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  • Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino/Carribean
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Brown

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  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: United States
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Oil-Free, Paraben-Free, Peptides, Sulfate Free, Organic, Retinoid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Mineral, Vegan, Benzoyl Peroxide, Tree Oil, Glycerin, Aloe, Gluten-Free
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Triple Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Moisturizing Essence purchase from @shopamabie
💧Claims: concentrated essence with triple moisturizing ingredients for your skin to feel properly hydrated while it also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Recommended for all skin types, especially dry skin or mature skin.
💧Ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate, Saccharide Isomerate, Chrondrus Crispus Extract, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Methylisothiazolinone, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Butylene Glycol, Water.
💧Texture: watery essence with no scent, at least not detected by me.
💧Results: I’ve been using this for the last 3-4 months and while I have combination skin, this has been a miracle for my face. I use it at night just 2 drops are enough to hydrate my face with no break out but just moisturized skin. This ha sbecome a holy grail, I will repurchase it!

Claims: With honey to trap moisture to create silky, hydrated skin and with lavender to fight acne and soothe.

Some ingredients: sodium hyaluronate, lavender extract, honey extract, centella asiatica extract, lavender oil & allantoin.

Smell: The mask packs a punch with the lavender smell, which is perfect to relax. It is not artificial smell, which is great too.

Essence: I would say is a watery essence almost soapy like, since it had a lot of bubbles.

Fit: as always, the fit form these masks never disappoint! Covers nicely over the nose and eyes as well as the chin area. Mask didn’t move at all!

Results: for some reason, it did sting a bit on my face, maybe is just my sensitive areas, but it was not something I could not tolerate. Afterwards it went away and the smell made me relax enough to lay down, which is amazing! After 20 minutes, my face soft, plump and hydrated without being sticky. Great mask!


I must say I’m impressed by this eye liner. I got it from kmall 24 in the color plum wine. The packaging as you can see does not disappoint, very Tony Moly. The plum wine is an iridescent color, which on camera you can’t really see it, but it does have a bit of sparkle. The quill is the brush and at the bottom is the cushion gel eye liner. Just a little dip on the cushion and you already have some color on the brush. Application is very easy, you swipe a few times and ta-da you are done! It is a buildable eye liner and the color, even though the pictures are not good, is so pretty!

The makeup in the pictures is from yesterday, late at night, you can see that my eyeliner is still intact! I really like this product, because I have very bad eye allergies and my eyes are always crying and the eye liner did not budge! I do suggest you clean the brush after every use, it gets stiff. Great product! I can see it becoming a holy grail for me!

Claims: moisturize and refresh your skin.

Some ingredients: water, butylene glycol, niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate, arginine and rapeseed flower extract.

Smell: like floral scent, which I really love. Usually I only like rose, but this one is pleasant.

Essence: not super watery, but a bit sticky when it dries.

Fit: easy to unfold and put on. I did notice it had some little dots, which I’m guessing they are flower particles. As for the actual fit, around the eyes, chin and nose, perfection!

Results: it has that slight sticky feeling after you use it, just bear with it and let it dry. My skin did feel moisturized without being heavily oily. My skin did have an appearance of being brighter and livelier, meaning not so dull. Very glad I purchased this mask!

Price: $6.95

Claims: enhance eyeshadow color and integrity and longer lasting.

I’ve always had a problem with my eyeshadow getting all messed up and creasing. As a girl that wears glasses, even if no one sees my eye makeup, I want to know my eyeshadow is still in my eyes looking pretty.

I decided to get this primer, because a lot of people have raved about it, so why not give it a try.

It arrived fast! I have order from this site before and they never disappoint!

Bottle is very cute, feminine and dainty, something that is always an Etude House thing. Comes with an applicator, which gets enough of the paste texture of the primer to apply to your eyelid. Is not sticky, non-greasy, easy to apply and dries fast. After waiting at least 1 minute just to make sure it was dry, I applied my eyeshadow around 10 AM. At around 7:30 pm, my eyeshadow looked exactly like it did in the morning. Wow! I knew the hype for this eye primer was big, but after using it for a whole day, I am shocked! My eyeshadow looked great, same as it did in the morning! No creasing, no oily eyelids! Best eye primer I have used, will repurchase for sure, 100%!

This product is a huge disappointment! 
I got it as a black Friday sale on memebox 
Read the reviews and they weren't good but I needed a toner. Came very late due to christmas sales.
It smells like a soothing mint and tea tree oil. I love mint! But I hated this!
In one day I broke out in red bumps on my face. Exactly what happen to the people who review it. 
Used it twice and had to stop. As soon as I did my skin got better.
Will not buy again not even the sheet mask.

The Zingara Super Shock Shadow Collection.
These eyeshadows are so pretty!
You get 4 colors, 1 pearlized, 2 mattes and 1 satin. 
•Jinxie is the pearlized one. Beautiful light gold color. 
•Paradox, satin, is like a deep rose/soft burgundy color.
 •Elixir, matte, is a copper color. 
•Seeker, matte, a burnt rose with a hint of brown.
The texture of the shadows seems to be like wet at first but as soon as you swipe the brush on them it goes on smooth on your eyelids. They have a very high pigmentation which is wonderful with durable eyeshadows! You can use them alone of combine them all for a great look. They are durable which is something I really like! 

Cosrx Low ph  good morning gel cleanser.
It is suppose to help get rid of dead skin cells since it's infused with BHA and tea tree oil, dissolve impurities within pores, control sebum and leave the skin glowing.
I have been using this cleanser for the past 2 weeks day and night and wow!!
My skin has felt so good!! It has not over dry my face of felt super squeaky clean. 
It is the perfect balance in a cleanser for my combination skin.
Love it!!!!

I have been testing this product for about 2 weeks, so let's talk about it!!
I wanted to put pictures so you can actually see some difference.
Is a serum design to reduce pores size and control sebum.
I was a bit skeptical but willing to try it. I know I can't make my pores disappear but if they can look smaller, girl I'm on board!
So the serum is not too thick or super watery. First time I put it on it felt cool to the skin.
It does have menthol and alcohol, so be careful with it.
Why am I saying this? Well because as you can see my pores are enlarged near my nose and my skin began to peel. So use it 2 to 3 times a week and not every day.
As you can see on the no makeup there are my pores say hi!!!😄
Now after 2 weeks I was in a hurry and didn't do my skincare and just used a powder foundation. I walked a lot and after 5 hrs my skin did not look greasy and my pores didn't look so big.
On the bottom right the full skincare and makeup, well believe me I am happy to look at my face without a filter. My skin looks healthy and glowing!! This has become my holy grail product !!! Give it a try and see how you use it with your current routine :)

I've seen so many people rave about this product that I had to get it for myself and try it.
It is the #Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence.
So as the name says it has 96% snail secretion which helps with skin cell regeneration and repair. Also helps with acne, sun damage, dryness and scars.
Before I tell you about my results, a little background first. I live in Puerto Rico, an island in the caribbean. Is hot, humid and going to the beach is a must, so you know this girl has had some sun damage, 100%!!!
After using for 2 weeks my combination has looked so much better. It has helped lock in moisture, no greasy feeling even if I use it in the morning! My skin has never look so healthy!  This is staying in my #skincareroutine

Well as you might have guest is slimy lol. The smell is not strong and I'm suprised that it wasn't so sticky.
Is a moisturizing mask with snail & baobab tree extract to help calm the skin and prevent skin damages. It came right on time since my skin is peeling and feeling super dry even though I'm combination skin. 
It comes in 2 pieces and is not a cotton mask. Is more of a jelly like for the ones you use for the lips, but is a little sturdier. Best of all is protected by two different layers. Yay! No more destroying the mask before wearing it.
Both parts are easy to use but the bottom part is a little slippery so make sure to rest in the mean time. Relax since you can wear it for almost 40 minutes!
Is packed with essence! As you can see by the pics.
During the mask felt cooling and very, very soothing! After, wow my face feels so good. Not itchy or dry just as it was.
Will buy again this mask!

I used this for almost 3 months until I ran out. The scent is not overpowering and is actually very nice. I do have to say that in the short amount of time I've used it my pores do not look so oily when I have makeup on and the best part? I used to blot 2-3 times a day and now once is enough. You won't see the blackheads go away like magic, but it does help keep your skin cleaner. My skin is not red or irritated so is mild enough to use if you have acne.

This product is a holy grail one! It's gel like with yellow specks on it and as soon as you put it on it turns white and creamy and it gets warm. You will feel the warmth in the area you apply it. Leave the product for about 5 minutes and when you rinse it do it with warm water. Why? Well afterwards use a nose strip and watch all that gunk get out of your face! Your face will thank you and you will be in you way to clearer pores!

I kid you not that this is my 3rd belif true aqua bomb cream! I came across it at a Sephora and decided to give it a try. I have always had the problem of hydrating creams making me super greasy, so this Belif product really surprise me! The smell is citrus, but not overpowering. It says cream but in this case this one is more of a gel like cream. A little bit goes a long way. I have combination skin with enlarged pores and I love this aqua bomb. My skin does not feel dry or greasy. I don't wake up greasy either but it a very good creamy feeling on my face. Great for combination or normal skin.

My face has been feeling a bit red and kind of patchy. So this mask is great since it's very soothing and is the best one I've tried for my combination skin without making me breakout and the greasy feeling afterwards. The fragance is exactly like a cucumber, very fresh, clean and yummy too! As for the essence is a very watery one. Even after an hour in the fridge, it has watery. So fair warning, keep it out of your eyes. It doesn't sting, but be careful. 

It comes neatyl folded and very easy to unfold too. As you can see on the picture below, even with a watery essence, the mask does not move around, it stays in place! Since it has a cooling effect, you will feel your face get a little cold, but that is the best part of this soothing mask. Afterwards my skin felt amazing and very hydrated without being overly greasy.

This mask helps with the redness of the face, uneven skin tone and acne scars. Plus it has hyaluronic acid which helps with aging! As soon as you open it you get hit with a blueberry fragance, that is not overly sweet, but it makes you want to crave dessert so fast. It has a gel like essence that after a few minutes in the fridge, you can pick it up like it was a jar of moisturizer. The fit of the mask is perfect! It covers the whole face perfectly!

Afterwards my skin felt soft and even, no sign no redness. The essence didn't make my skin greasy, but it did have that healthy glow we all love!

 The face mask came neatly folded, which is great to unfold without breaking. Is a hydrating mask, very hydrating and it smells like cherries, which I love, but I hate the smell!! Is too overly sweet and fruity and I like fruity smells. It does have its essence, but it dries out fast, so in like 10 minutes is almost dry, but it leaves my skin feeling plump and glowing, which is a wonderful thing😄. The fit was perfect!  I would endure the smell to keep using it. 


I had high hopes for this sheet mask. It helps with pores and sebum control, so is suppose to be great for combination skin. It is soaked in essence, but is ver hard to unfold.

By the time I got it to unfold, I actually notice the fit was horrible! It didn't fit my face, I had to try and move it around to try and cover some spots on my face, but failed! Even around the eyes it didn't fit and on the nose it didn' cover.

The only plus is that it has a lot f essence, but the fit is very bad!

First of all just looking at the packaging is so cute! They are all bunnies, some with different expressions and they come in different colors. I love that is small, the color is not as sheer as some may think. If you just want a touch of color, then one coat is ok, but if you want it to be noticeable, two coats do the job. Your lips feel like they had a lip mask all day long. They are so moisturizing, which help with dry lips. Other thing that I love is that this gloss does not make your lips look greasy as other lip glosses do. It has a very pleasant smell, almost fruity, so good!! It provides sufficient moisture and color and is great for day or night. I love using it with the TonyMoly Delight Lip Tints to create a beautiful gradient lip.

This TonyMoly lip tint comes in 3 different colors. The one I have is 2 Red. I love that you can use it alone with one or two coats for more intensity (like the picture). It has a very pleasant odor, almost fruity but not overly sweet. It does not dry out your lips like other lip tints and best of all it stays on for a very long time. Example? It came of completely with an oil cleanser, that's how good it is. Even after drinking water I had a very vibrant color on my lips! Best lip ting I've ever had! I love using it alone or in combination with lip gloss to get the gradient lip.

This is the first snail product I've had. I was a little intrigued with reading so many great things about snail essence, that I knew I needed to give it a try. First it says it helps pores, packed with essence to hydrate the skin, even combination skin. That was a sign that I needed to try it. It is a very sturdy mask sheet. Meaning it doesn't break easily, which is good because I always have trouble with this. The mask is filled with essence, so much that still in the package you have more and the smell is very pleasant. I put it on my skin for 20 minutes and afterwards the mask was still humid. I removed it and patted my skin so the essence got absorb. My skin didn't feel sticky at all and by the next day my face actually look great! No greasiness or overly dewey face that the oil is super visible. Best of all pores look slightly smaller and my skin healthy. 

Is a mask and exfoliator at the same time. Perfect pick me up for dull skin and pore care.

Compared to other lip masks, this one didn't have enough essence. Smell wasn't strong, which is good, at least lips felt a little hydrated.

Jelly like mask with tannins, not heavily scented & packed with essence. Afterwards face feels a little sticky, but pat it down a few times so the skin absorbs it Didn't see much of a difference for pores, but it did reduce some redness on my face. 

It says it helps with pores, blackheads & sebum, and yes it does help, but on the downsize it tends to dry your skin.

First CosRX product I got and I fell in love with! This serum helps control oil and best of all helps with pore size too.

Holy Grail!! This has helped so much with my issue of blackheads. There is a purge moment, skin gets worst, but is so worth it!! My skin has gotten so much clearer.

Remember to wear sunscreen, since this stuff is powerful on the skin.

Holy grail product!! 3rd bottle I've purchase! Silky essence that helps control sebum & the appearance of pores. 

Smell is not strong, which is good. It hydrates your skin very much without being sticky.

Using it for a few months now and my skin feels brighter than ever and it controls the oils so much!!

Gel like essence that controls oils and it gives bright skin, helps with whitening dark spots. 



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