About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Sensitive
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Red

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Other - non-beauty
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Natural
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

I got a tester from DHC and it loved it. I apply this exfoliator especially around my joints, and you can rinse it off with water. My skin feels very smooth, soft and clean. I highly recommend this exfoliator and it's great. 

I thought this is an amazing mask so I bought it, I love their products because they don't have any additives so it's great for people with sensitive skin. I always put it in the fridge before use, it makes my skin very comfortable and it's moistuizing. I don't see that much difference on my fine lines, it's not obvious. 

I love the scent of this face wash, it has a light citrus scent. It does not dry out my skin at all but I feel like it does nothing to my acnes, I see no change. 

The pen point is very thin, great to draw the inner eyelines and it's water-proof. But the color is abit light so I have to apply it several times to make it obvious and it's hard to wash, I have to use the makeup remover 2-3 times to complete it remove it. 

The brush is very special, it's a comb on one side and a spiral brush on the other. The spiral brush is better to use on the inside your your lashes and the comb makes your lashes longer. But don't apply too much mascara at once or they will stick together and get lumpy. It does not smudge easily and it's very long lasting. 

This is my favorite Biore body wash, it has a light floral scent and makes my skin soft and smooth. My skin feels really clean. 

It gives me very light pink color, not very obvious and it does not have any smell. It's moisturizing and it has glitter in it. I bought the rose pink color. 

The texture is abit thick, it doesn't really have any smell but it's not very absorbing and sticky. 

This is Emma Garden's shampoo, I bought it during discount. It has no color, smells very herbal and it's not very bubbly. My hair is abit dry and patchy but my scalps feels really good. 

This makeup remover is better than the yellow one, I can feel my pores are all very clean. It's cheap and I usually purchase it during buy 1 get 1 free discount, so worthed. 

I tried the lipstick at the store and it gives me great color payoff, I have pale white skin but my lip color is dark. I though this red is going to make me look old but in face it gave me a nice natural look. The color lasts the whole day and its very moisturizing, it contains collagen so it helps to lighten my lip wrinkles, I highly recommend this lipstick.

I bought this in Japan, the texture is very liquid, it has no additives so there nbasically no scent. A little amount can cover my whole face, it's absorbing and very moisturizing. After using for a while, my skin became more white. I have dry skin condition but I can use this toner through out all seasons. 

I bought this this year spring, it has a strong honey scent once I opened it. It's not too greasy and moisturizing. 

This is my go to air cushion foundation, I just need little amount to cover my whole face, the color is natural and it's moisturizing. 

I bought it for half of the price, my skin get pale easily so they recommend me to use the pink one. It's more color correcting than makeup look, great to use if you want a light makeup style. 

I got this as a gift during an event, it took me a while until I started to use this and I was amazed. The texture is thick but it's very absorbing and moisturzing, my skin feels very soft. It's not cheap though. 

This is my first fragrance, the green bottle has a cirtus scent. My hair gets caught up with weird smells easily so I use this to help refresh myself. It lasts for about 3 hours. 

I bought this in Japan, great to use after a long walk or when you stand too long. It feels very comfortable when I apply it, but I can't apply it when I sleep, makes my feet really cold especially during winter. 

I'm using the white version, you have to apply some water on the nose for the sheet to stick on, I used an exfoliator before I use this, the effect is just ok. 

I bought this under other friends recommendation and it was pretty cheap. The gel is very cooling when I apply it on my face but after a while I can feel some heat, my face became red after I washed it off. It's too harsh for me. 

Alot on the skin around my nails are dead skin, this pen has a little brush on one end, it's very comfortable when I brush it on my skin and not greasy at all. Very easy to carry so I can apply it whenever I want, but because my hands has been exposed to solvents for some time so it's not that effective for me. 

I highly recommend this brand when it comes to sunscreen products! I bought this in Japan which is abit cheaper than Taiwan. It contains tranexamic acid which helps to prevent dark spots on my face. I only apply this on my face, it's not greasy at all, I do hope it will be water-proof in the future.

I bought this CC cream when it was getting really famous. I don't think it's good to use, it makes my face feel so greasy and my skin looks dead pale, it doesn't really color correct my skin. I bought the #2 

When I go to etude house they always give me this face wash tester to try, so I stocked alot. It's very cleansing and exfoliates my skin. But I have dry sensitive skin so I don't use it everyday. It's 300NT for a bottle which is not cheap so students, I suggest to buy it when it's on buy 1 get 1 free promotion!

This is the best black head remover I've ever used. It has three steps: 

1. Use the cuticle softener, I would massage it longer so it will be easier to pull out the dirt later, wash it with warm water so the pores will open.

2. Use the charcoal mask, apply it on your skin until you can't see your skin color, don't put on too much it will be hard to let it dry up

3. After you clean all the blackhead, use this toner to sooth your pores so they won't get bigger. 

All the dirt are stuck on the mask when I peeled it off, it hurts a little when you peel so peel it lightly so you don't hurt your skin.

This is one of the product from the Etude house gift bag, I don't like the smell, and it doesn't really smell like green tea. I used the cuticle softener first, the peel sticks on my face well but it hurts a little when I peel it off, I think it's just ok. 

This cream is pretty oily, better to use during winter. The back of my hand has alot of fine lines because I ride my bike alot, this cream helps to lighten the fine lines. 

I bought this in Japan, it's cheap and this design is more hygiene. It does not consume alt of space when I travel. It's very cleansing, lathers into alot of bubble with just a little water, my face feels very comfortable, not tight at all. 

This is a great product, great for my chapped lips especially during winter. But it's very oily, I usually apply before sleep to help improve my cracked lips condition. I choose the cherry flavor, it doesn't really have any scent. 

The color is not too obvious, but it gives a nice natural look. I bought the salmon pink color, apply lipbalm before putting on this lipstick or it'll be too dry, it will spread evenly too. 

I was first attracted by it's delicate package design. I picked the 05 pastel peach, just a little amount gives great color payoff, the brush that comes with it is great to use. 

I'm so afraid when the sunblock is sticky and smells chemical, this one is great, it has no scent and it's leaves my skin with no residue. 

It's a liquid texture, very absorbing, I always use this when my skin is very dry during winter, I can see the improvement of my dry skin condition. It has a nice light scent. 

This is my favorite lotion so far, it's moisturizing and not greasy, great to use all season. I can see the whitening effect on my skin, smell very good too. 

It's very light when I first apply, the color will change based on your body tempurature. With just a thin layer will give good color payoff, very nourishing, but my hair sticks on my lips all the time. 

It's a mousse texture when I squeeze it out, after I apply it on my face the bubble will go down one by one which makes my face itchy. It's very easy to rinse off, my skin feels very smooth and soft, and it helps to exfoliate my skin, great for lazy people since you don't have to apply for long. 

I apply when my lips are so chapped or bleeding, it's very effective and nourishing. It has no flavor but it has a very strong oil smell which I don't like. 

It has a strong lemon scent, I use it to treat the dead skin around my nails. Great for people with sweaty hands, not too greasy. 

It's very cooling with a mint scent. It not greasy at all, very useful. 

It has a strong grapefruit scent, the lipbalm has no tint, but it's very nourishing and not greasy. 

I always use this when I got bit by a bug or have an allergy, it reduces the swell really quick. It smells good so I also apply this around my nose to stay refreshed. 

It is a gel texture and does not have any special smell, it's easy to blend and very absorbing, leaves no stickiness on my face. I have dry skin condition and I think this is great to use during summer. 

It's very cleansing and does not make my face tight. The only downside is at the end the soap will become very crumbled. 

It does not dry out my face or make my face greasy, I love the light floral scent. 

I have red hair but the color fades easily. The color lasts longer when I use this shampoo, and it makes my hair shinier, so great! 

It does not tighten my face, a little can lather in to alot of bubbles, but the whitening effect depends on different people. 

There was a period of time that I have hair loss problem so I bought this and I used it for 2 years. It does not contain silicon, after using it for a while my scalp became more healthy and I feel like my hair is growing back. 

It has a nice lemon scent, it's more focused on moisturizing but it's also pretty moisturizing. But it's quite expensive for a body soap. 

This can be used as a mask or face wash, use it twice a week. It helps to exfoliate my skin, when I use it as a mask the dirt in my pimples will pop out which I think it's great. 

I have sensitive skin, so I use this 2-3 times a week. It makes my face very clean, so different than washing your face with hands. But I think it's just ok on improvements for acnes. I've used two different brushes, the black one is for sensitive skin, and the pink one is a supersonic whitening brush. My skin is still too sensitive even for the black one. 

My mom gave me this cleansing oil when I was in middle school, I highly recommend this. Emulsifies very easily, never gave me acnes or pimples. It does the cleaning job, even when I don't put on makeup, I still use it to clean all the dirt on my skin.



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