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This is great for sensitive skin, it's mild and does a good job cleansing my pores. Makes my face refreshed and moisturized!

This is great, I can see the immediate effect on my hair, it became smooth and soft. It's great for people with damaged hair, but I'm sure it fits all hair conditions!

It does make my face more firm, but I think thats the effect of the chemicals contained in the face wash. And it doesn't change my acnes condition, I do not recommend it. 

It was quite good at first, then after a while I think it's just ok. I don't really recommend it, I think it depends on different people. 

This pen is so easy to carry around, it can prevent me from touching my acnes, it does a great job, very useful!

It's great for people with sensitive skin, drip some on the compact pad and wipe your face with makeup, it'll come on in a minute, it cleanses 2/3-3/4of the makeup, the rest is easy to deal with~~

This is so useful, the smell is great too. This can prevent makeup getting lumpy or too dry. It makes my skin vitalized and bouncy. 

The scent is very easy to recognize, I don't really like the smell but it's great at oil blotting. I suggest to use this with a conditioner. 

This face mask is great for dry skin. Not only it moiturizes my skin and also my face gets nourished. This is great!

I love the smell of this body wash, they have different bottle size, so travel friendly! After wash my skin is so smooth, it lathers pretty easily too!

It's abit cakey, gives a good coverage though. I suggest to use a moisturizer first for people with dry skin, it lasts longer! 

Clean & Clear's facewash does not cotain grains, so it doesn't dry out my skin. I can have acnes very easily, but using this facewash helps my condition! 



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