An Asian girl always looking for affordable skincare products for acne prone skin.  I love sharing finds for beauty food too =)

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  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
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The peeling gel smells just so good! The peeling smell exactly like ginseng and using it is just like applying real ginseng goodness on your skin. I have to remind myself that is not for consumption purposes. The peeling gel turns into water and disappeared until you can see the beads. Depending on your skin, the size of the beads are quite different. The peeling gel doesn't cause irritation on my skin or cause me redness. It certainly does work because my face was sure less red as it calms down the skin too.

My skin is sure very soft and brighter after the peeling gel.  It makes application of products much easier after that.  Serum and essence get absorbed into my skin easier after using peeling gel.  



My skin is sure brighter too because dead cells are removed. The effect can last to one week if you are not exposed to the sun.  If you have sensitive or acne prone skin like me but can't tolerate AHA, BHA or retinol, then peeling gel for exfoliation is recommend. 

The jelly mask has very soft pudding texture and definitely no sticky feeling at all.  Application was as easy as a breeze.  After 30 minutes, it wouldn't look so black.  Then, wipe it off with tissues before wash it off with warm water.  I prefer not to leave anything on my face so I normally wash it off. I  love the nice feeling and the bouncy feeling of using this mask.  I do think that jelly mask is more suitable for those with combination skin or dry skin that couldn't use clay mask which could be very drying.




 Jelly mask can also helps to balance the water on the skin to avoid the pores producing more oils.

It will certainly helps to brighten the skin, deals with pores and clean the pores plus it is super cheap.

I have tried this toner for three weeks before I give it up. I am sorry that I can't continue using it for another two more weeks because it is just drying on my combination skin.  Alcohol Denat which is high in the list is too much for my current finicky skin to handle. My skin feels dry.  There are other plants oil such as Lavender Oil, Lemon, Olive, Grapefruit, rose oil , rosemary leaf oil and hydrogenated oil but these are lower in the list so it doesn't really help much.  I am sorry that my skin prefers hydrating kind of toner so a toner that is about mattifying and pore control isn't for me.  It doesn't really help with my acne and it doesn't cause more acne so I guess that is the good point there.

Overall, I would recommend this to someone who could handle alcohol and to someone with extreme oily skin without sensitivity to any of the listed ingredients.


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The tone makes other absorption of other skincare easier.Since it is formulated with plant extracts, my sensitive did not flare up or turn red.  In fact it helps to calm my skin and clean my pores which interesting because I do not normally find that feature in toners.  I don't think you can use this for mask so please do not try to use as mask.

Overall, I would buy this again and recommend it those who has dry skin or looking for soothing Korean toner.  It is a great products to have in hand although it is a little pricey if you buy it on it's own.  Getting the set which has the toner is a lot of more worth than getting the individual products.

The serum does it work as rich moist soothing serum as it is really moisturising but doesn't leave a heavy feeling on the skin.  I can still feel that my skin is moist even after few hours.   It immediately soothes my skin that was very dry.  Besides, I do like the scent too.

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it is very light on my skin despite it being a cream.  It is suitable for those having acne prone with dry skin type.

The scent has a subtle grassy kind which is not overpowering. The scent disappear upon application so for those who do not like it scent at all, it is fine.
It can also act as a very good base for those who has a dry skin.  Just mix it a little with foundation or BB or CC cream for smooth application.
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The toner has ticker texture than water and has gelish texture.  The red beads will break and disappeared after application on the face so do not worry about looking like some cartoon characters with beads on the face after applying this toner. It has a light fragrance which disappear after a while.

After using it for a month, I think it does help with the moisture level of my skin and in firming my skin.  Although I don't have a V shape because of the structure of my bones, my skin is not sagging.  Overall it is not bad and it will suit those looking for anti aging and to hydrate the skin.

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verall, it is a good painless product that cleanses the pores at the nose really well.  The effect is more obvious and last longer than other nose pack.  I think it is even cheaper than going for facial extraction that might damage your skin and cause sensitivity.  It is really recommended for your own self care at home.

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cute and pretty packaging.The lip balm is really hydrating. One of two layer is enough to hydrate my lips.  It is also easy to apply and I don't have to pout my lips to apply lip balm.  It is so cute to bring it around and it looks good to keep inside the cosmetics bag as it has the screw kind of lid so that the cap will not accidentally come loose inside the bag.

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There is a light scent to it but I can't smell it when it is on my eyes area.

It does help to hydrate the area around the eyes.  The patch is comfortable and cooling on the eyes.  It helps with puffiness and hydration. Overall, not bad as it feels cooling and good as a weekly treat or to hydrate the eyes fast.  Fine line is temporary gone because of the hydration.  Not sure if it helps for the wrinkles.
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The cleanser that look like glue might scare you but the gummy texture doesn’t feel sticky at all. In fact, it just feels like any regular cleanser. It is also more hydrating to my face compared to other foam cleanser. My face does feel really clean and has ph of 9 so it is not ideal for those looking into ph balanced cleanser

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The liquid is clear with yellowish tinge, watery and is not sticky at all.C20 21.5 definitely speed up the skin ability to renew itself that slow down with time.

I can say that my skin heal faster and make it look fabulous than when I am not using it.  It works with my other skincare products as well.  The only problem is one must keep the product in the fridge and finish it as within 3months once opened.

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I got this because it is waterproof since I can never make sure that my hands is dry enough or careful enough to prevent water getting into the machine.  It is sure more expensive but for the waterproof feature, it is worth it.  Besides, you can use battery for this Tosowoong 4D vibration pore brush so you don't need to keep charging.  Some expensive famous pore brushes only last 3 years.

I could say that the pore brush does clean my face better than my bare hands, peeling gel and clay mask.  However, it doesn't make the face squeaky clean as how extractions will be but then not everyone can stand the harshness of extraction or in unprofessional hands.

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Celebrities mask consists of hydro gel masks which is different from paper sheet masks.

I felt that the mask sure help to calm and heal my acne faster.  My face is sure more calm, less redness and more moisturise after using this mask at night.  This snail gel mask is really a nice item to use especially in the summer or humid weather when everything seems to clog the skin.  This snail won't clog the skin, it heals the skin and prevent from scaring.  Definitely suggested for acne prone and sensitive skin.

One can use it for a instant 'perk me up' mask before applying makeup to look your best.

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This is a mask from Korea and has made its fame into many beauty shows which is really popular.
There is a mask and the slimming bands.  You can wash and reuse the slimming mask.  Using this mask is way cheaper than surgery and there is no downtime or looking like a bloated balloon after the surgery.  You will need to use this a few more time to achieve more obvious results of V shape face.  However, the feeling of band is not really comfortable as we are supposed to even talk.

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It makes my skin feel more firm especially the jaw line area and doesn't make me breakout.  If you really want a better effect, it is best to use this twice per week for a month.  The jaw line area will be more firm and less double chin.  I mean it is way cheaper than going for surgery.

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rice sheet masks. Rice mask has brightening effect and is gentler to the skin so skin.  It is also moisturising to skin.  The mask sheet is huge enough for my face.  There is some scent which is not too strong but I have no idea what it is. Overall, it does make my face brighter and more moisturise.  The effect lasts for few hours.

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The cream smell faintly of mixture of licorice and sage.  The cream might look heavy but it will melt upon contact with your skin leaving no trace of oiliness.  A little is enough for the whole face which is really economical.  A jar can last few months.  My skin is really more moisturised and pores are less obvious after 1month of usage.  Skin is really soft too.  I do recommend dry skin type to try this =) .

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The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Lemon

The sheet mask is big enough for my face and it smell of lemon.  There is extra essence which you can apply on your neck or knee.  The sheet mask is thin but hold a lot of essence.  There is some brightening effect on my skin and it is not drying =). Overall, choose lemon mask if you just want to brighten your or when your skin is dull.  Apply moisturiser after that to get better results =)

However, do be caution if you have sensitive skin.

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The day patches are thinner and not obvious on the skin unless you are standing very near me.

The night pacthes are stronger in terms of absorption of pus but of course it look more obvious on the skin. great patches to heal the skin.
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My skin feels really clean, soft and hydrated. It looks like I just went for a spa.  It is really fun for a mask party or even preparing for a special day.  Overall, a good choice for you who do not have the time to go for spa or just simply want to have a DIY spa at home.The trouble is trying to make sure the ratio is correct and apply it on the skin fast before it harden.

The cleansing lotion is not drying to skin.  As for whether it removes waterproof makeup, I will say it is harder as you need to soak the micellar water and place it at the waterproof makeup for a while before wiping few times.  I am talking about the purple eyeliner that won't budge or fade the whole day.

There is some sort of chlorine smell to it.  It is not strong but may not be enjoyable to some.  I wash of with a second cleanser because there is some sort of film if I leave it on my face.

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Overall, a affordable cleansing water that won't break the bank especially for those who use makeup.

Overall, it is okay for those that look for temporary whitening solution but is not good in makeup or does not what those fake makeup look.It is easy to apply the cream onto the skin and leaving it for 10 seconds. Rubbing it is very effortless as the cream turned into powder like texture. The cream felt like a temporary foundation to whiten and brighten the dark part of the body slowly.

Application of the organic clay masks on my face is really effortless as it is creamy and spread easily.  I enjoyed the cooling effect on my skin too.  As if dry, I can actually feel that it is tightening my skin.  Removing the mask is really easy. The mask melt away with just water and there is no tugging on my skin.  I could feel that my skin is really purified, clean, firmer and less irritated. Not to mention that my pores looks much cleaner and smaller.


The cushion case closes really tight and well so you don't have to worry about products spilling out.
The case is also made from good quality plastic as it did not dissemble when I accidentally drop on the floor few times. Did not break into pieces too.

The cushion puff pick up appropriate products and application of bb cream is really easy consider that I don't like to use bb cream with my fingers outside.  The mirror is clear and not heavy.  So carrying this and just lip tint is enough for me to touch up my makeup outside. 

The emulsion smells like fermented sake.  I love the smell actually.  The smell is really faint actually.The emulsion is opaque watery white. Application is just so easy as the emulsion absorbs into the skin really well without any stickiness.  Your body will just feel really silky. Good for person who hates thick body butter.

I love this emulsion very much.  I am using it on my body and it really helps with my skin dryness.  It does have mineral oil but for those that can use it on their face, then this is good since it comes in a huge 380ml.

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Sheet masks is transparent and thin.  The mask smell faintly of berries.  There is lot of essence. Sheet mask adhere to the face well, size of sheet mask is quite big for me so I need to fold a little. After removing the mask, no sign of redness and my face do not feel sticky.After usage, skin is elastic and translucent. I think it is really good as I don't feel sticky at all.

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It does remove makeup except for hardcore eyeliner.  The cream is able to remove the residue of if i go over it the second time and with a cotton pad.   Make sure to use a second cleanser to remove the residue or else you will feel a film left on the skin.  The cleanser does clean my skin well, doesn't irritate as a first cleanser.

The Lafine Vegetable deep cleansing cream smells of apple which is really nice and makes the cleansing experience enjoyable.

Overall, cleansing power is medium, soft cleanser for dry skin type and has vegetables ingredients in it.  I do like it for the soft texture non irritating cleanser.

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Hansaeng Cosmetics has a history of 50 years in this hanbang skincare.

Overall, it is a hanbang(korean medicinal) luxurious cream for one with dry skin type, can handle petrolatum and looks for anti ageing skincare products.  If you don't need something with petrolatum, then probably look for the Soo cream which has ingredients more suitable for combination skin type.  These two are similar in the ingredients and they are also for people who love Oriental medicinal skin care products.

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Manyo Factory Galactomyces Niacin is a current Korea hot sensation with a great fermented ingredients, help and reduce the severity of my acne. This helps to reduce the severity, hydrates the skin but you will need to use a spot treatment if you have more than mild acne.

It doesn't have any added fragrance so it smells much like plasticky but the smells disappeared quickly into the skin.  The transparent essence absorbs into my skin fast and doesn't leave anything behind so I can follow it up with other skincare products.  It does improve the skin texture, calm and heal the acne on my jaw and brighten my skin.  It is a good product to have in conjunction with other acne products.


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This is the new line to combat pollution.  Do be aware of the ingredients since it has some plant oil (Olive Fruit Oil&Jojoba Seed Oil)and Dimethicone that can be comedogenic to some people.

Overall, I think this is a decent moisturiser for oily skin type and to help with pollution.  Just don't expect the moisturiser to do more than preventing breakouts and moisturise the skin.

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Catalina Geo Color Capsule Makeup Base in violet is used to cover yellowish dull skin tone for lively bright skin tone.  The liquid has slight violet tint, light, and skin well into my skin.  The make up base smells really nice of flowery scent.  The smell disappears after I apply other makeup products on top.

I makes the skin looks better than it and provide a soft, smooth canvas for makeup to go onto the skin.  The makeup base does make my makeup stay put, does not cake up or looks dry throughout the day.  Strangely, the eyeshadow does looks better probably because of the tinted violet.  As for clogging level, I will say I don't have any clog throughout the day.

Overall, this is a decent makeup base which is useful especially when you have dry skin or in humid weather that has everything melting off the skin.

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I do like the simple green vegetables packaging in a tube.  It is so much easier to carry a tube than a jar of cleansing products. The tube is 200 ml which is huge for a foam cleanser so it can last me quite some time until I get a new tube of cleanser.

The cleanser has soft foam which is gentle on the skin.  It has some sort of those corn starch smell mixed with vegetables.  The cleansing power is medium. It does remove waterproof makeup but you need to use more than just a pea size.  It does remove other makeup products easily.

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4FREE formula (paraben, mineral oil, synthetic colorants, animal-originated ingredients) product.Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested

The emulsion smell like the organience water with slight smell of soy.  It is faint as the smell doesn't linger long after application.  It has the very light brown colour which turns transparent upon application.  The emulsion is very smooth, absorb easily, no stickiness or a film on the skin. I feels that it hydrates my skin without being too thick which is nice to have in this hot weather.  It does cause piling under sunscreen or makeup if you use a lot.

This works great as a light moisturiser during summer and for oily skin type.  It didn't help to get rid of my acne but it doesn't make it worse.  The Organience series is not made to get rid of acne but made for skin that is already damaged by pollution or other external factors.

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The body scrub has fine soft edge scrub which isn't rough on the skin.  I find that it doesn't foam up a little and moisturise the skin.  I don' need to use a body wash to wash the scrub off which is nice. it does smell nice with all the natural ingredients in the product.

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This is an online brand that are used by Korean celebrities makeup artist for eyebrow. I was surprised at how natural it looks on my eyebrows.  It is in pencil form and need to be sharpen but it won't break easily. there are other colours which is great for those have dyed their hair.

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Lakme Absolute Matte In Burgundy. This is a matte lipstick which has velvelty andd pigmented colour. The burgundy colour is flattering on every skin tone.  It is not drying on my lips and the colour does faded even after few hours of wear. It is however not kiss proof as it does get removed once I eat and drink.

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Peripera Peri water tint in Pink Juice which has really beautiful glass packaging with a plastic cap. it has doe applicator.  The tint is pinkish with hint of purple. It is the exact dupe of the Benefit Benetint but at a very affordable price.  Since it is water tint, the wear isn't very long.  It is very light on the lips and looks very natural so it is great as blush.

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A popular Taiwanese brand known for the jelly mask came out with the cleanser which has ph of 6.  The cleanser is milk and does clean the face well and removed non waterproof.  It also foam up well and smell of rose which is great for those who love rose.

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It is popular Taiwanese brand for sheet masks.  It has soft cotton sheet mask and it does fit my skin .  There are lots of essence inside the mask.  It does smell herbal and help in reducing my acne and redness. It however works best on oily skin type and if not allergic to tea tree or on one of the ingredients.


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Beauty supplement that can help to moisturise the skin from inside for busy people. It contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and collagen which is from fish source.  It helps my skin to heal faster from the red scars that I have from acne and my skin was glowing after consuming it for a month.  It doesn't get rid of existent acne but it does help to reduce the acne scars.


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This is a famous Japanese mask sheet for daily use. the brands doesn't have fragrance or paraben in their sheet masks.  This sheet mask comes in either 7 days or 30 peices which is in a box.  It contains a lot of moisturising ingredients such as bran oil and rice which is suitable for dry skin type.  The cotton mask sheet is soft and silky enough.


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This a whole packet of 30 which is a very affordable daily sheet mask for whitening. it does hydrate the skin, doesn't contain fragrance or paraben.  The sheet mask does dry faster so I can only use it for about 10 minutes.  

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This is a brand by the Roseroseshop.  it is a gentle BHA for skin that can't use stronger BHA. it does help to reduce acne for those that can't use strong glycolic acid since this contains willow bark water which is weaker. It has a low PH which is suitable for exfoliation.

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coverage is medium. the cream is soft and not irritating on my acne prone skin.

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A great cleanser for oily acne prone skin type. It helps to reduce acne on acne prone skin.

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a foam cleanser for very oily acne prone skin. it has tea tree oil in it to help acne prone skin.

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It is a good organic honey mask for dry acne prone skin. It does help to moisturise the skin.  It really smell like honey too

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a very unique sheet mask. it has gel as essence and not the usual liquid essence.  It hydrate the skin well.  Doesn't contain fragrance or essential oil in it.

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The blue cream comes in a glass jar and is cooling on the face.  The cooling effect however only last few seconds on the skin.  It is a good moisturiser to calm and hydrate dry skin type. It helps to reduce redness and hydrates the skin with shea butter.


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I have been loving this hydrating toner from Primera. It helps to deal my sensitive red skin and to calm my skin too. it doesn't contain synthetic fragrance and other irritating ingredients.

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A bio cellulose hydrating sheet mask that hydrate and cool down my irritated face.  It is soft and hydrates my skin better than paper sheet mask

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Non irirtating eye sheet mask, smells nice and provides temporary brightening effect. It has a very cute packaging.


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A whitening mask pack enhancing skin hydration and helping skin nourishment with doctors' secret method 'Jayang-Boseupdan', fermenting and maturing 12 precious medicinal herbs in a bamboo bucket to enhance nourishment and moisturization for dry and rough skin.

It is a great sheet mask for dry and damaged skin type.


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This is heavily fragrance and is a peel off mask. Dry skin is going to hurt from this peel off mask.  it is just okay for me.


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It has great ingredients but it is really heavily fragrance.  It is very moisturising and it is great for those with very dry skin.  Not easy to clean the mask but you can get soft skin in exchange of that.


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it does cleanses the skin and unclogged the pores.  I can apply the clay mask easily because it is soft and smooth.


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verry hydrating and does contain fragrance  It is watery and absorb fast into the skin.

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A popular colour for the fruit makeup which is in trend in Korea right now.  The colour is pigmented and really does last the whole day without fading.  light cheerful warm orange which is surprisingly beautiful on my lids. doesn't crease.

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This is a Hanbang essence made with fermented ginseng and other oriental medicine.  The essence is light and absorb well into the skin.  I do love the light smell and and the texture of the essence.

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soft cream with great ingredients such as berries an lanolin. It is very moisturising but is not heavy. free of 7 things. the smell isn't that great but it disappeared fast.

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Shiro Waki Hime Underarm Exfoliating & Brightening Cream is a product to temporary brighten and whiten the dark area of the armpit. You can also use it to lighten the colour of knee of elbow area. It is easy to apply the cream onto the skin and leaving it for 10 seconds. Rubbing it is very effortless as the cream turned into powder like texture. The cream felt like a temporary foundation to whiten and brighten the dark part of the body slowly. Skin feels really smooth, smell nice and the whiten part looks really natural and not unnaturally white. One might to apply a few times to get the desired effect.

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It does help to get rid of the scars and pigmentation caused by acne.  the texture is really light and watery.  However, you have to put it inside the fridge so that it can last longer.

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is gentle and has a very unique dispensing products to keep the products inside clean and hygienic. Love the calming effect on the skin.

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A stick foundation that has full coverage and is travel friendly. It is easy to use and provide smooth finish.  It works best on a drier skin type. Oily might find it too glowy by the 5 hours.


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doesn't cleanses the skin well. easy application and leaves the skin smooth. doesn't contain fragrance.

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Love this sheet mask. It cleanses, brightens and doesn't leave any residue on the skin. great for sensitive skin that can't handle clay mask.

It has watery essence which smell absolutely like rose.  There is slight sheen of oil which doesn't feel heavy and if you love the smell of rose, you will enjoy this mask for sure.


This mask has a really good fit on my face because there are 5 slits that I can use it to do adjustment on my face.  The mask has a good adherence and doesn't slip off my face.  The sheet mask is thin but holds well to the essence so that it doesn't rip onto my neck.  It doesn't irritate my face or clogged my pores but still do check the ingredients for potential allergy because you might have different triggers than mine.


Overall, my face does look hydrated, moisturise, calmer and brighter.  I do enjoy and bath in the smell of roses throughout the process.

the Klairs does leave a film on the skin. it is a stable vitamin C and does help to get rid of acne scars after 2 weeks of usage.  It is an affordable vitamin C serum since it is hydrating.

It has a beautiful packaging and it is a great gift for friends =)  .  Everyone would love a nice packaging, simple and gorgeous.  The tube is made of high quality aluminium as the colour doesn't fade and it is really easy to get the cream out from the tube.  The cream is opaque white and it does smell nice.  It smell of fresh trees instead of grass.  The smell is neither masculine or feminine so I think this would suit almost anybody.  I find that it is quite nice because even men would use this hand cream.  The cream absorbed fast and doesn't leave traces of oil on my hand.  If you apply it on your hands, wear gloves and leaves overnight, your hand will be very soft the next day.  Besides, the ingredients is all natural and it is great for vegans =)


It is however is an expensive hand cream.





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