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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Curly
  • Hair Color: Brown

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  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: United States
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Mineral, Tree Oil, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: Yes

I'm really wondering why I didn't get into MasKingdom Masks sooner. This mask is just soaked in this herbal extract rich essence that is pure joy on my face right now. I had the foresight to tuck this in the fridge before going out today and all my yes this was a good idea. The mask has a decebt enough fit, adheres great, and is super soothing. This lasted me about thirty minutes before I took it off and patted the extra essence in the packet onto my face. Six minutes later my skin is happy with me again. Irritation is mostly down, minus the scarring that tends to flare up here and there when irritated. My skin feels refreshed, rehydrated, and bouncy. I need to explore more from this brand really soon.

There is a very delicate scent that accompanies this mask, like a creamy green tea. It's pleasant and not at all overbearing. The mask itself fits nicely, all the little cuts letting me position it in the best way to get good coverage and adherence. Soaked with the sweet scented essence, this mask lasted me a cooling and soothing 15 minutes. Once removed the remaining essence absorbed within a few minutes, with no tacky feeling left behind. So, so soft. My skin feels soft and so smooth, this was a great experience especially after a hot and windy day. My face was cooled, soothed, and still feels that way. There is that little bouncy and plump feeling that comes with the sodium hyaluronate, I really do love that effect. I'll be keeping an eye out for a pack of these the next time I'm at TJ Maxx. I need more.

Don't let the name make you think this is a waxy or overly thick mask. This has a gel consistency that glides on easily with a pack brush or clean fingers. I prefer a brush for an even coat. You can see the crushed up Damascus rose petals in the mask, and it's just lovely. This mask is instantly refreshing, especially if you keep it in the fridge to give it a little chill. I wash it off after about 10 to 15 minures depending on how thick of a layer I put down. My skin looks so refreshed and calm afterwards, I'm really in love with this for when I want something soothing. This does indeed make my skin feel softer and silky smooth afterwards. It's gently hydrating, so I feel like it's a great summer time wash off mask. Definitely something I would recommend to others, because Manyo Factory has yet to fail me.

I'm the type of person who will use a sheet mask near the end of my routine, with the only step left being to moisturize. This multi-step mask has you apply both the eye serum and soothing cream before the mask itself, and I'm completely good with this. To me, I feel like using a mask last or close to last just further seals and pushes in all the goodness you put on your face earlier in the routine. The eye serum was cooling to put on, with the aloe and green tea offering up their soothing qualities. The soothing cream is a thick white cream that I didn't need too much of, the jojoba oil and shea butter making it rather rich. Now the mask, this had a scent that reminds me of walking through the fine perfume section of a department store. It's not unpleasant and dissipates pretty quickly. The mask is full of fermented extracts, and that had me excited. The mask itself fits nicely and adheres well, lasting for a good 45 minutes before I took it off. It took a little bit of tapping and massaging to help everything absorb, but the results are so lovely. My skin felt richly hydrated. Soft, smooth, and this little glow - I'll be looking to keep this one stocked in my stash.

Fermented extracts and me get along wonderfully, so I went into this with high hopes. This mask fits wonderfully, once I've got it placed. We've established I struggle a little with hydrogels. This felt soothing while on, and lasted about 25 minutes before I took it off. I took the extra essence in the packet and tapped that on, letting it all absorb within the next 10 minutes or so. 🍊 No stickiness is left behind once fully absorbed, just bouncy and hydrated skin. I noticed a pleasant glow and some brightening, and my skin felt smoother and softer to the touch. This is one I will want in my stash again. Normally Vitamin C scares me, I'll be honest. But the inclusion of an extract that is derivative of the chamomile family made me feel secure that this would be less likely to irritate my sensitive skin. I was right, and I'm glad I gave this a chance.

🖤 Black masks are still a little odd to me, but that's mostly because I still haven't found an answer as to why black masks might be uniquely beneficial. That aside, this mask was a great find. Add this to the times an impulse purchase really went well for me. The fit was pretty good, even if a little wonky around the mouth. The mask felt soothing while on and adhered near perfectly. This lasted me a good half hour before I took it off to pat in the remaining essence. 🖤 This absolutely met expectations of the functions of the mask. My skin was plump, firm, and had that nice bouncy feeling you get with good moisturization. There was noticeable brightening, and both effects lasted well into this morning when I went to wash my face for my A.M. routine. I'll be snapping my favorite sea witch up again soon.

This is a Naruko mask I need more of, I'd almost forgotten about this one and I'm surprised with myself considering my experience with it. As with other Naruko masks I've tried, this mask is absolutely soaked in essence. The scent is a little odd, I can't quite place it and it's vaguely unpleasant. The scent fades quickly and the mask adheres beautifully. This lasts me just over 45 minutes and the results are wonderful. My skin was glowing and radiant, felt hydrated and plump, and was soft to the touch. I need to find this one again, and I recommend anyone that can find it try it out.

This is a "no" from me. First off, the mask reminds me of how the bathroom smelled after my father got ready for the day - strong aftershave. Not pleasant really when you want to put a mask on your face. The scent did fade, but it still didn't improve from there. The fit was wonky for me, and I couldn't keep this on longer than five minutes before it just got uncomfortable. Absolutely no positive effects of which to note. 

My Beauty Diary is among my favorite cost effective brands, with a few of their different types always finding their way in to my stash. This is probably one of the more lackluster types I've tried. There is no sweet rose scent to be had, and the results at the end of the masking aren't super exciting. The fit and adherence is good, like I expect with MBD. Soaked in essence, this lasted a good 25 minutes before I removed it. My skin felt soft and hydrated afterwards, but with so many other masks that can provide these functions I tend to be picky. If I want to use a rose mask that will soften and hydrate my skin, I do want to smell rose when I open the package. So this falls into the category of rose masks I wouldn't turn down, but won't go out of my way to buy again.

I've been using this fluid lotion in the toning step of my routine for some time now and I've got a few opinions on it. Definitely the scent needs some work, it's not my favorite but I don't find it incredibly heavy - I'm not super sensitive to fragrances, though. This is a thicker liquid that my skin just drinks right up. This absorbs completely, leaving my skin feeling bouncy and hydrated. I'm not quite up to the seven steps in the 7 Skin Method, but I am at around four and this just makes me skin all the more plump and hydrated with the additional applications. I do notice very gentle and subtle brightening, but nothing that is striking. Wonderful for hydration though, have I mentioned that? This came my way of 0.8L, but this is all me and my experiences. I will say it would be great that if the company is going to use a fragrance that they pick one that more matches the extracts in the actual product - give me a nice berry or citrus blend or even a really soft floral.

I've been enjoying the coconut gel masks that Leaders puts out, and this one was pretty nice. This mask is designed to aid in soothing, strengthening, and rejuvenating skin - I'm absolutely here for that. As with other hydrogel masks, this is a little tricky for me to get on. Once it is on though, it's just this instantly soothing and cooling sensation. These last me about fifteen minutes before I'm peeling them off and gently patting in the remaining essence. When the essence is fully absorbed, there is no sticky feeling left behind and my skin is rather happy with me. I don't notice any brightening, but there is that healthy glow that comes from skin that is hydrated and soothed.  

This mask was a bit awkward to smooth down and get on. The material is stiffer than what I'd prefer, making adhesion difficult. I had better luck when I decided to lounge back and let gravity assist in keeping the mask where I wanted it to be. Very short masking time of about ten minutes, which can be fine for times I am only wanting a quick mask. Skin is left without any tacky residue from the essence, just mildly hydrated and slightly brighter. I think this mask would have worked better had the material been different and able to really conform to the contours of the face. It's not a horrid experience or result, but nothing that left me wowed. With a nice looking array of ingredients, I'd hoped for a better masking session and end result.


Kao Eye Steam Mask


These are perfect to relieve tension and relax. I'm an insomniac, and the fatigue I can feel is pretty strong - especially with my eyes and this can trigger migraines for me. This steam mask is a pretty great solution to soothing away some of that and allowing me to relax. The warming sensation and the steam built up is a great fix for tired eyes and an aching head. I do love the yuzu and the lavender scents, I'd suggest those two to anyone wanting to try them.

The My Scheming silk masks are a cost effective mask that tend to deliver good results. This one is one I will stock up on when I visit a local international market in my area. As expected with their silk masks, this is very literally dripping with essence from the moment you pull it from the package and throughout some of the masking experience. I just rub what drips down my neck and across the top of my chest and shoulders - it doesn't really bother me personally. This mask lasts at least thirty five minutes before I'm pulling it off, though I have kept it on for just a bit over forty five minutes on some occasions. This leaves my skin radiant and just a bit brighter, most certainly soft and hydrated.

This smells like apple juice to me, and it's a nostalgic childhood feeling when I open this mask up. More than just the scent is lovely with this mask. It fits nicely, though I do admit it is a little small for my face. I overlook that though with most MBD masks because I genuinely enjoy them and they tend to work well for me. This one is good for me when I want some shine control. Once I'm done masking, the essence leaves my skin shine free and feeling hydrated. Can't beat that!

I'm starting a bit of a love affair with fermented products, and this is one of the first ones I had tried. I am still using this as my FTE and I genuinely enjoy what it does for me. No, I don't notice any brightening with this fermented product, but I do notice a boost in hydration and improvements in the texture and complexion of my skin. Fast absorbing, no tacky feeling, and layers well under the rest of my products - it's perfect for my needs and expectations. 

I love green tea, I really do. This mask though leaves a lot to be desired. The fit is wonky and it didn't do much for me in terms of really anything. I expect green tea to be at least calming, but I didn't notice any reduction in the redness I was experiencing at the time.

I have flashbacks of how bad these money masks are. Okay, but really - these are horrid. This mask did absolutely nothing for me, was almost dry out of the package, and just a whole bunch of nope. Save your time, just splash your face with water and you'll have the same effect. You'll actually probably get more hydration from that than this mask.

I do love a good tea-based mask. Gotta say that this had more of a soft floral scent than a tea scent, which was a little disappointing for me. That aside, this mask was rather lovely. A soft cotton mask that was thoroughly soaked with essence, adhered wonderfully, and lasted me over a half hour. After masking my skin looking calmer, brighter, and felt gently hydrated.

Not a horrible mask, but I wasn't really "wowed" by it. Fit was decent, as was the adherence. I noticed a little bit of brightening afterwards and no irritation. I wouldn't turn this mask down, but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it either.

I'm not a huge fan of this mask. For me the fit isn't that great, especially the adherence and how long the mask actually lasts. I've seen other people enjoy this mask, so I'm not entirely positive if I just got the odd one out or not. For me I didn't notice much of a difference other than maybe mild hydration after masking.

I truly enjoy the Annie's Way Mask Gallery series, and the France Rose Moisturizing flavor is no exception. This mask comes soaked in this delicate rose scented essence. As with the other silk masks, you need a gentle hand when placing it. Be good to the mask and it will adhere to your face beautifully. This soothing mask lasts well over thirty minutes and even after removing the mask there is still essence to be tapped in. Once the essence is fully absorbed, my skin feel hydrated and soft. This is a nice mask at a good price point, one I suggest anyone who enjoys rose in their skincare give a try.

Witch hazel is an ingredient I have been using in some form or another in my skincare rituals since I was a teenager. I like how it is able to soothe and promote healing, though a delicate hand is needed since too much can lead to irritation. This mask has a good balance as far as that is concerned. Like many of the other Mask Gallery masks this is a delicate silk mask that is soaked with essence. This fits nicely, clinging to the skin for well over a half hour before I pull it off. I tap in the remaining essence, and wait a few minutes for it to absorb. My skin is left without a sticky residue, looking calmer and feeling refreshed.

That sweet honey scent with just a touch of rose is always a delight when first opening the mask up. This soft cotton mask with a good honey comb pattern fits like it was made perfectly for me. It's soaked in that sweet essence and my skin feels instantly cooler once it's placed. I've worn this with the gold facing out and facing in, and I notice no major difference - but I do tend to wear it with the gold pattern against the skin now. I can comfortably wear this mask for 45 minutes before removing it to tap in the remaining essence. It takes a few minutes, but it does fully absorb and leave behind no sticky feeling. My skin looks luminous, just absolutely glowing. Soft and bouncy to the touch, I know my skin has been pampered with some of my favorite ingredients and that hydrating effect can carry me through a day with only a touch of moisturizer needed to seal in that wonderful propolis and honey goodness. I cannot recommend this mask highly enough.

MasKingdom is a skincare brand I associate with luxury. With sheet masks averaging at $8 a piece, I considered these to be high end and that had this little mystique to them. This is my first time with this brand and I chose the MasKingdom Secret Recipe Balancing Mask 05 from a recent Beautibi haul. Star Ingredients in this mask include: Fomes Officinalis (Mushroom) Extract, Vitamin B6, and Sodium Hyaluronate all coming together to offer up the mask's function of oil control, reducing inflammation, and hydration. This mask was a soft and silky feeling mask, on the thicker side but not too thick. I'm going to hazard a guess that this is their bamboo fiber mask since I tend to associate silk masks with being much thinner and more fragile. Soaked with essence, this mask was easy to handle and fit like a dream. The material felt so soft and soothing while on, the essence not drippy or too watery. This lasted me a pretty good 35 minutes before I took it off to pat in the remaining essence. The essence took a few minutes to absorb in completely, but once it did my skin had this nice matte finish with a little bit of a healthy glow. I noticed some redness was diminished, and through the day my complexion didn't have that shine I can get towards the late afternoon.

This one is decent for a quick masking session during the evening. I say this due to the fit being slightly awkward, the mask not lasting more than 15 minutes, and the essence left a slightly tacky feeling after it absorbed. There is a little boost in hydration, but not much. It would be all right to use if you plan on layering your moisturizer/sleeping pack over it. This mask claims to whiten and brighten the skin, but honestly I didn't really notice that much of a difference in my complexion after the mask came off. 

This is one of those masks that isn't bad, but isn't one I'd go out of my way to get again. The mask has a somewhat decent fit, though it didn't seem to want to adhere to some parts of my face. This lasted me maybe twenty minutes before it started to lift. The essence once absorbed left behind no sticky feeling, and my skin looked a little calmer and felt soft. Like I said, it's not a bad mask - just didn't wow me in any fashion.

This is yet another mask from the Annie's Way Mask Gallery series that I truly enjoy and is wonderful for my combination skin. I love tea tree, and this mask has that wonderful scent when you open the package - for me this is relaxing and promising. As a silk mask, this is thin and delicate. The fit and adhesion is wonderful, allowing for a good 25 minute experience with this soaked facial mask. After removing the mask, the remaining essence does take a little longer than other varieties I've tried to fully absorb - but once it does my skin looks so calm, soothed, and feels refreshed. This is a good mask to try if you're looking to gently care for any redness, inflammation, or irritations. As far as acne care goes, I don't think this is a miracle worker - but nothing really is - though it does seem to speed up healing time for me and ease any discomfort.

I really do enjoy the Mask Gallery series from Annie's Way. This mask is made of a very thin and delicate silk, so care needs to be taken during placement. I do leave it on the backing to line it up as best I can on my face before carefully peeling it off and re-positioning it. Once smoothed down this fits like a second skin, adhering beautifully. The mask is literally dripping with essence, so expect to be rubbing some of it down your neck. I don't find this to be a problem, just more goodness to go around. The mask sits comfortably for 25 minutes or so before pulling it off to lightly tap in the remaining essence. This mask leaves no tacky feeling behind, my skin feel bouncy and hydrated, and I notice calming of redness. This is one that I like to keep in my stash for evenings when my skin isn't doing its greatest.

This is a decently fitting hydrogel with a pleasantly mild ginseng scent. The mask adhered well, enough so that I didn't feel the need to lay down while wearing it - stayed put perfectly fine with my walking around the house. This lasted me about fifteen minutes, which is about the average I expect from a hydrogel. Once I peeled it off and tapped in the extra essence I waited a few more minutes for the remaining essence to absorb. My skin was left feeling bouncy and looking a bit brighter. Certainly can't complain.

The focus of this mask is supposed to be on anti-aging, as the name suggests, and firming the skin. This was a blind grab, as I've never heard of the brand before and with the insane lack of sleep happening I just wanted to put something on my face that might make me feel less like the barely living dead. With caffeine finding a spot on the ingredient list towards the top, I hoped this would be a nice experience. My hopes were met and then some! After a nice little 17 minute masking session my skin was pretty happy with this choice. My skin felt soft and did have a nice firmness to the touch, so it certainly met it's claims in that regard. In addition my skin had this lovely little glow that made me look refreshed and my skin much less tired. It's also worth noting that after masking, as I was waiting for the remaining essence to absorb, that I lost track of time and my skin still felt lightly moisturized before I remembered that I had forgotten to finish my routine.

The mask left no tacky or sticky feeling after the essence absorbed fully, which was really only a few minutes. 
This is a win for me, and I'm happy I took a chance on this one. 😻

Me and hydrogel masks don't always get along, but when we do it's always nice to see the results of a great mask. Once I get over the hurdle of trying to get these slippery, floppy little guys on my face it's typically a nice and quick masking experience. This mask claims to provide brightening, elasticity, and hydration. I would say this strawberry and cream scented hydrogel did pretty good at living up to these claims. The two pieces fit nicely enough, even though the nose was a little awkward and the bottom part didn't quite make it to my jawline. The mask lasted my about fifteen minutes before I peeled the wiggly pieces off. My skin looked brighter and felt bouncy to the touch.I  don't think it's a knockout in hydration, but the other two after effects were quite nice. A little dab of my morning cream, and I was good to go for my hydration and moisturizing for the day. 😸

Me and my skin love a good clay mask. Having combination skin that trends towards being oily, these type of wash off masks are a staple in my routine. Clay masks can help control that oil production, detoxify and purify any unpleasantness trapped in the skin, and if it's a great mask it'll leave me feeling clean and soft afterwards. 🤗

This is one of those great masks. This Sam & Sean Mighty Vitalizing Lover White Clay Mask came my way thanks to the Try Now feature on 0.8Liter for a discounted rate of $3.99 and I'm really happy with this mask. 😃

Now this is a bright white mask, reminds me a little of spackle paint when I first opened the jar. The mask itself is very soft and silky, making spreading this an absolute dream and easy to get a nice even layer down. This made me look like a ghost while wearing it, or maybe a clown. Ghost clown, let's go with that. 👻

After ten minutes I just take my konjac sponge and some warm water, gently swipe it all off and rinse. Now, as with most clay masks, this does leave my skin needing a good hydrating moisturizer or cream afterwards - got that tight, dry, but very clean feeling. My skin felt soft and supple, I noticed diminishing of redness and an overall gentle brightness. 💎

This is one I'll repurchase after I finish this jar to put into my cycle of clay masking every 5 to 7 days. I really did like how it made my skin feel and look, even with needing to slap a little more moisturizer on than usual. It's a fair trade off. 😘

This little glass jar houses the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream - a spot treatment for irritated, inflamed, and unhappy sensitive skin. 
For me, this cream has been working to soothe irritation and inflammation from a previous product that did not like me at all.
I've also noticed that it does take some of the redness away from scarring on the right side of my face - which is so welcome. 😃

Formulated with a natural source for its blue hue, Guaiazulene, that is derived from chamomile oil started me off with expectations that this would be healing for a variety of irritations that skin can be exposed to. 
This is fast absorbing with no tacky feeling left behind, just a matte finish and a mild cooling sensation. 
As with any other spot treatment, I apply this very last in my evening routine and gently tap it into the area I'm targeting. 🤗

This came my way through the Try Now feature on 0.8Liter for the discounted rate of $3.99, and when this jar is empty I have every intent of going to Wishtrend for another.
My skin reacts fantastically to this, and with summer around the corner I can see this being a staple in some Sun aftercare or even to soothe any irritation from shaving. 😘

What I learned this week was that I'm not a no. 23 when it comes to cushion compacts.
Yay for learning! 🤓

So other than the fact that this isn't the shade for me, which is really my fault - I got this from the Try Now feature on 0.8Liter for the discounted rate of $3.99 fully knowing that I don't know my shade and this would be experimental - the cushion itself isn't that bad. 😅

If you look through the pictures, you can see I chose a spot where I have some prominent freckles. The coverage isn't too bad, having concealed the lighter ones pretty easily. This is buildable, ultimately you're looking at two layers put down. I don't know how suitable I find this for my skintype, but I'm still fairly new to the world of cushions. 🤔

When I wore it for a day, on my face of course, I did notice it didn't do much for me in terms of controlling oil or shine through the day. It did wear decently enough, though. My skin felt comfortable and not at all dried out. It was a fun little experiment, and I'm glad I popped for this to start to get an idea if I want to continue exploring cushions or not. 🙂

Oh, and no, I didn't leave the house with a cushion on my face that made me a shade or two darker. I'm not that brave. 😂

This mask is a whole pretty little package of woe. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I had a reaction to this mask. When I look at the ingredient list, I really cannot identify what could have caused me problems. Various extracts I use in many other products are present, so it has left me baffled. The reaction was that it left my skin inflamed and feeling raw. As far as the mask goes, minus the negative reaction, the fit was pretty good as I've come to expect from No:HJ masks and it was soaked with essence. This didn't work for me at all, and I would caution others to be careful with this mask. 

This mask has an excellent fit once I get it actually placed correctly on my face. I know that I should remove one backing and then place on my face before removing the second one, but honestly I can't coordinate that flawlessly. So I just very carefully remove both protective backings and then place carefully.


Adhesion is perfect, it's just very comfortable and clings like a second skin. I can wear this mask for about twenty minutes before peeling the wobbly hydrogel off. A few pats to the remaining essence on my face and I just let it soak in for the next few minutes.


After it's all absorbed, there is no tacky feeling left behind at all. My skin feels firm, plump, and nicely hydrated. Some redness in my face was diminished and there was a slight glow, I think just from a good masking.


I do like these masks, and once I've put a dent in my hoard of sheet masks I want to get a few more to keep in my stash.

For me, this was a disaster of a product. The idea behind it is interesting - a sleeping mask you smooth on, let bubble and foam up, then rub down and you're supposed to wind up with brighter skin. 


That sounds great, but in practice it didn't go so well. First, any foaming mask that starts to bubble once introduced to air needs to be housed in an airless pump jar, in my opinion. This keeps it from bubbling up every time the jar is opened. Second, this mask was a complete oil slick. It didn't leave my skin feeling hydrated as much as having a layer of greasy oil over it. The brightening? Initially I saw minor brightening, but by the morning there was nothing. 


I really cannot recommend this product. I did get this from 0.8Liter, but the opinions are very clearly my own.

Star Ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate, Fermented Coconut Oil, Lactobacillus, and several fruit and vegetable extracts that include Apple, Tomato, Carrot, and Pumpkin


Functions for the mask include brightening, hydration, nourishment, and elasticity


This mask is a very similar to the biocellulouse masks that often give me some struggles, but this one actually wasn't too bad.

Maybe it's the practice I had the other night with the Leaders mask, but this went on pretty easily in comparison to other attempts.


This mask fit me beautifully, with the exception of the little overhang on the nose that I just folded up so it was flapping while I was breathing.


The extra essence came in handy to pat gently onto the mask after about 15 minutes to let it just soak in more of that fermented goodness.

After a good 30 minutes, I carefully took the mask off and tapped the remaining essence in.

When I looked in the mirror my skin was just radiant and glowing!


My skin felt pleasantly bouncy and hydrated, ready for a simple mist to layer over it.

I plan on getting this again soon, quite possibly a box of them. 

I can't believe I waited this long to try this mask out.

This is a snail based serum that I enjoy using as a part of my daily routine. It's not a miracle worker, but what it does do for my skin is within my expectations and I'm happy enough with it. This is the serum I use last in my serum part of my routine, to seal in everything that came before it and it starts adding that first layer of hydration to my skin. I find that this absorbs beautifully, even with other serums layered under it. There is no sticky or tacky feeling. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and supple, perfectly primed and ready for my moisturizers and creams. It is one I will continue to use, and I would suggest it to others. As far as comparing it to the Cosrx Snail serum, I do not have experience with it so I cannot give a comparison at this time.

This cleanser has been a great addition to my routine thus far. It is not at all stripping or harsh, which is a huge deal for me since I prefer low pH cleansers. This has a watery consistency, and I find that I do not need a full pump to get a good cleanse. With or without a konjac sponge, this cleanser develops into a soft and silky foam. It rinses clean and leaves my skin so very happy. My complexion looks brighter, instantly feels smoother, and I am also noticing that it does calm down any redness or irritation in my skin a little bit. I really love the strong tea tree scent, too, but I know that might be off-putting for some people. 

This two-step mask has been one of my best experiences since I started on my skincare journey and have very much fallen in love with masking. The first step is this giant AHA peeling swab, which comes with enough of the AHA for me to swipe it over my face and then dip back in the package for more - just to make sure I've got a good layer on my skin. Truthfully, I let the AHA sit for a good three minutes because I got wrapped up in reading. Oops! No harm done, though. When I opened the mask, the first thing I thought was how this was going to be the fun sort of messy. There is a LOT of the jelly essence and to me that's an amazing thing. The mask was indeed drippy and absolutely loaded with the essence - so much yes. Enough essence to share with pretty much my entire upper body. The mask fit great, didn't slip or slide on me at all. Enter getting distracted by a movie, and you've got the mask on my face for just about an hour before I thought to remove it. The results are wonderful! My skin looks brighter and radiant, feels smoother, and is generously hydrated. This is an absolute win for me personally, and it's on my buy list to grab very soon. I was able to try this mask out for free from Cupidrop and Meg Cosmetics as a part of the Second Generation Beauty Pioneers in exchange for my honest review - and I just want to share it here because I think this is a mask people need to try out and see the wonderful effects for themselves.

Here's an eye serum that I switched out my primary one for, and I am not overwhelmed by the results after almost a month. It's lightweight, not at all sticky, and it absorbs nicely into the delicate eye area without irritation. As for the claims of firming the eye area, I personally do not see this. Now, I am a heavy duty insomniac and my eyes do often reflect my lack of sleep - so I approach every eye serum or cream without expecting miracles. However, I do expect at least a little bit of evidence for the claims made. Again, did not notice any improvement on the skin around my eyes feeling firmer or looking more full. That being said, this does deliver some wonderful hydration and a little bit of brightening. It doesn't take away the shadows, but it does make my skin feel refreshed and less irritated. That by itself can take some age off your face. This is by no means a miracle in a little jar, but it isn't a horrible eye serum either. The price tag is a bit hefty, though, at $65 USD. I was given this by Amabie in exchange for my honest review. As always, these opinions are my own and representative of my experiences with the product itself.

This is a lightweight moisturizer that I've been testing out for roughly the last 30 days, and I've got a few opinions to share. First, this does absorb beautifully with no sticky or oily feel afterwards - which is wonderful since I'm already combating some oil through the day with my combination skin type. That said, this is very much a lightweight little guy and it does not work well on its own for me. I find my skin needs a little extra in the moisturizing department, so layering it with a good serum does help a little. Even better, honestly, is to apply a little of this before my main moisturizer. I would not recommend this for winter use, but I can certainly see myself reaching for this during the summer months when I really want something that is not as heavy as many of my creams or moisturizers. Second, which is a huge thing for me, this did not in any way break me out or irritate my skin - huge plus! There is a fragrance that isn't all that pleasant, but it didn't linger too long for me. Lastly, this did seem to work decently enough at keeping my complexion looking smooth and feeling soft. I was given this by Amabie in exchange for my honest opinion after testing it out for a while. As always, my opinions are my own and representative of my experience with the product itself. 

This konjac sponge is certainly fun to use, with it's bouncy feel when you give it a squeeze it can make cleansing a little more fun. The texture of the sponge itself is soft, gentle, and not at all heavily abrasive. It glides over skin easily, with or without a cleanser. There is gentle exfoliation happening when in use, which is perfect for every day use to keep your skin glowing and feeling fresh. I appreciate that this sponge has a small threaded loop, which lets me hang it right near my sink for drying between uses - and this helps to keep the sponge clean, since it's not resting on the counter or a soap dish. As with other sponges I've used, this will get firm and harden a bit between uses. This isn't a problem though, just put it under some warm water and it'll bounce back to life! I use this with and without a cleanser, depending on what my skin is doing. I've used this to gentle rinse off residue from some cleansing waters I use, and it leaves a really nice feeling behind. I also use these to gently rinse and wipe off mud masks - trust me when I say this is so much less messy than trying to manually wash off masks with my hands. I can just take the moistened sponge and work the mask off without getting it in my hair line or all over my counter.

Oily skin is a problem for me, specifically in my T-Zone. Goes with being Italian, I get it - but I'm always open to finding products that will help cut that down. That is where this little pump bottle comes in. This product isn't completely perfect, but it does do a pretty good job at helping me maintain a matte look through the day. One or two pumps of this lotion-like serum (which I will warn you right now looks very off in it's brown color) and I'm more or less good to go. Gently rubbing and tapping it into my T-Zone, I notice an instant mattifying effect for myself. I've also noticed that it does seem to help treat my complexion just a little bit, meaning less hormonal or stress related breakouts in this area since I've started using the product.

It's a small bottle, but with only needing one or two pumps of this citrus-scented serum it's really not a bad deal. I would recommend this out and suggest people with oily skin give this a chance. I do still need to blot on days when my hormones are running amok, but it's so much less frequent now. 

Overall this mask was a pleasant experience. The material is soft and adheres nicely to my face, not feeling too heavy or slick. The mask lasted about 20 minutes comfortably, and afterwards I noticed some gentle hydration and plumping for my results. Why the three stars? It's not necessarily a mind-blowing mask, and about two hours later I noticed that not all of the essence was absorbed into my skin - so I wound up with a few spots that balled up from the residue. This might be better suited as a night-time mask where perhaps this wouldn't be as bothersome. 

I was sent this mask from Amabie as part of their A-List program for free, and all of the above is based on my own experiences and my impression of them. 

This is one of the serums I grab during the evening if my skin is feeling particularly irritated or in need of a boost in hydration. This serum is a little thicker than most, and it absorbs nicely with a little bit of tapping to encourage it along. I would give this more of a 3.5 out of 5, but rounding it up to a 4 since this serum doesn't cause my skin any problems. It's a very simple one that delivers on it's promise for some hydration and soothing. It's just not holy grail status or mind blowing in its results. I think this would be a nice additional serum for anyone needing that extra boost, who has dry or irritated skin, or who has sensitive skin like me. 

As far as skin types go, with my combination skin that trends towards being oily, I haven't really got any complaint about its finish. It isn't tacky, sticky, and doesn't leave me with a shine to my complexion.

With a serum that is half propolis and packed full of vitamins, what isn't to love? This tiny glass bottle packs a good punch! For me this serum worked beautifully for hydration and brightening without a tacky or sticky finish. This serum absorbs fully, no shine to it at all. For someone who's skin is combination and trends towards oily, this is a huge plus. The improvements were noticeable pretty quickly, and I love the very delicate sweet scent it has. So why the four stars? Did I mention it is tiny? Like really tiny. For this price point you don't get a whole lot of the serum - it's just 15ml, or half an ounce. I really wish this came in a larger bottle, with a reasonable price point. I do love this serum, and I plan on grabbing more during a good sale.

This serum comes housed in a rather lovely looking red glass bottle - it's a little heavier than other bottles, so be aware of that. I'm back and forth on this serum as to whether or not I want to possibly repurchase after this one is finished.

On the plus side, this serum does work decently enough for hydration and brightening over time. I've also noticed that the texture of my skin feels smoother since using it. Another plus is that my skin does feel firmer, too.

The downside for me is that this serum feels heavier to me than other serums do. It also seems to leave my skin a little more oily and it has a tacky feeling after application. Because of that it's been slotted for my evening routine, but I'm not entirely sure I want to keep it around just yet. I can certainly see why some like this, but I believe it might be better suited for those with normal/dry skin if they want to use it during the day. I've given it four stars, because for me personally I can tolerate the finish of the serum during the night. The main thing that would likely keep me from purchasing this again would be the price. For less or roughly the same cost, I do have other serums that perform the same or better. 

This is a new product from Wish Formula that packs a punch in terms of hydration, brightening, and a gentle exfoliation. Taking the advice on of the box they came in, I tucked them into my fridge to give them a chill before use. This made the application a soothing and cooling experience, which was perfect for me. After cleansing and toning, I tore open the package and pulled out pad. This little pad comes soaked with serum, which the slick consistency of made it a little tricky for me to grasp onto the pad at first. Slipping two fingers into the little cloth band that wraps around the back, I applied this first by rubbing in small circles and then tapping gently for better absorption. This will leave your skin feeling wet, and I let it sit for the minute as instructed. Then back to more tapping to get the serum to sink into my skin. This did take a while to absorb, and left my skin feeling sticky at first. Once it absorbed fully, my skin felt soft and looked wonderfully bright! Even though I did receive this product from Wish Formula for review, I'm honestly quite happy with this and I stand by my opinion on them. I absolutely will be purchasing more in the near future, and recommend others experiment with this.

As far as skin types go, I am combination that trends towards oily - and I did notice that once I layered on the rest of my routine, my skin definitely needed some blotting paper to take the shine away. I think normal/dry types might have better luck with this not creating a shine. That being said, this will find a happy slot into my P.M. ritual every couple of nights.

This was a pleasant mask to use. The fit is one of the better experiences I've had, it clings nicely and stays comfortable for about thirty minutes before it starts to lift.

This does leave my skin feeling a little bit sticky, even after tapping and massaging the remainder of the essence in. Not a deal breaker at all, just something worth noting and maybe this will be an evening mask instead. Skin definitely looks brighter and feels happy, so I'm pleased. Gotta love the effects of niacinamide!

If you love the scent of apples, this is going to make you a happy person. This mask has a wonderful apple scent that isn't too strong and doesn't come across as overtly sweet or candy-like. This mask also works wonderfully on it's claims of being a hydrating mask, and it does do a decent enough job at brightening. Like other My Scheming Masks, this is a silk mask that comes on a pearl backing to make placement easier. The eyeholes are a little small, but easily torn a bit to make them more comfortable to wear. Within 25 to 35 minutes this mask leaves my skin soft and looking radiant. I love using this one when I need a pick-me-up, the scent is just a happy one and the results of the mask are wonderful.

Out of all the Ultru I'm Sorry For My Skin masks, this one is my absolute favorite. Just like the others this comes with an incredibly generous amount of the jellied essence. Also like the others, this should be a night time mask since the jelly essence can leave your skin a little bit shiny and sometimes a little tacky feeling afterwards. But slipping on a sleeping pack afterwards seals all that in nicely. The mask itself is a wonderful fit, stays adhered comfortably for just about an hour long, and leaves my skin looking fabulous. Hydrated, soothed, and it definitely helps me with pore care and also blemish control. Highly suggest this one find its way into everyone's stash at least once.

I really wanted to love this mask. The essence itself was great - it left my skin feeling hydrated, soft, and looking wonderful. So why the three stars? The fit. This mask was a horrible fit for my face, and it really didn't adhere well for me. I'm going to say that is due to how small the mask was on my face, so it couldn't conform to the contours as well. If the fit were fixed, this would be a mask I would want to have in my stash often.

This was my first jelly mask, and honestly other than the extra bit of time to clean it off - I've got zero complaints against it. The jelly goes on with a cooling sensation, and it's firm enough to not be a drippy mess. I'm not entirely sure if I used enough, as my skin took to the mask well enough that there was very little to scrape off or wash off after about 20 minutes was up. I still washed with clean water, to make sure that nothing was left behind. My skin looked calmer, felt incredibly soft, and I'd say it helped with healing a hormonal breakout I was experiencing at the time. I honestly enjoyed it enough that I'm looking forward to trying the other varieties of jelly masks that Annie's Way has to offer.

This is one of my favorite masks for leaving my skin glowing and bright. Like the other Papa Recipe masks, this lasts me at least 30 minutes before it starts to lift. The mask is soaked in that sweet honey scented essence I love, but with the addition of niacinamide it leaves my complexion much brighter than it's counterpart. The fit is great, with the mask adhering comfortably and not budging once it is placed. This is one I keep in stock, it's certainly worth it.

Like the other Ultru masks in this line, the essence is a thick jelly that is present in hugely generous amounts in the packet. The mask itself fits nicely, and remains comfortable for almost an hour. The results are hydrated and brightened skin, but not nearly as brightened as some other masks I've tried for this specific effect. My skin does look calmer afterwards, though. Overall it's one I enjoy, but not if I'm solely looking for a brightening effect.

This was the first mask of its type that I tried, and the experience left me steering clear of these types for a while. Overall, the mask did brighten my complexion and left my skin feeling smooth. There was not much essence at all, and the mask was a little awkward to place - slipping down if I remained sitting, so I had to lie down with this one. It's not one I would go out of my way to purchase, but I would try it again in the future to see if maybe it has gotten better.

This mask has a delicate rose scent that is a great first impression, though it fades over time during the masking session. Like other My Scheming masks, this is absolutely soaked in essence. Hydration that isn't sticky or leaves you feeling too heavy is exactly where this mask fits in. My skin just drinks the essence in the mask up, and over a good 40 minute long masking session I'm always happy to find that my skin looks and feels soft and smooth. 

This mask is nice if you are looking for some light moisturizing and hydrating factors. There isn't any deep nourishing qualities to this one, so it's not my favorite out of this Hanaka line - but it's not one I'd turn down either for days where I don't want something incredibly heavy or I just want a quick 15 minute masking session. Refreshing, but not remarkable.

This mask offers a pleasantly cooling sensation at the end of a routine. This is one that I highly suggest you build on, using layers until you get the amount and feel you want on. I made the mistake of putting on too much at once (I was in a rush and tired, oops) and it didn't really ever absorb properly - so my pillowcase made friends with my face through the night. Not pleasant. But, entirely my fault. Now I apply a little at a time until I just the amount I want and I'm good to go! This does help soothe angry or troubled skin, which is a lovely bit to have. There is some gentle hydration happening, too. I don't personally notice any brightening effects with this one, though. So I feel like this is much better suited for those looking to calm their skin down before bed. I've also used this as a lightweight moisturizer in the summer, when the idea of putting on heavy creams in super hot weather is an absolute no.

This mask does deliver on its claims for oil control - struggling with skin that trends towards being oily, this was a happy accidental find that jumped into my cart at the last moment. It's a soothing mask that lasts a good 30 minutes before it starts to lift. The fit could be slightly better, but it's nothing a few adjustments doesn't fix. I do notice that my complexion remains matte a bit longer through the day after using this one as a morning mask.

This is a nice mask that offers gentle hydration, plumping, and some calming effects within a 20 minute masking session. The fit is pleasant, it adheres nicely without budging at all and feels cooling on the face while it's on. 

Slot this mask for an evening masking session and you'll find yourself happier. This mask is wonderful at delivering soft, bright, and plump skin. The biggest problem is that it does leave your skin feeling a bit tacky and sticky afterwards, which I'm assuming is due in part to the jelly nature of the essence. To me, this isn't a deal breaker since I do use it at night and layer over it afterwards with a cream and/or sleeping pack. I'm always pleased with how my complexion looks in the morning, so it's one I keep readily in stock.

This is a mask that should be reserved for nighttime masking. Why? Because it definitely leaves your skin a bit sticky even after the essence has absorbed in. This isn't a big problem if you are going to be following it up with a cream and/or a sleeping pack afterwards. In the morning you'll find your skin is brighter, smooth, and feels very soft to the touch. It's a favorite of mine, but absolutely slotted for evening use.

A mud mask that is supposed to be mess-free, that's the big promise that sparked my interest. Well, it's not totally mess-free. It's certainly less mess than a traditional mud mask is, though. The mask comes in two pieces, and can be a bit tricky to get on right. The mask does deliver exactly what you'd expect from a mud mask - clean and tighter looking skin. However, this mask certainly felt drying as it hardened and wasn't completely comfortable to remove. That aside, the results are there. The pricing could certainly be more friendly, but this was still great to try and one I wouldn't turn down during a sale.

This was my first multi-step mask, and overall it wasn't a bad experience. I have to knock some points off though for the cleanser, as my preference is for one that doesn't feel stripping or leave my skin with that unpleasantly tight sensation. That aside, the essence packet was soothing and refreshing after cleansing. It absorbed fairly quickly, leaving no tacky feeling behind. The mask itself is thoroughly soaked with essence, and fits nicely on my face. It doesn't budge while it's on, and I can get a good 20-25 minute masking from this one. The brightening effects are readily evident, and that was a wonderful thing to see after worrying that the cleanser may have overly irritated my skin. My complexion was glowing, and overall it felt moisturized and smooth. I would use this again, but personally I'll be skipping the cleanser packet for one of my own low pH cleansers.

This mask delivers on its promise of hydration and then some. This mask always leaves me skin feeling soothed, deeply hydrated, and firm. This mask lasts me a good 30 minutes before it starts to lift, and the fit is pleasant with the soft cotton texture. It's an inexpensive mask, and one I keep in stock for days that I feel my skin needs a little bit more hydration and soothing care.

Worst. Mask. Ever. This was a horrid experience, from the burn when it was on to the horrid fit. Cannot tell people to run away from the mask fast enough.

Cute packaging strikes again! But this one was a success, so three cheers on that one. This mask is a little obnoxious to unfold, but aside from that it's a great experience. The mask has a great combination of ingredients you'd like to see - tea tree oil, propolis and aloe vera. All of these are great for calming skin, and this mask works rather well for just that. The essence is soaked into the mask, and you can expect some drips as you place it. Once it's on though, it adheres nicely and won't budge. Within 30 minutes my skin looks so much calmer, feels softer, and there is a much more even tone present. 

This mask adheres like a dream, seriously. You could run around and do jumping jacks - this mask isn't going anywhere. This mask does not last nearly as long as some others I've tried, but within the twenty minutes it stays wet it certainly does some work. My skin feels firmer and looks brighter afterwards, and the calming effects last into the next day. My skin also feels softer and smoother, so lovely little bit there as well.

Holy grail snail mask - no doubt about it. This mask is wonderful. It's also slimey and slick, so be careful placing it! The mask adheres nicely once you have it placed, and this mask easily lasts me 45 minutes or longer before it starts to lift. This mask leaves my skin feeling deeply hydrated, smooth, and soft. It's one I keep constantly in stock and use at least twice a week. 

Not my most favorite mask ever, honestly. The mask had issues staying in place, which I'm going to say is due to it only being a half-face mask. The mask starts bubbling before you place it, which made me hurry a bit to get it on. Afterwards I did as the instructions said, rubbing the bubbles gently into my face after removing the mask and then rinsing with clean water. I didn't notice too much of a difference, but I also noticed no irritation. 

If you want a masking session that's quick and will have some impact on healing your troubled skin, this is a good one to grab. The mask only lasts me about 15 minutes, but in that time I would say it certainly helps with healing any breakouts I have going on at the time. 

I swear this mask doubles as a pleasant aromatherapy experience. The scent is a delicately sweet honey, it's not too strong or overpowering. The mask itself is a knockout for brightening and softening. After a good 30-40 minutes of wearing this mask my skin is radiant and hydrated, leaving my skin feeling soft for the rest of the day and into the next. This is a must have for anyone who enjoys sheet masking.

This Ultru mask is definitely an interesting one. The jelly essence is thick, slick, and oh so wonderful. It's also there in an abundance! There is enough essence in this pack to easily not only put extra on my face before the mask goes on, but also to share that love with pretty much my entire upper body. It more than keeps its promise at being revitalizing. My skin is so smooth, soft, calm, and just looks so much happier after using this mask. Bonus is that if you love long masking sessions like myself, this one can go strong for over an hour. 

I love this mask, and it's one of the few I can say would be a desert island type mask. This is always stocked in my stash, and for a very good reason. It works brilliantly. This mask not only works to soften, smooth, and hydrate my skin - but it absolutely has a positive impact when my skin is throwing a tantrum or has a breakout of some kind. It speeds up the healing process, tones down the redness, and it's a dream to mask with. This mask is a blessing in the skincare world, and I cannot emphasize that enough. 

Ginseng and snail - sounds absolutely perfect and I was eager to grab these when they were released. This mask fits beautifully, adhering smoothly, and lasts me about 30 minutes. The essence is on the thicker end of the spectrum, but it's not too slick or slimey feeling. This left my skin hydrated and looking a little bit brighter, but I feel this is much more of a hydrating mask than one intended for brightening or whitening effects. I'm pleased with it, and I would repurchase them again.

This is a lovely little pearl mask, and like the vast majority of MBD masks I've tried this one is pretty great and has a spot rotating in and out of my stash. It doesn't quite pack the punch of the other pearl mask offered from MBD, but this still is a lovely mask. It's soaked with essence, lasts for a good 30 minutes or longer, and it does leave my skin glowing and looking refreshingly bright.

I'll be honest and say my biggest disappointment was the lack of a wine or even a sweetened grape scent. That aside, this mask fit nicely and was good for a quick 15 minute masking. I can't say if it had any real impact on my pores, but my skin felt gently hydrated and smooth afterwards.

If you like honey, you will love this mask. Aside from the sweet scent that is absolutely delicious, this mask works some magic with smoothing and moisturizing. This mask fits about as perfect as a sheet mask can, it adheres without budging and smooths down nicely. This mask will last me at least 30-40 minutes before I need to pull it off. If the environment is in my favor, I can get a solid 50 minutes out of this mask. Afterwards my skin is glowing, hydrated, and feels plump. This is a winning mask without a doubt.

This is my absolute favorite MBD mask - it's the first mask that sold me on how brightening a sheet mask can actually be. One masking session results in noticeable whitening and brightening to my complexion. In addition to that my skin is left feeling calm and smooth. 

So this is semi-functional skintertainment. This mask is one that you definitely need to figure out the right amount of time you can leave this on before it potentially dries you out. For me, this is no longer than 8-10 minutes tops. After that, my skin is angry at me and I'm left a sad panda. But if I use it the right way for me, it leaves me skin soft and looking both clean and clear. This is absolutely a pain to wash off, fair warning! I much prefer to use this mask before I shower - so I can just wash it off in the shower and not have to worry so much about the mess and removal. 

This is one of my go-to sleeping packs. It's very pleasant to put on, with a cooling sensation as it glides smoothly on the skin and forms a good occlusive layer over the rest of my P.M. routine. The scent is delicate, almost not quite there. It's hard to place, but I'd say a very light floral - maybe lavender? The morning after I use this my skin feels hydrated, smooth, and just looks happy. 

I love a good tea tree mask, and this one is not too bad. The mask itself lasts about 20 minutes long, and I did notice some calming of the redness in my face. I do believe it also aided in helping a breakout to heal and clear faster. I'd toss this in my cart in the future, it's not a bad standby to have.

Out of the range of these Holika Holika masks, this one was one of the better ones. The scent for this one is a nice, strong fruity scent I'd associate with bath and body products. It's not unpleasant, but might be too much for those sensitive to fragrances. The mask fit nicely, and lasts about 20 minutes long until it starts to lift. I did notice some brightening, but not as much as I'd prefer. This did work for softening my skin, which was a nice effect. I wouldn't mind tossing this into my cart while shopping if the price was reasonable, but it's not one I'd go out of my way to find.

This is a case of cute packaging leading to a less than amazing experience. This isn't necessarily a bad mask, but it's not one I would purchase again on my own. For me this lasted only around 15 minutes or so before it started to lift, and the results (both immediate and later in the day) were nothing noteworthy or remarkable. 

This golden mask fits rather nicely, despite my first assumptions that it wouldn't adhere or form to my face very well. Within about 20 minutes or so of letting it do its work, my skin is left feeling smooth and looking bright. 

Given the golden foiled look of this mask, I was surprised that it fit so well. It's not as stiff as one would expect, and it does adhere pretty nicely to the face. This mask will last me about 20 minutes before it starts to lift. This one leaves me skin looking smooth and feeling both firm and plump. 

If you love the scent of lavender as a way to unwind and relax, then this is perfect for you. The lavender scent comes across strongly at first, but mellows out the longer you wear the mask - leaving for a very relaxing experience that I prefer to enjoy before bed to relieve any sort of stress from the day. The silk mask itself is soaked in a clear essence and comes folded on a backing for easier placement. It adheres beautifully to my face and won't budge the entire time it's on. I can leave this on comfortably for roughly 30-40 minutes and afterwards my skin is left feeling smooth, soft, and calm. This is a good mask if you are looking to reduce redness, too. 

I genuinely love this unique toner. It has a beautiful slip to it, feeling a little closer to that of an essence than just a watery toner. A few drops and this toner is working to brighten and soften my skin, and I truly love how it makes my skin feel completely prepped for the rest of my routine. It absorbs fully, leaving behind no tacky sensation or filmy residue. Just a clean, gentle start to the rest of my routine. The scent is a little hard for me to place, but it is pleasant and does not linger for very long - so it's not a deterrent at all. This is on the pricier end, but I do believe it to be worth it.

This is my current eye cream, and for me this works for what I'm expecting out of an eye product. I'm a heavy insomniac, so having shadows under my eyes is just part of life for me - I don't expect much to really change that. However, due to my lack of sleep and my horrid habit of rubbing my eyes - the skin was often dry, tired, and irritated. This little jar of cream has been perfect for me. No, it will not remove the shadows. Yes, it has helped to heal the skin and bring some hydration and smoothness back to my eye area. This itself takes some age off of my appearance, since the skin is moisturized and does not look nearly as tired or needing of a little extra love in my routine. It's a very think and rich cream, so just the tiniest dab will go a long way. This is great, because this means the jar will most likely expire before I even get close to finishing it at this point. It's a lot to go through, and I'm fine with that - I have days where I'll apply it once or twice during the day if I had an especially rough night or so. For hydration and general care of the delicate skin around the eyes, this is spot on for me. Another little added bonus is I also utilize this as a lip treatment, patting a little into my lips at night before sealing it in with a balm. It's helped with my constantly chapped lips. 

This is one of my holy grail essences. With a powerhouse of ingredients which includes galactomyces fermented filtrate, niacinamide, and sodium hyaluronate - this essence has helped to clear and brighten my complexion. Reducing the frequency and severity of my breakouts, this is one I use in both my morning and evening skincare routine without fail. It is pleasantly hydrating, and my skin soaks it up without any tacky or greasy feeling. Aside from helping my complexion, I've noticed a much more even tone to my skin and how much smoother it has become with continued use. This is one that needs to be given that full 30 days to see if it works wonder for you - but the wait was worth it for me. I noticed early signs of improvement within a week.

For a relatively inexpensive cleansing water, this isn't a bad one to use. The bottle is huge, so it takes some time to go through it and I've been pleased with it as a simple cleanser in the morning if I'm pressed for time or something else is keeping me from traditionally cleansing. This is a refreshing and gentle cleanser, and for me it leaves no residue behind or my skin feeling as though it's been stripped or irritated. The tea tree does help with my keeping my combination skin in check and under control. It's worth checking out as a budget cleansing water.

This refreshing and citrus scented foam cleanser has been wonderful as my morning cleanser, or even as my second cleanser in the evening. A few quick shakes, give it a pump or two, and then you've got this soft and fluffy foam that cleanses without stripping the skin. This cleanser tested for me at a pH level of 5.5, so it is perfectly within range for those of us living the low pH life with our cleansers. I've noticed that my complexion does react the way I want it to with an acne care product - it helps to clear and heal my skin. With steady use it's lessened the frequency and severity of when I break out, which is what I am happy with - I don't expect to never have hormonal breakouts again.

This is a great, lightweight moisturizer that is heavy with the snail goodness many AB-lovers look for. I personally love this little pink tube for gel cream, and it does my skin some wonders. It helps to keep my skin's complexion under control and in general it also seems to aid in keeping my skin less oily throughout the day. It's my go-to moisturizer in the summer (I'm a desert dweller) when I do not want something that is super heavy. It's inexpensive, often you can find two tubes of this for under $10 shipped on Amazon Prime. You really cannot beat that.

I have sensitive skin, and therefore sensitive lips. This is a waxy balm, but I did not have a major problem with it. It's not among my favorites, but it was not irritating for me. 

This is my holy grail balm cleanser, I absolutely adore it and it's lightly herbal, earthy scent. There is no drippy mess, and it's purely refreshing when you are massaging it into the skin. The cooling sensation is just soothing and a great way to round out the end of the day and start off my evening routine. With all the botanical oils and extracts, the donkey milk, and the shea butter - I just can't get enough of this cleansing balm. This will always be my go-to. It's helped to heal and calm my skin, I've noticed improvements in brightening over time, healing in breakouts when the occur (which has reduced in frequency) and redness in some scarring has also gone down. With a focus on more natural ingredients and the lack of mineral oil in the formulation, it's a great addition to my routine.

This is a fun little peel to use that is effective and super gentle. Definitely use this over your sink, as once it gets going it's going to be a bit messy with the little balls of exfoliated "gunk" falling off and you won't want that on your floor! The smell is definitely lemon, reminds me a little bit of Starbursts to be honest. I use this about once a week and I notice some improvement overall. 

This is my holy grail balm cleanser, I absolutely adore it and it's lightly herbal, earthy scent. There is no drippy mess, and it's purely refreshing when you are massaging it into the skin. The cooling sensation is just soothing and a great way to round out the end of the day and start off my evening routine. With all the botanical oils and extracts, the donkey milk, and the shea butter - I just can't get enough of this cleansing balm. This will always be my go-to. It's helped to heal and calm my skin, I've noticed improvements in brightening over time, healing in breakouts when the occur (which has reduced in frequency) and redness in some scarring has also gone down. With a focus on more natural ingredients and the lack of mineral oil in the formulation, it's a great addition to my routine.

Call me crazy, but this smells like sweet tea to me. It's a strong scrub, but it certainly gets the job done. It's just not among my favorites personally, when there are others out there that offer me additional benefits that I prefer. Still, this isn't a bad little tub of sugary scrubby goodness. Just remember to be gentle!

Ouch. Just, ouch. This cleanser was far too harsh for my skin, and sadly I chucked it before I thought to test the pH level on it to see exactly where it fell in the range. It was super stripping for me, before it even fully rinsed off my skin I could feel that pulling tightness. I cannot recommend this at all.

This tea-tree herbal scented cleanser is a holy grail, sing to the heavens... Well, you get it. This cleanser is worth the praises it gets and I'll throw my lot right in there with the rest. With combination skin that not only trends towards being oily, but is also sensitive and is prone to hormonal breakouts - this is the perfect cleanser for morning and night. It's scent is wonderful, even if you aren't an herbal fan. It's not lingering, so don't fear. It lathers wonderfully, cleans without stripping, and rinses completely to leave behind fresh skin that is not at all tight or irritated. If you haven't tried this yet - what are you waiting for?!

This is a nice balm cleanser that I feel is good as an introductory type for those who are just getting into two-step cleansing. It's mild, does the job, and usually doesn't cause any reactions. Over time though I found that I didn't care for the scent and that it didn't wash away nearly as clean as I wanted it to. I felt as though it also did nothing beneficial for my skin other than to just wash away makeup and oils, offering nothing further. It's not bad, just neutral.

I love wash off clay masks, they're just a nice weekly treat for my combination skin that can help with making my pores calm down - and also help calm the oily shine that can creep up every now and again. This little capsule is a great and has two ingredients I absolutely love to see in my routine - honey and snail! I apply this with a facial mask brush to get a good even layer, and this one goes on smoothly and like a dream. This dries down within about ten to twelve minutes and isn't that unpleasant once it is completely dry. I use a konjac sponge for removal, just wet and a few quick swipes - nice smooth, glowing, and soft skin! I love these little guys and will definitely have these around in my stash.

This mask adheres like a dream, seriously. You could run around and do jumping jacks - this mask isn't going anywhere. This mask does not last nearly as long as some others I've tried, but within the twenty minutes it stays wet it certainly does some work. My skin feels firmer and looks brighter afterwards, and the calming effects last into the next day. My skin also feels softer and smoother, so lovely little bit there as well.

I absolutely adore this mask! The scent is a soft and sweet chocolate that is so pleasant and soothing, it's purely delightful and not at all heavily artificial or sickly sweet. The mask itself fits wonderfully and adheres beautifully, leaving my skin feeling both hydrated and firm after a good 35 minute masking session. I highly suggest this be a staple as a treat in anyone's masking stash!

First, it's not a completely horrid mask. It does offer some mild soothing and moisturizing qualities. Not much, but it's there. The main complaint I have against this mask that makes me say I would not repurchase this, not even to toss into my basket if it were offered below one dollar, is the very strong scent of alcohol/soap. It's unpleasant and off putting. Add to that that the feeling of hydration does not last more than a few hours, which is a slight disappointment. I am happy I tried it, as I enjoy experimenting with different brands and the different products they have to offer - but I couldn't really recommend this one out.

While no acne product is an instant fix or pure miracle worker, at least not for me, this really is a wonderful little spot treatment that needs some recognition. This is not at all drying or irritating - which is fantastic for my sensitive skin. The thick cream has a gentle herbal scent and goes on without a tacky or oily feeling afterwards. In the morning I noticed that the redness was diminished and overall the appearance of healing was present - swelling was down and by that evening the difference was evident. This little tube of anti-trouble cream is certainly aiding in lessening the length of time that a hormonal breakout stays with me and also helps to tone down that angry look. With a wonderful herbal blend of green tea, rosemary, and sage extracts I'm really not surprised that this is working out rather well for me. Give it a shot!

Gentle, hydrating, and cleansing - in a nutshell this cleansing water does exactly as you would expect it to do. This has become a staple in my routine and will be a repurchase once the bottle is empty, cycling in and out along with others that I enjoy. The scent is soft and mild, not at all overwhelming or heavily perfumed. It's fresh, almost a like a very gentle citrus tea with the slightest bit of floral. A quick swipe in the morning and it's a refreshing way to begin my A.M. routine. It easily removes what is left from my P.M. routine and anything built up overnight, leaving a fresh start for the rest of my morning. It is on the expensive side, but with it being a large bottle - I find it worth it and feel that it more than does it's job. It's worth trying once to see if you like it. 



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