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  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Netherlands
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Paraben-Free, Sulfate Free, Organic, Retinoid, Vitamin C, Aloe
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The May Coop Raw Sauce is supposed to be a toner+essence in one. It has a thick consistency, almost like a watery gel. Its scent reminds me of guys' aftershave/perfume, which I'm not a big fan of, but in the end I got used to it.

I use this either as a toner by swiping it on my face with a cotton pad, or essence by patting it on my skin with my hands. It can feel sticky when I layer it after other products in my routine, so I tend to use this as a toner more.

This really hydrates and plumps my skin (I have normal dehydrated skin). I think this is a great thick toner/essence for winter time, as I get a punch of hydration without having to use too many products.

This mask is hte kind that I really like: soft and thin fabric that feels like you're putting a pillow on your face, drenched in a lot of clear juicy essence. There was a light floral scent to this mask, and I wore it for about 30 mins. It definitely hydrated my skin and made it feel plumper. I've tried other masks with way more brightening effect, but I really liked how soft and nice this felt on my skin.

This serum is an Innisfree bestseller that contains 75% green tea extract, and so it's packed with antioxidants that help skin fight damage from harsh environment. It has a runny texture that's more viscous than water. According to Innisfree's website, this is a sort of first serum that you use after you wash your face to lock in moisture (even before toner!). I didn't replace my toner with this, but I do wait until all previous layers of my skincare are fully absorbed before I put this on. It sinks in fast, and it doesn't leave any tackiness on my skin whatsoever.

The first change that I saw on my skin was that it helped my skin maintain a healthy glow. It's definitely helped my skin stay healthy during my holidays when I visited my hometown which has polluted air. I also realized that this has helped my skin hold on to moisture during the day. Overall, this is a decent anti-oxidant serum. 

This is definitely a great lip mask/balm! It's thick, but spreads easily and does not feel too heavy on the lips. It also smells really good. I tend to avoid lip balms as they usually just stay on top of my lips, or make my lips feel even more chapped. This does not cause any of those. When I use this overnight, my lips feel moisturized and softer the next morning. I sometimes also use this underneath my lipstick in the AM to keep my lips moisturized during the day.  

I've used the SKII Pitera FTE for about a little over a month now. I can see why this is a cult favorite. The FTE is very watery and sinks in immediately into the skin. It has a yeast-y/fermented scent, but you don't really smell it on your face. After using this consistently every day, I notice my complexion is brighter, feels more balanced, and looks much healthier and glowing. The only reason I give it a 4-star is because I'm sure you can also get similar results from less pricey FTEs. I would buy this again when I find a good deal on it, but probably not at full price.

This mask claims to help control oil and water balance of the skin, while providing moisture to the skin. The ingredients include sodium hyaluronate, allantoin, blueberry fruit extract, raspberry fruit extract, rose water, cucumber extract and honeysuckle extract. It does contain alcohol and fragrance, so if you don't like those in skincare, you can skip this.

This mask had a faint cucumber scent. The material was quite soft. It was not thick, and it was wet with clear essence. I had the mask on for almost an hour. The mask was still a bit damp when I took it off. The result was really nice. The essence absorbed fast to the skin, my skin was left looking even toned (almost matte-like), while feeling hydrated and soothed. Definitely a good mask!

I really liked this mask. Besides mugwort, it also contains ginseng root extract, beta-glucan, arginine, panthenol. It was wet with essence, the fit was good, and the scent was not overwhelming. I had the mask on for ~20 minutes before I took it off. Besides hydrating and soothing my face, it helped calmed down the appearance of red bumps and areas on my face. I would buy and use this again.

Another surprisingly lovely Pure Smile mask. The mask had a slight fermented scent to it, but it wasn't noticeable when the mask is put on the face. The mask was drenched in essence, the fit was good. I had it on for 10-15 minutes before I took it off, but it could definitely be used longer.

My skin was nicely hydrated, and looked slightly brighter/more glowing. I would use this mask again if I had a chance to buy it!

I finally find a Puresmile mask that I actually enjoyed using, and gave decent results.

Hatomugi is also known as Job's tears and is aimed at repairing and conditioning/balancing the skin. Besides Job's tears, this mask also contains Ceramide, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and Collagen.

The mask was drenched in clear essence. Material was medium-thick, typical of Puresmile masks. The mask fit my face very well, and felt comfortable on the skin (I usually find Puresmile mask material a bit rough-textured or scratchy, but this one wasn't at all!).

I used the mask for about 25 minutes before taking it off. My face felt hydrated and well-balanced after use. The essence absorbed quickly without any tacky residue.

For now, this is my favorite Pure smile mask, and I am looking forward to try the other masks in this series.

This mask claims to hydrate and moisturize the skin. Notable ingredients include kelp, sodium hyaluronate, squalane, hydrogenated lecithin, witch hazel extract, and some other plant extracts.
The mask was made of a thin fiber. The fit was ok, except for the nose area where it kept tenting. Out of the package, the mask was not very wet. If you're not a fan of dripping masks, this is for you!
I kept the mask on for about 20 mins, at which time the upper-lip area started to feel less moist than the other parts of the mask. The result was quite nice. My face felt moisturized, to the point that I didn't feel like putting on a heavy sleeping mask after. The essence didn't feel tacky on the skin. The next morning, my face was well moisturized and hydrated (measured with a skin analyzer). Overall a nice mask, and I'm glad I got to try it.
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This mask promises to brighten up the skin as it contains L-ascorbic acid. It had thin material which fits perfectly on my face. The eye and mouth holes were small, but still acceptable.

There was a slight chemical scent when I first put it on my face, but it quickly faded away. The essence is watery. I put on the mask for 20 minutes, but it could well be put on for longer.

My face felt refreshed and hydrated after I took it off, and my skin tone was more even. I think to get the brightening effect, you should put it on regularly for a longer period. Would repurchase this. 

If you're a fan of banana and banana scent, this sleeping mask is for you. It smells so, so delicious - I'm always tempted to eat it when I put it on. This has a thick, somewhat sticky texture and doesn't absorb immediately when you put it on. I sleep on my back, so I have no worries about it touching my pillowcase. When I wake up in the morning, most of the mask has usually been absorbed. My face feels very soft and nourished as a result of having this on throughout the night. I also notice that my face feels well hydrated throughout the day when I put this on the night before. Definitely a great sleeping pack!

This mask targets sensitive and dry skin, with promise to moisturize and soften the skin. I have normal-to-dry skin prone to dehydration, so this was my first choice for trying Annie's Way jelly masks.

The mask has a transparent color, and a nice floral scent. I used a spatula to spread it on my face after cleansing and toning. It's a bit tricky to decide how thick or thin the mask should be applied on the face. The packaging suggests 0.3 cm thick. For my first use, I spread a thin layer (0.1-0.2 thick) across my face, but would put on a bit more for next time.

I left on the mask for 30 minutes, as suggested on the packaging. The jelly mask had a soothing and relaxing effect, which was really nice! It didn't really dry out on my skin, even though I only put a thin layer.

To take it off, I first scraped the jelly off my face using the provided spatula. Afterwards, I wiped my face with tissue. My face felt really soothed, and my skin felt softer after I used this. I'm so glad I bought the big tub of this product, as I would be using it regularly, especially to sooth my skin after doing a mud or clay mask.

This is my current HG sunscreen. It has a light creamy texture, that absorbs easily into the skin and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. For this reason, I use this as a daily sunscreen.

I have a normal-to-dry skin prone to dehydration, and this sunscreen doesn't dry me out. It doesn't leave any white cast or film either.

I don't normally wear make up, so I cannot judge how good this is under make up, but I do wear CC cream daily and it hasn't been a problem to layer it on top of this sunscreen.

Would repurchase and stock up on this.

This cleansing balm is really soft on the skin. It has a buttery texture that melts into oil form and spreads easily on the skin. It feels very gentle on the skin as well. I usually massage my face for 2-3 minutes with this before I wipe it off with a cleansing cloth that's been soaked in warm water.

I normally only wear sunscreen and CC cream daily, so I cannot give information on how this removes make up. It does remove my CC cream very with just 2 wipes of the cleansing cloth. It also helps remove my lipstick/lip tint when I am wearing one. 

My skin looks glowing after cleansing with this. Love this balm!

This mask was dripping with essence. Every second longer it took me to unfold it, costed me drops and drops of essence falling onto my lap. xD Still, when I put the mask on, it was very moist and I could leave it on for 30 minutes or so. The material was thin and fit comfortably on my face. The essence was a creamy one, and I don't recognize any strong scent. There was a lot of leftover essence in the package. 

As the name suggests, this MBD mask promises to leave skin feeling moisturized. And that it did. My skin felt very nourished and moisturized after using this mask. In the beginning my face felt a bit sticky with the remaining essence, but it then absorbed pretty fast. Really like this mask!

I used the sample version of this mask. This 3D mask from Missha fits very well, it covers the whole face perfectly including the nose and jawline/neck area.

It claims to firm and nourish the skin. Its essence had a watery texture with a faint earth scent. This has a lot of extra essence in the package. I could leave the mask on for 25 minutes or more. 

I'm always satisfied with the result of this mask. My skin feels nourished and more radiant. The essence leave a sticky feel, and  absorbs pretty fast into my skin. 

Definitely one of my most fave masks!

I've tried this two times, once on a long-haul flight, and once at home. This mask is definitely soothing and moisturizing, but not enough for use in a highly dry environment that is inside a plane. ;)

The material is made of cotton, and is on the thick side. Not my favorite material, as it gives the impression of the mask not being superbly wet, which I tend to like more. Anyway, it is still soft on the skin, and moist enough to be used for a good 20 minutes or more. The essence wasn't dripping out of the packaging, but still enough extra to pat on my neck and arms.

It has a light soap scent which was okay for me (I like to describe it as a "just-got-out-of-a-spa" soap scent). The mask definitely has a soothing effect. I didn't put mine in the fridge, but my face felt cool during the time I put it on. After the masking session, I did feel that my face was moisturized.

I use this cleanser alone in the mornings, and as second cleanse in the evenings. It doesn't lather a lot, I think thanks to its ingredients list. The ingredients is packed with plant extracts.

This is gentle on the skin (though not the most gentle product I have used), and is non-stripping for combi-dry/dehydrated skin as mine. 

It comes in a big size for an affordable price. However, the packaging makes it a bit tricky not to get too much out of the tube whenever I use it.

All in all, a good gentle foam cleanser!

I really like My Scheming masks for their material and delivery of the results they claim to bring. This mask is no exception. It has sodium hyaluronate, honey extract and aloe juice, which are known to give hydration boost.

There is little to no scent with this mask. Just a faint smell of honey that fades away quickly after putting on the mask. 

The mask is drenched in essence. I put it on for a good half an hour. The essence was not watery and didn't drip. 

My only problem with this mask is the weird fit. The eye, nose and mouth holes were quite big, which left parts of my face uncovered. I had to pat in the essence onto those parts. In addition, there were excess material outside the cheeks. It would have been nice to have this excess material actually cover up other parts of my face.

Nevertheless, this soothes my skin and hydrates it really well.

This product should be in everyone's beauty stash even if they don't normally have acne. I don't easily breakout, but when I do, I want this to be in my reach.

I've tried using it during day and night. I think during the day it works more as a sealer to protect your pimple from pollutants and dirt that will make it worse. During the night though, this works to pull out all the gunk from inside your acne, and make your acne considerably flatter and/or less red the next morning.

I should also mention that even though you use this on top of cleansed skin directly (no other products in between!), it doesn't dry out the area that it covers. I have normal-to-dry skin that scars easily when it's dehydrated, so this was very important to me. 

Definitely a must have!

This is my HG essence. I love this, and miss it so much when I can't have it in my routine (when I travel and can't bring it along).

It has a slimy texture, with no noticeable scent. I slather a small amount on my whole face and neck after putting on my toner and FTE.

This has noticeably improved my skin texture. After using this, my bf remarked that my skin was softer. It also adds extra hydration for my skin, which is really great since mine easily gets dehydrated.

This product has shown me the power of snails, and makes me want to try other snail products.

I have normal-to-dry skin that is prone to dehydration and is usually sensitive to harsh cleansers or exfoliators. This cleanser is one that my skin doesn't like.

It leaves my skin feeling very tight, even though it does feel amazingly squeaky clean. Since my skin is very sensitive to harsh cleansers, it starts to have scars whenever I use this cleanser regularly.

Perhaps this would work for oily/combi skin types. Even so, I would suggest just using this when skin feels very congested and oily, instead of regularly.

I use this essence after my toner in my skincare routine. I've used this for two and a half months now. I usually splash it onto my palm and pat pat pat it onto my whole face. It feels very refreshing!

I notice that my skin's complexion looks more radiant after using this. It also boosts my skin's hydration. The only thing that prevents me from giving this a 5-star instead of a 4, is that I don't notice it doing anything to improve my skin texture. I've read that some people's skin texture have improved (less whiteheads) after using this, so I had high expectations. But I still had my few CCs. Still, I really love having this in my routine!

This was my first time using a vit C serum. I have dehydrated sensitive skin, with some acne scars on my cheeks that I would like to fade out.

I chose to use this serum from Klairs and not others because it is said to be more lightweight : its clear bottle apparently indicates lower concentration of ascorbic acid (vit C serums are usually stored in dark bottles because high concentration of ascorbic acid can be reactive to light). 

I've used this everyday for three weeks now morning and evening before my moisturizer, with a few minutes of waiting time to absorb. I notice the improvement that this serum has brought to my skin. It hydrates and evens out my complexion. My acne scars have started to fade. As I've been traveling a lot during these three weeks, I had occasional bumps, but with this serum I know that signs of their whereabouts will be faded easily. 

I am really excited to see how much more my skin can improve with this. 

I tried the hydrating sheet mask. I was pleasantly surprised with how soft the fabric of this mask is. By far, it is one of the softest masks I have ever tried!

The essence was creamy, and there was a lot left over in the package. 

I left the mask on for well over 20 minutes. My skin felt very well hydrated afterwards, and I love that it didn't feel sticky. 

This is definitely of my favorite sheet masks for hydration.



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