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  • Hair Type: Permed Wave/Curls
  • Hair Color: Black

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  • Age Range: 65+
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I really enjoyed using this product, as you can see I'm nearly finished with it! It's my first time trying a thank you farmer product and I'm a fan! This cream was perfect for dry winter months in the northeast. I used it every night after cleansing, toning and essence and it gave my skin a much needed dose of moisture. The cream is velvety smooth and applies on easily. It has a light floral scent which was pleasant and not too overpowering. For me the cream is a bit on the heavier side and a tad greasy so I don't use it in the morning when I am also wearing makeup or sunscreen but it's a great final step to your skincare routine in the evening. 

My first impression of this cleanser is that it reminds me of shaving cream. It comes in an aerosol can and pumps out a thick scented foam. The foam was very lightweight though and the texture was smooth and not watery. I pumped a small amount onto my hand and was able to move it around without it slipping off my hand which is nice because it is not so messy to use. The foam feels very luxurious and a bit silky. It has a nice floral smell but it is a little strong and although it does not irritate my skin, it might be something to consider for those of you with sensitive skin. I usually only use this at night as a second cleanser, after my balm cleanser, to wash off any water based makeup and for me, it is a tad too drying. I have dry skin type so most foam cleasners don't work for me because foam cleansers tend to be more drying as well. It left me with a squeaky clean and tight feeling face which was a little uncomfortable for me but I do think it's a nice cleanser and could be great for oily skin types!



Lovvvvveee this mask! It's got soft grains of smushed up rice that feels gentle when massaging it onto your face. My skin feels cleaner and looks instantly brighter after each use. Will definitely be buying more!

I received a free sample of this and I've been using it for a few months but haven't noticed a difference in the condition of my lips. Didn't do anything. 

I wanted to love it after hearing so many rave reviews online but it wasn't for me. The shampoo bars at lush contain high amounts of SLS and it made my hair and scalp feel really squeaky clean but also way too dry. 

I'm on the fence about this one. It gives me decent volume but also feels rather drying due to the high level of SLS used to make this shampoo. I'm going to finish it but most likely will switch back to liquid shampoos. 

This is a great expoliator! The sugar grains are a bit large so I have to massage very gently but I like the way it feels and my skin feels nice after.

This product feels super refreshing when you put it on and you can really feel the water droplets on your face however once it absorbs it doesn't feel like anything. I have other creams and lotions that feel much more hydrating than this one.

Not sure how I feel about this one yet. It doesn't give me any adverse reactions however it doesn't seem to do much either. I think it makes my skin feel smoother after I use it, but it's hard to tell.

I heard great things about this product and wanted to love it but it really dried my skin out and made my skin feel really tight. I didn't notice any positive effects but I only used it a few times and found it to be too harsh for me.

My go-to sunscreen all year round! I love the light watery gel texture of this sunblock. It goes on super light and absorbs right away with no white cast. it's SPF 50 and you wouldn't even know it! Doesn't feel heavy or greasy at all and can easily be worn under make-up.

Love this product! It's super hydrating, I can see the difference right away. Don't let the plain packaging fool you, this is a really good product!



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