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General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Brown

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 45-54
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Ingredient Preference: Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Organic, Vitamin C, Glycerin, Gluten-Free
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

­When you're young, your eyes are huge and pretty 

But as you age the eyes start to sag and become smaller since the skin around the eye area is 4 times thinner than other parts of your skin. Plus our eyes are constantly working when we blink and this really affects the aging of our eyelids. When we do facial expressions, the eye area gets tugged too. So, to prevent aging of the eye area, it is really important to chose your eye skincare products carefully. 


Since I became aware of this issue, I was really attracted by the SK II R.N.A power eye cream. 

R.N.A stands for Radical New Age & it has a higher concentration of Pitera™ along with Palmitoyl Pentapeptide -4 & chlolleragen. These ingredients make the eye area bright and tigehtened. 


The texture of the product is a cream-based consistency, it has a nice yellow hue & a comfortable scent. At first when I apply it, the texture is really thick, but after spreading it on my eyes it becomes watery and absorbs really quickly. I always use "The essence" before I apply my eye cream to really double up the affect. I also massage my eyes to help improve the circulation, this also makes the products absorb easier. In addition, it's important to massage specific spots around the eye because it stimulates the eyes better to reduce puffiness and even lighten dark circles. 


I've been using it for seven days straight. Not only there's no sensitive reaction, but also, everytime after I massage my skin I feel that it's slightly tightened and feels refreshed.  Maybe because this cream makes the eye area firm, I feel like my eyes are sagging less. I wish I can use this product to change the "destiny" of my face! Start your beauty journey with SK-II today.

Skincare is what EVERYONE should be doing, even if you don't care about looking fabulous on a daily basis. The seasons are changing right now from summer to fall so skincare becomes even more important this season. After washing your face in the morning, your skin might feel tight since the moisture is stripped.

One thing you could do to combat redness or sensitivity of your skin is to use SK II essence. Wet your cotton pad or dry sheetmask with SK II and leave it on the place that needs attention. OR, just use the skincare essence on your entire face. You can even use it to calm pimples and acne. If you're putting the product on acne, please remember to not squeeze it or apply too much pressure on it. Wait til the acne becomes harder to extract the dirty things trapped inside. SK-II skincare essence suitable for all skin types. The Pitera ingredient is completely natural and doesn't contain any strong acids, mecury, or alcohol, ingredients that harm the skin. It doens't irritate the skin and the composition of the product is actually very similar to the natural oil / protectant qualities of the human body.  Using SK II skincare essence has helped my skin to renew itself at a much faster rate. When I have acne or redness, I use the product to down active these symptoms. You can use SK II skincare essence everyday to eliminate many skincare problems. The SK II skincare essence can also be used to gently help exfoliate the skin. Same procedure: put some SK-II on your cotton pad and swipe lightly to remove dead skin. Sometimes when I don't get enough sleep and I want to lighten my dark circles, I dampen my cotton pads with the SK II skincare essence and use it like an eye mask. It works wonders for my skin. This also helps any other skincare eye products such as eye cream, eye essence, absorb better. Overall, the SK-II essence is a must have product! 

After I remove my makeup, I would first wash my face to get rid of the dead skin and remaining dirt. 

I would wet my face and use about a grape sized amount of product and lather it in my hands

The foam will delicately wash the face and it feels very silky on the skin. The natural floral (rose) scent will come out slowly. The face wash also contains Pitera and other moisturizing agents which is why it doens't dry out the skin. 

I was so happy to see "Goku-jyun" on the packaging (Means super moisture in Japanese) so I bought it and tried it. Since I am 40+ yearsold, my skin is dry but it gets oily too. This is because the deep layers of my skin are dehydrated overtime so I really had faith in this product.  The texture of the lotion is more on the light side, very suitable for summer. It's easy to blend on the face, and it absorbed quickly. But after two hous my skin started to get a lot of excess oil, so I think the product didn't properly moisturize my face. Maybe because my skin is older so it didn't really work for me? I'm kind of disappointed!!


I've always applied Sunscreen on my face. But I dislike having oily feelings on my body which is why I've been noticing my body has gained a lot of spots. This is when i finally started to look for sunscreen for the body that's not going to be oily. I bought this product after I was recommended by the store clerk. I tried it at first and it doesn't make my skin feel oily or uncomfortable. Also, when I sweat, the product doesn't melt off and cause irritation. But I've only tried a little. I eventually added the amount of sunscreen. Sometimes, I would wash off the sun screen and reapply after 2-3 hours. My skin didn't get dehydrated because of this. I feel like this is a good product considering the price!



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