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  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Olive
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Color Treated

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  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: United States
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Oil-Free, Sulfate Free, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Tree Oil, Glycerin, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

In the summertime, I almost exclusively wear flip flops. The only time I'm not wearing flip flops is when I'm at work. Because of this, my heels have a tendency to get really dried up and rough. My personal favorite foot care (and the only thing that's worked at all for me) is the infamous Japanese baby foot peel. I had never tried a heel patch before so I was pretty interested to see how these would work.


First things first, these come with two pairs of patches per package - one greenish pair and one white pair. Both sets of patches have fabric on one side and is sticky hydrogel on the other. They don't come soaked in any type of essence, but they are not entirely dry. They come in a resealable pack that is then put in a box with net socks to put over the heels. I actually found the directions to be a bit confusing because I couldn't figure out which set I was supposed to use first. Another thing that I didn't like was that they recommend wearing each set of patches for 8 hours or overnight. I don't even like sleeping with socks on! But for the sake of this review, I went ahead and wore both sets overnight. Neither one lasted the whole night. Now the most important part is the results. Though my heels did feel slightly softer than before using these, that was only temporary. And when I say temporary, I mean they didn't even last a full day. I've yielded better results when I've massaged Vaseline on my feet and slept with socks on. I would not go out of my way to purchase this product or even use it again.


Disclaimer: this product was kindly provided by Amabie for review. All thoughts are my own.

I have a confession: I don't really believe that V straps for the chin actually work, especially not ones that are one time use only. This particular one was no exception.


These straps come with two per pack in resealable packaging. One side is a fabric while the other side is sticky and hydrogel-like. This product is fairly self-explanatory so it's not hard to figure out how to use it. You unfold the strap, apply it to your chin, and put the loops around your ears to keep it in place. There's a slight minty(?) scent and while it doesn't come soaked in essence, it isn't completely dry. My main issue with this product was that it really started to hurt my ears after about 30 minutes. It says to wear it for 8 hours/overnight, but I'm not sure anyone could wear this and sleep comfortably. Both times I couldn't bear it anymore as it felt like the circulation in my ears was being cut off. With that in mind, this product yielded no results for me. I'm not so sure I believe it would yield any results even after wearing it for the recommended time. If it does, I would imagine it'd be temporary at best. I would not purchase this product, nor would I recommend it to anyone.


Disclaimer: this product was kindly provided by Amabie for review. All thoughts are my own.

I was selected for @cupidrop.official’s 2nd Generation Beautiful Pioneer program and received this two step mask for review. I was pretty excited because I had never tried anything from this brand before and I am a huge fan of jelly masks! According to Cupidrop’s website, this mask “moisturizes, firms, and soothes the skin for an improved complexion” and it contains natural ingredients such as “jasmine tea extract, pomegranate extract, damask rose extract, and lotus flower extract to deliver beneficial nutrients to the skin” 😍


STEP 1: AHA soaked swab that is supposed to “exfoliate dead skin cells and prep the skin for maximum essence absorption ability”. The swab was basically one of those huge Q-tips. It was unscented and there was some extra liquid left over in the packet which I found helpful because the swab seemed to dry a bit after about half my face. I decided to wait about 20-25 minutes to let the AHA work on my skin before using the mask. I did experience some stinging initially, but that is not an unusual reaction for my skin since I’m still new to AHAs.


STEP 2: SO. MUCH. JELLY ESSENCE! Oh man. The sheet was completely soaked in jelly and there was so much left over in the packet. The jelly essence is similar to the beloved I’m Sorry For My Skin jelly masks and Banobagi jelly masks. It has a lotion-y scent, which didn’t really bother me and dissipated quickly. It felt so soothing while it was on. It lasted for about 45 minutes before it started to dry out. After patting in the essence, my skin felt super soft, hydrated, and even a bit brighter. There was so much jelly left over that even after I massaged it into my neck, shoulders, chest, and arms I still had a ton left. I used it on my face again once the essence absorbed!


Overall, I would definitely say this mask is worth a try. I wish I had more of these!!! 

This is a clear, watery toner that I apply with cotton pads. As the name implies, it is meant for troubled skin as well as oily skin. It is made from bija seeds, which “are a rare ingredient that can only be used after they have survived 20 years in the wild” and the oil from these seeds is said to help troubled skin. This also contains a natural salicylic acid for exfoliation and blemish care, naturally fermented alcohol for soothing, and 100% natural essential oil to comfort the mind and body! This definitely has a prominent scent, but not in an artificial, perfume-y kind of way. I can definitely detect a “forest” scent when I use this. It is not subtle, but because it is more of an earthy scent I don’t think it would bother too many people. When I tested the pH of this toner, it came out to be between 5.0-5.5 for those who are concerned with pH levels. It felt really nice to use this toner. My skin would feel refreshed and I really did find the scent to be soothing. Because my skin is on the dry side right now, I can’t really say what it did in terms of oil control. It certainly didn’t make it worse or dry me out so I’m going to take that as a good sign! It absorbed quickly and did not leave any film or residue, which is another plus in my book. Overall I think this is a solid toner with a wonderful scent that is definitely worth a try for those with oily or troubled skin, especially considering its low price point!

This cream is recommended for combination, normal, and dry skin types. It is a moisturizing cream that is formulated with Jeju sparkling thermal water (hence the name) to keep the skin clear and moisturized while strengthening the barrier for long-lasting hydration. It is said to contain 66.6% sparkling mineral water. It’s also made using the “6-free system” which means that it’s free of parabens, animal ingredients, mineral oils, colorants, synthetic fragrances, and imidazolidinyl urea (preservative).


So how did this cream perform? My skin drinks this stuff up, which is surprising because that doesn’t happen often. It’s a bit thicker than the Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream so I initially thought it would end up being too much, but it turned out to be the opposite. It absorbs so nicely without any greasiness (HUGE plus for me) and does not make my skin look oily. It has a sweet scent with a hint of citrus that I really like; it’s not overwhelming and dissipates quickly for me. In terms of its moisturizing capabilities, I think it’s better suited for spring/summer. I do need to note that it is currently wintertime for me so parts of my skin have been especially dry. During the 2ish weeks that I used this twice daily, I found that my cheeks in particular would feel dry and tight by mid-day and by morning. I actually had to start layering it over an emulsion and under sleeping packs to keep my skin from drying out on days that are especially cold. That being said, I think it would be a more suitable for during warmer months. There was nothing that I particularly disliked about this cream so that is a plus as well!

My favorite hydrating toner is Innisfree’s green tea balancing skin so when I found out that I would be given this to review, I was pretty excited. This particular toner is recommended for combination, normal, and dry skin types. It features “Jeju cold growing orchid” as its key ingredient. The Jeju orchid is a flower that can grow in the snow and is an exceptional antioxidant that works to nourish overly tired skin and treat signs of aging. This is advertised for anti-wrinkle care, resilience, skin tone correction, and nourishment. It features a gel skin texture meaning it’s got a thicker texture. I apply this the same way I apply the green tea balancing skin—I shake a few drops into my palm and pat lightly on to my face. I personally use this after the “actives” step for extra hydration. When I tested the pH, it came out to about 6.0-6.5 so it would not be good for pH balancing after cleansing and before actives (I think).


So how did this perform for me? The scent was not one that I am typically not fond of—it was a fairly strong floral scent. Aside from the scent, though, it would leave my skin feeling very hydrated without weighing it down or making it feel oily or greasy which is a huge plus. I only used this for a couple weeks so I can’t speak for its ability to correct skin tone or anti-wrinkle care capabilities. I will say that when I used this my skin felt hydrated and plump. Despite the nice results of using this toner, I most likely would not repurchase because I’m just not a fan of the scent. The Innisfree green tea balancing skin remains my favorite. Scent is something that is so different for everyone so if you are a fan of floral scents, I would say to give this a try!

Out of all the ones from this 0.2mm line from Etude House, I think this one was my least favorite :/  There wasn't anything particularly wrong with it so I am still rating it three stars because of other factors. I honestly just love this line from Etude House because there is a huge variety, the price is right, and the sheets are comfortable to wear. The lotus one comes with the water type essence so it was a little drippy. Like the others from this line, it barely even has a scent so this is great for those who prefer their products to be fragrance-free. The sheet itself is thin, just like all the others from this line which I love! There are no slits so I have to fold it all around to get it to fit better which is fine since the mask is so thin. Etude House claims that the lotus one is for "clearing effect + soothing moisture". I don't really think it had much clearing effect or moisturizing, but it was a bit soothing and provided some hydration. I'm sure this one would be nice during hot weather after being in the fridge for a bit. Overall, I wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase this particular one, but as I have mentioned before I've purchased the variety set from Etude House multiple times!

It's no secret that I love these 0.2mm Air Therapy Masks from Etude House. They are almost always on sale, so I end up paying less than a dollar for each. The sheet material is super thin and comfortable to wear. This tea tree flavor had the water essence. The sheet was soaked! A little bit drippy, but you kinda have to expect that from a water essence mask. It doesn't have much of a scent to it (none of them do) so this is a really great everyday mask for people who prefer fragrance-free. I used this mask when I had a couple pimples. I will admit that this one is not my favorite from the 0.2mm line. I was able to wear this mask for about 45 minutes before it started to dry. Upon removal, the essence absorbed pretty quickly. It soothed my skin a little bit, but not enough to where I would recommend this to people who are looking for a sheet mask to help with a break out. It provided some hydration, but again, nothing to write home about. I have actually repurchased this a few times, but that's because I buy the 30 pcs variety set directly from Etude House so it comes with two of every kind. I wouldn't really go out of my way to buy this as there are better aloe masks out there. However, considering the price point and everything else about it, I would say it's definitely worth a shot!

I started incorporating acids into my routine recently because I've been noticing that a lot of whiteheads have been popping up. I'm trying to heed all of the advice I've been given about them so that I can use them the right way. So far, so good! Anyway, let's talk about this mask. I have tried the relaxing mask and the whitening mask from this line before. Both left my skin feeling ridiculously sticky, but the results were so good that I still repurchased them! Needless to say, I had pretty high expectations for this one.


Upon opening the package, I could smell a fairly obvious perfume-y scent. I didn't really hate it, but I wasn't a fan of it either especially since it took a minute to dissipate after application. These masks are one of the better fitting ones for me personally. The sheet is completely soaked in a thicker jelly essence - very similar to the I'm Sorry For My Skin line! There is so much left over in the packet too. I was able to use it liberally on most of my upper body! The mask had a really nice cooling effect and lasted me almost an hour (I got distracted by Netflix & lost track of time). This one is WAY less sticky than the other two I tried! It did take a little longer to absorb because there was so much jelly essence to begin with, but once it was absorbed my skin felt so hydrated and plump. I will absolutely be repurchasing this one!

 To be completely honest, I bought this for the packaging 😅 It's a really cool/fun concept! I normally wouldn't buy this because it's pretty pricey for a sheet mask, but I really did want to try it after a friend wrote a rave review on it so I picked up a couple of these during Black Friday. I decided to use this mask the other day because my skin was looking dull and I ended up being so glad I picked up more than one of these!


The mask is soaked in a jelly essence and comes rolled up within the tube. It has a really weird scent, but it was pretty subtle and dissipated quickly so I didn't mind it too much. The sheet itself is a bit on the rough side, but adheres very well and is a beige color. It was a little wide on me and apparently I have a GINORMOUS FOREHEAD because masks don't fully cover it 😭 The mask lasted me almost an hour. When I first removed the mask and patted in the essence, it felt really sticky and almost like a film was on my face. However, the essence absorbed a couple minutes later and my skin was noticeably brighter. Overall, this is probably one of the better Leaders masks I've tried (haven't had much luck with them). I would repurchase on sale!

Nature Republic advertises this as suitable for all skin type; claims it is soothing, nourishing, moisturizing, and heals blemishes & impurities. I'm not entirely sure who at Nature Republic is behind these claims, but oh man, they were so beyond wrong. This cream is not suitable for all skin types. I have combination skin type and it dried me out. My skin is not sensitive, and this dried out my skin. I would not recommend this to people with dry skin. It might be okay for someone with pretty oily skin, though. This cream has denatured alcohol as the third ingredient on the list, and it is very obvious that there is alcohol in it. I am not sensitive to scents, but I was able to smell the alcohol in it which is ridiculous in my opinion. I can smell the alcohol more than I can smell the "green tea" scent. The texture is more like a thick gel rather than a cream, and it leaves my skin feeling very sticky/tacky which is never a good thing in my book (especially for a product that is called a cream). The reason it is called "80 cream" is because they claim that it is formulated with 80% fresh green tea leaves.


As for long term results, I honestly couldn't say. Nature Republic claims this product contains vitamin K to lighten skin complexion and treat acne/acne scars. It claims that this is good for sensitive and irritated skin, but I would very much disagree.


** Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Amabie in exchange for my honest review as a part of their A-list program. All opinions and photos are my own. **

I have been using this cleanser for a few months now and I can honestly say that I really like this cleanser. Other cleansers have come and gone while this one has been open, but I find myself reaching for this one the most. I purchased this from Memebox, so it came with the Nooni marshmallow whip maker for only $11 total. While the whip maker is a fun tool that can make harsh cleansers more gentle, it is not the most convenient to use. I have been using this cleanser without the whip maker for a while now. I just recently started using my Foreo with this cleanser and it has been wonderful. I have not been able to test the pH level of it, but I do not believe it is a low pH cleanser. For me personally, it does not dry out or tighten my skin. I do feel, however, that my skin always looks a little bit brighter after each use. There is also a fragrance - the typical Nooni fragrance, which I really like but people who prefer fragrance-free probably won't like it as it is not subtle.


Overall, this cleanser does a great job at what it is supposed to do. While it may not be the best for all skin types, my skin seems to like this one the most. I would most likely repurchase this.

This is a very gimmicky product. For what it is and how much comes in it, it is completely overpriced. I'm not entirely sure why, but the bottle comes about one-fifth empty and it is an airless pump. I had to pump it for a while when I first opened it to get the product to pump out. Even after doing so, there were times when nothing would come out when I pumped. I usually really like airless pump bottles because they work really well but for some reason the one for this product just doesn't work well at all. When I applied the product, it bubbled up a little bit, but I really don't feel like it did anything for my skin. If you want something bubbly that cleanses your face, there is the Elizavecca carbonated milky piggy bubble mask that is much cheaper and works way better than this. I ended up returning this item!

This is a really great balm cleanser. It is very similar to the Banila Co Clean It Zero so anyone who is a fan of that but wants to try something new, this is probably a good alternative. The scent is way more subtle than the Banila Co which I love because after a while I just got so tired of the scent. There is a scent that is a bit floral, but it's so subtle that I can't even tell. This one costs a little more than the Banila Co does, so also keep that in mind. This does exactly what it is supposed to do: it removes makeup and sunscreen, and preps the skin for a water-based cleanser. As always, I can't speak for its ability to remove waterproof mascara (or any kind of mascara for that matter) because I don't use it. Honestly though, after using an oil cleanser that comes in a pump, it's a bit difficult for me to really like cleansing balms and sherbets. This one is definitely much more travel friendly since it is a solid rather than a liquid. Overall, it's a great item that I think is worth a try.

This cleanser is pretty unique in my opinion. It comes in three different varieties: green tea, adlay, and lemon. I think it's unique because I'm not quite sure how this is supposed to be used. This is supposed to be good for removing makeup, but to me it is more like a second step cleanser so I don't really use it to remove makeup. The texture is like a bouncy jelly foam... it's so weird! The packaging is probably my favorite. It comes in a cute little plastic jar with a hinged lid that locks into place. It also comes with a huge spatula. According to Memebox's description of the lemon version says, "Lemon whitens the skin naturally by providing gentle exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells; it also aids in quicker skin cell regeneration to improve skin complexion and texture". I can definitely say that this cleanser whitens the skin. This one is also the most drying out of the three versions. It smells like typical lemon scent, which I am a huge fan of. This one is probably best for people with oily skin since it is a little drying and my skin does feel a little tight after using this. It kind of gives the "squeaky clean" feeling which a lot of people don't like, but some actually do.

This cleanser is pretty unique in my opinion. It comes in three different varieties: green tea, adlay, and lemon. I think it's unique because I'm not quite sure how this is supposed to be used. This is supposed to be good for removing makeup, but to me it is more like a second step cleanser so I don't really use it to remove makeup. The texture is like a bouncy jelly foam... it's so weird! The packaging is probably my favorite. It comes in a cute little plastic jar with a hinged lid that locks into place. It also comes with a huge spatula. According to Memebox's description of the adlay version says, "adlay is highly recommended for dry and rough skin for it provides a smoother and softer texture; it eliminates dry patches and supplies needed hydration to keep the skin radiant and glowing all day". I thought I would like this one the least, but out of the three versions I think this one may have been my favorite. This one is not grainy like the green tea one and not quite as drying as the lemon one. To be honest, I don't really remember the scent. If someone with dry skin wanted to try one of these cleansers, I think this one would be the best one to use, although I still don't recommend this line to people with dry skin.

This cleanser is pretty unique in my opinion. It comes in three different varieties: green tea, adlay, and lemon. I think it's unique because I'm not quite sure how this is supposed to be used. This is supposed to be good for removing makeup, but to me it is more like a second step cleanser so I don't really use it to remove makeup. The texture is like a bouncy jelly foam... it's so weird! The packaging is probably my favorite. It comes in a cute little plastic jar with a hinged lid that locks into place. It also comes with a huge spatula. According to Memebox's description of the green tea version, "Green Tea regulates moisture balance to make the skin perfectly hydrated all day long; it also soothes troubled skin and leaves a cooling effect to keep redness at bay". I can't speak for the regulating moisture balance for hydration because I used it mainly at night, but it definitely soothed my skin and helped with the redness I had. It smells very fresh, but not sure if it truly smells like green tea. It cleansed my skin pretty well. It made my skin a little squeaky without making it feel tight. It was also a little bit grainy, but I don't think it really exfoliated the skin like a scrub would. All in all, this is a solid cleanser that I think is worth a try. I probably wouldn't recommend this one for dry skin types or for those who prefer low pH cleansers.

This is a pretty solid cleansing oil. I do like that it has a slightly thick consistency so it helps prevent making a complete mess. I typically only have to use one full pump to cleanse my entire face, but if I am wearing heavier makeup I add another pump just to ensure that all of the makeup is loosened. It removes makeup pretty well, but I can't speak for its ability to remove waterproof mascara as I don't use mascara at all. It smells like lemon Pledge (household cleaning product), but that personally doesn't bother me although it does bother other people. The thing is, this is a first cleanser so it's not like the scent lingers after being washed off. My skin doesn't feel oily after using this because it does not leave a film--it actually feels nice and soft. It also emulsifies pretty nicely so it really isn't hard to wash off. All in all, this is a pretty solid oil cleanser. I may not repurchase since I like to try new things and there are some cheaper options I'd like to explore, but overall I think this is a good product.

I really love this sunscreen. It is one of the only sunscreens ever to not make me feel oily or greasy. It absorbs right into my skin and I don't even feel like I have anything on. In my opinion, it is perfect to wear under make up since it isn't oily or greasy. I also feel like this sunscreen actually makes my skin feel softer and smoother so I actually look forward to using this sunscreen every day. With other sunscreens, I always dreaded applying them and always use every excuse under the sun not to apply it because I hate the feeling of a greasy film being on my face (excuses like, "I'm only going to be outside for no more than 5 minutes, is it really worth the trouble?"). Since this dries so matte, I always need to make sure I use a good moisturizer before using this. And because I have more of an olive skin tone, I really love that this does not leave a white cast on my skin. Even other sunscreens that don't leave white casts on other people seemed to leave a white cast on me. The only complaint I have about this sunscreen is the initial scent. When it is freshly applied, it actually has a strong alcohol scent and I can still smell it up to a couple minutes after applying it. This rose edition one does not really smell like roses. I tested it out on my hand and it only smells like roses after the alcohol scent goes away which takes a couple minutes. By then the alcohol scent has overpowered my senses so I can barely smell the rose. I am not sure what the original version smells like, but I say save your money and do not pay extra for this version. I have already repurchased back ups of this because I really like it! Probably will be a holy grail sunscreen for me. Now if only I could find a waterproof version....

(I would rate this closer to a 3.5, but there are no options for half points.) This is a pretty decent cleanser. It does what it is supposed to do without drying out the skin or making it feel super tight after use. It actually smells like roses and the scent is pretty subtle so it isn't super overwhelming. The cleanser is also super gentle on the skin. I find myself reaching for this when my skin is having a bad day and just feeling sensitive. This is great for travel since it comes in stick form so you really don't need to worry about how to pack it. It's basically a gloried bar of soap in a stick, for lack of better words. This also means it won't melt if left in the heat, etc. I think my main complaint about the product would be the price. I'm not entirely sure I would want to repurchase this because I just don't like the idea of paying $20-$25 for a bar soap soap on a stick. One of the selling points of the product is that it has real rose petals in it, but I've found that those are only at the very top. Once the stick is used a few times, there are no more rose petals. That personally didn't bother me because it seemed more like a gimmick than a skin benefit, but to each his own. I just feel that if you are going to use a characteristic as a selling point for a product, don't just do it halfway. As stated, I don't think I will be repurchasing this because there are other cleansers that can get the job done without costing as much. I don't find myself reaching for this as often as I thought I would either.

This is a decent sheet mask. For me personally, it is better reserved for those nights when I feel like "double masking" with two sheet masks. The essence is pretty watery, and it is not very moisturizing. It has good brightening and hydrating capabilities, but hardly any moisturizing capabilities. My favorite thing about this sheet mask (and this line from Naruko) is the scent. It smells like fresh roses and doesn't have that artificial scent that so many rose skincare products have. The sheet is a thick, soft cotton that rips easily so definitely need to be careful when taking it out of the packet and adjusting it once it's on the face. I probably wouldn't repurchase this mask, but if I received it for free I don't think i would say no.

This is probably one of the best shower gels I have used. The only things about this shower gel that may be a problem for some people is that the scent is ridiculously strong and it may feel too cooling in certain areas of the body. The first time I used it, I was not expecting such a strong scent so it threw me off. It definitely takes some getting used to. My fiancé says it smells like Vicks Vapor Rub. This shower gel leaves my skin feeling really clean without making it feel "squeaky" clean or dry. I do not have oily skin on my body, but I also don't have dry skin either... I'm not sure how good this would be for someone with dry skin. Perhaps it's because of the oil controlling properties, but I feel like my skin feels cleaner for longer when I use this... if that makes any sense! I have already repurchased this product. Naruko is always having sales on their items so I bought a bunch of these when the prices were extra low!

(I would rate this closer to 3.5 stars, but there is no option for half points.)


My favorite thing about this night gelly is the scent. It really smells like fresh roses and doesn't have that super fake rose scent that a lot of rose products tend to have. The gelly is white in color and comes in this beautiful fuschia jar. Whenever I use this product before bed, I always wake up with my plump, bright skin. That being said, the reason this product lost points with me is because it is terrible with moisturizing. Depending on the skincare routine used before applying this product, it can even be a little drying. It is probably better off being used when the weather is hot. I most likely will not be repurchasing this, mainly because I have too many sleeping packs!

I really love this night gelly! Whenever I have pimples or blemishes, I make sure to use this before I go to bed at night. It does a really great job and reducing them. The scent is pretty strong and I honestly hated it at first, but the more I use the product, the more I like the scent. I like that it doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or greasy like a lot of overnight masks do. This product alone is not enough to be a night cream or sleep mask that can be used alone though. I definitely recommend using a light cream that moisturizes before applying this because this has almost no moisturizing ability. I don't have oily skin so I usually don't use this over my entire face. I only use it in my T-zone and as a spot treatment whenever I'm experiencing a break out. I think my only complaint about this item would be that per Naruko, it is only good for six months from the time you open it. I just wish it would last longer! Overall, it is a solid product.

I think this might be one of my favorite toners! Since I have been using this, I have tried other toners but I find myself constantly reaching for this one. I just love it. I do not use a cotton pad to apply this because I feel like it just wastes product since it is pretty thick. All I need to cover my face is two drops so this lasted a pretty good amount of time. I also just absolutely love the scent. I look forward to using this toner every day because I love the scent and it just feels so good on my skin. It hydrates my skin so nicely without overdoing it. I feel that it also preps my skin nicely for the rest of my routine. I have used hydrating toners in the past and I have found that the problem with them is that my skin will not absorb the rest of my routine after using them. This toner does not present that problem. Whenever I run out, it is almost guaranteed that I will repurchase this because I haven't found another toner that I love as much as I love this one.

This is pretty decent cream. When I first started using it, I really loved it because it was one of the lighter creams I had tried. However, after trying some other lotions and creams I find myself reaching for this less and less. There isn't anything particularly bad about it, but there are better creams out there that do a better job at the things this cream is supposed to do. This is from the "balancing" variety of Innisfree's green tea line, meaning it is for those with combination skin (hence the name "balancing"). After trying other creams, I have come to realize that this one can be a little bit greasy, although that may have been because I was using it during the hot summer. Gotta be careful what kind of sunscreen is paired with this particular cream since a lot of sunscreens also have issues with greasiness or oiliness. It hydrates fairly well and the scent is definitely one of my favorites out of all my skincare products. I wouldn't really say that it does any balancing, though. I also hate that this doesn't come with a spatula! I actually feel like this item would be better off in a pump bottle or squeeze tube because it is thin enough. I will finish using the jar I have, but I most likely will not repurchase unless it works really well in the winter time.... then I will repurchase to use in the winter.

This mask is another one from Etude House's newest line. They come in three different types of essences--water type, emulsion type, and ampoule type. This particular one has the emulsion type essence, which I really loved! The essence is white and milky, but still a bit watery so it isn't too heavy or greasy. Etude House says this is supposed to provide "deep moisture and skin reinforcement". What it means by "skin reinforcement" apparently is "strengthen the skin's barrier to keep moisture for a long time". I used this on a day when my skin felt particularly dry and it was exactly what I needed! It has a lotion-y scent that wasn't overpowering or overwhelming for me. I think the only problem I had with this was that for some reason it dripped around the eye holes so some of the milky essence got in my eye!! Other than that, I really have no complaints. My skin felt adequately moisturized after removing and it didn't feel sticky or greasy. I have already repurchased this mask!

I am really liking this new sheet mask line from Etude House! The aloe version has what they call a water type essence, which I personally love because that pretty much guarantees that there will be no stickiness or greasiness. This mask had a fresh, clean scent. It is made of the same super thin material as the other masks from this line. It is super soft on the skin and it fits very well. Because it is so thin, it is also very easy to adjust and conform to just about any face I would imagine. It feels like a second skin when I have it on. If it weren't for the eyebrows, it would probably be pretty hard to tell I was even wearing a mask. There is a good amount of extra essence left over in the packet. Because it is the watery type, it also spreads very easily so there is plenty for the neck, chest, shoulders, and arms. I was able to keep this mask on for about 45 minutes. When I removed it, my skin felt soothed and hydrated - which is exactly what it says it does. This mask is a great value for how little it costs. I have already repurchased!

If I'm being completely honest, I have never really been a big fan of Etude House makeup products. Most of the makeup items I've tried from them have been rather disappointing. Unfortunately, this lip tint was no different from its predecessors. The best thing about this item is that the packaging is cute... but just cute. It's not convenient at all. This item comes in a jar with a weird "spatula" (which isn't flat), so this is not convenient for reapplying when you are out and about....which is a huge problem because this tint has almost no lasting capabilities. This tint was already halfway faded after only two hours of wear even though I didn't even eat anything. After four hours of wear and one meal, it was almost completely gone. I didn't realize it was almost completely gone and I was so excited to see that there was no color transfer, but that was because it was gone. The only reason one could tell that I had lip color was because this tint emphasizes all of the flakes on the lips. That brings me to another point. This is NOT good for those with dry lips. The tint goes on extra pigmented in the areas with flakes which makes them way more obvious. I think it's even worse because the formula is extremely drying. I used a lip scrub right before applying this so my lips were nicely exfoliated but somehow they ended up being flaky again within a couple minutes of wearing this. I guess from far away it's hard to see all of the flakiness, but why choose a drying lip tint when there are others with better lasting ability that aren't drying? The only thing this tint has going for it is that it is a nice color. I was afraid it would be way too pigmented because it looks so bold when you're looking at it in the jar, but it does not go on that way.


Long story short... I do not recommend this lip tint. Maybe if it was on sale for $1 and you only needed to wear it for about an hour. Definitely do not recommend this for anyone with dry lips like me.


*DISCLAIMER: I received this item free from Amabié in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and photos are my own!*

This is the second mask I tried from Etude House's new line. The first one I tried was the blueberry variety. This one differed from the blueberry because this one is labeled as ampoule type essence whereas the blueberry was considered water type essence (this line also has masks that are emulsion type essence but I haven't gotten around to trying one of those yet). I was a little concerned that this one would end up being too heavy or too sticky since it was an ampoule type essence, but thankfully it did not turn out that way. The sheet is super thin and very easy to conform to any face. It is a little big on me, but that's not really a problem since it's so thin, making it really easy to fold. It is completely soaked in the essence too. It feels like a second skin when on. It has a pretty subtle scent to it so I would probably say that those who are sensitive to fragrances should be okay using this one. This essence is not too thick which I consider a good thing for me since my skin doesn't absorb products very well. For me it had a very strong cooling effect. It's probably one of the most cooling sheet masks I've tried. At first I was concerned that it might be burning my skin but when I touched my skin, it felt really cold. This mask lasted me about 45 minutes before the nose and upper lip became dry. When I removed it, I massaged and patted the essence in. It was sticky at first, but it went away after a few minutes. It took about 10 minutes for my skin to completely absorb it. My skin felt very hydrated and plump. This mask doesn't have a brightening effect at all, which I wasn't really upset about considering it is not listed as brightening mask. It did what it said it would so there's really no problem. I would have give this a 5 out of 5 if it hadn't been sticky at first. I'm glad the stickiness went away!

This product is more like a lotion or emulsion than a serum. I personally hated that it came in a dropper bottle because it was so thick. I would have to take out the dropper, squeeze it, then stick it back in the bottle for it to suck up the product. If I squeezed the top of the dropper with it still in the bottle, all the air would push all of the product out of the way so it wouldn't suck up anything. So annoying. It was also scented like a lotion so I would not recommend this to people who are sensitive to fragrances. This product worked the same way that pore powders do in the sense that it temporarily covered pores and made the skin appear smoother, but the second it wears off or gets wiped off there is nothing different. I personally feel that treatments or serums such as this should actually have effects over time rather than just temporary effects only when one is "wearing" the product. I think the only thing I liked about this product was that it dried matte without being drying and it made my skin feel really smooth. It would probably be good to have if you just needed to minimize the appearance of your pores immediately for a special night out or something. Other than that, not really worth the trouble especially because this should really come in a pump bottle.

Spoiler alert: I absolutely LOVE this cream!!! I have never used a cream like this one before. I haven't used the other versions before so I can't speak for those, but this one is simply amazing. I received a decant of this from a friend because I wanted to try it after she raved about it. This product was love at first use for me. First of all, I really love the scent. It smells so clean and fresh, which I think is very fitting considering it says "aqua" in its name. It reminds me of something I used to use many moons ago, but I haven't been able to put my finger on what! This is probably the only cream so far that hasn't felt heavy or greasy on my skin. In fact, my skin drinks this stuff up! Between using this and the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence sunscreen, my skin no longer feels heavy/greasy/oily during the day. It leaves my skin feeling ridiculously soft and plump too. It wears well under makeup for me personally because it does not make my skin feel greasy or oily, therefore my makeup lasts longer. I just wish this item came with a spatula! I love the packaging of the item too, although it probably isn't travel friendly since it is a fairly heavy jar. I would highly recommend this for anyone with oily or combination skin. This could probably work for those with dry skin, but you'd probably have to pair it with an emulsion or other moisturizing products. This is definitely a holy grail cream for me!

Not really sure if this mask is the one that is a cult favorite in Korea or if it's the super volcanic pore clay mask (is there even a difference?). This mask is just okay. There really isn't much that is special about it to be honest. I think the main thing I like about this mask is that it seems to be creamier in texture than most clay masks so it's easier to apply evenly. As for how effective it is... I'm not really sure. I used this when my skin is feeling "dirty" to try to purify it. While my skin does feel cleaner after using this, I'm not entirely sure that this mask is worth being a cult favorite. I do like that this mask has a low price point (it is from Innisfree, after all), but other than that I'm not really sure what makes this mask so special. Maybe it's just my skin that doesn't benefit very much from it. I would say that it is at least worth a shot if it's something that sounds like it would be beneficial to you. Not really sure it did anything for my pores either. I probably wouldn't repurchase this, but if I found it on crazy sale for something like 50% off I would probably buy it because it isn't a bad product by any means.

I really, really love the scent of this mask. It smells like strawberry yogurt to me. For those who do not like food/fruit scents, I would NOT recommend this because it is NOT a subtle scent and it is noticeable when applying this mask. This feels kind of like a cream when I apply it. I will admit that it feels a little oily when I'm using it, which doesn't bother me too much but this mask probably isn't good for those who have oily skin for that reason. Whenever I use this my skin always ends up looking a bit brighter and feeling super soft. I like that this mask does not require a lot of time either. I typically don't keep this on for more than 5-10 minutes because if I kept it on any longer it would be too much for my combination skin type. Those with dry skin could probably keep it on for a little longer though. The first time I used it I was worried when I was rinsing it off because it looked and felt oily, but that went away after I finished rinsing and dried my face. This mask isn't something that would be a holy grail item or anything, but it is a solid item. A little bit goes a long way too. I've been using a deluxe sample of this for a few months now so I can only imagine how long the full size would last if I bought it. Honestly I probably wouldn't buy the full size item because it is a bit pricey for my liking, but if I received more deluxe samples I would happily use it!

This is a pretty solid sleeping mask. It does what it says it will do, and I love that it isn't sticky or heavy. Some sleeping packs are just too much for my skin, but this one is lightweight and hydrating. It is a little bit pricey because it is from Laneige, but I think it's worth the price considering you only have to use a little bit at a time. My skin always feels so good after I use this. I think the only thing about this that may bother some people is that it is heavily fragranced/scented like many (or all) of Laneige products are. Even though it is lightweight I probably wouldn't recommend this for oily skinned people because depending on what kind of routine is used before applying this, it can feel like there is a bit of an oily film on the skin. Other than that, it's a great product!

This was one of those masks that I just wanted to try because it was unique, and I am so glad I did. This mask is different from normal sheet masks because rather than having a sheet soaked in essence, it is soaked in face cream. The sheet material was very soft - I think it was microfiber. Anyway, the sheet was very soft and felt nice sitting on my skin. It adhered well enough. The mask lasted quite a long time (after all, it was soaked in cream). The scent is like a typical lotion or cream. That did not bother me but it may bother those who are sensitive to scents. There was some extra cream left in the packet so I used it on my neck, chest, and arms. When I took the sheet off, my skin felt a little greasy at first, but the cream absorbed shortly. My skin looked brighter and felt so soft after using this. I think this is a great mask to have because I really didn't need to apply anything else after using this. It acted as a sheet mask as well as a cream and while some "all-in-one" products typically do not perform well, this one did everything it was supposed to do. I would definitely repurchase.

Spoiler Alert: this mask was extremely anticlimactic. I was very interested in this mask because my skin likes honey, propolis, and bee venom. I had read that this mask had a strong cooling effect which typically is not a characteristic of a bee venom mask which is why I was very curious about it. Needless to say, it did not have any cooling effect. I think the "ice cold" is just a gimmick. I did not realize this was a "fresh cellulose" mask when I ordered it so that was an unpleasant surprise (I'm not a fan of cellulose or hydrogel masks). First off, the packet for this mask is unnecessarily HUGE. Why is it so big?! It's hard to find a place to store it because it's about double the size of normal sheet mask packets. Like other cellulose mask, this one is very annoying to apply. It says to remove one side of the backing (it has backing on both sides) and use the other backing to help keep the mask from sticking to itself when you're applying it to your face. The problem is the backing is very stiff and does not fit my face so even when I use it to apply, then remove it once it's on my face... I still have to do a lot of adjusting which is really annoying because the mask material sticks to itself. Another reason I hate cellulose masks is because I can never tell when they are ready to be removed. I was not sure how long to keep this mask on for, so I just kept it on until it started to feel like it was falling off. The scent isn't completely unpleasant, but just like most cellulose masks this one did not have much extra essence. When I removed the mask, I didn't see any effects on my skin and it just felt really greasy. Even the next morning I did not see any effects. This mask was also cost more than a regular sheet mask (just like with other cellulose masks). I just feel like this one was not worth all the trouble.

This mask was the first of its kind for me, where it was a "mud" mask that came in the form of a sheet mask. For starters, I will say that this isn't completely mess-free like it is supposed to be. The item is wet out of the packet (which it should be), so it got all over my fingers and hands. The mask comes in two parts and the packaging states to apply the top half first and then the bottom half second. I highly suggest having a clean paper towel ready when you are about to use this mask. You have to remove the whole thing out of the packet to grab the separate pieces, but you can't just put the other half down on the counter or on the packet because 1) it's unsanitary/not clean and 2) even if it was sanitary/clean, it would make a mess. Another tip is definitely be sure to apply a cream or something around the eyes and mouth!! I left this product on until all parts were dry (the directions say to leave it on for about 10-20 minutes, until it hardens like paper mâché). The mask literally had to be peeled off--almost in the same way that nose strips get peeled off so I am very glad I remembered to apply cream around the areas I mentioned, especially my eyebrows! When I removed the mask, my skin did look cleaner and tighter--exactly what a mud mask is supposed to do. So why didn't I give this five out of five? Because it is just too expensive. It is likely that it's much cheaper in Asia, but I paid about $6 USD for this item which is more than what I pay for most of my sheet masks. Even so, unless this item was $1 USD or less, I most likely would not be repurchasing it. For the price, I could easily get a full size mud mask product and get many more uses out of it. Sure, it's inconvenient to have to wash it off but I typically use them right before I hop in the shower anyway.


In short, the results and effectiveness of this mask I would rate 4/5. However, because of the cost alone, I rate it a 3/5.

I have to say I absolutely LOVED this mask. The original Bombee Honey Mask is probably my absolute favorite and I wasn't sure if this would just be the same thing or if it would actually be different. I am very happy to report that this actually is different! I checked the list of ingredients to see what the differences were. There wasn't too much of a difference, but this one has Niacinamide listed in the top 5 ingredients and it looks like the honey extracts were moved down the ingredients list (in the original one, honey extracts were in the top 5 and it did not have any Niacinamide). This one smells just like the original version and the sheet material is the same. It lasted for quite a long time and once I removed it, my skin was visibly brighter. I loved this one so much that I ordered more immediately!

I have to say I was a bit disappointed by this mask. While I love the fact that it wasn't sticky or tacky, I just feel like it didn't do much for my skin. Actually, once the essence was completely absorbed, it left my skin feeling tight and dry. Typically with a lot of sheet masks, I don't have to apply another moisturizer after because a lot of them moisturize enough for my skin. Unfortunately with this one, I had to use a little heavier moisturizer because it dried me out. The brightening effects of this mask were decent, but nothing crazy. I think another complaint I have with this mask is that the only way for me to purchase them is by the box so it gets a little pricey. I will say this is probably a good mask to use if you plan to use two sheet masks in one night since it isn't heavy and fully absorbs without leaving any stickiness, tackiness, or greasiness. The sheet itself is also very soft but a little thick. It rips very easily!

I absolutely LOVED this mask! The packaging says that this mask is for "firming and skin radiance". I am not entirely sure about the firming aspect because I really don't have wrinkles (knock on wood), but this mask definitely delivered on the radiance. The sheet is super thin and soft. It is very flexible and can probably be adjusted to conform to any face. It adhered very well, and stayed clingy for over an hour. It felt so good that I didn't want to take it off! I have to say I was a little disappointed that it didn't smell like blueberries, but that's probably more of a good thing for most people since a lot of people in the Asian beauty community do not particularly like scented products. It isn't completely unscented, but it is subtle and pleasant. When I removed the sheet mask, my skin looked so radiant. I felt like it brought my skin back to life. I absolutely loved this mask and can't wait to try the others from this line!

First things first, I really hate the texture of the sheet for this mask. It is rough and just doesn't adhere to the skin very well. It is also super thin and does not seem to hold the essence very well. This mask smells just like honey, which I personally love. I have to say this mask stung a little bit, but I think it was probably because of the bee venom? I could be wrong though. This did not last for very long... maybe 10-20 minutes max. It left my skin looking more plump and a little brighter, but it also felt very tacky/sticky and even a little greasy. It's a good thing I purchased these items on sale because if I had paid more for them I would be more upset about it. I probably would not buy these again unless they were on sale.

This is only the second Dewytree mask I have tried and I really liked it. In all honesty it is a very basic mask. The sheet is very soft but a little thick. It does rip easily so users need to be careful when unfolding and adjusting. The sheet was completely soaked in a clear, watery essence. It had a little bit of a perfume-like scent to it, but it wasn't overpowering or anything. It stayed wet for over an hour on my skin. When I removed the mask, my skin looked and felt great. I love that there was absolutely no stickiness with this mask. Because the essence is so thin, it also absorbed very quickly for me - the same way a first essence does. I am a huge fan of first essences and using this mask was just like having a first essence soak on my skin for an hour. My skin felt so hydrated afterwards and just felt really good. I purchased this mask while it was on sale so I only paid $1 each for it, but it looks like this mask is pretty hard to find. I will be sad if/when I run out. As far as I remember, this mask does not have alcohol BUT I could be wrong so anyone who is sensitive to or prefers no alcohol should look into it before purchasing. All in all, awesome mask!

Spoiler Alert: I LOVED THESE MASKS! I was actually a bit nervous at first because the "essence" is a SUPER thick jelly so I was afraid they would be super sticky like the Banobagi Vita Genic Jelly masks (which are the stickiest ever). I am very happy to report that there was NO stickiness with these! I was very pleasantly surprised. They do have a scent, although I can't really put into words what it was. I couldn't smell it while it was on. There is also A TON of extra essence left over in the packet. It adhered very well to my skin. The sheet itself was a thin, ivory color as you can see in my photo. The fit itself was a big too large for me, but it still adhered well. It stayed wet for over an hour which is almost unheard of in my home. Upon removal, my skin was visibly brighter, softer, and more plump. I think my ONLY complaints about these masks are: 1) when I removed the sheet from the packet, there were spots on the sheets that didn't have essence, and 2) they are not very accessible in the US. I would definitely repurchase if they weren't so pricey and were more readily available.

I really loved this mask. It's one of the few snail masks that weren't sticky! The only complaint I have is the sheet itself. The fit was not that great (a little on the small side), and it felt kind of like a cheap cotton. It wasn't very clingy, and it also didn't last very long. It felt pretty dry after only 20 minutes. The good thing is that it has virtually no scent and there is plenty of leftover essence. The essence itself was kind of gooey, but watery at the same time. It felt greasy at first, but that feeling eventually went away. My skin felt so soft and plump after the essence was absorbed. I would definitely repurchase!

I was so disappointed with this mask. When I think roses, I think of "fresh". This mask definitely smelled like fresh roses, which is probably the only thing I liked about it. The fit was okay, and there was a good amount of essence left over in the package. Unfortunately, the good stops there. It left my skin feeling SO sticky! I had to wet my fingers and dab water on my face to make it less sticky - even then, it stayed super sticky. Not only that, but it really didn't produce any results which is unfortunate considering how sticky it was. I had such high hopes for this mask. Definitely will not repurchase. Also want to note that this sheet mask does contain alcohol so this is not for anyone who is sensitive to alcohol or prefers alcohol free products.

First things first - I really hate the sheet quality of this line from Tosowoong. The sheets feel like cheap cotton sheets. They do not adhere well to the skin and do not last very long. This particular one smelled like soap, which may or may not be a bad thing depending on the person. I personally did not care for the scent, but it wasn't a dealbreaker for me since it wasn't a bad scent. While it did leave my skin feeling a bit sticky, my skin felt nice the morning after. I most likely would not purchase this for full price - I would only repurchase if it were on sale.

This mask was weird. It has a watery milky essence and smells like lotion. There was not a lot of essence leftover after taking the sheet out of the package. It adhered well and fit was good. I think this mask is better suited for pale skin because I think it left a white cast on my face. I prefer my sheet masks to not leave any sort of color on my skin. When it said "white energy" I thought it meant it would brighten my skin - not leave the weird white cast!

This mask is probably one of the most cooling masks I've ever tried. It got so cool that I thought it was burning! There was a lot of essence left in the plastic packaging after taking the mask out. The sheet was dripping with essence too. It didn't really have a strong scent, which is good. It adhered nicely and fit was good as well. It stayed on for over 30 minutes. My skin was soothed and plump. I loved that it did not leave my skin feeling sticky.

I decided to try this mask because I remembered really liking the black pearl mask from this line. Unfortunately, this one was a huge disappointment. Using the sheet mask wasn't a terrible experience per se - it adhered well, the fit was nice, the sheet fit comfortably, and lasted a good amount of time. However, that is where the good stopped. This left my skin feeling SO sticky and almost greasy. It was a very moisturizing mask, but the claim is that this brightens - which it hardly did. The scent was also a little weird. I would not repurchase this mask!

I absolutely love this mask! It has a lovely honey scent, and the packaging is just really cute. While the fit of the sheet is just okay, it adheres well to my skin and stays in place for a while. These masks last much longer than 30 minutes. When I remove this mask, my skin is plump, soft, and bright! I absolutely love it. I also love that it does not leave a sticky/tacky feeling like a lot of other sheet masks do. I will note, however, that this mask does list denatured alcohol high on the ingredients list so this mask is not for those who are sensitive to alcohol or just prefer not to have alcohol in their skincare.

I normally am not a huge fan of snail skincare products because they are usually way too sticky for me. I was a little nervous about trying this one out, but none of the other masks from this line are sticky so I went ahead and ordered it. I was able to keep it on for over an hour! When I removed the sheet, my skin was so radiant. It had taken care of any redness I had and left behind clean, glowing skin. The essence did not turn sticky whatsoever, which I absolutely love. I am not really sure how to describe the scent of this product, but it wasn't the most unpleasant thing in the world. There was a good amount of essence left in the package so I used it on my chest, shoulders, and arms. It left my skin so soft. This is definitely my favorite snail mask so far!


I do want to note, however, that this masks lists denatured alcohol as the third ingredient on the list so this is not for those who prefer their products alcohol-free or with very little alcohol content.

This peeling gel is pretty effective considering how cheap it is. I love how gentle this stuff is! It always leaves my skin a little brighter and softer. My only complaint is that it's pretty messy to use. Whenever I use it, I have to lean over the sink because once it starts to peeling, it just falls off my skin. Sometimes I'll use it when I'm in the shower (away from the water, of course) so that I can use it on my neck and chest too. It has a very faint lemon scent, which I personally do not mind. Overall, great product!

The only thing good about this mask is the packaging. When you purchase the pack of 10, it comes in a box that is shaped like a gold bar! Elizavecca always has nice packaging though, so that is no surprise. The mask is supposed to have gold flakes to help with brightening... there are literally maybe 2-3 flakes on the entire mask. This mask did nothing for my skin. All it did was leave my skin SUPER sticky, which I absolutely HATE! Definitely would NOT repurchase this mask.

This cleanser was absolutely terrible. It was very drying for my skin. It smelled even worse. I can't even describe the scent to be honest. It was like mixture of Sweet Tart candy with something else. So bizarre. I only used it two times, and both times the scent almost made me gag. The product name literally says soothing and moisture aloe vera so you would think it wouldn't be drying, but it really is. My skin felt so stripped and tight after each time I used this. I would never recommend this to anyone.

This product was decent, especially for the price. I used the entire bottle over the course of about a month, and it made a very slight difference in my skin tone. It has a faint citrus scent and it feels more like an emulsion in texture. It was really easy to apply and did not leave any greasy or oily feeling; my skin absorbed it pretty well. I started on a new bottle after finishing my first one, but the more I used it the more I felt like all of this effort just wasn't worth the slightest bit of results.


All in all, if you are looking for a brightening product that won't break the bank, this could be worth a try BUT you get what you pay for.

If I could rate this any higher than 5 hearts, I so would. This is my holy grail sheet mask. This is my go-to when I am not feeling that great or when my skin just needs something tried and true. If I have less than five of these masks in my stash, I feel so uneasy. That is how much I LOVE this mask. It has a sweet honey scent. The sheet is super thin, and it fits like a second skin. The essence is clear and there is PLENTY left over in the package to slather all over. The mask seriously stays wet forever. After pat down, it is not sticky and it leaves skin feeling so good. I never knew I could love a sheet mask so much. If this ever gets discontinued, I don't know what I would do.

Not only is this mask amazing, but the story behind this brand is just so sweet. A father started this brand to create products gentle enough for his young daughter to use. How much sweeter could it get?!

I really, really, really love this product. It is very affordable, and I believe it gets the job done. I am not sure how this one compares to the classic version of the starting treatment essence, but I do know that the difference between the two is that this one uses rosewater as opposed to water. My skin absolutely loves rosewater. I love that this product also has a pretty short ingredient list, and claims to have 90% galactomyces (fermented yeast) which is amazing for brightening skin tone. This product honestly gives my skin a certain "glow" that other products just don't achieve. I love how easy it is to apply, and how easily my skin absorbs it. I do also feel like since I started using this, my skin has been absorbing other products better which is a miracle for me because my skin is terrible with absorbing anything. I'm not even halfway through the bottle but I already want to purchase a backup!

This mask was awful. It was also the first one from this Innisfree It's Real Squeeze line that I was disappointed with. This is supposed to be good for moisturizing, which my skin needed that day. Rather than leaving my skin nicely moisturized, it left it feeling really greasy! My skin felt so dirty afterwards, as if I had dipped my face in a vat of grease. I love shea butter for skincare products because the scent is nice, and has such great moisturizing properties. Unfortunately, this one just completely missed the mark.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this mask. After hearing mixed reviews about it, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. This mask boasts ingredients such as niacinamide, grapefruit extract, and lime juice - all of which are great for brightening. They are near the top of the list of ingredients as well (if I remember correctly, niacinamide is the second or third ingredient). This does, however, also have alcohol high up on the list of ingredients (I believe it was fourth on the list) so anyone who prefers alcohol-free products, this is not for you.

The sheet is the same as all the other It's Real Squeeze masks from Innisfree. It's kind of a thick material that doesn't really have the best clinging power, but that's fine with me. I don't need to wear every single sheet mask for over 45 minutes every day. There are some days I just want to wear it for 15-20 minutes and this is pretty good for that. It has a lime scent, but it isn't strong at all. I was able to keep this on for longer than 30 minutes (mainly by accident). When I took the mask off, I noticed my skin was visibly brighter. The essence stays a bit sticky after patting, but it's nothing crazy. I do not like when masks are sticky at all, but I can live with this one considering the results it produced. Overall, I really liked it. Would probably repurchase, but I wouldn't pay more than $2 for it.

This mask was just bad from start to finish. When I first opened the packet, I noticed a very strong alcohol scent. The mask did not stay wet for very long (barely made it past 15 minutes), and when I removed it, there were no noticeable effects AND it was SO STICKY! I was very close to wanting to rinse it off. Instead I just used a facial mist spray to try to make the stickiness go away. This was my first from the brand, so I was very disappointed because I had heard such great things about their masks. I'm hoping that the others aren't as bad as this one was.

This serum's main claim is that it brightens. I didn't use it for long and to be completely honest, I tend to forget to apply this more often than I'd like to admit so I literally have nothing to say about it other than it's too oily for my liking. I have not seen any results whatsoever from this, but results for products like these take time to show. I'm actually planning to return this serum because I am just not feeling it. It feels heavy on my skin and I almost feel like it clogs my pores with every use. 

This was my first - and for a long time, my only - oil cleanser that I used consistently. This lasted what felt like forever! I got it at the end of May and have been using it pretty much every single night minus a couple nights here and there, and it lasted until almost the end of September. It's a great first cleanser and effectively removes all of my makeup when I wear it. It is also a great buy for the price because it lasts so long and does its job. I actually liked this so much at first that I bought a backup when there was a sale. A lot of users have reported that this stings their eyes, but I personally did not have that problem, even when I used it to remove gel eyeliner. I don't wear any mascara so I can't comment on its effectiveness at removing it. I believe this also contains mineral oils so if it's not your thing, this isn't for you (the Purity version might be).


This product does also have a scent, but it is not very strong. It was, however, very noticeable each time I used it. The fact that this comes in a balm form is a blessing and a curse. It's great that there is less of a chance of a mess since it is not in liquid form, but at the same time it is also kind of a pain to have to unscrew the lid, use the spatula, clean the spatula, and put the lid back on every time I want to use it. Because of that, I also found that there were a lot of times when I would use way too much or use way too little. With oil-based cleansers that come in the form of a pump, it's easier to control how much product is used with every application (but of course, you also run the risk of spilling).

Overall, this is a really great product and a really good value. I will likely use it again, but also keep a second oil-based cleanser to alternate since I got so tired/bored of using this one.

The sheet was soaked in a clear essence and lasted for more than 30 minutes. There was enough extra essence to use all over my upper body. The sheet is so thin that I could barely feel it when it was on. It left my skin really soft, smooth, and plump.

VERY disappointed with this mask. I had high hopes because I love Innisfree's canola honey wash off mask so I thought this one would be just as good. The material of the hydro gel is not very good, and it kept sliding off the bottom of my face. It also didn't last very long, and just left my face feeling heavy/greasy. Not worth the price tag!

This mask had a nice scent, and it was a creamy/milky essence. The material of the sheet was very soft and good quality. It left my skin feeling softer and brighter.

This was such a great mask. While it is super sticky after the leftover jelly essence is patted in, it was worth it to me. I woke up the next morning with absolutely glowing skin! Definitely need to repurchase and use regularly.

This product was pretty disappointing. For a product that has words like "rich" and "moist" in its name, it certainly was not. The sheet itself dried up so fast. Parts of it were dry by the time I got it on my face (and it's not like I just let it sit out after I took it out of its package). The essence was clear and somewhat thin, not enough for me to say it was watery though. The scent was okay. I really hate when sheet masks have flaps in the eye slits. Wasn't sure what to do with it. The good thing is that it didn't leave behind much stickiness or tackiness... that's always a plus in my book. The next morning my skin did look a little brighter, but nothing that I can't achieve from another sheet mask.

I wasn't sure what to expect with this product when I first got it because I had never heard of bija before, but I did see that the packaging stated it was for treating problem skin and purifying it as well. I was experiencing some breakouts at the time so I figured it would be a good time to test it out. I was surprised by how nice the scent was. While the sheet quality could use a little work, it wasn't the worst I've ever had. When I removed the mask, it left behind a little bit of stickiness that subsided fairly quick. I could tell that my pimples had actually reduced in size! I definitely want to keep this mask in stock for bad days/weeks.

This cleansing foam did not work for my skin. I don't have any sensitivities to products, but for some reason this Innisfree cleanser would make my skin sting after each use. I tried to give it a fair chance so I used it for a couple of weeks, but the stinging never went away. It's too bad because the product has a good price point and is a good size for how cheap it is. The product is definitely scented so I don't recommend this to anyone who is sensitive to scented products. I haven't had any reactions to any of the other Innisfree products I've tried, so it must be something with the cleansing foams.



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