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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White
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  • Skin Type: Combination
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  • Hair Type: Wavy
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  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 18-24
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  • Ingredient Preference: Natural, Organic, Vitamin C, Aloe
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About  2 weeks or so ago I received the Egg Mousse Soap by the brand @toocoolforschool_official (courtesy of @amabiebeauty ❤️ thank you) to test out and review for my followers 💕💕 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

To start of, the egg mousse soap claims to cleans skin impurities and makeup residues with its dens cream like foam. Well do I agree with this statement 🤔..... I kinda do! When I first started using this cleanser, I really enjoyed pumping out the product out of its bottle because of how fun and satisfying it was 👌 now the real question is, does it cleanse properly ?? Well yess it does I have noticed that this product would be a great last step to use when removing face makeup 💄 however one con that I was pretty sad about was that it didn't give any moisture to the face 😢 but other than that I did notice that My skin felt a little firm every time I used the soap on my friend. I had my mother try this as well and she felt the same thing ✨ Out of 5 I would probably give this a 3.5, because #1 it doesn't have lots of properties that could benefit my skin like other cleansers would have, and #2 I l think that it's a little too overhyped. 


Hope you all enjoyed this review ✨💕 and thank you so much @amabiebeauty for giving me the opportunity to review this product 😘


I love this lipstick from botanic farm. It's got a very soft formula to moisturize the lips, the color is super vibrant (PK 04), and it lasts pretty well 😍😍


I received the foundation in the color Petal(lightest of all colors) and yes it was kinda too light or white for me (would have preferred the shades Sand or Tan) One thing I noticed is that its got a very light and natural coverage which means that its not for all types of skin. I did notice that some spots of acne weren't covered that much as well as my under eye dark circle, but its ok for me because I can always go back and cover with concealer. The foundation it self has got a very dewy formula/finish, meaning that its not matt on the skin, but will give a shiny finish to it which I noticed that lots of korean's prefer. One last thing is that I love how moisturizing this foundation is and it was great for my skin, oh and did I mention how great this smells (isn't the packaging just gorgeous). Over all, I think this cushion will be very good for the winter and those lazy days where I am going for the no makeup makeup look.


Hey guys it's me again, back with another review✨✨ today's review is on the Shiseido Senka Mineral Water Face UV BB Cream SPF41 (courtesy of @amabiebeauty). I have been using this BB cream for about some time, and today I will be sharing with you guys my thoughts about this product. First thing first is the formula of this product. It's got a very creamy and light formula which is what I really love about this product, however the color wasn't the right color, It was kinda light for my skin but I managed to find a way to fix it. When I applied the BB cream on to my face I realized that it goes matte (which is perfect for my preference of foundation💕) which means you don't gotta set it with powder. I am really loving the fact that this foundation has got a high SPF of 41 (com on ain't that great ✨). The coverage was great for this BB cream and it didn't feel really heavy on the face. At the end of my day the foundation stuck on really well to the face, but it was kinda a struggle to get it off. Overall I rate this BB cream an 8/10. Thank you super much @amabiebeauty for sending me this product to review 😘💕✨ don't forget to check out their website. Also full review of this product will be coming soon. 

I recieved my etudehouse pink bird box and Iam super excited to review this for you guys....yay🎉🎊🎉 I can't wait 😍 Everything is super exciting. So sneak peek 😆😊

I have been loving this eyeshadow pallet by Etude House. This pallet is one of etude house newly released products from their new collection pink skull, featuring chic and funky products. The shadow pallet has 9 colors ranging from matts and glitters. One thing I love is that this pallet includes darker and lighter shades of shadows 😍✨ Over all I give this pallet a big thumbs up with its impressive shadows as well as the cute packaging. 💕✨ 

Today's review is definitely a HOLY grail, omg you guys Iam just in love with these sheet masks 😍✨. When I first opened this product it just smelled straight out like honey 🐝, and let me just tell you this my skin LOVED this product. It's super moisturizing, super hydrating, and super effective. Usually I have redness/pinkness around my nose, but after applying this mask I noticed a huge difference, meaning the redness has reduced 😱😍. What I really loved about this sheet mask is that it dosnt fall or slide off unlike other sheet masks I reviewed this one is certainly different, it just stuck onto my face which makes the process of moving around so much easier 😉. 

I have seen so many great reviews about this product and Just like many people I have been loving it 😍. I apply this product on my face every night during my night skin routine ( you can apply this in the morning or before your makeup etc..) and I have noticed some differences (not really dramatic) let's say that those differences were good. I noticed that it brightened the face up as well as remove some redness. I love how these pads have 2 sides to it ( a textured side and a non textured side ), this product also smells and reminds me of Coke ( lol I don't even know why 😂). Over all this product is great I will be updating you guys about the improvement that this product has done soon.

I have been loving the @peripera.official Peri's Ink liptint 😍💋 it's just super moisturizing and long lasting and I highly recommend It 👌 plus I can't wait for new mascara that they are releasing soon ✨✨ #peripera #perisink #liptint #kbeauty #koreanbeauty #longlasting #lovingit



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