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Since the temperature decided to drop again, I had some dry, flaky skin on my nose and around my mouth. What a great test for the second mask I was sent from @amabiebeauty and @atopalmusa for review! This is the Real Barrier Extreme Cream face mask and spoiler alert, it was a luxurious experience.

The mask has a thick, creamy essence on a microfiber mask. It fit very well and stayed in place well as well. The thick essence was very soothing on my skin. I wore the mask for 25 minutes, then the leftover essence absorbed fully within 5 minutes. My skin felt much more hydrated and healthy after using this mask. Even though the essence was thick, it did not leave my skin feeling tacky. This morning, the flaky patches were gone and my skin looked more supple.

Once again, I'm impressed by another Real Barrier product. I love both this mask and the ampoule mask I used a few days ago. I can feel results immediately, as well as the next day. That's not common for a sheet mask, especially one as affordable as this mask. I'm very thankful I was able to review this mask, it's a new favorite!

I was so excited when @amabiebeauty asked me to test out these @atopalmusa Real Barrier Aqua Soothing Ampoule masks for their #amabiealist. I have tried a few products from Atopalm and have really been impressed with their Real Barrier products. This was my first mask from them.

Opening the mask, I was really excited to see it was a black mask with that well known and loved soft material. This mask was soaked in ampoule, but was not drippy or messy at all, it was pretty impressive. The fit was perfect, which I've come to expect from black masks. No real scent to this mask, which I liked a lot. It was cooling and comfortable to wear. I got 40 minutes to wear before it started drying out.

The ampoule absorbed within minutes of removing the mask. It dried down fairly well, just the slightest bit if tackiness left. My skin did feel soothed and moisturized after using this mask and the ampoule didn't feel overly heavy on my skin. This is another winter from Atopalm, they're continually impressing me with each product I try. I have another mask to try as well, I'm looking forward to it! Thank you Amabie Beauty for the opportunity!

This was the first black sheet mask I tried and I loved it. It fit well over my face and was the fabric was not thick or uncomfortable. The essence absorbed very quickly into my skin and I saw results immediately after use. My skin looked brighter and it helped to absorb excess oil on my skin. Especially since these are becoming available in local WalMarts for $2.50 each, the value makes these masks even better to me!!

I have tried several of the Brightening Fruit masks, I have yet to try the other two. This mask was a little confusing at first, since it only covers the lower half of your face. This does not go over your forehead area. It begins to bubble up as soon as your apply the mask to your skin. It did tickle a little bit over time, but I did not have any adverse reactions or uncomfortable feelings with this mask. I did notice some slight brightening effects after removing the mask, but nothing major. The next day, my skin looked very bright and "awake" the next morning. I even got compliments on my skin the day after using this mask both times I have used it. I will repurchase again.

This is a cream cleanser that does create a nice foam on the skin. It does not have a strong fragrance, which is something I appreciate. When I rinse it off, my face is literally squeaky clean. The nice thing is that it doesn't make my face feel dry or tight after use either. I never have very much residual dirt or oil coming off with my toner and it doesn't cause my face to break out. I will repurchase once the bottle is empty.

This was the first Korean toner that I tried. I have combination skin and have blackheads and enlarged pores in my nose and chin. I began using this just at night in the beginning, then I moved to twice a day once I knew that it wouldn't break me out. I only saw minimal change in the appearance of my pores after several weeks of use, but this did help to clean up any excess dirt and oil my face wash left behind. My pores got less clogged over time and I saw less breakouts. This to me if far more important than the simple shrinking or pores. I am using my second bottle, however I am back t using it just at night since I have started using an aloe toner in the morning to help fight the dry patches of skin i get during winter. I do recommend this if you do have oily skin and are prone to breakouts.

This has been one of the best masks I have ever used. I was fortunate enough to receive a set for review when I first tried them, but I have since purchased more with my own money. This mask fits like a second skin. I do not have the issues trying to smooth out wrinkles like I do wit many other cloth masks. The essence is watery, but not drippy and it does have a very nice scent. I can comfortably wear the mask for 45-50 minutes before removal and then I apply any remaining essence to my face, neck and chest. It absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky film. The next day, my skin always looks brighter, more even in tone and texture, and is plumper. This will always be a repurchase for me!



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