obvious a difference as stronger formulations.


Despite its clear, glass bottle, the serum is very stable and has no discoloration. I use it religiously - every day, twice a day - and the results have been amazing. My skin tone has evened out drastically and I am ALWAYS hydrated. This is definitely one of those products that you simply cannot slack on - and considering the results, you wouldn't want to!


Check out my Instagram for videos and photos with more information on skincare, K beauty and homemade masks and tips! @skincarewithk

This is a product that needs no introduction. It reached cult level very quickly, but is it worth the hype (and not to mention money)?


This baby is mostly made up of olive oil with a dash of rosemary oil - both extremely nourishing for the skin. Rosemary oil, however, does tend to lead to some tingling/redness on sensitive skin - so take that into account before purchasing!


In terms of its makeup removing properties, I prefer using this product on days I wear light to no makeup. It didn't pass my Kiss Me Heroine mascara test, but I think it's a great oil cleanser nonetheless. It emulsifies beautiful when rubbed in with water, which then gets rid of all the excess oils - leaving your skin squeaky clean without drying it out.


I love using it on days my skin feels dry. I massage it into my skin to improve blood circulation and get my anti-aging on. For more information and a look at this product in action, check out my Instagram for a video! @skincarewithk

Here is another mainstream product (#noshame) that everyone has been raving about. I love this as it is extremely gentle and not drying. This baby packs actual rose petals and just feels so luxurious. I use this in the morning to get rid of sleep gunk and it doesn't strip my skin of its natural oils, which is why I also prefer it on days I don't wear makeup.


Check out my latest video on Instagram to see this product - and many others - in action!



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