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  • Ethnicity: East Asian, South Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest:
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: India
  • Ingredient Preference: Fragrance Free, Vitamin C
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No


Medium thick, cling well, too many slits with eye flap, fit is fine but little bigger on the lower part


Clear viscous essence, a few drops leftover with mild fake sweet bubble gum scent


40 min, the mask still a bit wet😍


Dry down quickly, not sticky. My skin is well hydrated and plump, good eventoned and lil bit brightening. The redness around acne bump almost disappeared but did came back in the morning. Still even toned tho. a good mask and pretty packaging too.

Material & fit : very thin silk almost invisible on the skin, fit is perfect

Essence & scent : clear runny essence, lots left in sachet with faint sweet scent

Time : 30 min

Thought : essence dry down quickly, not sticky, very hydrating and plump,good even toned skin, not that brightening. Not last long. 

Purpose : strengthening skin barrier

Material & fit : medium thick, quite stiff but clingy to skin, has brown bits (cottonseeds) embedded in it, fit is fine

Essence & scent : clear viscous essence, few drops left in sachet, with soft fresh/grassy scent

Time : 30 min

Thought : dry quickly, decent hydration, not that moisturizing, no other effect noticed. 

STEP 1 : Softens Blackheads (15-20 min)

fresh citrus scent, clear runny essence, the leftover is a lot, the mask is cotton, stick well on my nose


STEP 2 : Removes Blackheads (10-15 min)

the patch is pink and smooth on the adhesive side, quite strong adherence to skin, a bit painfull to pull the patch after it dried, sebums/sebaceaous filament and tiny hairs also got pulled, not much tho, i just pressed my finger lightly on my nose and any leftover disgusting things in my pores came out easily, i think due to step 1


STEP 3 : Refines Pores (5-10min)

Bio-cellulose patch in between 2 backings (silver and plastic), smell citrusy+soapy, the essence feels sticky in my fingers, sticked to skin well, bubbles always formed tho😥.

Final thought : my nose look clean and feels smoother. No redness whatsoever. SF is not going to be gone ever despite the pores look clean, it'll come back sooner. Fun things to try out, but regular use of BHA and clay mask also can give the same result and cheaper. It can get expensive to accumulate this mask in the long run. 

1.Mild alcoholic smell with hints of citrusy

2. Clear runny essence with a spoonfull of leftover

3. Mask is medium thickness, can be tear by hands, many slit, 

4. Juicy and drippy

5. Fit is decent, 1cm in front of my ear not covered

6. 40min 

7. Well hydrated and plump

8. Very even tone, lil bit brightening, redness around nose came back later

9. Even toned skin not lasted till next morning

10. Good everyday mask,would not repurchase tho

11. Panthenol, citrus lemon fruit extract, acerole fruit extract, licorice root extract

Scent : odd, floral scent mixed with alcohol, mild but the alcohol smell very noticeable.

Packaging : all hangul except the name of the mask on the front.

Essence : clear runny essence, a spoonfull leftover in sachet.

Mask : very juicy and drippy, fit is fine with little longer lower part, material is medium thick, bubbles constantly formed on the mask even tho kept smooth it out the entire time, grrrr.

Result : even toned, hydrated well, dry matte, like really matte, just liltle plump, good for morning use or for oily skin people. 

Notable ingredient from cosdna : grapefruit extract, betaine, salvia officialis (common sage) extract & leaf extract, sodium hyaluronate.

⚠⚠⚠ in total 15 ingredients, alcohol is in 5th and all extracts behind the alcohol.

Scent : kinda dishwasher scent, mild but somehow almost induced headache to me. i can't really smell it once the mask is on.

Essence : clear, not really watery essence, a spoonfull is left in sachet. 

Mask : thick, good fit but little lower mouth cut, has eye flap, many slits, clinyness is good.

Time : 35 min, the mask started to dry and lift off from my face. 

Thought : The mask absorbed quickly. Upon removal, good brightening. Well hydrated and plump. Woke up with good even skin with slight sheen since i skipped moisturizer bfore bed. It's a keeper, i'm impressed despite the initial scent. 

Claim : reduce irritated and inflamed skin


Essence : clear, a bit viscous, essence,with kinda odd,undescribable but mild scent, a little leftover in sachet.


Mask : fit is fine except eye hole is bit large, material is medium thick, very soft and comfortable to put on, the mask is super soaked and totally cling to the face


Time : 40 min


Thought : i really enjoyed using this mask, the experience is good but the result is average for almost $3 mask, it's moisturizing and a little even toned, didn't help with redness around my nose and healing pimple on my cheek. Not repurchase this one, but would like to try other varities on this line.

1. has rosy scent,very mild and calming

2. Essence is clear runny, a lot left in the sachet

3. Mask comes with silver backing and very juicy and drippy

4. This from the silk invisible line, the mask is very thin, invisible on skin and hugged my face really well

5. Fit is perfect for my face

6. Wear for 40 min

7. A bit brightened face upon removal but soon disappeared, still even toned tho

8. Well hydrated and plump

10. Good daily mask at this price point

11. Notable ingredient : sodium hyaluronate, imperata cylindrica root extract, cucumis fruit extract, vit e, arbutin, rosa damascena flower water

12. No MIT

Pretty strong perfumey at first but can't smell it while on the face.

Clear runny essence, mask is thick cotton, not very clingy, fit is good, wear for 25min.

Result : decent hydration, plump, less red, very even toned.

Notable ingredient : hyaluronic acid, betaine, snail secretion filtrate, witch hazel extract

Smell like fruity chewing gum plus minty. 

The sheet is quite big, bigger than my palm. 

Taste nothing. 

A bit of hassel to do, since a mirror is needed for use. This do work, but it's not very pretty to look at when it's done. 

Fit is good since the mask is smaller compared to other varities, but  3cm in front of my ear is not covered.

Not very clingy. Scent is pretty mild but i do smell alcohol. 

Decent hydration, a bit even toned. 

Fun concept and decent result. 

FIT is perfect, the eye nad mouth hole is small, so many area covered, mask is soo soft and i do have a bit of hard time to smooth out and apply it, once it set, it totally hug your face


ESSENCE : white thick jello-ish creamy type, need to scoop with fingers for leftover in sachet


Scent : has a kind of scent to it, but very subtle and i can't grasp what it is


TIME : almost 1 hr


RESULT : i actually didn't notice it started to dry as this mask is very comfortable, essence is absorbed fairly quick, no heavy feeling, to semi-matte finish. Very moisturized, plump and even toned. Not much brightening observed but the experience is topnotch. Woke up with very good skin the next day. 

Out of the packet, there's hints of sweet scent that's pretty subtle, even tho the strong alcoholic smell mask it, and all i can smell when i put on the mask 


Essence : clear, a bit viscous, a spoonfull if essence left


Material : cotton, medium thick, can be torn by hand 


Fit : good, just a little big on the lower half and mask ended 1 inch under my chin, so my upper neck get some loving too


Time : 30 min, the mask already started to dry 


Result : the hydration and moisturizing part is pretty good, plump, even toned and i think it did gave a lil bit of glow to my face. The essence takes time to dry down and give tacky finish. A keeper despite my initial horrib impression, if you can stand the strong scent. 


Notable ingredient : grapefruit fruit extract (7th), royal jelly extract (10th), adenosine (12th in list) alcohol is 5th in list, so yeahh, that explained the strong scent, i guess.

PUdRPOSE : make skin moist


SCENT : perfumey but not overpowering


FIT : bad, the mask is elongated and extended way beyond my forehead with the ear part totally useless (sit on my hair), eye hole is big (my orbital bone totally exposed), mouth part is very low, i adjusted to my liking, so there's few overlaps mainly around my cheeks and mouth. The side of  mask ended 2cm in front of my ear. 


MASK : material is cotton, medium thick, not cling properly since many overlap


TIME : 20 min, the center area dry quickly


THOUGHT : Decent moisture, a bit even toned and plump. Essence absorbed quickly afterward. Fun decent mask but the fit is no go for me. 

Scent : very minty, might be a lil strong for sensitive skin, the cooling sensation stays the whole time the mask is on


ESSENCE : clear, watery essence, a lot left in sachet 


MASK : come with silver backing, material is thin, and fits finely on my face


TIME : 40 min


RESULT : even toned skin and brightened under eye area. Moisture is decent. I truly enjoyed the refreshing and cooling sense on my face when i trying to relax and wind down for the night.



1. Strong liquid dish soap lime version, very artificial one, not fresh at all with sniff of alcohol, can be smell through out the session


2. Clear essence, mask is very soaked, not drippy, no extra essence left


3. Fit is good, material is medium thick, cling well


4. 25 min


5. Result is okay, i do notice little brightening, there's little difference btween the mask area and where the mask is not applied, not really remarkeble


6. Moisture is quite good, bit plump


7. Essence takes time to completely absorb, a bit oily, so not matte finish. 

Good for quick masking, and brightening 


Comes in 20 pieces in bulk container, the sheet stick together in the container, bit of pain to removed. 


Essence is watery, not drippy at all, kinda feels like wet baby wipes but juicy with fresh citrus scent.


Fit is a bit small, as the mask is elongated, ended an inch in front of my ears and nose slit is really long, sit perfectly on my jaw and hair line


Time : 10-15 min, already started to dry



This brightened my face like crazy, in short time. Very even toned, lasted for few hours, but not till next morning. 


Very suitable for morning mask. 

Do nothing but pleasant to use. 


Lotion-like texture, strong fragrance, sink in quickly, leave very slightly dewy finish, do nothing to my eye area, just disappear to nothingness after i applied there. Would not repurchased.

Out of the packet, has subtle perfumey scent with quite bits of alcohol in it, i do get the alcoholic sniffs when wearing it


Essence : clear, a bit viscous, there's only a few drop of leftover, mask is very juicy tho


Material : tencel, medium thick, cling well


Fit : not good, the mask is elongated and exceeded my forehead, the mouth part is too low, so i adjusted it to my mouth area properly and it ended perfectly under my chin. There's an overlap around my nose area, and mask is 2cm short in front of my ear .


Time : 35 min


Result : Good moisture, even toned and a bit plump. A bit brightened, but negligible !! Fun animal mask with decent moisture


Disclaimer : won it in @glod_official giveaway

I won this from @cosmetic_jolse and hve to give my honest review in return of it. Been using this about 2 weeks minus days that i had headache/migraines. I'll tell you why below. 



CLAIM : 〰protect skin against damage by large temperature difference 

〰Whitening & anti-wrinkle 



PACKAGING : comes 35ml in tube with long tip,and small opening



ABOUT: white, medium thick, easily blendable cream with super strong floral scent that lasted forever on the skin, or until you wash it off, absorb fairly quick and give slight sheen finish, can give a bit of white cast if not blend



PRO : 〰loved the packaging, hygienic and easy to travel 〰easy to blend 〰good for morning moisturizer 〰good finish 〰quite moisturizing but not enough as a stand alone product even in morning



CONS : 〰 super strong scent that lasted forever 〰long ingredient list, difficult to pinpoint if you break out with it



THOUGHT : I really like the packaging and the cream itself is quite lovely, except the scent is very strong and totally slap you in the face when you least expected it. This is by far, the strongest fragrant face product that i've come across in my life, minus the actual functional body perfume by any means. It do aggrevate headache and make it worse. This cream also make my face itches a bit on some days, but i can't pinpoint which ingredient did that bcause the list is long. No brightening effect seen. It's good for morning use as i didn't find it very moisturizing, just adequate for morning and need other products layering underneath it. The indoor and outdoor temperature here is the same, so i can't test the first claim. Overall, great packaging and decent cream but the strong scent totally turned me off. Would not repurchased.

Mehhh. Strong fragrance with average result.


Strong artificial scent, i can smell it the whole masking session, fit is okay, bit long at the bottom, material is medium thick


Verdict : moisture only, not that plump, i almost got headache with this one. Would not repurchase.


Notable ingredient : betaine, grapefruit fruit extract, pomegranate fruit juice, green tea leaf extract 


Purpose : hydrating + revitalizing + brightening #theskinnykidoreview .



Essence : clear, a bit viscous, essence,pretty perfumey floral scent but not overpowering at all, a little leftover in sachet. .



Mask : fit is ok, the mask is a bit elongated and ended below my jaw line, there about 2 cm of area in front of my ear is not covered tho, material is tencel and cling well. .


Time : 35 min


Result : The essence absorbed quickly, no heavy feeling at all despite the viscous essence, there's a slight sheen on my forehead, anywhere else is matte but feels moisturized and plump. Not brightened, just even toned. Not much in redness reduction either. Overall, good mask for moisturization with fun character part. 


Notable ingredient : hydrolyzed collagen, portulaca oleracea extract, green tea extract, witch havel extract, aloe leaf extract


I'm one of the lucky winners of these animal mask from @glod.official giveaway, thank you @glod.official for the chance to try this mask

Notable ingredient : tea tree leaf extract, fruit extract (banana, anise), tea tree leaf oil


Out of the packet , little to none scent can be detected with occasional sniff of chemical smell. Not teatree scent at all.


Essence : clear watery essence, little leftover in sachet


Mask : very soaked and drippy, material is medium thickness, clingyness is good, fit can be better with big nasolabial area covering half of my mouth and elongated chin area.

Time : 35 min


Verdict : It makes my face clear and soo even. Redness around the pimples also reduced. The hydration part however is a bit lacking, i didn't feel tight but not really hydrated/plump either, which can easily be topped off with any moisturizer. Overall, i'm loving the instant result.

Notable ingredient : panthenol, tomato fruit extract, honey extract, fruit extract (peach, anise)


Out of the pack, there very mild artificial scent with faint of alcoholic smell, not overpowering and can't be smell during masking


Essence : clear, watery essence, a little than spoonful of essence left in sachet


Mask : very soaked and drippy, material is thin and comfortable on the skin, cling well, can be tear easily with hand, fit is okay with a long lower part

Time : 35 min


Verdict : my face is left hydrated, a bit plump and just a lil even, but i can see the difference in my under eye area which the mask covered. The uncovered part looked more tired. Is this what we call 'radiance', am not sure tho. Matte finish. Overall, a good mask, will consider to repurchase if there's good sale.

Out of the package, there's faint floral scent, clear essence, no essence left in sachet


Mask : very soaked but not drippy, fit is not great with under the nose area totally covering my lips, so i modified it with scissor, material is a bit stiff with pretty pattern on the sheet, cling well, time : 30 min


Thought : my skin is nicely hydrated, just a little bit plump and even toned. A bit lacked of moisturization and less smooth to touch. A good moisturizer is needed for rescue. I more preferred the veg one than this one.

Packaging : aside from the eng on the front packet, there's only japanese and little bit korean at the back which i can't read both, so no ingredient and no exp/mfg date also  


Essence : clear essence, i can't catch any particular scent from this mask, very little essence left in sachet


Mask : very soak but not drippy, material is thick and a bit stiff with lace pattern, cling well, fits finely while i adjusted the chin area with scissor, wear for 30 min


Thought : my skin is well hydrated, nicely plump and so cool and smooth to the touch, i can't stopped touching mah face. Even toned overall but not much brightening and a bit redness around my nose. I would be fine without any moisturizer but opt for a light one anywy.

Notable ingredient : rice bran oil, cotton seed oil, wheat germ oil, soybean oil, panthenol, vit e


Instruction : smooth a thin layer on cleansed surface, leave for 10 min and tissue off  


Mask consistency : slight rosy colored cream, not too thick, not light either


Scent : quite strong, nivea-like scent+baby powder, but didn't bother me much


Thought : after the application, my skin feels cooling sensation even tho i've nver put it the fridge. After 10 min, the mask has turned translucent and i just wipe off the mask with tissue, trying not to tug at my skin. It's easy to wipe, and has slip. My skin is left moisturized, not that matte but not dewy either. No brightening/even toned. Not plump either, so less hydration. I'm glad to try this mask and would bot considered to repurchase. 

Ingredient : very short list with snail secretion filtrate(96%) as it's star ingredient which pack a powerful punch of healing properties, betaine, sodium hyaluronate, panthenol, arginine, allantoin


Texture : gooey and very stringy, viscous but lightweight, spreads very nicely, no scent can be detected, it sinks into the skin quickly , TIP if the essence takes a bit of time to pat in, just leave it there on the skin for few second before patting in, to ease the sinking


Thought : It has cooling sensation when spread on the skin and feels very moist. It absorbed quickly into the skin and moisturised it from within. I still need to seal it with moisturizer tho. To be honest, i didn't really feels the benefits of this product much apart from hydration, at first, but quickly smittened with it when my skin is raw. This eases the irritation and soothes it like no other, almost overnight. It also speed up the healing of my acne, leaving less visible scars. This has become the staples in my routine since then.

Notable ingredient :  niacinamide, arbutin, Euterpe oleracea (acai) extract, xylitol, charcoal powder (at the bottom of the list)


Essence : clear, a bit viscous essence, no leftover in the sachet


Scent : out of the packet, quite strong floral scent, but i can't really smell it when the mask is on my face


Mask : mask is very soaked but not drippy, the material is black and thin, adhere so well to my face and very comfortable to have it on, the fit is perfect on the upper face and a bit longer around the chin area


Time : 30 min


Thought : this takes quite a time to dry down and has sticky finish. My face looked mosturized, but not really plump, and a bit even toned skin. No brightening/redness reduction. It leave a heavy feeling, so i wipe off my face with toner, that leave my face very matte, i'm actually shocked at how matte it is. It certainly didn't look very hydrated. I think this might be good for oil control/oily skinned peeps, seeing how matte the result gives.

Notable ingredient : niacinamide, fruit extract (grapefruit, tomato, grape, orange, apple, lemon, lime), sodium hyaluronate


Essence : clear, watery essence with moderately alcohol + perfume scent, very little essence left in sachet


Mask : material is cotton and medium thickness, fit is very big with moderately big eye area and very large lower part and side of the face, clingyness is ok


Time : 30 min, still wet when tossed


Result : take sometime to pat to totally absorb/dry down to silky finish, smooth skin but not soft, no sheen, my face is moisturised, and a bit plump. Not that hydrated and no even toned skin tho.. Mehh, would not repurchased.

Notable ingredient : camellia sinensis leaf extract, calendula officinalis flower extract, calendula extract, aloe flower extract, algae extract, sodium hyaluronate, tranexamic acid, arbutin


Out of the packet, there's very mild floral scent, not overpowering and i can't smell it while it's on me


Mask : great fit, very clingy, thin material and transparent on the skin  

Time : 30 min


Thought : my face is left very hydrated, plump and very even toned. And lil brightened also. Not much redness reduction tho. I woke up the next morning with still even toned skin but reduced plumpness. Love2 this one. Few times i had this mask also before, constant result.


Cons : contained MIT

Notable ingredient : betaine, caprylic/capric triglyceride, natto gum, sodium hyaluronate, centella extract, licorice root extract, beta-glucan, amino acid (arginine, lysine HCL, proline, theanine, methionine)


Texture : transparent, a bit viscous and not really runny, it do has some weight to it but easy to apply and layer on the skin


Use : after cleansing, a few drops to the palm or on the cotton pad and apply to the face and pat it in, i personally just uses my hands.


Packaging : black plastic bottle which can see through to see the product inside with screw cap and small mouth hole for easy application


Pro : ✔hydrating ✔absorbed fairly quick ✔last long ✔big bottle ✔soothe and great for sensitive skin


Cons : ✖scent might bother some ✖bit expensive if not on sale people 


Thought : Yes yes and yes to the claims, totally agreed with all that. I really really liked this toner to repurchase twice, it's cooling and soothing to the skin, you literally can feels your skin's hydration once this is applied on the skin, smooth and moist. Absorbed fairly quick + leave no sticky feeling on the skin, this is especially good toner for 7 skin method during winter to combat dehydration. It certainly do it's job, and nver irritate my skin, plus this is actually one of powerhouse when my skin is in raw state. Almost HG here.

Notable ingredient : betaine, hydrolyzed collagen, spirae ulmaria extract, betaglucan


Essence : clear, a bit viscous essence, with fresh+floral+a bit lemony scent, i can't really grasp what scent that is, but it's there and very faint


Mask : material is thin and transparent on the skin, cling well, very moist but not drippy, fit is ok and perfect in the upper part and bigger at the lower part.


Time : 30 min, the sheet is pretty wet when tosssed out


Thought : after a few pat, this leave a dewy finish with slight sheen on my skin. My skin however doesn't really feels moisturized and in needs of immediate moisturizer application. Hydrating yes, moisturized not really. This mask stick to what's it claim, that is hydrating and there all it is to this mask, but not like very very hydrating tho. No brightening, no redness reduction, not that plump either, a very lil bit even toned mybe.. very ehh.. the overall good sensation when i put this mask had betrayed me.

This thing fricking works, it did scared me at first, now i'm addicted, my feet feels so smooth !!

About the mask : there's a pair, one for each foot, the mask is very big for my feet, so i had to fold a lot of the front of the mask to fit my foot better, the peeling liquid is very pungent and the smell lingers for a few days after the mask is used, i wear the mask for 2 hours before washing it off with water. 


Personal progress : 〰 my feet started peeling around the toes on 4th day, and completely clear on 11th day 〰 within 3 day after the mask, my feets were fricking itching like no other, very dried raisin feels on the soles, and became tomato red when i soaked them for a bit. I had to endure the urge to scratch my feet so bad, but once it started to peel, the itching subsided. 〰 My heels were the last area to peel, and peeling is from a bit above my ankle to the toes (whole foot basically).


Thought : I feels like a snake shedding its skin during shower, it's gross but very satisfying and my feet felt great afterwards. I loved peeling foot mask but i'm not sure to repurchase this particular mask and go through the same itch again. I would love to try other brand peel foot mask tho.

Packaging : the back has the name in english and then all korean, no exp/mfg date also


Out of package, there's mild floral scent, clear essence, no essence left in sachet after mask is taken out


Mask : fit is not good, mask is not really drenched with essence and feels a little more essence than wet tissue, quite uncomfortable to wear,


Time : 15 min, this dry fast


Thought : okaaay, this is the first time i thought to myself, what did this mask do??? It's like i'm just wetting my face, no hydrating/moisturizing/brightening/even toned or whatever. I wasted 15 min for this mask.. would not recommend to anyone. 

Notable ingredient : niacinamide, grapefruit extract, strawberry fruit extract (20mg), green tea leaf extract


Essence : clear, not really runny essence, no extra essence left in sachet Scent : mildly sweet+sour scent with hints of strawberry (perfume i think), i can smell the sweet scent through out the masking, but didn't bother me much


Mask : fit is okayy, material is medium thickness, very soft and comfortable on the skin, cling well


Time : 30 min, the sheet still a bit wet when removed.


Thought : the essence absorbed fairly quickly and give satinny finish, not matte not dewy either. My face left well moisturized, a bit plump and even toned. Not much redness reduction as my pimple still look red but area around my nose do reduced a bit red.

About : hypoallergenic face wash for sensitive skin


Star Ingredient : hyaluronic acid, tea tree leaf oil, licorice root extract, ceramide 3 (towards the bottom),all the botanical extract (pineapple, grapefruit, celery, cabbage, broccoli among others)


Scent : fresh scent with hints of tea tree


pH : i assumed it is low pH, since it's not drying, i unfortunately do not own any pH strips to confirm my assummation


Usage : it has self-foaming pump, came out as very light but dense foam and ready to use, turn creamy when massage on the skin, and easy to wash off, especially good for morning/when press for time, can be used morning and night


Result : it is gentle enough for morning use, and also effective for second step cleansing at night. My face feels soft and smooth, not drying at all. No tight feeling or any residue left on the skin. Just a clean skin for next step and a bit bright (my face brightened after each face wash anyway).


Pro : ✔gentle ✔effective ✔time saving ✔not drying at all


Cons : ✖only in 100ml ✖can be used up quickly ✖bit expensive


Thought : this is a very good gentle second step cleanser, i liked it a lot when i was using it. I however won't be repurchasing it since 100ml for $16.99 is tight for my budget, and i used it up quickly also.

Essence : milky, that that watery essence, no scent, no leftover in the sachet


Mask : fit my face perfectly, material is very soft and medium thickness, cling well

Time : 30 min


Thought : the essence absorbed quickly and gave a shiny/kinda oily finish. My face is very moisturized and plump, not even toned or brightened tho. I woke up with even toned skin. 

Essence : clear and watery, i didn't noticed any scent, lotsa leftover in sachet


Mask : mask is very drippy, fit is fine, material is very thin and skin-like. Easy to tear by hand and adjust to face contour.

Time : 40 min  


Thought : Hydrated and moisturized quite well. Plump and  a bit even toned. Nothing that stellar/hit home but is good for everyday use.

Scent : very faint men perfume to no scent


Essence : clear runny essence, lots of leftover in the sachet


Mask : very soaked and drippy, fits is okay with the nose area a bit big and there's a big hole around my nose

Time : 40 min  


Thought : I popped in the fridge bfore wearing it, soo refreshing. My face is left hydrated but less plump. A bit brightened and even toned. Redness around my pimple reduced a lot, but comes back a bit when morning came. This mask is good for redness but not much for moisture tho. I've a  box of this, so i'll consider to buy after i finished the box.

Essence : clear runny essence, lots of leftover essence in the sachet


Fit : is good overall but too small eye area, the mask covers my eyelids and under eye area,luckily the essence didn't enter my eye


Mask : the mask is very thin, second skin-like, cling to skin very well, has silver backing for easier mask application, very faint floral to no scent.

Time : 40 min


Thought : I popped in the fridge before applying the mask, soo cooling and refreshing. My face is well hydrated and moisturized, plump, a bit brightening and very even toned. The redness on my overall face has reduced a lot even tho the pimples on the chin still red looking. This mask is good for soothing. Would repurchase if it's on sale since i've got many mask  now..

Purpose : firming Notable ingredient : sodium hyaluronate, Fruit extract (tomato, kiwi, lime, strawberry)


Essence : clear runny essence, just a lil essence left in sachet after mask is taken out

Scent : mild alcoholic + sweet scent, i can smell the sweetness while masking Material : cotton and medium thick, very soft and comfortable on the skin, fits is a bit big especially on the sides of my face


Time : 25 min, this dry fast, i started feeling tight after 10 min  


Thought : my face is decently hydrated. Well that's all it do, that i noticed plus cooling sensation upon application since i put it in the fridge before hand. No plumping, brightening or even toned whatsoever. My face didn't look better in the morning also. Mehh!!

Milky /cloudy gel consistency, has strong tea tree scent and a cooling sensation upon application, did nothing to my blemish/acne spot, repurpose and used on bug/mosquito bite. 

This mask did nothing to me, smell very perfumey, not herbally at all. Has brown orange runny essence and stained my face a little, my whole face look orange-ish the next morning. Would not recommend at all. 

Essence : clear runny essence, there's just a little bit leftover in sachet


Scent : pretty strong perfumey, even tho not really striking at the nose type, can be smell through out all the time it's on my face


Mask : material is medium thick and really soft, fits finely, mask is very soaked but not drippy


Time : 20 min, it started to dry after 15 min


Thought : with matte finish after a few patting, my face is just a bit moisturized, a lil even toned, not really hydrated or plump and certainly no brightening. This mask is better than it's other mask in this line but there's better masks in the market at their price point. With that said, will not repurchased.

Packaging : has yerin from gfriend on the front with korean, english and Bahasa on the back


Key ingredient (stated at the back) : red ginseng extract 1%, hydrolyzed collagen 0.2%,

Other notable ing : aloe barbadensis leaf juice, portulaca oleracea extract, beta glucan, panthenol, vit e    


Out of the package, very mild herbally scent (yumm), clear essence, very little essence left in the sachet after the mask is taken out.  Mask : typical thick cotton sheet, very soaked, not drippy, has eye flap and many slits, fits finely, the mouth and eye cut are on point. Wear for 25 min.


Result : my face feels smooth, even toned and well hydrated. A little bit plump, not much. The redness on pimple area on my cheek reduced a bit. Essence absorbed quickly and left a matte finish.

I bought packets of 8 samples to try out. 

About : watery FTE, first step after cleansing, preferably with cotton, i just used my hands  


Notable ingredient : niacinamide, witch havel extract, sucrose, galactomyces ferment filtrate, fruit extract (lemon, pyrus malus, papaya), glycolic acid


Pro : 〰absorbed quickly 〰help next product absorbed faster

Cons : 〰astringent, so if the skin is on verge of overexfoliation, it will make it more irritated 〰a bit drying


Thought : Upon application, has strong alcoholic smell which dissipate when pat in and reveal a mild sweet scent. When it slightly damp, it help next layer of product absorbed faster. When left totally absorbed, my skin feels a bit tight, so it's can be drying to some. I skipped this out when i tested other product, and i didn't missed this product or noticed any other effect besides other product absorbed better and my skin become sticky faster when i'm doing 3+ skin. I don't know if it do anything other than that. With that said, i'm not gonna purchase the original serum in bottle then.  I'm still not sure if i'm in need of fte, so this is an experiment as i used this for a little over a month for 8 sachets of this sample. 1 sample lasted for 3-4 uses with hands.

subtle musk scent or men perfume scent, fit is okayy, ended perfectly in my jaw line, might be a bit small for people with wider/longer face.


Effect : my skin is hydrated nicely, very good brightening,  and even toned but not completely reduced redness around my nose and pimple area. Not moisturized and less plump.

This strawberry scrub is grainier than the rice one and give more satisfying and strong exfoliation yet still gentle on the skin. It also smell yummy, huge bonus in this case. My skin feels soft and smooth afterward and help with sebaceous filament on the nose also. 

This is one of my favourite product from Skinfood. It's cheap, comes in 100g and very gentle. It might look like there's not much exfoliation going on but my skin feels so soft and smooth afterward. This rice scrub is perfect for people who always dealing with chemical exfoliation and still want to have scrub at the same time. 

Consistency : white soft cream, easily spreadable and absorbed quickly


Pro : 〰cheap (50ml for less than $10) 〰 last long, since a little goes a long way, 〰hydrating and quite moisturizing, 〰enough for my skin since i don't hve pronounced wrinkle yet, 〰 hydrating enough to use on my whole face, 〰absorbed quickly and might feels like it's not there, but a film can be felt on the area that i used it when washing my face in the morning


Cons : 〰smell a bit musky, mybe due to galactomyces in it, 〰don't know if it's reduce dark undereye circle since mine has been dark since i can remembered


Verdict : Good basic eye cream, but may not be enough for older skin or someone with specific consents like dark circle/wrinkle. I also don't wear makeup on the under eye area, so can't say anything about makeup application on top of it.

〰designed for toner, serum, ampoule all in one step which might not be sufficient for some people


Pro : ✔cheap + big bottle : last long ✔absorbs quickly ✔refreshing scent ✔no sticky finish ✔very good in summer ✔double as body product ✔very good to layer before sheetmasking - help enhancing the masking ✔can do many layers  


Cons : ✖not moisturizing nor occlusive✖not enough as stand alone product ✖need something else layers on top✖scent lingers ✖might need to decant in another smaller bottle/pump(if you like me) ✖don't know what the marine collagen capsule do


Thought : i don't really like it as toner since its quite goopy and i preferred more watery thing as my hydrating toner. As serum/ampoule, it's good for light hydration and i liked it a lot while it lasted.  


Repurchase : Nope, i do not miss it when i skipped and forgot all about it more than 3weeks due to testing other product in between

Notable ingredient : algae extract, caviar, saccharide isomerate, fagus sylvatica bud extract 


Out of packet, there's very faint floral scent and the mask has silver backing. mask is very drippy and lots of leftover essence in sachet. Fits is okay and ended about 1cm below the jaw line. Only 2 slits but tearable by figer to fit face contour. Mask is very thin.


Result : my face is very hydrated, even toned and plump. No brightening though. I woke up with a well hydrated and moisturized face. A decent mask to have on hands. 

Has subtle sweet scent to it, very thin material, almost invisible on the skin, no slit but easily adjustable and tearable by hand. Good fits with very small eye area, cling well. I fall asleep while waiting for the mask and woke up in the morning with plump and moisturized skin, a bit even toned but no brightening. A good mask for its price point. 

Quite strong fresh scent, i popped it in the fridge before wearing it, so cool and refreshing. Decent amount of hydration, very comfortable to wear, fit well, cling well, a spoonful clear essence left in sachet, not much moisture, just a little bit plump and no brightening at all. 

About the cream : white, light-weight gel-like texture. has rose-musky scent,very mild. Great spreadability. Has siliconey feeling to it.


Notable ingredient : squalane, jojoba seed oil, sericin, hydrolysed elastin, shea butter, rosa canina fruit oil


Thought : the cream has great spreadability, so a little can cover wide area. Not heavy at all. It absorbed quickly into the skin, leaving matte finish but has damp feeling to it, which make it easier to layer other product on top of it. I used this cream mainly in the morning routine as last skincare step. It kind off act like a primer, and grab in the sunscreen i put on top. It is moisturizing but not that hydrating and i found that the cream as stand alone product at night is not enough for me. I liked it a lot as morning moisturizer. 

Out of the packet, it got a bit strong baby powder scent but not overwhelming. Very little essence left in sachet, essence is clear,  viscous and not drippy. Material is cotton, quite thick but it's soft and cling well to my face. 


Result : My face felt moisturized after 40 min, a bit plump, redness around my zits reduced a bit but not my face overall redness. It dry down quickly with matte finish. However it left me feeling heavy ( maybe because of the viscous essence). I liked it and i think it more suited for night use. 

Packaging is really cute and see-through, so you can see the item inside. It comes in 2 sizes, small and big ones. The ones that i got is small and it's a little bigger than my hand. It's said to be waterproof and light weight, a feature that i appreciated a lot since i put it in my pouch. I usually carry a few liptints and an oil absorbing paper and it can fit just fine. A pencil eyeliner however is a bit difficult to fit into. All in all, i liked it and used it as i carry many small items with me. 

I really liked this mask especially when my skin is acting up and sensitive. It's a thick cotton,but very soft and clingy to the face. the essence is quite viscous and had very faint to none herbal scent to it. Usually a spoonful of essence left in the sachet after the mask is taken out. It give good hydration and my face is even toned and plump. No brightening though. When my skin is raw, this mask do help to tone down the redness a bit and doesn't further irritate my skin. 

About : a make-up blender, made with natural rubber, is especially designed for make-up. It has smooth surfaces helping to blend make up for a smooth and flawless finish. 

Packaging : comes in sealed plastic with all japanese writing on it. 

Verdict : As a non-often make up user, i think the blender help a lot since i used to get really cake face when i tried to put on my base make up. I usually will spread with my fingers first then buff it and tried to blend with the skin with the blender. Since the surface of the blender is big, time to buff my whole face is really short. It did absorb the base a bit which is normal for a blender. However i find that it's quite difficult to blend on the side of the nose since it's big and don't have pointed end. when use dry blender, the coverage is good and more natural finish when the blender is damp. It however didn't expand and still has the same softness and squishy feeling when dry. The coverage is a bit less when blender is damp. It also can be washed easily with soap bar, left to dry and doesn't stained at all. It also recoil back quickly when i squeezed it.  Overall, i liked it as it did help me to smooth out my base make up. 


About the puff : 100% silk surface refines the skin's texture effectively with daily use.

Direction : using the silk puff to wipe off the cleansing foam during face wash.

Verdict : i got mine in Hanairoiro ( purple flower and color) . First off, the puff itself has pretty design and can be collective items. It has an insert for fingers for easy usage. The size is the same size as my palm, very soft and squeezable. This making the puff is easy to use and wash off quickly. I used it mainly in the morning. For morning routine, just the puff itself and without cleansing foam. It also help with gentle morning exfoliation. I used it dry and damp, both is gentle and not irritating at all. It also can be washes, hang and dry quickly for hygienic purpose. All in all, I think it function just like konjac sponge in puff form and i liked it a lot. I also more likely to repurchase since i think it's more durable than konjac sponge and don't have to be replaced often. 

Cons : stained easily since the surface is white. I used it to clean a wash off mask once and the surface is not white anymore. 

Has minty scent, i put in fridge before, as soon asI put in on, puhhhh... cool and very refreshing now that the weather is hot here.. so good on my skin.. put on for 30min, very hydrated and little bit eventoned, but no brightening.. Very good for summer, not much result though. 

Terrible fit, quite big and elongated for my face. Very strong chemical smell that totally overwhelmed me and almost gave me headache. It dry quickly about 10 min and that's actually the amount of time i can stand the smell of it. Result : A little bit moisturizing, no plumping, no brightening nor even toned. Gave me oily finish when essence is completely absorbed, which make me very uncomfortable and i had to wipe my face with toner and cotton pad before proceed to next step.

Purpose : brightening (given at the top of the mask)

Out of the packet, there's very lovely sweet scent that reminded me of fruity bubble/chewing gum. It's very mild, not overpowering but can be enjoyed/smell thru out the whole masking session. Too bad, it's not strawberry milk scent though.

Essence is milky, very light on the scent, a spoonful of essence left in the sachet.

Mask : is drenched with essence, but not drippy. 'Air pocket sheet' material is very soft, mostly feels like cotton to me tho, cling well, fits is perfect and ended 1 inch under the chin.  Time : 30 min

Verdicts : Essence is absorbed quickly with a few light pats. Good brightening and even toned, i can see the difference on the area of the mask and undereye area that's not masking. My face is well moisturized, plump and i don't need to layer  a cream on top. No reduction of redness around big pimple on my face tho. Brightening is gone in the morning but it's still a good decent mask. I would like to try other flavors also..

Key ingredient : 5,500ppm of aloe vera

About the sun cream : quite thick cream,fresh with slightly floral scent, easily spreadable, applied smoothly, no white cast, leave dewy finish on the skin

Advantage : has flip cap for ease during usage, no white cast very moisturizing

Cons : if i sweat a lot especially in the middle of the day in summer, i can see white patches on my T-zone area where i sweat. It also balled up after 5-6 hours of wearing it. If i want to reapply, i just wash my face with water thoroughly and reapply as i do help with the ball up. 

Verdict : i liked it a lot, its very moisturizing, if i'm in a hurry, i just skip moisturizer and this sun cream is enough for me in summer. i do need to layer moisturizer underneath if in winter though. I don't wear make up often, so i can't tell about how it's acting under the make up. 

Repurchase : yes in winter, where i don't sweat a lot. 

Noticeable Ingredient : sodium hyaluronate, rice extract, triglyceride, ceramide-3, rice bran oil, glycosphingolipids

About the toner : it is clear, a bit runny but has volume to it. comes in creamy colored plastic bottle (150 ml). Has strong and overpowering fragrance.

Performance : since it is a bit thick but not as thick as hada labo gokujyun, it do takes a bit of time and patting to completely absorbed. it leave a silky, a little sticky finish which is perfect for the next product absorption since it's slightly damp. However, the strong fragrance lingers even after the toner is completely absorbed, so the next product piled on top has mixed fragrance from it. 

Verdict : This toner has saved my skin from the harsh winter season. It is very moisturizing and a little goes a long way. Plus it's cheap. It is a good toner for people who doesn't mind or enjoyed strong fragrance product. i would not repurchased since the fragrance bother me lot.  


Claim :the oil absorbing paper is blended with sericin (silk protein). It is used by maiko and geisha that needs an efficient oil absorbing paper that absorbs excess sebum while leaving the moisture on their skin, and prevents their make-up from wearing off. 

About the absorbing paper : very thin creamy colored paper, that is almost see-through to the hand when holding it. 

Packaging : very cute outer illustration, with an almost square shaped and good quality envelope to hold the paper. 

Verdict : i love, love the packaging, very cute.. Since i have dry skin, one piece of paper is enough for my whole face whenever my face become greasy. In the envelope, there is only 30 pieces of paper, which is not that many, especially for oily skinned people who might go through them more quickly if they need to use more than one piece of paper. Whenever i use the paper, my finger does not feels greasy/oily afterwards, since the oil is totally absorbed and collected in the paper. My face do feels matte to the touch soon after using the paper, so it's very good at absorbing excess oil even though i just lightly tapped it on my skin. I don't wear make up often, so i can't say anything whether it disturbed the make up or not. Overall, it is a good oil absorbing paper and i'm crazy about the packaging.

Notable ingredient : rosa damascena flower water, sodium hyaluronate, sericin, hydrolyzed elastin, licorice root extract, raspberry fruit extract 

Claims : Fragrance-free lotion blended with silk sericin and plant extract. The lotion is easily absorbed into your skin and provides your skin with moisture and elasticity.

About the lotion : it's a very watery clear lotion, with roses scent,quite strong scent but not overpowering. Once it is absorbed, the scent is unnoticeable.

Verdict : I liked this lotion a lot. since it's very watery, it absorbed quickly into the skin. It has soothing and hydrating property. One layer of lotion is good for me to prep the skin for next product's absorption in my routine. when my skin is feeling a bit raw, layering a few layers of the lotion quickly soothes and  didn't further irritate the skin. It however is not that moisturizing for me especially in winter. I do recommend this lotion for morning skincare routine or in summer, very good especially when decanted into a spray bottle as a mist. The scent is also very calming, and didn't bother me much . 

Purpose : leave skin bright, translucent and radiant skin complexion

Mask : very thin silk mask, almost invisible on the skin, soft and cling well to the skin, has clear essence, no noticeable scent, so much essence is left in sachet after mask is used.

Fit : fit fine on my face but smaller eye area and not many slits

Time : 30 min, the mask is still very wet when tossed

Effect : my face feels so hydrated, bright and even toned afterward. a bit of redness reduction. I went to sleep quickly after that and without applying any cream. When i woke up in the morning, luckily my face is not dehydrated but not moisturized either. The brightening effect faded from last night but still even toned. 

Overall, a good mask or every day use but not wowed me much. Repurchase if on sale and in a good deal. 

This is the mask when it's near the time of the month and pimples started to pop out on my skin. Bija apparently is very good for trouble skin. 

Essence : has a kind of scent to it, mild and not overpowering. The essence is clear and runny.

Mask : wet, not drippy, a little essence left in the sachet, i just dumped everything on the mask after 10 min.

Time : 25 min, still wet to touch except the upper mouth area. 

Result : my skin is left moisturized nicely and even toned. The redness around my nose and pimples reduced a lot, but the redness come back in the morning. The size of some smaller pimples however reduced a bit. 

Overall, a good mask for trouble skin at it's price point.

Essence : White creamy, a bit runny essence with very mild,noticeable sweet scent, less than a spoonful of essence left in sachet, i used it all on my body. 

Mask : very wet but not drippy, the material is cotton and soft, comfortable to wear, fit is okay but with larger mouth hole, i adjusted it to my liking with the slits, cling well

Time : 30 min, a bit wet to touch when removed 

Verdict : It's quite good, especially for the price. My skin is left very moisturized, plump and a little even toned. Didn't help much with redness around my nose though. Take a bit odf patting to completely absorbed. 

First off, this mask is from the silk invisible line, which is thinner than the regular one.

Fit is very good,ended 1 inch below my jaw line allowing it to get some good essence there. The mask is very drippy with clear runny essence, no noticeable scent, a plus in my book. A lot of essence still left in the sachet once the mask is taken out. 

I wear it for 30 min, the sheet is still a wet upon removing.

Result is my skin is hydrated, moisturized and very brightening. However, the brightening effect didn't last until the morning after. It did reduced the redness around my pimple a lot. I liked it a lot and will repurchase.

First off, it's in big tube (150ml) and cheap. Long lasting, i've been using it for 5months and there's still much left. It is in clear gel, started to foam when mixed with little water. Satisfying foam, not too thick or too little. The scent is tea tree-ish, not too strong but very noticable. It,s very gentle and non-drying,after 2 hours of washing my face without having anything on my face, it is still ok and no tight feeling. i liked it a lot, and have back up in case i run out of this cleanser. 

Purpose : provide maximum hydration and long-lasting moisture to rejuvenate tired skin.

Notable ingredient : sericin ,which is a protein created by silkworm in silk production, found to improve skin elasticity and antiaging factors, including anti-wrinkle property, done by minimizing water loss from the skin.

Out of the packet : essence is clear and very runny, chemical smell but not overwhelming, a little less than teaspoon essence left in sachet, i dump it all on the mask.

Mask : fit is ok,ended on my jaw line, might be a bit small for people who hve wider/bigger face since ~1.5cm infront of my ear is not covered and i think my face is not that big. The material is natural cotton and kinda stiff and not really comfortable on the skin.. clingyness is ok..wear for 15min (the recommended time : 3-5min),the forehead area start to dry completely

Result : hurmm, my face may look a bit hydrated, but certainly not moisturised at all. No plumping or reduced redness either.. A lil bit even toned skin which completely disappear after half an hour. It leave a matte finish which somehow make me feels like i need to apply something on top quickly.. Since i'm young (20-ish), so i can't attest to the effect of sericin and anti-aging/wrinkle cannot really be diminish with one sheetmask.

Repurchase : No, bcause of the material and i see no effect...

Purpose : moisturizing + amino acid

Essence : thick jellish-like, very saturated but not drippy at all . It has mild floral scent.

Mask : very thin and soft material, adhere to skin well, wear it for 30 minutes.

Result : I love this mask, its very moisturizing and make my face plump and even toned till morning. This is very good for dry skin people especially in winter.

Cons : it is sticky and take a very long time to dry down completely. I feels like my sleeping pack is not absorbing into my skin if i didn't wipe off the excess essence on my face with cotton pad before applying any cream. I tried in once without wiping the excess, my face is shiny ans sticky till morning and i washed it off, its not a very pleasant experience. Other than that, the result is really good and my face stay moisturised for the whole day. 



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