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  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Olive
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Brown

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  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: Indonesia
  • Ingredient Preference: Paraben-Free
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

One of my favorite mask from My Beauty Diary. My skin color is tan so when i wear this mask i can see immediately the brightening effect. Moisturized my face & no sticky residue. Absorbed really well to skin.


The texture for the mask itself is thin, fitting is nice (not to long) but a bit wide to the sides. Plenty essence, you can use the essence as a hand and body lotion

The only Pure Essence mask that i really love among the other variants. The material itself is thin, smells sweet but not too strong, dries about 30mins. Leaving my skin glow any well hydrated + no sticky feeling at all for my oily skin. No greasy or tacky feeling like the other mask from this line. 


Definitely on my repurchase list 😊

Another products from Innisfree that i love, the sea salt cleansing water!


It comes in a bottle with a pushed cap, so it's like the nail remover bottle cap where you just have to press the cap and the product will come out from the top


I use this as my first cleanser and it works really well on waterproof makeup. It cleans my eye makeup (mascara anad eyeliner) also my lip tint or waterproof lip cream. Price is affordable for a big size like this, since its sea salt so the cleansing water itself taste a bit salty yet its bitter. For me, this product is worth to try for those who is looking for a cleansing water 

One of my favorite maak sheet from Innisfree. Material is so thin, it dries quite fast maximum 20mins. Leaving my skin fresh and pores looks smaller. No tacky or sticky residue, it even helps to reduce my acne and it redness. Such a nice BHA mask without tingling sensation/burns/painful feeling!

Papulex Oil Free Cream is a night and day cream Made In France for acne prone skin which is focusing for of course acne. 

I've been using this for a year and i really love it. It reduce the redness of the acne, it makes the acne smaller and also the cream absorbs fast so you don't have to worry to have greasy face after using this

It comes in a tube and the tube is quite slim which is also handy for travelling. I enjoyed this cream and i recommend this for those who have acne/oily skin!

Getting this because of the Line Friends packaging , turns out to be that T.P.O is also a brand from the company that produce Mediheal . The mask sheet is pretty similar with Mediheal , thin mask sheet soaked in essence , no strong scent and great fitting not too long or wide. The leftover essence is not a lot , can't really find the calming effect from this mask but it moisturized my face , face feels more fresh after using it and also no sticky residue and face felt so smooth. 

The mask sheet dries about 45mins but starts to dry bout 20minutes , such an affordable mask for everyone to try!

Aqua Sun Gel - Thought the consistency is gel but it's a watery-gel like white texture. The sunscreen have a little bit scents but not too strong. No white cast , leaves my face all matte and it blends very easy. Really recommend this since it's really lightweight so ut's great for everyday/daily use

First time trying cushion blusher and i'm not dissapointed at all with this! I got in shade #02 Rose Coral which smells like bubble gum ♡♡

The blush color is pretty sheer , with one lightly press you will get a lot of producy on the puff. The color match really well with my tan skin , but it's not longlasting. in 2 or 3 hours the color will fade away but i don't mind applying it because the packaging is so cute!

The smell is okay for me not too strong , i don't have sensitive skin but seriously this cleansing wipes is too harsh. My face feels like a lil bit hot and a bit red. the material is not soft so when i wipe my face it hurts , and it feels a lil bit poignant. So i don't recommend this

My first ever FTE and i loved it ! The texture is water just like toner , it moisturized my face without feeling greasy since i have an oily face. Usually my nose are is quiet dry after washing my face , i recommend this fte for everyone , it's cheap , works really well and the result is great too

Totally forgot the smell 😂but it didn't have strong scent. L'herboflore never fails me , it gave me a brighter and soft as silk face after using this for about 45mins. No sticky/tacky feeling , everything just absorbed so fast , my face loves it!

I got the color OR201 which is Kumquat Red , the new color from the repackage/update version

It looks like bright orange but when i apply it on my lips it's a bright pink . not my kind of color but if i apply a thin coat it looks great for everyday color. It's also great for a lipstick base color if you want to mix it with lipstick.

It taste sweet , smells fruity , didn't dryout my lips , don't forget to scrub your lips or use your lipbalm before using this so the lip tint will stay nicely without cracking your lips

Getting this lipstick because the packaging is Disney Princess and it's sooo cute! I got the Little Mermaid (Ariel) in color RD02 which is a vibrant red color

The color itself looks really opaque but after applying on the lips/swatching , it is a sheer red color , quiet glossy and moisturizing. Looks very natural and great for everyday lipstick

The color fade pretty fast, without eating or drinking in an hour the lipstick will fade but the color blends to our lips so just need to reapply. Will repurchase this because it's so moisturizing♡

Got the color #94 in 'Fall' Packaging , such a beautiful deep mud green color. It's really opaque and the color pops out in 1 coat , the brush itself can covered my nails in just 2 swipe. Will definitely repurchase this again!

Mask is soaked with red ginseng essence , the essence is brown colored so the sheet mask color changed to brown. The smell is so strong , for those who can't handle strong smell better not try this one

It does tightens up my skin eventhough the essence is not fully absorbed and left a sticky tacky feeling on my face. Very recommended using this when face feels tires/dull

Mask sheet soaked in essence , dries pretty fast about 15minutes. The essence didn't absorbed like i expected , after taking of the mask i waited about 1 hours to let everything sink on my face but it didn't

My face is so sticky and greasy , not recommended for people who have oily skin like me

Such a great face mist , the packaging is so cute , it's thin and not bulky so very good for travelling . The cap is very tight too so no need to worried about spilling anything.

It moisturozed my face without making it greasy. It has a slight smell but it smells nice!

I got this product from Amabie and i love it! The color is #02 Raspberry. Such a beautiful red color , easy to apply and blend also it last about 3-4hours without making my lips too dry

This mask shee is pretty famous on instagram , everybody have tried it and loved while it's the opposite for me :(

The essence is jelly and the color is a bit of yellowish transparent , the essence is a lot even i used it for my body too. The mask sheet dries after 1 hour because the essence is a lot , i don't really see any changes after i use this

After i took of the mask , the leftover essence on my face didn't dry that fast and my face turns out to be greasy and sticky. I waited for an hour to let the essence absorbed but still it didn't absorbed so i have to clean my face with toner because i can't handle the stickyness

Maybe for people with dry skin this mask sheet might work for you but it didn't work for me

Got this from Amabie in exchange for a review :) 

The eyeliner comes in a pen , the brush is sharp which is great to make wing liner. The color is black but not jet black color , it's not that opaque , it is water proof and it is smudge proof but it's not smudge proof if it's wet. I have an oily eyelid too and the eyeiner didn't last long and started to fade away. I recommend this for those who didn't have an oily eyelid like me and the brush glides so smooth by the way !

It's been 2years since i got eye shadow palette because i only use eyeshadow for special occasion . I got this Pongdang Cheese eyeshadow palette from Amabie a week ago and here's my thoughts about the products :

The eyeshadow comes in 6 colors with 2 cream eyeshadow and the rest of them are glittery-matte

I have a tan skin and the brown color looks great on my eyes! I'm afraid they will be to light for my skin but they pop out when i use it on my eyelid

For thw pink colors i used it for blush , i've never tried to do a pink shadow so i used it as a blush and the color is so pigmented 

Use it for almost 10 hours and the color didn't fade away eventhough my eyelid is so oily , overall i really love this eye palette and they're recommended for tan skin too♡♡♡

Love this Play 101 pencil! They glide very smooth so that's why i used it as an eyeliner. It's not smudge prrof or oil proof but it blends really nice. The glitter ones looks very pretty especially for the corner of the eyes/on the waterline. They're also cheap and have lots of colors to choose♡

I have the color #04 Soft Spoken which is a mauve rosy color , it didn't dry out my lips , it feels comfortable on the lips , it does transfer a little bit. Overall this is a great liquid lipstick , affordable and quiet longlasting if you don't eat something greasy

I've seen a lot of people love this water tint and i decided to get one. I got the color #3 Orange Juice because i didn't have orange tint yet. They said that this tint blends very well and give the natural look stain , BUT it's not like that at all.

If you put too much tint it will be so messy because it's water tint , it didn't stain my upper lip , it didn't last long , it will disappear if i eat something , and it taste so bitter just like medicine

Overall not my kind of liptint and will never repurchase :(

I'm pretty excited with this mask before i use it but when i open the packaging it's a lotiony essence which will always make my oily face more oily and greasy. Use it for 30mins and waited for bout 15 mins , my whole face became so oily and sticky. I recommend this for people with dryskin cause it will give you hydration 

Always love to open a tea tree mask sheets , the smell of the tea tree and a hint of peppermint is relaxing. During that time of the month usually pimple are showing up and this mask sheet reduce the redness and also the bumps on my face. Sometimes after i popped out those pimples i use this at night and the next morning it didn't left a redness at all. The fit is great , drenched in essencw , will repurchase this again!

I bought this only because the packaging but it's more than that! This is my current favorite tint bar. I got it in the color Coral which looks like coral red but when i swiped it to my lips it's a natural pink color. The more you layered the more vibrant you will get. It stay on my lips more like 5 hours , i ate fried chicken and the tint is still there ! After apply it i usually wait for a few minutes for the tint to absorbed to my lips , it's kiss proof , smudge proof and non transferable ♡♡♡

This is an average mask , it does smells so good like bubble gum. The essence is a lot , mask sheet is thin, dries bout 35 minutes. The result is only moisturizing your face , this is pretty good for those who have oily skin like me because it's not a heavy moisturize

Bought this mask because i never try coix seed mask, the mask it drenched in essence, fitting is great and the material is so soft and thin. Dries about 45minutes , leaving my face radiant glowing and moisturized plus it's not stick on the face

I love to try a different variant of mask sheet and i tried the wine mask sheet from my beauty diary. the mask smells like red wine but not too strong. The essence is clear a lot , dries about 45minutes and leaving my face smooth and soft. My face always get red and feels warm whenever i use/drink wine , this time it didn't make face red but feels warm. Overall i love the mask sheet and would repurchase

Whenever my skin is so oily i always choose this mask sheet. This mask sheet controls the oil on my face, the mask is thin and drenched in essence, the left over essence is a lot (my beauty diary always have lots of essence). Mask sheet dries about 45minutes left my face smooth , radiant and glowing without feeling oily at all. 

This is the first l'herboflore mask that i wanted to try. The cute packaging didn't fail me , the result of this mask sheet is amazing. The mask sheet comes with a clear essence , the fitting of the mask sheet is great and the material is soft. It dries about 45mins and the cheeks area are still moist, my face looks bright and firm also moisturized. Essence absorbed so fast and it leaves my skin very smooth

This Mango mask sheet smells so good , the mask itself is adjustable and it fits perfectly for me. Dries about 45minutes , leaving my face plumped up and radiant. i'm using this when i feel tired and it really refresh my whole face. It also leaves a very smooth face because the essence absorbed pretty fast plus no sticky feeing!

Having an oily skin makes me very picky when i choose moisturizing mask sheet. My scheming always have a silk mask sheet which feels like 2nd skin. Essence is clear and it's a lot. Dries after 50mins , take it off and my face feels super moisturized and soft plus no sticky feeling!

This is a good mask , it contains tea tree leaf oil so the sheet mask have a hint of tea tree. The fitting is good , dries about 45mins , leave my skin moisturized but can't feel the pore tight effect from this mask

Just like the name itself , it's a jelly mask sheet. the jelly essence came a lot so it can be use on neck or even hands. I use the mask sheet as usually and put the remaining essence on the top of the sheet mask. It dries after 55minutes , face looks more bright but it's so sticky. i waited for 30minutes until one hour to let the essence absorbed to my face but it's just so sticky. i can even stick a piece of paper to my face and it won't fall because it's super sticky . Will love this mask sheet if it's not sticky

I love this toner , i used this with my brother too. He has lots of white sebums and after using this for about 2weeks the sebums are reduced. During the day usually i can see my white sebums because the weather tends to be hot during the day , after using this for quiet sometime it reduce my white sebums. Will definitely repurchase

One of my favorite mask sheet , the mask itself smells so good more like a fruity scent. Mask sheet material is not too thick and feels comfortable , leaving it for 45-50mins , left my face moisturized and fresh without making my face oily . Skin felt so smooth after using the mask♡

One of my favorite sheet mask , the essence is clear and it smells nice , dries about 45mins , leaving my skin looks more bright and fresh. The fitting is adjustable and it's affordable too

Mask material is so soft , soaked in essence , leave it on my face for about 45mins , the fit is perfect not to small or too wide. Leaving my face bright and all plumped up , essence absorbed to skin very fast , no sticky feeling at all and face felt so smooth

Material is like a paper towel , soaked in essence , dries after 45-55mins , absorbed really fast and leave my skin smooth. But won't repurchase because it didn't reduce the redness on my acne area. Recommended for those who need something to calm their skin!

Not a big fan of this mask , the fitting is small , the essence is not that much , little bit sticky after using the mask , it dries after 15-20mins

Not a big fan of baby lips , the pink color is pretty but i feel like it looks so oily on my lips. After that it didn't really moisturize my lips and sometimes it make my lips dries

I got the color RD306 , such a nice red with cool tone. I choose the matte one because i don't like the glossy one. The color is buildable , i can do a sheer red lips or a bold red lips. The price is not too expensive and they have lots of color range to choose

I got this one in the color #06 Dark Night. Such a nice red burgundy for people with fair skin and a nice berry red for those who have tan skin like me

The liptint glides on so smooth and it feels a little bit moisturizing. Easy to blend but it didn't last that long. The color is a little bit sheer so very nice for everyday look

This is such a popular tint that comes in 3 colors. I have in the color #02 Red.

The color is very opaque and vibrant , it taste a little bit sweet and smells so good. I have normal lips but still it dries my lips. The tint will last longer if you don't eat or drink too much. It's affordable and works really well so worth to try :)

I never dislike any skincare product but this is just not for me. I got the samples of this and really excited to try it. I do have oily skin and using this as my sleeping pack is not a wise choice

The next morning when i woke up my face felt so thick , it really plumps up my face and i thought it was swollen but not. Doing my daily activites in the morning and my face is so oily. My forehead , my nose , my cheeks are so shiny because of the oily. Will never use this again but this product is recommended for those who have dry skin

The smells of the mask sheet it self is sooo good. It really make my face tight and lifted but the essence didn't absorbed that fast so need to wait some time. Pores looks smaller and face looks so fresh

Expecting the hand cream to have lime smell but the smell is like sweet fragrance.

The hand cream comes in a 50ml size , the texture is cream but a little watery. It does make my hand feels smooth and not sticky but still kind of dissapoint because it didn't smells like lime but it says lime :(

I personally love rose mask sheet. The smell of the rose makes me more relax

The fit is great , it's adjustable and the hole for the eyes and mouth parts are not too small. The essence is a lot and absorbs really well to my skin. Take off the mask after 45mins and the mask is still moist. Face left sooo smooth and hydrated! Will repurchase it again♡♡♡

Using fresh lemon or lemon products are my favorite


The texture is not like cream at all. It's transparent yellow watery gel and smells like fresh cut lemon. It didn't smell like artificial lemon.

A little goes a long way , only need a pea sized amount and it already covered all of my face. Absorbs pretty fast , didn't leave a sticky residue , it moisturize my face without making my face oily

My holy grail cream! And also recommended for those who have oily skin 😉😉😉

Many people said that this is their holy grail mask sheet but for me this is a great mask sheet not amazing. This mask sheet recommended for dry skin , it contains honey to plump up and moisturize your skin. I have oily skin and i do need moisturizing mask sheet. 

The mask sheet smells like floral scent mixed with honey , thin material and essence absorbs so fast. Left my face moisturized and not oily

This is an okay mask for me , it doesn't really shrink or tighten up my pores. So sticky after i took of the mask sheet , dries about 30mins. Will not repurchase because of the stickiness

I use this when my face looks so tired and dull. This really plump up my skin , makes my face looks so fresh , as usual mask sheet dries after 45mins , absorbs really well and the essencw is quiet a lot. Mediheal never dissapoints !

Mediheal mask sheet always satisfied me. The fitting is great , material of the mask is soft and thin , dries about 45 mins , absorbs really fast to skin and skin felt so soft. It does brightens up my face immediately , will always repurchase this♡

My beauty diary always have lots of essence , i can use it for my entire body. Mask sheet dries about 45mins and absorbs to skin. Skin felt plumped up and no sticky feeling. The texture of the mask sheet is quiet thin and felt comfortable on face

I admit i bought this because the packaging. Well who doesn't love Disney Princesses ? I have no regret buying this. The mask it self it pretty thin and felt so soooft , dries about 45mins , leave my face bright and soft. The leftover essence is pretty a lot , no strong scents and no sticky feeling! Will always repurchase this again

I love citrus smell and this mask sheet smells like fresh lemon and orange. Make my face looks brighter , essence is clear and the remaining essence is quiet a lot , absorbs pretty quick and not sticky. One of my favorite mask sheet♡

This is an okay mask , fitting is okay , the edges/cutting on the mask sheet is neat , essence is clear but can't notice any differences after using it

My favorite serum ! I love light weight serum , this serum absorbs so fast , no sticky feeling , leaving my face all smooth and supple. Such a recommended serum♡

This cleanser does remove bb cream residue and any other dirt on my face but after that my face felt very dry and the cleanser texture is a little bit harsh for face so not that recommended for sensitive skin

The texture and the material for the mask is really soft , fit perfectly on my face , essence absorbs so fast , face felt so soft and smooth without sticky residue at all

Lovee this product. I can't handle oil cleanser but since this one is a mixed of oil and water , it works really well for my skin. Will totally repurchase this cleansing water !

The blush color is very opaque , really easy to blend , but for those who have fair/light skin need to use a little bit because the color is so intense. Need to blend it fast after putting the cream blush on cheeks

I used to use Paula Choice BHA liquid but it was so itchy on my face then it dries my skin especially my nose area. Finally try the Black Power Liquid from Cosrx and this is my holy grail.


I only use it on my nose because i have lots of black heads , after using for 2 weeks my blackheads are less visible , it looks like very small dots and it look soo much better . The reason why i rate it 4 because it's too oily if i use it on my entire face , the cheeks area and forehead looks so shiny after using this so i only use this for my nose area 

This green tea fresh cream is made for those who have oily skin like me , i have high hopes for this to reduce the oilyness on my skin yet moisturizing. It does moisturized my face yet it's so oily on the next day when i woke up. This can be a light weight moisturizing gel cream for those who have dry skin but it just didn't work for me because it make my face more oily 

I have very short lashes and thin, tried other mascara but it just wont work because the applicator is too big for my short lashes.

This mascara is amazing , it didn't smudge at all , waterproof , and stays on my eyelashes. I accidentally rubbed my eyes while i'm using it but it didn't smudge and stay on my eyelashes. 

I recommend this for those who have mono-lid and short lashes because the applicator is small so it's easy to apply it

The place where i live is hot and humid for almost every single year , so i need a light weight hand cream to moisturize my hand

Got this in Mango Flower and it smells like real mango, didn't make my hands greasy and the hand cream absorbs pretty fast ♡

Will repurchase in other scent because i love this handcream

It smells so good , for those who love floral/rose scent this is the perfect toner for you. The toner itself didn't make skin dry , it moisturize my skin , it comes in different size so definitely can buy the small one first to try. I've finished my 2nd bottle and will repurchase again!

Since i have an oily face and oily eyelids , using cleansing water is the best way to clean up any dirt or make up on my face. 

I love the product because it came with the pump , the size is quiet big and the price is affordable. It removed all of my make up but sometimes need to clean the mascara with oil cleansing but for everyday cleansing water this is the best♡

Really excited when i got the samples of this


The color of the serum is like tea color (lil bit lighter) , it didn't smell bad it's smells pretty good. But after i put it on my face it was sooo sticky , i add this to my skincare routine at night and it ruined everything. I have an oily skin so after using this my face felt so greasy , try it again on the next day after my toner to check if it was really sticky or not and yes it's still sticky. Would try it again , it's pretty expensive yet the result is meh

The rose scent smells so good just like the rose water from mamonde. The essence is lotiony-creamy , very recommended for those who have dry skin. It does make my face hydrated but it makes my fave all greasy and oily because of the lotion essence

Best bb cream ever , they have lots of shades to choose. I use shade #31 and it match my skintone perfectly , medium to high coverage , also it can cover my redness and other blemishes

The only sunscreen that i always repurchased , the alcohol smell is quiet strong but for me it smells like citrus , no white cast, leaving my face matte all day, i have oily skin so this is the perfect sunscreen for me. For those who have dry skin maybe you can try something more moisturizing because this didn't gave lot of moisture for your face

This is a moisturizing cream with UV protection which is SPF 50. I have oily skin and this moisturizing cream didn't make my face oilt at all. The finishing is velvety matte, a little goes a long way so no need to scoop out a lot of products. The gel color is white and the texture is combination between gel and cream. Such a nice moisturizing gel for morning routine!

My all time favorite mask sheet. Tightens up my pores , left my face firm , the scent is light not too strong , texture of the mask is thin soft cotton , the leftover esence is a lot and absorbs to skin really quick. 

My favorite mask sheet everytime i'm confused choosing masks. It brightens up my skin immediately , smells nice, the texture of the mask is quiet thin soaked with essence, and last the essence is a lot (1 table spoon)

Love this product, sometimes they have limited edition packaging. It really moisturize my lips but i can't stand the smell of the oil from the lipbalm

This mask sheet really helps me to reduce my pimple and also the redness on my face. Such a nice mask for summer because this gave you a cooling sensation. The smell is teatree mixed with peppermint which is really calming. Affordable and a great mask to calm down your skin especilly for those who have is acne/acne-prone

My Favorite Eyebrow Pencil! The Triangle shaped pencil make it easier to shape and fill my eyebrow. It's last long too, cheap eyebrow pencil yet gamazing result

The barley scent on the mask sheet smells good, not a strong smell. Dries about 45 mins , left my face brighter and pores are more tight. The leftover essence is a lot so i can use it on my neck and body too. Essence absorbed really quick, love this mask!

For a person who have oily skin like me , I prefer light moisturizing for my face. This is the prefect moisturizing mask sheet for me! It smells sooo nice, the material of the sheet mask is soft cotton and not thick, the essence is clear , dries about 45mins and also left my face with smooth and supple! The essence absorbed really fast

Replacing my night cream with this Tea Tree night gelly because i love this product so much , the gel texture gives a cooling effect on the face, it does reduce the redness on the pimple/acne , soothing my face , and also it absorbs really quick so don't worry to sleep with this tea tree night gelly. The scent of peppermint is more dominant rather than the tea tree

One of my favorite mask sheet , soaked in clear essence , left my face moisturized and also a little bit brighter. I Need You Mask are affordable for those who want to try korean mask sheets♡

Mask sheet soaked with essence but not dripping , creamy lotion essence , the scent is not so strong , it dries about 45minutes. Leaving my face hydrated and tight. Recommended for those who have dry skin , i have an oily skin so using this mask makes my T-zone very oily and greasy

The best wash off mask to exfoliate , the smells is not sweet but citrus smell , the mask texture is quiet gooey so better to spray face with face mist first then use the wash off mask. Leaving my skin smooth, bright and plumped up

This is my everyday cleansing foam , it felt so smooth on the face , with a pea size amount you can cover all your face with the foam. No more dry akin after using this cleanser , this cleanser is cheap and it's 150ml which is a lot. I have an oily skin and i think this cleanser is very affordable for those who want to try gentle cleansing foam. Oh and this one smells great too!

Those who have oily skin need to get this powder! It's translucent , it includes the puff to apply the powder. It gives a matte finishing and also no more oily T-zone after applying this powder

I love this longwear cushion , they have 6 different color to try , the coverage is low to medium. This cushion makes my T-zone a little bit oily after using it for 3-5hours because i have oily T-zone . Also the pores is visible if i wear this too long. Any way if you're looking for affordable cushion you can try this cushion♡

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Line always did a good job. With a pea size amount of this cleanser you can clean everything on your face . This is a gentle cleanser , it smells like any other Innisfree jeju volcanic line , it also clean my pores , skin felt so smooth and also this cleanser didn't dry my skin!

This is such a great face mist. I use this a lot everytime my face can't handle the heat , it really hydrate my face . I usually use this mist before starting my make up and also before using wash off mask with gooey texture



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