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  • Ethnicity: East Asian
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  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
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I tried this mask a couple of days ago but didn't get around to writing the review until now. I'm a little blown away, like, 8/10 blown away! The fit was slightly short on the forehead and the nose strip, but everything else was fantastic. The eye area and mouth area were great, the material was super soft, and the slits on either side of the chin were actually long enough that it made overlapping the cheek/chin flaps very comfortable. Adherence was excellent and this mask stuck to my face!
The mask had a light lotion scent that is slightly floral. This does linger but it is quite light. Clear essence, not much left in the packet. I wore this mask comfortably for 40 minutes before I took it off.
For the results? I took off half a point for the slightly short fit. The other 1.5 points, I'm removing because I didn't see much brightening results, for a mask that says "Intensive Brightening". HOWEVER. The reason this still gets an 8 is because the deep hydration benefits. Upon removal, the essence was a little sticky. A couple black fibres left on my nose (my biggest fear with black masks, taking it off to see black fibres everywhere!).
A few pats and my skin was smooth and SO chok chok! Skin felt plump and hydrated. Redness reduced around the cheeks and skintone was quite even. When I woke up the next day, my skin still looked hydrated and complexion was still very even. It was fantastic! I would get this again just for hydration but not for brightening. Maybe another flavour in this line is just for hydration and works just as well? Overall, fantastic experience and great results, even if the results don't meet the original purpose! 
I received this mask from Amabie in exchange for an honest review, as a part of their ABSweethearts Program. Thank you, Amabie!

This mask was provided to me by in exchange for an honest review, as a part of their ABSweethearts program.

I had pretty high expectations for this mask. It just seemed like a high end one. Pros included a nice tea scent, a comfortable natural fibre mask that was a bit thicker but adhered well, and a mask shape that fit my face surprisingly well! The mask packet advertises that it should be Intensely Moisturizing, so I was excited, considering I have dry, dehydrated skin. I was really looking forward to using the mask since it's been incredibly dry here in the winter! Unfortunately, it did a very meh, 'okay' job. The mask lasted about 35 minutes for me, but the leftover essence was SO sticky! I patted for so long and eventually gave up; it wasn't until after about 20 minutes that the stickiness was significantly reduced. But honestly, a little while later, my skin was leaning towards the drier side again. I had to put on a sleeping mask instead, which is the last thing I expected to have to do with a mask that promises intense moisture. Aside from some moisturizing effects, there really wasn't much. For a mask that retails for some $8 USD, this doesn't fit the bill for me. Perhaps someone with normal skin will have better results, as they skin may not be as thirsty as mine. Despite the comfortable fit and experience, the results were pretty lacking to me, so I really wouldn't choose to purchase it again. I'm a bit confused by the ingredients, because the key ingredients are written in names that are quite difficult to identify within the ingredient list. It makes me wonder whether the concentrations are in fact quite low?

This Sea Water Collagen Essence Mask is meant for skin maintenance, and shows that it contains 1% Sea Water. I take that to mean something akin to moisture and hydration, and perhaps a bit of soothing. It is a thick, but soft cotton sheet, but unfortunately, the kind with a pattern on it. Since it adheres pretty well, if you leave it on for a long while, the pattern will be imprinted onto your skin! The mask had a light scent that wasn't bothersome at all. The recommendation is 20-30 minutes of wear; aside from the chin area, the mask lasted about 40 minutes for me. Since it's been cold here, the mask did also stay cold so it had a cooling effect on my skin. Upon removal, the mask left my skin moisturized, and a little brightened. The reduction of redness may have been from the cooling effect of the mask. There wasn't much essence left in the packet at all, so I had patted it onto the cheek area of the mask. Once I patted in the remaining essence on my face, the result was a non-sticky finish. Most of my face felt hydrated enough even an hour later when I went to bed, but since it's been dry lately, I did layer on a sleeping mask for overnight. Overall, it's an okay mask but nothing particularly outstanding. I personally am not a fan of patterned masks due to the imprint they can leave on my face, so I'm unlikely to repurchase this. This mask was provided for me by under their ABSweethearts program for an honest review.

This is a very popular exfoliant in the asian beauty world, and for pretty good reason! Not only does it have a sweet, citrusy scent, you also have full control over how harsh you want the scrub to be! Simply add water (or mix with other masks!) to change the consistency to your liking and your skin's sensitivity when you use it. This Black Sugar Wash Off Mask hydrates the skin when you leave it on for a bit, so even after washing it off, my skin doesn't feel dry or tight. This says a lot for someone with dry skin! Best of all, this is a very cost-effective mask. The only small complaint is that it lacks a spatula to scoop out the product, but other than that, everything is an absolute WIN!

This is my holy grail cleanser. I've never felt this way about a cleanser before. Many people complain that this smells very strongly of tea tree, but I don't find that to be the case. The cleanser is gentle, pH is suitable for the skin, and the slight scent is refreshing no matter what time of day I use it. I put a little on my fingers and make sure to lather it up before applying it to my face. It is very effective as a second cleanser, or a single cleanser if you do not have make up on. I'm just about to run out, and I would immediately repurchase if I didn't already have several other cleansers in my stash, awaiting use and review. I would definitely come back to this one in the future. A little goes a long way, and with twice-daily use, this tube lasted me for quite some time. It is also a very affordable cleanser!

The packaging of this product is 5 stars, no questions asked! Even the mini-puff is super cute! I got this in the colour Lavender Basket, and the colour is super pretty on my fair skin! I found the product felt cool when being applied to the skin. But be careful as you can easily pick up too much product and end up looking like a clown! You need to have a very light hand and slowly build this up to the intensity that you want. The colour does stay all day though, and you just can't help but feeling happy applying it, because the little case and puff are so adorable!

This mask is loved by many kbeauty addicts, and for good reason! Not only does it smell yummy but the material is thin and pliable. It's a little difficult to manipulate as it is so thin, but once you get it on your face, it's like a second skin! The mask lasted a good 45 minutes and was still drenched. There is quite a bit of essence left in the packet, too. The mask left my skin hydrated, brightened, and redness was visibly reduced. This mask is one of my favourites and I don't ever want to be without it!

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