About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Oily
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Other
  • Hair Color: Brown

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Other - non-beauty
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Organic
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

My friend recommended me this product, my hair became more volumed and changed my oily hair condition, I highly recommend this!!!

It's not greasy at all, so refreshing which is really great!!!!

I've been using Za's sunscreen product for quite some time, my skin became whiter after I used this, great to use during summer in Taiwan!!

This is really cheap and great, I apply this before I sleep, like a moisturizing layer on my face, makes my skin better!!!

I have to put heavy makeup for performances, thats when I use this makeup remover, it cleanses all the makeup from my face, so useful!!

Everyone loves Dove's product, I bought this because it was cheap, it was great!

I found out about this product in a commercial ad, after I tried it my face didn't feel dry and it's more clean. Also it's cheap, so great!!

This is not cheap but it really helps my dry skin, my skin condition improved and became very nourished! Everyone should use it

Alot of people didn't think that exfoliating is important, after I used this exfoliator, my face got very smooth and great! So easy to use. 

The mask is not cheap but it's so great, everytime I use it I can see the whitening effect on my skin, recommend it to everyone!!!

I've been using this since I was little, it's cheap and so great, everytime I shower I get very smooth skin, recommend it to everyone!!

This moisturizer is great for my very dry skin, it's very effective. So great for my dry skin, recommend every one to use it! 

Sunblock products is a must during summer in Taiwan, this sunscreen is great and inexpensive, I  highly recommend it to everyone!!!!

I love to use this kind of face wash that lathers alot, it's mild and doesn't irritate the acnes on my skin. Highly recommend this product!!!

I've always been using DHC's products, this lipbalm is so great, very effective, recommend everyone to use it!!

My lips peels because it's really dry, this lipbalm prevents my lips from being dry so I don't peel anymore. It's small and easy to carry, recommend everyone to use it! 

I need very strong hair wax because I do performances, my friends recommended me this product and I can see that this is pretty good, sticks well and very long lasting, great for me. 

It's very refreshing and sooths my skin, great to use during summer. And it's super cheap!!!

This tea tree oil takes great care of my skin, I sometimes grow pimples or acnes, after using this product, I can see the improvement on my skin, recommend to everyone~

Even guys don't really use skincare products, but hydrating is very important, this toner makes my skin moisturizied and I look more lively! 

Alot of my friends recommended me this whitening mask, it didn't look very impressive to me but after I applied it, it was so amazing, my skin got whitened and glowing, this is a must have if you want whiten skin!!

The natural product is great for my scalp, I have very oily hair during summer and this shampoo improved my condition. I feel very refreshed after wash! 

My friend recommended this product to me, alot of my relatives uses this face gel! It's not too expensive, very worthed!

I believe everyone heard of this brand, people loves it and the price is inexpensive. I have no problem with it, a very mild face wash! 

I need to do makeup sometimes, and all my girlfriends love this too, it's easy to wash off and even me as a guy I can apply easily, so great!!

This is a must have when I shave, it makes the shaving process smooth and easy, recommend it!!

My friend recommended me this, I wanted to use another brand but then I tried this it was great and inexpensive, highly recommend this product!!

Sometimes after I shave, my skin really dries out and even peels, that's why I need this shave balm for my skin. This balm really helps me! Recommend it to all guys!

This body wash is mild and does not irritate my skin, thast why I use this for a long time, inexpensive and great, recommend this to everyone!!

Taiwan's super hot weather make it easy for my skin to turn dark, and once my skin got darkened it's really hard for me to whiten bac. This is when I decided to use this product to protect my skin from the sun and gain white skin! 

This deodorant is very effective, l dance alot which makes me sweat alot. This deodorant make me very refreshed! Great for people who sweats easily! 

A friend recommended this product to me, after I've been using it for quite some time, my hair became more volumed and my hair condition has improved. Everyone should try this nourishing hair mask~!

My guy friends uses cologne, and they recommend this because it's easy to carry and not expensive. I recommend everyone to try this product. 

Dior's perfume is always in good quality, this perfume is great and does not too strong, recommend people who uses perfume, this is great! 

This product is very nourishing, I always apply this on my dry skin after shower, gives me smooth glowing skin! 

When I comes to skincare sometimes we focus so much on the face and forgot other parts, since I started using this my cracking dry skin condition is better, my skin starts to get smooth and shiny!

My hair gets oily very easily, even after a while when I just washed my hair. This dry shampoo slowly changes my condition, and my hair looks nice and volumed!! The price is good, just like other brands. 

Guys always needs hair wax to style their hair, there are some waxes that are too sticky or not sticky enough. This one is just about right, it's natural and not greasy, great for guys who styles everyday. 

I changed of face wash products until this one, it doesn't dry out my skin, great for guys with oily skin. This is a must have, it's inexpensive too. 



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