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Even thought this eye cream isn't for people my age, but I still felt the difference after I used it! Great product, my eyes feels alive!

Good product, it's a oil base balm, moisturizing and doesn't wear out easily. Better than other lip balms that doesn't stay well! Amazing

I usually apply this toner before I put on makeup, it helps my makeup to stay in place and moisturizes my face. With just a little amount, you can see the total difference on my face. 

This cleanses my skin really well, doesn't clog my pores or irritate my skin. Very handy, I recommend it. 

It's pretty effective, and a little can go a long way, moisturizes and whitens my skin.

Very nice product, not greasy and last for the whole day, not like other sunblocks that are dry and falls off easily. 

This lotion is very moisturizing and not oily at all. I've used other brands before, they either make my skin really dry or clogg my pores then end up having acnes. 



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