I'm a beauty lover. Totally obsessed with Asian skincare products, especially in k-beauty. 

I live in Canada, its cold and dry here for more than half the year. So I am always in search for some ultra moisturizing products! 

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  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Flat Ironed/Straigtened
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest:
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Canada
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Paraben-Free, Peptides, Sulfate Free, Organic, Vitamin C, Mineral, Glycerin, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

I received this mask from Amabie in exchange for my honest review.

This sheetmask is very thin and fits my face very well. There was no tenting at all and it adhered well enough for me to walk around with it.

The sheetmask has a light scent of something fresh smelling. I had this on for about 25 minutes. Prior to using this mask my face was having a bad day, it was flaky even before I put on any makeup. After masking with this my face was noticeably more hydrated and I did not have flaky skin the next day.

I would highly recommend this sheetmask! 

This mask is made of a very think cotton material. Because it is so thin it is able to perfectly stick on my face without any tenting or slipping off. This has a nice fresh scent that is not overwhelming. I had this mask on for 25 minutes. It was super hydrating and cooling, but I didn't notice any reduction of redness as the mask claims. However it is still a good mask overall.

Notable ingredient in here includes snail extract which is great for helping reduce the appearance of scars.

Lets start with the good. The good is that there's lots of essence here, there's even left over in the pouch, enough for you to lather it on to your neck as well. It is very hydrating and you can keep this mask on 30min+ before it dries out. The sheet mask is also nice and soft.

As for the bad... the fit is horrible. The eye hole, is so massive a big part of my cheek, temples area did not have sheet mask on it because the eye hole is so large! So i'm deducting lots of points for this reason.

Also, although this sheetmask is for "lifting" effects, I did not notice any firming or tightening feeling after using this. Only hydrating, which is okay I guess. But if you are truly looking for a lifting effect, look elsewhere!

This mask was made for winter! It has a thick creamy texture. A little goes a long way! ! I've been reaching for this more and more when my skin needs the extra hydration. Canada is super dry! Even when I sheet mask, I will still use an overnight mask that evening! I really like the effects of this mask. When I wake up in the morning my face still looks hydrated. This creates almost like a barrier not allowing any water out. It also has a slight brightening effect, not huge but you definitely wake up looking more fresh.

 I love the gelly texture of this, it's so light yet packed with moisture and nutrients. It's high in propolis extract which makes it ideal if you have sensitive skin or if your skin is having just one of those days where you need a little more TLC. This is my go to overnight mask in the spring and summer. For the winter this might not be moisturizing enough. 

When you apply this, it doesn't feel like you are applying sunscreen. It doesn't have that silicony waxy feeling on your skin. It just feels like a light watery lotion. It spreads so easily. Best part is it has zero white cast.


Now for the bad... This has a strong alcohol smell. Like as if you opened a bottle of rubbing alcohol and you sniff it. While alcohol doesn't irritate my skin, I just find it so weird why they put so much of it.

The box was so cute I thought maybe these nose strips would have pig nose designs on them. But it didn't! Was just a regular looking nose strip.

These worked great! You just slap them on wet nose and wait 10 minutes for it to dry. After peeling them you get instant satisfaction in seeing all your blackheads come out.

My husband tried these too and he loves seeing all his blackheads come out!

This is a great concealer! A little goes a long way. It has such high coverage, very blendable and have a natural finish. Be careful to not put too much though... because it can look cakey. But overall I love this concealer!

This is a gentle chemical exfoliator that uses papaya enzymes to remove dead surface skin cells and brighten up your complexion. I like using this one in the morning because it's so gentle and it soften up my face. This is perfect to use to make your skin smooth prior to putting on makeup.

I heard that this has high pH though, so I don't use this everyday. I use this 3 times a week.


This chemical exfoliator uses BHA to give you a deep cleanse of your clogged up pores in the most gentle and hydrating way.

I use this 2-3 times a week, its non-drying and has helped me get rid of those bumps on my face.

I like the fit on all the Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask. I find their mask also really grip on to your face so you don't have to lay down the whole time you have the mask on.

The package is full of essence, I have left over I was able to use for my neck and body.

The smell of this one is a sweet strawberry smell. It's very nice.

Very moisturizing like most of their other masks in this series and slightly brightening.

I would have this in my staple everyday ordinary mask.

I love the results you get from this, it really is incredible. Your face just looks so fresh and glowy and bright the next day. You see results immediately. For long term effects, I have seen my acne scar disappear faster too.


My dislike for this product is that it burns everytime I use it. I don't even consider myself as having a sensitive skin. So I don't know why it burns.

One suggestion the instruction gives you is to mix this with your moisturizer to tone down the "tingling" effects, but if you do that you also make this less effective. Vitamin C is best to apply on bare skin after you apply a pH adjusting toner. The higher the pH of your skin or products underneath, the less effective it is.

This is my all time favorite Korean sheetmask.


The scent smells like real honey. It has a very natural honey smell.


This comes with a layer of sheetmask protector you have to peel off, because the sheetmask itself is just that thin and soft. Because it's so thin, it adheres to your face and just molds on to it giving you the perfect fit.


I can keep this on for 40 minutes. After taking it off, my face feels so hydrated, plumped and soft!

I'm currently using this cleanser daily for morning and night. Even though it's a gel texture, this foams up beautifully giving me that satisfying squeaky clean feel. I love the tea tree smell of this, makes me feel like I'm keeping my acne in check every time I use this.

The low pH of this cleanser ensures that it wont be stripping and dry for your skin.

This is a wash off mask that boasts of having 38.7% of real honey. There's a lot of wonderful oils in here too for extra hydration like jojoba seed oil, hazel seed oil, shea butter, etc.

The texture is almost like raw honey, feels sticky when you scoop it out of the jar, but once you start rubbing it in your face it spreads very easily.
You leave it on for 10 min to an hour. I usually leave it on for the whole hour while I'm watching TV. Washing it off does take a little bit of an effort, and the only downside is there is a little bit of residue left after. So I'd recommend you use this at night. If I'm using this at night, I really don't mind the residue because you pack it on with your other skincare and consider this as an extra layer to further nourish your skin while you sleep.

You feel it's effect instantly! Your skin will feel more plumped, hydrated and soft like a baby's butt!

I've been loving this shampoo by Ryo. They have many many different versions, I got the Scalp Deep Cleansing set, with the conditioner as well.

The reason I got this is because I have a very dry scalp, and many times I get flakes right in the partition of my hair. So I bought this in hopes it'll solve my problem. After using it for two months now, I can say that this has made a difference! I don't have flakes anymore, maybe in rare occasions, but generally it's no longer a problem.

This smells herbal and minty! I feel like I'm chewing gum every time I wash my hair. It's such a nice feeling, it helps you feel relaxed. 

This is my first hydrogel mask, so I was pretty excited when I was trying it on. However after the brief excitement, I was soon dissapointed. 

First lets start with the good:

This mask smells like roses, it has the most beautiful scent! It's not perfumey at all, it has a very natural soft rose scent.

That's as far as the good goes for this mask.

Prior to this, I've only tried cotton masks, and usually they are wet with essence. This mask was not moist at all, I didn't feel any essence, maybe it is soaked up in the hydrogel? Who knows! I love how the hydrogel feels in general, but this is not moisturizing at all. Originally I also had a tough time getting it to stick on my face because it wasn't damp at all. I had it on for about 15 minutes, but honestly I was ready to take it off after 5 minutes.

As for the effects... there were none. I didn't feel that my skin felt or look any different after putting on this mask.

In summary, I will not be purchasing this mask again.

This beauty water is heavenly. It's great as a toner and it has the same pH as your skin. I like to use this toner for when I'm using acids in my skincare, and need a good pH balancing toner.

But most of all I love using it to freshen up my face before I have to leave the house mid day, but my face has already started building up oils since the morning cleanse. 
The scent is so light and refreshing. It is quite a delight to use!

This was my first ever oil cleanser. I still remember the first time I used this balm. The silky smooth texture of this balm and the way it easily melts into an oil cleanser had me falling in love with this immediately. This has a nice sweet smell as well. I wear waterproof liquid liner and I had no problem getting my makeup off with this.


But beware, if you get this in your eye, your vision will be blurry for a few minutes.

This is a great staple to have.

This "relaxing"  has Jeju aloe, sounds fancy =D

First impression....The essence here is not the same thick "watery jelly" feel as the hydrating version of this line. It's not bad though, because it's still very much of a rich essence but just not as thick. The fit was weird! The eye hole in this one is so massive, it reached my hairline. I'm convinced I must have gotten a defective version. I am curious to buy another one to test it out for a second time.

I had this on for 45 minutes before it started too dry. It is hydrating, but not as intense as the blue one. This is probably a great mask for the summer, because it is lightly moisturizing.

Overall it's a good mask but not amazing.

I can see why people love these masks! The essence feels thicker in a watery "jelly" like feel, hence the name. I think this thicker essence helps the mask stay hydrated for longer which allows you to keep the mask on for a longer time.

The fit is pretty good. This mask adheres to the face very well, I can walk around and watch TV without the mask sliding off.

I took it off after 30 minutes but I feel like you can keep this on for 45 minutes. After taking off the mask my face looks and feels so moisturized and definitely more plumped looking! 
I'd totally recommend this mask!

Whenever a product is so hyped up, there is a danger that it will let you down when you try it. I researched heavily before I bought this cleansing stick because it's definitely not the cheapest 2nd step cleanser you can buy. But after reading so many glowing reviews, I decided to splurge and just try it for myself.

BOY AM I GLAD I DID! Because this stick will forever be my HG. This did not let me down!

First of all, the smell of this is so heavenly. It's divine. Many times, I go to my bathroom just so I can go smell this stick. It smells like you are in a field of roses.

Sum37 is well known for their fermentation techniques and all their products features their fermented ingredients. Fermented ingredients are great for your skin, because the molecules are smaller, which allows your skin to absorb the good ingredients more effectively.

This cleanser has a low pH. I personally have not tested it, but from my research the consensus is, it's a pH of 5.5. This is the perfect pH for your skin. Because of the low pH, this cleanser is not stripping or drying, it is very gentle and mild. I also like how this cleanser foams up nicely to help give you that squeaky clean feel.

This is the perfect cleanser to bring when you are traveling or going to the gym. You wont have to worry about spillage.

This Missha FTE mist is a dupe for the famous SKII FTE. It claims that it would improve fine lines, hydrate and give you that glowing complexion. I've been using this mist daily for the last 3 months, and now I'm completely out of it. I've been without it for a week now and I do see the difference from when I was using it and what my skin looks like without it now. This FTE does give you that "glow for within" look. It gives you a nice moisture boost without feeling too heavy on your skin. I love how the mist is super fine, it makes the absorption time so much faster. This is going into my holy grail list of products!



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