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This puff cleanser is cheap and so useful, wash it on the washboard and your puff will be squeaky clean, highly recommend it. 

This mascara makes my lashes curly and it's smudge proof, no panda eyes after a whole day. 

This face mask has been a hot sale in Japan, I think it's just ok, I don't feel that the whitening effect is that obvious. The purple version is pretty moisturizing and refreshing. 

This essence can help to lighten scars, my friend got burnt by the bike exhaustion pipe so he applies this essence everyday, it was really helpful. But it's really expensive!! 

I bought this amazing DHC lipbalm from Japan~~~ It's so useful and nourishes my lips. I usually apply it before I put on lip makeup or before I sleep. Keeps my lips hydrated. 

This cost about 500-800NT in Japan, I live in the South side of Taiwan which is very sunny so I use this to prevent myself from getting tanned. It's worth every penny so great!! 

This eyebrow coat is super great and it only costs 39NT, I also use it on my eyeliner and it prevents my makeup from smudging or wearing off~~ Highly recommend it!! 

This nose peel costs more in Taiwan, but I think it's really cleansing and peels most of my blackheads. But remember to use astrigent to tighten the pores or they'll get bigger and bigger.

It's cheaper to purchase this face wash powder in Japan, I think it makes my skin feel silky smooth. The size is small so it's easy to carry, I think it's really convenient

This eyebrow palette is cheap and amazing, it has three shades, use the darkest color for nose contour and the lightest color can be used for highlighting. This is my go to product. 

I started to use this liquid eyeliner since high school and I'm still using it now!! It does not smudge but you might need practise to master using liquid eyeliners. This is the only liquid eyeliner that does not smudge for the whole day, highly recommend it!! 

I think this smudges easily, it smudges alot after the whole day that makes me look like a panda

I think this makes my lip wrinkle even more obvious and it's abit dry which is kind of awkward. It makes my lips look so dry. 

This lipbalm is cute and cheap but it does not nourish my lips, it makes my lip wrinkle more obvious and dries out my lips!!! Gives me dry lips all day 

This is just like regular body wash, I would only buy it if there's a discount. 

Thi aloe vera gel is not too effective, too dry to use during winter and I don't feel anything when I use during summer. It is really cheap so I would use it when I have a sun burn. 

I think this smells really great~~~ Great to use during winter, great for all ages. Great product. 

This is so useful and cheap, and I bought it from 7-11 in Japan~ I love it and defintely will buy it again. 



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