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I think it's good, it doesn't irritate my eyes even when I accidentally got some in my eyes. 

I think their products are pretty good, everyone is telling me not to use oil makeup remover because I have oily skin and it will make me grow pimples. But sometimes I have to wear heavy makeup for performances so I think oil makeup remover cleanses better. 

I think this is ok, it's not terrible, but it's too stuffy for me that makes me grow pimples. 

This product does not work for me, my hair is even more disgusting after I use this shampoo, it makes my hair greasy and oily which is so gross. I thought it was my problem, but I found out that I'm not the only one. 

I like this hair spray, I only use this on contest and exams, other brands does not stay well. 

I think this is great, I wear heavy makeup for the whole week because of performances, and I didn't grow any pimple

I don't think it's effective, I would not buy it again. 

I love all of Dior's perfume, I just don't think they last long enough. 

I think this toner is ok, not great but also it's not obvious.  

This is quite good, when I accidentally got some in my eyes, it wouldn't hurt at all. 

I think their setting spray is great, makes my makeup longlasting, and prevent oiliness. 



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