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  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Sensitive
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Black

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  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Netherlands
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Organic, Vitamin C, Mineral, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

I had very low expectations for this mask, but in the end, I found a new favorite from the It's Real Squeeze mask line.

This has a white creamy essence. The material felt soft on skin, and was soaked well with the essence. It fit my face really well. I left the mask on for 20 minutes, and when I took it off, it was still moist.

I was pleasantly surprised by the results. My face felt well moisturized, and it looked brighter. Definitely will stock up on this for cheap regular sheetmasking.

I am giving this a 4-star because I really liked the last three steps: mask, facial cream and neck cream. The first step of this set is the cleanser. It had a nice fruity scent, but when I lathered it in my hands, I immediately knew that it had a high pH. After talking to some people and reading reviews of this, my guess is confirmed. If you are sensitive to high pH soaps, you can just skip this and use your own cleanser. The essence/serum step was just ok. It also had a nice fruity scent, and was a bit thick in texture. 

The mask was a biocellulose one that has two parts. It was very thin, and adhered really well to the skin. I noticed some light floral scent (I guess by now you would know that Purpletale has quite some strong fragrant game. It's pleasing though, unless you're super sensitive to fragrance). I left the mask on for 20 minutes, no more, and my skin was even-toned and happy.

The cream is the Ode to Hydration cream, and I've tried this before and loved it. So I was happy to put this on my face after the mask. The last step is the neck cream, and I was pleasantly surprised by it! It felt really soft and lovely. My neck felt really nice putting it on. 

Overall, this is a nice all-in-one mask, except for the cleanser. I would consider purchasing again.

I wasn't very impressed with this mask. The material was medium-thick which adhered nicely to the skin, however due to its texture, it didn't feel comfortable and actually itched my chin area. 

The mask was very much drenched in essence. I didn't notice any strong scent with it. I could use it for ~30 minutes before taking it off. My face felt well-moisturized and the essence absorbed after a while without leaving any tackiness. 

This mask is really nice! Upon opening, I could smell quite strong perfume scent. Even though the mask name has "Perfume" in it, it was still a bit surprising. The scent was nice though, but people who really don't like fragrances might not appreciate it. The mask was dripping with essence. The material is very thin. I accidentally ripped some parts while trying to adjust the mask. :-/ Anyway, the fit was quite decent, and the mask adhered to my face nicely. I left the mask on for about 20-30 minutes, and took it off when I felt that the above-lip part started drying. 

The results made me understand why a lot of people like this mask! My face was well hydrated, as the mask was very much drenched in essence. The essence quickly absorbed without leaving any tackiness. I think its claim of being a balancing mask is what made my face look even-toned and not overly shiny. What really surprised me was that my face was noticeably brighter. I really enjoyed using this mask and would get some more to stock up on.

This mask aims to both brighten and firm/lift your skin. It has hydrolized collagen, allantoin, lavender oil, and various plant extracts. Unfortunately, the fit of the mask wasn't great. The mask was made of cotton, it wasn't thick but also wasn't very soft. I tend to dislike this kind of material, as it gives the impression that the mask is not very wet. Despite this, I did manage to have the mask on for about 30-40 minutes. It is actually quite hydrating. 

I did like the results given by this mask. My face was well hyrdated, looked plumper and my redness calmed. My skin was more even-toned. The next morning, I also woke up with nice even-toned skin. I would have liked if the material and fit was better, but anyway the results are quite good!

I love green tea, also in skincare, so I was happy to try this mask out. It was made of a medium-thick material, not the softest I've had in masks, but fit and adhered ok. The mask was drenched in essence, and had a faint matcha scent. I left it on for 25 minutes or so, and it provided my skin with great hydration. I didn't really notice anything else, but nevertheless this would make a nice cheap every day mask. 

As with all other My Scheming masks, this mask is dripping wet with essence! It can be annoying to have essence drip on to your lap while unfolding your sheet mask, but with this it's worth it. This contains Mandelic acid and Tranexamic acid to brighten skin. Given how wet this mask is, you could probably use it for ~1 hour, but I had it on for 30 minutes. My skin was glowing, and slightly brightened. I suppose you need to use this more frequently to see longer lasting results.

I have the version that includes a tray to fill in with essence to soak the tablets with. These tablets are basically dry sheet masks that when soaked with essence, will become soft and can be unfolded to use like regular sheet mask. The material is thin. It isn't soft and stretchy, but it's ok. 

I like to soak this with leftover essences from sheetmasks. You do need a lot of essences to soak this properly. With leftover essence from MBD or My Scheming masks, for example, I can get a nice 5-10 min masking session with this. Otherwise, I will just pat the soaked tablet onto my face like a cotton pad. You can also soak this with your own toner or essence of choice.

I find this quite convenient to not waste essence from sheetmasks. Definitely a good product!

This is a gel mask made of coconut water that aims to provide deep moisture to the skin. The mask is thin and non-slippery, unlike most hydrogel masks. It was sandwiched between two protective layers. Once these layers were removed, it was fairly easy to adjust the fit of the mask to the face.

The mask didn't feel wet, but it adhered well to the skin. I left the mask on for 20 minutes. Upon removal, my face felt a bit tacky due to the essence, but not wet. It definitely moisturized my skin and soothed it. After I put on the last step of my routine, I really notice how glowing and happy my skin looked. Defintely a very good mask!

I have been using this cream for more than two months now, although the past few weeks I've been rotating it with lighter creams due to the season getting warmer. 

This cream is one of those that immediately shows great results on your skin after initial use. Every time I use this, my skin never fails to look glowing, my pores appear minimized if not invisible, and my redness calmed. For this reason, I really love this cream. It is packed with a lot of great ingredients, including fermented vinegar (which is the trademark of OneOSeven products), squalane, ginseng, soy milk, and others. It is rich and dense, but does not overwhelm the skin. In fact, a little goes a long way for me with this cream. 

I do find this to be quite rich sometimes for hot days, and would prefer to use this in the evenings. Especially when my skin is troubled, for example due to over-exfoliating, I would immediately use this for damage control. I also think that this would be great for dry weather later in autumn or winter. Really love this!

This was soaked in a lot of essence, although not much was left in the packaging. It had a very light honey scent. I left it on for a good 15 or 20 minutes, and since it was still very much moist, I folded it and used it on my elbows, shoulders even my feet. My skin felt very much hydrated, though a bit sticky. 

There was only one downside for me. I'm not one to care too much about sheetmask fits because usually they are okay-ish on my face, but this one was really big down the chin area. I basically had this folded in a way that made my neck had essence dripping on it. 

Overall, this was an okay mask, but I wouldn't really consider purchasing it again for myself.

For the record, I don't wear makeup a lot, so I can't really compare this to other eyeliners. I got the brown shade of this from a Japan beauty box. The tip is very fine, which makes it easy to use. Application is smooth and easy, and it doesn't smudge throughout the day (or night). It's also easy to remove. Overall a decent eyeliner!

I got this from Sephora. It's actually a made-in-Taiwan mask.
I like the ingredients list. It's packed with good stuff right from the top: niacinamide, chamomile extract, green tea extract, aloe juice, sodium hyaluronate, salicylic acid, and allantoin, to provide brightening, protection from harsh environment (anti-oxidants), mild exfoliation, and hydration. 
The mask was on the medium-thick side but was soft and very much drenched in essence. It was slippery, but once on the face, it stayed put. 
I left this on for 30 minutes or so, and my face was wet. when I took the mask off I tried rubbing in the essence but to my surprise it turned a bit soapy/slimey. In the end, I just patted it in and waited for it to dry. It took a bit of time, but it was worth it.
I loved how calm my face was. It felt really hydrated and nourished. 
The mask is on the pricey side (it costs around $6 at Sephora, if I'm not mistaken), so I would only repurchase this when there is a discount. But it is definitely worth trying!

I didn't have any expectations for this mask, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it was made of thin soft material. It was dripping with essence when I took it out of its packaging. The essence was watery and clear, and had no noticeable scent. I had the mask on for about 25 minutes, and when I took it off, it was still wet. 

This mask claims to refresh and soothe. It did refresh my skin, as it felt a bit cooling while I had it on. However, I didn't really find it soothe any redness or blemishes that I had. When I took it off, I find that it gave me good hydration, but my redness and blemishes still looked the same as before I put this on.

I wouldn't say no to using this again, but wouldn't really buy it myself. This has alcohol listed among the first five ingredients, so if you are sensitive to that, you might want to skip using this mask.

I used the EX version of this cream which is an upgraded version from the original. If you can't afford the full size of Sulwhasoo products, you can find places online that sell a bunch of their samples at an affordable price. That was what I did. I got a pack of 10 samples, and 1 lasts me for two or three uses. As with other Sulwhasoo products, this cream contains ginseng for anti-aging. It also contains squalane in its top 5 ingredients listed.

The cream has a rich texture that is lightweight on the skin. For this reason, a little actually goes a long way. I used this while it was still winter, and it provided enough moisture for my dry combination skin. My skin immediately looks glowing and even-toned when I use this cream. Over continuous use, I notice that my skin felt healthier and plumper. 

Definitely lives up to my expectations for this brand. 

This was a good cleansing oil. It has a light watery texture that emulsifies nicely after massaging water on top of it on the face. I find that I have to wipe this off with a damp cloth instead of just rinsing with water, because otherwise I feel like there is still a film or residue left on my skin. It cleanses the skin well, but I prefer thicker oils or cleansing balms as a first cleanse.

This is one of my favorites from the Tony Moly I'm Real sheet mask line. It has a nice refreshing lemon scent that immediately lifts up the mood when you use it. For that reason, I like using this in the morning. I usually use it while showering. The mask provides nice hydration, and slightly brightens the complexion. Very good for a cheap sheet mask!

I am always on the look for new sunscreens, as it is an indispensable part of my AM routine. I look for those that are high in UVA and UVB protection, lightweight, non-drying, and easy to reapply throughout the day.

I received a sample of this, and unfortunately didn't like it. It has a creamy texture similar to BB creams, but it doesn't apply smoothly to the skin. It immediately feels dry on my skin. Perhaps this would be more favorable for people with oily skin, who don't mind a thick cream texture. It has a slight white cast but that disappeared qucikly after I applied BB cream on my face on top of it. 

This cleanser has a high pH that tends to dry out my dry-combination skin. I really like its creamy texture and its subtle scent, but it does make my face feel dry and tight. Wouldn't use it anymore. 

If you have no problems with high pH cleansers, this cleanser lathers into a rich foam and brightens skin while cleansing it. 

I bought the travel size of this, and it's very convenient to bring along for trips. Given that I use this only during travel time, I cannot give an in-depth review of its long term effects, but I will share my short-term impressions of it. I have dry combination and dehydrated skin.

The cream contains 80% snail secretion filtrate, giving it soothing properties and the capabilities to improve skin texture or elasticity. it doesn't have any noticeable scent, and its texture is light and gooey. It layers nicely on top of my serums and essences, and under my sunscreen and bb creams. For dry skins like mine, I would suggest to use this in the summer as it is too light for drier months. Based on this travel size that I have, I would say that this cream is good, but not exciting enough for me to buy its full size. I would probably buy more of the travel sizes just to have more of this cute container!

This is a sheet mask that bubbles once you put it on your face. It aims to control sebum and deep cleanse the face. Notable ingredients include grape fruit, lime, apple, orange, papaya, blueberry fruit extracts, witch hazel, green tea extract, and charcoal powder.  

The mask only covers half of your face, that is your nose, cheeks down to your chin. The mask is supposed to be put on only for 10 minutes. The longer you put it on, it might dry out your skin, or the bubbles might start entering your nose, which would feel weird. xD

Before opening up the packaging, you should first massage the package to make sure the essence spreads evenly on the sheetmask. The essence is soapy, and the sheetmask itself is black. During the 10 minutes of putting it on, the essence would form a thicker foam. Once the 10 minutes period is over, you should take off the mask and rinse off the foam. 

My face felt clean without feeling dry, and looked brighter after using this mask. It was a fun skintertainment experience, and I would purchase this for next time use.

At first, I was a little disappointed when I received this balm and saw that it was liquid. After looking up information on the internet, I found out that sometimes people get the product melted. You can make it solid again by microwaving it for 30 seconds and then putting it in the freezer overnight, but it's still annoying. This is why I'm giving this balm a four star instead of a five. Because, other than that, the product is actually great! I wanted to dislike it, but I can't. :))

It has a nice herbal scent. Spreads easily on the skin, and emulsifies well. I usually wipe off my cleansing balms or oils with a damp cloth, but I find myself feeling comfortable just rinsing this off with water. It doesn't leave any film or residue on the skin! I'm impressed. This definitely is worth purchasing, and merits its fame among beauty enthusiasts. 


Kao Eye Steam Mask


My boyfriend and I enjoy this a lot for relaxing and de-stressing the eyes. We both work in front of computer screens for long hours every day, and having this around to soothe the eyes is really great! 

We have the Yuzu variety. I can't speak for the other varieties, but the scent is pretty strong with this. If you are not a fan of scents in products, you might opt for the non-scented one. The mask starts warming up when you put it on. It heats for about 20 minutes before it cools down again. You would feel a fine steam on your eyes as the mask heats, which I find comfortable and relaxing. To help the mask stay in place when you have it on, it has ear flaps. The flaps hold perfectly without hurting the ears. 

I'm glad I learned about this product and tried it out.

This has SPF50+/PA++++. This is so great for those extremely hot days where the sun feels like its stabbing you with its hotness. It's texture is very thin and watery, basically like milk. But it protects my face really well! I walked outside for long times with this on, and my face didn't get burnt or uncomfortable. It feels velvety when you apply it to the face, doesn't feel like sunscreen at all. It doesn't leave a white cast or film, and finishes matte on the face. Definitely the kind of finish you would want from a sunscreen when it's scorching hot and you're prone to get shiny from sweat. This also layers nicely when I reapply it during the day. I'm really impressed and happy with this sunscreen.

I received a sample of this and used it for two whole weeks on my face, before removing it to my body. I really like this soap. It has a gentle scent that reminds me of baby powder, and lathers richly. It leaves my skin clean but also very soft after every use. The only problem is that, due to it being a bar soap, it has high pH. It doesn't strip my face dry, however, as my face is quite sensitive to high pH, I didn't dare use it longer for the face and switched it to my body. If your skin is not sensitive, you should definitely give this a go! It feels very luxurious and relaxing just enjoying the scent and its lather. Otherwise, this would also make a nice body soap.

This is one of my current favorite sunscreens. It comes in a slim pretty squeeze tube, making it very nice to bring around as it doesn't look like typical sunscreen packaging at all! The texture is creamy, and reminded me of the Shiseido Senka sunscreen (if you ever used it). However, it feels very light when applied on the skin, almost feathery. It doesn't feel oily, and doesn't feel like sunscreen at all. The finish it gives is dewy, so I'm not sure how oily faces would like this. I have dry-combination skin, and find myself liking the finish. This also layers nicely when reapplied. Overall, a very good sunscreen!

This mask has a strong herbal scent that reminds me of ginger and honey. It has a thick sticky texture. You are suggested to put this on after serum step in your routine. I've tried using it right after cleansing, and also right after serum step for comparison. Using it after serum step helps make the application easier. If you are reluctant to use this after your serum, perhaps using it after toning step would give the same effect. 

After waiting for 30 minutes, the mask is already dry and ready to peel off. I'm always impressed with how clear my skin looks after using this! It doesn't dry out my skin. My skin tone is evened out, it looks smoother and clear. Definitely worth trying or purchasing!

I use the Galactomyces contained version of this FTE. At the beginning, its smell reminded me of beer. Its texture is very watery. I like to apply it directly with my hands. It feels very refreshing and hydrating, and my skin definitely misses it when I don't have it around. I don't notice any other effects beside hydrating and plumping my skin though, so if you're looking for FTEs that will help with brightening or evening out skintone, you might need to look for other options.

This sleeping pack feels very luxurious and smooth on the skin. A little goes a long way. Upon application, my skin already looks smooth and feels well-nourished. The morning after I wake up, my skin still looks smooth, soft and feels happy! The effect also lasts the whole day. Really love this mask.

This mask has everything that I liked from the Float series Package mask: thin material that is drenched in thick watery essence, but with the addition of having a great fit and a motivational message written on it! This mask is aimed to soothe troubled skin, having centella asiatica extract as its main ingredient. It also contains other soothing ingredients (aloe leaf juice), and hydrating as well (sodium hyaluronate). 

I had the mask on for about 20-25 minutes. It felt very hydrating, and indeed soothed my redness. I had a small bump on my cheek that was calmed after using this mask. It looks promising to use the other varieties in this new Message mask series from Package.

This cushion is suitable for medium skin tones (shades NC23 to 25). I have medium skin tone, and this looks natural on my skin. It gives a finish that is not too dewy, and not too matte. Overall, natural healthy looking complexion. It has SPF 50 PA+++, so it also protects the skin from the sun. 

A little goes a long way with this product to obtain medium coverage. I usually use one dab/press of the puff on the product to use on my whole face, and it already gives medium coverage for my dark spots. If I want to make the dark spots not show completely, I take another dab/press of the product and pat specifically on my dark spots. 

The product also contains good ingredients for the skin, such as albutin, adenosine, and chamomile extract. It is marketed as a cushion that is good for acne-prone and sensitive skin. 

For more details (including pics on how it looks on my skin), please check my instagram:

These cotton pads have changed my perception on cotton pads for skincare. I use cotton pads mainly for toning. These are very thin yet compact. The texture is gentle on the skin, and doesn't leave out white residue on my face as some cotton pads do. What I like most about these is that they don't absorb too much of my products, making it very economical to save on toners. 

I'm From

Ginseng Serum


This serum is packed with great ingredients (~7% ginseng, hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, and more), making it a great serum for anti-oxidants and anti-aging benefits and provides protection to the skin from harsh environment and help improve skin texture for anti-aging. It has a nice texture which easily spreads on the skin. It has a thick smooth texture that spreads easily on the skin. It leaves a little tacky feeling, and has slight warming effects. 

Despite its lovely ingredients and texture, I couldn't stand the scent of this. It has a very strong floral fragrance that unfortunately gave me headaches. It also didn't work well for my skin or the other products that I was using, as it kept making me red/flushed and hot.  I couldn't continue using this product for that reason. If you are not sensitive to product scents, you might be interested in giving this a try. 

These thoughts are mostly first impressions as I had only been using samples of this essence. 

I really enjoyed using this eye essence. It had a light texture, but a little goes a long way. It takes a while to absorb, so I am careful not to take out too much for every use. It felt very moisturizing for my under eye area, and helped keep it look brighter/more fresh. It didn't do much in terms of improving fine lines, but I think that could only be judged through constant use for a long time. In any case, this is a nice lightweight eye treatment if you are not into heavy creams. 

I loved this mask. It has 30% coconut water, and is enriched with ceramides, niacinamide, and sodium hyaluronate. It claims to brighten skin and improve wrinkles by protecting skin's moisture barrier. The material was soft and adhered well to the skin. The essence had a refreshing coconut water scent to it, and there was plenty left of it for another use with cotton pads the next day. 

I used this mask for ~20 minutes. My face felt well-hydrated and nourished. Would definitely use this again!


Water Beam Mask


This mask was packed with great ingredients: collagen, caviar extract, sodium hyaluronate, sea water, vitamin B, aloe juice, green tea extract, and more. It was made of thin material and was very much drenched in watery essence. I could put on the mask for ~40 minutes. My skin really drank all the essence up, because when I took off the mask, there was not much residue on my face. My skin felt well-hydrated and adequately moisturized, fresh and glowing.

I really like this mask, and if you're a fan of thin watery masks, you should definitely try this out.

I used the Dore shade, as I have a medium skin tone.

This has a creamy texture, but doesn't feel heavy on the skin. It gives light to medium coverage without having to use up too much of the product. I love that it contains ingredients that also cares for the skin, such as ginseng extract for anti-aging, and licorice root extract for brightening. It also contains SPF20 for sun protection.

The finish is smooth and leaning towards matte, but it can be a bit flaky if my skin is dry. I make sure I have enough hydrating and moisturizing layers on my skin before putting this on. I don't usually need to reapply often; only once in the afternoon on a work day (I don't wear any other make up on top usually). 

Overall, this is a very good BB cream. Glad that I tried it. 

This mask contains pearl powder, caviar extract, vit B, sodium hyaluronate, green tea extract, and some more plant extracts. Backed with these ingredients, the mask claims to provide intense hydration while brightening the skin.

The mask had thin transparent material, and was very much drenched in clear watery essence. It had a slight floral scent to it. I could wear this mask for ~30 minutes. I really enjoyed using this mask as it was very comforting on the skin.

My face was well hydrated and my skin tone was more even after I took off the mask. Definitely one worth trying out!

I've loved all Naruko masks that I've tried, but this was a bit hard to enjoy wearing because of its smell. Since Raw Job's Tears is some kind of plant that has medicinal properties for healing skin, I assume the scent is from this plant. 

Other than the unpleasant scent, everything else about this mask was actually good. The fit, essence, and material was as expected from Naruko masks. The result was actually great. My face was glowing, skin was well hydrated, slightly brightened and pores' appearance was reduced. 

If you are not sensitive to smell, I think you should definitely try this mask.

This cream is enriched with Naruko's signature 11-plant extracts (patented as Phytoferulin), and vitamins A, B, E and C. It is aimed to give a boost of hydration, and protect the skin with the anti-oxidants in its ingredients. 
The texture of this is a mix between cream and gel. It has a silky slip when applied. It is a very lightweight cream which makes it great for daytime use. This also makes it great for oily-combination skin. My skin is more on the dry side, and so I usually layer this twice when I need extra moisture. Given its lightweight texture, layering this doesn't overwhelm my skin.
It has a great rose scent, and feels soothing when applied. After absorbed, my skin looks glowing and fresh. I've used other creams that do much more than provide hydration boost and make my skin glow, but this cream's overall presentation (scent, texture, finish) makes for a very nice part of my routine that I always look forward to. 

I really like this toner. It has a pleasant rose scent. It has niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate, and a lot of different plant extracts. The texture is watery, which makes it perfect for layering. It is hydrating and gentle on my skin, and makes for a very refreshing toner. This would be perfect for all skin types. 

This mask claims to be made with an eco-friendly fiber material, and aims to brighten the skin. It contains niacinamide and flower extracts.

The essence was creamy and white. The sheet mask itself was a bit on the medium thickness but adhered well to the skin. It wasn't soaked well enough for my taste, so I had to scoop out the essence from the packaging to pat on top of the mask.

After 30 minutes, I took off the mask and my skin's redness was calmed down and brightened. The essence absorbed quickly to my skin and didn't leave a tacky feeling. 

I bought this lipstick in the shade Maple Brown. This lipstick feels moisturizing and silky on the lips. You need a few swipes to build the color, though. It lasts ok, need a few reapplications during the day. I really like this for daily wear as it is not drying and gives a natural look.

I used some samples of this, so this is more of a first impression instead of a full-review. 

I was worried that this would not be moisturizing and hydrating enough for my normal-dry skin, as I prefer creams to lotions, but it turned out ok. My face felt comfortable using this during the day, and it didn't break me out. For night time use, I added a sleeping pack on top for extra moisture.

The only thing I didn't like about this was its texture. It is understandably sticky, as it contains snail secretion extract. However, it took a while to smooth it out on my skin and absorb. It was a little frustrating to use this in the morning because I needed extra time to even the lotion out. 

It was nice, but not enough for me to consider purchasing.

This mask contains yogurt extract (1000ppm), lactobacillus ferment extract, green tea extract, among other ingredients. It's aim is to nourish and moisturize the skin. Upon opening, it gave the scent of strawberry soft candy. It has a clear thick essence. The fit was good, the material is on the medium-thick side but is stretchy so it clung well on to the face. 

I left the mask on for 20 minutes or so, and it made my skin felt very comfortable. It gave a boost of hydration and moisture. I would say this mask is comparable to the A'Pieu milk masks I've tried. They don't do much other than great hydration but they make for an enjoyable masking time. I would purchase this again, if I find it.

This mask contains niacinamide and arbutin which are good ingredients for brightening. It also contains plant sodium hyaluronate, ceramides, and plant extracts for hydration and soothing. As other Naruko masks, this mask had a thin material and was drenched in essence. The essence was thin and transparent. There was a slight floral scent, but it fades pretty fast. 

I had the mask on for 30 minutes. After I took it off, I noticed some brightening, and my redness/red marks were calmed. My face felt quite hydrated and was also glowing. The essence absorbed quickly to my skin, and it didn't leave a tacky feeling. I've always been a fan or Naruko masks, and would definitely repurchase this mask. 

This is one of my favorite sunscreens at the moment. It is fairly cheap in price but gives high range protection, while making my skin look good.

It has a creamy texture, but not too thick, so it applies easily on the skin. It's slightly yellow in color, but blends in nicely on the skin, leaving no white cast. 

My skin is normal-dry dehydrated, and this sunscreen does not give an oily/shiny finish for me. It does contain alcohol, so if you don't like that, you might want to avoid using this. I don't have any problem with this containing alcohol, and so far I don't feel that it is making my skin dry. Among its ingredients is hyaluronic acid and ubiquinone that helps prevent the skin from being dried out using this.

Considering its price and how lovely this applies on my skin, I would repurchase this. 

This was the first time I used a peeling mask, so I honestly didn't know what to expect. My feet suffered from roughness, and I wanted something to help soften it.

If you want to use this peeling mask, you should spare about 2 weeks for the peeling process. This means, you may not be able to use open shoes or sandals during that time because your feet will look ugly with all the peeling. :p

This mask is shaped like socks, with an adhesive tape to hold the ankle part together. I put the mask on, and covered them with some socks so I could still walk around freely while having the mask on. It takes 40 minutes to an hour before you can take these off. After an hour, I took the socks and masks off, and rinsed my feet with warm water. It smelled strongly of alcohol when I took off the masks.

My feet started peeling on the fourth day after I put on the mask. It started peeling on the heels and soles of my feet, but some people experience peeling immediately on the front of their feet. The front of my feet didn't start peeling until the next week.

The peeling didn't feel painful at all to me. In fact, if I didn't see my feet, I wouldn't have known that they were peeling. The peeling lasted for about 10 days, which makes it a total of 2 weeks for the entire process. Since this only promises to shed dead skin, and not necessarily hydrate or moisturize the feet, I made sure to moisturize my feet really well each day with lotion. 

Overall, I was happy with the process. My feet didn't become baby soft instantly, but the mask did reduce some roughness around my heels and outer part of my feet. I wouldn't do this monthly, but definitely seasonally. 

I have been using this eye cream for the past two months. I only use it every other day, because I feel that my under-eye area gets overwhelmed when I use eye cream every day.

This eye cream comes in a thin tube packaging. It is easy to squeeze out product from the tiny mouth of the packaging, I can easily dispense only a small amount, and rarely have to "waste" product do to over-squeezing. A little goes a long way with this cream. It is lightweight, yet feels very moisturizing. After using this for a while, I notice that it helps brighten my under-eye area, besides giving good moisturizing.   

The only downside of this product that I noticed is that if I layer BB cream or CC cream on top before it fully absorbs, the final look will be patchy. I have to really make sure that this has absorbed before layering with makeup.

I really like this eye cream and might buy it again in the future.

I really like this mask. The fit was perfect. The mask was of thin soft material as Naruko masks usually are. The essence was really slimey, and so it was slippery to put it on. I had to lie down to make sure the mask stayed put.

I had the mask on for around 25 minutes. It had a cooling sensation while I had it on. When I took it off, it already started to dry around the upper lip area.

The result after I took this off was that my skin was noticeably more even-toned. My red scars and bumps were calmed down. My face didn't feel as hydrated as I would expect, though. It felt quite tight actually, because of the essence's stickiness. 

However, I'm still happy about this mask's effect and would repurchase.

I love this mask. You can check the ingredients in the picture.

The essence was clear jelly that had a faint sweet scent that faded after a while. The mask was made of thin material with great fit. 

After putting on the mask, I squeezed out the remaining jelly essence from the packaging, and massaged it onto the sheet mask. There was a good 2 tablespoons of jelly essence that I could squeeze out of the packaging.

It felt very cooling and relaxing. I took off the mask after almost 30 minutes, and wiped off the remaining jelly lightly with a tissue.

The essence felt slightly sticky and thick on my skin, but I could easily put on the next steps of my routine after. My skin looked brighter and my redness calmed down. I was really happy with this mask and would repurchase it.

I really liked this mask, and would restock it. It is pink in color, I suspect maybe due to the red ginseng water that they use in the ingredients. The essence was clear though. This of course also has snail excretion filtrate, which is what I was going for when i decided to put this on. I had a few bumps starting to appear on my face and I wanted to calm them down. I used this at night.

The mask fit me ok, BUT the eye holes are quite small, I can imagine it being a bit uncomfortable for some people. I had to lie down, because at one point the essence dripped into my eyes and it stung bad. :-/

I had this on for around 20-25 minutes. The essence didn't leave a sticky feeling for me, but it does take a while to absorb, and I immediately layered my moisturizer on top. 

The next morning, my red bumps were calmed down. I also notice my skin tone more even. 

I was so happy to receive this eye mask in one of my beauty box purchases from Japan. Unlike the more famous Kao Megurythm masks that are steam eye masks, the masks from this line are warmed using hot oil. Based on what I can gather from various seller sites (the packaging was all in Japanese), the hot oil part of the mask which will be in contact with your eyes and release heat contains nourishing oil, such as jojoba oil and squalane oil.

I had the rose sandalwood scented variety. Upon opening, the scent was so lovely and relaxing. The eye mask has a side that is dotted pink, and another that is white. The white side is has a protective transparant film on it. You remove the film, and apply the white side on to your eyes. The edges of the eye mask has an adhesive material that stickes to your skin. Upon application, the mask was very warm (supposedly 40 degrees). I had the mask on for about 15-20 minutes before falling asleep with it on. 

This is a very relaxing mask that I would repurchase. The only downside that I found was that the adhesive part of the mask didn't really stick very well, so I had to lay still (which luckily for me is not hard to do). I understand now why people are big fans of such eye masks.

I found this mask for a very cheap price in a supermarket, and decided to give it a try. Its material is on the thicker side, but it fit OK and adhered quite well to the skin. It was drenched in essence, which smelled a bit of alcohol. I left the mask on for 20 minutes, and at the end my skin felt very hydrated. The leftover essence absorbed quite quickly onto my skin, and didn't leave a sticky residue. 

It was okay, but nothing very special. I'm not a big fan of the material, and so would give this two stars instead of three. Other cheap sheet masks have given me better experience with more comfortable material and/or nicer smelling essence.


These green tea point pads are moisturizing pads that you can put on areas of your face for extra moisture and hydration. It has a heavy floral green tea scent to it. Each pad is very much drenched in a thick watery essence. The packaging suggests to leave on the pads for 5-10 minutes, but since they are very moist, you can easily have them on for even half an hour without them drying out. This makes for a great quick pick-me-up, as well as a longer relaxing pamper session.

The pads are green in color and has Hello Kitty printed on them. After I removed the pads from my face, my face areas feel very moisturized. The essence is a bit hard to absorb, as it is quite thick and leaves a sticky residue. If you are not a fan of that, you might need to give your face a light rinse.  

Overall, a very good skintertainment!

I have this lip tint in the shade RD01 (Shiraz Red). It's highly pigmented, I don't need multiple swipes to build the color. It also lasts very long. This is not as moisturizing as I would prefer, but it layers on top of my lip balm nicely. If I want to make the color appear lighter, I have to make sure I only have little product on the brush when I swipe it. This liptint dries quickly so it can be tricky to blend the color nicely if I accidentally swiped too much product on my lips. 

This product can be considered quite pricey for a honey mask, but it does do a good job in leaving skin smooth, soft and moisturized. It contains 38% honey extract, with propolis, snail secretion filtrate, shea butter, grapefruit extract, and others. 

Before using, I usually stir the mask with a spatula first, and apply a thin layer on my face. The texture of the mask is like melted caramel, buttery and gentle when spread on the face. It smells heavily of toffee or caramel candy, so if you are not really into sweet scents, this might not be for you. It is suggested to leave the mask on for 10 minutes to an hour. The mask doesn't dry out, so you can immediately wash it off after the suggested time.

I usually wash it off with warm water, followed with cold water. Usually a thin white wax-like layer appears on the face while washing. Although it is a bit tricky to rinse off, I find that it goes away more easily with cold water. Once the white layer is removed, I dry my face and my skin feels very soft and smooth. Definitely a recommended product to have in your stash!

I got this for free after making a purchase at a store. This line of pocket pack from Missha comes in a variety of options: honey, shea butter, aloe, lemon, etc. Some are sleeping packs, while others are peeling packs and wash-off packs. The honey option is a sleeping pack.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find enough information online about its ingredients. It comes in a squeeze pocket packaging, which can give 4-5 uses. This honey one has a gel-like texture, with a clear transparent color. I didn't notice any strong scent. It slathers on easily on the skin, leaves a slight tackiness but after a while it absorbs nicely to the skin.

I tried using this with and without my moisturizer after using hydrating serums. I think this is not enough moisturizing to use alone (I do have normal-dry skin with dehydration, and I used this in winter with heated rooms). I think this would be nicer to use in the summer, or for people with oily-skin, as its gel-texture doesn't overwhelm the skin with moisture. 

In general, my skin didn't feel any impressive results when I wake up in the morning. It didn't break me out, but also didn't seem to add anything to my skin other than moisture barrier or additional hydration. I wouldn't mind using it if I had this around, but I didn't find the experience of using this motivating enough to buy this.

This mask contains marine collagen, green tea, and arginine among other ingredients. It has a light green color. The mask was quite tricky to put on, as it was slippery, but this is the problem with all hydrogel masks. Once put on, this actually adheres well on the face. I didn't notice any strong scent.

I put this on for 25 minutes. Upon removing the mask, my face looked matte as promised. My face wasn't wet with leftover essence but it was well hydrated. There was no tacky feeling, and the appearance of my blemishes were calmed down.

Overall a good hydrogel mask. 

I am generally happy with black masks, and this is no exception. This has in its ingredients: sodium hyaluronate, volcanic ash, witch hazel extract, and kaolin. 

The material is medium-thick, fits perfectly on my face and adheres well. It's not as soft as other black masks I've tried, but I still enjoyed using this. 

I left the mask on for 25 minutes. The essence absorbed quickly on my face, and didn't leave a tacky feeling. I noticed that this gave me a matte finish, while keeping my skin feeling hydrated. I think this is really good for combination skin, although those with normal/dry skin like mine could also enjoy it. 

I wanted to love this product so much, since it has a great ingredients list. It has royal jelly extract, propolis extract, niacinamide, centella asiatica extract, licorice root extract, and the list goes on.  

It looks like honey, but not as sticky. It glides easily on the skin. Takes a while to absorb, and leaves a little tacky feeling, but nothing very annoying. It's very affordable for a huge size jar that definitely lasts forever, and you can use it in a lot of ways! As an ampoule before your moisturizer, as a sleeping mask, even a mask for your body.

Unfortunately, my skin breaks out when I put this on. I think the culprit is the hydrolized silk in its ingredients. I had a problem with some products containing silk before, so I suspect this as the cause of my problem.

Luckily, I can still use this on my body. I would suggest checking closely the ingredients list before buying this, because even though it's cheap, it sure is a lot of product. With it expiring in a year after opening, you wouldn't want it to go to waste!

This mask provided me with good hydration and brightening effects as promised. However, it smelled very off-putting. If you are not a fan of sour/fermented aromas, you will probably not enjoy this so much.

I like to relax while putting on my sheet masks, and so, having a nice scent is an important contributor to that experience. Although this mask felt soft on the skin, and provided good results for me, I don't think I would be reaching out to buy this on my own.


This BB cream has pretty good ingredients under its belt. It has jojoba oil, hyaluronate derivatives, and marine collagen, among others. Unfortunately, it doesn't have SPF for sun protection, so you have to be sure to put on sunscreen before applying this to go outdoors. My daily moisturizer and sunblock combined leaves my skin somewhat slippery, but this applies easily on top. The only problem is if I put this on top of eye cream. My eye cream is very rich in texture, and this BB cream becomes blotchy when I apply it on top the eye cream.

This product is a little bit creamy in texture, and is apparently suitable for all skin types. I have medium skin tone, and just like the other Lioele BB cream that I tried (Dollish Veil Vita), this settles with a natural bright tone on my skin. It doesn't make my skin look grey-ish or unnaturally pale. If you want to see how it looked swatched on my hand and applied to my face, you can check my instagram post:

A little of the product provided adequate coverage of my blemishes. It also didn't make my skin feel uncomfortable or dry throughout the day. I used a sample of this, but I've already purchased the full size of it, as this is a good BB cream.

This product was sent to me for free by Amabie in exchange with my honest review.


This serum's main ingredient is Crithmun Maritimum Callus Culture Filtrate. This mouthful of an ingredient is sea fennel stem cell extract, which helps improve skin collagen production, and so helps improve skin elasticity, healing and prevent aging. 


I have used this for 3 weeks now, and have become attached to this product. The serum is slightly white, and has a thick slimey texture. Its texture reminds me of snail products! It comes in a dropper bottle, which is probably the only bad side to this product for me. The serum is quite thick, and doesn't easily come out of the dropper. The trick is to tilt the dropper a bit for the serum to easily flow out, but I really think a pump bottle would've been better for this.


Anyway, despite its thick and gooey texture, this glides easily on the skin and is easily absorbed! My skin feels a slight cooling/refreshment when I put this on. I usually use 2 dropplets of this for my whole face and neck. It does leave a slight tackiness, but I love this so much, I use it both for my AM and PM routines.


The immediate result of this is the GLOW. My skin immmediately looks glowing when I put this on, which is why I loved this from the very beginning. After consistent use for more than two weeks, I really think this has also helped in improving my skin's smoothness or elasticity. I had a few acne scars on my skin, and this helped smooth them away. My skin also looks more radiant and healthy. I've had no problem using this alone without my other HG essence or serum for improving my skin texture, it's that good for me. I would repurchase this. I'm glad Amabie gave me the chance to know this product. 

This mask was provided to me for free by Amabie in exchange of my honest review.

I love this eye mask. It claims to rejuvenate and firm the eye area, with peptides, edelweiss, olive extract and white horehound extract in its ingredients.

The packaging is very pretty, and the mask as well was very pretty. It's shaped like a carnival mask. The material was soft and thin, and the mask was drenched in essence. Most importantly, it hugged my eye area perfectly, and adhered quite well on the skin. 

Immediately upon putting it on, it felt very soothing. My eye area felt instantly refreshed. I had this on for around 20 minutes before I took it off.

RESULTS: Besides my eye area feeling refreshed and cooled, it was also well-hydrated. I also notice the appearance of tired lines below my eyes slightly reduced, possibly because of how hydrating the mask was.

I really enjoyed using this, this is actually among the very few eye masks or patches that impress me. I would want to purchase this and use regularly. Love it!

This hydrogel mask contains galactomyces, niacinamide, pearl extract and vitamin C, to brighten and hydrate the skin.

I find this mask to be very slippery compared to other hydrogel masks I've tried. I had to tilt my head a bit while using it, so that it doesn't slip off my face.

During usage, I felt an uncomfortable tingling on my cheeks. It didn't turn into a bad skin reaction, fortunately, but it did make my masking less enjoyable than I would've liked. Perhaps there is an ingredient in this that my skin doesn't agree with. 

I put this on for 30 minutes, and noticed that my skin was a little brighter and much hydrated. However, I don't think I will purchase this again.

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze masks are either hit or miss with me. Some of them are really nice for their cheap prices, but others are just meh. This one was horrible. Smells like lime dishwasher soap, and the smell doesn't go away after putting it on the face! I couldn't stand it, and had to hold my breath the most of the time I had it on.  

It's such a shame, because it actually has pretty good ingredients. It has niacinamide, grapefruit extract, lime juice and sodium hyaluronate.

I waited for 10 minutes and took it off, because I couldn't stand the smell anymore. My face felt hydrated, but I didn't notice any brightening of my face; maybe I didn't put it on long enough. Unfortunately I wouldn't repurchase this. 

This is a BB cream with SPF 25 PA++. I usually steer clear of BB creams as they tend to be drying on my face, and leave my face with a grey-ish or white ghost-like paleness ( I have medium skin tone). This one, however, settled very nicely and looked natural on my face! 

I had a sample of this BB cream, which I could use up for two times. The first time, I took more than needed out of the package, so I think the sample size can actually be used three times. It comes in two options, a purplish one and light-green one. Mine was white-green and not thick in texture. It layers well on top of my cream and sunscreen. It takes a bit of effort to spread it evenly on the face, but I only needed a small amount to create good coverage. It covers my blemishes nicely, and once the BB cream settles on my face, it looked quite natural! I was pleasantly surprised. The first day I used this, I also walked under the rain, and it stayed put.

As most BB creams, this did not feel moisturizing on the face. In fact, it can feel a bit dry. However, as I already anticipated this before use, I made sure I had enough layers of hydration through my skincare. At the end of the day, my skin still felt comfortable. 

I would buy a full size product of this. 

This mask was provided to me for free by Amabie in exchange of my honest review.


This mask claims to firm, renew and detoxify the skin. It has in its ingredients: peptides for hydration, white horehound (a mint family plant) extract for soothing and repairing, and alpine willowherb extract for clarifying skin. The ingredients are claimed to be organic.

Upon opening, it has a strong chemical-y scent that reminds me of tea tree. The mask is drenched in clear watery essence. The material is cotton, but it is not as thick as most cotton masks are. 

The fit was too big for me at the outer sides of the forehead and cheeks. I had to make a lot of folds to smoothen the mask. 

I left the mask on for about 15 minutes. 

RESULTS: After taking off the mask, I patted the essence to absorb. It absorbed easily into my skin. I felt my skin more firm and my blemishes calmed down. Overall, this is an OK mask for me. I'm not a big fan of the fit and the way the material felt on my skin (I've tried other cotton masks that are softer on the skin), but this did deliver results. If the fit was better, I would consider to purchase this.

This mask was provided to me for free by Amabie in exchange of my honest opinion. 


This mask contains sodium hyaluranote as its main ingredient and claims to be moisturizing and repairing. It also contains seaweed (chondrus crispus) extract which has the benefits for repairing skin.

Upon opening, the scent was pretty fragrant. It reminded me of fresh apple juice, and didn't bother me. It disappeared when the mask is put on anyway.

The mask is made of very thin material, and reminds me of MyScheming masks. Be careful when you unfold it and separate it from its protective foil. I was afraid to rip it apart.

The mask is very transparent, was drenched in a lot of essence, and felt cooling on the face. The fit was ok. It had a few excess material on the sides of my face, but I could fold it easily. 

The packaging suggests to put it on for 15 minutes. I put it on for about 20 minutes and it was still quite moist. 

There wasn't a lot of essence left in the package but my face is already very moist with the essence from the mask itself. 

RESULTS: After removing the mask, the essence absorbed quite fast to my skin, and it didn't leave a sticky feeling. Definitely good for a morning mask as well as evening. My face felt well hydrated, and my skintone was evened out. I notice that my skin felt nicely firmed and brightened as well. Would recommend this mask for people with aging and dull skin concerns and purchase it myself.

This mask had a nice honey scent. It has honey extract and propolis extract among its top four ingredients.

The material was thin and soft, and it was drenched in essence. The mask was quite big for me, but the fit around the eyes, nose, and mouth were really good. 

I put it on for about 30 minutes, and it was still moist. It did give a sticky feeling after I patted the leftover essence on my skin to absorb.

My skin was soothed and my redness was calmed. I didn't notice extreme brightening, but it evened out my skin tone. It's definitely nourishing and hydrating.

This mask contains galactomyces, honey extract and propolis. It was drenched in thick clear essence. Upon opening the mask, it was hard to unfold. I think this is due to its material being thin, but also due to the essence making the whole mask stick together. I was careful not to rip it off. The eye, nose and mouth holes were very big and made the fit a bit weird. However, the mask felt very soft and moist on the skin. I left it on for 30 minutes, and it was still moist when I took it off. The essence took a while to absorb, and left a bit of a sticky feeling. However, my skin looked brighter and healthier. Weird fit aside, this was a very good mask and perfect for relaxing.

This face cream contains niacinamide, peptides, ginseng, and adenosine. It claims to help with hydration, as well as fight aging and brighten skin complexion. 

It has a thick texture, which is not a problem for me as I have normal-to-dry dehydrated skin and it is winter now when I use this. I find the fragrance a little strong in this cream, but it is still tolerable. 

I've been using this for a few weeks now, and I really notice how much this cream helps keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. I spend my whole day in a heated office, which sucks life out of my skin.

Fortunately, with this cream, my skin feels more comfortable throughout the day, also when I am out under the cold and windy winter weather. 

It takes a while to absorb, but afterwards I can put on my next layers of sunblock and CC cream nicely. If I don't wait for it to absorb, it can create an "oily" look with my extra layers.

I do not really notice any wow-ing brightening effects, but maybe that just takes time. I also cannot claim anything on the aging yet, as I do not yet have wrinkles on my face.

All in all, this is a very good cream for dry/dehydrated skin, especially during winter. I would not prefer this in the summer due to its texture. 

This is a black mask that aims at reducing the appearance of blemishes and blemish marks. It had a very good fit on my face, the essence was clear with viscosity just a little thicker than water.

Unlike most sheet masks, this was only suggested to be put on 5-10 minutes. I left it on for 10 minutes. I felt a slight tingle on my cheeks as I put this on, but nothing uncomfortable.

When I put the mask away, I noticed my blemishes and blemish marks seemed less "angry", and my skin was also hydrated. After patting the essence to absorb, I notice that my skin looked matte (didn't look shiny). As there were a lot of leftover essence in the package, I could still use the essence the next morning.

Would buy and use this again.


This eye patch was ok. It was made of very thin material, and was heavily drenched in essence. The fit was perfect for under-eye area. However, the patches can be a bit slippery and move from where you put it on. 

I left the patches on for 15 minutes. It hydrated my under-eye area well, and I notice slight brightening, although nothing too exciting.

Would use it again if I have it around.

When I first saw this mask online, I thought: why would I want to buy a mask only for my cheeks? 

I do suffer from some PIHs, but that's about it. I had the impression that this mask would be for reducing acne/pimples. It's actually leaning more towards improving the appearance of imperfections on the cheeks: aka PIHs.

The mask contains a lot of plant extracts including licorice root, ginkgo biloba, calendula, and chamomile that are good for brightening and soothing the skin.

The mask is made of thin but firm material, and was drenched in essence. It had a butterfly shape that you put on from the upper side of your cheekbone, on across the nose to the other cheekbone. It will cover the most part of your cheeks.

The essence had a chemical-y scent to it, but it didn't bother me. I felt a slight tingle when I had the mask on, but nothing uncomfortable. 

I left the mask on for about 20 minutes, and upon taking it off, I notice that my cheek area looks very much soothed, which results in my PIHs appearance being slightly reduced. 

The essence absorbed quickly to the skin, however it left a sticky feeling. Would use this in evening masking sessions. I'm impressed with this mask and would buy and use it again.

It was hard to find information about this mask online, could only find its CosDNA. I received it as part of a subscription box. It claims to be moisturizing, and contains sodium hyaluronate, plant extracts and root extracts including rose, green tea, and ginseng. 

It is a very thin and transparent mask that was drenched in a lot of watery essence. It fit perfectly and comfortably on my face. I could leave it on for 30 minutes. The mask really gave a boost of hydration, and I felt my skin very much refreshed after using this. If I could find where to buy this online, I would definitely repurchase.

Another relaxing mask from APieu, if you like banana-scented stuff. This mask reminds me a lot of Tony Moly's banana sleeping pack. It smells of banana candy.

It contains banana, milk, royal jelly and soybean extract among others, and promises to nourish the skin. I like how this line of APieu masks feels on the skin. Its material is cotton, drenched in creamy essence and feels soft when you put it on. It fits very well, and is moist enough to be used for 20-30 minutes.

After I took the mask off, my skin felt comfortable, hydrated and nourished, as promised. So far I really like the varieties I've tried from this line!

This hydrogel mask contains red ginseng and gold, although they are in the last four items of the ingredients list. The mask aims to firm and nourish the skin. As most hydrogel masks, the fit was very nice and comfortable. The mask had an earthy scent typical of ginseng products. 

I left it on for 40 minutes. After taking it off, my skin felt more firm than before. I patted the remaining essence to absorb. My skin also felt very hydrated, however the essence gave a sticky feel to the skin. This would be very nice for a night mask as it helped boost my skin's hydration throughout the night. The next morning, I woke up with glowing skin.

I gave the rating 3 out of 5 because ingredient-wise it's not very impressive. Other red ginseng masks have the ginseng actually in the middle of their ingredients list. However, it's still very nice to use, and it's not pricey for a hydrogel mask. Would use it again.

Compared to other masks I've tried, this is not a game-changer or a wow-ing mask, but somehow I really like it. Maybe it's the relaxing smell or smooth milky essence that's soft on the skin. This has cocoa extract and plum extract to soften the skin. 

The packaging is really cute. The mask material itself was cotton, so it was more on the thick side of sheetmask material. The essence was creamy and milky white, and so the mask felt really smooth when I put it on my skin.

It had a faint chocolate milk smell. There were a lot of essence left in the package, I patted this onto the sheetmask, because cotton material makes me feel that the sheetmasks dry quicker. 

I put this on for 20 minutes, and when I took it off, my skin felt very comfortable and hydrated. 

Smells amazing, like grape candy. This contains AHA for chemical exfoliation, and the pads help with gentle physical exfoliation.

I use this twice a week right after cleansing on dry skin, so a full tub lasts me about 3 months. First, use the side of the pad that has a rough texture, and gently swipe it across the face. Afterwards, pat face with the gentle side of the pad. I then wait 3-4 minutes before rinsing my face with lukewarm water. Sometimes I feel a light sting on my face while waiting to rinse. But after rinsing, I don't feel any reaction or burn, so it's okay.

After regular use for 4 weeks, I notice that my skin becomes smoother and clearer right after I use this. I had rough cheeks, but now they are much softer. I look forward to use this every week, and I would buy another variety from this line. 

The packaging is quite small, I was afraid of accidentally ripping the mask while opening the package. I recommend using a scissor to neatly open it at the top. 

It had a light sweet scent that I cannot recognize. The essence was clear and the texture was watery. 

The fit of this mask wasn't great. There were too many folds that I couldn't smooth out. I also noticed that the chin part was torn in two. Not sure if that's by design or was caused by my careless hands unfolding the mask. 

It definitely is soothing. As I put it on, the mask felt very cool on my skin. The packaging suggests putting the mask on for 20-30 minutes. I left it on for about 25 minutes.

The essence took a while to absorb fully to the skin, and was a bit sticky. My skin feels hydrated and very much soothed. This is a very good mask, but nothing wow-ing. 

You could use this as a wash off mask or moisturizer, but I mainly use this as a sleeping pack. I use this at the end of my PM routine, either with or without moisturizer before. This mask pack has a light, almost slippery texture. It contains rice extract and niacinamide to nourish and help brighten your skin.  It feels cool and soothing when I apply it on my skin, which is a reason I really like this mask! It absorbs quickly, and when I wake up, my skin feels soft and well-nourished. It also leaves my skin more hydrated for the next day. I haven't been wow-ed on the brightening claims, but I do notice that my skin looks more radiant when I put this on the night before. I actually miss this when I don't put it on some nights, so I would most likely buy and use this again.

I really like the material of this black/charcoal mask. It's very soft (almost slippery), but sits well on the skin. The fit is great for my face. This mask is very moist, I can put this on for 30-40 minutes, longer than my normal sheet masking time. Its essence is watery with a slight thickness and stickiness to it. 

The end result is that my face is well-hydrated and my complexion brighter. I wouldn't use this for morning masking, though, because the essence is a bit sticky and takes quite a while to absorb. Would repurchase.


This mask targets aging and maturing skin. I have none, but my skin is pretty damaged by scars and this mask has the word "repair" in its title, so I thought of giving this a go. Among the ingredients of this mask are licorice extract, chamomile and green tea extract, which are known to be soothing agents.

The mask has a slight thicker material than the other Taiwanese brand masks that I have tried. It feels soft on the skin, and has a pretty good fit. The essence had a slight chemical scent for my taste, but it was ok. The texture of the essence was a bit thicker than water, and it was a clear transparent essence. There were still a lot left in the package (I used it the next day).

I left the mask on for 20 minutes. When I took it off, my skin felt really firm. I can really see how this would be great for anti-aging. It also left my skin well hydrated. Would purchase and use this again.

This sheet mask is claimed to have the same formula of Belif's famous aqua bomb. It aims to hydrate the skin.

It is different from typical sheet masks, as you need to first pop the aqua bomb to drench the sheetmask with essence. Fold the packaging at the two sides and press until you hear a popping sound. Afterwards, massage the package such that the essence goes to the area where the sheet mask is folded.

Once done, you can open the packaging and apply the mask as usual. The material is of cotton. The fit was perfect. I left it on for 20 minutes. After I took it off, my skin was well hydrated and glowing. The essence absorbed to my skin without leaving a sticky feel. 

Overall it is a great mask, however it is a hassle to prepare using it and it is a bit pricey.

This mask is made of very thin silk material, so when you take it out of the package, it has double protective layers. Unfold, take off the white protective layer and apply on to face. Afterwards, slowly take off the blue protective layer from the front. This helps reduce risk of ripping the mask.

The mask has a light scent that I can't say what it is, but definitely not overwhelming. The essence was clear with texture a bit thicker than water. I left the mask on for over 20 minutes. It gave me a bit of a sting around the cheekbone area, I'm not sure why. It wasn't irritating though, just a bit uncomfortable. 

After I took off the mask, my face was brightened and healthy looking! Definitely a level up from its previously dull state. This mask delivered what it claimed to do. Would repurchase.

I really like Annie's Way calendula softening jelly, as I use its mask form and see that it really softens my skin. So I was really excited to try this out, as I also love face sprays or mists, especially in winter time.

I think my expectation was too different from what this is supposed to do. I was expecting a face mist that I can use throughout the day to boost hydration for my face. This is basically jelly essence in spray format. It really is jelly in a spray bottle. So when you spray it to your face, you get a burst of jelly on your face. Most of the time, you get more jelly on one particular part of your face than the others, because jelly is hard to spray! You then have to pat pat pat to spread it evenly for absorption. I would've liked it more if the jelly essence was a bit more liquified, so I can easily get the calendula goodness sprayed evenly on my face.

If you are looking for face mist to spray on your face throughout the day and night to rehydrate, this is not for you. If you want the calendula jelly essence for application in your skincare routine maybe, then this is a good thing.


This cleansing oil promises not only to remove make up and cleanse your face, but also to even out your skin tone. It contains clay extract and Lipo HA that helps to lighten the skin tone.

I use this only as a first cleanse before foam cleanser, usually in the evenings. It has a slight floral (almost reminds me of jasmine) scent. I use two pumps and spread the oil onto my face. It feels very gentle on the skin.

I usually massage this on my face for 1-2 minutes, and then massage in lukewarm water on top of it until a white emulsion forms. I then massage my face again to take off the dirt from it, and rinse off with warm water.

This definitely cleanses my face very well. What I really like is that I can see clearly that it clears my pores. I cannot tell how good it is to remove make up, as I usually only use sunscreen and CC cream daily.

My skin tone is definitely more even after using this. Love this oil cleanser! I just wish it was more affordable. 

I love this toner. It contains lettuce extract, cucumber extract and cucumber water. It has a light sweet cucumber-y smell that is very refreshing and relaxing. The texture is a bit more thick than water. 

I have normal-to-dry skin prone to dehydration, so I look for hydrating toners. After cleansing, I usually pat this on to my face using my palms. It absorbs very quickly into the skin, and makes my skin feel soothed and hydrated. 

If you are looking for a refreshing toner that hydrates your skin, this is a good option!

This mask promises to brighten up the skin as it contains L-ascorbic acid. It had thin material which fits perfectly on my face. The eye and mouth holes were small, but still acceptable.

There was a slight chemical scent when I first put it on my face, but it quickly faded away. The essence is watery. I put on the mask for 20 minutes, but it could well be put on for longer.

My face felt refreshed and hydrated after I took it off, and my skin tone was more even. I think to get the brightening effect, you should put it on regularly for a longer period. Would repurchase this. 

If you're a fan of banana and banana scent, this sleeping mask is for you. It smells so, so delicious - I'm always tempted to eat it when I put it on. This has a thick, somewhat sticky texture and doesn't absorb immediately when you put it on. I sleep on my back, so I have no worries about it touching my pillowcase. When I wake up in the morning, most of the mask has usually been absorbed. My face feels very soft and nourished as a result of having this on throughout the night. I also notice that my face feels well hydrated throughout the day when I put this on the night before. Definitely a great sleeping pack!

This mask targets sensitive and dry skin, with promise to moisturize and soften the skin. I have normal-to-dry skin prone to dehydration, so this was my first choice for trying Annie's Way jelly masks.

The mask has a transparent color, and a nice floral scent. I used a spatula to spread it on my face after cleansing and toning. It's a bit tricky to decide how thick or thin the mask should be applied on the face. The packaging suggests 0.3 cm thick. For my first use, I spread a thin layer (0.1-0.2 thick) across my face, but would put on a bit more for next time.

I left on the mask for 30 minutes, as suggested on the packaging. The jelly mask had a soothing and relaxing effect, which was really nice! It didn't really dry out on my skin, even though I only put a thin layer.

To take it off, I first scraped the jelly off my face using the provided spatula. Afterwards, I wiped my face with tissue. My face felt really soothed, and my skin felt softer after I used this. I'm so glad I bought the big tub of this product, as I would be using it regularly, especially to sooth my skin after doing a mud or clay mask.

This is my current HG sunscreen. It has a light creamy texture, that absorbs easily into the skin and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. For this reason, I use this as a daily sunscreen.

I have a normal-to-dry skin prone to dehydration, and this sunscreen doesn't dry me out. It doesn't leave any white cast or film either.

I don't normally wear make up, so I cannot judge how good this is under make up, but I do wear CC cream daily and it hasn't been a problem to layer it on top of this sunscreen.

Would repurchase and stock up on this.

This cleansing balm is really soft on the skin. It has a buttery texture that melts into oil form and spreads easily on the skin. It feels very gentle on the skin as well. I usually massage my face for 2-3 minutes with this before I wipe it off with a cleansing cloth that's been soaked in warm water.

I normally only wear sunscreen and CC cream daily, so I cannot give information on how this removes make up. It does remove my CC cream very with just 2 wipes of the cleansing cloth. It also helps remove my lipstick/lip tint when I am wearing one. 

My skin looks glowing after cleansing with this. Love this balm!

This mask was dripping with essence. Every second longer it took me to unfold it, costed me drops and drops of essence falling onto my lap. xD Still, when I put the mask on, it was very moist and I could leave it on for 30 minutes or so. The material was thin and fit comfortably on my face. The essence was a creamy one, and I don't recognize any strong scent. There was a lot of leftover essence in the package. 

As the name suggests, this MBD mask promises to leave skin feeling moisturized. And that it did. My skin felt very nourished and moisturized after using this mask. In the beginning my face felt a bit sticky with the remaining essence, but it then absorbed pretty fast. Really like this mask!

I used the sample version of this mask. This 3D mask from Missha fits very well, it covers the whole face perfectly including the nose and jawline/neck area.

It claims to firm and nourish the skin. Its essence had a watery texture with a faint earth scent. This has a lot of extra essence in the package. I could leave the mask on for 25 minutes or more. 

I'm always satisfied with the result of this mask. My skin feels nourished and more radiant. The essence leave a sticky feel, and  absorbs pretty fast into my skin. 

Definitely one of my most fave masks!

I've tried this two times, once on a long-haul flight, and once at home. This mask is definitely soothing and moisturizing, but not enough for use in a highly dry environment that is inside a plane. ;)

The material is made of cotton, and is on the thick side. Not my favorite material, as it gives the impression of the mask not being superbly wet, which I tend to like more. Anyway, it is still soft on the skin, and moist enough to be used for a good 20 minutes or more. The essence wasn't dripping out of the packaging, but still enough extra to pat on my neck and arms.

It has a light soap scent which was okay for me (I like to describe it as a "just-got-out-of-a-spa" soap scent). The mask definitely has a soothing effect. I didn't put mine in the fridge, but my face felt cool during the time I put it on. After the masking session, I did feel that my face was moisturized.

I use this cleanser alone in the mornings, and as second cleanse in the evenings. It doesn't lather a lot, I think thanks to its ingredients list. The ingredients is packed with plant extracts.

This is gentle on the skin (though not the most gentle product I have used), and is non-stripping for combi-dry/dehydrated skin as mine. 

It comes in a big size for an affordable price. However, the packaging makes it a bit tricky not to get too much out of the tube whenever I use it.

All in all, a good gentle foam cleanser!

I really like My Scheming masks for their material and delivery of the results they claim to bring. This mask is no exception. It has sodium hyaluronate, honey extract and aloe juice, which are known to give hydration boost.

There is little to no scent with this mask. Just a faint smell of honey that fades away quickly after putting on the mask. 

The mask is drenched in essence. I put it on for a good half an hour. The essence was not watery and didn't drip. 

My only problem with this mask is the weird fit. The eye, nose and mouth holes were quite big, which left parts of my face uncovered. I had to pat in the essence onto those parts. In addition, there were excess material outside the cheeks. It would have been nice to have this excess material actually cover up other parts of my face.

Nevertheless, this soothes my skin and hydrates it really well.

This product should be in everyone's beauty stash even if they don't normally have acne. I don't easily breakout, but when I do, I want this to be in my reach.

I've tried using it during day and night. I think during the day it works more as a sealer to protect your pimple from pollutants and dirt that will make it worse. During the night though, this works to pull out all the gunk from inside your acne, and make your acne considerably flatter and/or less red the next morning.

I should also mention that even though you use this on top of cleansed skin directly (no other products in between!), it doesn't dry out the area that it covers. I have normal-to-dry skin that scars easily when it's dehydrated, so this was very important to me. 

Definitely a must have!

This is my HG essence. I love this, and miss it so much when I can't have it in my routine (when I travel and can't bring it along).

It has a slimy texture, with no noticeable scent. I slather a small amount on my whole face and neck after putting on my toner and FTE.

This has noticeably improved my skin texture. After using this, my bf remarked that my skin was softer. It also adds extra hydration for my skin, which is really great since mine easily gets dehydrated.

This product has shown me the power of snails, and makes me want to try other snail products.

I have normal-to-dry skin that is prone to dehydration and is usually sensitive to harsh cleansers or exfoliators. This cleanser is one that my skin doesn't like.

It leaves my skin feeling very tight, even though it does feel amazingly squeaky clean. Since my skin is very sensitive to harsh cleansers, it starts to have scars whenever I use this cleanser regularly.

Perhaps this would work for oily/combi skin types. Even so, I would suggest just using this when skin feels very congested and oily, instead of regularly.

I use this essence after my toner in my skincare routine. I've used this for two and a half months now. I usually splash it onto my palm and pat pat pat it onto my whole face. It feels very refreshing!

I notice that my skin's complexion looks more radiant after using this. It also boosts my skin's hydration. The only thing that prevents me from giving this a 5-star instead of a 4, is that I don't notice it doing anything to improve my skin texture. I've read that some people's skin texture have improved (less whiteheads) after using this, so I had high expectations. But I still had my few CCs. Still, I really love having this in my routine!

This was my first time using a vit C serum. I have dehydrated sensitive skin, with some acne scars on my cheeks that I would like to fade out.

I chose to use this serum from Klairs and not others because it is said to be more lightweight : its clear bottle apparently indicates lower concentration of ascorbic acid (vit C serums are usually stored in dark bottles because high concentration of ascorbic acid can be reactive to light). 

I've used this everyday for three weeks now morning and evening before my moisturizer, with a few minutes of waiting time to absorb. I notice the improvement that this serum has brought to my skin. It hydrates and evens out my complexion. My acne scars have started to fade. As I've been traveling a lot during these three weeks, I had occasional bumps, but with this serum I know that signs of their whereabouts will be faded easily. 

I am really excited to see how much more my skin can improve with this. 

I tried the hydrating sheet mask. I was pleasantly surprised with how soft the fabric of this mask is. By far, it is one of the softest masks I have ever tried!

The essence was creamy, and there was a lot left over in the package. 

I left the mask on for well over 20 minutes. My skin felt very well hydrated afterwards, and I love that it didn't feel sticky. 

This is definitely of my favorite sheet masks for hydration.



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