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  • Ethnicity: South Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Black

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  • Beauty Interest:
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: Malaysia
  • Ingredient Preference: Fragrance Free, Vitamin C
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

Thick texture and very occlusive.

Strong banana milk scent which unfortunately i didn't like at all. Gave me closed comedone when i used it on my faceovernight.

Then i converted it to hand cream,help my hands not be soo dry.

Texture bcome vaseline-like but with banana milk scent after i cut the bottle open to finish using it.

Smell kinda perfumey,quite strong, may takes some time to get used to.

Very moisturizing, make my skin so bouncy during 1st week of using it but no longer noticed it afterwards.

Might sting if you have cuts or open wound pimple on the skin.

After i finish using it all, no noticeable effect besides moisturizing. 


Has medium to full coverage with yellow undertone. Matte with powdery finish.

Unfortunately, due to it's full coverage and matte finish, this creases a lot on my smile lines and around my eyes, about 2hours after the application.

Mixing with other bb creams or an oil also didn't help. 

Lasted about 5 hours max on me, before it break down and look cakey on my skin at the end of the day, granted the area i lived is hot and dry.

CLAIM : lightweight texture, moist finish, suitable for summer, water-oil balance, mild formula
ABOUT : light white gel with faint to none scent, texture is gel quickly turned watery when spread and pat in, absorbs quickly
PACKAGING : 50g in soft pink tube, very cute, a bit different from the usual Benton design, i really like tube packaging in general
KEY INGREDINT : Theobrome cacao extract (63%), theobroma cacao seed butter (10%)
Also contain madecassoside and betaglucan
1. I'm very pleased with the initial application, give a little bit of dewy finish on skin
2. However for my dry skin, i did feels dry after a few hours, so this cream need reapplication a few times a day
3. It did feels moist and moisturized, but it's not last longer
3. Apply in 2/3 light layers makes better finish than one big gulp of cream, also less shine and moisturized longer
4. Adding oil to this cream also helps
5. I really liked using this cream in morning/noon after i popped it in fridge for a few minutes, very cooling and refreshing
7. It play well with sunscreen, however a powder may be need when using dewy sunscreen/foundation, because this cream will add a bit to the shine
8. Overall, yes, i do agreed to the claim made, but for me, this cream alone is not enough on it's own, or on one application to last all day even in summer
9. I think this will be good for oily skin

PRO : ✔lightweight ✔absorbs quickly ✔moist finish ✔feels cooling ✔not fragranced ✔good for summer/hot weather
CONS : ✖the moisture not last long ✖not enough on it's own ✖need reapplication .

Clear essence, with faintly a bit sweet herbal scent, a spoonfull of essence left, the mask is juicy and drippy

Comes with a silver backing, material is thin and quite opaque on the skin, fit is great, super clingy to the skin

40 min

The essence dry down fast and non sticky. Well hydrated, super plump, even toned and not a hue of redness on my face (i have red spot on my chin due to healing acne previously). My skin look so even,soft and good. Woke up with still good even looking skin and less red especially on my chin. I think this is kind of a luxury mask for me, maybe purchase in the future for treat yo self night.

Organic rose flower water, peptide, niacinamide, edelweiss extract

Comes in 2pieces in reasable pouch. The instruction is to wear for 8hours and i did slept with it. The hydrogel mask stuck well on my jaw line, the underchin area did flapped a bit.



It might look kinda small for my jaw, but it stretch well. 

I felt uncomfortable and a bit painful around 2hours of wearing it, fiddled with the ear hook, so my ear is not painful anymore and kept till morning. My ear look so red after removing it. 

It did nothing at all. As moisturizing as it can be to the area attached, it's not worth it to endure the pain overnight. A good jaw massage with oil may help more in my opinion. 


Disclaimer : sent for free by amabiebeauty for review

CLAIM : improve dull skintone with brightening cream mask
SCENT : has a kind of scent to it, but very subtle .
ESSENCE : white thick jello-ish creamy type, need to scoop with my hands for the leftover in the sachet
FIT & MATERIAL : fit is perfect, mask is microfiber, soo soft and i do hve a hard time to smooth out and apply it, it totally hugs my face once it sit on the skin
TIME : almost 1 hr, i actually didn't notice it started to dry as this mask is very comfortable on the skin
RESULT : once the mask is removed, the essence is absorbed fairly quick with few pat, no heavy feeling, semi-matte finish. Very moisturized, plump and even toned. Redness arond pimple also reduced, not much brightening noticed but the experience was topnotch. I went to sleep with the mask as last step routine and woke up with good even toned skin but the redness returned. 
Recommended, good masking session + satisfied result. .
NOTABLE INGREDIENT : niacinamide,panthenol,argan oil, hydrolyzed pearl



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